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Author Topic: 1995 USA's (ESPN Edit extended version) re-up Jan 28th 2018  (Read 8537 times)


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1995 USA's (ESPN Edit extended version) re-up Jan 28th 2018
« on: September 02, 2012, 02:47:46 am »
1995 USA Championships - NPC

Overall Winner Valerie Gangi

1     Chris Bongiovanni*
2     Robin Parker*
3     Betty Pariso*
4     Ericca Kern*
5     Suzan Kaminga*
6     Jennifer Greenbaum
7     Carmen Brady
8     Jacque Till
9     Kimberly Rogers
10     Tina Lockwood
11     D'Lynne Miller
12     Mary Samuel

1     Valerie Gangi*
2     Judy Miller*
3     Sherry Meyer*
4     Heather Foster*
5     Tracy Gillespie-Bacon*
6     Gina Sprengler
7     Joey Strackbein
8     Sandy Cummins
9     Margaret Crandall
10     Marybeth Litsheim
11     Rosemarie Abitanta
12     Sally Gioglio
13     Cassie Ballard

1     Angie Ashcraft*
2     Renee Johns*
3     Lisa Boscarino*
4     Nancy Aldarondo*
5     Anna Fuchs*
6     Sally Morgan-Roth
7     Geri Walter
8     Shelby Davies
9     Mechell Barry

*Featured competitors

This was a show that was a 6 hour drive from me. In the USA not really that bad considering the size of the country. I chickened out and didn't make it. I had corresponded with Robin Park via letters (yeah imagine that writing on paper and using a stamp crazy!)  She looks like a freak in this show (which in bodybuilding terms is a compliment) And sluggo if you want to call bullshit on me like you did in this post I'll scan pictures Robin signed for me.

Not going to this show I will truly regret for the rest of my life. It was the only time I know of that Tina competed in a Pro Qualifier. My friend Polecia pointed out that you can see her in the prejudging but in the ESPN version there is only a brief obscured half second of her. I could have had my session cherry popped and hell maybe even met the mythical Tina in person.

Tina is jumping behind Ericca Kern and Jacque Till

What the hell is my point? If you have a chance to go to a show DO IT! 

This show had some big ass lightweights. I don't mean jumbo shrimp oxymoron stuff. I mean lightweights with big muscular
asses. Lisa Boscarino and Anna Fuchs both have some way big glutes for their little bodies. Trying to shock those girls by
taking them from behind and they would yawn! I'm sure we have all been there, taking a girl doggy style and saw her ass jiggle
in waves from the impact. But with these girls it wouldn't be cushion for the pushing it would be brace for collision.

Annie Marie Fuchs...and pumps

Nancy Aldarondo turns hitting a chest pose and just as
a large vein pops out of her chest/breast ESPN edits....BASTARDS!

Judy Miller an actual GILF. The amount of mass she packs on over her bodybuilding career is incredible. Her genetics are awesome and she has abdominal plates that are disproportionately large. You see dudes with big abs but their obliques are big too. This massive abdominal  structure on Judy has been created by her having children and then immediately training her stomach muscles to get back into shape. The muscles and connective tissue tears from the swelling of the abdomen during pregnancy. After child birth some female bodybuilders instead of patiently waiting for their stomach to return to a normal shape they attack their abs with heavy resistance hoping for the fastest results. However, the result is literally substantially bigger abs. Other current female bodybuilders with these hyper muscular abdominals are Sharon Mold and Pitmommy . So if you consider most mothers have learned the  Kegel exercise and then the additional tightening benefits of weightlifting in general, plus the supplentation of bodybuilding which encourages muscle growth. Well the vagina is canal of muscle... so if you do the math you would have to be a fool to not consider dating a bodybuilding single mom.

Once you've been with a girl that is buff, you can never get enough! ©streetfighter

Valerie Gangi still actively competing in pro figure

Just not enough close up shots of Betty's vascular chest. ESPN Dirt bags!

The amazing Robin Parker. ESPN uses an number of these artistic behind the athlete shots of Robin. Not my
favorite angle but they did manage some great shots of her muscles. The first time I saw her she was in a full,
lush, offseason shape, but what surprised me was the the depth of her voice. She did not sound masculine
because her language characteristics were feminine. She put forth a polite and tactful impression that seemed
 womanly but she did not sound subordinate or submissive. I came to these conclusions her while she improvised
 dialog during a mass muscle wrestling video. She had dark hair and natural dark complexion which I found very
attractive. Although, when I saw her in contest shape I was shocked! Perhaps some time had passed between
the mass muscle video and this contest but the muscles she had were outrageous.  Even the muscles of her face
flexed as she smiled. You can see it clearly in this gif.

Robin hit's a bicep shot then flexes her chest. In WPW                 Robin almost a decade later.
and Ray Martin interviews Robin brags about how rare                 
it is for a woman to develop a pectoral split like she
has. Robin's last show was 2005 which she won and
turned professional. At that time she had veins in her
delts and chest that looked varicose. Not from some
sort of circulation problem but because they had to
grow to feed her huge muscles.

Shawn Ray plays it cool as he interviews Chris Bongiovanni. Chris has
spent so much time posing and keeping her body tight she instinctively
tenses her chest as she holds her trophy. Mad props to Shawn because
that little pec pop would have made my eyes drop.


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Re: 1995 USA's (Robin Parker compilation from 2004) reupped
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2012, 02:48:05 am »
So in my post above you may have gathered I have the hots for Robin Parker.

Stills from 2004.

I'm almost positive she won the muscularity round at the nationals in 2004 but don't quote me on that. It is obvious in the video clip that she is the most muscular, most ripped, most symmetrical, most defined, and most vascular woman in the competition. 

In 2004 at the Nationals she takes 5 place as a light heavyweight. I think she should won the whole show. In 2005 she was redeemed. She took 1st in her weight division and won the Master Nationals thus turning Professional. In 2006 she did her one and only pro show the Europa and took 15th. All I can say is that judging is f*cked up.

2006 Europa Supershow - IFBB

1     Heather Foster
2     Dena Westerfield
3     Colette Nelson
4     Tazzie Colomb
5     Jeannie Paparone
6     Kimberly Perez
7     Gina Davis
8     Maria Calo
9     Kim Buck
10     Angela Debatin
11     Antoinette Norman
12     Vickie Nixon
13     Sarah Dunlap
14     Marika Johansson
15     Robin Parker
16     Klaudia Larson
-     Nathalie Abellan
-     Elizabeth Gomez
-     Aurelia Grozajova
-     Mary Ellen Jerumbo
-     Jana Linke-Sippl
-     Maryse Manios

Look at the veins in her delts and biceps. Not even the
comic or computer animated version of the Incredible
Hulk has vascular anatomy even close to Robin. Imagine
if a mugger or street thug threatened her. If she took off
her shirt they would shit their pants from fear of what
her muscles would be capable of.   

In this GIF Robin is literately surrounded by cameras. Some
women after getting breast implants have the side effect of
constantly erect nipples. However, Robin doesn't have that
side effect and it isn't until she has all of these men trying
to take pictures of her that her nipples begin to harden. It is
much more evident in the video. It is one of the parts of the
sport of female bodybuilding that I love. These women are
hyper-sexual beings. On stage hard nipples and clitoral
erections are common. It is incredible to see beautiful female
bodybuilders exhibit physical arousal from crowds of men
cheering for them. It is like a psychological justification that
all their hard work and dedication was worth it.

At a national level contest during prejudging I was sitting near the end of a row close to the left side of the stage. I do like to be in the middle and as close as possible for the best view point but at this show I had over slept the night before (it was in vegas). Coincidentally where I ended up sitting was the shortest route for competitors to come off stage. If you've been to the Artemus hall at UNLV you will know what I am talking about. The theater has a bar so I was full of liquid courage and I was talking to just about any girl with muscles I saw. Judging is not as refined and thorough as it once was. So the first group that is called out for comparisons typically are the top 5 in the division. I watched this beautiful girl as she was called out first and then rotated to the middle during muscle comparisons. It wasn't completely obvious that she had won the class but it was very likely. I saw her come from back stage and I walked up to her and said "congratulations on winning your class". Her pupils were dilated and her smile was from ear to ear. I was the first person to assure her that she had won confirming her own hopes. As a result I was directly tied to her euphoric sensation of victory as she came off stage.

Now I am an average looking guy and slightly over weight. However, this beautiful woman looked at me like I was Don Juan. Her perception of me was all based on timing. I was lucky enough to be part of the dopamine rush she experience after prejudging. So if the opportunity presents itself try your best to compliment a female bodybuilder. Especially if she is coming off stage. The worst response I've had was "thank you so much!" This also applies if they are with a boyfriend or husband. Be polite of course but in my experience if you have a camera the men with these women are so proud of what they have they encourage these girls to strip down and flex for you.

The lobby after an event can be so much fun because women are hounds for attention and once you've taken pictures of one girl others will wonder why you have not asked them for their picture. I've rabbled on again for far too long.

My point is if you've never been GO TO A SHOW!

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Re: 1995 USA's (ESPN Edit extended version) re-up Jan 28th 2018
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2021, 10:37:31 pm »
This was an epic contest of future legends.

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Re: 1995 USA's (ESPN Edit extended version) re-up Jan 28th 2018
« Reply #3 on: April 10, 2022, 09:24:03 am »

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Re: 1995 USA's (ESPN Edit extended version) re-up Jan 28th 2018
« Reply #4 on: February 24, 2023, 02:57:59 am »
How can I watch the Chris Bongiovanni interview part. That she flexes her pecs during interview. Is there a link?

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Re: 1995 USA's (ESPN Edit extended version) re-up Jan 28th 2018
« Reply #5 on: November 25, 2023, 04:20:00 am »

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