• #1 by Kilyaeden on 09 Oct 2022
  • So I don't know where else to put it so I'll put it here.

    Recently I've been trying my hand at this whole AI generated art,so far the results have been nothing to write home about,sometimes its feels like hitting a wall with a typewritter untill you decipher what combination of props creates something similar to what you had in your head.

    I was surprised to learn Stable Diffusion AI seems to have some rules against NSFW content(at least I bumped aganst it when trying to create an age progression sequence so it might be just content with minors).

    But even with all the problems I still think it could be a wonderfull tool for those of us that are not artistically gifted.

    If anyone has experience with it  or knows of some AI art softwares let's turn this into a place to share knowledge like sites or prompts combinations
  • #2 by mglenn44466 on 22 Jan 2023
  • I completely agree ...

    I like mature muscle women .. and a quick google search for granny muscle AI turn up an interesting artist ..

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  • #3 by GLKnight on 22 Jan 2023
  • No.

    Hard no.

    Definitive no.

    I'm not "artistically gifted", but I'm not going to use a program that scrapes images off of the internet and steals the works of many, MANY others to create a pastiche of what you want. Using an AI Art program doesn't make you an artist, it makes you an incredibly cheap commissioner from a program that can't actually make art and doesn't give a damn about the accuracy of what you're imagining or asking for.

    Simple answer is hire an artist, because having someone as a filter helps you fully flesh out what you want instead of giving you an approximation of what you're imagining. If you can't afford commissioning someone right now, save up to do so. And as an upside, while an AI program won't give you the NSFW stuff you want, a real flesh & blood artist will.
  • #4 by mglenn44466 on 23 Jan 2023
  • Hi GL,

    I can understand this perspective  .. art is in the hand of the artist as a story is in the mind of a writer ..

    If you really want to see the future try out ChatGPT which is an AI chat experiment thats gets smarter every day ..

    Its pretty amazing and scary at the same time ..

    I asked chatGPT the question;

    What do you think of AI Art ...

    ChatGPT reply;
    AI art is an exciting and rapidly-evolving field that combines the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning with the creativity and expression of traditional art forms. Some examples of AI art include generative music, computer-generated images and videos, and even interactive installations that respond to viewer input. While still in its infancy, AI art has the potential to open up new possibilities for artistic expression and creativity. However, it also raises ethical and societal questions about the role of technology in art and culture.

  • #5 by GLKnight on 24 Jan 2023
  • Nope, not buying it. Played around with it, was incredibly stifling and wasn't actually made to create a story. It's good if you want to mess around with an AI pretending to be a famous person, but that's it.
  • #6 by bertmacklinsbrother on 24 Jan 2023
  • These AI programs running off of enormous caches of internet data are changing the landscape of art quickly.  So naturally, artists are going to be defensive (and I think they're justified, especially if their work is directly stolen/manipulated).  Now even high schools and colleges are seeing negative effects of AI programs, because students have been using them to write essays and papers, and the anti-cheat software schools use hasn't been able to keep up.  It's kind of wild to think about, and I have to wonder, how long until we get a full movie or cartoon that's been written, animated, and voiced by an AI?  I think we'll see it in the next 1-2 years.

    Honestly, I don't even find AI art/morphs to be attractive at all.  Someone about every single AI art piece I've ever seen is instantly recognizable as "slapped together by a program" and it just doesn't do anything for me.  But I can appreciate it as an evolving technology and while I really feel for the artists that are affected by it, I'm also a little excited to see where it goes next.
  • #7 by HumanPersonBeing on 24 Jan 2023
  • I had some fun with making AI fmg stories, but I don't think it's a good replacement for actual writing. To get the result you want, you have to toy with the prompt again and again. And then the result still might be lacking (or maybe I'm anal). It made me realize I might as well just write a story myself, so I did.

    I do think we'll see fully AI movies in the future, but not because it's good but because it's cheap. On a related note, I've heard of companies using AI to write copy instead of hiring writers, which has lessened my opinions on the technology. Please don't use these things.
  • #8 by khananel on 18 Jun 2023
  • I'm an artist on the Deviant Art website. I generally specialise in she-male images. My morphs are pretty basic. I use GIMP.

    I have my favourite muscular women artists on DA. There are some fabulous artists there, morphers who do art much better and more skilfully than I can manage.

    However... AI has introduced a new dimension to this art. It has brought a new and more powerful level of... Sexuality... to Erotic art. Erotic Art is women with muscles, huge breasts and huge bellies.

    AI has revolutionised, how powerful is the sexuality in these images. Wherever it comes from in the Cosmos... AI knows humanity and humans. This frightens some people. It's like The Universe is giving us its take on humanity and image production. It can produce images of astonishing clarity and accuracy, with a kind of Next Dimensional Realism. I enjoy looking at its images. We could learn from it...

    That's my take on AI.
  • #9 by HumanPersonBeing on 18 Jun 2023
  • AI doesn't think. It just reproduces patterns found in art or writing. And it all kind of looks the same to me after a while.