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Author Topic: La Vida Loca  (Read 5878 times)

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La Vida Loca
« on: July 25, 2022, 04:09:58 pm »
Hey guys, new story from me. It is a long romance with a bit of drama, which I'll be posting in parts. I hope you're gonna like it. Feedback as always appreciated.

My mind was in a typical state of someone running on a treadmill - thousand-mile stare, brain activity of a dead person, interrupted only by bordering on suicidal thoughts like 'why am I even doing this?'. Checking the timer every five minutes, just to realize that only thirty seconds passed. And of course, the necessity - loud music in the earphones to cut  myself off from the rest of the world and suffer through the most boring workout possible in solitude.

Therefore, I wasn't even aware how long she might have been standing next to the machine I was using before I spotted her. I guess I just had this characteristic feeling of being observed by someone. Following this, I glanced at my side and there she was. She smiled at me and I jumped off the treadmill to the side frame and took off my earphones. Ironically, right before I did that Vance Joy sang the line 'I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations'. Well, the conversation was about to be initiated by her, so at least one thing could be crossed off from my social awkwardness list.

And indeed she was pretty, but not to be scared of, I guess. Straight raven black hair, reaching halfway down her neck. She had a bit of a shaggy bob cut hairstyle, with hair falling on the one side of her face. Slightly slanted, big dark eyes, thick and elegantly arched eyebrows (at least not completely shaved then replaced by a painted stripe), long eyelashes, small straight nose and nice lips. Her lips were actually really beautiful, when I focused on them. Carved subtly, not too thin, not too thick. They were red, but not because of lipstick as she wasn’t wearing any. Apparently, that was their natural color. The only makeup she had was eyeliner, which seemed to make her eyelashes even longer by contrast, and gave her a bit of a goth vibe. It was hard to tell her ethnicity, as her face had a mixed Native American and Latino vibe. But definitely exotic looking.

She had nice features, attractive and interesting, but I think she wouldn't be called a classic beauty. Of course, no one really knows nowadays what is a classic beauty type. In my opinion it depends on what the mass media want people to think. Personally, I found her pretty though.
However, her choice of clothes didn't compliment her, as she was wearing a loose gray hoodie and black sweatpants. It didn't surprise me much, as that particular gym had set up their air conditioning at a really chilly temperature. People either decided to wear something warmer or walked around with goosebumps and protruding nipples.

Yet, there was something in her face and eyes that caught my attention. Something intensely entrancing. I couldn't figure out what it exactly was at the moment.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your workout," she said with an apologetic smile. Her voice was smooth and pleasant, with a bit of a melodious accent. But I had no idea what her accent could indicate. Despite living in the States for nearly ten years, I was still deaf to almost all of these nuances.

"It's okay, I was about to finish anyway," I answered and tried to smile in a friendly way. I jumped off the treadmill’s frame and stood next to her. She was about a head shorter than me, probably one meter and sixty seven... or in the American measurement system - five feet four and a half - something like that. I swear, I will never remember that!

"I just wanted to ask you to spot me while I bench press. I didn't want to bother you, but it seems that we are the only ones in the gym right now," she explained. I looked around, and she was right, the gym was deserted. It wasn't strange either - it was past 10 PM.

"Oh, sure, not a problem," I replied, and she turned around.

We walked through the empty gym, toward the free weights compartment. I rarely visited that part of the gym. Even though I had been working out for a solid few years, I still was a rookie, doing a basic full-body workout on machines and a lot of cardio. Probably pretty weird for everybody, yet completely normal for me. I was, however, admiring more passionate gym clients, envying them their commitment to hard workouts. Gym was only a way to kill time for me and maintain my cardio in futsal. I could not force myself to build a bulky physique, but I also felt rather good with my wiry body.

I had never been asked to spot someone during bench press, let alone by a woman, so it was a bit unusual. But she asked for help, and I was taught to help women in need. Especially… the pretty ones. (No, that “pretty” part I wasn’t exactly TAUGHT, but you know what I mean!) Anyway, anything that could provide me an excuse to not continue running on the treadmill was very welcome. After all, it shouldn't be a difficult task, I saw how people were doing it - just standing behind the bench and being ready to help with a barbell. Rather easy because what weight could a woman use during such a workout?

But soon I realized that I couldn't be more wrong. The black-haired woman led me to a bench with a barbell already loaded with several plates on each side. It looked heavy. And it was, as I did quick math in my head - about 200 pounds, more or less, depending on if I assumed the correct weight of the bar.

Ninety kilograms! Whoa! Was she seriously going to press that weight? A thought crossed my mind and I ogled her once again. At first glance her body looked pretty normal. Of course, the big hoodie and sweatpants didn't tell me much about her figure. But she also looked somewhat… solid? For sure - not the willowy type. Or was it only her clothes?

I thought for a moment that maybe it was a prank, but she didn't look as if it was supposed to be a joke - she sat down and looked at me inquiringly. Slightly dumbfounded, I realized that I was still standing next to the bench, instead of getting behind it. I quickly moved myself to the correct place.

There were even designated foot supporters for a spotter. I stood on them and got ready, trying not to look terribly amateurish. She glanced at me one last time before laying down below the barbell.

Despite me being completely green in bench pressing, even I was able to notice that she was the real deal and knew what she was doing. She spread her legs, stomped her feet hard on the floor and then created a small bridge with her back. Next, she gripped the bar and secured her upper back on the bench.

She looked at me and said "Don't help me even if you think that I'm struggling, okay? I'll ask you if I need it. I'm gonna do six reps," she informed me in a matter-of-fact tone and then lifted the barbell.

I was holding my hands in front of me in readiness (I noticed that people tend to do that) and watched her in astonishment. I wondered if I was able to lift that much and after brief consideration I was nearly sure that I wouldn't. Perhaps one rep? I had no idea to be honest. I didn't have a reference level as I never tested my limits and - like I mentioned - I preferred a 'noob' workout on machines.

The girl lowered the bar, allowing it to touch her chest and then pressed it up. The first two reps she did with flawless - as I believed - technique and a good pace. Every time the barbell was in the highest position, she was exhaling through clenched teeth in a peculiar puffing way. The third rep was a bit slower and the fourth was much slower. With the fifth rep her face turned red with a grimace, although slowly but surely, she managed to complete the rep. She took a few quick breaths and began the sixth rep. The woman lowered the bar then tried to lift it but kind of stuck in the middle of the move. She was fighting with admirable determination. I didn't know what to do for a moment, thinking that she told me precisely not to help her if she did not ask.

So I was just keeping my hands an inch from the bar. To my surprise, I heard myself saying "C'mon, you got this! It's almost done."

It appeared that my spontaneous words of motivation were effective or more likely she just wasn't easily giving up, but she grunted and began to press the barbell harder. Slowly, inch by inch, she was straightening her arms and the weight was moving upward. With the effort visible on her face, she finally managed to press the barbell up. Then I helped her to put it on the rack. It landed with a loud clunk.

She sat up and mumbled something that I believed was in Spanish. Then she was just sitting with her head dropped and breathing heavily. Understandably, she just lifted 200 lbs six times. I still couldn't wrap my head around the fact that an inconspicuous looking woman could be so strong.

"Are you okay?" I asked her and she gave me a thumbs up.

She stood up with an effort and turned toward me. Her face was red, eyes open wider and she was still panting, but her pretty lips were stretched in a satisfied smile. She put her hair behind her ears. I noticed that one of her earlobes had multiple small earrings. And her nails were painted in dark violet. I didn't know why, but I immediately thought that it was fitting her very well.

She smiled at me cheerfully and said "I'm fine, thanks for the help and extra motivation." She stuck her hand toward me "I'm Vida by the way".

"Gunnar. Nice to meet you," I answered and shook her hand. Surprisingly, she had a soft grip, despite showing her extraordinary strength merely minutes ago. Or maybe she just knew how to adjust to not crush people's hands.

"Gunnar? Are you by chance from Scandinavia?" she asked, visibly interested in my name’s origin. Her name was also unusual, at least for me. Vida. It sounded interesting. Serious and exotic.

"I'm from Iceland, but I have lived in Miami for a few years now," I answered. I had suspicions that not only was my name indicating my origin, but also my accent. I was aware that I sounded 'squarely', similar to early Arnie Schwarzenegger.

"Iceland? ¡Qué bacano!" Vida threw in a Spanish word, which I obviously didn't know. But it seemed that it was something enthusiastic, at least that I read from her expression. "I knew that you had the Viking vibe the moment I saw you, this beard, you know." She smiled widely.

“Vida is also an original name. What’s your origin?” I asked, hoping that my curiosity wasn’t crossing the line.

“I’m American-Colombian. I was born in Bogotá, but moved here when I was seven.” She smiled warmly and her face became prettier than before.

We talked a bit more, and she asked me to spot during another two sets. I agreed to assist her without hesitation, even though I had no reason to stay in the gym any longer. I finished my workout way before. But it wasn't as if I had any important stuff on Tuesday at that hour. I guess I just got involved in speaking with a pretty lady.

Vida did two sets, each time taking twenty pounds from the barbell. She called the method a drop-set or something like that. To be honest, it seemed that there was no real need for a spotter during these series. She killed them completely.

When she finished her workout it was quarter past 11 PM. The gym was about to be closed in forty minutes. I was wondering how to say goodbye in a way that would possibly allow us to be in touch, but Vida surprised me by saying "Hey, do you want to hop into the sauna together? Usually, it is very crowded, but I think at this hour it shouldn't be a problem," she said lightly and tilted her head a bit to the side. She had me with that gesture.

"Yes, sure, why not," I answered, trying to sound as light as she.

"Está bien! So, see you inside," she said and we went to the locker rooms.

Hastily I showered. Smelling like an old sock could have left rather a bad impression. I grabbed my towel, tied it at my waist and headed behind the showers where the common sauna was.

When I was walking in the corridor, a door on the opposite end opened and Vida came out. She also had a white towel tied in her waist and a simple black bikini top.

The moment I saw her without that hoodie and sweatpants, everything got clear for me. I mean, bench pressing 200 lbs in multiple reps. I kind of suspected something like that, but it still was quite a view.

Vida was bulky and muscular. Not a stronger fitness physique level, but a female bodybuilder type of body. I had never seen a woman built like her in real life. Maybe I came across women like her on TV or the internet, but since I had never looked for images of them, I really had no reference point.

However, Vida's body was undoubtedly remarkable. Broad shoulders, thick arms with bulging biceps, nicely defined abs and obviously well-developed chest. Vida had a nice ratio between her upper body, waist and hips, which gave her an ultimate hourglass silhouette. She was quite lean, but not to the extent like bodybuilders on the stage, having “dry” bodies, as far as I knew anything about. I mean, the paper-thin skin and impossible low fat tissue level. Vida had visible muscles and a washboard stomach, but still had some pleasant curves at her hips, and with rather small, but evidently natural breasts.

She definitely had bigger muscles than me, at least proportionally to her height. It was difficult to avoid looking shocked seeing her body, but I think I managed to do so. My Icelandic stoicism came in handy. I thought that it would be rude to gawk at her as if she was some kind of freak. Anyway, my masculinity wasn’t  threatened by Vida's muscles. Perhaps it was partially thanks to her feminine attitude, as she didn't present any weird behavior like boasting or generally being 'in my face' with her body. She behaved normally, so I decided to treat her normally as well.

I opened the glass door to the sauna and let her go first. She smiled and went inside. She didn’t scold me for this gentleman-like gesture, as some women would, so it was a nice surprise. I followed her and for a moment lost my breath when hot air struck me in the face. The sauna’s interior was minimalistic as it usually was - plank benches set up in a shape of letter L.

Vida took off her towel and put it on the planks. I lost my breath for the second time, when I saw Vida's rear, covered by black bikini panties. Muscular or not, she had a very pleasantly shaped bottom. Her butt created a perfect synergy of her muscles and remaining fat tissue.

She sat down on the planks and I positioned myself perpendicularly to her, cautious not to lose my towel, as underneath I was as naked as a newborn. Only then I realized that in the States there may be a bit of a different approach about saunas than in Europe.

Funny enough that Vida made a reference to what I was thinking at the moment. She shook her head and smiled. "C'mon, you can drop the towel. I know that you guys do things differently in Europe."

Yyy, drop the towel?! Was she serious?! She couldn't be, right? I asked her, "What do you mean by that?"

"I mean, men in Europe wear slips instead of boxer briefs, is that correct? There is an unwritten rule here in the US that you can recognize guys from Europe by the type of underwear they are wearing," she said and laughed softly.

I laughed too, realizing what she wanted to suggest. "Yeah, that's generally true. But there are more things we do differently in Europe. For example, we have a bit of a different etiquette for saunas in Iceland. Therefore, I can't take the towel off. For real."

Both Vida's smile and eyes widened when she figured out what I meant. She laughed again and said "Oh, me gusta! Okay, okay, so the towel can stay, haha!"

Next we talked about Iceland, as Vida was keenly interested in knowing more about my country. She asked me many questions about where I came from. Of course, Húsavík, the name of my hometown, didn't tell her anything. That fishing settlement on the far North was so insignificant that even many Icelanders didn't know about it, let alone the foreigners. Usually, it was good enough when Americans knew that Iceland exists, and it was great when they knew about Reykjavik. Sometimes they heard about singer Björk. Everything else was just a nice bonus.

Nevertheless, Vida surprised me with her sincere curiosity. It was rare nowadays to meet a person who could truly listen. She seemed to be more interested in knowing facts about me than talking about herself, which was obviously out of the ordinary for modern people, as everybody could talk about themselves for hours. I received more attention from her than from anyone in the past decade. For an introvert like me it was almost making me giddy, but in a good way. If I was American, I would probably get diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, but I was simply an Icelander. We tend to experience everything very intensely, but just inwardly, without showing it. The word 'Ice' is in the name of the country with reason.

By contrast, Vida seemed to be very expressive, both with her facial expression and gestures. Maybe it was her unique feature, maybe part of famous Hispanic temperament, but it was enthralling for me. She had a very vivid face. When she talked her eyebrows were almost dancing, her eyes were glinting like a pair of beautiful onyxes. I read once that people with such lively facial expressions are more likely to be very intelligent and Vida seemed to prove that theory. Well, it was kind of auto-diss for me, but let's say that I'm the exception of the rule.

Moreover, she was throwing in many Spanish words, and that could look pretentious or even fake with some people, but in her case it only showed that she was naturally bilingual. And for me, it was simply alluring. Spanish is considered as one of the most sensual and passionate languages, as far as I know.

But our terrific conversation had to end, as the gym was closing. We walked out of the sauna, both dripping with sweat. I was struggling with how to ask Vida for her number, but I was really bad at this game. Every line I rehearsed sounded awkward or stupid.

Surprisingly, she did that for me by saying "Do you often do your workouts this late?" I nodded, and she continued, "so, will you be here tomorrow too?" I didn't plan it at all, but without thinking I just nodded enthusiastically. Vida's mouth curved into a friendly smile. "So, what time do you usually start?" She asked, and I nodded again, just to make her laugh. She granted me a soft giggle.

"About nine PM," I answered.

"Beuno… So, see you tomorrow. Bye, Viking!" She smiled once again and turned around.

"Bye!" I said to her back and for a moment I watched her nice figure.

I knew that I would have trouble sleeping tonight, for the first time in years not because of polar day.

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Re: La Vida Loca
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2022, 10:43:46 am »
Marasso, love your story as usual. The only complaint is the shortness of the chapter ;) Can't wait for the next one!

Online marasso

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Re: La Vida Loca
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2022, 06:55:00 pm »
Marasso, love your story as usual. The only complaint is the shortness of the chapter ;) Can't wait for the next one!

Thank you for the feedback! :) So there you have the next part :)

Prior to meeting Vida my life was simple. Calm, easy and organized. And probably boring, but at least in a well-known way. Comfort zone. Work, gym and hobby which was futsal once a week with my fellow 'outcasts' from various countries of Europe.

I had a great job at Tesla. It's hard to explain what I was doing without falling into a crazy technobabble straight out of Star Trek, but let's just say that I was good with everything involving electronics. Like a prodigy level of being good.

It started back in Iceland when I was twelve and without any help from adults I repaired my father's old radio. Not some normal radio to be precise, but a professional radio set from his cutter. I can't really explain how I did that, I was trying and trying and somehow repaired it. I just had my way with wires, integrated circuits and stuff like that. If I were an X-man that would be my superpower - understanding the language of electronics.

Being kind of a geek-freak, even a bit famous in certain circles, after high school I applied to MIT and flew to the States. I majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science within the top ten of my year. Not too shabby for a son of a fisherman and midwife nurse. With all due respect to my parents, of course. For a while my dad had an issue with me not continuing a fisherman family tradition, like he and my grandpa, great grandpa and the whole throng of grandpas going all the way back to the Viking era, until he realized how much money my choice of career can earn.

Because it included a crazy income.

We're talking about monthly salaries I couldn't even spend because I had no idea what to spend it on. I had an apartment, a nice car (Tesla of course), and I was able to live a comfortable life. That's it. Even though I sent a part of my income to my parents to secure their elder years, I still had quite a big savings. Nothing to complain about.

So I managed to complete a typical immigrant's American dream and - by the way - a plan typical for older Americans, meaning moving to Florida. For an Icelander there is always summer in Miami.

The only thing lacking was someone to share life with. But so far I have had no luck in the dating game.

Therefore, I was experiencing a really tiny bit of excitement before going to the gym. Okay, okay, let's not pretend that I was as cool as a Navy Seal during the mission. In fact, I was excited to meet Vida again. Like…  considerably excited. Still didn't know how to rate her muscular body, as I had never been into that type of female body, but I had an open mind. At least I wanted to believe that I had. Anyway, Vida didn't have to be a romantic option for me, she could be just a friend, maybe, possibly. A friend is a valuable thing nowadays.

And with that attitude, an open mind and a reasonable amount of stoicism, I went to the gym on Wednesday evening. It wasn't as empty as the day before; there were still about twenty people working out.

I noticed Vida sitting on an exercise bike talking with some guy. I immediately felt like a fool. And then, I felt like a fool for the second time just because I felt like a fool for the first time. Of course, she could talk with anyone she wanted. What was I even thinking? I decided to mind my own business and started to warm up. Then I felt like a fool for the third time (the new record, probably) when Vida spotted me and our eyes met. She smiled widely and waved, then she said something to the guy next to her, jumped off the bike and started to walk toward me. The dude she left behind her had a confused expression. It felt oddly good to see that.

"Hola Gunnar! How're you doing? What are you working on today?" She smiled warmly and put a disobedient strand of hair behind her ear.

No hoodie and sweatpants today. Vida was wearing tight black leggings, clinging to her shapely, muscular thighs and also black, also tight sporty t-shirt. Her arms were exposed. It was hard to tell if her clothes were so slinky, or it was her body filling them so much. I liked that all black outfit and style, as I noticed that her nails were also painted black. Dark, but intriguing.

"Hi! Ah, nothing much. Just a FBW workout. And a cardio session," I answered simply, fighting not to feel self-conscious about my workout knowledge in front of an athlete like her.

"You're a cardio type of guy? I like that!" Vida's eyes sparkled.

"Well, it's useful in futsal."

"What's that?" Vida asked, her eyebrows rose. I shouldn't be surprised. Another reminder of differences between Europe and the States.

"It's football, I mean... soccer, but indoor. But it's not indoor soccer in American understanding. Futsal is with smaller teams and a different surface of the pitch," I explained while feeling like I didn't explain anything.

Vida laughed and said something in Spanish. It sounded cheerful. Then she bit her lip and said, "Okay, so I'll leave you to it. I'm doing legs today. If you'd find time later to spot me during squats, I'll be grateful."

"Sure! Just say the word," I answered, not knowing a shit about assisting someone with squats, but what will be, will be.

"Will do!" Vida said as she was walking off. A couple of feet away, she turned to me again. "Sauna later?"

"Yeah, with pleasure," I answered and Vida walked away as I tried to focus on my workout.

As I was going through my routine, I observed Vida across the room doing her exercises. Every time our eyes met, she either was smiling at me, winking or making funny faces. The commitment and effort she put in each rep was praiseworthy. I always admired people who could fully immerse themselves in their passions. It was a great quality of character, at least for me. Actually, watching that encouraged me to treat my own workout less half-heartedly.

Vida approached me later and asked for help with squats. Of course, I agreed and when she instructed me how to do that, I realized that spotting girls during squats was one of the most fun things to do in a gym. Veeeery engaging, if you know what I mean.

Of course, I tried to be focused, as Vida was squatting with 280 pounds, which was a crazy weight for me. It looked like double her body-weight.

During the last set, I got slightly behind with her pace and Vida bumped me... with her butt right onto my crotch! She apologized later, but I could see in the mirror that she didn't seem to be embarrassed because of that 'accident'. She was grinning, and her eyes were cheerfully glinting.

At the end of our training session, we went to the sauna like yesterday. This time Vida was wearing a white bikini which contrasted nicely with her golden-honey tan. And it revealed one extra detail of her body. She had pierced nipples. The shape and color of little iron bars were clearly visible through the fabric. That sight made me hyperventilate and my face certainly turned crimson. Thank goodness that we were in the sauna, and I had a perfect explanation for that blush.

Once again we got involved in a long and pleasant conversation and once again it was me talking with her listening. Vida asked me more about Iceland's history, about futsal, my job and overall stuff regarding my everyday life. In return, she said very little about herself. Basically, I just learned that she was twenty-seven and that was it. She had no problem with talking about Colombia or Miami for example, but when any topic concerning her in particular, she deftly avoided revealing too many details. I didn't know whether it was a cultural difference between us or something else, but from a selfish point of view, I couldn't complain - Vida seemed to be a perfect listener, sincerely interested in knowing me, on top of that. It was flattering, threatening me with the very real possibility of falling into self-aggrandizement.

And the same as yesterday, we sat in the sauna almost until the gym was closed. A quarter before 12 PM we left the sauna and talked a bit outside.

I caught Vida ogling me intensely and she said with a bit of an impish smirk, "Eres una sábana… You don't like to sunbathe, do you?"

I didn't know what that phrase meant, but figured out from the context that it had to have something in common with my snowy light skin. To be honest, I couldn’t be any whiter. The next step was probably completely translucent skin.

"Well, it's more that I can't really tan as the only color I can get is red like a lobster. But do you wanna know a secret?" I whispered, faking a conspiratorial tone.

"Sure," Vida whispered back and got closer.

"I have no soul. I'm a ginger," I made a reference to the famous episode of South Park and apparently Vida caught it, as she laughed heartily.

Then she narrowed her eyes with a smile. "You're not! Your hair is just dark brown!"

"Hah! Okay, okay! I'm not fully redheaded. It's a funny thing because it is a recessive gene. To be red as a carrot you need to carry two genes. If you have only one, then you can have red facial hair and 'untannable' complexion. It may be hard to see in this dim light, but in the sun my beard is as red as Ed Sheeran's."

"Interesting!" Vida exclaimed and got closer. All of sudden, she touched my face and delicately tilted it a bit to the side. I realized that she wanted to look at my beard in a better light. "Carajo! It's really red!" she exhaled right into my face.

"I told you. I'm ginger, but incognito," I laughed, and she joined me. “They don’t see me coming.” I winked.

"I see. But you know what? I like it. Eres un tipo guapo, mhm..." Vida said with a provocative smile. Of course, I didn't understand the Spanish part, but I liked how it sounded.

"See you tomorrow?" she asked suddenly, and I nodded, before the simplest thought emerged from my mind. "So, chao Barbarroja!" she smirked and headed toward the women's locker rooms.

Slightly dumbfounded, I watched  her swaying hips. Damn it! I didn't ask for her number again.
I really sucked at this.
Uh, well, it meant another consecutive workout for me. I'm gonna be really weary, but maybe it will be for the better, I thought, heading for the locker room.

Oh, and later I checked that one phrase Vida said in the online translator. Eres un tipo guapo means 'you're a handsome guy'. That was the best 'going to the gym' motivational slogan I've ever heard.

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Re: La Vida Loca
« Reply #3 on: July 27, 2022, 08:54:47 pm »
Wow Interesting

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Re: La Vida Loca
« Reply #4 on: July 29, 2022, 02:17:06 pm »
This story is amazing, can't wait to read more

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Re: La Vida Loca
« Reply #5 on: July 29, 2022, 07:10:56 pm »
Wow, great story so far, love the writing style and detail to description where needed. It's painting a clear visual.........KARMA to you, K++++++++++ Can't wait for the future installments.

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Re: La Vida Loca
« Reply #6 on: July 30, 2022, 07:33:01 am »
Wow, great story so far, love the writing style and detail to description where needed. It's painting a clear visual.........KARMA to you, K++++++++++ Can't wait for the future installments.

This story is amazing, can't wait to read more

Wow Interesting

Thank you guys for your kind words! Here you have another part!

On Thursday I woke up weary and sore. Thinking about another workout in the next twelve hours was making me want to curl into a fetal position and wait for the world to end. But on the other hand, being exhausted seemed to be a fair price for meeting with Vida again. That girl definitely caught my attention and I was curious how it all could develop.

Fortunately, being an electronic wizard allowed me to work entirely from home using my computer. At that point, I was mostly supervising other people's projects. That was a comfortable way of life for me.

In the evening I went to a barber shop to trim my beard - better to keep that sharp Viking look than the artistic mess of a hobo. Then I headed straight to the gym.

When I arrived, Vida was already there. Once again she was slowly cycling on the exercise bike, one in the corner of the room. She was on her phone, staring out the window with an absent-minded expression. She didn't notice me. I decided to wait until she finished the conversation and started to warm up, which was pretty painful. I need to get Vida's number today, either way I'm gonna die during another workout, I thought.

After several difficult minutes, when my muscles were begging me to stop, Vida finished talking. But she remained on the bike, still blankly staring out the window. I went to her to say hi.

"Oh, hey Gunnar," Vida answered and smiled, but it seemed slightly forced. She looked worried as if something happened

"Everything okay?" I asked, feeling a bit weird, as if I was crossing the line somehow. We barely knew each other after all.

"Ah, yes. I mean no, but nevermind. Una tonteria." She waved her hand dismissively and smiled again, this time more cheerful. And more honest.

"What are you training for today?" I asked, trying to bring up a more pleasant topic for her. My attempt was obviously appreciated.

"Today I'm doing FBW with you." She smiled widely and added "Basically, I do a powerlifter workout, you know, bench press, squats and deadlifts. But I have days with lighter, more holistic training. And today is the day," she ended in a much more joyful tone of voice than she started.

"Okay, great!" I said enthusiastically, feeling my sore muscles silently protesting. I also asked if Vida could show me her exercises as undoubtedly, she was more experienced. She agreed.

So we did the entire routine through various machines. At first, I was feeling self-conscious, expecting that Vida would use bigger weights than me and my male pride or vanity, whatever you want to call it, was struggling to be in charge. Fortunately, it turned out that I was mature enough to fight this off. I realized that if I had tried stubbornly to match her results, then a) I would embarrass myself, b) Vida would notice my insecurity, c) I would have injured myself for sure.
I couldn't pretend to be in better shape than I really was, that would be childish.

So we were doing exercises together, alternatively, and Vida was using her weights, I was using mine. She didn't comment or show me in any way that she considered my weights as pathetic, as one could imagine. Because of that I was even more grateful that I avoided stupid, pointless 'chest-puffing' in front of her.

Moreover, a few times she instructed me how to do some exercises better, using a calm, matter-of-fact tone, which I appreciated. And I appreciated even more that while giving me tips, Vida was touching me here and there. It was professional of her, but still very pleasant.

After the workout we went to the sauna again because it became our thing. Vida seemed to be much more cheerful than earlier. I was still fairly curious why she was so down at the beginning of her workout, but wasn’t going to ask her, fearing her mood could turn sour. And I was satisfied that I was able to elevate her mood at least a bit. That feeling gave me confidence to ask her out.

"What are you doing after gym? Maybe you would like to grab a beer with me?" Yes, not very creative, but it still cost me a lot. Being an introvert sometimes sucks.

Vida gazed at me intensely, before she answered "No, thanks for the offer, but I hardly ever drink. Especially beers, they're caloric," she paused - the suspense was killing me. "But you know what? Did you come here by car?"

"Yes, I did," I replied, trying to sound cool and relaxed.

"There is one amazing spot, with a nice overlook for the coast. We can go there and chill for a while." Her lips curved into an enticing smile. "What do you think about that?"

"It sounds like a nice idea," I replied and managed to sound like I was interested, but not overly.

"So let's change and meet outside," Vida said and we both headed to the locker rooms.


The night was still warm and quite bright, as there was a full moon or very close to it. I arrived first in the parking lot, but didn't have to wait long for Vida. She joined me after maybe five minutes.

For the first time, I saw her in normal clothes, not a workout outfit…  or a bikini. Vida looked casual, yet captivating. Jeans shorts, black crop top with lacy elements around the cleavage, and black sandals with small heels. Her hair was wet after the shower and this one detail fit her very well. Also, she wasn't wearing a bra - to be honest, she didn't need it, as her breasts were medium size and perky, and kind of elevated by her chest muscles. Her nails and toes were also painted black today. It seemed that she really liked that color, which gave her this mysterious, dark angel look.

As I briefly glanced toward her, I could catch something on her face. Some odd, yet subtle melancholy. That was rather intriguing.

We walked toward my car and hopped in. Vida didn't comment on its luxurious interior in any way and I liked that. She was either looking at me or at  the road. The car wasn't interesting for her at all. The reaction was so different from other girls I've been dating. Not that there were many of them, but still, a nice change. And it only made me more curious about her.

We didn't talk much more than her giving me instructions where I should turn. After some time, Vida asked me to stop at the gas station, and she went to the restroom. A couple of minutes passed by, and she came back with a little plastic bag, as she apparently bought something. She smiled enigmatically and told me to drive.

It didn't take us much longer - after going up the hill, Vida told me to park on the roadside. The road continued further and seemed to be very rarely used. We got out of the car and stood by the Hood. It was almost full dark, except the moon and a few street lamps in the distance.

Vida was right. The spot had a beautiful overlook over a big part of Miami. It was fascinating to watch the city from that perspective, illuminated and still full of life even though it was close to 1 AM. In Iceland, the whole country sleeps at that hour.

For a moment, we were standing next to the railing in silence, just staring at the lights of the city. Or it was only me admiring the view, as I realized that Vida was gazing at me. I looked over at her. Her eyes were fixed on my face. She stepped closer.

"Do you like the view, Gunnar?" she asked quietly. Suddenly, her expression turned from a subtle smile to seriousness. I blinked in surprise seeing that change in her.

"Yes, I like it," I answered, looking into her eyes, those two dark enigmatic wells. I preferred that view much better than Miami's panorama.

"Do you also like me?" she asked, this time with a soft, a bit uncertain smile. She lowered  her sight and nibbled the shirt on my chest with a kind of pensive face. The air between us became almost electrical, like on top of the mountain before a storm.

"Of course I like you, Vida," I said seriously.

"Do you want to have fun with me?" Again, she lifted her gaze and locked it in my eyes. Now she was smiling sensually. It was hard to keep up with her ideas, but I definitely wanted to do… whatever she meant.

"Yes, I do," I whispered back, holding my breath, seeing that her full lips were coming close to mine.

When she was merely two inches away, she asked me in Spanish "Quieres cogerme?" I didn't know what that meant, but judging by the fire in her eyes and passion in her voice, I was sure that she wasn't asking me something trivial.

I whispered "Yes" and then we kissed. 

Vida's lips were soft and moist. At first, our mouths only grazed over each other, then Vida grabbed my neck and pulled me closer, adhering her body to mine. I embraced her waist.

The famous Hispanic passion was a real thing, Vida proved to me that straight away. Her kisses were scorchingly hot, her hands were caressing my neck and the back of my head. She was leaning on me, rubbing her body against me.

At that point, I realized that I didn't care that Vida was so muscular. It didn't bother me at all. She could be fat or boney-skinny, it wouldn't change the fact that I wanted her. Her unique energy was her most arousing feature for me. We knew each other only for a couple of days, but I wanted to believe that there was something else, beyond our short acquaintance.

I was wearing thin cotton pants which couldn't hide my erection. Undoubtedly, Vida must have felt it, as her pubic bone was pressing on my cock.

She broke the kiss and began to pull her crop top up. I followed her and took off my shirt. We threw clothes on the car's hood. Soon, Vida's shorts joined our shirts and she stood in front of me, wearing only black lacy thong. I saw her in a bikini before, which was as revealing an outfit as it possible, but seeing her naked, in the pale moonlight, was working on me as no other view ever before. Vida had beautiful big nipples with glinting piercings, what - weirdly enough - made me even more aroused. I’ve never had sex with any pierced woman but these small, metal bars looked so provocative. I almost felt a slight throb in my dick.

She kissed me again, hungrily. Her hands went down my waist, and she hooked her fingers on the brim of my pants. While kissing me, she pulled them down. My strained cock sprung out like a wild animal which broke free from its captive.

Vida exhaled loudly "Oooh una verga grande! I'm so lucky... mmm..." Her fingers gripped my shaft and moved up and down. I didn't know what 'verga' meant, but I think I figured it out, as the word 'grande' was perfectly understandable. Her comment made me more 'grande'. I kicked my pants off.

Vida reached in her shorts and retrieved something from the pocket. It was a condom. She tore the wrapping and put the rubber on me. She turned her back to me and wanted to lean on my car's hood, which surprised me a bit. Rarely ever has any woman offered her body to me like that, and even though it made my blood boil a bit, I decided to hug her first, slowing down the action. I covered the side of her neck and shoulders with open-mouthed kisses, making long, languorous licks over her satin skin. She lifted her right arm and held my head, stroking my hair.

"You bought condoms at that gas station?" I whispered hoarsely into her ear.

Vida giggled and then moaned only one word "Yes." That short answer fired me up.

She planned it. She already saw it in her head while we were driving there.

I continued to kiss her shoulder and caress her tight waist. Touching such a muscular female body was a new experience for me, but I found that pleasurable. Or more likely I found Vida, as a person, very tempting. Her skin was smooth, body underneath firm and robust.

I slowly slid my hand over her pierced nipple, and she moaned in a deep, almost guttural sound. I took it between my fingers and pulled it a bit, just a bit… Vida whimpered and shivered.

"I want to feel you inside," she purred and sensuously rubbed her buttocks on my rigid cock. I released her from my embrace and she leaned again on the car's hood.

Vida stuck out her butt in my direction in an inviting move. She still had a thong on, but I didn't mind. I tugged them down a bit and pushed the strap aside. My hand skimmed her entrance and she was already soaking wet. She tilted her head to the side and back and our gazes met. It was an odd, exciting moment. Her eyes were completely dark in dim light, but her breath was quickened and her lips parted. I couldn't wait any longer. Aligning my dick with her pussy, and while looking into her black eyes, I slowly pressed my hips forward.

"Fuck, you're so tight, Vida!" I grunted out while filling her up.

"Tienes una gran verga!" Vida hissed in Spanish, I didn't understand much, but it was crazily arousing. "Fuck me like a real Viking would!"

The second part was even hotter. I began to thrust into her tight, warm embrace. The view of her firm buttocks bouncing off my hips was entrancing. Sounds of bodies clapping at each other must have been audible in the distance.

Vida had a beautiful ratio between her waist and hips. And her chiseled broad upper back looked like a living sculpture in a pale moonlight. Almost unconsciously, I touched her under her shoulder blade. Vida must have thought that I wanted her to change position and she laid on the car's hood. Now her butt was even more exposed, offering me even better access to her tight passage.

It didn't take long before I felt her insides gripping me tighter. She groaned and blurted out one word: "Fuerte!" That sounded familiar. Fuerte. Forte. Strong. Hard. Harder!

I gave her what she was asking for. My hips began to slam against her buttocks at a maddeningly quick pace. I felt as if her pussy was closing me in, gripping tight, but that couldn't stop me. I wanted to give Vida the greatest orgasm possible. I could see how her body was congealing when the bliss was coming over her, she tilted her head, arching her back a bit. Finally, she cried out loudly.

I waited a few seconds until she recovered, then pulled out my dick. "Turn around, Vida," I told her, and she complied, laying on her back. I held up her legs, grabbing under her knees. I just wanted to continue while looking at her.

"Give me back your cock, please, Gunnar, fuck me..." Vida whimpered desperately. She gasped loudly when I gave it to her in one strong push, bottoming out from the first time.

The view of such a strong woman laying under me and begging me to fuck her, made me see red. My mind exploded.

I was pushing my hips forward incessantly. Her chest was glistening, her abs flexing rhythmically. I reached for her nipple again and squeezed it. I wanted to play with it a bit, but Vida gripped my wrist and moved my hand to her neck. Placing both her hands around my palm, she squeezed my fingers together. And I suddenly understood. She…  wanted me to choke her!

I wasn't fully on board with stuff like this, but my dick had a completely different opinion on the topic. So I squeezed her a bit, trying to be gentle, as stupid as it sounds when we're talking about choking someone.

Vida looked at me with desperate passion, howled in pleasure and stopped breathing. She pressed her neck even harder against my hand. And then she came a second time! So strongly that she almost pushed me out.

But I had to be inside, as my own orgasm was rapidly building up. I was plunging inside her with increasing effort, feeling almost as a life energy was coming out of me through my dick. Finally, I couldn't move anymore. I pushed myself to the hilt and exploded. With every drop of cum leaving my body I felt a wave of swooning pleasure.

Barely conscious, I fell on her and felt as if she was embracing my back and kissing me all over. She was whispering some hot, crazy stuff in Spanish. Or in English, I didn't understand anything. It seemed I could hear giant bass drums.

I realized that rumors about Latin women being intense during sex were a hundred percent real.

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Re: La Vida Loca
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K+. Thank you

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Re: La Vida Loca
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Freat story so far. May want to find a way to remove or work around the "I" written.

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Re: La Vida Loca
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Freat story so far. May want to find a way to remove or work around the "I" written.

Thank you for the feedback. What do you mean exactly with that?

K+. Thank you

Thank you too!

Once we got back to the car, Vida retrieved two cans of lemonade from her bag. She passed me one with a soft smile.

We just sat and drank in peaceful silence. I glanced over to her and for a moment admired her pretty profile. Her lips were pouted in an adorable way. She was staring out of the windshield, a bit lost in thoughts. Again with that melancholy look. Not exactly what I would want to see on girl’s face after sex, but I considered her previous mood.

"Do you believe in aliens?" she asked out of nowhere. I snorted with surprise and she looked at me intensely. "Yeah, I know what you think. Tin-foil hat and so on…" She said mirthlessly and turned her gaze to the window again.

"No, not at all. But it's just rather an unusual 'after-sex' question, won't you agree?" I smiled, and she smirked too, however it looked a bit forced.

"So? Will you answer?" She turned to me again.

"Hmmm, I have two answers, or rather two approaches to that subject. The first is rather skeptical and pessimistic. You know, when you read about these theories, like Fermi's hypothesis about the rarity of civilizations and life in space in general…" I said and saw that Vida's eyes widened.

"Oh, I see that you read about it," she said, and her eyes glinted with enthusiasm.

"Yeah, there were times when I read a lot about that topic. But this first approach is, like I said, rather skeptical. There is a huge probability that life in the universe exists, and it is reasonable that there may be some civilizations, but we are separated by an incredibly vast space. These are unimaginable long distances."

"Yes, and theorists estimated that the maximum span of civilization is twenty thousand years. Some may become extinct faster, before they would explore their own solar system, let alone reach an interstellar level of travel. Therefore, chances of two civilizations meeting on equal conditions in the same period are rather remote," Vida said, clearly showing that she read about that a lot too.

"That's true. And that's why it's a pessimistic perspective." I nodded slowly.

"But what's that second approach?"

"Hah, now you'll think that I'm a weirdo." I snorted again, this time because of awkwardness.

"No, I won't! Tell me, por favor, Gunnar," she assured me earnestly.

I looked at her in thought. What I was about to tell her was the weirdest thing that ever happened to me. I had been avoiding talking about that with people, as most of them tended to dismiss my experience. But Vida seemed not to be such a person.

"Okay, okay, but don't call a psychiatrist for me," I joked, but she didn't even smile. For a moment, her face crossed a grimace that I couldn't interpret at the time. Although evidently, my joke did not go well.

"I won't," she said flatly. She turned her face away, but I could see something off in her expression. I wasn't sure what that was, although it looked like resentment. But why?

"Sorry, stupid joke, but the story I'm going to tell you was so weird that I can either treat it in a humorous category or just try to erase it from my memory. I was sixteen or seventeen. Back then, I still believed that I could be a professional football player… I mean, a soccer player. So, I was training like crazy, playing on the pitch for hours and also running for stamina. You know, I have always been a cardio guy," I joked again and this time Vida snorted with a soft smile. "So, one day, I was running near the woods pretty far from my neighborhood. It was June, so there was a polar day. It was bright like noon, even though it was about 8 PM. And the area where I was jogging was completely desolated, far from any houses and roads."

I paused to collect my thoughts. Thinking about it always made me a bit uneasy.

"Let me put it that way, so you'd have the whole picture. Far north of Iceland, nothing except small wood, bushes, rocks and grass. No human being nearby for at least two kilometers... I mean a mile and a third or so. You get it. I was running and suddenly noticed an odd, round shadow moving with me, a bit to the side. I looked up and there was… something."

"Uy! What was it?!" Vida leaned forward to me with a curious expression.

"I have no idea. It was an object, looking like a disc or a cover of a trash can. Rather small, about a foot and a half of diameter, something like that. Metallic, silver-grayish. Smooth, without visible details."

"Oh, shit! That's chilling! And what did it do? Did it fly above you or what?"

"Even worse! It kind of hovered right above me, just hung in the air without any movement. I was very nervously staring at it. It stayed in that position for a couple of seconds and then flew away, quite rapidly. It disappeared beyond the trees," I said, again feeling the same weird anxiety. I shook my head.

"Did you have some idea as to what it could have been? Perhaps a drone?" she asked.

"Well, that’s my only rational theory. That it was some weird drone. Of course, at the time, as a teenager, I thought about some secret government project, but in reality we barely have an army in Iceland. It could be a civilian drone, but you know what? It was years before drones could be bought by anyone for a few hundred dollars. And I'm not an expert to any extent, but that disc moved differently than a drone. Drones have propellers, right? And they make sounds. That thing was completely silent."

"Oh my God..." Vida shook her head. "That must have been shocking and stressful for you."

"Well, it was at the moment. Remember, I was a teen, so my head was full of garbage theories fueled by wild imagination. Back then I was a billion percent sure that it was an extraterrestrial object." I laughed softly. "Through the  years I was able to rationalize it more, like it was a drone for example. But to be completely honest with you, till this day I have no idea what it was."

"Thank you, Gunnar for sharing that story. And being honest," Vida said seriously, and I had a weird feeling that there was more of what she was grateful for. But it could be just my over-interpretation.

"No problem. You know, generally I like this topic. I think it's fascinating. Minus my creepy experience, of course." We both laughed.

"I like it too. It's nice from time to time to sink into these fantasy topics and just forget about shitty reality for a moment," she said morosely and smiled deflatedly.

"Why is that?" I asked carefully. Vida looked as if something was worrying her. I didn't want her to feel that way, but had no idea what the reason was.

"Ah, it's just..." she stopped because her phone rang.

Vida took it out of her bag and checked the screen. And I could see that for just a moment her shoulders tensed. She inhaled deeply and answered the phone. Immediately, a female voice could be heard, talking rapidly in Spanish. The tone of that woman was weepy. Vida cut in and answered something in Spanish. She said 'mama' at the end, so naturally I assumed that she was talking with her mother. Whatever Vida said, it didn't calm down her mom. Her voice became even louder, her words seemed to be more chaotic. Vida's jaw clenched. She answered something tersely, and I could see that she was trying to sound calm. Then her mother changed to English and began to repeat one sentence - 'Maria, come back, please!' - over and over again.

"I'm coming back right now!" Vida snapped and hung up. She breathed deeply and closed her eyes. Then she opened them and just stared out of the passenger's window, so I couldn't see her face. Her palms clenched into fists so hard that her knuckles went white.

I didn't ask if everything was okay this time. It didn't take a genius to see that it clearly wasn't. I had no idea what to say, if they argued, or it was something different. For a short moment, I thought that it was weird that an adult, twenty-seven year old woman receives such a phone call from her mother at night and, moreover, agrees to come back home almost instantly. But then I realized that family issues are always complicated, and I shouldn't judge that.

But why did Vida's mother call her Maria? Was it her real name? Second name? I was confused, but perfectly aware that Vida wouldn't want to talk about it. Her body language was obvious. Besides, we weren't at that stage of the relationship, if we were at any stage at all.

"Do you want me to drop you at home?" I asked quietly.

"Yes," she answered shortly, still looking out of the window.

I pulled back and started driving. Again, we didn't talk at all, except Vida telling me where to drive. This time it was for obvious reasons, the atmosphere was much different. I made an attempt to wrap my head around it, but I was tired, and my mind was somewhat blank. We were passing by a 24-hour Seven Eleven and Vida told me to stop.

"Here will be good, Gunnar. I need to buy something," she said listlessly.

"Are you sure? I can wait for you and..."

"No, thank you. I can walk, it's not far," Vida answered, and I realized that she didn't want me to know where she lived.

"Okay," I said, trying to sound normal, even though that was rather difficult at the moment.

She opened the door and turned to me. "Thank you for the ride, Gunnar. And for the evening," she hesitated and added "I won't be at the gym until Monday. Will we see each other then?"

"Sure, I'll be there as usual," I answered and tried to smile at her.

"Bye, nene," Vida said with a sad smile and walked away.

No kiss, no hug, not even a handshake. A no phone number again, but this time it definitely wasn't a good moment for asking that.

Fuck, the difference between how that evening started and how it ended, was pretty downbeating. I felt mentally drained.

I checked in the GPS where I was because I had no idea. It turned out to be the Flagami district, corner of W Flagler Street and NW 57th Avenue. That didn't tell me anything, but thank goodness for the technology, right? I set the route to my apartment and drove away.

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Re: La Vida Loca
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Well I like it! Nice flow with interesting characters and a mystery as to what is Vida hiding or at least trying to keep private. I want to know what's up. K+!

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Re: La Vida Loca
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Well I like it! Nice flow with interesting characters and a mystery as to what is Vida hiding or at least trying to keep private. I want to know what's up. K+!

Wow! Thank you for kind words, I really appreciate that!

Here you have another part of the story. Enjoy!

Yes, my life was well organized prior to meeting Vida, but after our first 'date' it became much more chaotic, at least mental wise. I didn't even know if I could call that ride a date or it was more of an unusual hook-up. Perhaps something in between. Partially, I was truly elated after Thursday. Well, show me a man who wouldn't feel like that after a crazy sex with hot Latina girl.
However, it wasn't all, as my thoughts were being dragged more to the moment in which our 'date' ended.

I couldn't tell whether Vida's nervous phone talk with her mother was a part of some argument between them from earlier that day or if it was something more serious, some long-term issue. It could be the first option, as on Thursday Vida was in a worse mood to the moment we met. She brightened up after spending time with me which, obviously, was a great feeling that I was an important factor for that. That was optimistic.

Nonetheless, since I still didn't get Vida's phone number, I had no other option as to wait for Monday evening, to even see where the heck I was standing with her. And what could come of it (if anything).

At least I had the whole Friday to rest, and on Saturday I had the weekly futsal session with my dudes. Nice game, ripe, offensive jokes and a couple of beers afterwards - that was the way to distract myself from overthinking too much.

On Monday I was in a good mood, the only unnerving thing was waiting for the evening. I was impatient, but with an upbeat mindset.

When I arrived at the fitness club, Vida was already there. This time she was in the center of the gym… and almost everyone's attention. She was doing deadlifts with a barbell, which looked insanely heavy, at least to my non-expert eyes. Vida didn't seem to be aware of that, but she was secretly watched by at least five guys, who were positioned on her orbit, like electrons around the nucleus. They all pretended to be focused on their workout, but I caught them sending curious glances toward Vida.

Time to show these dudes, whose girl it was. And to find out that for myself, I guess.

I approached her from behind, but she spotted me in the mirror. A wide smile enlightened her face, even though she was red from the effort. She put the barbell on the floor with a loud clunk.

"Hey Vida!" I said and came closer to her.

That day she was dressed in dark green, emerald even. Tight leggings and the same tank top. She also had silver cross-shape earrings. On her waist she had the professional bodybuilding or maybe powerlifting belt, I had no idea what the correct name was.

"Hola bello!" she shouted, smiling warmly, also with her eyes. She pulled me into a hug and pecked me on the cheek. Not exactly a girlfriend-boyfriend greeting I would love to see, but still nice. Better than nothing.

"How are you feeling today? I can see that deadlifts are in today's schedule." I smirked at her. It felt great to see her in such a good mood.

"Yeah, and you? FBW and cardio as usual?" She grinned widely, and joyful sparkles appeared in her eyes.

"You know me! Cardio is always useful." We both laughed. "Okay, I'm gonna do my stuff then. Do you need spotting today?"

"No, not with deadlifts, but thanks for asking." She put hair behind her ears. I liked that gesture. "But of course, I'd love to go to the sauna with you later. Are you up to it?"

"Sure!" I answered and we both headed to do our workouts.

I was doing my exercises and observing Vida during her workout. She had admirable discipline - I noticed that not only was she always doing as many reps as she planned, as flawlessly as she could, but also kept her breaks between exercises or sets no longer than two minutes. Seeing that was motivating for me. That girl was truly dedicated to doing good, intense workouts.

Later we met in the sauna, but there was a rather unpleasant surprise... in the form of unwanted company.

Two guys and a girl were sitting in the sauna and the place became too crowded for my tastes. Evidently, also for Vida, as she moved closer to me and whispered "How about we stay here for a few minutes, and then we go for the ride? You know, to our spot?" Vida's lowered tone made me shiver despite the hot air. 

"How about we go there right now?" I whispered back and Vida laughed quietly.

Hastily, we walked out and after a couple of minutes met in the parking lot. Vida changed into a plain white t-shirt and jeans shorts. This time she had white sneakers on her feet. She looked like a regular girl from a neighborhood, the only difference was her muscles.

This time in the car Vida was much more talkative and cheerful. I was glad with this mood change, but also a bit confused seeing such a large difference in her energy in contrast to her Thursday’s behavior. But, hey, everybody can have a bad day, right?

I used that opportunity to get to know more about her, for example what she was doing for a living. She gazed narrowly at me for a couple of seconds before she answered.

"You'll laugh at me or think that I'm silly when you hear what I do for money. Especially in comparison to your job," she said with a weird tone.

"Oh, c'mon, stop it! I won't do that! I'm not like that." I protested, perhaps sounding more irritated than I wanted, but at least it seemed that Vida took it as an honest reaction.

She sighed softly and said bashfully "I'm streaming games on Twitch."

"Oh? What kind of games?" I asked her, sincerely curious. I was keeping my eyes on the road, but saw in the corner that Vida was checking me, as if she was looking for some trail of mockery.

"Generally all kinds, except rally racing and boring simulators. But I like RPG games the most, with a plot in which I can immerse myself and so on," Vida said, shrugging her shoulders. She seemed to feel self-conscious about it. Even ashamed. Of course, I didn't want her to feel that way.

"So, you get money from ads, right?"

"Si. Also donates from my viewers," she added.

"That's awesome! Seems like a lot of fun. And you can earn money doing what you like. You need to tell me more about it someday. Or maybe show it," I said, parking at our spot.

Vida chuckled, visibly more relaxed. She unfastened the seatbelt and turned to me with a sly smile. "Maybe I will. But right now, I want to play some other game…"

And boy, I wanted to play that game too.


Vida cried out, her eyes wide open. Strands of her black hair were partially covering her face. She shivered like she had a fever. Her dark eyes looked a bit demonic in the dusky interior of the car, but it only heated me up more.

She just came and saw that I was getting close. We were in the back seat of my car, and she was straddling me. I felt so… swollen down there like never before. 

"You're so big!" Vida snapped her head back and moaned.

Oh, yeah, I felt huge at that moment. Almost as if I was lifting her entire body with my cock. I grabbed her hard ass cheeks and increased the pace, feeling the overwhelming need of filling her up to the brim.

I needed only a few more strong thrusts. Vida pulled my head to her chest. Her skin was so hot. My hips were hitting Vida's butt with an insane pace.
I raised my gaze and met her black eyes, boring into my face with a fire within. My advice for all of you out there - find someone who will look at you with such passion and possessiveness.

And Vida's gaze was enough for me. I grunted hard and came even harder. I bucked my hips up and at the same time pulled her pelvis down, burying my dick inside her to the hilt. She gyrated her hips and helped me attain everything from my orgasm. It felt so freaking good!

I flopped heavily on the seat, panting like a dog. Vida sat on my lap for a moment, but when she wanted to get off, I held her waist, keeping her in place, and said "Uh-uh, where do you think you're going?"

She looked at me with a surprised expression, so I explained "I want a second round, but give me just ten minutes," I whispered to her, grinning widely.

Her initially baffled expression turned into a kinky smile. She leaned and gave me a long, sensual kiss.

"Are you sure you will be able to go again in ten minutes?" She asked curiously, and as I felt, a bit baiting me.

"Well, cardio is useful not only in futsal," I replied and we both burst into characteristic, post-orgasm laughter. Then I added in a more serious tone: "And I want you. You're beautiful. And sexy. That's very helpful too," I said and lifted my hand to brush away hair strands from her face.

Intuition suggested to me that Vida was both surprised and moved by my confession, but she quickly leaned and started to kiss me again. I already fell in love with her lips - so soft, delicate and full. Kissing her was my newest favorite hobby.

My hands were exploring her waist and stomach. I trailed her impressive abdominal muscles with my thumbs. At that point, I still didn't know how to perceive Vida's big biceps, muscular chest or back, but her stomach was definitely the most sexy for me.

She drew away from my lips and for a moment was just looking at me. It felt very intimate.

"I wanted to ask you something. Are you one of these FBB fans?" Vida asked all of a sudden. Her expression was inscrutable, only her eyes were staring at me with anticipation.

"Am I what?" I answered with a question, but I had no idea what she meant.

"Oh, so you're not," she said with an enigmatic smile, which appeared to be half surprised, half satisfied, if you ask me.

"I don't know what that is."

"FBB is an acronym for female bodybuilder. I wondered if you are one of these guys who are into muscular women," she explained with a soft smirk.

"I don't know shit about female bodybuilding, and never have. But let's say that I'm your fan, how about that? I'm into you, Vida," I said with an impish grin and rolled her down onto the seat. She giggled surprised, and laid on her back, then entwined my waist with her legs. My hard again dick pressed on her folds. I leaned over her face and whispered lustily "And now I'll show you how much INTO you I can get."

Vida moaned sensually and her eyes rolled back when I pressed at her entrance and began to slide inside her. It felt so incredible that the entire world changed its colors.
To blue and red...
Wait a second... It was outside!
I lifted my head and the entire interior of my car was flooded with alternate blue and red lights.

"Gunnar, cops are here!" Vida hissed with shocked expression.

"Oh, fuck!" I sat up and we both started to pull on the clothes in a hurry.

I glanced over my shoulder through the back window. There was an illuminated patrol car. The doors opened, and two policemen got out of the car. They started to slowly approach us, both carrying flashlights.

"Shit, I know that the sex was epic, but it can't get us in trouble, can it?" I asked a bit jokingly, trying to ease up the tension. I didn't feel threatened, as I know we didn't do anything wrong, but it still was a bit unnerving.

Vida chuckled a bit nervously and answered "I don't know, I hope not. They'll probably check our IDs and that's all." She pulled on her shorts.

I tugged on my pants, almost forgetting to take off the condom from my now completely flaccid dick. Damn! What a waste. I had never ever been one of these guys, who writes ACAB on walls or shouts that all cops are pigs and so on, but these two policemen definitely got under my skin. They ruined such a fun moment. Boner-killers.

Almost the exact moment we finished putting clothes on, the flashlight peeked inside and I heard knocking at the windowpane. I opened it and saw the indifferent face of a policeman, a middle-aged white man. He ogled us over and said "Good evening. Officer Ross Reynolds, MPD. May I ask you to step out of the vehicle, please?"

"Of course," I answered, trying to sound polite and opened the door. We both got out of the car and stood in front of the policeman. Vida was right next to me, and I could feel that she was tense.

Discreetly, I checked around to see where the second cop was - I spotted him walking around my car and looking at the ground with a flashlight. Oh, shit! What if he will find something that obviously wasn't ours? For example some drugs or I don’t know, a gun? A stressing thought crossed my mind, but I managed to push it away. I probably watched too many movies.

"What are you doing here? Having trouble with your car?" Officer Reynolds asked us, lowering his flashlight down a bit, at the level of our chests. The second policeman, a tall and heavily built man, stepped closer and exchanged a knowing glance with his partner. It looked like he didn't find anything suspicious, which was good. The second cop didn't introduce himself, but had his last name on the uniform - Javis.

"No, everything is fine. We stopped here to look at the views at first," I answered and waved toward the ridge. "And later we were... just chilling. I mean, we are on a date, you know," I said and heard that Vida made a quiet sound like snorting. "Is there something wrong? Is it prohibited to park here?"

"No. We've been called for a different reason. May I see your IDs, please?" He asked with a matter-of-fact tone. His face was an impassive mask of an official.

"Of course," I said and slowly reached into my pocket to take out my wallet. "Here you are, sir."

"I have mine in the bag on the front seat," Vida said calmly. Officer Javis gave her a sign and she opened the door and grabbed her gym bag. I saw that she took out her wallet and passed her ID to that other cop.

"Gunnar Hafþór... eeer... Sigurðsson. Sorry, sir, I probably butchered it." Reynolds cracked a confused smile.

"Don't worry, the first part was good, the rest was... tolerable," I joked to him, feeling slightly more relaxed.

Funny enough, he made a reference to the famous Icelandic strongman, who played The Mountain in Game of Thrones, and with whom I shared my second name, but I barely listened to him. I focused on Vida and the second cop. He read her personal data - Vida Claudia Andrea Diaz. I heard no 'Maria' among her names. So, who was her mother calling last time on the phone? Was the name Maria kind of Vida's family nickname? That made no sense.

The taller cop moved aside to check our data on the radio, probably to see if we weren't dangerous fugitives. 

"Okay, I'll be straight with you. We've been called for possible drug usage or trafficking. If you have any illegal substances, better tell me now," Officer Reynolds stated.

"No, we have none," I said and Vida nodded.

"Are you the owner of the car, sir?" He asked and this time I nodded. "Do you mind if I peek inside?"

"Go ahead," I answered. I wasn't certain if I could decline, but since I really had nothing to hide, I was willing to cooperate.

He pulled on latex gloves and began to search my car. In the meantime officer Javis came back. He stood close to the car and turned to Vida.

"Miss, I understand that this bag is yours. Can I check inside?" He asked.

"Well, inside are mostly my not so fresh clothes from the gym. So if you don't mind it, then be my guest." Vida shrugged her shoulders.

The second cop dug in Vida's bag. Her body posture didn't show any stress at the moment, but I felt that she wasn't fully relaxed, which was understandable of course. She crossed her arms on her chest.

Guided by impulse, I touched her shoulder and stroked it. At first, she seemed to be very surprised by my tender gesture, but then sent me a brief smile.

The second cop found a few plastic vessels in Vida's bag - empty shaker, one bigger and two smaller with labels. I thought that they were bodybuilding supplements and soon my assumption turned out to be correct, at least partially.

"This is a protein powder. And these smaller ones are painkillers," Vida explained calmly.

"Yes, I know." Javis nodded and picked up one bottle. "These are very strong, do you have a prescription for them?"

"Yes, I have it on my phone. Do you want me to show you?" She replied.

"No, it's fine. Thank you." Javis straightened up and stepped away from the car. But he turned to Vida again and asked with a much less official tone "Some injury? My wife was taking these pills for the spine pain. None of the others were effective."

"No injury, migraines," Vida said quietly, as if she didn't want me to hear. But I still heard that.

"Oh, that sucks. Sorry to hear that." He scowled with honest compassion, then turned to his partner. "Ross, are you good?"

"Yup, it's clear," Officer Reynolds answered and came around the car, back to us. He took an official stance and said, "Thank you for your patience and cooperation. And sorry for interrupting your date," Here he smirked a little, "but we have to respond to these calls. And to be honest, a lonely car in places like this looks rather suspicious."

"Of course, that's understandable. You're doing your job," I answered respectfully, glad that it was over.

"You're free to go. Have a good night!" The policemen responded and got in their car. Soon after that they drove away.

I turned to Vida. In the pale light of the moon and distant street-lamps her eyes were black like the night sky. And seemingly similar, sad and lonely. Evidently, her mood dropped because of the situation with the cops.

"I'd love to continue from the point where they interrupted us, but it seems they killed the buzz for good," I said with a soft smile, trying to brighten her up.

Her dark eyes gazed at me. Again that melancholy on her face. "Another time, bello. I'm sorry, but I have to go."

There was no point in discussing it, even though I had billions of questions, whirling in my head. I felt as if I couldn't get her. The harder I tried, the lesser I knew about her, at least that was what I felt. Funny enough, I had to find myself in the situation of being checked on by the police to even confirm her real name and get to know that she suffered from migraines.

Vida was a real mystery. And I wasn't certain if she had wanted to be discovered. By me, or anyone.

"I'll drop you at Seven Eleven like the last time. Will it be good?" I asked her, faking a casual tone.

"Yes, thank you."

We got in the car and drove away. Again, she wasn't very talkative, but not so downbeat like after the phone call with her mother.

"That was pretty stressful, right?" I asked, more to kill the silence than to bring this topic in particular.

"Yes. A bit," she murmured, looking through the window pensively.

"It was probably my first interaction with US cops," I said deflated, losing hope of having a longer conversation with her.

"I have had a lot. And rarely as calm as this one," she said blandly.

"What do you mean?" I asked, knowing already that she will dodge the answer. And I wasn't mistaken.

Vida waved her hand and looked at me. She smiled apologetically and answered "No importa, Gunnar. A story for another time."

Again she revealed a small fragment of her life, but retreated before elaborating further. She could have not said anything at all, and it would have ended with the same result. I probably should be annoyed by this, but I was still falling for that mystery, more and more intrigued by Vida. What the fuck was wrong with me? I shook my head with disbelief.

I parked in front of the supermarket and turned my face to Vida. She surprised me by pulling my head to a long, tender kiss. When we pulled away from each other, she asked with a soft smile "See you tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I think so," I answered without thinking, feeling a bit dizzy after that sensual kiss. 

"Great! So bye!" She added and opened the door.

When she was outside, I woke up from the stupor and called her "Hey, Vida, wait!"

She bent a bit and looked at me inquiringly. "What's up?"

I took out my phone and said "It's weird to ask you this, but I still don't have your number. It will be easier that way, with meetings and so on. Don't you think?" I smiled at her.

But my smile quickly faded away, when I saw her tense expression and her answer wasn't coming. Wow. That was really awkward. And unpleasant as fuck. Especially the realization that she didn't want to give me her phone number. And all other thoughts that came with that. Like serious trust issues.

"Listen, Gunnar..." She started, but I cut in.

"Okay, forget it. See you at the gym tomorrow... or another day," I gritted out, trying to take an indifferent expression. I didn't want to show her that, but…  fuck me, if that didn't hurt.

"I'm sorry, I just don't give my number to anyone… only family and…" Vida tried again to explain, but it was hard to listen. And pretty insulting for me.

"It’s fine. Have a good night Vida. Take care," I said and turned my face away from her.

"Bye, Gunnar," she said, smiling ruefully and closing the door.

I drove away immediately, seeing in the rearview mirror that she stood on the sidewalk for a moment and observed me leaving. I gripped the steering wheel so hard that I was close to breaking it. The view of her silhouette should make me angry, but instead I felt disappointed, mostly. But pissed too. Eh, to be honest, my mind was an emotional mess at the moment.

Mondays suck, right? This particular one sucked the fucking most, just because of how promising it started.

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Re: La Vida Loca
« Reply #12 on: August 05, 2022, 04:48:51 am »
Hmmmm...the mystery deepens. What is with Vida and what kind of interaction with the police has she had in the past and does she even have a phone? We need answers! K+!

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Re: La Vida Loca
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Indeed with all the mystery and intrigue it could be anything or it could be nothing but either way it's a page turner for sure! K++

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Re: La Vida Loca
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Indeed with all the mystery and intrigue it could be anything or it could be nothing but either way it's a page turner for sure! K++

Oh, it's definitely not nothing, but it will be revealed much later in the story :)

Hmmmm...the mystery deepens. What is with Vida and what kind of interaction with the police has she had in the past and does she even have a phone? We need answers! K+!

Yes, she has a phone, she was talking with her mother next to Gunnar, right? :) There will be a lot of mystery still, but at some point it all get revealed. Stay tuned :)

And for now you have another part, enjoy!

Not gonna lie, I was pissed at Vida for almost the entire Tuesday. Can anyone blame me? Not giving your number to a guy with whom you already met several times, had hot sex with twice and overall spent a good time, was a really harsh way of saying…

Yeah, of saying… what exactly? That one thing just kept eating at me because Vida didn't say that we should stop hanging out. Evidently, she was willing to do that, but on her terms. For whatever reasons. Like I said, on Tuesday I didn't care much about Vida's point of view. My exasperation didn’t let me. I wasn't even very eager to go to the gym to see her, but eventually went there with a rather confrontational attitude. However, Vida was absent on Tuesday. Perhaps, it was for the best, as I might have said something I would regret later.

But on Wednesday, my annoyance settled down. Icelandic impassiveness came back. It still was confusing, but I began to think differently about Vida's possible reasons. More… leniently. She declined giving me her number, but I could see that it wasn't the easiest decision for her. And whatever reason stood behind that, it didn't seem to be something insignificant or petty. I saw an emotional struggle on her face, when she stood on that sidewalk, looking so defeated. At the same time, she still wanted to date me, if what we were doing could be called dating. My attempts to understand her resembled a game of hunting the thimble, the only difference that I was hearing 'cold' almost all the time.

Vida was a puzzle, and I was no Holmes, no Poirot, not even Miss Marple. I couldn't solve her mystery, not with the insufficient clues I had at the moment. But I wanted to do that. Indisputably, there was something in that girl that was dragging me toward her. And it wasn't only intense, hot sex. I felt great being close to her, just talking with her.

Therefore, on Wednesday I went to the gym in a much different mood than the day before. I wanted to see her, but again, she wasn't there that day. And she didn't come on Thursday either. And on Friday as well. I began to feel weird, one time worrying that something might have happened to her, another time being bothered by perhaps an absurd thought that Vida decided to change the  gym to another one, not wanting to see me anymore.

So, on Friday, after a lackluster workout, I left the gym and headed to my car, pretty much lost in thought. The night was warm, as each one in Florida was for a lonely Icelander.

"Gunnar!" I heard a familiar, melodious voice behind me.

I turned around and there was Vida. Standing a few feet away from me and smiling timidly.

"Oh, hey! How did you approach me so sneakily?" I answered, smiling warmly. The moment I saw her, I forgot all the mental hassle I had during the last few days, at least for a while.

Vida looked different, comparing her clothes choices today with previous days. She was dressed elegantly and stylishly. Beautiful and sexy.

For the first time I saw her with more makeup than only eyeliner - she had red lipstick and smokey eyes. Her fingernails and toes were also painted red. That was making an alluring contrast to white, airy dress with floral motifs, tightened at her waist with a thin black scarf. Other accessories were also black - a little leather purse, sandals, which I believe, are called gladiators. But the most captivating detail was a black choker on her neck. Nothing too complicated, just a thin strap of fabric, but for some unknown reason it made my blood rush south. So tempting… 

"I have my methods," she said with a delicate smile.

"Oh, yeah, you're elusive like a mist," I answered, a bit sarcastic, but without hard feelings. "But when did you do your workout? I didn't see you in the gym."

"Because I wasn't at the gym at all. I'm sorry, I know that we were supposed to meet here on Tuesday, but I couldn't," she said quietly, but as I didn't answer, she added "I had to take care of some family issues…"

The tone with which she said that had a tangible gravity. I felt that she was honest.

"It's okay." My short answer was supposed to cut the topic painlessly, but Vida had a guilty expression.

"You're still mad at me, Gunnar? Because of that phone number…" She looked at me with these dark and glossy eyes. I could sink in them. And I think that I already did, at least partially.

"No, I'm not mad, Vida. Maybe I'm just confused, but it's fine, seriously. I’m sure you’ve had your reasons." I didn’t want her to feel that way. I know, I know, I must be a sucker for pretty girls. For her, certainly.

Vida nodded slowly and said "I wish I could tell you about that…" She made a gesture around her head, as if it could explain what she meant.

"You can tell me anytime you want. I truly can listen, and I will not judge you," I said, trying to sound trustworthy, if this is even possible. But I really wanted her to know that.

Vida nodded again, but unconfidently. I was aware that she wouldn't want to talk about it, but I was still glad that I left her the opening. Whether she would use that or not, was her decision.

I felt tired with this topic, so I stepped closer to her and touched her forearm. "You look so beautiful today, Vida! What's the occasion?"

Her long lashes fluttered adorably, and her smile beamed, making her look even more beautiful. She also got closer to me.

"Thank you, bello! Yes, there is an occasion. A party! And I wanted you to go too! Actually, I came here in hope to meet you and take you with me!" Vida started to talk rapidly, her eyes gleaming with enthusiasm.

I restrained myself from saying sarcastically that having my phone number would be a much easier way to invite me to that party. But that small, petty satisfaction wouldn't be worth killing her excitement. Vida brightened up and explained to me that there was a festival celebrating Latino culture, with disco, food and of course the whole variety of beverages. She held my hand while we talked.

"So? Will you go with me? It'll be fun, I promise! ¡Vamos a rumbiar!" Vida asked, looking at me hopefully.

"I would love to go!" I answered quicker than I probably should, realizing  that I did that several times already - agreeing to her ideas without thinking. Was I really so heads over heels already?


I decided to leave my car in front of the gym, in case I would like to try some of those fine liquors from all around South and Central America, and we called for an Uber.

Sitting in the back seat and listening to Vida's stories about delicious food she wanted me to try was joyful. Her enthusiasm was contagious. We were sitting really close to each other and I decided to wrap my arm around her shoulders. Vida glanced at me and I could swear that she looked relieved. Maybe she thought that I was still mad at her? Well, I wasn't angry, however also not entirely sure what to feel about Vida, but embracing her wouldn't do harm. Vida snuggled to me more tightly and placed her head on my shoulder.
It felt as if we were a couple, even though I knew we weren't. Or perhaps we were? To be honest, it was confusing, almost wrenching, but at that moment I simply felt happy. It seemed wise not to dwell in those thoughts too much. We were going to a party after all.

I had no idea how long it took us to get to the festival or where exactly it was, but it didn't matter. The place was basically a fenced square in front of the building. There were several food trucks, set in half circles. And so many people… It was almost overwhelming for a person raised in a country with a population density of 3.5 people per square kilometer. In Iceland, you could easily live your whole life in one place and never meet your three and half neighbors.

But I shrugged off the social awkwardness and allowed Vida to lead me through the loud and colorful crowd. She held my hand, it was such a nice feeling.

We went to a food truck with Colombian flags, where Vida ordered seemingly everything from the menu, as we received a big plastic basket full of different food.
As Vida explained to me - as my first dish this evening I was trying the empanadas, which were quite big, fried dumplings with spicy meat and veggie fillings. Then there was fritanga and it was great street food. I was stuffing my mouth like a caveman, to her delight.

However, I enjoyed even more looking at Vida, as she couldn't help herself but sway her hips to the music. She looked so fresh, energetic and sexy in that dress.

After we ate, we went inside the building where there was a dance floor, bar and separate rooms with tables and seating. There were even more people inside than outside, dancing and flowing in every direction like a giant school of fish.

It was so loud that Vida had to hug me and shout directly to my ear "Let's go for some drinks, then we're gonna dance, okay?"

Instead of answering I just nodded, snuggled her tighter and kissed the side of her neck. Right above that sexy choker. I could feel the vibration of her giggle more than hear the actual sound.

I was gonna need a lot more to drink, if I'm supposed to be dancing, I thought with amusement. I wasn't much of a dancer, knowing close to nothing about rhythm, steps and moves. I was more of a spontaneous, weirdly stiffly moving robot, who first had to be 'relaxed' by a serious amount of alcohol. Last time I danced was at my cousin's wedding, several years ago. And yeah, I drank a lot that day to release my inner Travolta.

At the bar there was only one free hocker stool, but it wasn't a problem at all. I sat on it and Vida eagerly snuck on my lap. Only then I realized that muscular girls undeniably weigh more than regular girls. She was quite heavy, but as long as I could keep her so close to me, the risk of my legs going numb was worth taking. Besides, feeling her body, the warmth it was spreading and the pleasant scent of her hot skin was making not only my legs stiffen.

Since she paid for the food, I said that all drinks were on me. First we ordered tequila shots, next Colombian aguardiente, then something colorful like a rainbow, and then I lost track. We both were rather lightweights in terms of drinking, so we soon felt quite tipsy.

Everything turned a bit blurry, every image was leaving smudges at the periphery of my vision, but I felt great.

"Gunnar, let's dance! I love that song," Vida exhaled to my ear. It was one of the most known hits of Shakira, 'Loca'.

She jumped off my legs and grabbed my hand. I followed her, wobbling a bit, to the middle of the dance floor. There, right away, Vida proved to me that these strong legs of hers weren't good only for squats and deadlifts. She was moving like a ballerina, lightly and agilely. And speaking of Shakira, until I saw Vida on the dance floor, I thought that only that famous singer could move her hips in such a sensual and crazy way. Perhaps, the Colombian blood had some magic within and was providing the ability of sexy dancing.

My skills were obviously on the opposite pole, but I could appreciate the way Vida moved. Her dance was so energetic as if the music itself flowed through Vida's body. I was swinging like crazy too, but it had to look more as if I was having a stroke and paralysis at the same time. But I didn't care how goofy it appeared, I was immersed in observing Vida.

When the chorus came, Vida embraced my neck and sang together with Shakira, looking with intense passion in my eyes. "And I'm crazy and you like it! Loca loca loca!"

Oh God! I liked it indeed! Her hips were rubbing on mine. I got hard in a second.

We spent a solid hour on the dance floor, dancing to various Latino hits. There was a lot of Shakira, the more lively songs of Cypress Hill, and all-time classics like Ritchie Valens' 'La bamba'. There were many songs I didn't know, but they all were great. I had a fantastic time.

"Let's get some air, nene!" Vida shouted and we walked outside.

There were fewer people than earlier. Some food trucks were already closed. Laughing and holding hands, we went out of the fenced area, in a seemingly random direction.

"Where are we going, Vida?" I asked, chuckling.

"Pues no tengo ni idea! Is it important? Let's just go for a walk!" She giggled and let go of my hand, to do a spin and some samba moves. Or rumba? I had no idea, but loved every one of those hips sways.

I chased her down and encompassed her waist, then I lifted her and pivoted with her in my arms. She laughed adorably. I put her down and she stood on her tiptoes to kiss me.

I felt as if I was falling in love with her. Or was I just silly-drunk and happy? Most likely the second, but possibly the first too? I had no clue, but one thing was certain - I was having a great time with Vida. We were kissing and touching each other in the middle of the sidewalk on some random Miami street.

She broke our kiss and said something in Spanish, gazing at me with frivolous sparks in her eyes. Of course, I didn't understand anything, only caught the word 'guapo', which she used a few times previously. However, judging by her expression and roguish grin, I knew that was something provocative. Something with sexual context.

But I had a perfect 'counter strike' for it - I responded to her, but in Icelandic. Combined with my pretty deep and a bit hoarse voice it made quite an impression on her.

Vida's eyes went round and she smiled curiously. "¡Qué chimba! Hey! What was that? What did you say?"

"Ha! See how it feels now?" I stuck my tongue out and ran a few feet ahead. "I can speak a mysterious foreign language too!"

Vida laughed and ran after me. "Oh, c'mon, tell me! It sounded surprisingly sexy! Like commanding!"

I stopped abruptly and caught her again. Holding her in my arms, I whispered with a lowered voice "I said that you're the sexiest woman I've met, although a bit crazy".

Vida's expression changed - at first, for a split second, she looked unpleasantly surprised or even offended, but then her eyes narrowed seductively and she grinned widely. "Oh, I'm crazy, ain’t I? You have no idea!"

She pushed me a bit, then grabbed my wrist and dragged me into a dark side alley. It was at the back of some shop, with a concrete ramp for loading and little stairs leading to it. There was a one dim streetlamp nearby.

Vida led me near the stairs and turned to me with - indeed - a bit of a frenzy expression. She started to unbutton my shirt.

"I'm gonna show you how crazy I am, my Viking," she whispered lustily. Her fingers trailed over my chest and stomach, straight to my crotch. I was already rock-hard. She grabbed my dick through my pants.

"I like that level of craziness," I whispered back, and reached to her neck, stroking her warm skin. She tilted her head toward my hand, as if her body was showing where exactly it wanted to be touched. I leaned forward and covered the opposite side of her neck with wet, open-mouthed kisses. Her skin scorched my lips.

In the meantime, Vida unbuckled my belt and unzipped the fly. My cock almost sprung into her hand. She gripped the shaft firmly, sliding her palm up and down along the whole length. Her touch there made me quiver.

"That choker. It drives me crazy, Vida! It looks so sexy on you," I murmured hoarsely. My hands pushed aside both straps of Vida's dress, stripping her chest. Her pierced nipples were sticking out, hard and erect. I began to swirl them in every direction. Vida moaned.

"Mmm, I'm glad you like it," Vida purred and pulled my pants lower. She also got down and crouched in front of me. Our eyes locked. Her expression was wild and… somewhat desperate? "But speaking about chokers… I want you to choke me with your cock," she said nearly casually and kissed the tip of my dick.

"What? Are you sure?" Not that it didn't make me see red, but I wanted to make sure she really did mean that.

"Yes, I want that, guapo! I want your big cock down my throat!" Vida hissed fervently. Her eyes glinted with determination bordering madness. She began to slowly pull on my dick and lick its head.

"I don't want to hurt you," The remnants of my common sense said. The rest of my mind was filled by crazy, perverted visions. But I still didn't want to hurt her!

"I know you won't, Gunnar," she said seriously, looking intensely in my eyes. Her statement felt deeper than it really was.

Despite having some reservations about the deepthroating thing, mostly because of technicalities - like choking itself - I couldn't deny that this idea did boil my blood. Fucking her beautiful lips… Mmm, what's not to like? And if Vida wanted that, I was about to give it to her.

"Okay! Then suck that… grande verga!" I said with a sly grin and even though initially I wasn't sure if I pronounced these words properly, I saw proof in Vida's eyes that I in fact did. Well, shout out for Google Translate!

"Mmm… You're kinky, Gunnar," Vida said with sensual chuckle.

Her palms slid along my shaft, going up and down with tormenting slow pace. Then she opened her mouth and engulfed the head of my cock.

The moment I felt the wonderful softness of her lips and her tongue on my very sensitive parts, I let out a loud moan. It was just too good!

Vida bobbed her head up and down and those dark gems were wide open, looking directly in my eyes. It felt very intimate, even more intimate than it should have felt. I didn't want to create unnecessarily complex theories about that, but Vida's eyes hid many more emotions than only lust. At least that's how I would like to interpret it.

She began to shove me deeper in her mouth, every time letting out a soft, delicate moan. Every one of them was pumping more blood into my dick. It was really challenging to not shout 'I'm the king of the world!' seeing such a strong girl in such a submissive position. And knowing that she wanted to deepthroat me.

I placed both my hands on her head and stroked her hair. Her gaze was constantly fixed on me.

"You're so sexy, Vida, you look so hot right now, babe," I muttered to her affectionately, to show her my appreciation. At the same time, my left hand snuck behind her head and secured the grip.

"I'm gonna go deeper. If it is painful or anything, just let me know, okay?" I asked her and she nodded slightly.

I held the back of her head and pressed my hips forward, slowly and cautiously. My cock slid into the hot passage of her mouth and poked the throat entrance. Her eyes shot wide and her nostrils flared. She moaned hard.

I had no experience with the mechanics of deepthroating whatsoever, but I knew that I just needed to find a balance between gentleness and force. At first, I set up a very slow and patient pace, so she could adjust to it, but also for me, as I wanted to figure out the best angle.

Vida was holding her hands on my hips, but she didn't stop me at any moment nor did she encourage me to go deeper. She gave me total control over her throat. That was Spider-Man's level of seriousness - with great power comes great responsibility and so on. I didn't want to abuse Vida's trust or her throat. Well, that latter maybe a little.

The view of my cock disappearing between these red, slightly swollen, so beautifully carved lips was mind-blowing. So stimulating that I unknowingly increased the pace and began thrusting my cock more intensely.

Slurp, slurp, slurp. Wet squelching sounds spread in the air. Soon, Vida's gagging and gurgling joined the obscene cacophony, as I breached the entrance to her esophagus and began to slide in. My cock encountered an unprecedented tightness, but it was relentlessly making space for itself. Rearranging and stretching Vida's throat. The other sounds I added myself - my guttural grunts and growls. Oh, fuck, I was losing my mind, turning into some wild animal.

Vida's eyes were fixed on mine, wide open, in a way looking pleadingly. Shiny tears were gathering in the corners of her eyes, but I knew that they were a natural reaction for gagging reflex, so it didn't stop me.

There still was some residual common sense in me, some voice whispering warnings 'don't go too far, she trusts you'. But I had trouble with listening to it because the other roaring voice was louder, more demanding, more tempting.

But Vida was moaning and alternatively making gagging sounds, and it seemed that to some extent it was enjoyable for her. Maybe she was one of these people who found the so-called controlled suffocating during sex as an amplifier of the arousal? Or maybe it was the control over her she was giving me? Or maybe… Oh fuck, it felt so great!

I was trying to give Vida a few moments to grasp air but it wasn’t easy to control myself. It was a powerful, yet corrupting image - to see Vida in that position, her muscular arms leaned on my hips, her head held in my hands. My balls were swinging, brushing her chin every time. Vida's eyes were bulging, saliva and other fluids dripping from corners of her mouth.

Vida’s throat took two thirds of my length, but she seemed to struggle with that. Yet she showed the insane determination to take me deeper. Her hands squeezed my hips, and she pressed her head forward, but only ending with retreating and gagging and coughing badly. She snapped back and I thought that she could fall if I didn't hold her.

But of course, I didn't want her to get too uncomfortable, and as she looked a bit run-down, I decided to put that nice act to an end. So I pulled my dick out of her throat and helped her to stand up. She wobbled as if she were drunk. Well, she probably still was, one way or another. The same as me. It was enough of deepthroating for tonight - Vida got what she asked for. And I felt satisfied enough too. Besides, I just craved to fuck her the traditional way.

"I need to be inside you right now, Vida!" I groaned, and pulled her into an embrace, kissing her ear, neck and top of her chest. I was humping the air like an animal in heat.

"I'm sorry that I didn't take it all..." Vida said quietly, and if I wasn't so aroused, I would have probably asked 'what the hell are you talking about, girl?!' Did she feel guilty about that? What was on her mind? Crazy! But there was no time to think about it at the moment.

"Shhh... I want to fuck you, babe! Do you have condoms?" I asked hoarsely, grabbing her butt and squeezing it hard. Her buttocks were a perfect example why girls should do barbell squats. Firm and dense, yet round and shapely.

"In my purse," she answered and bent toward the stairs where her purse was lying. I didn't even notice when she dropped it.

Vida started digging in it for a moment, then cussed and scattered everything on the stairs. She straightened up and tore the condom wrapping. With shaking hands she put it on me.

"Turn around and lean on the railing," I prompted her.

She complied immediately. I pulled her dress up and gathered it at her waist. Then I grabbed the top of her black thong and quickly pulled it down. Her panties were soaking wet.

I placed myself behind her and aligned my dick with her entrance. Her pussy was pulsing.

"Look at me, Vida. Look at me all the time," I said to her with a husky voice. Vida tilted her head backward, as much as she could. Muscles of her back shifted under her skin. I leaned more to that side and reached to her chin. And holding her like that, I thrust my hips forward, filling her up. Her eyelids twitched and fluttered, but she didn't break eye contact. Her mouth gaped and she let out a gasped moan. And then she let out another one, louder and more desperate, when I drew back my hips and slammed them into her.

It felt so weirdly intimate. It shouldn't, right? We were fucking in some obscure backstreet like pair of homeless crackheads. Yet it felt as if the whole world ceased to exist around us. We were in a bubble of a different reality. Only me and her, immersed in a frenzy of sexual passion. Our gazes almost merged. Our ragged breaths mixed. Our sweaty bodies were colliding in the primal, most basic rhythm.

I knew that I wouldn't last long. My cock was so hard that it was almost painful. I was thrusting inside her tight passage at a crazy pace. My hips were slapping against her hard, muscled butt. For myself I needed just a few strokes more, but first I wanted to give her pleasure. To make her reach her climax. That was my only goal.

"Gunnar!" Vida yelped with a strangled voice and I sped up instinctively. Her body stiffened, she clenched her palms on the railing and her triceps bulged out and back flexed, as if she wanted to rip that handhold from the concrete. Her dazed eyes closed, and I let go of her chin, sliding my hand to her neck and holding her like that, pounding in her like crazy.

Strong quivers swept through her body and her insides began to clench around my cock, squeezing it, trying to hold it more tightly, almost to the point of stopping my moves. But of course, I couldn't let that happen. With strained thrusts, I was plunging inside her constricted, throbbing passage. Finally, I hammered inside her with the entire length of my dick, and just let her inner muscles to milk me.

"Argh!" I groaned loudly, seeing white for a moment. Cum seemed to be squirting from my cock like a high pressure jet. For a moment, I had an absurd thought that I would tear apart the condom, that's how powerfully I was cumming. Jolt after jolt of pleasure flooded my body. It was a weakening feeling, I felt as if I was on the verge of passing out.

Vida cried out noisily, making loud, convulsive gasps. Her whole body was squirming spasmodically. I pulled her close to my chest and held her in a tight embrace, repeating: 'I got you, Vida'.

"Thank you..." she whispered, gasping faintly.

I kissed the back of her neck and head, inhaling the nice scent of her hair. We stood like this for quite a long time, until my cock slipped out from her and flopped heavily.

Then we just dressed up, Vida gathered things from her purse, and we walked away without exchanging a word.

When we were on the main street again, wherever it was, Vida embraced my waist and I embraced her shoulders. We continued to walk like this, tightly hugging each other, which was very pleasant.

I got lost in my thoughts for a while.

A weird ambivalence, that was what I felt at the time about what just happened between us. On the one hand, it was exciting and crazy sex in public. Apparently, I had some kind of exhibitionism in me or more likely, I got this from Vida. But on the other hand, Vida’s behavior was unexpected, to say the least. Somewhat desperate. I was aware that she really trusted me with that deepthroating. That was great info in general, but I still would have preferred Vida trusting me… with giving me  her phone number or just telling more about herself, than feeling safe with me during kinky activities. Maybe for her that trust was an equivalent of that other one? Or maybe…  I was dwelling on that topic too much? Probably that was the most possible answer. And the only one at that moment.

We stopped next to a bus stop and Vida checked the schedule. I considered suggesting an Uber and going first to her place, then to mine, but at the same time I knew that she would try to wiggle out of that idea. So, I decided it would be better not to spoil our mood by even starting that discussion. I sat on a bench and Vida joined me.

She snuggled closer and looked at me with a timid smile. I was gazing at her pensively.

"What?" She asked, smirking and raising her eyebrows.

"You're so secretive, Vida. Why?" I asked straightforwardly.

She froze a bit. "I'm just…" she hesitated and dropped her gaze. "My life isn't that interesting…"

"But I'm interested in it. Can't you just tell me something more, like where did you go to college or..." I started, but she cut in.

"Nowhere. I finished only high school," she said flatly, glanced at me, just to turn her eyes away, seemingly ashamed. She looked down the street. "See? Not only boring, but also uneducated."

"Oh, c'mon, it's not like that. Not everybody has to go to college, nowadays, that level of education often sucks, to be honest. With all these pointless majors, useless courses that don’t teach people anything substantial. Colleges are creating mostly a throng of unemployed, but very entitled frustrated people," I told her what I believed was true, but also didn't want her to feel bad. "But that's just an example, I would like to know more about you, you see? Things like your background, hobbies, family or how many boyfriends you had in the past..." I grinned at her, hoping that little provocative topic would brighten her up.

But I was wrong. She looked at me with her big dark eyes and smiled a bit ruefully "I had none."

"What? You're kidding me, right?"

"No. I mean… I can say that I had one, back in high school. But… it just hadn’t worked out.  And it never could," she answered in a rather enigmatic way and stood up. The bus was coming our way.

"I find it hard to believe, Vida. You're such a fun person, smart, sexy and so on," I shook my head and stood up too.

"It's nice that you think that, cariño. But it is what it is," she answered, glanced at the bus and turned to me with a bit brighter smile. "Will we see each other at the gym on Monday? I promise to show up this time!"

"Yeah, I’ll be there at the usual time," I replied, feeling a bit crestfallen, but trying to grin and bear it.

"Great! Thank you for going with me to that party." Vida leaned and pecked me on the lips.

"Hey, you invited me after all," I answered and smirked. Next, she turned around and entered the bus.

And then the bus drove away, leaving me… the devil knows where. But it was way easier finding the answer for where that bus stop was, compared to where I stood with Vida.

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