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  • Im a 27 year old bodybuilder who dates a fbb. Just wanted to share what I can and see what others have to show- cheers!
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  • Honestly I have no clue if I'm old enough to be on here (I'm 15) but I've always wanted to try and find someone I could talk to about liking muscular women. Honestly, I don't mind who that someone is, it could be an FBB or some random guy for all I care ahaha. I've liked muscular women for almost as long as I can remember, with my favourites being people like Jasmin Santibanez, Yeon Woo Jhi and Lilian Nava Ruiz. Sorry if this is the wrong place I'm just rlly lost lmao
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  • Hello! I have been a fan of female muscle most of my life. Look forward to meeting members and chatting about our mutual interest!
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  • Hello! I'm JayT. Been a long time FBB fan since the early days!  Hope that you'll welcome me into the Saradas fold!
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  • Hi! I have always been a fan of strong women and women who wrestle from an early age. I am looking forward to thriving in this community and meeting like minded people.
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  • Queridos miembros del foro:

    Agradezco profundamente que me hayan aceptado, mi nombre es Sergio y soy un humilde admirador del culturismo como deporte, en especial de todas las mujeres que lo practican ya sea a nivel competitivo como de todas aquella que dicen ir al gimnasio para verse musculosas.

    Recuerdo de niño haber visto a Rachel McLish en Águilas de Acero III y a Cory Everson en Double Impact y a su vez las portadas de revistas de culturismo de la época, eso despertó mi admiración hacia ellas.

    Todas se ven diferentes, cada una tiene su forma física particular y eso hace que desde siempre me haya interesado verlas y las culturistas me han dado la satisfacción de tener algo en la vida que admirar por eso es que he decido hacer esto a modo de hacer un pequeño homenaje a todas aquellas que hacen que cada día las siga queriendo más.

    Este es mi blog, lo mantengo como puedo hacer 13 años y es mi humilde homenaje a todas las que han pasado por este deporte y se que me faltan muchísima por agregar pero hago lo que puedo y como puedo ya que tengo muchas ocupaciones en mi vida pero a pesar de eso no dejo de poco a poco ir recopilando información.

    Este es mi blog, espero que les guste:

    He traducido este texto en ingles a través del traductor de Google, disculpen los errores de traducción al inglés.

    ¡Un cálido y afectuoso saludo!

    Dear forum members:

    I am deeply grateful that you have accepted me, my name is Sergio and I am a humble admirer of bodybuilding as a sport, especially of all the women who practice it, whether at a competitive level or those who say they go to the gym to look muscular.

    I remember as a child seeing Rachel McLish in Águilas de Acero III and Cory Everson in Double Impact and at the same time the covers of bodybuilding magazines of the time, that awakened my admiration for them.

    They all look different, each one has their own particular physical shape and that means that I have always been interested in seeing them and the bodybuilders have given me the satisfaction of having something in life to admire that is why I have decided to do this as a way of doing a small tribute to all those who make me continue to love them more every day.

    This is my blog, I maintain it as best I can for 13 years and it is my humble tribute to all those who have gone through this sport and I know that I still have a lot to add but I do what I can and how I can since I have many things to do in my life. but despite that I do not stop little by little collecting information.

    This is my blog, I hope you like it:

    I have translated this text into English through Google Translate, sorry for any translation errors into English.

    A warm and affectionate greeting!
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  • Hey everyone, new member here. This place has a reputation as the biggest and best, can't wait to explore it
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  • Hello,

    I am always ready n' willing to please and to be pleased. I just love women, her perfect bodies, and love when they take charge, and boss me around in bed.
    Being submissive in bed, love to take of my women and lover.

    Love competitive mixed wrestling, feats of strength, to sum up anything where a gorgeous, lovely, hot, sensual and fit body appears and tell me what is my place.

    Adore women, and their underlying power.

    Being a journalist and writer love to write novels where the amazon is always the queen!

    Thank you for accepting me in this forum.

    Hope to exchange some ideas and novels.

    Strong Regards
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  • Okay, so I saw you guys have rules about uploading and contributing to stay a member, is that correct?

    I got a bunch of various videos stored up, would that count?