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Re: My Fantasy
« Reply #15 on: October 29, 2010, 11:23:26 pm »
Chapter 3

As planned they go back to his apartment.

‘I can’t keep calling you Mr. Director, what is your name.’

‘My names Jack.’

‘Well, Jack, a real pleasure to be here. You probably have the wrong idea about me, so let’s get comfortable and I’ll tell you about myself.’

They sat together on the couch. He was intensely aware of her body where it touched his. Just the proximity of those awesome muscles; completely overwhelming. He concentrated on looking into her eyes, but couldn’t stop himself glancing at the huge bulges of flesh. Every little move she made demanded his attention. Of course she new the hypnotic effect of her muscles and couldn’t help smiling at his attempts to ignore them.

‘You can look, I like you to look, but I’m not a cartoon character, I am a real woman, you saw me playing a part today. I have the same desires as most women and I want to attract men just as they do. All women make the most of the assets they possess; it just happens that mine are a little different.’

‘I know I have a face that makes you think sweet little girl. Always a shock for a man when he realises the cute little smile is accompanied by terrifying power. In truth I am a bully. I can make any man cry, crawl and beg for mercy. Believe me I love to do that. Causing a man to scream by simply flexing a huge muscle into his body is a fantastic turn on.’

‘The need to hurt men came from my experiences as a child. Like most women I grew up in a family dominated by men. In the final analysis men had the power and would occasionally use it. That changed for me in my thirteenth year. I saw my uncle and aunt having an argument; eventually he slapped her so hard she went to the ground. I knew I was stronger than anyone at school, perhaps I could teach him a lesson. I walked up to him and punched him in the mouth. He went out cold. Eventually he staggered to his feet. What happened he said? My fist happened I said, and if I ever see or hear that you have done that again, then my fist will happen again.  I raised my arm to his face; he seemed to see my muscles for the first time. He was clearly frightened and made a rapid exit. From that moment I knew I had the power and I couldn’t wait to use it.’

 ‘I do know that most men are extremely attracted to my massive muscles, so I like to make them obvious; difficult not to actually. Men like you want to see and feel the power. However frightened you are, you are drawn like moths to a flame.‘

‘Secondly you need to understand the situation you will find yourself in if you achieve your obvious desire for a relationship with me. It will only work if you can accept the reality of your position. For example we have some kind of disagreement. You can marshal the most persuasive rational arguments, but it will always be settled by the powerful logic contained in here’, raising her arm to his face and tapping her fingers on her enormous biceps. It’s a little like international diplomacy; when talks fail, armed intervention becomes likely.’

‘There is also the problem of the emotional balance of power. You clearly need me, or at least my muscles, with a desire you can’t hide. Lose me and you would never replace the thrill of my muscular power. On the other hand, my main requirement is to have someone readily available to crush, reduce to tears and plead for mercy. The truth is that I have the sort of cute sweet girlish face that attracts men anywhere; they see kindness and gentleness in my eyes. They see my muscles as some sort of decoration, the look on their faces when they first feel the pain is priceless. So I can take my pleasure anywhere. You need me and I need almost anyone.’

 ‘I suppose I started this project in the hope of finding myself in this situation. I appreciate you telling me the reality of my position, but frankly the thought that I can see and touch your amazing body in private is more than I could ever have hoped for. Let’s concentrate on the film for a while, tell me about your early muscle encounters.’

‘As a teenager I began to realise that I had far more strength than anyone else I knew. I soon found out that boys were terrified and excited by contact with my muscles. I wanted to frighten and excite even more, and so I became obsessed with building more and more muscle. I would squeeze boys until they begged for mercy, just for the fun of it.’

‘Look at my arm and this big fist, the temptation to punch you across this apartment is almost irresistible. Imagine you had the fastest legs on the planet, you wouldn’t want to jog, you would enjoy passing everyone in a blur. I have the fastest, heaviest punch you can imagine, I long to use it but I can’t, punching a hole in someone is considered rude in respectable society.’

‘I do, however, get a big kick out of frightening you, and talking about my big fist did just that. How would you like a close encounter with some really big muscles? Would you like to know how it feels to drown in a sea of heavy muscle?’

‘I’m getting the impression that I don’t have a choice. You are going to hurt me whatever I say. I hope that the pleasure outweighs the pain and there is no permanent damage.’

‘Well no pain for a while, I am just going to put my arms around your head and rub my muscles into your face. I am going to tell you a few stories. Having my muscles against your face will help you to understand what they can do.’

‘As you can imagine I began to acquire something of a reputation at school. The teachers could see that the boys seemed to be nervous when I was around. The size of my muscles was obvious and I would catch some of the male teachers having a sneaky look. I would casually move my arms in a way that made my muscles bulge.’

‘Mr. Robinson, our biology teacher, seemed to be particularly fascinated. He was a good looking young man and I decided I would try to compromise him, so that he would be unable to resist. I made sure that I was always the last to leave the classroom and would pass as close to him as I could. I would give him a sweet smile and made sure that my arms looked as large as possible.  One day, as I walked past, he said ‘Candy’ and touched my upper arm, as if to gain my attention. I was ready, and immediately flexed a huge ball of muscle. He gasped and laid his hand across the hard veiny ball.  I put my hand on top of his and worked my biceps into his hand. He could not take his eyes off my arm. I raised my other arm and flexed as hard as I could, the massive muscle inches away from his face. He didn’t say a word, he just rubbed his face against my arm. I put my arm around the back of his neck and pulled his lips onto mine. I think he was frightened we might be seen, so he starts to struggle. That resistance is always exciting for me. I pulled him hard against my body so that he would feel my breasts and thighs as I dominated him with my lips and tongue. I suggested to him, that he take me to his place and I would show him a display of muscle he would never forget. Of course he dithered, but there was no way he could pass up the invitation.’

‘We get to his apartment, remember he’s a teacher and used to exercising his authority. He starts telling me that as a biology teacher he has an interest in my extraordinary development, and he needs to investigate in the interests of science.  I tell him that his interest is the same as all the men and boys I have met, sexual not scientific. He puts on his indignant face, calls me young lady and starts a bit of finger wagging. I decide to put his scientific objectivity to the test. I put my arms around his head, exactly as I’m doing to you, and apply a little pressure. He starts to struggle and gasp, so I lean into him and pressure his face a little more until he realises there is no escape.  He then kisses my biceps and I mock his claim that his interest is scientific. I tell him I have a little experiment of my own. If I rough him up, will he scream before or after he has an erection and how long after that can he retain his consciousness.’

‘As you might guess, I have quite a number of ways I can rough a man up. I can press your head into my breast so you can’t breathe. See, feels good doesn’t it, for the first few seconds at any rate. It seems to have had an effect on your dick. I can squeeze all the air from your chest simply by wrapping my arms around you and squeezing. The most effective way is to force your head between my powerful thighs; a minimal squeeze will put you out very quickly. ‘

‘I gave Mr. Robinson all of that and waited for him to come round. You probably guessed erection first, then scream followed by knock out. As you know, I get fairly excited myself, just watching men struggle hopelessly against my enormous muscles, so I made sure that Mr. Robinson woke up with his head between my thighs his face against my tush. When he came round I told him that he could either use his mouth togive me the best orgasm I ever had or he could go back to sleep. To his credit I didn’t feel the need to put him out again. I told him he could relieve himself any way he chose and as always happens when I give men the choice, he chose to hump my biceps.’

‘From then on he was my plaything; I visited him whenever I felt the need. Speaking of which, Jack, I am beginning to feel the need right now. You can of course say no, but if you do, I will still satisfy the need, and you will find out how easily my huge muscles can change your mind. I suppose I would quite like you to say no, I am becoming quite excited at the thought of using my muscles to make you tremble and beg.’

‘I want to say yes, because I want to please you and the idea of your gigantic muscles grinding into my body is terrifying. It seems to me that I could suffer enough agony from your friendliest squeeze or caress.’

‘You are going to be my new plaything. You will have a chance to experience at first hand the pleasure and pain I gave Mr. Robinson. Think about it, you are going to be overwhelmed by gigantic, bulging feminine muscles. I will squeeze and twist your puny body until you beg me to stop. Then I am going to trap your face against my labia and force you to bring me to orgasm. If I like your performance I will allow you to achieve your orgasm. Are you ready for this?’

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