• #1 by HumanPersonBeing on 12 Dec 2022
  • When I first discovered my female muscle fetish, I felt some considerable shame about it. I knew that this wasn't something boys weren't supposed to be attracted to. As I got further from adolescence, though, I came to realize there wasn't a standard version of sexuality and my fetish was just a part of me. But I still felt like an outlier.

    Then, a few years Dorohedoro aired and people were calling Noi their waifu. And late last year, Encanto premiered and seemingly everyone loved Luisa. Then, this year, people were upset at Disney+'s She-Hulk because they thought it was bullshit that she was nowhere near as buff as her cousin. Sure, some just didn't like the obvious double standard (not that there's anything wrong with that!) but there were more than a few that thought a bigger She-Hulk was a hotter She-Hulk. I remember someone tweeting something like "What's the point of a She-Hulk that can't crush my head with her thighs?!" And that guy wasn't alone. And then, just a few days ago, Marisa's appearance in the Street Fighter 6 trailer made people lose their shit.

    I've never felt less alone. There are people of all genders who want a big, strong woman to crush them and flatten them, or maybe just hug them real tight.

    I hope our fetish continues to grow. I want to see some indie toy company release a line that is nothing but huge muscle woman. I want to see a video game homage  to Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction where you play a beast of a woman. Or an FMG RPG where your character starts out scrawny but grows a little every time she levels up until she reaches inhuman proportions. And maybe, just maybe, an FMG movie. It might sound crazy but I think it still could work with general audiences if the story's good. Female muscle's interesting because it defies gender norms. It'd be easy to squeeze out some universal themes out of this.

    Anyway, what do you guys think?
  • #2 by bertmacklinsbrother on 14 Dec 2022
  • In my opinion, any fetish is going to have degrees that are acceptable in the mainstream. 

    For instance, if I told my friends that I'm into crossfit chicks or girls who lift at the gym, that would not be surprising to them.  However, if I detailed the full extent of freaky muscles that dominate my most twisted fantasies, I'd be met with stares and dropped jaws.

    Overall, the internet and social media has allowed people to share their personal opinions rapidly, and therefore what is becoming "normal" is no longer of much consequence.  In fact, how many people who are 30 or younger even engage in television news and talk shows at all (the news outlets we still consider to be "mainstream")?  Very few; that's more of medium for a dwindling and aging generation.  My generation gets all of news from twit***, *****, podcasts; mediums that are far more integrated and allow for comments and opinions to be shared openly.  And on those forums, what could be considered hot-button topics like fetishes or sexual preference are no longer very newsworthy.  On the internet, everything is normalized to a certain extent and in fact "kink shaming" is often flagged and distasteful.

    So, while I don't think that muscle fetishism is "mainstream" I also would say that the very idea of mainstream is becoming less relevant every single day as people are given more and more space and acceptance in expressing themselves.  Will the extremes of the muscle fetish ever be really accepted?  No, probably not.  But on a base level, and as older generations die out, I think humanity is inching towards more acceptance in just about every way.
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  • Yeah, I've considered the fact that the mainstream kind of doesn't exist anymore. But still as a teen, I would never have thought I'd see a Disney movie with a buff woman as a main character. Or that Street Fighter would have a playable big muscle woman. I especially wouldn't have expected them to be allowed to have feminine faces and not be mannish stereotypes, setups for jokes.

    Muscle women in media were hard to come by when I was a kid (90s-00s). If one appeared, it was usually a one off character. Though I wish there were more (obv), they're a little more common now.

    Judging from your stories, I think my taste in women is a little less extreme than yours. While I like boobs and pecs equally and I can take or leave hourglass shapes, I like when women maintain their feminine faces. Even still, I'm not going to share my fetish irl anytime soon. If I said I like women with abs, they'd be cool with that. But if I said I like women with huge biceps, they might be concerned. If I said I wish women could grow bigger than the biggest male bodybuilder and handle men like ragdolls on the bedroom, I have no idea how they'd react. And, as much as I'd like to be a more open person, it's none of their business, frankly.

    I know that our fetish will never be completely catered to. I don't expect to see a series of erotic live action film featuring muscle women, enhanced with CGI or realistic muscle suits, enacting every fantasy within this forum. But I could see a high concept movie about a woman who accidentally gains an inhuman amount of muscle and the way that affects her life and relationships. And we could get some eroticism when it taps into how her sex life has changed.

    I could also see a more trashy movie, maybe horror, that plays into the more extreme parts of this fetish.

    I am very biased but I think our fetish has some untapped potential. Different people look at a muscle woman and see different things. They might see her as hot or ugly or intimidating or disgusting or cool or weird or comical and absurd or inspiring and empowering or perverted or some combination of these. A movie, video game, or cartoon could focus on one or more of these reactions and come up with something interesting.

    What would you like to see? What do you think is likely?
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  • A few things I forgot that I'd like to add:

    -Unrealistically muscular guys have been pretty common in movies, cartoons, comics (forgot to mention this medium in the list above), video games, action figures, etc for decades. It's good that we're starting to see more unrealistically muscular women in fiction, as well, and I'd like to see more. Why not, it's fiction.

    -More evidence to the untapped potential of female muscle fiction: Fans of swole female characters are more diverse than one might think. Obviously, there's straight men and lesbians interested in butch women but there's also non-binary people whose attraction also doesn't care about gender norms, bi people attracted to huge muscles regardless of gender, and twinks who are like "I thought I was 100% only attracted to men but... Daaaamn!"

    And that's just people attracted to muscle women. There are those who like them because they're cool or weird. After all, you don't have to be a perv to main Marisa in SF6... But it helps!

    -Also, I should have mentioned that many female muscle writers here have successfully taken advantage of the different reactions to muscle women I mentioned. I just think other mediums could do the same.

    -Finally, I said I could take or leave hourglass shapes. That's a bit of a lie. Although hourglass shapes are attractive, I prefer v-tapers and brick wall silhouettes - solid thick midsections (not necessarily roid guts, though).
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  • I'd say its starting. We've had inklings over the years a few Xena's some Lara Crofts but now with buff female street fighter charterers I think its really starting up. Now if it starts becoming mainstream
    it'll start with some workout videos and/or supplements and workout plans. Nothing like Alana nu more like Optimum Nutrition or something more hardcore.
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  • Hey guys,
    cool topic. I thought about opening that topic myself last year when I watched the movie "Encanto". I though right away "Wow, Luisa is quite edgy for being in a Disney movie". I also thought bout if there are references to fetishes within the movie. She is super strong and muscular but besides that she literally does things we pay for in a session. wIf you watch her after 15 min after the beginning and this song starts she lifts up a man who sits on a donkey. It'S very short but still there. While the song goes on there is this crazy coffein addicted boy and he literally embraces her big arm looking like he enjoys it like crazy (he drinks coffee) but the combination is visualized. And of course she lifts up donkeys, one of them in a piggyback ride... I know I see it bc it has similarities to my kink and it's always the harmless version with other explanations but it's still there.

    About She-Hulk: In the series she lifts up a guy too and the guyis only into her as long as she is She-Hulk. But it's obvious that they tried to reduce her muscles so she doesn't look too buff. I think they reduced too much. She-Hulk looked more buff in the cartoon/comic. I was quite disappointed. Even there is shown that women being fit & strong are seen as attractive.
    Then of course years ago there were Lara Croft or Xena who look actually just fit. But they body is quite easy to accept for people. They look pretty common to female beauty standards (big boobs, small waist, round hips but taller). It's more like the woman warrior/fighter/heroine style than being very strong and muscular. Maybe it was the start. Idk.

    Has our fetish become mainstream? Well, I think partly yes. Fit, muscular, strong girls got more accepted as aesthetic. Some of them are quite popular especially those who kept a good balance of being muscular and staying feminine at the same time like Cass Martin. But still there is a "No" cause people barely know about guys who are into muscular girls who beat them up, wrestle with them or do lift & carry stuff. I think this is still unknown or a taboo that they arouse men. I think you can see a big difference to S&M fetishes. People who are not into it are still familiar with it. If I tell people that I like tall, strong, muscular girl to lift me up people would still be like "Wut?!".

    I think this will be a generation thing. This generations will be more tolerant then past generations. But it will take some generations to accept "the full package" despite the fact that kinks/fetishes will develop and change. The will be like "people accept - kink changes - people get confronted and reject - people accept - ... "
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  • My hope is that, with society pushing more and more against gender norms, acceptance happens fast this time. But there are people in power fighting tooth and nail to keep our understanding of gender from evolving past the idea of women being weak and fragile.
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    My hope is that, with society pushing more and more against gender norms, acceptance happens fast this time. But there are people in power fighting tooth and nail to keep our understanding of gender from evolving past the idea of women being weak and fragile.

    Agreed, although I can say that it appears that more young women are lifting on social media and that it may be that it is slowly being normalized that muscles are for them as well.
  • #9 by HumanPersonBeing on 10 Jun 2023
  • I have an interesting update with regards to Marisa. The game's been out for like a week now, so someone has decided to check the numbers and find out who is the most popular characters are. It turns out Marisa is the most played new character and fourth most played character over all! While I doubt everyone who plays her wants to bang her (or, more likely, have her bang them), it supports my thesis that there's an underserved fanbase for huge muscle women. Call it the "Luisa effect".

    Of course, this is just one character from one game, but I hope different companies see this and create female muscle behemoths for other projects. I don't mean just games, either. I want to see them in all mediums: movies, TV, cartoons, comics, toys, etc. So if anyone's got an idea for a project involving fmg or whatever, now's a good time to see it through. Hopefully, it will only get better from here.
  • #10 by bertmacklinsbrother on 13 Jun 2023
  • Muscular women in video games is certainly a climbing trend.  I think over the years, people have grown tired of seeing the same bodyshapes for women in video games (small, petite, and sexualized).  Given how many of the longest standing video game publishers are rooted in Japan, it's not too surprising.

    But there are a ton of recent examples where unconventional bodies on women have sparked mostly positive feedback; this biggest example in recent history being Lady D. from RE8, where her sudden explosive reception completely changed Capcom's marketing campaign up to the game's release.

    Zarya and Junker Queen from Overwatch, the Barbarian from Diablo 4, Marisa from SF6, Lady Hellbender from Guardians of the Galaxy, the Gerudos from Zelda BOTW and TOTK, Zendara from the upcoming Immortals of Aveum, and Nemesis from Hades 2.  These aren't just women with abs; these are big women who rival if not overtake the men in size.  Because the reception has been so positive, I have no doubt that we'll continue to see more developers branch out and stray away from the typical "petite busty anime girl" trope.
  • #11 by HumanPersonBeing on 13 Jun 2023
  • Yeah, it used to be that people blamed the "busty anime girls" themselves but I think society has evolved and realized that traditionally sexy female characters aren't the problem per se; it's the lack of other body types. That plus growing sex positivity has allowed those characters we mentioned to appear.

    Do you think the creators know the fan base they're cultivating? I feel like Capcom knew people would be horny for Marisa, but the rest, I don't know. I hope they embrace it or, at least, don't openly fight against it.