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Author Topic: UK Federations  (Read 11490 times)

Offline dixon145

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UK Federations
« on: April 20, 2014, 09:45:09 pm »
If you are looking for bodybuilding federations, you have UKBFF ( and NABBA (  Plus of course the non-affiliated shows as well, BNBF (  IFBB Pro League and NPC World wide events are promoted in the UK by 2 Bro's Pro.

The main differences between the different main federation of UKBFF & NABBA, is that UKBFF has affiliation to IFBB (ELITE league)  so you can make the jump to recognised shows in the US easier, where NABBA doesn't although NABBA does have a health international show, that is regular hosted in Southampton. IFBB Elite league has a greater presence in Europe, Africa and South America, and many of the Arnold shows are afilliated to Elite. Elite is less  prominent in the USA / North America.   It is easier to compete in the USA and Canada / world wide if you are part of IFBB Pro League / NPC World wide, although Pro League are growing fast in Europe and are now in Russia as well.

BNBF,  for natural bodybuilders, is more aimed at the bikini and fitness style. To be honest I don't a lot about BNBF.

If you are looking at competing, there is no harm in going along and watching any federation show.  Look at the size of the show, the quality of the competitors and decide from there which way you want to go.  Now is the best time to check the website for shows in your area as it the new session has just started.

Of course there are a few limitations.  If you join either NABBA, or UKBFF, you are excluding from joining another federation for 12 month.  So if you join and switch federation, you have to wait a year, otherwise you will be disqualified, as has happened in recent competitions.

Of course to join BNBF, you need to have not used any banned substances, or have stopped using for at least 3 years to be considered. 
Mod updated 10th Feb 2020
Hope that helps


Offline Adi Bodybuilding.UK

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Re: UK Federations
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2022, 07:43:46 pm »
Hi Im new to the forum and seeing how outdated it is thought Ill chip in.

If you looking for 2022 show dates keep them fairly up to date here.

With links to official federations.

The number of federations has exploded in recent years in UK and Ireland so he is the break down.

If you looking to compete with NPC with view of joining IFBB PRO you looking for 2 Bros in UK run by Ian Constable (remember you are required to do regional as a UK residents) after regional you can do any of the NPC Worldwide Pro Qualifier with. Biggest/best shows is definitely Arnold Classic UK that takes place in Birmingham.
In Ireland we have one show NPC show Muscle Contest in Limerick run by Brian Bullman (this year 2022 will be in May tbc) Show is run in conjunction with 212 Pro Show.

Biggest amateur organization and probably most popular among first times, regional shows across whole of UK and Ireland, best get to compete at World, European and Universe.

Oldest of them all also across UK and Ireland, best shows is the original Universe.

Biggest before split now you can earn Elite Pro card, which is popular within continental Europe best best Elite show is Arnold Classic Europe in Spain.
Ukbff is run by Tierney clan, South Coast is my favourie show as its organized by Tony Carmine Naddeo super nice guy.
In Irleand shows are organised by Mick Bullman.

Fast growing since affiliation with GBO, best will win fully paid trip to compete in States at Atlas show.

Started in 2021 by Darren Nally and Richard from Strom Nutrition they also organize FIT XPO in Liverpool. You can will full year sponsorship or holiday at each reginal show.
Very friendly and helpful.

Old school run federation by Martin Yates Brown, no men`s physique here or modeling categories.

Few show called Battles (Initially these were independent - Battle of Bradford and Bristol only) promoted by UK Beef this year.

Other smaller shows also organized in UK
Fitness Physiques
Rhino’s Classic

Fitness Modeling shows.
Pure Elite
Miami Pro

Natty Scene may required doping testing or even
also 2Bros started Natural shows
For the love of bodybuilding.

Offline BigelowMask

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Re: UK Federations
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2023, 10:22:11 am »
Has this list been updated for 2023?

Offline Adi Bodybuilding.UK

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Re: UK Federations
« Reply #3 on: July 23, 2023, 10:04:31 am »
Yes 2023 is here may not be up to date as dates and venues change to often.

Direct links to official websites:

Last update: 28/1/23


25th – 2 Bros Kingdom Classic Regional NPC RESULTS

26th – IBFA Granite City

26th – PCA First Timers (1) – Town Hall Birmingham


1st – FMC Scottish

1st – UKUP Midlands Championships – Birmingham

2nd – RIBBF Spring Classic – Cork

2nd – PCA Saxon Classic – Midlands

8th – 2 Bros Ben Weider Pro Qualifier

9th – PCA Scotland – Motherwell

15th – NFMUK / GBO – Pitstop Classic – Scotland

16th – IBFA Mr & Mrs Scotland – Lochgelly, Fife

16th – PCA Mercia – Bedford

16th -Fit X First Timers – Birmingham

16th – UKBFF – Northern Championship

22nd – NABBA Scotland

23rd – FMC Muscleworks Classic

23rd – NABBA Midlands

23rd – UKUP Scottish Championships – Glasgow

23rd – PCA South West – Exeter

23rd – IBFA Mr & Mrs Tyneside

29th – PCA First Timers (2)  – Peterborough

29th – NABBA Northern Ireland – Newtownards

30th – BPA Scottish Grand Prix

30th – NABBA West –  Bristol

30th – Pure Elite UK Championships – High Wycombe

30th – NABBA North – Middlegate


6th – UKUP Southern Championship

7th – NABBA Wales – Newport

7th – NABBA North West – Bolton

7th – PCA North West – St Helen’s

13/14th – FITXPO – Manchester

13th – NFMUK – Conteh Classic – Manchester

13th – NABBA North East – Pudsey

13th – Muscle Contest Ireland NPC/Ifbb Pro – Limerick, Ireland

14th – PCA Irish Open – Derry/Londonderry

14th – 2 Bros – Mr JT GP Regional NPC

14th – Fit X – Strom Classic – Manchester

14th – Miami Pro World Championship – St Alban’s

14th – NAC – Lakeland Classic – Cumbria

14th – PCA – North East – Gateshead

20th – NAC – Midlands – Wolverhamton

20th – UKBFF – Cumbrian Classic

21st – BPA – Northern Ireland

21st – NABBA South East – Colchester, Essex

21st – PCA First Timers (3) – Hull

21st – NAPA – North West Warrior – Bolton

27th – Fit X Xoni South West – Exeter

27th – 2 Bros The Condition Cup Regional NPC – Wigan

27th – PCA Universe Qualifier – CBS Arena – Coventry

28th – PCA Universe

28th – UKDFBA – NBW Classic


3rd – NABBA Britain Finals

4th – NFMUK – Ultimate Fitness Classic – Birmingham

4th – PCA Hampshire – Aldershot

4th – ICNUK – M&M Championship – Coventry

10th – Welsh Fitness Expo & Classic – Cardiff City Stadium

10th – Fit X – HR Labs Battle of Nottingham – North Notts Arena

11th – PCA Coventry

11th – NIFMA Mr & Miss Ireland – Newry

11th – IBFA Northumberland

11th – BNBF Scottish

10-11th – NPC/IFBB PRO Sopot,Poland

17-18th – UKDFBA – INBA / PNBA World Championships

17th – 2 Bros Regional – The Prep Viking Shield NPC

18th – UKUP – North West

18th – GPO Battle of London – Beck Theatre, Hayes

18th – UKBFF English Grand Prix – Bilston Hall

25th – PCA East Anglia – Lowestoft

25th – BPA Raising Stars & Masters All Starts


2nd – 2 Bros Regional NPC – The RL Coaching Cup

2nd – CIBB – Rob Reinaldo Classic

2nd – UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow – Bilston Hall

2nd – PCA First Timers (4) – Birmingham

9th – FMC Capital City Cup

15th – 2 Bros Regional NPC – Hardbody Classic

15th – Fit X – Insight Supps Leeds

16th – WNBF – First Timer & Novice Championships – Camberley

16th – Pure Elite – AM only show – Manchester

16th – BPA Midland

16th – UKBFF South West Championships

16th – Miss Fitness Angels

22nd – UKUP Welsh/South West – Bridgend

29th – Fit X Muscle Shed Classic – Bristol

29th – 2 Bros Regional NPC – The Amplified Nutrition Classic

29th – IBFA Wales – Barry Memorial Hall, Barry Island

30th – PCA Muscle Talk – Kettering

30th – FMC Miss Bikini Kent Classic

30th – BNBF Southern – The Leatherhead Theatre


5th – Fit X – Full Boar Championship – Telford

11-13th – 2 Bros Pro Qualifier – Excel London

19th – Fit X CSN Supplements Welsh – Wales

20th – UKDFBA – Northern Countries Championships

26th – 2 Bros Natural Regional NPC

27th – PCA Wales – Port Talbot

27th – UKUP Northern Championships – York

27th – NPA Skegness Festival of fitness.


2nd – 2 Bros Regional NPC – Wigan

2nd – NFMUK – Efectiv Classic – Leicester

3rd – PCA – Manchester

3rd – UKDFBA – Southern Countries Championships

3rd – UKBFF Bridges Kent Classic

3rd – BPA English Grand Prix

10th – PCA Midlands – Birmingham

10th – UKBFF Jersey Channel Island Championship

10th – Fit X – Kompak Classic – Leicester

10th – NPA Novice Championship

15th – BPA Rhino`s Classic

16th – 2 Bros Regional NPC – Wigan

16th – “Independent” North West – (previously GBO North West) Sunderland

17th – UKDFBA – Heart of England Championships

17th – PCA Ireland – Derry/Londonderry

17th – FMC World Championship

17th – Fit X – E-Val North East – Gateshead

17th – WNBF Ireand

22nd – NFMUK – Efectiv Classic

22nd – BPA British Championship

23rd – Fit X – Stupps Birmingham – Birmingham

24th – PCA First Timers (5)- Birmingham

24th – IBFA Hulk Armageddon – Exeter Corn Exchange

24th – ICNUK – International Natural Cup – Coventry

30th – 2 Bros Regional NPC

30th – UKUP British Finals


1st – IBFA Mr & Mrs Cumbria – Workington

1st – NABBA England

1st – UKBFF – London & South Coast

1st – PCA Yorkshire – Hull

1st – FMC Natural Classic British Championship

1st – NPA – British Championship

1st – Fit X – EP Rumble in The Iron Jungle – Manchester

7th – Fit X – South Coast Power House Classic –

8th – UKDFBA – International Championships

8th – PCA Jersey – Channel Islands

8th – PCA – London

14th – 2 Bros Pro Qualifier

14t/15th – PCA British Finals & Expo – Telford

21st – Fit X CNP Finals – Wolverhampton

22nd – WNBF – Open International Championships – The Supernaturals

22nd – IBFA British Finals – Gateshead, Newcastle

22nd – NFMUK – CNP Classic – Leicester

28th – NAC UK – Burnley

28th – NABBA Universe

28th – 2 Bros Natural Regional NPC


4th – NABBA – United Kingdom

4th – WBFF – London

5th – Pure Elite Pro/Am World Championships

5th – NFMUK/FIT X – Night of Champions – Leicester

11th – 2 Bros Natural Regional NPC

12th – PCA First Timers (6) – Hull

12th – PCA UK Open – Hull

12th – BPA The Sugar`s Classic

12th – Miss Fitness Angels

19th – PCA World (Spain)

26th – FMC Pro/Am British Chamipionship


2nd – 2 Bros Natural Pro Qualifier
For the love of bodybuilding.

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