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Author Topic: Anabolics and Side Effects  (Read 877 times)

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Anabolics and Side Effects
« on: May 17, 2021, 01:13:58 am »
There always seems to be lots of discussion, interest, and even intrigue and fetish related to women BBs and anabolic-related side effects.  Having recently started doing cycles myself, I have some perspectives that might stimulate further thoughts.  First, I'm a guy in my mid-late 50s.  I've been enraptured with muscles and bodybuilding since I was very young - in fact I'm sure I have sthlenolagnia - and have exercised and been involved with the fit lifestyle as best I can since I was in junior high school in the early-mid 1970s.  I've competed in 2 BB shows too, both natural. 

Despite determining I've always had very low testosterone, I never touched a PED until about 5 yrs ago when I started testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) under my doctor's supervision.  I started with doses of 100 or 200 mg of test cypionate every week or two for, like, a year and half straight.   Since then, with my doctor monitoring my blood work for test' levels and other thing like BP and liver and kidney function, I've switched over to cycling the testosterone for about 10-12 wks - one injection per week - and incorporating several slightly higher doses into that mix.  I'm about 3 cycles in over the course of about 1.5 yrs; I like to give my body plenty of time post-cycle to recover and normalize natural hormone production as much as possible. 

For reference, the highest dose I ever used was 400 mg of the testosterone cypionate for one dose.  I did that just a few wks ago as part of this current cycle.  Typically I'm still in the 100-200 mg range for each weekly dose.  This is very wimpy, I know, probably way less than many even just mildly or moderately hardcore FBBs use.  However, for my next cycle - probably next January - I'm planning to be more bold and use 300-400 mg doses for several weeks, not just one or two.  For the first time, too, I may even add in a second agent, such as Anavar.  As a fascinating aside, with this latest cycle, because of the pandemic and not wanting to be in stuffy gyms, I have exercised only lightly.  And nonetheless the results - fat loss, definition, pumps, vascularity, and muscle size - are striking!  For sure I now have a much better understanding of how incredibly powerful as muscle-builders anabolic drugs are in both men and women. 

Its my experience with side effects that I find illuminating. First, I've always had gyno - ever since I was a little kid - and the test' has made this notably worse.  As for acne, I had moderate to mild acne and rosacea s a kid and adult - facial only, no bacne or shoulder area involvement - and the TRT has kept that problem alive too, which might be embarrassing for a guy in his  50s.  Finally, while using the testosterone I've experienced fairly significant testicular and scrotal shrinkage.  What I find fascinating is that, at least in my case, none of these things bothers me.  In fact, I actually find myself embracing  them!  I think this is because they are further evidence, along with all the observable benefits, that the testosterone supplementation is working.  To me they are  a badge of honor and I'm actually proud to show them off, or at least make no great effort to hide them. 

While I can't say for sure, I suspect there are some (many?) women who similarly embrace their side effects and are excited to see things like breast shrinkage, a receding hairline, squaring of the jaw, acne, masculinization of their voice, increased body hair and body odor, and yes even an enlarged clit.  As I noted for my side effects, all of these too are hard proof that the drugs are working their muscular magic.

My main point is that while many onlookers would assume that anabolic side effects are entirely unwanted, they actually may not be.

I'll be curious to hear everyone's thoughts. 

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