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Fitness, Figure, Bikini & Wellness / Re: Lauralie Chapados
« Last post by fitnessfanatic on Today at 03:45:58 am »
2023 Olympia Photo Shoot part 1

Muscular Women Fiction / Re: Female muscle stories you’d like to see
« Last post by jbeast on Today at 01:41:54 am »
I'll just mention plots of stories posted on this site I did and didn't like.

* Loved Nurse Betty and Billy (I think that's the character's name). She rehabbed him in her hospital, and then some, because I think he had broken arms or something and they became lovers. She was 30-ish, he was maybe 20? There was an age gap. There was a Nurse Betty sequel but I never saw it updated about her taking experimental drugs to get even bigger.

* This might be on this site. From England, a story of the tree surgeon / landscaper who came back home for years to take over his father's business since he couldn't do the work anymore. The guy is in his 30s now and he goes to a country home with this buff, built and gorgeous 60+ powerhouse woman... who was his gym teacher (! think) who was and turns out to still be a hard ass. And she has a strong and demanding libido. Very hot.

* Third story was set in India. A college school chum takes his friend to his family's home in the country for a week or so holiday. The chum has always been attracted to strong, muscular women. Did he go to the right place because his friend's Mom is a hulk dress in traditional sari. The friend begins to compliment the Mom; her son is short and weak; her daughter, not seen much in the story, is a bit like her Mom and her Aunts (also not mentioned in the story) and the Dad seems to be absent a lot... lazy and out of the house. There's a scene between the school chum and the Mom one night where she carries him to the barn, the chum encourages her to remove her sari, and the descriptions of her taking off the layers of her garments, the muscle and sweat adjectives as she flexes and how she makes the young man cum is highly erotic.

* Only heard about the whole futunari or futa world in the last couple of years, with women who lift so much weights and steroids their nipples, clits, muscles, height etc. are gigantic and they are horny and cumming all the time. Been a few stories on that. Very hot.

What I don't like? Stuff about muscular Moms seducing their sons, sisters seducing their brothers, aunts seducing their nephews with their hot muscles. Nah... not for me.

Anyway, just my two cents.

Memorable Female Muscle & Hall of Legends / Re: Alison Brundage
« Last post by Bellz on Today at 01:09:10 am »
Juliette was outstanding, loved watching her in the mixed pairs with Tony Pearson!

I like Marjo Selin too though I must confess I prefer a more muscular harder physique

Who are the other girls in the photo?  I think thats Pillow in the top left and you in the top right?

I loved yours and Kay Baxters physiques...hard muscularity with symmetry and proportion...the total package!

That party sounds like a memory that will be treasured forever!
Muscular Women Fiction / Re: Female muscle stories you’d like to see
« Last post by Bellz on Today at 12:42:01 am »
Sorry that was for musclemom1234
Muscular Women Fiction / Re: Female muscle stories you’d like to see
« Last post by Bellz on Today at 12:40:53 am »

Are you an actual muscle mum?
Female Bodybuilding Contest Videos / Re: 1991 NABBA Universe GMV 140
« Last post by rmakley8668 on Today at 12:34:55 am »
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