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Brazilian / Re: Roberta Coletti Daschagas
« Last post by liam on Today at 10:32:25 am »
Roberta Coletti
IG roberta_coletti_figurepro

How many inches do muscular girls have biceps? Let's look at their measurements.
Muscular Women Fiction / Re: Live Big
« Last post by Elmanouche on Today at 10:16:34 am »
Here is the new chapter.
Again feedback are welcome.
Please enjoy.


   Strangely, Louise’s parents were not tall. Her mother, Marie, was actually petite and thin, just 1m60,
and her father, Bernard, wasn’t much taller nor big at 1m65. Yet they gave birth to Louise who shown at
early age that she would be tall. She was as tall as her mother at 9, and taller than her father at 10. They
never tried to know if there was anything wrong with their daughter, and they just accepted the fact that
she was tall, period. They figured they may have some giant ancestors in their families which she inherited
    Louise was still a bit shaken by Elvira’s statement, and as she opened the door to her parents’ home
the next day, it showed on her face. So, when Marie served lunch and Louise asked for more because she
was hungry, her mother couldn’t help but notice.
“Is something wrong dear?” She asked.
“Nothing wrong, Mom, I guess…” She paused, she never was one to hide anything from her parents. “It’s
just that I started weightlifting to get in shape, you know?”
“Yes, you told us last week. Is it too hard?” Asked her father.
“Not at all, quite the opposite actually. I seem to be pretty efficient at putting on muscles.” She simply said
and she flexed her arm casually.
    Both her parents were stunned to see their daughter’s shirt stretched slightly, and Louise to gasp as it
seemed already bigger than yesterday.
“Wow!” They exclaimed.
“What’s the problem then?” Asked Bernard, still processing the large biceps.
“Dunno, would you mind your daughter with more muscles than Schwarzie?”
“Bigger than Schwarzenegger? Don’t you exaggerate a bit?” Retorted Bernard.
“Well, Elvira implied I have the ‘body for it’… And given my progress in just a week...”
“I think it would be great!” Said her mother enthusiastically. “You always were kind of reserved and… lacking
self-esteem because of your height. If turning big and strong can make you more assertive and prouder of
the marvellous girl you already are. You have my full support.”
“The question is: how did it make you feel to work-out?” Asked her father.
    Louise’s mouth gaped slightly and thought about last week. First couple of days were rough, but still
she enjoyed the feeling after a workout, the pleasurable pain to push herself further.
“I felt… absolutely great, Dad.” She replied, blushing. Bernard smiled tenderly.
“Then go for it. I’ll be honest, I’m not as thrilled as your mother about bulging muscles on women, especially
my baby-girl. But all I want is you being happy. Just promise me you won’t touch drugs, I know in those sports
they abuse of them.” He said.
“Of course, I won’t, Dad! Why would I do that?”
“And Elvira surely wouldn’t allow it too.” Her mother added.
“Hey! I’m just playing my Dad role, okay?”
   They giggled and resumed their lunch. When Louise was about to leave, her mother insisted on giving
already prepared meal she had made.
“So, you’ll have more time to workout!” Marie Added

   Louise was back home, unpacking her Mother’s food into her fridge when phone vibrated. It was Elvira
of course.
“Girl, here’s your program for next week…” The message kept on with various exercises.
“…Each workout should last 1h30 now. Also, start eating 4 to 5 times a
day. And remember to come to my work on Saturday!”
                                                      “1h30?! And eat 5times a day? Are you turning me into some kind of pig?
                                                                                                   Also, I won’t make it in time for work!”
“That’s what it takes to grow muscles, and mostly
carbs and protein, not too fat preferably.”
                                                                                                                               “Ok, but work?”
“Explain your boss!”
                                                                                                                                    “Pfff… Ok.”
“Lastly, you can also take protein supplements. Here,
those are pretty good.” The message was followed by a link.
                                                                                                             “Where can I find them?”
“The gym you go probably have some, else your
order them online.”
                                                                                                                       “Ok, boss. :P

    On Monday, Louise was back at gym. She showed her new program and the protein she
needed to Kelly.
“Yeah, we have them. They’re not cheap though.” She said.
“No problem.” Louise replied and bought 2 packs, enough for a month per Kelly’s advice.
    Marc arrived right when Louise was coming out of the locker rooms.
“Good morning, Louise! Ready for a new week?” He asked, his smile sending another wave
of tingles to her belly.
“Good morning, and yes I am, with another program too.” She replied, showing her conversation
to him.
“Sheesh, she’s not kidding. It’s not very different from previous, just more… Intense. Let’s get to
it, then.” He added.

    Kelly had told marc about Louise’s insane progress, but to see it with his own eyes was the
more impressive. Still, with this new workout plan he felt she was going to fail, and he would not
have blamed her, but no, she did it all, managed strict form until the end and already seemed to be
showing more muscle definition as Marc watched her stretch.
“Damn, Louise, it’s like you grow at each workout.” He said, seeing how tight her sportwear’s were
“Flatterer, it’s just the pump.” Giggled back Louise.
“I’m not kidding! You’ll have to think about a new wardrobe soon.” Added Marc.
    And as Louise stretching her shoulders, she felt her crop top strain around her wider chest.
“Crap... you may be right.” Louise sighed. “Here goes my savings…”

    After the workout, she arrived late at the office, by fifteen minutes. It was not much, but she
apologized to her colleagues, which made her quite uncomfortable, and went straight to meet the
chief financial and administrative officer, her direct superior. Added that she felt also tight in her formal
clothes, she was feeling quite uncomfortable.
“Good morning, Mr Garlure.” She said in a low voice.
“Please Louise, call me Georges. And good morning!” He said, smiling happily.
“Right, sorry, kind of a habit.”
“It’s alright! Actually, Louise, that’s perfect timing, I have a good news for you.” He was talking fast,
as usual.
“Yup! You’ve been a junior accountant here for about two years now, and I’ll be honest, you’re the best
we have!” Louise blushed and before she could say anything, he kept on in a lower voice. “Don’t tell
anyone I said that though.” He said in a giggle.
“Well, thank you, Georges, I don’t know what to say. I’m just…”
“…Doing your work, I know. Still, your salary’s now on par with your colleagues. And – that’s where
I had to push a bit with the direction board – with a 30% bonus. The 30% more work you do over them.”
“What? But… That’s unfair, I’m sure they do their best…” She replied, confused.
    Louise was blushing hard and kind of had a huge flush of embarrassment, heart beating in her chest,
muscles returning to their recent workout pump, and with her tight clothes, revealed more of her bulk.
“Don’t worry about it, Louise, some of them will have raises in due time.” He looked a second at her now
subtle but visible traps and slight line of pectoral cleavage. “Have you been working out?” Georges
asked matter-of-factly.
“Y-Yes… That’s actually the reason I came here. First, really sorry for being late today. And given my
workout schedule, I’ll probably be late every day, unless I can adjust my work hours a bit.”
“No problem Louise, how much late were you this morning, 15 minutes?” Louise nodded. “Then have
15 minutes less for lunch break, or you finish later.” He paused an instant.
“Better, how about you work 30% less?” Georges asked.
“Huh?” Then she understood. “Oh. I guess that’s… Still a bit unfair to my colleagues, but I do need
more time. Thank you, Mr Garlure... I mean, Georges.”
“Hahaha, you’re welcome Louise. I’ll prepare your new schedule right away.”

    Louise’s new work hours were now starting at 10:30am and finishing at 5pm with a one-hour
break for lunch. She was still surprised how easy it went with her boss, but didn’t give it second
thoughts. Without the stress of being late, she threw herself in the workouts with even more vigour.
During the week, Marc witnessed in awe at how easily Louise was coping with her new program, and
how easily she seemed to be pilling on muscles, fat receding, abdominals showing a six-pack already
and separation showing on her quadriceps. Even her laterals started to push her arms a tiny bit, and
her breasts – though smaller now – perked higher up thanks to thicker pectorals.
    On Friday, Marc could not help but stare at her bulbous ass cheeks straining her now too tight
leggings as she performed 125Kg squats, grunting and pushing for her fifth rep.
“Gaah!” She groaned, racking back the barbell.
“Amazing…” Whispered Marc, watching at her thick thighs bulge out when Louise shook them.
    Marc was having trouble to hide his arousal, being captivated by the tall woman turning herself
into an amazon, watching her clothes now skin tight and hiding nothing of her spectacular development.
Louise was oblivious, as she religiously started stretching. After a while, she noticed his frozen state.
“You ok, Marc?” She asked. He blinked.
“Oh, yes, yes, sorry…” He blushed slightly, having been caught. “I was… You’re just…” Louise smiled,
it was the first time she saw a man flustered by her presence. “It’s just fascinating how easy it seems
to be for you.” He managed to say, having regained some of his composure back.
    Louise had hoped for more, still she smiled warmly and casually flexed her biceps, which made her
shirt to groan at the sleeves, the peak the size of a big orange now.
“I guess I have good genes!” She said, then impressed at her own progress.
“I’ll say!” replied Marc, and thinking “If she keeps on like this, she’ll be stronger than me by next week.”

    After Louise left, Marc went to see Kelly, his ego being slightly bruised, but at the same time, he
wanted more of it.
“Have you seen this?” He asked.
“Yeah… She’s insane, whatever Dr Ramires is giving her I want some.” Said Kelly.
    Marc tilted his head at her remark, Kelly kept on.
“C’mon, did you really believe anyone would grow that much in two weeks without chemical help?” She
asked in an annoyed tone.
“She seems sincere, and I don’t believe Elvira would endanger her friend.” He said with a shrug of his
beefy shoulders.
“You’re naïve, she’s not only working in the hospital section, but also leading research at the Sport
Institute. I’m sure they’re on the work onto something.” Retorted Kelly.
    Marc looked a Kelly, strangely.
“Oh. So, you’re actually jealous and hoped there was a chemical behind it so you could have it too,
huh?” Snarked Marc. Kelly gaped her mouth, then sighed.
“Maybe… But one can dream, no?” She said, poking her own fit arm.
“I guess, to me though, Louise is just one of a kind.” Marc said, slightly blushing.
    Kelly narrowed her eyes, as if trying to pierce through Marc’s bulging muscles.
“Oh my, would unreachable-Marc finally be having a crush on someone?!” Teased Kelly.
“Hush you!” He frowned, annoyed to be find out.
“Haha, I know some who’ll be jealous, nyyaaa~!” And she strutted away, giggling.

    It was, this time, a lovely Saturday. Sun was shining brightly, without being too hot. After an
excruciating workout where she had destroyed every of her lift records and left Kelly gawking, she
arrived at the hospital where Elvira should be. It was the first time she actually came here, therefore,
feeling a bit lost, she headed to the receptionist.
“Hello, sir.”
    The man looked up from his computer screen and his eyes nearly bulged out at the sight of her,
though he should be used of seeing buff people.
“Greetings, Miss, how may I help you?”
“Dr Ramires should be expecting me, Louise Fargut.”
“Oh, I’m sorry, Miss Fargut, but Dr Ramires doesn’t have appointments on Saturdays, are you sure
you…” He started before being cut by Elvira’s voice.
“Yes, Tim, I was waiting for her, forgot to tell you. Come Louise, god you look gorgeous today.” Elvira
said, taking her friend’s hand.
    Tim watched the two girls walk away, amazed at the size difference between them, his eyes slowly
drifting to Louise’s juicy derriere. They walked through corridors, until arriving to a large room, filled with
various gym equipment’s. Elvira closed the door behind them, to which Louise gave a quizzical look.
“I don’t wanna be disturbed.” Elvira simply said, before turning to Louise and stepping closer, her petite
hand reaching for Louise thick shoulders. “Wow…”
    Louise felt her friend’s hand denting her skin, groping, she looked down at Elvira to see her face as
if drooling. Elvira was actually enthralled by her friend’s growth, fingers lingering along the bulk of
Louise’s arm. She had a major kink about muscles and female muscles specifically. She wasn’t lesbian or
anything, but the thought of a powerful muscular woman was the most arousing thing she could imagine.
It was the main reason she did a sport and muscle specialization. And now the powerful being she ever
dreamed of was her best friend, her partner in crime, the one whose, when they were 7 years old, protected
her from mean school bullies. The one friend she already saw as an amazon, was actually becoming one.
    She snapped back to reality.
“Y-Yes, sorry… You are…” She paused, still trying to get her mind together. “Growing so fast! Geez!”
“Phew, there you are. I thought I lost you. You ok, doll?” Louise giggled.
   Elvira looked up, even more impressed, it was actually the first time Louise ever called her ‘Doll’.
“Yes!” She smiled brightly. “Now, let’s start, we have many things to do.”

    It started by her measurements, of course, to which Elvira took great pleasure. And she was almost
trembling when writing them down.
Height: 1m95
Weight: 94Kg
Chest under breasts: 104cm
Waist: 72cm
Biceps: 40cm
Forearms: 26cm
Thighs: 62cm
Calves: 43cm

“Daym, 3 more kilos, and your fat has greatly reduced.” Elvira said.
“Yeah, so have my boobs...” Remarked Louise, cupping her now C- breasts.
“But you have pecs!” She then prepared a sterile area and grabbed a syringe. “Ok, I need blood samples,
I need to know where your growth comes from.”
    After taking four vials of blood, she looked up at Louise and handed her a paper.
“This is a form of consent in which you allow me to study your DNA. If you consent, that is.” Elvira was
blushing, guilt of pushing her friend into something she may not want.
    Louise looked at the paper then at Elvira.
“So, this is what I am, just a guinea pig? A case of study?”
“what? No!” Her heart was beating furiously. “Really, Louise, don’t you wanna know why you can build
muscles that fast?”
    Louise stared back down at the form, reading its content.
“Sure, I do. I just don’t want to become a lab freak with scientists dissecting me or something...”
“Ok, first, don’t know if you noticed but your blood samples are anonymised, see?” Elvira showed one
of the vials, there was just a number and Elvira’s name written on it. “And on the form, you consent your
DNA study to me, just me, not the Sport institute, not any scientist, me, your doctor. So, if you’re to become
a lab freak, you would be MY lab freak.”
    Louise giggled and looked again at the form.
“Before I sign. You said last week that you knew I was going to grow fast. Since when? Is that why you
sued me to do sport for years?”
    Elvira sighed and nodded.
“Alright, you know my kink, right?” The petite woman asked.
“The one that makes you go out with muscle heads morons? Yes.” Snickered Louise, Elvira giggled along.
“Yes, that one, the muscle kink. Well…” There was a knock at the door.
“Dr Ramires? It’s time we need to close Institute.” Said a man’s voice.
“Oh shit, already that time?” Elvira noted and she heard Louise’s stomach grumble.
“Alright, let’s finish our discussion in a restaurant, I invite.” She added.
    As they stood up and left the lab gym, Elvira locked the samples and Louise handed her the form back,
“I don’t have my answer yet, but I trust you.” She said, wrapping her thick arms around Elvira lithe body
for a hug, she felt Elvira squirm happily.

Raisa Medzhidova

Saint Petersburg Championship 2021 - Bodyfitness

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