• #1 by Chainer on 17 Jul 2022
  • Muscular girls in a public setting. I want these to be mostly casual, like she's out shopping or getting a cup of coffee. It seems simple enough but the more I think about it, the more I feel like I need to set some rules so that it doesn't become a jumbled, random mess of images:

    • No images at the gym, there are tons of other threads that cater to this topic.

    • I want to avoid posts where she's wearing a swimsuit, gym clothes, or a competition posing suit.

    • Also please avoid photos that look like they were taken by a pro photographer, I would like this thread to remain more candid.

    • Try not to post images of them at a bodybuilding show or expo, or any other athletic event.

    • And no images of them at a home or in a neighborhood. I want these images to be in a truly public setting (and it can be indoor or outdoor)

  • #2 by jdm022 on 28 Jul 2022
  • This chick definitely has some hidden muscle going on!!!

  • #3 by jdm022 on 28 Jul 2022
  • I think these are kind of what you're looking for....

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  • #5 by chris007 on 28 Jul 2022
  • Liking the girl in the coffee shop.  I wonder who and which country this is.....?