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Author Topic: 3 weeks  (Read 7388 times)

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3 weeks
« on: January 18, 2022, 06:39:28 pm »
Sorry for the English. This is Bing translation
Part 1
I was 7 when my younger sister was born.
When I turned 18 one weekend I wanted to take my bag off a picnic. I tried to pick it up, but realized it was too heavy for me alone.
I looked around to ask someone to help me, but only my little sister was around.
She also noticed that it was hard for me and ran up to help. I smiled as she grabbed the bag by one handle and picked up the other,
suddenly I realized that my sister was really helping me. The two of us brought a heavy bag into the house.
"Thank you, " I said " You're pretty strong for a little girl"
"I'm not little anymore," my sister replied, "and I bet I'll be stronger than you in three months. Christina says it's not difficult."
I laughed. "I'm 18 I'm not such a weak guy that his sister could overtake me in strength"
"let's check," my sister said.
"okay" I smiled back.
"Today and once a week we will compete in who can lift this bag more and in arm-wrestling," she suggested. I agreed.
She pulled out her phone and prepared to measure the time. I grabbed the handles of the bag and picked it up with one hand.
The bag was very heavy. Almost immediately my biceps trembled with tension and after 40 seconds with a thud the bag fell to the floor.
My sister gave me a stopwatch and took the bag herself. I didn't expect her to pick her up at all.
But the small biceps on her young arm tensed and the bag flew into the air.
She was able to hold it for 33 seconds. Only 7 seconds less than me.
Apparently there would be strength in her girly hand.
"Now the struggle is on hand," she proclaimed.
"You don't want to rest"
"Not A"
We sat down at the table and clutched our hands. I was amazed at the strength of her grip.
We calculated to 3 and started fighting. Immediately I felt a powerful pressure and I had to exert all my strength to resist the girl in front of me.
Despite the seven years difference and the fact that I was already an adult young man, and she was only a little girl,
I had to strain my best to resist her. We stood in balance for almost a minute when I felt her hand tremble and slowly I pressed her against the table.
"Fine, the next match is in a week," the sister said and ran away.

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Re: 3 weeks
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2022, 09:28:09 pm »

Offline Houl

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Re: 3 weeks
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2022, 05:32:37 pm »
Part II
A week later, she came up to me.
"Let's go compete"
I thought my little sister had already forgotten our persuasion. But it turned out that he remembered everything.
We competed again who would hold the bag longer. I had the same result – 40 seconds.
But the little sister was able to hold her for 35. I was a little worried. There were only 5 seconds between our results.
Then there was armwrestling. Her grip became even more powerful and after a minute I suddenly realized that my strength was running out
and her hand was able to deflect my hand to the table. I was suddenly frightened by the power of the little girl
and that I was going to lose this fight now. I gathered my strength and managed to drop my arms.
Then I managed to bend her hand halfway to the table, but then her hand turned into a steel rod.
Despite my best efforts, I couldn't squeeze her to the end. To make matters worse, I felt my arm begin to slowly move backwards,
gradually giving way to the girl's strength. She managed to put our hands back in neutral.
I could feel her strength and my hand was shaking. My younger sister's hand stood motionless like a wall.
I was afraid that the force would soon leave me and offered a draw in a voice trembling with tension.
"Okay," she said. Her voice was calm, as if she wasn't resisting my efforts.
We unclenched our hands
"I guess it won't take me three months," the little girl smiled. She tensed her hand.
"Next week, big brother" and left.
I couldn't believe what had just happened. A junior girl practically made me a young adult beg for a draw in a power contest.

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Re: 3 weeks
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2022, 01:18:03 am »
Love this story and curious to see what happens when she overpowers him. I just wish they were longer!

Offline jhunter

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Re: 3 weeks
« Reply #4 on: January 20, 2022, 01:20:30 am »
Interesting story so far. While you do a great job describing the competition, not so much on the little sister's size. Looking forward to see how much she grows though.

Offline Houl

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Re: 3 weeks
« Reply #5 on: January 21, 2022, 10:03:28 pm »
Part 3
The next week I pulled up and did push-ups.
"Christina says it's not hard to be strong," my sister said as we prepared to compete for the fourth time.
"Who is Christina"
"This is my classmate. She says that she is the strongest in the family and that she is much stronger than both her father and brother. I'll introduce you."
"Let's start competing," I asked.
My sister turned on the stopwatch and I picked up my bag. I managed to hold it for 55 seconds.
I felt lighter – the training worked and I became stronger. My sister picked up her bag and a hill of biceps appeared on her arm.
I looked at the numbers on the stopwatch and started to get anxious when she reached 50 and the girl's hand showed no sign of fatigue.
After 7 seconds, I knew I had been defeated. My sister smiled and a minute later lowered the bag to the ground.
"You won," I whispered.
"Yes, I was able to hold 10 seconds longer than you. Remember I was 7 seconds behind at the beginning, and it's only been 3 weeks and I've become much stronger than my big brother."
She placed her hand on the wrestling table in her arms and tensed her biceps. He was clearly visible and almost the same as mine.
I touched it and tried to squeeze it. The hand was stone.
I grabbed her hand and we started fighting. I had an advantage in arm length, and a younger girl just had strength.
The power is greater than mine.
So I felt my adult man's hand begin to tremble, under the pressure of my younger sister's hand.
Then I had to give in to the power of her girlish hand and my hand slowly moved down. In desperation,
I grabbed the edge of the table with my other hand and tried to stop my sister's powerful hand. I strained both hands to the limit and managed to stop my emptying.
And I was able to slowly drop our hands into neutral with the efforts of two of my hands.
My sister looked at my trembling men's hands and smiled intensely.
"Don't even hope," she said, and suddenly the strength in her hand added more.
For 5 seconds I was able to withstand the power of the girl's hand and my hand dropped sharply 1/2 of the way to defeat.
I was red. I was straining all my muscles just to stop the girl's strong arm. My sister looked at my shaking body.
On tense hands. The two of them struggled with one of her arms and defiantly hid her other arm behind her back. Thanks to the efforts of two hands, I was able to return to a neutral position again.
But even with two hands, I couldn't continue. One of my hands was trembling, resisting the little girl's hand.
The second frantically clung to the table, helping to resist the overwhelming force of only her sister's hand. I desperately tore my elbow off the table. My little sister just smirked.
Suddenly, I felt her strength increase and my hand moved back to defeat.
Despite my best efforts, I could not cope with this superior force and after 15 seconds my hand was pressed against the table.
I was humiliated and wanted to get up and leave, but my sister's hand pressed mine firmly against the table.
I tensed my muscles, but the girl's strength was too greater than my that of a young man. Then I grabbed her powerful arm with my other hand. And with great effort, I was able to raise her hand.
My sister tensed in full force and her arm trembled, resisting my two. 
We froze for 30 seconds and suddenly I realized that my hands were yielding to her one hand and they were overpowered.
"Admit that I am much stronger than you," the little sister cried out, holding my two two hands with the force of her one hand.
"Yes," I whispered.
Suddenly, I heard the door slamming.

"What's going on here?" asked David, our cousin, perplexedly. He was 4 years older than me and was an athlete.
"Oh, I just got stronger than my older brother," the sister replied.
"Do you want to try my strength on yourself?" she bent her left arm and an orange-sized biceps popped out on her strong left hand.
With her right, she was still pressing my two hands to the table.
"Strange games for girls, but if you want let's check me out"
"Watch out, she's a very strong girl," I said.
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Re: 3 weeks
« Reply #6 on: January 23, 2022, 06:41:02 pm »
Nice story. it would be good to hear how the sister is growing her strength.

Offline Houl

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Re: 3 weeks
« Reply #7 on: January 24, 2022, 08:33:05 pm »
Part 4
Alice finally let go of my hands and walked over to David.
"So you don't mind" the sister smiled, "You're stronger than my brother. It will be interesting to see if you are stronger than his little sister."
"Okay, so let's fight on our hands? Don't you want to rest first?" asked David.
My sister walked over to my cousin in a tight room. Ashley was a tall girl, for her age about 170 cm. David, on the contrary, was not tall. At 22 he was about 175 cm.
So he did not feel comfortable next to the younger girl, who had just begun to grow and had almost caught up with him.
To establish himself a little, he strained his hand and a beautiful biceps the size of a good melon immediately appeared.
"Not bad," the sister said, "Almost like Christina. Although it still has a little bit more, I think. Let's measure our hands in between exercises."
She grabbed the bag we were competing with and bent her arm and then press it up. I couldn't believe my eyes.
I knew the bag was very heavy, but it seems my little sister had enough power in her hand to handle that weight.
She slowly lowered the bag to the floor and then picked it up and press it again.
One more thing... 7 times her strong arm trembled and she struggled to press the weight up. She tried to do it 8 times, she managed to bend her arm on the biceps, but she could not press up.
She then grabbed the bag with her left hand and did the same thing 7 more times. David wanted to take the bag, but Alice stopped him.
"Let the older brother try first," she said. I picked up the bag and pulled it up. My biceps tensed and I managed to bend my arm with that weight.
Then I tensed my muscles and I managed to press out this huge weight for me. I dropped the bag on the floor and repeated it with great strain.
When I tried to pick up the bag 3 times my whole body was shaking with tremendous effort. But I still managed to press the weight 3 times.
I couldn't even get my bag off the floor anymore. With my left hand I managed to press only 2 times. It was a cruel emptying.
The little girl was able to lift more with one hand than I could with two. There was still hope for David. The young man took the bag in his hand and his biceps tensed.
He looked at his sister in surprise, clearly not expecting the bag to be so heavy, and began to press the weight up. Five times he coped perfectly, but on the sixth to my horror his hand began to tremble.
However, with a huge effort, he managed to press the weight 6 times. He had to have one more to just not lose to the girl who watched his efforts with interest.
Slowly he bent his hand for the seventh time and also slowly, with effort, pressed upwards. He caught up with his sister. But if he wanted to show that he needed to press even harder again.
His hand tensed and the bag slowly began to rise from the floor. Very slowly, with extraordinary effort, he bent his hand 8 times and also slowly press the weight up.
Dropping the bag on the floor, he was also on adrenaline also slowly helping himself with his whole body managed to do it 9 times.
So he was stronger than his little sister. With his right hand. Because he could only repeat her achievement.
After this comparison of the strengths of a little girl and a young man, I realized that if David is stronger than his sister, it is very much. And ahead was waiting for another test - fight.
"Just let's fight in a different way" suggested David "In mercy" Probably he hoped that his mass would help in the struggle of forces with the girl.
"Okay, but first let's measure the hands," Alice agreed. Apparently she wasn't too wary of David's added advantage.

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Re: 3 weeks
« Reply #8 on: January 27, 2022, 06:42:49 pm »
Part 4
"Now the measurements," the sister said and pulled out a measuring tape. She carefully measured my muscles.
I then wrapped the tape around her hand. The hand was firm and hot. Biceps stood out like an orange on her.
And the horseshoe was the triceps. And her hand to my embarrassment was bigger than my man's hand. Her shoulders were wider and her hips more powerful.
I understood why she easily beat me. Fortunately, there was also David. He tensed his biceps. He was big, bigger than his sister's, but suspiciously soft.
Our measurements were like that.
Me: arm - 11'' , leg - 18''
Alice: arm - 12'' (an inch more than mine), leg - 20''
David: arm - 14.5'' , leg 21'' (only an inch more)

"Great, big guys" smiled Alice "Now the test of strength"
They stood in the middle of the room in a test of strength. Their hands were intertwined and all their muscles were tense.
A young man could be seen using his masculine power against the power of a young girl. His biceps tensed and his hands trembled, resisting my little sister's strained biceps.
His legs trembled in the test of the strength of his legs. He tensed every muscle in his athletic body, trying to match the strength of the younger girl.
My sister was also flexing her powerful muscles. She wanted to overpower this big athletic young man.
For about a minute they stood trying to overpower each other. Suddenly, to my horror, David's leg trembled and he took a step back.
The strength of my sister's legs was beginning to overcome his strength. At the same time, his muscular hands began to succumb to the strength of a little girl.
It looks like she was beating his big 22-year-old athletic athlete. Her biceps overpowered his large male biceps. Her legs were stronger than his thick legs.
"Is that all you have?" my sister asked in a hoarse voice with tension, "To cope with me, you need more strength." And she added to the pressure.
"No, no, no," I whispered as I watched my big cousin was losing the power contest to my younger sister.
David was all red with tension, a vein appeared on his temple. He gritted his teeth and summoned all his strength to stop the defeat. And to my surprise, he succeeded.
Still trembling he was able to stop his hands and then to my relief took a step forward, pushing Alice away. Then his biceps began to very slowly regain lost positions.
And then he was able to turn the tide of the battle of the forces and the now powerful hands of the sister succumbed to the power of David.
She resisted like a bear. Every inch of winnings was given to the young man with great difficulty.
The young girl was almost as strong as he was. But still, he was a little bit stronger. Finally, after 3 minutes, Alice gave up.
"I almost won," she said in an even voice, as if she hadn't just participated in a battle of strength.
"You're a strong guy, but I think Christina would have handled you," she added smiling.
David sat on a bench in exhaustion and looked up at his young cousin. The victory robbed him of all his strength and he tried to catch his breath.
Alice wasn't so out of breath. But it was obvious that she was also tired. She stood over him with her strong arms crossed over her chest and thought about something. Then she looked at me.
"Now it's your turn to test your strength," she said.
"But you're tired" I tried to refuse.
"That's the whole point, big brother. I'm too strong compared to you. My muscles are bigger and stronger than yours. And your only chance not to lose to me is when I'm tired."
David looked at the girl in surprise. He didn't have the strength to get up from the bench after fighting her. And she was ready to test the force again. Even with a weaker guy.
We grabbed in the middle of the room. I held my hands in her arms and felt my sister's hard hot muscles.
We started and she immediately started overpowering me. My weak male muscles trembled in a futile attempt to resist the powerful girlish biceps.
Their strength was irresistible and my biceps submitted to my sister's strength.
My legs buckled and with hands force she managed to overcome all my strength.
Even the tired sister had enough minutes to deal with her brother.
I was completely defeated by this young girl.
"I think enough of the two of you for today," Alice said looking at the two adult young people.
One she completely overpowered. And the older cousin, although he was able to resist her strength, was completely without strength.
"We need to introduce you to Christina somehow," she said and ran away.
We looked at my cousin.
"Do you think she let me win," he asked in a suffocating voice.
"I hope I didn't" I replied, "She really tried because of her best. Just left a little bit for me."
"And who is this Christina"
"I don't know. My sister says she's a new classmate. And she's insanely strong. Looks even stronger than my sister."
David closed his eyes.
A month and a half later, he and I recognized Christina. And they experienced all its amazing power.
next part last

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Re: 3 weeks
« Reply #9 on: February 13, 2022, 04:15:58 pm »
Part end
After the day my little sister showed how much stronger she was than me. And almost won the power contest with our older cousin. I started going to the gym.
To get close to the power of a little girl and not lose to her is so humiliating. My sister didn't brag about her strength, but periodically reminded me of it. She twisted the lid on the bottles,
and I didn't have the strength of my hands to unscrew her. No matter how hard I tensed my muscles, nothing worked.
Then the girl would take the bottle from my hands and a biceps would appear on her arm, which was larger than mine.
And the little strong girl easily opened the lid, which the weak young man could not cope with. One day I took a bottle to a workout.
After class, I wanted to open it, but my sister tightened the lid too much.
It didn't work out for me – despite all the classes, I was still weaker than her. But here was David. And he was able to defeat the girl.
I was hoping he could open the bottle tightened with her strong hand.
He took the bottle and tried to unscrew the lid. His hands tensed, his biceps appeared like balls. A vein the size of a small pencil appeared on them. But the lid tightened by the girl's hand did not lend itself to his efforts.
It was a new power contest between him and my little sister. And this time, the athletic young man was losing him. He blushed with tension, a vein clogged on his neck. His hands trembled in vain.
Nothing helped. And an exhausted David was forced to surrender. Then he tried again. And he succeeded. At the cost of tremendous effort. But I remembered how easy it was for my sister to open bottles.
And he realized that she had surpassed David in strength. I didn't tell him who had tightened the lid so much with one hand that he needed his two hands.
He doubted whether the little girl had allowed him to win the previous fight.
After all, then David gave all his strength and could not even move for 15 minutes. And my little sister still had the strength to beat me.
It's been 1.5 months since my defeat to Alice, when my parents left for 3 days. I stayed with the eldest. And my sister winked at me.
I could have been for the elder, but we both knew that her strength allowed her to command me.
And there was nothing I could do about it.
I was sitting and watching TV when my sister approached me.
"Tomorrow morning my friends will come to see christina and a few boys."
"You can't invite them without permission" I tried to object to her.
But the young girl tensed her hand "Do you really think I need your permission? Don't forget that I am a strong man here."
She walked over and grabbed my hands with one of hers. I tried to resist the girl's power. My hands were shaking in a vain effort to overcome the young force. But it didn't work out for me.
No matter how hard I worked out in the gym, my young man's muscles were too weak compared to my younger sister's.
She watched as I writhed in the tension in her strong hand.
How my two hands are powerless in front of her strong hand and grinned. I fought tooth and nail. My biceps were tense in a futile attempt.
As soon as I could push her strong arm away, her biceps flashed on her arm.
And he overcame my feeble attempts. With her other hand, she was wagging her finger at me.
"Are you really trying big boy? You know it feels like you're eleven years old and I'm a big and grown guy, not the other way around," she smiled.
I realized that it was impossible for me to fight with this strong girl and gave up resisting.
"Excellent," she said, "Tomorrow morning I will introduce you and David to Christina. And anyway big boy it's time for you to sleep. 
Let your little sister carry you to bed" She leaned over and lifted me into the air.
I felt helpless in her strong girlish hands. And she carried my 150 pounds like I didn't weigh anything. "You're so light," my sister exclaimed and lifted my body up above my head with ease.
She played with my body like a live barbell all the way to my room. And then I went down to bed and walked out like I was a little boy.
I lay there thinking how strong my little sister was until I fell asleep.
The next day I woke up to a dull thud from below. It was as if someone was picking up and dropping something heavy on the floor. I remembered the evening and my next shiver from my sister.
She said that guests would come to her. I stood up and noticed the note. "Put on a sleeveless T-shirt and go downstairs. Fast" was written by my sister. I was scared that she would get mad at me and ran downstairs.
"My friends and I were competing to see who was the strongest and woke up the big boy?" "Let me introduce you. They're Paul, Adam and Steve. They competed here in lifting our heavy bag.
Join us. And then I'll introduce you to Christina."
I looked at the boys. They were probably about 14 years old and they were 3 years older than my sister.
They had decent hands for their age, a little smaller than mine. And clearly less than my sister.
Alice handed me a piece of paper that recorded their attempts in lifting a bag of cargo. And I found that two boys were able to pick it up 4. And Adam managed 5.
I was a little uncomfortable knowing that 1.5 months ago I would have been the weakest person in the room. But I've been doing it ever since.
Therefore, when I grabbed the bag and began to bend my arm with it I managed to do it 6.
"Not a bad brother" was praised by my younger sister. "Now it's my turn"
She grabbed the bag and quickly picked it up 9. On the tenth, it slowed down and I watched with bated breath as a large biceps billowed on the girl's powerful arm and the bag slowly rose for the tenth.
With a knock, she lowered the bag to the floor, pleased, which once again reminded me that she was the stronger sex here. And then she took me to the others, to the next room where Christina was.
There was an amazing girl sitting at the table. Her shoulders were twice as wide as mine. Her powerful hands were clearly larger than David's.
Her hands were on the table and with each of her mighty hands fought a guy clearly older than Christina. It was Adam and Steve.
"Hi said, I'm Christina. Do you want to try it too?" she asked, "You two will fight against your left hand, and Alice's older brother will try his hand against his right."
Four hands of fourteen-year-old boys fought in a futile attempt to resist the might of a young girl's strong hand.  I looked at their tense faces.
I took Christina's right hand with two hands and pounced on the powerful hand of a young eighteen-year-old boy with all my strength. Her hand didn't even flinch.
I tensed every muscle. I was trying to pile on my powerful arm with my body. But the little girl was too strong.
"Try it three," she said with a smile.
And here are three guys — six men's hands — struggling not to lose to one of the girl's hands.
Our hands were shaking with tension when, together, we were able to push Christina's hand away a little.
She frowned and tensed for the first time. A huge biceps soared in her girlish hand and our efforts were stopped. And then slowly our six hands were overpowering her alone.
And slowly but inevitably, the little girl pressed our weak male hands with her mighty maiden hand. She defeated us all.
At that moment, David entered the room. He paled as the younger girl's mighty biceps were messing with our bodies. As a small consolation was that the girls had to strain their mighty biceps.
It looks like four guys could stand up to a young girl. If David had joined our efforts, we would even have a chance to win. But it came too late for us.
And the three of us lost armwrestling with one hand to the younger girl.
"Good warm-up," Christina said in an even voice. She stood up from behind and walked over to David.
David looked up at the younger girl.
Although she was much younger than him, she was taller, wider in the shoulders more powerful in the arms. David completely disappeared behind the mighty but slender body of a young girl.
There was no doubt which of the two was stronger.
"Christina" introduced herself and held out her hand to David. She shook his hand and the young man suddenly squealed from the strong handshake of the young girl.
He tried to pull his hand out of his grip, but Christina was too strong.
"Oh, sorry I can't always calculate my strength," she said, letting go of the older young man's exhausted hand.
"Are you ready to show what your workouts have yielded?" asked my younger sister Alice. She compared Christina's and David's muscles.
David sighed. He took the bag we were using as a strange dumbbell and started twisting it on his bicep. 9 times he was able to pick it up. But when I tried to lift a heavy bag for the tenth time,
to match the strength of my younger sister, his biceps tensed, David bit his lip from the tension, but was only able to lift the weight slightly and immediately dropped it to the floor.
My little sister proved that she was stronger than him. David was the strongest of the guys in the room, but the two younger girls surpassed his masculine strength.
Now Christina took the bag. Her gorgeous muscle on her arm tensed and the bag soared up without difficulty. Fifteen times her hand lifted the weight without even straining.
Then it slowed down and we watched with bated breath as the girl's strong hand lifted him 19 times. For the twentieth time, her hand began to tremble, but with a lot of effort, Christina coped.
She lifted 2 times more weight than David. And she tried to lift one more time, but even her huge forces could not cope. Her huge biceps tensed. The bag lifted halfway through, but then fell to the floor with a thud.
It was a terrific show of the strength of a little girl.
"Now David, big brother and Adam will fight in a test of strength against me," Christina said.
"Don't you want to get some rest," I asked.
"Big brother is tired?" asked Christina, "I'm not, but if you want, you can measure my muscles."
With my hands trembling with excitement, I wrapped the tape around her hand. Christina's muscles were like a hot stone.
They were huge 15 inches.  Half an inch more than David's hands and 3 more than mine.
She stood in the middle of the room to test her strength. David took his right hand, and Adam took his left hand.
As soon as my sister commanded "Let's go" the muscles on her arm swelled and the three of us couldn't resist this huge power of the little girl.
Our bodies trembled. We were tensing every muscle in our men's bodies. David was moaning with tension. Adam and I were red, leaning all over the girl's powerful arm. But our efforts were in vain.
In the test of strength, the little girl alone defeated the three older guys. Our arms and legs together yielded to the strength of her hand.
In all our bodies there was no strength to resist the power of the hands of the mighty Christina.
And she tensed up a little more and her strength threw our weak bodies to the floor.
Under the feet of a mighty girl. It took her only a minute to completely overpower the three older guys.
We lay on the floor and looked up at little Christina's strong body. Who strained her powerful biceps as a sign of victory.
She looked at a bunch of guys at her feet and smiled and said pointing at me and David "You two sit on chairs."
We didn't realize what Christina wanted to do, dutifully sat on two chairs, and Christina came up from behind and lifted David and me into the air with her hands. Like dumbbells!
It was an unforgettable sight - a little girl stood in the middle of the room and only by the force of her hands held in the air much older than her young men.
Her hands, her strained biceps, didn't shake at all supporting our weight. I don't think most powerful bodybuilders would be able to replicate this feat of strength.
"You're probably the strongest person," I said.
"No, not yet," Christina replied, still holding David and me in bent arms, "I'm still only a hundred away, but in two years no one will be stronger than me."
This was the first meeting with the mighty Christina.

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Re: 3 weeks
« Reply #10 on: February 14, 2022, 12:54:32 am »
Not a bad story. Not much details or description, but they are starting young. Good luck on more.

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Re: 3 weeks
« Reply #11 on: February 14, 2022, 01:52:53 pm »
Hope the sister becomes as strong as Christina soon!

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Re: 3 weeks
« Reply #12 on: February 14, 2022, 05:11:39 pm »
Thanks for the feedback. I think I'm done with this story.
I plan to write a separate story in which Christina will participate in the competition "The Strongest Man" and win it.

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