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Author Topic: Élisabeth  (Read 7745 times)

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Re: Élisabeth
« Reply #15 on: May 30, 2022, 10:15:44 pm »
I went to the toilet and saw that she hadn't flushed the toilet and the liters of urine from the morning were at the bottom of the toilet. The smell almost made me vomit. And I saw traces of urine drops on the ground. She hadn't wiped herself. Only today's teenage girls. I cleaned everything up and left.

In the dining room, I saw Amanda sitting ready for lunch. Tons of fruit, protein shakes, cereal, bottles of milk and eggs cluttered the table. Two puny little men stood behind Amanda's hulking bulk. They seemed younger than her.

:-'' please Amanda provided the first one.

-: Nope !!! She said in a big, firm and definitive voice. I brought you here to fuck you last night. It's done and you're not a very good plan. Now you are leaving!

-: But you promised that we could clean your pussy like toilet paper, the second moaned.

-:'' OK poor little boys. You are going to go down under the table and kiss my pussy and say goodbye. And then you get out of here. It's an order.

The two frail boys complied before my astonished eyes when the first mentioned the taste of urine from Amanda's pussy, I couldn't take it anymore and went to jerk off in the toilet.

When I got back, the two guys with juice-soaked faces were fired.

Amanda told me that I had to please her mother because they usually ended their relationship right after dark.

-'' Oh good !? I answered him. I hope it goes well with your mother. I really like him a lot. She's so great and...''

Amanda cut me off laughing:

-:'' Ha ha. Oh don't kid yourself too much. She allowed you to stay but her relationships are only based on sex. Every night a different little guy is found in your place. My mother is insatiable. At best she will fuck you for a week or even a month if you are very lucky.

I was very disappointed with my conversation with Amanda. Was it true that Elisabeth released me after a final hot fuck, like her daughter releasing her two little guys this morning. It was so degrading but yet in front of such muscular and powerful women it was so exciting to be subjected to them. While Elizabeth was clearly dominant with men, she was also protective. But her daughter was violent and seemed to really despise men by only using them as disposable pieces of meat. But after all, maybe it was his age that wanted it.

:- '' By the way. What do you like about Elisabeth. Oh let me guess. Her big biceps, or her broad shoulders? Not her abs? Thighs. Big butt ? You know that one day, soon, I will pass her. Look at my bicep. Not bad for 18!?

She flirted with me ostensibly.

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