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Author Topic: Gym Beast Part 2  (Read 4009 times)

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Gym Beast Part 2
« on: January 16, 2022, 06:06:12 pm »
After that fateful night of domination at the hands of the muscular woman I only knew as Gym Beast, I cancelled my membership as quickly as I could and shredded my gym card. For a while, I became a paranoid wreck convinced that around every corner lurked Gym Beast, and as soon as I turned around her gigantic frame would be towering over me.

My sleepless nights would find me tossing and turning, the clanking of imaginary weights ringing in my ears and her groaning and straining with every lift. I hardly left the house outside of work, and had whatever I could be delivered to me. I deleted every picture and video of female bodybuilders I had on my hard drive and stopped going to websites I had frequented before.

For a while, it worked and I was able to keep the memories of Gym Beast and my infatuation with muscle goddesses at bay. I started confiding to a therapist about what had happened and I made some progress. I was starting to date again, too. Having signed up for an online website, I felt a bit of trepidation as you can search based on body type and my cursor hung over the 'jacked' option far too long.

This was where I met Tina, who was sweet and kind and slender. All of the things Gym Beast was not. Things were peaceful for a time. We went on long walks, watched movies together on the couch and cuddled. But like any addict, my addiction was still there and there's a saying that it never goes away, it just gets stronger. Doing push-ups this whole time, which is a very apt metaphor when it comes to thoughts of female bodybuilders creeping into your mind.

I could picture Gym Beast doing push-ups, swelling up, the veins on her arms becoming more pronounced with each one. Now doing sit-ups, abdominals chiseling. Maybe polishing off the workout with pull-ups, her back a massive continent of muscles. God, I had such a massive relapse before I knew what I was doing, I was putting every keyword I could think of into my browser's search engine on my laptop.

A sea of pictures of various female bodybuilders pulled up of every size and variety. Some taken mid workout, others naked taken in some nondescript hotel room. It didn't take long for me to get a boner from all of these muscular ladies and I spent some time masturbating. It had been so long, I remembered why I fell in love with big female bodybuilders in the first place. All that power and muscle, yet the touch of femininity that still remained was as potent an aphrodisiac as ever.

I navigated further, and as I pulled up the results of a local bodybuilding show I broke out into a cold sweat. There she was on stage, winning first place handily: Gym Beast. She had transformed herself to become even bigger and more muscular than before, and it looks like she got even bigger implants like she said she was going to do.

They were so big they looked like they'd burst forth from her pink and glittery bikini top in the blink of an eye. Her face was dolled-up with makeup and she had a deep dark tan that made every muscle and vein pop beautifully. Her hair was now a pixie cut. I pulled up a video of her posing routine and she ended on a crab pose, chest and breasts and biceps and traps flexing.

I had the irrational fear that somehow in the video she'd peer over the cheering crowd and see me watching through the computer, then point me out and beckon to come to her like an obedient dog that had its time out and now to come back to its master. Shutting the laptop closed, I took a deep breath.

Good timing, as Tina came through the door.

"Hey, love." She beamed. I quickly composed myself. This was just a little replase, nothing more. Delete my web search history later and forget it ever happened.

"Hey, you. How was your day?"

We were becoming a couple, spending more time at each other's place with every date. Things were going great, and I definitely didn't want to put that in jeopardy. Tina was perfect for me. She just wasn't a bodybuilder, that was all.

"Oh, the usual. I wanted to make dinner tonight and you're out of a couple things. I can get started on the sides if you don't mind making a quick run?"

She gives a quick kiss on the lips, persuading me if I go I'll be her hero.

"Sure thing, bae. Be back in a few." I say and make my way out, grabbing my car keys on the counter. It made sense to get some fresh air anyway, really clear my head. It wasn't too far to the grocery store, but there was a gym along the way and I made it a point not to look. It was tough not to, as before many times I would have slowed down to see the female bodies working the machines and maybe luck out and see a monster female bodybuilder lifting weights close to the window. Not today.

Grabbing a cart, I leisurely make my way through the aisles and dutifully get the items Tina texted me on the trip over. A little of this, one of those. Maybe about fifteen items total. There's a section towards the back with protein shakes and supplements and all that. You can sometimes see a gym rat or two over there, and sometimes I would pop over and linger on the off chance a female bodybuilder would be there.

I really shouldn't. Everything we need is in my cart now and the sooner I get to checkout, the sooner I can spend my evening with Tina. Making out, I'll rub her arms and I try not to think about it but I am secretly disappointed there isn't a swollen bicep peak for me to feel up. There is no network of veins that pop out over her skin and there is definitely not a six pack awaiting me under her shirt.

We make love and she is nice and wonderful and I tell myself all of this repeatedly, but she is not nor ever will be a female bodybuilder and I must accept this fact and move on. Tina is not a swollen muscle goddess, period. And I have to tell myself that is fine, that I'm okay with it.

But I can't help myself, I turn and push the cart to the health and fitness section. Rows of supplements and powders greet me. Everything one would need to pack on pounds of muscle. Over-the-counter, at least. Vanilla and chocolate-flavored shakes to take out some of the drudgery of the task.

There is a woman I notice looking at everything, unsure of what she wants to pick. She's fit, has some good musculature but not a huge bodybuilder type. The sort of type who doesn't want to take it "too far" as if there were some visible line that must not be crossed.

She sees me and says hi and gives a polite smile, then grabs something and pushes her cart to the next aisle. I stand by myself for a few minutes and realize I'm completely alone. Whatever gnawing impulse dragged me over here is done with and I'm ready to leave and pay for the groceries.

Rounding the corner, another cart slams into mine, the shockwaves making my hands rattle and I stumble back.

"I am so sorry--" I look up at who the cart belongs to and I stop dead in my tracks. It's her. It's Gym Beast, wider and more muscular in real life than she was at that show. Her quads are so big they're practically stuffed into a pair of cutoff denim shorts. Her breasts are now so big they spill out over the top of her cart, I wonder what size bra she must be using to harness them in that tight pink tank top.

"Well, well. If it isn't the stick. Funny running into you, here."

She leaves her cart and saunters towards me, hands on her sizable hips. Her cart is filled to the brim with vegetables, eggs, and chicken. Enough for dozens of high protein meals.

"You know you have no business being over here, stick. I haven't seen you at the gym since that night. Bet you're not doing anything, are you?"

She lifts my shirt to reveal a thin frame, I lost whatever definition I had when I stopped going. Then, she takes my arm and starts pinching it looking for anything that might pass muster as a muscle.

"You got absolutely nothing. Why are you over here? Hoping you'll run into someone like me, I bet."

"I have a girlfriend now." I say meekly like that's some kind of shield that will protect me.

She leans in, her face of mock surprise and congratulations. I notice her face is even drier and more vascular and she has a musky body odor that makes my head swim. It smells of the gym and powders and her body, and I can't help it but an erection begins to form in my pants.

"Oh, well, isn't that so nice and lovely. Bet she doesn't know about our little evening together, does she? She know you're someone else's property? You left before I could brand you."

"C'mon, give me a break."

Gym Beast closes her eyes and shakes her head authoritatively.

"No way, stick. I haven't let others go for even lesser crimes. A schmoe like you gets away from me...tsk, tsk, tsk. What do you think that would do for my reputation?"

I try to think. What would Tina make of all this? I've never told her, outside of my therapist nobody knows and even then I omitted quite a few details in the recounting. I've told her just about everything about myself except for that night and my lust for big, muscular, Amazonian women.

"I'll give you money if you leave me alone." I plead. I was hoping maybe this would please her, but Gym Beast was already baring her teeth and backing me against the racks with a dominant muscle flex.

"You think I need your money, stick? You have any idea how much all these proteins and gym clothes and steroids cost?"

I reach the back of the racks and knock off some items as I try to back away. She thrusts her colossal fake tits at me, leveling them like armed bazookas at me.

"These alone cost thousands of dollars. And you know what? I don't even pay for them. I've got so many schmoes who practically throw their wallets at me. They do it gladly, and they don't even get to touch them. And you got to suckle on them! And you never even thanked me for the privilege! What a fucking ingrate!"

I slide down to the floor and she's looming over me with her muscles and tits.

"Thank...thank you?" I reply timidly.

"Thank me for what? I want to hear it."

People are starting to poke their heads around the corner to see what's going on.

"Thank you for letting me suck on your big, fake tits."

"Hmm, they are big aren't they? They're like two big dumbells attached to my chest. They're so fucking big now if my frame wasn't so big and muscular, if it were on anybody else it'd snap their back in a second."

Gym Beast snapped her finger for some extra emphasis. Now, she pointed at all the stuff I had accidentally knocked over.

"Look what you did! You made a mess. Fucking clean it up."

I scramble to my feet and try to put the items back on the shelves.

"And don't just put them anywhere there's a space, either. Put them back where they belong. God, I fucking hate when that happens and I go postal at the checkout. I wanna fuck up the right schmoe that did it, catch him in the act. Then flex in his face until he is so terrified he never wants to go to the store ever again."

It takes me an extra minute to do this, everything has such a long name making it difficult to match up, but I put enough extra pressure on myself to do it and am conscious of those watching us who don't want to get involved but want to spectate.

I hope this pleases her enough to let me go and pay for my groceries. If I can just get through this I swear I will never go to another website or in a supplement place or even a sporting goods store ever again.

"I did it, is that enough?"

"You've got a short memory, stick. It's never enough. But, I got things to do later tonight. Get down on your knees and beg me to go."

Shit, why did I think this would be quick and easy? I comply and fall to my knees in front of her, touching her swollen legs that are like mighty sequoias.

"May I please, please go? My girlfriend is waiting for me."

Like a carnival barker, Gym Beast pipes up and makes a spectacle throwing her hands up into the air where everyone looking can hear.

"Oh, look here, everyone: this guy needs to get back to his lame, puny girlfriend or she might leave his pathetic ass. Better rush out of the way, it's a goddamn emergency! Everyone, pull to one side of the road like his car is a fuckibg ambulance! How about that, stick?"

Everyone starts to look away and shuffle off awkwardly.

"Pfft, I suppose I can let you go. For the moment, anyway."

I get up and go back to my cart.

"Oh, here's something you do need from this aisle."

Gym Beast goes to the spot where they have little weights and other cheap, discount workout gear. She pulls out some bright pink 5lb weights with her fingers and they look so tiny compared to her hand they look like nothing.

"These are about your speed. You can walk around with them like a granny." And she dumps them into my cart, smashing into some of the items.

"See you at checkout, stick."

I practically run with the cart around her and out of the aisle, even make a few circuits here and there in case she's following me and I take the little weights out of my cart and set them aside.

After a bit, I make my way up to the checkout and there's a couple people ahead. It's my turn and the clerk rings everything up, but when I reach back I can't find my wallet. I know I left with it. Same thing with my phone which I stuck in my other back pocket when I came in.

It makes me feel like the world's biggest asshole for holding up the line. No cash, cards, and can't even use one of the apps to pay for it.

A deep, guttural roid voice that I know all too well pipes up over my shoulder.

"I believe these are yours."

Gym Beast sets my wallet and phone on the counter by the card reader.

I turn to her and the rest of the line who are all now looking at me expectantly.

"Uh...thanks. Thanks a lot."

I sheepishly take both of my valuables and pull out my debit card, eager to pay and get this over with.

"Oh, he almost forgot these too."

Gym Beast takes the pittily five pound weights that I had put aside from earlier and plops them down on the conveyor belt. The grocery clerk scans them and adds it to the total. By now, I just want out and I pay the extra cost and push my cart hastily out the door, looking over my shoulder all the way as I get to the car.

Putting everything in my trunk, I notice the weights are left in the cart and I debate leaving them there. Gym Beast didn't follow me out, at least I didn't think she did. Scanning the lot, I don't see her. But part of me felt like if I just left them there, somehow she would know. Sense I had disobeyed her and come for me, cracking the knuckles on her giant-like fists ready to dominate me further.

So, I put them in the trunk as well and drive off, not quite speeding but doing what I can to shave off a few minutes. I try to shake it off of me, try not to think about Gym Beast at all and focus on Tina. Tina, who would never think about humiliating me in public or dominating me at all. I take one hand off the wheel and feel down my pants and there is still a throbbing erection I'm trying to get to calm down.

Making it home, I take the armful of everything I can and Tina opens the door for me.

"Good timing, I was about to file a missing persons report."

We take the groceries and lay them all out on the table. I help put away what we don't immediately need for dinner and Tina notices the five pound weights that I absent-mindedly brought in instead of leaving in the trunk.

"What are these?"

"I got them for you. Thought you might like them."

Tina takes one in her hand and starts curling, seeing how she likes it.

"Thank you, maybe I'll give them a try some time. Walk around or do some aerobics."

Aerobics. God, all I can think about is the heavy female bodybuilders going insane in the gym making their beefy arms even bigger. Forget aerobics and walking. I try not to fantasize about Tina becoming buff. Busying myself with getting the dinner ready, my mind is distracted enough to focus on the here and now and not Gym Beast's award-winning muscular body being again so close to me.

We sit down to a lovely meal complete with two glasses of red wine. The evening goes according to plan. Later, we begin to makeout and we move things to the bedroom. Tina's body is so soft and completely feminine. Slender and graceful. There are no bulging muscles or lines of veins. Her voice is high and lilting and she has small natural breasts, nothing at all like Gym Beast's massive implants each the size of pumped-up basketballs.

"Flex for me." I say dreamily. Where did that come from? My subconscious?


"Flex for me. Like you're a big bodybuilder showing off your muscles."

Tina must be very tipsy from the wine because she laugh-snorts and says okay, then with her frail arms she flexes as best she can and makes noises.

"Haha! Grr, I'm a big lady bodybuilder!"

I wonder if she notices I'm thrusting harder now and my cock has some more life in it after she did that?

Eventually, we finish up and not that there's anything wrong with our lovemaking...but I can't help feeling like there's something missing. It's not fair to compare her to a monstrous bodybuilder like Gym Beast. But after she goes to sleep I find myself pulling up her competition photos, zooming in on every photo until they're blown up taking up the entire screen.

That night, I had some weird dreams. Kept replaying all the run-ins I had with Gym Beast. She was inescapable. Every time I tried to banish her from my mind, I'd again focus on her veiny biceps, her deeply rich roid voice whispering into my ears all the things she could do. All the things she was going to do to me, whether I liked it or not.

Somehow I had found myself in my therapist's office retelling what had happened at the grocery store. My therapist dutifully took notes and her expression was inscrutable, who knows what she really thought of my desires and fears of muscular women? In previous sessions she had assured me there was nothing wrong with everything that I felt, the confusion and mix of titillation and trepidation in regards to Gym Beast.

Then, I saw she had a hand grip and was squeezing it as we spoke. The numbers on it somehow kept going up, and she was doing it harder and harder and her arm was becoming so veiny in such a short amount of time it was absurd. Finally, she flung it right out the window and got up out of her chair and took her glasses off.

Like the Incredible Hulk, her body started to fill out with muscles and she was swelling up to comic book levels of musculature. Her voice deepened and she said I needed to stop all my whining, that was the problem. The door was now locked and there was nowhere for me to go. Before she laid her immense hands on me, I woke up to my mundane bedroom and Tina gently stirring next to me.

My cock was like a steel rod in my underwear. It was hungry for a taut, musclebound body and nothing less would do. Have you ever felt on the verge of a frenzy? That's how I felt right then and there. If Tina hadn't been right beside me, I probably would have beaten off until my cock was red at the thought of an enormously ripped female bodybuilder right there.

I sat on my bed, rubbed my face and my phone buzzed. Who was calling me today? It was a number I didn't recognize. I decided to answer, see if maybe it was someone from my workplace.

"Hello?" I ask groggy, still unsure if I'm truly awake or not.

"Hey, stick." Gym Beast's low voice greets my ears and she sounds even lower and more threatening on the phone.

" did you get my number?"

That's when it hit me. When I was in the store, for a while I was running around without my wallet and phone. Gym Beast must have had all the time in the world to get my number and who knows what other kind of information.

"Had your phone and your wallet, stick. Got your driver's license info. Not a good picture, FYI. It's amazing how much you learn from all that stuff. Can see your house and your little girlfriend. See you went on a bender recently and looked me up, too. Did my competition pictures do it for you? Did you blow your wad at the thought of me flexing on stage, all huge and dominating everybody else there?"

"Please leave me alone." I say meekly.

"Afraid your puny little lady is gonna find out about us? You know I got her number from your phone as well. Us ladies can chat and compare notes. And you know what else? I got a copy of the video from the gym that night. Could show her how I chased you down like a little bitch and carried you over my shoulder like you weighed nothing. There's even a way I record what goes on in the locker room. Everything unedited, we can all sit together with popcorn and make it a movie night."

My eyes grew wide. It hadn't even occurred to me. She could send that footage to anybody in my personal orbit. They could see the humiliation, Gym Beast rampaging through the place and dominating me. Soaping up her huge, beautiful body like a slave. What would Tina think of that?

"Please don't. Please."

"Or how about your work pals? Bet they'd get a kick out of that one. Assuming you still worked there afterwards, you'd never live it down. Everyone always laughing at you about the time you got dominated by a big female bodybuilder and there was nothing you could do about it."

Her voice was so intoxicating though over the phone, and I couldn't help but begin to stroke my hard cock with my free hand. All the talk of her muscles was still so arousing. But what could I do to make sure this wouldn't ever get out?

"What do you want from me?"

"For starters, stop thinking you're gonna get away from me. I know where you live now, stick. Second, I want you to admit you're still thinking about my body and all of my muscles."

"I am…" I whisper into the phone guiltily.

"You what?"

"I said I haven't thought about anything else since that night besides your glorious, huge muscles."

"That's what I wanna hear. My muscles turn me on just as much. I'm playing with myself right now. You should see my clit. Got even bigger and more sensitive since the last time. It's like some pet I need to take care of. Needs to be played with and fed constantly. Jesus, it never feels satisfied. Feels like I could fuck an entire army and still not feel satisfied."

"Must be the steroids." I muse, beating my cock still.

"Oh, oh fuck. My clit. I just stimulated it with my fingers. I am so wet down here. You want to know the difference between us? Your body gets a piddly little fire cracker set off when you get your rocks off. Me with all this juice coursing through my veins? It's like an atom bomb going off."

I could picture her fingering herself probably right after a huge workout, sweat gleaming off her majestic mountain of muscles and the tremors of pleasure reverberating throughout her body. I found myself longing to be inside of her once more, to be her plaything.

"Oh, fuck, I want you so badly. More than anything."

"You want to rub all of my muscles? How about my enormous fake tits? Would you worship those as well? I could squeeze your cock on my biceps, or maybe between my mountainous implants? Then if I allow it, you can do some titfucking."

I feel like I'm about to explode with my cock, I have to stop stroking it otherwise I'll cum all over the bed and disturb Tina's sleep. I tepidly put my cock back in my boxers.

"That's enough foreplay for the moment, stick. I'll be over to see you real soon. Bye-bye."

"Wait, wait!"

But the phone clicks and Gym Beast is no longer there. Tina stirs awake.

"Who are you talking to?"

"Oh, nobody of importance." I lie.

Later that morning, she leaves saying she has to take care of a few things at her place. She kisses me goodbye and I'm secretly grateful she's gone, unable to see the wreck I am in anticipation of Gym Beast.

She knows my address and can come any time she pleases. So I end up pacing around my house over and over, unsure what I should do. Should I tell Tina about all this? Or perhaps Gym Beast is merely toying with me, content at all the anxiety this is stirring in me. I'm making myself sick with worry and slump into the couch, a pile of shot nerves.

That's when I hear the knocking. I don't get up immediately and it stops. Was I just imagining that? No, as it starts anew and even louder and heavier than before. It sounds like there's a whole SWAT team at my door with the battering ram. It can only be her. Gym Beast.

I unlock the door slowly, though I'm sure she's entirely capable of breaking it down. Her massive visage stands in my doorway and she looks down at me.

"Didn't you hear me knocking, stick? Expecting company and you can't even hop to it? How rude."

"It'" I say breathlessly.

She pushes me aside and makes her way in. She's carrying her sizable gym bag with her, stuffed with what looks like a lot of items. Gym Beast thrusts it in my chest and I take it. It's so heavy it nearly knocks me over.

"Take that upstairs, stick." Gym Beast says and I march up, setting it on the bed. She follows right behind me, I can hear her massive stomps echoing up the stairs.

Gym Beast looks around at my room, clearly unimpressed.

"It's even worse than I imagined. This where you plow your little stick figure girlfriend?"

I nod.

"I was gonna come later, but I couldn't stand the waiting around. Juiced up earlier, you wouldn't believe the new gear I'm on. Twice as strong as the stuff I had you inject me with last time. It's got a name so long and it's from some obscure eastern European country where they don't give a flying shit what's legal. Practically fucking experimental. But you can't argue with results, can you?"

She pumps her body up, veins crisscross everywhere. Her exposed abs clench tightly and her biceps swell. Gym Beast is so much bigger than me now than even she was before. I wonder how much of that stuff she must be taking now.

"Feel that hard fucking bicep, stick."

She offers an arm and I marvel at the huge veins on it, how hard it is. The bicep is about as big as my head.

"Fucking lick it, stick. Lap it up like it's a scoop of ice cream." She instructs and I do so, letting my tongue work its way along every crevice.

"Now the other one."

Gym Beast switches to the other arm and I obey her. Her muscles are so well-defined and hard and her skin tastes salty.

"God, all that gear. Took a big dose, I'm just swelling up right now it's ridiculous. All those hormones and testosterone raging in my body. I want to fuck and fuck shit up. Can't decide which one I want to do first!"

She grabs me by the throat and thrusts me against the wall, practically taking my feet off the ground. My closet door pops open from the impact, showing Gym Beast my wardrobe.

"These all yours? Your little girlfriend got her clothes here yet? Fuck me, let's see what you got in there."

With her other hand, she goes through all my clothes, disgust forming on her face.

"All these are fucking awful. No gym clothes. And worst of all? So tiny, so thin. What are these kids' clothes?"

She flings me aside and finds a long sleeve office shirt and attempts to put it on. It is so much smaller than her powerful frame. Managing to stuff her girthful arms into the sleeve, she buttons it up and it stretches to the material's limits, lining out the bulging muscles and breasts threatening to rip through.

"What do you think, stick? Think I'm ready for a day at your office? No, not for me. I need something a little more physical."

With a mighty flex, the buttons burst off like she's a superhero, her tits bounce out, and the sleeves rip apart. It's truly a sight to see. She casts the tattered shreds aside, finds another, a big baggy shirt that's my comfy around-the-house shirt. Gym Beast puts it on and it's still too small on her.

"This the biggest one in your closet? Fuck. It's still so tiny. It's nothing."

With her colossal hands, she rips it in half like a wrestler, yelling all the time like the monster she is. This seems to put her in a frenzy and she is tearing up everything in my closet. Ripping clothes off hangers, tearing them over and over like they were thin sheets of paper and littering my room with them. Banging on the walls, tearing down the wooden support beam and wrecking whatever else I have stored in there.

I make the immense mistake of putting a hand on her shoulder to see if I can calm her down somewhat. This was a colossal mistake. I can feel it thicken and tense up and she turns to me with the look of a raging beast, wild and frenzied.

"You put your fucking hand on me? Did I give you permission? If I want your hand on my shoulder I'll rip it off and put it on there, you little fuckibg stick boy!"

"I didn't mean to…"

Before I can finish, she's all over me, raging and screaming how weak and pathetic I am and how dare I. Gym Beast grabs me by the arms and squishes me like I'm an accordion. She brings me close to her face, her square jaw and eyeballs bugging out at me, neck veins and veins webbing around her face throbbing angrily at me. Her breath is hot and sexy and threatening like a dragon all at the same time.

"Fuck, these steroids are running wild through my fucking veins, stick. It's turning me into even more of an insatiable, cruel monster. I can barely think straight. I'm like a goddamn mother fucking Beast now. And I'm so hungry to inflict pain and fucking."

Gym Beast turns me around and puts me in a painful full nelson that is impenetrable, completely locked in and I thrash around pathetically, she walks me around and I'm knocking things around trying to wriggle out somehow.

"You even trying to get out, stick? I'm hardly using any of my strength. I'm using as much arm strength as it takes to open my fridge. Fucking you up is such a breeze for me. I could pretzel your spine and wear you like a fucking scarf if I wanted."

She whispers this all into my ear and she licks the back of my neck and the side of my face, running her long tongue on me like an animal tasting prey.

"I'm going to fuck you up all around your own house and then you're going to worship my muscles. I'm going to trash your house, trash your body, and then you're going to do whatever I want."

Gym Beast takes me down to the floor, sweeping my legs out from under me. She uses her thick legs and squeezes my head, crossing them over and locking them in. I beat my hands on them and feel how thick and hard her leg muscles are. Somehow she moves on from that criss-crosses our legs for a leglock and my leg muscles are overstretched, feel like they're ready to burst.

My cry of pain causes Gym Beast to moan in ecstasy. She licks her lips.

"I'm getting so wet right now. I love this, love your pain. Yell harder for me. Do it!"

She turns up the pain to another level and I have no choice but to respond and I cry out louder, beg for mercy from her but she shakes her head furiously, delighting in my misery.

"I need to fuck you up more, stick. It's not enough for me."

Gym Beast lets me out of the leg lock and yanks me up off the floor. My legs hurt so bad I can barely stand on my feet. Soon, I'm off the ground entirely as she lifts me up and puts me in a bear hug, clenching her massive arms into a lock around my back and squeezing me so hard I feel like a tube of toothpaste clenched in a fist. Fuck, does it hurt so much. It makes me wonder if she could really snap me in half like a twig.

She parades me around the room, which now looks as if a tornado came through with debris from everything being knocked all over. Her chest muscles bulge and flex and her biceps look like they're nearly up to her chin as she looks up at me, savoring every yelp and bit of pain she's inflicting on me.

"You weak little stick, that's what you are. Wanna be snapped into two even littler sticks? I can tuck each half under my big fucking arms and carry you out like street garbage. What would your little girlfriend think of that? Maybe she could have the top half and I'll keep the lower since that's all a man like you is good for. Fuck, who am I kidding? I don't share."

She sets me back down and picks me back up again. This time she scoops me up in a fireman's carry and flings me onto the bed where I hit like a projectile and squirm my way where I'm resting my head on the pile of pillows like I had hopped into bed from an exhausting day. Pain surges through my body and it's as if that makes her swell up even more and she looks ready to burst out of her own clothes.

Gym Beast lives up to her name and snarls at me, crab flexes like she did at the end of the competition and rips off her shirt, tears her bra off, flexes again showing me the marvelousness of her abs and chest and awe-inspiringly huge breasts that now seem like a threat and a weapon just as much for titillation. She practically rips off her denim shorts, tears the panties off and flings them at me which smell of her amazing sex.

"Take your fucking clothes of, stick. And make it real quick, or you're gonna piss me off."

"My girlfriend can drop by any minute. Please." I don't know why I thought that would make Gym Beast stop her assault. If anything, it only enticed her further.

"She want to play too? I'll fuck her up just like you. Break her down, get her addicted to my muscles. I'm liking the idea more and more. Now, get fucking naked!"

My hands tremble as I go to undo my clothes, but this isn't quick enough for her as she yanks at my shirt and rips it off, tearing it to shreds in the process and pulling my pants and under off so quick it pulls my shoes along with it. Now we're both completely naked.

"That's more like it, stick."

Gym Beast snorted and walked a few steps back like a bull readying a charge, and before I could make any sense of what was going to happen she did a short run and jumped high, flying over and on top of me in a full bodyslam. Her immense size was crushing, her breast implants impacting me and feeling like getting hit with two boulders.

I'm woozy, I know I yell out and soon we are face to face, her image hovering right over me. There's a look of pure pleasure on her face like the bodyslam was an organism experience.

"Oh, fuck yes. That felt so fucking good. One more of those and I bet I'd totally flatten you."

As she's saying this and moaning she's rubbing me all over, like she is on some kind of sensory overload. I feel her clit throbbing against me, her legs entwine mine. She puts a muscular hand on my cock and pumps it. Despite all of the pain, it has become rock hard.

"Fuck me. Fuck me like you know you want to. You know you can't resist me." She croons into my ear seductively, and all ready she's humping me, rubbing her clit all over my hard cock.

"I can't. I mean, I shouldn't. My girlfriend is supposed to come by later." I say feebly. Part of me knows I need to be loyal to Tina, it wouldn't be right...but her muscles are so huge and personality so dominate. Her breasts smoosh themselves against my chest, right in front of me.

Gym Beast notices my hesitation and I know she will not accept anything less than my total submission to her will, to her muscles, to her overwhelming sexual urges.

With her arm, she places my cock in the crook of her forearm and bicep and flexes, trapping it. Pumping rhythmically, my cock responds and it feels so good to have my penis touching her bicep. I close my eyes and enjoy it. I'm trying my best to resist.

Turning the opposite direction, my face is pressed against her wet pussy and clit and she is sucking my prick hungrily, bobbing up and down. It's a blowjob unlike anything I've ever experienced before in my life. Returning the favor, I begin feasting on Gym Beast's majestic womanhood.

What happens next still boggles my mind. She grabs me by the sides and begins lifting me, the next second I'm upside down and she's parading me around still blowing me and I'm still eating out her huge pussy. It's such an overwhelming display of strength and sex, my cock throbs inside her mouth and I know I am powerless.

Gym Beast slams me down ln the bed again, rakes her fingers across my body and looks down expectantly at me.

"Give me what I want." She demands.

I try to dive into the night stand for a condom, but Gym Beast grabs me by the wrist and squeezes hard. Pain shoots out from the vice-like grip.

"Don't even think about trying to use a rubber on me. I need to feel everything, every bit of sperm in your cylinder is mine. I will not be denied one single ounce of pleasure, you get me, stick?"

I nod and she relaxes the grip. She grabs them out of the night stand and rips them all up with a rubbery snap. They're all utterly useless now and she grinds herself onto my cock and we begin to fuck in earnest. It feels like being inside of a wild, raging beast than with a woman. Primal. Like this is probably how humans fucked thousands of years ago before anyone knew how to form a single word.

We're humping and I am jackhammering into her as best and as hard as I can. My hands work on her muscles, touching them, caressing them, massaging them, whatever kind of thing I can do with her muscles to worship them. Her abs are so hard and bulge at me with every thrust.

We're so sweaty and slick now and I'm moaning and she is grunting, taunting me to give her more. Give everything to this muscle goddess and I try.

"Fuck, fuck, keep fucking! Do not stop! Touch these muscles, they're bigger than anything you've ever fucking seen."

I'm in awe of Gym Beast's somehow even more exceptional physique. I feel the improvements on her body. Where she's added even more bulk, where the muscles have grown bigger and harder. How did she do it? It doesn't seem possible, she's like something out of fan art, but here she is real in my hands.

We disengage and she gets on all fours, beckoning for a new position.

"Fuck me from behind, stick. Fuck me in my hard, muscular ass. Bet your little girlfriend doesn't like that. Bet she can't take it cause she's just as much of a stick as you are. But I'm a fucking tank. I can take anything, I'm so fucking strong."

She's right, I wouldn't ever think of it with Tina. We make gentle love, we don't do dirty fucking like this and certainly no display of strength like with Gym Beast. Taking my cock in my hand, I mount up from behind and begin to insert myself. Her ass cheeks are so muscular, as glorious as her abs or biceps or quads. I start to thrust and it feels tight, and I notice even her cheeks have strands of veins running along them and I can see the spot where she must have injected herself today.

" you're getting it. You like this?"

"I love it. I love fucking you and your big, glorious muscles."

Now I can feel her clinch her muscles and my cock feels like it's being crushed between boulders. It hurts, but I keep trying to thrust anyway.

"God, I'm so fucking strong I can beat you even when I'm on all fours. Being so strong makes me so horny, too. Now, call me daddy or I'll crush your cock."

There's no way I could pull out, the grip is so strong. She has total mastery of every single one of her muscles and can make each one dance and pump and crush should she choose.

"I love your muscles, daddy. You're so strong. So big. Please don't crush my cock, daddy." I say and hope that's enough for Gym Beast.

"Don't forget that, stick. I'm your big hard muscle daddy and you're here to do what I say or I'll break your cock off and the stove it up your ass. Now get in there, fuck it hard. This isn't some date with flowers and handholding and shit, I wanna fuck."

She eases up a little and I keep pounding, keep thrusting and while I'm doing so my free hand is exploring the wideness of her back. It's so huge, stretching from almost one corner of the bed to the other. So vast, I can see the muscles ripple and the veins throb. It's so amazing to see and to feel and I decide to grab hold of the back of her short hair, getting into the beastial rhythm and driving myself harder.

"Now you've got the idea. Fuck like a goddamn aminal."

It feels so good, and after a while we switch positions again and she's pulling me in with her big legs and I'm pounding from up top now. Her huge fake tits jiggle with each hefty thrust and I have to touch and feel them. I stick my head in between them and kiss the space on her chest between them.

Gym Beast puts her hands on her breasts and started to push them together hard, squeezing my head between her mountainous implants. She punches them and I feel the reverberations. They're so hard and big, they could probably knock them out.

"My tits are so huge now, so big they're like monsters all their own. I could beat you up with them, throw them around and knock you in the head. I love it when guys stare at my huge tits at the gym and I taunt them with them. I dare them to reach out and touch them and I know they just want to suck on them like a newborn but they're too fucking scared to even try."

She punches her tits again and squished them over my head I feel like I'm drowning, and she starts constricting me with her legs as I'm still frantically thrusting in and out with my cock.

"Ever see those nature shows with the spiders mating? They've got these big female spiders in their webs and a tiny, powerless little male spider who knows he can be eaten at any time, but he can't help himself cause he wants to fuck her so badly. That's what you are, stick. You're a little puny thing who I can eat and break any time I feel like and you can't stop yourself because you're addicted to my strength, addicted to my huge muscles, aren't you?"

"Yes, daddy. Please, I can't breathe."


"Please, daddy." I beg her. My rhythm is starting to slow down and she eases up her legs and let's me out of her breasts and I pick it back up as I gasp for the air. I lean in and begin to kiss her, but before I can she stops me with her strong grip, her hand clasped over my mouth and squeezing my jaw.

"I say you could do that, stick?" I haven't stopped thrusting and her face is intense, bulging veins and her teeth are gritted.

I shake my head no.

"Beg me for forgiveness, stick. Beg me before I decide to cut this short and just crush you."

It takes me a second to think of something, and I began to beg through thick grip on my mouth.

"Please, daddy. I'm begging you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

She flings my head back and lets me ago after a minute where I'm not sure whether my face will be crushed or not.

"Mmm...don't be gentle, do it like this."

She reaches up and shows me. It's less of a kiss than her smashing her open mouth against mine, maybe a caveman kiss more like. Her mouth is so wide and I am doing my best to match her ferocity. I feel a thick, long tongue slip into my mouth, reach deeply almost to my throat probing and hungry. Our tongues entwine and take turns going down the other's throat.

Now I'm thrusting further, I can feel the climax is close. Our hands clasp together and at the side and she flexes and squeezes my hands, her unmatched strength crushing everyone of my finger bones and my knuckles are white. My bed is banging so hard against the wall I can look up and see the indentations getting bigger, plaster chipping away with every flex and thrust.

And then it happens. One glorious, mighty and final thrust and my cum gushes forth and Gym Beast takes it greedily and grins. She flexes her vaginal walls on my cock, practically milking every last bit of my sperm out of there. I feel drained, used up, and collapse on top of her.

"More." She says, and I can't believe she isn't done as well. I can feel her down there still trying to work my cock, still trying to get me to keep thrusting and going but I can't. That would have been a marathon session of sex for at other woman who would have been done. Not Gym Beast.

"I...can't, I'm sorry. I need a break." I huff, rolling off her, moving onto the little patch of bed available that wasn't being taken up by her giant slab of muscle.

This angers her and she slams a fist onto my chest, causing me to jump involuntarily.

"Fuck! Fuck, stick! An almost empty tube of toothpaste has more goop in it than you!"

Gym Beast pops back up and swings her arm into the lamp on the nightstand and it shatters into a hundred pieces, flying all over the room. She stomps around my room and rages, tells me not to move a muscle and she's going to get something from her bag in the bathroom. I watch her stomp in, her muscles pumping and big breasts jiggling as she walks in.

I go for my phone and try to type out a message to Tina. My head is swimming with everything going on, but all I know is that I don't want her to walk into this. How do I even begin to explain what happened? Cursing myself for giving her a key to let herself in, I settle on telling her I'm sick and to maybe come back in a day or two. My stupid phone doesn't recognize my biometrics, I'm sure I'm all sweaty and bruised up.

My slick hands have trouble putting in my password that I always have trouble remembering. It's the perfect storm of being under pressure and technical difficulties. One quick text and I can save myself some embarrassment, and save my relationship with Tina I hope.

"Stupid men and their tired little peckers. Luckily, I plan ahead. I've got plenty of aids in my little overnight bag."

"Overnight?" I say to myself. And the bag certainly wasn't little to me.

Somehow, I manage to unlock my phone and as my thumbs hover over my text app, Gym Beast steps out of the bathroom and I manage to tuck it under the pillow in one quick motion. Out she steps in some kind of dominatrix outfit. It's leather, rubber and lace. She has long gloves and heels to match with it. It's so form-fitting, I can't believe it. Her big tits are harnessed with a massive bustier and the bottom is crotchless, her many piercings down there jingling merrily. My cock stirs despite my exhaustion.

"Mmm, I remember how much I love this outfit. It's the perfect compliment to my big muscles. Easy access to my pussy, and it feels so good to wear. It's custom. They had to make it bigger enough for all my muscles and of course my big monster fake tits. It was expensive. I didn't pay for it, though. A bunch of schmoes footed the bill."

She flexes in a variety of poses and holds up her ginormous rack in the cradle of her arm. Gym Beast looks sexy and dominant in the outfit, her muscles and tits making it even sexier. Then, she reaches back into the bathroom and pulls out a cat o nine tails, cracking it along the ground. It looks hardcore and painful, and she knows that's exactly what I'm thinking. A wicked grin from ear-to-ear is formed on her voice and she wiggles her tongue at me lewdly.

"I'm going to whip you into shape, stick. I'm not done by a long shot. And I have a lot of little helpers in my bag to inflate that'll put the energy back into your cock. Pump you so full  of them you'll have a hard-on for days. After you get a chemically-induced boner, I'm gonna put a tight cockring on you and then I'm gonna fuck you in half."

That's when I hear it. There's an unmistakable knock at the front door and I know it's Tina. She's just being polite, but she can unlock the door at any second and let herself right in. Gym Beast shoots me a look of mock surprise and she knows it's her as well.

"Well, the time must have flown because your little stickette is here. I'll have to meet your little lady. Swap notes, maybe invite her up for fun. Don't tell me it hadn't crossed your mind, stick."

"No!" I cry out and take my phone from my hiding spot, trying to text an excuse for her not to come in. It's no use as Gym Beast closes the distance and whips the cat o nine tales at me, knocking the phone out of my hand and onto the floor. It hurts, stings bad, but all I can really think about is how long Tina is just going to stand there. Will she just go away if she doesn't hear from me?

I try to shake it off and get off the bed and get through my bedroom. Maybe find some other clothes and put them on in one of the other rooms, I don't know what I'm really thinking at this point other than I want to make this not look as bad as it does. Gym Beast anticipates this and blocks the doorway with her hulking frame, cracking the whip again. She looks like an Amazon warrior, muscles steeled and bulging veins. She looks ready to fuck or fight or both at the same time.

"Thought you would have learned the lesson from last time, stick. I dare you to give me a reason to crush you, I fucking dare you."

There's no way I would be able to get past her, she is so wide and thick she takes up the entire frame. So we both stand there, her as sentry and me prisoner standing around, my dick swinging freely and my girlfriend knocking at the door. It feels like an eternity, unsure of what's going to happen next.

Then, I hear the sound of a key sliding into the lock. Then the turn. Finally, the click and the door swings open.

"Hello?" I hear Tina say cautiously. I'm too nervous to even make a sound. Gym Beast smiles at me with a knowing look, and before I can beg her not to she blurts something out.

"Up here, sweetie! We've been waiting for you all day!"

Gym Beast saunters towards me, putting one leg in front of the other like a model doing a catwalk and shoves me on the bed with one hand, straddles me I can't get up, rubbing her crotch all over my body and making the bed jump up and down. Dread wells up inside me as I hear Tina coming closer from the stairs. She rounds the corner and see us in the bedroom. Her look is a potent mixture of shock, anger, disgust, and betrayal.

"What…what the fuck is all this?!" Tina shouts and I can only imagine what she must be thinking of all this. Me naked on the bed, beaten to a pulp with a roided out muscle goddess twice my size, monstrously huge breast implants jutting from her chest all wrapped up in a latex dominatrix outfit and whip to match.

"Tina. I, I don't know what to say." I stammer. Of course I don't know what to say! Who would?

"Look who it is. I was having so much fun with your boyfriend when you came in."

"Who are you? How long has this been going on? How could you?" Tina bombards with questions, and I just want to shut my eyes and pretend none of this is happening.

"Who am I? I'm a huge fucking bodybuilder who loves to dominate little toothpicks like your boyfriend. He was lost property until I came back. I beat them up and when the steroids I cycle on make me so horny, I make them fuck me."

"You're a whackjob, lady! Get off him!"

This angers her and she gets off me, drops the whip and gets in front of Tina, hands on her hips and flexing hard, swelling up and veins popping. Her tits are right in Tina's face.

"I'm gonna dominate and fuck your boyfriend because you're just a tiny little thing. Look at all these muscles, how hard and powerful they are. You've got string bean arms. Look at my gargantuan tits, they're so fucking big and you're flat chested there's nothing of interest going on there. Look at my monster pussy and clit compare to your little snatch. This isn't a competition, it's a sad joke. I'm not gentle, I dominate. I don't make love, I fuck. I shoot up steroids and lift heavy ass weights all day and then after that I wanna fuck and fuck someone up. Got a problem with all that?"

Tina looks her up and down, her expression is a mixture of fear and anger and WTF at everything. Tears stream down her face and she looks at me.

"I can't believe you, you're such a fucking prick! Hope you're happy with this...this freak! We are so done!"

Tina stomps out of the bedroom, races downstairs, and I can hear the slam of the door echoing throughout the house. I don't expect I'll see Tina again and I feel crushed. How did this all happen so fast? Gym Beast closes the bedroom door and locks it. She picks up the cat o nine tails again and cracks it on the floor, walking closer to the bed, cackling, her low roid voice making her sound even more intimidating.

"Looks like it's just us, stick. Now that she's out of the way, where were we?"

I gulp. It's just me and Gym Beast now, and I know there is no escape from her muscular grasp now and prepare myself for a night of sex and domination with no end in sight.

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Re: Gym Beast Part 2
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2022, 11:03:40 am »
Would have hoped for some physical contact between Gym Beast and Tina, but alright, the rest of this awesome story more than makes up for that!


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Re: Gym Beast Part 2
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Re: Gym Beast Part 2
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Great follow up. Great flow and dialogue. Hopefully there's a part three.

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Re: Gym Beast Part 2
« Reply #4 on: January 27, 2022, 01:54:18 am »
Amazing story. Would love to see it continue.

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