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Author Topic: Best FBB Art Site  (Read 7457 times)


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Best FBB Art Site
« on: March 11, 2011, 03:00:56 am »
The discussion of Awefilms got me thinking about female muscle art sites, and how they have
also evolved (or devolved) over the years. Here's my take:

LH-ART: The granddaddy of the genre. I never forget receiving my first LH-ART catalog way back in the early 90s --
              don't think I got a wink of sleep I was so excited. Then the website came along, and initially it was a great deal:
              a shade under $15 a month for 4-5 illustrated muscle stories, a gallery of 20-25 pics, and a couple of animations.
              But recently I've noticed they've been putting up a lot of very old stories that I've either seen before or where the art
              is really second rate. Also they seem to have lost touch with the some of the talented artists that made them great --
              Bill Quick, Chris Shapes (CST), Allesandra, AOS, and so on. So:

             Pros: * cheap site, good value for money
             Cons: * a lot their updates lately have been older work
                       *  less work from their past great artists
                       * no new exciting artists (like Bambs, Stef, Artkaiser)

Amy's Conquest: AQ has been the main challenger to LH-Art, and they have been aggressive from the get-go, introducing top notch
                           illustrated stories from a wide variety of fbb artists. While the quality is excellent, the price is close to $20, the updates
                          are not quite as frequent as LH-ART, and you only get one or two new illustrated stories per update. True, they often include video clips and
                          written stories with their  updates, but thats not something I am looking for when I subscribe to an art site  -- I'll go to MA, FTV, Awefilms and so on
                          for that. Also their video clips, other than some amazing ones of Lisa Cross, are mediocre at best.

             Pros:  *quality of work excellent (better on the whole than LH-ART)
                       * great diversity of art     
                       * constantly intoducing new artists
             Cons: * pricey
                        * updates infrequent
                        * updates meagre -- 1 or 2 stories per update only

Fem-Power Extreme: (Tigersan) Another very new site from one of the legends of the fbb artworld, Tigersan.
                       It is reasonably priced and frequently updated. Now while I dont care for some of Tigersan's themes
                       ("dickgirls", alien muscle), nor the way he draws some of his bodybuilders (sometimes with way too much muscle,
                          huge traps/necks and thick waists that make the girls totally unattractive), there isnt an artist out there who
                           is more innovative or more of a pioneer than this guy. He is constantly pushing the envelope, often times with
                           real exciting results (love his terminator theme recently, for example). His site also has a massive assortment of female
                          muscle, from heavyweight bodybuilders to lean fitness types. And he boasts more high quality animated videos (some
                          with excellent sound) than any of his competitors:   

             Pros: * high quality work       
                      * highly original work -- Tigersan constantly pushing the boundaries
                         (eg. musclebound Tinker Bell, musclebound Vampire, etc)
                      * great variety of female muscle -- bodybuilders, fitness types, martial
                          artists, wrestlers.
                      * reasonably priced
                      * vastly more video animation than either LH-ART or AQ
             Cons: * some of the art is very weird -- dickgirls, women so hypermuscular they are
                          totally unattractive.
Those are the three that I am familiar with. Like to hear what you guys have to say on the subject.

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Re: Best FBB Art Site
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2011, 04:38:49 pm »
There are some excellent artists posting work on the Deviant Art website.  You have to browse around, but a search for FBB or Muscular Art will turn up quite a few.  they also have morphs, for those who like them. 

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Re: Best FBB Art Site
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2021, 03:48:53 am »
there's also

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Re: Best FBB Art Site
« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2022, 02:25:53 pm »
badgirlsart anyone?

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