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Author Topic: Live Big  (Read 4015 times)

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Live Big
« on: June 23, 2022, 09:55:41 am »
Hello, fellow female muscle lovers.
Been a while since I posted a story, so please don't mind my rusty English.
But after reading some of the stories here  - like Fokerz' Sissy's Strength - and Purisira's muscle monster girls comics,
this story came up in my head and I had to write it down.

As usual with me, it will be slightly slow paced, and feedback are very much welcome.
Live big

“Oh, look, you’d be so pretty in that!” Elvira enthusiastically said before handing Louise a long silk like robe which barely reached her knees.
   Louise took the robe and examined it with a slight frown forming on her pretty face.
“I’m not sure…” Her soft voice trailed off while lifting the dress higher up. “It’s almost transparent.” She turned it to look at the price. “ufff”
“Oh c’mon! Don’t you ever wanna feel sexy in your outfits? I’m sure it would wrap your round ass so nicely.” Elvira added in a small grin.
“Maybe… But can’t really afford it either.” Louise sighed. “And don’t you dare pay it for me!” She said, quickly eying her petite friend already
opening her mouth.
“Alright, alright… But one day I’ll pamper you up fully, just be ready!” She faked being menacing giving her tall friend a snick grin.
    Both girls were 25 years old women in their prime. Louise’s most noticeable feature was her height. Standing at 1m95, she was towering
over almost everyone and tried her best to look and live as ordinary as possible. She wasn’t ugly or anything, would she be smaller, she would
be a knocker: ample breasts, wide hips, relatively small waist, pretty face to match and silk-like dark brown hair cascading on her shoulders.
    Elvira, on the other hand, was as small as Louise was tall, standing at 1m56, she could barely reach her friend’s breasts, and was just as
curvy and pretty.  Watching them walk around the store, shopping, was quite the sight, one could wonder how they were friend to being with,
yet their friendship was unbreakable.
    Louise looked down at Elvira and smiled warmly.
“Silly you, you know I…”
“I know! But sometimes it would be nice if you considered yourself a bit more. You’re a beautiful woman and you’d deserve to stand-out more.
Maybe you’d actually catch a guy.” Elvira interjected.
“Like you do?” Louise straightened herself to her full height, several heads turning around. “As if I needed more to stand-out…” She added softly.
   Elvira bit her lips and pouted. She understood her friend, her own provocative and fierce attitude had brought down her trust in men, and
she often wished she could find one that is not a macho pig. Yet, she kept on trying.
“Yeah, well, I try at least.” She glanced back at the dress and added. “Ok, not today then.”
   They resumed their shopping, Elvira bought several outfits sexier and more revealing than the others, two bikinis for next summer and
another two pair of 10cm high heels. Louise barely bought anything, a formal pants and vest for work, a pair of leggings, a sport crop top and
shoes to match.

     The two girls were walking down the pedestrian streets on that sunny Saturday afternoon, Elvira actually holding her friend’s hand while
Louise was using her height to find a path across the packed crowd. They found space for two at a terrace’s pub. And after a little while, they
were sipping on their fresh drink with a sigh of content.
“Mmh…” Elvira remembered asking “Why did you bought those sportswear’s?”
“Because I don’t have any.” Louise answered back in a shrug, clearly seeing where this was leading at.
“Does that mean you’re considering doing some sports?” Elvira’s eyes lit up. Louise sighed.
“I have considered the possibility that maybe I would start some, yeah.” Replied the tall girl which made Elvira burst out laughing, Louise
chuckling along.
“Riiight, seriously, any idea on which sport? And why now?”
“Well, I wouldn’t mind losing some of the fat I accumulated here and there...” Louise replied while groping some on her belly. “And get fitter.
I mean, I’m 90kg already.”
“Nothing’s wrong at being 90kg at your height. You look beautiful, Big Girl, if anything, it makes you look thicccc.” Elvira grinned, then took a
more serious composure. “Now, if you really want to improve yourself, you know I can help.”
   There wasn’t any brag in that statement, Elvira being close to a genius, she had achieved a doctorate in medicine at 21 years old and
a 2 years sport and muscle healing specialization in just 1. She’s been working at the town’s Sport Hospital since, already leading her service.
“I know… But you know me…”
“Oh yes I know you, doll.” They both chuckled, it always did when Elvira called Louise a doll. “So, you gonna commit?”
“Yeah… I guess.”
“You haven’t answered which sport.” Elvira noted before sipping on her drink. Louise rolled her eyes.
“I don’t know, I guess I’d start running and some yoga?” She said, which made Elvira roll her eyes.
“Listen, I know you don’t like collective sport, and when it gets technical you feel like you are uncoordinated – I don’t think you are but whatever –
I also know that when into something you are focused and disciplined, very disciplined. Like your flat is always neatly cleaned while mine is…”
“A mess.” Louise cut sticking her tongue out.
“Haha, yeah, you get my point. So, if I have that perfect sport for you, that mostly requires focus and discipline, would you do it?”
“Sure!” replied the tall girl, sipping some of her drink while looking down at Elvira, suspecting something she might not like.
“Then how about weightlifting?”
   Louise’s brows arched, she had no real opinion about weightlifting. She could picture some of the famous people of the genre:
Arnold, the Rock and maybe others she forgot the name. Right, her knowledge was limited, also, she couldn’t put a figure on a strong woman.
What she knew is that it meant muscles and strength, both of which Elvira knew a lot about.
“Ok.” She simply replied.
“What, ok? Just like that?”
“Well yes, I said I would commit, and your proposal seem to meet what I seek, so. OK.”
“Great! I’ll prepare you a program and you can go to the gym down your street...” Elvira enthusiastically started, before being cut by Louise.
“Calm down. I’ll just give it a try, like for one month just to see how it goes.”
   Elvira tilted her head.
“That’s not something you can see results within a month. It takes several months to start showing, and years to reach any goals you’d set.”
“Really? Geez, but at least can a month show me if I like the type of exercises or not, right?”
“Hmm… I suppose it would be enough. Still I’ll plan a strength workout. And I suggest you go on mornings, way less people, luckily for you,
it opens at 7am.”
   Louise gulped at the prospect for she was routine girl and now she’d have to adapt to a new one. Yet she felt a tingle of excitement
in her belly which her usually impassive face kept hidden, with maybe just a spark in her eyes.

   The next day, Louise was preparing herself to go visit her parents for lunch when her phone vibrated a couple of times. She took it to
look what it was. Elvira had sent her several messages.
“Hey doll, for your workouts, here’s what you gonna do. 4 sets of 5 reps at the heaviest you can lift on every of those exercises…”
    Then came a list of exercises which Louise didn’t know about, seemingly cycling for 5 days and Saturdays seemed to have them all.
The message kept on.
“And on Saturdays, you do them all but only 2 sets of each. And every time you’re able to perform more than 5, you increase the weight.
Also, don’t forget to eat well and possibly a lot.”
“Don’t bother trying to guess what are those by yourself, just show my plan to any coach at the gym, and they’ll explain.”
   Louise’s mouth gaped a bit, then she replied.
                                                                                                                                  “6 days a week?! How long each training should take?”
“About 1hr each, and 1h30 on Saturdays.”
                                                                                                                                                                                        “Sheesh. Ok.”
“Don’t worry, big girl, I know you’ll be great.”
                                                                                                                                  “If you say so, catch you soon gotta go, and thanks.”

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Re: Live Big
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2022, 05:38:40 am »
Great start

Online Elmanouche

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Re: Live Big
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2022, 10:12:41 am »
Here's another part.
Fair warning, I'm not at all a bodybuilder/weightlifter, so maybe a few inconsistancies here and there.
Still hope you like it.


        Louise’s social life was close to non-existent. It turned around her parents and relatives, and Elvira.
She sure had a few dates here and there, and wasn’t a virgin, but nothing that stood out and could be
remembered. It wasn’t something she ran after for now. After relatively successful accounting studies,
she had started working in a middle-sized company. The job itself wasn’t the most exciting, but workhours
were fixed, her colleagues were nice enough and she did liked numbers. So, she had some social connections
at work, but kept them as they were, formal relationships in the workspace. It was a very routine and
organized life, which from the outside could sound boring but it made her happy, as happy as it shown,
because she’d mostly appear to be impassive or very much reserved.
        Therefore, adding that training schedule was a tiny bit exciting in that prospect but also scary. It was
another circle of people that would add to her family, work, and Elvira. But also, a routine change.

        At 7am, Louise was entering the gym, looking around at the vast room filled with various gears she
couldn’t name, few people were working-out. She felt her heart skip a beat then took a deep breath,
before heading to the receptionist girl who was yawning at that early hour. Louise noticed she was fit,
and the girl’s eyes kind of opened wide at Louise’s size.
“H-Hello Miss. I’m Kelly, how may I help you?” Asked the fit receptionist, bending up her head quite a bit.
“Greetings, I’m Louise and I came here…” She paused an instant. “…To get strong, I guess.”
        Kelly gave Louise a quizzical look then smiled.
“To get strong huh? I suppose it’s the right place. Have any goal you’d want to achieve already?”
        Louise blushed and shook her head, but then handed her phone with her conversation with Elvira opened.
“I’m not sure, but here is the plan I should follow.”
“May I…?” Asked the girl holding her hand up to take the phone, Louise nodded.
        Kelly examined the plan, scrolling up and down a bit.
“That’s pretty well thought out, but you’re a beginner, right? Maybe it’s a bit…” She stopped, then asked.
“Wait, is that Elvira as in Dr Elvira Ramires?”
“Alright, she’s the best, last year I badly hurt my shoulders’ tendons and I thought I’d be out of the gym
for a good 6 months. 3 months later I was already up and running.”
        She examined the schedule again.
“Geez, pure strength training, she’s not kidding. But I’ll trust her judgement. I suppose you don’t know
any of them?” Pointing out at the plan.
“You suppose correctly.” Answered Louise a bit terrified.
“And you hoped doing it before work, right?”
        Louise nodded and added.
“At 9, but if it’s too much trouble…”
“No, no, no, don’t worry. Just, fill that registration form, and first month is free. Though yes, coaches also
start at 9am, but I’m sure he’ll do an exception for Dr Elvira’s friend.”
        Kelly then took a small mic.
“Marc, can you come here a second?” And after putting the mic down, she looked up at Louise, waiting.
“Hum, I suppose you get asked that a lot but…”
“1m95” Replied Louise instantly.
“Wow, that’s 30 more than me!”
“And almost 40 more than Elvira.” Smiled back Louise as said ‘Marc’ arrived.

        Marc was a bodybuilder, and it showed: broad shoulders, biceps bulging up, thick pectorals pushing
against his shirt with abs showing and tree trunk legs. He was handsome, with his Asian features and tanned
skin, that Louise again felt tingles in her belly. He was taller than Kelly, but at most was he 1m75 which made
Louise tower him by almost a head. He glanced up at Louise.
“Greetings Miss. Wassup Kelly?”
“Yeah~ Handsome Marc, so, this is Louise, Louise, Marc. Listen, I know it’s usually your workout time, but
could you show Louise the exercises for her training schedule?”
        Marc turned to Louise again, you could see on his face that he wasn’t going to give up on his free time that easily.
“Kelly…” He sighed.
“It’s one of Dr Ramires’ close friend, she sent her here!” Kelly pleaded.
“Oh… Hmm. OK show me that program?” He asked.
        He looked thoroughly at the training, at some point biting his lips.
“Really not beginner friendly, it’s going to be tough. I guess she knows what you’re capable of.”
        He glanced back up at Louise, giving back her phone, trying to gauge what Elvira might have seen.
She was tall, with seemingly quite the strong bone structure and already broad shoulders. “Yeah, maybe
there is more to it.” He thought.
“Alright, come with me… Louise. I’ll show you around.” He smiled warmly and again Louise felt tingles in
her belly as she followed him, her eyes slightly glued on his bulbous ass flexing at each of his steps.

        When she came back from the changing room, he was waiting for her at a dumbbells rack. Seeing her,
he grabbed some small 2kg dumbbells and give them to Louise.
“Right, I’m set, thank you again for doing this.” She grabbed the weights, seemingly effortlessly.
“Don’t mention it. Here’s what we gonna do. Given the time, I can’t show you every single move on your
program. So, I’ll train with you this week. I actually wanted to go for a strength program next month, yours’
a pretty good one, might as well use it, right?”
        He grabbed a pair of 20kg dumbbells in turn, arms bulging slightly.
“Alright, we’re going to warm up a bit. Then we’ll figure out what your approximative max is with biceps curl.
And we’ll use that as a base to pull your other maxes.”
        They started working out, warming up at first, then going heavy, respecting Elvira’s 4 sets of 5 reps.
Louise was doing her best to keep up and do as properly as possible, and Marc was impressed at how strict
she managed to be and how well she was recovering in between sets. He also noted the natural strength
she had, 8kg dumbbells for single handed curls wasn’t the usual starter weight for a first timer, especially a
woman. They were now at the end of the session.
“Ok, easy, breath. Good.” Marc helped her rack the barbell as she let out a grunt of effort.
“Mmph… that’s rough.” She panted, sweat dripping here and there.
“You did good. Let’s breathe a little, then we’ll stretch to reduce muscle pains tomorrow, a shower and you
should be right on time for work.” He said in a smile.
“Damn, it’s harder than I thought…” She stated, catching her breath.
“Yeah, but don’t worry, it’ll get easier in the next few weeks.” He said.
“Weeks? Sheesh, I was hoping for a couple of days.”

        It did take a couple of days for Louise to adjust to her training program, by Wednesday she barely
suffered from soreness, and by Thursday she was fresh and ready to go. On Friday, it like she could have
done more, but stuck to the program.
“Good job!” Marc was genuinely impressed. “Never seen anyone do 50kg squats on their first try. You are
definitely stronger that you thought, huh?”
“T-Thank you, and I guess I was.” She replied, blushing.
    He had praised and pushed her hard all week, something she surely enjoyed despite the roughness
of her training.
“So, now I stretch and I suppose I’ll see you tomorrow morning? I’ll come at 9 this time.” She asked, slowly
pulling on her ankle.
“Sadly no…” Louise felt the sincerity in that answer, and her heart skipped another beat.
“…But Kelly is already willing to help you out for tomorrow’s workout. It’ll be a rough one, and she’ll push you
even harder than me.” Marc added, almost comfortingly.
        He looked up at Louise and his eyes bulged out with a bit of surprise as it felt like she already had some
tiny bulges of muscles popping up beneath her smooth skin. Marc put it on some kind of extra pump she must be under.
“Well, thank you again for helping me out. I’ll try to remember all of it next week.” Louise said as they headed
to the locker room.
“We’re not done, you train with me next week too, I gotta be sure you keep on your strict form.” And he casually
flexed a biceps which made Louise almost drool “And just one week of strength training isn’t enough.” He winked.
“I see, I’m looking forward to it, then.”
“Have a good weekend!” Replied Marc.
“You too!”
   He truly had enjoyed coaching this tall girl, he was dubious at first, he did it because she was Elvira’s friend.
But she had shown such focus, such dedication and such rigor in her training that it turned out a renewed
motivation for his own workouts. Not just a routine and a ‘job’. He also had noticed how she took glances at his
physique, and he wanted more of that.
   To say Marc was handsome was an understatement, he had a model like face, with a subtle 3 days beard,
and 105kg of lean muscles enhanced by his natural tan. On top of that, mother nature had granted him an impressive
package, turning him into a real hunk. No wonder why many women at the gym were trying to ask him out but he
mostly turned them down. Usually because he didn’t want to mix up professional and personal, but also because
he actually had a thing for tall big girls, and if they were muscled, the better. Taking his shower that day, he had a
massive boner as he stroked his 24cm long manhood thinking about Louise growing big and hard.

   Louise was back at work, a bit daydreaming for once and not really focused on her accounting job, when her
phone vibrated. It was of course Elvira.
“Girl! Come to my place after your workout tomorrow!”
                                                                                                                            “Ok, but what for?”
                                                                     “But I thought it would take months before it shows?”
“Yeah, but we need the starting ones. :P
                                                                      “Ok, ok. I work out at 9, so should be there at noon.”
“Come straight after your workout, you’ll shower here!”
                                                                                                                                     “Geez, ok.”
   Louise sighed, what could be so urgent for Elvira to see her right after? She shrugged on her chair and
resumed her work.

   That Saturday morning was rainy, Louise sighed at this, but still arrived at the gym as planned to start her
workout at 9. Kelly was there already, somehow eager to coach her for that full body workout.
“Good morning, Louise! How are you?”
“Good morning, I’m fine thanks, ready to go!” Louise replied, with an enthusiasm she rarely showed.
“That’s the spirit! Marc told me you did pretty good for your first week. We’ll warm up then start with your alternate
biceps curls.” Kelly said.
   After the warm up, Louise took the 8kg dumbbells she used on her first day.
“Hmm.” She said, as she was about to start.
“What is it?” Asked Kelly.
“Dunno, they feel… Light?” On that she started curling. “1…2…3…4…5…”
   All, the while Kelly watched, Louise was perfect on her form and clearly not straining enough.
“…6…7…8…9…10” Louise stopped. “I need to increase the weight.” She calmly said.
“Jump straight to the 12Kg.” The coach girl said, gulping as it meant this girl had increased her strength by fifty
percent in a week.
“Ok.” Simply said Louise, grabbing them. “Mmm, yes, feels more like it.” As she felt the weight pull down her arms.
   Now the 5 reps that followed were much harder, but still she did them in strict form, as the workout kept on,
Kelly was amazed to see that Louise had to increase every lift by about 50%. She pushed the tall girl to her limit on
every lift, until exhaustion. Yet, after a few mins of recovery, Louise would start the next exercise almost fresh. When
they were done, after 75Kg squats, Louise started stretching and Kelly was eying her up and down.
“Daym girl, you’re a natural.”
“Didn’t you see what you did?” Gasped Kelly.
“Is it that impressive?” Asked Louise.
“It is! Haven’t seen anyone increase their weight so much, let alone do a 6 days program ended by a full body
workout and look like they could still be going. And it’s your first week!”
“I’m beat though!” Blushed Louise, but she felt too she could do some more.
“I would be floored after such workout!” Giggled Kelly. “Anyway, I have another appointment now, see you on Monday!”

   When Louise arrived at Elvira’s place at 11:30, she would be soaked wet from the rain if it wasn’t for her parka.
“I said you come straight here, Big Girl!”
“I did! But the workout lasted more than 2 hours. I did 3 sets of each because I had to increase the weights.” Louise
retorted back “And hello you too!”
   Elvira’s eyes lit up at the mention of increased weights, and she rushed to her tall friend for a hug.
“Hmm, your smelly!” Giggled the small girl.
“Your fault!”
“Show me!” Elvira pulled back from the hug.
“My body?” Asked Louise, doubtfully.
   Elvira nodded.
“Not much have changed.” Added Louise, stripping from her sweater and pants.
   Beneath, she was wearing her skin-tight leggings and crop top they bought a week ago. Elvira’s eyes bulged
out and she stepped closer, groping Louise’s arm.
“Oh my gawd! I knew it!” She exclaimed, feeling the muscle hidden beneath a smooth skin and delicate layers of fat.
“I knew you had the body for it! Flex your arm.” Elvira added.
“What? Like this?”
   Louise bended her arm, closing her fist and tried to mimic a bicep flex she had seen Marc do. To both the girls
surprise, a lemon sized lump rose, and Elvira tip toed to grope its hardness. Given Louise’s size, it wasn’t thick looking
yet, but it was definitely there. Louise was so surprised at her arm that she started breathing harder, which flexed her
abs, they weren’t an eight pack yet, but they sure show a few lines of definition already. Elvira saw it.
“I knew it.” She whispered. “Look at your abs.”
   Louise did so.
“Gosh… I… I thought it would take months.”
“For normal people yeah, but I knew you were an easy gainer… I just didn’t know you’d be that much of one!” Elvira was
smiling up at her friend.
   Louise looked down, slightly panicked at first but saw how proud and happy Elvira was, a chill suddenly coursing
through her skin woke them both.
“Go take your shower, Doll, you’ll catch a cold.” Elvira said.

   When Louise came back from the bathroom, Elvira was on phone.
“…Yeah, but do you think I can pursue that lead? I really need to investigate that.”
   Elvira saw Louise and smiled brightly, before walking back to the bathroom and pointing to the scale.
“Weight yourself~” She whispered, before answering to the phone. “Yes, Viktor, I know, still, it wouldn’t much a cut
on our budget.” Elvira rolled her eyes at what was answering said Viktor “Alright, alright. We’ll talk about it Monday.
Have a nice weekend.”
   Elvira looked back up at Louise who was standing idle, feeling a bit awkward. The small girl was examining
every lumps and curves of Louise’s body, almost licking her lips. The tall girl was wearing a casual pants – which
seemingly seemed tight at the butt and thighs – and a long shirt, which also seemed tight around her chest, flaunting
her D cup breasts.
“Really, Louise, you already changed so much. How much you weight?”
“Your scale says 91kg… And really? I don’t feel that much different.”
“Do you ever look at yourself in a mirror?” Elvira giggled, stepping back closer with a measurement tape in her hand.
“Do we have to?” Said Louise, pointing at the tape.
“Yes, we do, especially if you do grow that fast. Now strip.”
“Sheesh, you do enjoy bossing me around, huh?” Giggled Louise, actually stripping.
“Hell yeah!”

   It didn’t take long for Elvira to take the measurements she needed. And they were as follow:
Height: 1m95
Weight: 91Kg
Chest under boob: 95cm
Waist: 75cm
Biceps: 37cm
Forearms: 24cm
Thighs: 58cm
Calves: 40cm

“So, are we done now?” Asked Louise. “And can we eat? I’m starving.”
“Yes, yes, already prepared something specifically for you.” Elvira finished noting the measurements.
   She then headed to the kitchen and warmed up the meal, turning to Louise.
“Next Saturday, after your workout you’ll come to my lab, at the Hospital.” Elvira said.
“Huh? Something’s wrong with me?”
   Elvira handed Louise a plate full of perfumed rice and roasted chicken breast with mustard sauce.
“No! On contrary.” Elvira said, smiling and eating her own much smaller plate.
“You are a rough diamond, Louise, and I want to make sure you polish and shine as bright as can be.” She
added, with subtle smile.
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Re: Live Big
« Reply #3 on: June 24, 2022, 10:29:13 am »
Forgot to mention.
For those able to read metric
divide centimetres by 2.54 to get in inches
multiply kilos by roughly 2.2 for lbs.
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Re: Live Big
« Reply #4 on: June 24, 2022, 11:46:47 pm »
I’ve missed your stories - you’re an excellent writer!

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Re: Live Big
« Reply #5 on: June 25, 2022, 07:50:37 am »
Excellent story so far.  I'm really looking forward to more episodes!
* You are the author and you are the boss of your story!
* Take your time and write what you are driven to write and what your characters drive you to write.
* The story is the journey, and when the journey is over, we will all wish it was longer.

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Re: Live Big
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Glad to have read this, need to read more of your work. Thanks.

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Re: Live Big
« Reply #7 on: June 25, 2022, 09:37:13 pm »
Thanks for your kind words. Next chapter will take a bit more time to come, busy busy.
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Re: Live Big
« Reply #8 on: June 26, 2022, 06:15:11 am »
Thanks for your kind words. Next chapter will take a bit more time to come, busy busy.

Take your time. Great story and happy to read the next chapter soon.

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Re: Live Big
« Reply #9 on: Today at 06:15:58 am »
Loving this story K+

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