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Welcome to Forum Saradas! Female Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure & Bikini

Do you love female bodybuilding and events like the Olympia and the Arnold Classic? Are you interested in female bodybuilding, fitness, figure & bikini?
If so check out and join our female bodybuilding forum! Saradas is the oldest and most popular female bodybuilding, fitness forum.

🔥 At Saradas you will find the most amazing and rare pictures of probably every female professional bodybuilder who has ever competed.   
🔥 You can keep up with female bodybuilding news from all over the world and hear the latest on your favorite bodybuilder.
🔥 You will find the latest updates on bodybuilding events like the Olympia and the Arnold Classic.

Saradas is your one stop female bodybuilding resource. Come and join us!
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Author Topic: FITNESS Top 100 year 2016  (Read 4488 times)

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FITNESS Top 100 year 2016
« on: March 29, 2017, 01:47:31 pm »
   Cindy Landolt   1129   votes
   Cass Martin   1118   votes
   Tina Nguyen   1092   votes
   Bakhar Nabieva    1088   votes
   Aspen Rae   1080   votes
   Lauren Martin Stow   1079   votes
   Linda Durbesson   1053   votes
   Victoria D'ariano   1050   votes
   Kelsey Nicole   1045   votes
   Amanda Spicer   1044   votes
   Ashlee Potts    1043   votes
   Ayme De Oliveira   1039   votes
   Ana Melissa   1039   votes
   Dallas McCormick-Beck   1037   votes
   Jessie Keller   1029   votes
   Ariel Khadr    1024   votes
   Emeri Connery   207   votes
   Halász Zsóka   142   votes
   Darci Schumann   140   votes
   Maggie May Russell   115   votes
   Corry Trocheck   112   votes
   Danielle de Haas   111   votes
   Ingrida Radevic    109   votes
   Angel Simmons   108   votes
   Jessica Booker Williams   102   votes
   Hayley Hirshland   85   votes
   Iwona Doktor   85   votes
   Melody Decena   83   votes
   Emmanuelle Ethier   82   votes
   Jessica Gresty   71   votes
   Emilie Provencher   69   votes
   Sandra Dominiuk    68   votes
   Cornelia Ritzke   65   votes
   laurenlf   65   votes
   Kim van Gompel   64   votes
   Carly Wendt   63   votes
   Jeanene Farinella   61   votes
   Mason Everett    59   votes
   Cassie Green   58   votes
   lexievansfit    58   votes
   Anastasia Rider    56   votes
   Sara Kinnvik   56   votes
   Audrieanna Lynn Fortune   55   votes
         55   votes
   Brittany Tavares    55   votes
   angoswede   53   votes
   Jo Ponzi   49   votes
   Tony Gnap   47   votes
   Laura Veiguela    46   votes
   Bunny Azzopardi   44   votes
   Kryss DeSandre   43   votes
   Natalie Rochefort    36   votes
   Lili Bird   36   votes
   Kaylie Smith   35   votes
   Sandra Andersen   35   votes
   Taylor Crawford   32   votes
   dianna.bodyfit   31   votes
   Rachel Edwards   29   votes
   antoninifitness   29   votes
   Vibeke Litland    24   votes
   kifany518   18   votes
   Hayley Leighann   16   votes
   Grace Esse   16   votes
   lydiacaryer_fitness   15   votes
   Namira Jardim   9   votes

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