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Author Topic: WPW 253 - Debbie Muggli  (Read 10116 times)

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WPW 253 - Debbie Muggli
« on: May 30, 2019, 10:01:54 pm »
We first met Debbie Muggli at the time of her big Junior Nationals win in 1990, when we did our first video with her (and that video/DVD is still available as WPW-169). At that time, she was a very well developed 5'5" and 140 pound 26-year-old, but in the four years since then, she had added another 20 pounds of lean muscularity, as displayed in this video. After impressive wins in top amateur shows in the early 1990’s, she turned pro quickly and had many top 5 placements in the Ms. Olympia and Ms. International before retiring in the mid-90’s. The footage on this release was done in 1994 when she was in just incredible shape – highly defined, yet with impressive muscle size and shapes, with no weaknesses at all, simply one of the best women bodybuilders (and best looking) of all time, period. Footage includes strong gymwork, posing in many outfits and her interview.

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Re: WPW 253 - Debbie Muggli
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2019, 06:07:48 pm »

Debbie Muggli

1990 NPC Junior Nationals - HeavyWeight, 1st & Overall Winner
1990 IFBB North American Championships - HeavyWeight, 1st & Overall Winner

1991 IFBB Ms International - 4th
1991 IFBB Jan Tana Pro Classic - 7th

1992 IFBB Ms International - 2nd
1992 IFBB Olympia - 10th

1993 IFBB Ms International - 2nd
1993 IFBB Olympia - 4th     

1994 IFBB Ms International - 2nd
1994 IFBB Olympia - IFBB 3rd

1995 IFBB Ms International - 3rd

1995 IFBB Olympia - 6th     

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Re: WPW 253 - Debbie Muggli
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2022, 06:25:48 pm »
WPW 253 - Debbie Muggli (2 1/4 hours)

This video was taken right after Debbie placed third in the 1994 Ms. Olympia. She is in contest shape at 5'5" and nearly 160 lbs. The tape starts with the interview, and Debbie looks so good here that the interview is actually worth watching for once. She's wearing a sleeveless black dress, and she gestures with her hands a lot while she talks, so you get to see some good bicep flexing. The interview is followed by posing in several outfits - a black leather swimsuit (sort of), a skirt / halter combo, the black dress from the interview, and outdoors in a bikini (January / February 1995 WPW cover). The black dress and the bikini are particularly outstanding. Debbie is massively developed from head to toe, but her biceps and legs are particularly good. I never realized just how good her calves were until I saw this video. Also, despite being one of the most massive woman ever, she did not sacrifice sex appeal, and that definitely comes across on the tape.
Some gym work follows, with Debbie wearing a leotard. The lifting is rep oriented, and is probably better than the average WPW gym footage. The gym work is followed by more outdoor posing, by the abandoned caboose and railroad tracks. And speaking of cabooses...Debbie poses hers (among other things) in a really nice cut-off shorts / halter combo (July / August 1995 WPW back cover) and another bikini.

I rate this video as a must have for almost any serious video collector. This and the Lenda Murray video (196) are probably the two best that I have seen. The only reason not to get it is if you prefer the less muscular, fitness look.
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Re: WPW 253 - Debbie Muggli
« Reply #3 on: February 24, 2023, 10:50:19 am »

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