• #1 by Tuturu on 11 Jan 2021
  • As of now, according to a 5 minute google search, Natalya Kuznetsova is the biggest FBB with these measurements:'Nataliya stands at 5 feet and 7 inches tall in 170cm and weighs 102 kg in 225 lb in 2017 and added in the coming years. Her other body measurement consists of 18.5 inches biceps, 50 inches chest, 29 inches hips, 29.5 inches legs, thighs of 28 inches, and 27.5 to 30 inches waist.'
    So, how long do you think it will be until we can develop better supplements or steroids, that can get women huge with as little side effects as possible, and, most importantly, how big will they be, assuming they also hit the genetic jackpot?
  • #2 by khananel on 19 Feb 2021
  • well, if we think of the Russian, then think of a male bb of similar height and weight, its first about how big can a human being become at that height and weight? Then I guess we have to think, can a woman's muscles become as big as a man's? Even with steroids etc. Some say yes, some say no. I mean women now, like Krista Dunn and Margie Marvelous look every bit as well-developed as say 90% of males of similar height and weight.

    what women can't yet do is go into 'mass monster' territory. Markus Ruhl territory. Ronnie Coleman territory. Only one FBB I know of ever apparently breached 20" biceps, and there were many who questioned how 'feminine/female' s/he really was. I was one. Looking at her/him I wondered if an extra male chromosome hadn't slipped in somewhere. After all in the end it is down to genetics. The Russian has powerful genetics but will probably not reach beyond 20" biceps. She is a powerlifter rather than a fbb per se, or so I've heard. Do males have greater mass potential than females? In the 80s fbbs were not much more muscular than some extreme physique ladies today. Today, as I said before, many fbbs are approaching normal male levels of muscularity. They are catching up...but is there a development ceiling, genetic or otherwise that they cannot breach? Only time will tell.
  • #3 by goremeridian on 18 Jul 2021
  • Great question to ask :)

    Science moves incredibly quickly. We've already mapped the human what if we could 'tweak' it a little. In a perfect world, we'd be seeing 500lbs+ bodybuilders in the next 5 years, with 1,000lbs bodybuilders becoming the norm within 10.

    Of course, for some female bodybuilders, that would be too small....

    So I'd expect a few 25,000lb female bodybuilders to appear within the next 20 years. 100,000lb female bodybuilders within 50 years.

    And in 100 years? The sky's the limit!

    *sigh* We can dream, right?
  • #4 by robyn on 21 Jul 2021
  • Im guessing one day there will be such a thing as localised muscle injections for specific growth. Then we will see young women showing off their incredible new bodies
  • #5 by Kek on 25 Aug 2022
  • Hopefully women get very muscular in the future. Personally I would love to see not only women who are much more muscular but also older women getting very big and muscular (women in their 60s or even early 70s).
  • #6 by khananel on 18 Jun 2023
  • Women presently get as big as their genetics allow them to get. It seems to me that African-American BBs (male & female) tend to have better genetics for size than others... That's an observation, not a racist comment BTW... Most, even big FBBs, can become as big as 'ordinary'  MBBs of the same height and weight. However, I agree with an earlier comment that no FBB can become a mass-monster, another Ronnie Colman. Not Yet.
    It is quite possible that if female genetics were to change, be altered or transformed in some way, then women could become taller, bigger and stronger than at present. I mean, only a generation ago, no one would have dreamed/imagined that FBBs could become as muscular as MBBs of the same height and weight. Now it's happening. Genetics can change at any time. It just hasn't happened yet. But it could happen as the human race evolves. Then Amazonias may become a reality. The muscle women done by AI on Deviant Art may become a reality. All women may begin to become bigger and more muscular. Big and muscular may become the default setting for the feminine, while smaller and less muscular may become the same for men. Some women may even grow to the freakish extreme described in some stories... Nothing is impossible, given time.
  • #7 by HumanPersonBeing on 18 Jun 2023
  • A few years ago CRISPR was making the news and it looked like they were finally going to find a way to block myostatin genetically. So far nothing has come of it but I occasionally look up news regarding myostatin, and people are still trying to find a way to block it. Of course, they're goal is to help with muscle-wasting diseases, but if they succeed, it will interesting to see what happens when female bodybuilders take advantage of it.