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Author Topic: My Big Boa  (Read 8388 times)

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Re: My Big Boa
« Reply #15 on: May 15, 2022, 06:24:10 pm »
Disappointed with Mike’s lack of ambition. Being satisfied with second should not be in his vocabulary. And he has a partner who wants to help him improve.

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Re: My Big Boa
« Reply #16 on: May 29, 2022, 03:42:04 pm »
Chapter 5

“Come on, give me a posedown!” Brianna ordered. They complied. The three of them got into a crab pose most muscular, and despite being a woman, Brianna wasn’t too far off. Just like the two men, she was a kind of like a “stud” herself, a female hunk of vascularity and size, the ripples of her striations blooming with every pump. By the time she was done, she was definitely larger than she was before. Maybe not bigger than the two men, but certainly comparable. And she was jacked as fuck. And this was just the fourth place winner for the Miss Olympia last night. I could only imagine the beauty of the physique that Savannah, Summer and Alexandra sported. Funny how a simple  most muscular pose could buff her up almost immediately. That did a lot to the morale of the armwrestling contest, because Brianna’s size and confidence, it was definitely intimidating.

“Let’s make this more interesting,” she suggested, and then out of nowhere, leapt into the air and wrapped her thunderously ripped thighs over Hunter Bull’s neck, and wrestled him to the ground in a neck scissor, Hunter’s life at her mercy. She then propped up both hands on the table, and in a ridiculously jaw-dropping show of titanic core strength, lifted Hunter’s body off the ground using her legs. She was now balancing on the table using both her arms in a push-up position, her legs in midair, clamped against Hunter’s neck, her body horizontally parallel to the floor.

“If you wanna free you friend here, Felix, you have to beat me!” Brianna ordered.

“What the fuck! You’ll kill him!” Felix yelled outrageously.

“Then you better hurry up then!”

They placed their right elbows onto the table and pushed. Felix was clearly a much more difficult challenge for Brianna, as compared to Shawn and Big Ramy, but she was holding her own. Although not for long. In a huff and a puff, after almost two minutes of pushing, Felix gradually managed to force Brianna’s hand almost two inches off the surface of the table. With gritted teeth, Brianna tried to desperately keep her hand off above the table, and it wasn’t easy, considering she was also using her core strength to balance her body horizontally and clamping down on Hunter’s neck with her legs.

“I WILL NOT BE BEATEN BY A GIRL!” Felix screamed.

That was when Brianna burst into laughter. I had to tell ya, I was confused, because it was a complete 180 degree change in expression from the desperate grunts she was demonstrating just moments ago.

She grinned sinisterly at Felix. “Do you actually think you have any sense of control over what’s happening right now? Let me show you.”

And everyone gasped as she tightened her grip on Felix’s hand. Then, in one smooth, and almost effortless motion, Brianna launched her hand back up to the starting position, against a straining Felix Vasquez, Top 6 in the Mr Olympia. I heard Summer chuckling next to me.

“What a sweet, naïve boy your friend is,” she mocked.

“Hurry up Vasquez…your friend is gasping for air! All I have to do is flex my quads a bit…” she did so, her thighs just billowing with sinews and striations, and I heard Hunter choke up a bit.

Felix was desperate, but Brianna’s arm was like an immovable anchor, as if it was bolted onto the table, those giant, shot-put sized bicep peaks just bursting with power, the pencil-thick veins just throbbing. She stroked that huge dense lump of power with her free hand, gently tapping over the veins with her finger just to show us how juicy they were. At this point she was balancing her body only with her elbows and that was just incredible.

“Gloria, babe, why don’t you get the tape and measure how BIG these guns are!”

Gloria obeyed, giggling nervously like a schoolgirl as she wrapped the tape measure around that giant arm.

“Oh my God! Its 27 inches! You’re bigger than you were this morning!”

“Well, I would be bigger if I had a proper challenge! Who am I kidding? I was so stupid! With guns these big, these men over here never stood a chance! I’ll tell you what Vasquez, I will release your friend here, if you beat me with two arms, and you don’t even have to go all the way. If you get me past the halfway mark, I’ll give you the victory.”

Felix, in a desperate attempt to save Hunter from Brianna’s killer quads, reinforced his tiring right arm with his left, but it was no use. Brianna was like a tank!

After like one minute of worthless pushing, Brianna gave up. “Oh my God man, you’re just pathetic! Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I am a girl, but I’m every bit just as BIG and RIPPED as you, only I am DEFINITELY wayyyy stronger! Because I don’t have your men’s testosterone surge, I had to work TWICE as hard to achieve muscles as huge as these! And that means, I had to lift TWICE as heavy. Which means, I am STRONGER than you! MUCH. STRONGER!”

And with one powerful grip, I heard the cracking of bones, a scream of pain from Felix as his hand crushed beneath her grip, before Brianna just straight up slammed BOTH his hands against the table, shattering the tabletop and breaking the two legs on that side. And it was no wooden table. It was fucking MARBLE! Two inch thick, genuine marble.

Eventually she released Henry’s limp body, much to the cheers of the predominantly female crowd. I glanced at Summer in the corner of my eye, okay, she was smug. She knew this was going to happen.

Brianna celebrated with a powerful ¾ back pose, showing a magnificent but terrifying tapestry of rumbling muscles that made up the sheer enormity of her back, shoulders and arms, before transitioning to a rear lat spread that demonstrated even more size and power.

“Look at me! I’m huge! How do you possibly think you stood a chance against me?” She said, spitting on Vasquez’s writhing body.

If this was Brianna, I didn’t wanna find out what Savannah and Summer would do.

But it was as if they could read my mind.

“Now that Brianna has had her fun, why don’t my sister and Alexandra join me in a popular game we like to play called The Bear Hug Challenge?” Savannah announced.

Summer danced joyfully like a girly muppet.

“And our challengers will be our little friends in the Mr Olympia! The top 3 are here, against our opposite number. Since I am the reigning Miss Olympia, Jamal, what do you say? Is the reigning Mr Olympia stronger than the Miss Olympia?”

“Ooh, that means I will be facing you, Mike,” Summer said, twisting into an abdominals pose while showing off her huge left bicep. She then stretched out one of her legs, and tightened all her muscles, rotating it to show me just how muscularly developed her legs were, with calves the size of rugby balls, quads wider than tree trunks, tempting me by running her hand seductively over that thick, hard flesh, before feeling those nicely ripped buttocks the size of volleyballs. As her hand went all the way down to her ankles, she was in the best position for a moon pose, and looking at those cuts in her hamstrings and glutes, I wasn’t sure if I could actually top that.

And it goes without saying that Alexandra would be up against her fellow second-runner up in the Mr Olympia, Carl Schneider.

“I don’t give a fuck, let’s show these bitches who’s boss!” Jamal said.

That was when the three girls ripped off their bikinis, showing everyone their throbbing pink pussies and luscious boobs. For a female bodybuilder, they were actually pretty big, made even more perkier with the formidable piece of cinderblocks on their chests they called pecs. I’m telling you, they had both tit cleavages that would make porn stars jealous, and perfectly sculpted pec cleavages that would make male bodybuilders tremble with insecurity. I think their pecs would look as grand as mine, if not hidden behind those thick boobs.

“What’s all this? Get your fucking clothes back on!” Jamal scolded.

“Oh no, nudity is our secret weapon. It just brings out our primal and animalistic nature in a battle.”

“Fuck you!” And Jamal ripped off his own underwear, showing an enormous big black cock. “See this? You’ll be sucking my big ass cock to sleep tonight, you bitch!”

Carl and I did the same. And I could see Summer’s face revel with hunger as I revealed my own enormous package, all 10-inches of its glory.

“Posedown!” Savannah announced. And the room was greeted by a magnificent display of God and Goddess-like musculature from the top 3 best male and female bodybuilders in the world. With Summer next to me, she mirrored every pose I did. I struck a most muscular, and she did the same, all those glorious muscles bursting from her flesh. She was jacked to the core, and she knew it. A thighs and abdominals, and she could straight up shame me with that chiselled midsection of hers, with an eight-pack, Adonis belt, serratus and obliques that would destroy that on any Greek statue.

“Mmm…huuuurrrr…oh yeah. Oh my God! Mike, look at your huge boner! Like what you see, hmm?” Summer teased.

“Please, no, Summer. I feel very uncomfortable with you talking like that. I have a girlfriend.”

“What does she have anything to do with this?”

Eventually, it was time for the bear hug challenge. Both competitors would bear hug each other with all their might, and the loser would be whoever taps out first. We squared off against our opponents (Jamal vs Savannah, me vs Summer, Carl vs Alexandra), and when the bell dinged, we charged.

Summer and I were almost the same size, and same height, so I wrapped my arms around her lower back, while she clutched at my torso. I felt my cock rubbing against my abs and hers, and oh my, what a feeling it was, the shaft and glans feeling those bumpy, hard, washboard abs of hers. There were two pencil-thick veins snaking their way over the lower slabs, and I had to say, no matter how much I hated saying it, it was a turn on. She was a lean, mean muscle machine with almost zero ounces of fat in her body, and the details and crevices of her perfectly built abdominals were a testament of that. She was only 28, but almost two decades of weighted leg raises, (LITERALLY) millions of bicycle crunches, and thousands of hours of weighted Russian twists later, she had masterfully sculpted something so glorious, with the canvas that was her body. And now my dick was pressed up against it.

“Ooohhhh, your dick feels soooo good against my abs. Don’t tell me you don’t love it too? Let me help you.” And to my surprise, her beefy strong arms tightened their grip around my torso, and she effortlessly lifted by 300+ pound body off the ground, shaking me up and down to rub my penis against that shredded eight-pack of hers.

I wanted to scream as my ribs threatened to give way to the Grade A hydraulic clamp that were her arms. I think not even a python’s paralysing strangulation would be as deadly as hers. As I tried to get my voice out, Jamal already did it for me. At my side, I heard the sound of bones cracking, as Jamal yelled in horror. For all his hardcore Youtube videos of him breaking Ronnie Coleman’s lifting records, he was no match against the ruthless power of Savannah Harrison. She dropped his aching body to the floor, before striking a truly menacing javelin pose, with muscles just as magnificent as Summer’s, accentuating a perfect V-taper physique (I think her back and chest were almost 2.5 times wider in circumference than her waist), a statement of her monstrously dominant strength and muscle mass.

And not long after that, Carl tapped out, just as Alexandra was about to finish him off with a killer blow (or squeeze). However, once he was released, he couldn’t help but pounce on her, this time not to attack, but to smother her with an endless stream of kisses and licks. Eventually they both fell on the floor, both their massive bodies tumbling with a loud thud, both engrossed in their animalistic love-making to care about what anyone thinks.

“Mike! Please, if you don’t surrender now, I’m gonna break your ribs. Don’t underestimate me, I can easily do that! I can give you a list of guys, and they’re all huge! I’m not even using half my strength now,” Summer said.

“Arrrggghh, oooffff, okay! Okay! I surrender!” And Summer released me, my entire body out of breath.

“Now I can have you all to myself! You look so ripped and muscular, I just need to have you. My own big hard muscles…rubbing against yours. And that dick! I will make you come so hard inside me. You have no idea, how strong my vagina is!” Summer cradled me over to the bed in the centre of the room, and now I realised what it was for. It was for me to be raped.

“Come on you pathetic fuck! Give me that big black cock of yours!” Savannah said to Jamal. And right in front of everyone, she just completely destroyed him. She flung and wrestled him all over the room. She grabbed his ankles, and dangling him upside down, deep throated his cock. Then, she tossed him across the room and pounced on his giant body. Then she lifted his massive nude body over her head, and did squats with his 350-pound body, her pussy dripping with cum. She then mopped the juice off with his body. She even had a strap on, twice the size of his 8-inch cock, and completely fucked the hell out of his ass. She didn’t even care if he was injured, she was all about
the dominance, and the climax. And what a climax she had. By the time she was done, Jamal was completely soaked in her cum, as if he had dipped in a pool full of that milky vaginal juice.

I was afraid I was gonna suffer the same fate. “Please, Summer, don’t do this.”

“No, I want you soooo bad. I have fucked so many guys before, but they were so tiny compared to me, even though they were bodybuilders. Every time, they would say my massive body was so heavy! I would crush them! And then I was so strong, and I end up breaking all of their bones! No more! You have suck thick, strong, hard muscles, I’m sure they are like a fucking armour on you. I can go as hard as I want!”

And boy did she go hard. She pinned me to the bed so tight, that she almost broke my wrists. She had this feral instinct when she fucked me, her strong, muscular vagina engulfing my cock, and oh my God! It was like being clamped by a door. Her thrusts were as fast and fast like a literal jackhammer! By the time she was done, my penis was a dark blue, as the blood was restricted by the powerful contractions of her pussy. She had the power to stop me from cumming just by squeezing her vagina. Then, she would sit on my face, and force me to suck her pussy like a clam. Her juices forcing her way into my throat. She then gave me a “bicep-job”, whereby she would flex and unflex her huge, shot-put sized bicep (and just as hard as a shot-put) against my penis. And then, in a show of strength, grip my penis between her forearm and bicep, and while still flexed, lift my 300+ pound body off the ground. But more than I was willing to admit, I would say the best was her “glute-job”. She would force the shaft of my penis along her butt crack, and fucking flex her glutes. Imagine, those two powerful orbs of steel, the size of volleyballs, clamped down against your huge ass boner. I came, I came hard alright. And I wasn’t proud of it. But I was weakened, and she was much stronger than me. I had no way of escaping. Her grips were unrelenting and she demonstrated a ferocity that sent lions back to their dens.

When she was done, she gave me a long passionate kiss. “I love you, Mike.”

Oh no, fuck! Please don’t go there. But I was too weak to reply.

“Hey sis, you look like you’re enjoying yourself. It’s my turn now,” Savannah demanded.

Summer turned to reveal a big beige strap-on. “Alright sis. I can fuck his back, while you take his front.”

“Perrrrfect,” Savannah said mischievously.

“Hi Mike! Check out my Queen-sized cock!” She fondled over it vigorously as if she was jerking off.

“It’s bigger than yours, and I’m gonna fuck you with it! I’m gonna fuck you soooo hard, you won’t be able to hold your shit for days!”

The last thing I remember before passing out was Summer brutally stuffing that 12-inch strap-on into my asshole, all the while locking me in a Nelson hold, her powerful legs wrapped around minelike a killer python, opening them up to receive the next merciless pussy that was her twin sister’s. As Savannah’s vagina received my 10-inch cock, I felt the full brunt of her 350 pound body crushing me against the rock solid flesh of her also 350 pound twin sister behind me, and there I was, stuffed between the two most massively muscular women in the world, as they hungrily fucked and smothered me against my will. I was about to cum, but Savannah had such amazing muscle control over her pussy, that I was prevented from doing so, I was worried that my penis would explode! I was completely at her mercy, and Summer’s as well. The twins demonstrated an insatiable lust that no man could fulfil, and I bore the brunt of the consequences, their hungry grunts, ferocious roars and seductive wolf-like growls sending shivers down my spine as I felt the penetration of Summer’sgiant strap-on cock in my ass, and the rhythmic mechanical contractions of Savannah’s muscular vagina over my penis. They could annihilate my dick, destroy my ass and fucking slaughter me if they wanted to, so I could count myself lucky when I woke up the next day, still alive, and in one piece.

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