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Author Topic: Big and masculine  (Read 454061 times)

Offline bertmacklinsbrother

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Re: Big and masculine
« Reply #585 on: June 13, 2023, 11:37:03 am »
Always hopeful this thread will get a true revival.  Not sure how many of the OG thread starters are still on this site.  But, I often visited this section when looking for inspiration and motivation while writing My Wife Jennifer.

Offline jcboyd

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Re: Big and masculine
« Reply #586 on: June 13, 2023, 04:42:17 pm »
Maybe cross-post your re-publication of MWJ from DA  back to this thread to prod it along  >:D

Offline PleaseForgiveMe

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Re: Big and masculine
« Reply #587 on: June 14, 2023, 09:31:34 pm »
Every time I logged on here, I would reread through this thread. Just wasn't sure what to post to help revive it...

Offline freakpeak

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Re: Big and masculine
« Reply #588 on: June 17, 2023, 07:17:42 am »
It is sad that this topic is so silent...

Totally agree.  There's nothing more exciting than a woman getting massive, roided and masculine.  I love the transformation from skinny woman or fitness chick to thickly muscled, roided and vascular freaky bodybuilder and the virilization that comes with that - square jaw, deep voice, huge clit, five o'clock shadow and insatiable sex drive. The women who push the boundaries and disregard, or even better embrace, the masculinization side effects are a real turn on - Caroline Wang, Rene Toney, Paige Dumars, Tazzie Colomb, Michaela Aycock, anstasia Korableva, Monia Giosa, Maria Calo, Simone Ruhl, Nadia Capotosto...  Must be more guys on here who share the love for this aspect of female bodybuilding

Sounds hot.

Offline khananel

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Re: Big and masculine
« Reply #589 on: June 18, 2023, 01:23:59 pm »
I did post on this topic a while back but got no response... I have over the years posted morphs (very basic quality using GIMP) of she-males on the Deviant Art website. I would love to do morphs, or even better AI images of the kind of freakish (F?)BBs in the stories in this thread, but my skill level isn't up to it. However, there are many very skilled artists on DA who will do such freakish images either for pleasure alone or for pleasure and commission. Using AI, the results can be quite awesome! Spectacular! I would recommend visiting DA and looking for these artists and asking them to do such images, either as stand-alone artwork, or to illustrate stories. Something maybe like what Amazonias does but much 'freakier' than his images...

Offline El_Roy_1999

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Re: Big and masculine
« Reply #590 on: July 24, 2023, 09:57:31 pm »
I'll just crosspost this here, because it should be relevant to your interests:

Should you enjoy stories about married women turning themselves into loving, yet very strong and hairy, masculine creatures, then this is the one for you!

New Luck
Birgit's skiing accident gets her a cast on both her legs. The rehab after this gives her a taste of working out, and soon, Philipp is head over heels for his growing, increasingly virile and hairy wife. Together, they explore their strange new fetish. This erotic fiction contains female muscle growth, hair growth and gender-blending. All characters are at least 18 years old.

It is available here:

The beginning is here:

Birgit grinned reluctantly:

“So it’s true. The warranty runs out at forty!”

Philipp was pretty down. Their first ski vacation together since the kids had moved out, at last, they had some time together and bang, Birgit managed to break both legs on day two. The vacation was over.

Once the cast was on, they drove home. Their mood was pretty much ruined. Suddenly, their home felt empty. There was this sensation that they had rushed through their lives pointlessly. They got married early, had the kids early, paid the mortgage early, got solid jobs early … Wasn’t this supposed to be the path to happiness? Their parents had been all for it, even if Birgit’s mom thought she should have looked around a bit more. Philipp didn’t mind and took the hidden jab well enough.

Still, they had quite a bit of time to think now. Sure, Philipp got back to work after the vacation and was back on his construction job trips, and Birgit got busy too. Happily, she could do her job online mostly. The worst was doing business calls with clients, and she definitely could do that from the sofa or the bed.

When they finally took off the casts after a few weeks, she was shocked. She had never been fit or anything, but now, her legs looked all thin and feeble. It felt terrible. Philipp sat beside her at the doctor’s office and looked just as distraught.

“Wow. That looks bad.”

“It feels really weird.” Her legs were all thin and hairy now. She made a few careful movements. They were all stiff. It was to be expected, but it was still uncomfortable. The old woman said:

“It should get better soon after a while. Just train regularly, then the muscles will rebuild.”

“Me? But Ma’am, I’m teleworking all day. I just sit at the computer.”

The doctor shrugged:

“You don’t have to run to the gym. Just get yourself an exercise bike and ride it while working. That would be a step in the right direction. It’d be a good exercise for the both of you. Half an hour of endurance training every day, and you’ll see, it’ll do wonders.”

Philipp felt a little attacked by this.

“Me too?”

“Sure. At your age, it’s a good idea.”

Now he was getting annoyed. The doctor was much older than the both of them. Provocatively, he asked:

“And you do that?”

To his surprise, the older woman nodded:

“Half an hour of cardio every day, and one hour of strength training.”

The couple was surprised. Birgit asked:


Suddenly, the doctor grinned:

“I brought this over myself, didn’t I?” She took off her coat. It was instantly obvious that she had broad shoulders for a woman. She undid the buttons of her blouse’s cuffs and rolled the sleeves up. Fascinatingly, there appeared a rather large biceps, that is, for a woman. It stood out by half an inch from her otherwise trim arm. Philipp and Birgit had never seen anything like it. The doctor flexed and the muscle grew a little bigger. For a moment, there was a flash of pride on her face, then she was serious again: “There. You see, it’s possible, so stop trying to come up with excuses and give it a try.”

Philipp’s voice sounded all horse. Somehow … He couldn’t explain it, but this woman …  What was going on? Why … He felt a kind of flutter in his chest. Was he having a heart attack? It didn’t hurt, it was just extremely intense.

Birgit didn’t seem to notice. She wanted to leave, but the doctor added:

“You know what, I’m going to see whether I can get you set up for rehabilitation. Did you have your computer with you?”


“Alright. I’ll see if I can spin this into an occupational accident.” The old woman grinned. “If not, you’ll have to pay for it, but it’ll still be good for you. At least, you’ll get some hints and methods how to improve your lifestyle and be healthier.”

Birgit was a little nervous, but if it helped, it’d be great, that much was clear.

The couple thanked the doctor and Philipp supported her on the way out.


To their surprise, the doctor managed to make it work, even though the rehabilitation facility was in the most boring and depressing place of the whole country. Whoever had the idea to set it up smack in the middle of a nineteenth century mining moonscape had to have some twisted sense of humor. The place combined Eastern bloc aesthetics with the love and care of a nazi elite school.

Philipp brought her there and asked:

“Are you sure? This place doesn’t look welcoming at all.”

She shrugged.

“I think I’ll be able to cope. It’s just four weeks.”

“Four weeks. Fuck. Wow. Anyway, I hope it works. I’ll call you in the evening, okay?”

“I’d rather call you. Who knows what they’re up to, and when I’ll have time?”

“Alright. Sounds reasonable.”

“That’s it. I love you.”

She kissed him.

“I love you too. Stay strong.”

He hugged her. Soon, he was on his way home.


She didn’t call. Philipp sat at home and stared at the phone. Nothing happened. Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore and called her himself. The phone rang a few times, then there was a voice that the person he was calling couldn’t be reached right now. Philipp was quite shocked by this and called the center directly. After what felt like forever, a harsh female voice responded:

“I am sorry, but there’s no reception around here. No, we only allow for one call a week. Otherwise, everybody would hang out around the office all the time. Yes, I will tell your wife you called.”

And that was it.

Philipp was alone. He didn’t know what to make of this situation. He had basically talked to Birgit every day for twenty years, even when he was on work trips to who knows where, and now she was gone. Somewhere in Saint Chernobyl-upon-Shite, and he was alone.

And there was this feeling …

Every time he thought of the doctor, there was this tension within him. He managed one evening, but then, he checked to see if there were any pictures of her online. It turned out that the woman had several social media accounts. And she definitely showed what she had. To Philipp’s shock and confusion, the woman’s pictures made him hard. Well, so was she. She was old, okay, but she was incredibly fit, and she was very confident.

That was the beginning of the end. Through the magic of the picture search, Philipp ended up on more pages of musclewomen, and before he knew it, he was hooked. He was stunned. There really seemed to be no limit. The doctor was rather quaint compared to the international level. There was much more. He got all twitchy.


The four weeks raced by. He really had only fifteen minutes to chat every week, and the lady at the reception was very strict and incorruptible. Philipp tried it several times, but it always ended with her hanging up. There wasn’t much to say anyway. The rehabilitation facility seemed to be the most boring place ever. There was nothing to do. You could train, swim and trek. That was it.

As a result, Philipp was right on time to pick up Birgit. Not that the clerk decided to keep her because he was ten minutes late.

He parked the car and wanted to go in just as Birgit came out.


Philipp was speechless. She strode towards him quickly, her bag thrown lazily over her shoulder, absolutely effortless. She wore a blue wrap dress and looked incredible!

He took the bag and they embraced.

“I missed you so much!”

“Me too. It took way too long!”

They snuggled against each other. Philipp noticed that her body felt a bit tougher. Not muscular, but trim and well-trained.

They kissed and enjoyed the closeness. It was wonderful. Birgit grinned and looked up to him:

“It took soooo long.”

“Oh yeah. It was hell.”

They kissed again.

„What do you think about returning to civilization and eating out? Something other than the prison food would be nice, right?”

She smiled brightly:

“You had me at ‘civilization’!”


As soon as they had recovered and lived together again, Philipp noticed that Birgit stuck to her training regimen. Every day, she went to bike, swim or run. She really kept up. She did her daily strength training, both isometrics and using weights. At some point, she asked Philipp whether he wanted to join her. He nodded. This became her daily rhythm. Birgit insisted on a better diet and even though it got a bit boring sometimes, it was okay.

The effect was impressive. After half a year, they were both in pretty good shape. Philipp was all surprised. He lost ten pounds and was at a healthy bodyweight for the first time in years, while Birgit was starting to look quite fit. It felt great.

All this rekindled their sex life. Just like many other things, it had suffered because of the kids, the jobs and the daily stress. Now, it was burning again, and they were enjoying it.

As a result, Birgit saw right through him. Of course, Philipp was amazingly bad at hiding things from her, but he had tried.

When she stood in front of him after their training session, sweaty, her slim muscles pumped from the effort, with a big grin on her face, his hard-on was obvious. Then she had remarked:

“I wonder just how muscular a woman can get …”

His cock had almost torn through his training pants. It was time to talk business.


Birgit stared at the phone. She was astonished. Then she was more astonished. And even more. And then, she was simply speechless.

It took a while for her to be able to speak again, then she said:

“Okay, I mean, I knew that that was a thing, sure, but … wow. This is … wow.”

Philipp sat there, his head a deep crimson. His hands were shaking with nervousness and excitement. He was about to panic. Was this it? Did he make a mistake? Shouldn’t he just have shut up? But … she brought it up herself … What should he have done instead? Should he really have said:

“Yeah, no idea. There’s probably something, I dunno, whoop-da-whoop?”

It would have been ridiculous. She looked at him. Was there a smile on her face? His heart was beating up to his neck. She set a hand on his forearms.

“Okay … Philipp, I can see this turns you on. Me … maybe a little too? I mean, those women look really proud and happy with themselves.”


“And being fit is very nice for me.”


“So … what I’m trying to say … I … I don’t think I can see myself like this …” She pointed at a picture of a heavyweight female bodybuilder whose body was absolutely packed with muscles, her skin drawn tight over her veins and fibers. “But this …” She showed him a picture of a crossfit athlete. “This I like. Broad shoulders, tight waist, those arms … That’s hot. This is what I’d want!”

Philipp’s throat was dry as a desert. He swallowed.


“Sure. I’m certain that feels awesome.”

His cock was rock-hard.

“Cool …”

She kissed him.

“I don’t think you’ve been this horny in twenty years …”


“I like that!” She grinned and climbed on him, her sweaty skin against his.


One thing was obvious with Birgit: She never half-assed things. She joined up at the local gym and got everything explained, then she started. Philipp came along to train with her and did his best to support her. It was quite impressive. She really stuck to it, hit the gym six days a week and pushed herself constantly. The primary effect was a massive soreness. Philipp was instructed by his very angry and loudly groaning wife to get busy cooking, cleaning and shopping.

He enjoyed it, though she wasn’t too impressed with his cooking at first. But just like her physique, he improved over time. She made good progress but after a few months, she noticed that things got slower. There still was some progress, and she was getting close to her goal, but she was definitely lacking the initial impetus.

As a result, they were at the gym a few weeks later when Philipp spotted the doctor, who was also training there. He was quite surprised. In real life, she was even more impressive, especially since she wore an extremely tight and revealing training outfit. The woman was maybe an inch shorter than Birgit, but she was incredibly ripped and her muscles were strong and swole.

He looked over to her, then he made a sign to Birgit. His wife looked at the older woman and commented:

“Wow … Okay … Now, that is impressive.”

“Wanna talk to her?”

Suddenly, he was as nervous as a schoolboy. Birgit hesitated too.

The woman finished her set and walked over to them. She smiled:

“I guess the rehab worked?”

“Yes! Thank you again. It was a bit weird over there, but I have made a full recovery, and I feel even better than before!”

“Congratulations. That’s good to hear. Are you here every day? I noticed you a few times.”

Philipp nodded and Birgit replied:

“We’re trying to. I think … more strength is a good thing.”

The doctor nodded:

“Absolutely.” She looked at her patient. “If you need any help, just let me know. I get pretty much everything.”

“What do you mean?”

The older woman was a little surprised. Then she said:

“Supplements, drugs, hormones?”

Birgit was even more confused. Slowly, she understood:


“Of course.”

“I mean … you use them?

The doctor smiled:

“Of course. Otherwise, you’ll never reach the level. I’m holding back a lot because I can’t have any visible side-effects, but yes, I use them. If one’s careful and gets regular checks, there’re really no problems.”

Birgit looked at Philipp. He shrugged.

The doctor added:

“I would be happy to have a training partner. In this town, all the people are so uptight. So, if you’re interested, I could write you a prescription for the necessary drugs. This way, the insurance will cover them.”

Philipp felt the excitement well up within himself. Birgit noticed and grinned:

“Alright, that sounds like a great idea! I’d be glad …”


“Birgit. And that’s Philipp.”

“It’s a pleasure.”

“Well then, I’m looking forward to it.”

“And I’ll do my next set.”


Philipp was impressed. His life with Birgit abruptly changed. Since Marianne took care of her training, her visits to the gym became harder and more intense. The doctor got her a masseur, sent her to physiotherapy and yoga, and got Philipp to buy a large freezer for their home. This thing was then stuffed with food, and then emptied again as Birgit had five to seven meals a day.

After a short introductory phase, Marianne got Birgit her prescription and the fridge filled up with dozens of packages and vials. Obviously, Birgit was very, very sick and had to take all those drugs. Philipp looked at the side-effects of some of those things, and he ended up being just as shocked as he was getting aroused. If something went wrong … The thought that Birgit would change made him afraid, it disgusted him, but it also turned him on incredibly as much as it confused him. There was this incredible shiver in his chest, this indomitable horniness …

Marianne picked Birgit up to train, while Philipp got ready for his next tour. It would be two weeks, and he was anxious to see what would happen.

Birgit didn’t say anything.


Two weeks later, he was finally home. It had been incredibly tiresome. Everything had gone perfectly, but he was still happy to be home. He really couldn’t wait anymore. Birgit had just sent him messages, and she hadn’t talked about her training at all.

He would see what had happened.

At home, he took care of his laundry. The first thing he noticed was the rather intense smell from the basket. There was still some room left in the machine, so he picked a few pieces that matched the color and … wow. The “scent” of the clothes was pretty bad. The training pants had such an extreme smell of sweat, it almost made him sick. He was quite shocked.

Suddenly, he heard the door open.

“Philipp, are you there?”

“I’m doing the laundry!”

“Wait …”

She was coming, he could hear her. There was something scratchy, rough to her voice. Hopefully, she wasn’t sick!

He left the door of the machine open. Then, a strange smell wafted in through the door. It reeked of … teenager? Stinky young man?

And then she was here. Birgit had changed a bit. She stood up straight, and it was impossible to ignore that her muscles had grown. She definitely had this crossfit-look which she had picked in the beginning.

Then she hugged and kissed him. The smell of sweat and … teenager? was incredibly strong. It made his eyes tear. And at the same time, her lips were so delightful, so seductive …

Her strong arms wrapped themselves around his chest and he got hard instantly. She looked up to him:

“I missed you so much!”

“Me too!”

“And I’m sooo horny!”

“Me too!”

Maybe they could have managed to get to the bed. They got to the floor.
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