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Author Topic: New Session girl Goddess Blondi  (Read 389 times)

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New Session girl Goddess Blondi
« on: May 22, 2022, 03:28:39 pm »
Thought I would come on here and do my due diligence for the rest of the community and talk about a new session girl that I recently sessioned with, Goddess Blondi:

She is new to the wrestling scene but she’s been in the fetish world for a little while now and has some domination experience, and boy could I tell. First of all, when you walk into the room, you immediately get a grasp of how tall she is (6’6!!). I’m a pretty tall guy, about 6’1 or 6’2, but she even made me feel small. She’s very strong on top of of having a size advantage on almost everyone. Like I said, I’m a pretty big guy and consider myself to have good strength, but we armwrestled and she wasn’t a push over by any means. Definitely put up a solid fight.

The session overall was domination/fantasy wrestling and she put me in all kinds of scissors/chokes/smothers. With her being new to wrestling, I got to teach her a few things and damn she caught on quickly. I told her to ignore my taps sometimes and she definitely did not disappoint in that regard lmao. Think she was maybe even a little TOO good at it… Thankfully we established a safe word because I think I had to use it literally 6-7 times or else it would’ve been night night. It’s funny because she had a habit of pinning my arms down while she put me in a hold, so I couldn’t even tap, and a couple of times I just went straight to the safe word and she was like “why didn’t you at least tap first??”. Well maybe because I couldn’t lol...

 Her trash talking is elite as well. Taunting me while she’s choking the hell out of me. Definitely shows that Dom side of her. Overall, just a very enjoyable session and once she starts actually learning how to truly wrestle and master those holds (she actually said she’s going to start taking a wrestling class back home), she will be a very popular session girl on this scene.

Btw, for all the people on here that are facesitting fans, she is the one for you. Trust me.

Forum Saradas  |  Private Sessions  |  Talking about sessionettes  |  New Session girl Goddess Blondi

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