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Author Topic: Growing Weaker and Weaker  (Read 10383 times)

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Re: Growing Weaker and Weaker
« Reply #15 on: January 21, 2022, 07:51:58 am »
There was also this other story a long while back, think it was on b r a w n a. It was about an actress (think it was Bridgit) who becomes pretty muscular and her co star becomes very jealous so she starts working out and somehow grows much faster that brigit herself did who was growing extremely fast already. A female bodybuilder disappears and it's revealed that the costar was draining the female bodybuilder of her muscles every time she built them up. Does anyone recognize this story or know where it could possibily be?

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Re: Growing Weaker and Weaker
« Reply #16 on: January 22, 2022, 08:56:19 pm »
I know of Absorbing Woman Stories by BEARHUG562000. Before Yahoogroups collapsed got in contact with him there. I could post some of them here I guess. Round 1 and a classic in my mind, Wonder Woman. BEARHUG562000 if you are still writing, would love to see your new work!

Dawn: Innocent Villainess?

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Buffy borrowed for this story.

Please don’t redistribute this story without my permission.

Background: This story is set in an alternate season 6. Faith is present, having never killed Finch and never being sent to prison. The Troika is not present, and Spike and Xander are out of town.


   Buffy toweled her sopping wet hair as she exited the bathroom and entered her bedroom, sitting on her bed clothed only in a towel.

   Boy, that shower felt wonderful. Buffy thought. It was nice to have a little peace and quiet, with Willow and Tara at the university library studying for a big test and Dawn at Janice’s house.

   So, naturally she was surprised when Dawn walked into her room clothed only in a skimpy brown slip.

   “Hey Dawn. I thought you were at your friend’s?”

   Dawn shrugged.

   “We had a little bit of a falling out. So I came home.”

   Dawn then sat beside her sister and grinned at her. Buffy rolled her eyes in response.

   “Whatever. I have to get to patrol.”

   “How about a sisterly hug first?”

   Dawn was the proud recipient of a skeptical look.

   “You want to hug me? Are you feeling woozy or something?”

   “Never felt better actually.” Dawn replied, still grinning.

   “Okay.” Buffy said, a little wigged.

   Before she could say anything else, Dawn wrapped her arms around her and pulled the Slayer close, their clothed breasts touching.

   Buffy didn’t know what to think of her little sister’ sudden affection, and she also felt a little weird, a little drained, as Dawn held her.

   Slowly, Dawn pulled Buffy closer until there was no separation between their bodies and held Buffy more tightly. She slowly undid the towel around Buffy’s body without her noticing even as she forced her sister to rest her face on her large boobs.
               She crossed one leg over one of Buffy’s as she used one hand to remove her own garment. The confused Buffy found herself growing more and more exhausted the longer she remained in Dawn’s embrace. Buffy finally managed to lift her face from Dawn’s tits to see they were both completely nude!

   “What the hell are you doing!? Let go!”

   She tried pushing her kid sister away only to find Dawn overpowered her with ease, pulling her against her even more tightly, and Dawn’s larger breasts easily squashing her own!

   Giggling girlishly, she stood up and pulled the struggling Buffy into the air in a lifting bear hug, their pussies touching as Dawn held on firmly. Buffy thrashed around uselessly as she was squeezed. She could feel Dawn and herself getting wet!

   “Dawn! Have you gone psycho!? How are you doing this!? Stop!”

   Dawn constricted until Buffy at last went limp, then trapped her arms in her hug and held her above the ground triumphantly for a few agonizing moments, until she dropped Buffy to the ground and placed her foot on top of Buffy’s vagina.


   Chuckling, she began moving her foot on her prone sister’s pussy, arousing and baffling her even more.

   “What…are you doing…?” Buffy moaned.

   “What do you think I’m doing? I’m getting you off! You’re mine now Buffy, and so is your Slayer power. I’ve been experimenting with my Key energy and found I could drain the energy of others! I’ve already got Janice, Willow, and Tara, and now it’s your turn! Now I get to be the big heroine and you get to be the sidekick!”

   Buffy found her pussy caressed faster and faster until her clit emerged, and when Dawn used her soft foot on that, she came with the force of a volcanic eruption!

   Dawn laughed at how simple it was to make her big sister orgasm, then she flexed her slim arms in victory before getting off her sister and pulling her into the air once more, wrapping her sister’s slender legs around her narrow waist as she cuddled her.

   “Don’t bother resisting Buffy, you’re mine now.” Dawn breathed hotly in her ear, as she placed her against the bedroom wall and started fucking her sister’s brains out, her young body pushing insistently until Buffy exploded into multiple orgasms. Dawn pushed Buffy’s mouth open with her tongue and frenched her ravenously, rubbing her breasts and pussy eagerly against the Slayer’s and fondling her ass until she had more multiples.

   Carrying the dazed Buffy to the bed, she laid her down and kissed and licked and sucked up and down her body until she reached her glistening womanhood. She looked up at Buffy, locking eyes with her before stating:

   “And now I’m going to devour the last of your strength by eating you out, Buffy.”

   She proceeded to do just that, licking and sucking and nibbling on Buffy’s womanhood as she thrust three fingers into her until Buffy’s cries echoed throughout the house and both sisters came.

   The blond Slayer finally fainted, conquered completely by her kid sister.

   Dawn then pulled the unconscious Buffy into her lap like a mother might a young child, kissing her deeply and stroking her hair, reveling in her victory and newfound might.

   MMM! Dawn thought, yummy…


   As Dawn asserted her complete mastery over her older sibling, the door bell rang. The young brunette’s head snapped up and glanced at the bedroom doorway.

   Who could that be? And at the worst possible time! Dawn griped to herself.

   Putting her slip back on, she snuck downstairs, leaving the unconscious Buffy upstairs lying on her bed, and peered out the living room window.

   Faith? I take it back. Perfect time!

   She went to the door and opened it with her normal speed: fast.

   “Hey kid. B around?” Faith asked in her husky voice.

   “She’s resting upstairs.” Dawn answered, and giggled.

   “You’re a weird kid.” Faith commented, and walked inside. Dawn shrugged and closed the door.

   Faith looked her over, and then said: “Ain’t you a little underdressed?”

   The younger Summers only smiled mysteriously.

   “Like I said, weird.” Faith then crossed to the stairs and leaning on the banister, yelled up the stairway: “B! Gotta go!”

   As she leaned, Dawn took the opportunity to size up her prey. She was attired in her usual garments: leather jacket, red tube top, tight leather pants, and black combat boots.

   Shows off her curves perfectly, and her figure is way better than Buffy’s or anybody’s, except mine maybe.

   Creeping up on the dark Slayer, she put her hand on the other girl’s bare midriff lightly. Faith was so absorbed in screaming Buffy’s name that she didn’t even notice.

   Ignoring me as usual huh? Huge mistake gorgeous!

   Dawn started draining Faith’s strength very slowly, both to enjoy the experience for as long as possible and prevent the arousing of Faith’s suspicions.

   Not that she would suspect sweet pure Dawn anyway, just like Buffy hadn’t.

    What big dummies.

   Dawn absorbed the other girl’s supernatural might until Faith had to use the banister to support herself.

   “W-What the f-fuck is w-wrong with m-me!?” Faith moaned.

   “You look sort of pale. Maybe you should rest on the couch.” Dawn soothed as she sucked.

   “O-okay.” Faith gasped.

   She guided her victim to the couch, removing her jacket, all the while keeping her hand on her exposed middle and putting Faith’s left arm around her neck, sapping even more with the increased skin contact, and then laid her down, removing the dark Slayer’s arm from around her neck and laying that hand on her forehead in mock concern, smiling to herself as her strength grew further.

   “So…dizzy… what?” Faith mumbled as her eyes drifted shut.

   “Just sleep. You need your rest.” Dawn cooed in Faith’s ear.

   The unsuspecting Faith faded into slumber as Dawn peered down her top.

   Removing the rest of Faith’s clothes and setting them on the floor a few feet away, she slid out of her skimpy lingerie, and left the room, obtained a blanket from the closet, wrapped it around herself, reentered the living room, studied her new slave’s incredible nude figure, then crawled atop her and laid on her, covering her body with her own, their delicious tits pressed together, allowing the blanket to settle over them both, covering them up.

   Putting her arms around Faith’s neck, she examined that gorgeous face with her brown eyes before she said breathlessly:

   “All mine little Faith.”

   She started kissing her hungrily, rubbing her breasts against Faith’s own, until she awoke.

   “MMMFFF!!!” Faith cried out.

   “What was that?” Dawn chuckled, leaning back.

   “What the fuck are you doing!?” Faith snarled.

   “Taking you.” Dawn replied simply.

   Faith put her hands-on Dawn’s shoulders to push the teen girl away, but the only effect that had was to make Dawn smirk, and she leaned back down, pushing her hands down until they was sandwiched between their slim shoulders. She started kissing Faith’s neck gleefully.

   With a sudden twist of her hips, Faith threw Dawn from her to the carpet, and stumbled away from the couch. Dawn sprang to her feet and was on Faith before she went five feet. Faith spun and struck Dawn across the face with her fist. Dawn sneered and grabbed Faith’s enormous hooters, lifting her into the air, stealing more energy from her. She pulled more greedily, no need for subtlety now; her dinner was in her web.

   “I always knew your big boobs would be your downfall!” Dawn cackled.

   Ignoring Faith’s frantic blows, she continued feasting until the Slayer’s struggles slowed, then trapped her in another lifting bearhug, draining and squeezing until Faith’s pretty features were lying on her soft titties. She carried her back to the couch, set her on her feet, and pushed her downwards so she fell on it. Faith swung at her feebly, but found her wrists swiftly captured and pinned to the cushions. Recovering her body with her own, she began once more to kissing Faith’s lovely neck, easily riding down Faith’s struggles this time.

   “F-fucking q-quit!” Faith haltingly demanded.

   “Mmm. Make me Faithy.”  Dawn purred.

   Faith tried to resist, but Dawn’s soft perky body and mouth proved too much, and Faith orgasmed violently.

   “Looks like the kid defeated and made the big bad Slayer cum, huh?” Dawn taunted.

   Faith only glared at her in utter futility.

   Dawn grinned in her angry face and began sucking and swirling her eager tongue on Faith’s erect nipples until her captive groaned loudly and arched.

   “Oh god…”

   “Admit it Faith, you always wanted to fuck a Summers girl right?”

   And with that, she reapplied herself to Faith’s heaving breasts, eliciting more increasing cries of pleasure, before releasing her wrists and burying her face in Faith’s crotch and putting Faith’s legs over her shoulders. She tongue-fucked the dark Slayer until her clitoris emerged, then began almost feeding on it, spanking her ass all the while with her hands as her prisoner’s potent abilities and heavenly body became hers.

   “Oh fuck! Fuck yeah! Fuck me good…DAMN!”

   “You taste so good. Yummy for my tummy!”

   As Faith came repeatedly in her eager mouth, she swallowed it all, and then mounted Faith and rode her, swollen breasts to swollen breasts and drenched pussy to drenched pussy as she hugged her close, trapping her arms, and they orgasmed together over and over, Faith’s hands pushing gently at her shoulders.

   As Dawn happily rode Faith into submission, she didn’t see Buffy stagger down the steps and stare at the scene before her as she reached the bottom.

   Now finished with Faith, she sat up and flexed her small arms in victory as she gazed at the dark beauty beneath her, thieving the last of her powers by sitting on her waist as Faith cupped and massaged her huge tits.

   Buffy still stared, her mind reeling from what had occurred.

   Sensing Buffy behind her, she turned and gazed at her over her shoulder, smiled devilishly, and then got off Faith and approached her shocked sister.

   Faith sat up slowly and watched with interest as Dawn stalked Buffy, trapping her against one of the living room doors.

   “S-stay away Dawn! W-w-what has gotten into y-y-ou!?”

   Dawn took ahold of Buffy’s arms and pressed her trembling frame further against the door, then got on her knees and winked back at Faith.

   “Ever seen a sister fuck?” Dawn chuckled.

   “Shit.” Faith gasped throatily.


   Eyes wide in disbelief, she looked down to see Dawn’s face between her legs, eyes watching her face. Buffy could feel her sister’s tongue inside of her, probing, ever probing.

   “Dawn…please…o-o-o-h p-p-p-lease s-s-s-top.”

   Buffy tried to fight, but Dawn laughed, sending chills up her spine.

   “I have your and Faith’s strengths combined, Buffy. It’s over. Don’t be so stubborn. Just relax.”

   Dawn returned to sucking and probing Buffy’s sweet pussy, and then attacked her clit as it emerged. As Dawn fucked her with her enthusiastic little mouth and fondled her mammaries, the blonde’s protests turned to low moans of pleasure. Faith was rubbing her engorged clit and breasts as she watched.

   “How’s it feel to be fucked by your own baby sis, B?” Faith asked huskily.

   “So good… It’s so wrong… but it feels so good!” Buffy groaned passionately.

   Dawn snickered and ordered: “Come in my mouth Buffy.”

   Buffy had no choice but to comply when Dawn sucked her womanhood with such vigor that she ejaculated almost immediately. Dawn gulped every precious drop of her honey as she fucked her through her orgasms.

   Then standing up, she cradle-carried Buffy over to Faith and lay her down on top of her, face- up, before getting on the couch and standing over them, and masturbated with one hand while fondling her boobs with the other until her cum sprayed over the Slayer’s ecstatic countenances and thrusting breasts, then placed her foot on Buffy’s stomach, demonstrating her mastery of them both.

   She then kneeled down and sat on their faces.

   “Your turn!” Dawn laughed in childish delight.

   Buffy and Faith didn’t hesitate. They stuck their tongues inside Dawn’s cunt, going deep. Faith was obviously the more skilled, and her hands drifted down to Buffy’s soaked clit, caressing it over and over. Both Summers screamed in almost painful ecstasy at Faith’s ministrations, and they kept crying out as they were skillfully fucked into near unconsciousness.

   Dawn then rose from their faces and went down their sweaty, shivering, bodies, and began alternating between their pussies as Faith squeezed and thumbed Buffy’s tits, sucking on her earlobe. Dawn then concentrated on her sister’s jerking pussy once more as Faith confined Buffy’s arms and legs, rubbing her own pussy against Buffy’s thin ass and her thick tits against Buffy’s back. Dawn suddenly moved her hand under Buffy and into Faith’s grateful cunt, fisting her. Faith’s and Buffy’s shrieks bounced off the walls.

   Mine forever. Dawn gloated fiendishly. Both mine. MINE!

   They enjoyed each other for some time before the intensity of the orgasms sent the Slayers spiraling into unconsciousness, and Dawn then carried them over her slim shoulders upstairs for more erotic fun…

                           The End?

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Re: Growing Weaker and Weaker
« Reply #17 on: January 26, 2022, 03:49:25 am »
Well darn, I copy pasted the wrong story. Still like the story I posted but I said Wonder Woman and Absorbing Woman so I will post that one!

Wonder Woman vs Absorbing Woman

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I don't own Wonder Woman. I do own Absorbing Woman though.

Please don't redistribute without my permission.

The city was beautiful at night.

But the beauty hid many dangers.

And one of those dangers had her beautiful eye on a certain Amazing Amazon.

As Wonder Woman pulled a child out of the rubble of a collapsed building, then woman watched her back muscles flex and ripple. She licked her lips hungrily.

"Been too long since I was juiced."

As Wonder Woman flew away, her job accomplished, the watcher waited until she was out of sight of passerby and then pointed a stun weapon in her direction. She pressed the firing stud, and the Amazon jerked and fell limply into the shallows of a nearby river.

"Far too long."

She grinned unpleasantly.

Diana snapped awake.

Instinctively she jumped to her feet, and then she noticed she was completely nude!

"What in Hera's name-?"

"Hey, baby," came a sultry women's voice, "Nice ass. Going my way?"

Startled, Diana spun on the speaker angrily, and saw an incredibly gorgeous woman, with a dark muscular body and an afro. Her brown eyes sparkled with humor. She was also nude, Diana noted.

Diana stared at the woman for a full five minutes, enraptured by her, to which the woman replied, "See something you like? I know I do." She spun slowly and gracefully, showing off her incredible assets.

Embarrassed and angry, Diana blushed and imperiously demanded, "What's the meaning of this?!"

"The meaning is that is I'm going suck on your royal Amazon clit until you scream."

The Amazon's exquisitely beautiful face reddened even more, and she swung her fist angrily at her foe. Her foe laughed, grabbed her fist, and tried to throw her, but Diana used her great strength to flip her aside.

"You're too weak to defeat me." Diana sneered.

"Think so, honey?"

The two prodigiously muscled beauties rushed at each other, with Diana grabbing one of her foe's wrists, while the other woman grabbed one of hers. They pushed against each other, testing each other's strength, bodies straining. muscles erupting.

"Like I said, I'm stronger. Give up." Wonder Woman declared breathlessly.

"Well, honey, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. My name is Absorbing Woman, which means I can absorb your vaunted power, and add that power to my own! And use it to hold you and sap even more of your enormous strength! Drain even more of your precious Amazonian might! Tax even more of your fucking energy! Until I've sucked your beautiful white ass dry! No one can defeat someone who can turn their power against them, Diana, no one!"


Suddenly, it was like Diana's wrist was burning, almost pleasurably, and her hand also began to burn. It was an intense soothing heat, like being in a hot tub. And the heat was leeching her energy.

I'm feeling dizzy. Weak...Have to get away from her. She isn't bluffing! She is drawing off my power! Diana realized.

Diana released her attacker's wrist, and swung at her with her free hand, only to have her wrist grabbed. Diana struggled to free herself, but it was already too late. She felt her vitality lessening steadily. She began to stagger, getting more and more exhausted, her prodigious, round, breasts heaving mightily as she resisted in vain, her Amazonian muscles bulging uselessly.

"Your kind of dumb, aren't you, white girl? You played right into my hands, literally. I'm sucking all your delicious power away and you can do nothing but drain! Now, on your knees!"

Absorbing Woman released her wrists and grabbed Wonder Woman's hands for a test of strength. Wonder Woman's vascular, massive, arms shook with the effort, and she panted feverishly as she was, slowly, agonizingly, overwhelmed. Her mighty legs began to bend, being deprived of the energy to hold her up.

She's conquering me ...with my own strength! The strength... she's siphoning from me! Diana thought despairingly.

Absorbing Woman slowly, inexorably, joyfully, pressed the panting Amazon Princess to her royal knees. The other woman caressed her dripping cunt against Diana's face, enjoying her ill-gotten dominance. The Amazon tried to jerk away, but her captor held her easily, smirking.

"Now who's the strongest, beautiful?" the villainess cooed.

Desperately, Diana swept the other woman's legs out from under her, causing her to fall and lose her clinch. She attempted to scamper away as fast as she could.

But it was not to be. As Diana got to her feet, Absorbing Woman grabbed her breasts from behind, and began massaging them. Diana moaned in pleasure and defeat as she weakened even more.

Smiling, Absorbing Woman reached one hand down and fondled her emerging clit.

"Now, I'm stealing your power through your stiffening nipples and throbbing clit. You're so easy, dear."


The heat surrounded Diana's bountiful breasts, caressing her erect nipples sensually, and almost seemed to be stroking her clit. Diana couldn't take this for long and came like a volcano.

"That's it, give yourself to Mommy. I'm sucking you so good." She licked the Amazon's cum off her hand with smug satisfaction.

Then she turned Diana around and wrapping her heavily muscled arms slowly and teasingly around the beautiful Amazon's ripped waist, enveloped her in a bone-crunching bear hug, locking her own ripped arms just above that mouthwateringly ripped Amazon ass, and then Absorbing Woman forcibly pulled the fatiguing Wonder Woman off her feet. Her tree-trunk legs dangled helplessly off the ground.

"Time to drain you some more honey. I've drained many people with this very hold. I'll sap your power just by holding you against me, absorb all your strength, my big black boobs will drain your big white boobs, and my black clit will dominate your white clit, and suck it. And the more I drain you, the tighter I can hold you and the more of your power I can take! "

As the pressure began to mount, Diana moaned in pain, as she was being crushed by her own vaunted goddess-given power. The burning sensation spread all over Wonder Woman's vascular, ripped, voluptuous body. Her hard, delicious ass wriggled as she tried to free herself. But it was useless. The woman's embrace become tighter and tighter, fueled by Diana's draining body. And the more she lost, the greater the torment became. Diana gasped for breath, as the pain and dizziness increased. Her huge, round tits were ruthlessly dominated by the woman's bigger breasts, and her pussy submitted to the other woman's. Her awesome physique was powerless, as she was relentlessly worn down.

I feel so worn-out... can't give...up. Feels like my body is on fire... I'm burning up! Diana thought.

Diana fought desperately, pressing against the other goddess's chin with her hands, striking her foe's vast back with her well-muscled forearm, and scissoring her foe's huge waist with her incredibly muscular legs, but Absorbing Woman simply rode out her pitiful efforts, ever ineffective as her energy was remorselessly pumped out, and used the strength she had already taken from the Amazon to hold her firmly. Absorbing Woman rolled her arms up and down that broad Amazon back, ruthlessly torturing the other woman. Wonder Woman pushed ineffectually against her enemy's mountainous shoulders, without effect. Absorbing Woman wrenched her back violently.


"Scream honey!"

Tighter, ever tighter she squeezed the helpless Amazon, her arms a relentless vise, until Wonder Woman's shredded back and waist exploded in agonizing cramps!


Absorbing Woman enjoyed Wonder Woman's anguish. Wonder Woman put one of her hands on her hurting back as Absorbing Woman wrenched her back again and again!

"Arrrgghhh! Arrrrrrrrrggggghhhhh!! ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!"

As Absorbing Woman crushed her, Diana drooped forward, her suffering breasts coming to rest on the other woman's shoulder.

"That's it baby; rest those big boobs on Mommy's big shoulder. I know you're exhausted. They feel so good resting there, don't they?"

She carried her around the room, still squeezing and pumping her. She held the Amazon in her punishing grip, enjoying herself, and then wrenched her back in one long agonizing motion as Wonder Woman's hurting figure arched erotically!


Diana's head came to rest on Absorbing Woman's huge, voluptuous tits as she was remorselessly, sadistically, tortured. With every squeeze, Diana moaned more.

"Uhh...uhh...uuuuhhhh.... C-can't breathe, can't b-breathe..." she gasped.

"You're not supposed to breathe, girl, and you can't get away, honey, but it certainly makes me even hornier when you try. Didn't I tell you I would add your fucking might to my own? I'm already stronger than you, and getting stronger every second, now drain for Mommy, let Mommy suck you."

Absorbing Woman again mightily wrenched Wonder Woman's heavily muscled back, and began pumping her, pumping her dry of even more of her strength. She was draining slowly and sensuously, the hug sucking her so good, so very good, Absorbing Woman's huge black breasts and throbbing clit gleefully milking Diana's big white tits and aching clit, Wonder Woman's sexy face resting on Absorbing Woman's gigantic soft sweet boobs, and those tits eagerly sucked her gorgeous face, consumed more of her declining strength, and as she hugged the strength and the fight out of that unbelievably voluptuous, amazingly vascular, muscle-goddess body, squeezed the ever wearying Amazon, taxed her lovely, shapely, muscles, embraced her into loving subjection, bled dry her ever diminishing physique, she rubbed herself sapphically against Diana, fucking away her power as well. Her tits and pussy eagerly thrust against her victim's. She clung to her victim like a ravenous leech.

Diana could do nothing but drain in her opponent's motherly, strangely affectionate grasp. The burning sensation became more and more intense, as it stroked and penetrated her increasingly tired body. She was so exhausted, and Absorbing Woman's giant breasts felt so good against her suffering face. Her immense power was being absorbed from her huge white muscles and flowed into Absorbing Woman's giant ebony ones.

As Wonder Woman's struggles slowed, as she was reduced from a proud, mighty, Amazon to an impotent, mewling, girl, and her massive arms fell slowly, pathetically, to her sides, and Absorbing Woman took insidious advantage, readjusting her bear hug and trapping Wonder Woman's limp arms. Diana was truly helpless now.

"Do you like being in Mommy's embrace? I know you do, and Mommy likes to hold you. All daughters like being hugged by their mommies, don't they? I'm draining you so good. And you drain so good. So very fucking good. Holding you against me makes it so easy to fucking drain you! Your wimpy ass is mine!"

As Diana faded in her massive arms, draining in her tender hug, draining, draining, ever draining, and the grinning villainess again taunted her in a soft, motherly voice.

"So much power, honey. And I'm absorbing it all, draining it all, stealing it all, absorbing all your fucking strength, draining your beautiful Amazon body, sucking your fabulous big, fucking tits, sucking your aching, throbbing clit,
sapping those wonderfully veiny muscles of yours, your big shapely muscular ass, your pretty face, and there's nothing you can do about it, honey. As I grow ever stronger, you grow ever weaker. Can you feel yourself growing ever weaker? Can you feel Mommy sucking you? Mommy fucking you? Mommy weakening you? Not long now honey, not long now."

Her breasts...feel so exhausted...can't fight her any
more...draining my power...and using it to hold me...and absorb even more of
my strength...Must get... loose...but...can't...Can't defeat her... Can't
breathe... Can't break her grip...Like I'm back in my mother's arms...I feel
so a baby...Diana thought dazedly.

Absorbing Woman's loving, soft, motherly, dominating embrace drained more and more of Wonder Woman's power, absorbed more and more of Wonder Woman's strength, sucked more and more of Wonder Woman's might, sapped more and more of Wonder Woman's energy, until...

She finally went limp, overcome by Absorbing Woman's incredible body pressing lustfully against hers.

The evil woman shook her head and laughed.

"Just no staying power, huh baby?"

Holding the Amazon princess in her loving, motherly, agonizing, suffocating, sucking embrace for a few minutes more, she finally let go of her. Wonder Woman somehow managed to keep her feet, and Absorbing Woman seized one of her wrists. Diana closed her captured fist as she tried break to her foe's grip, but Absorbing Woman held her wrist firmly, absorbing more of Wonder Woman's power, draining more of Wonder Woman's strength, and tapping more of Wonder Woman's might. Diana's trapped fist slowly opened, in an involuntary sign of submission.

Down, down, DOWN, the struggling Wonder Woman was forced, until...

"I'm going to keep absorbing your power Wonder Woman! By standing over you, like this!"

She stood, hands on her hips, with one veined foot on Diana's broad muscled back. Absorbing Woman kept absorbing Wonder Woman's power. Diana tried to rise, feebly, her lovely face set in a grimace of pain and frustration, but that dominant foot kept her down, draining her and overpowering her once mighty form.

Absorbing Woman used the awesome strength she had drained from Wonder Woman to hold her down and absorb more, more, even more of her faltering power. Absorbing Woman sucked and sucked and SUCKED Wonder Woman's failing strength, drained and drained and DRAINED her rapidly disappearing might, sapped and sapped and SAPPED her vanishing energy, until...

Wonder Woman passed out, defeated, with a submissive moan.

Smirking arrogantly, she kept absorbing and absorbing and absorbing and ABSORBING Wonder Woman's once vast power by standing on her, until she had sucked Wonder Woman dry. She struck a victory pose, flexing her biceps, filled with stolen Amazonian power.

"I've done it! I've beaten the great Wonder Woman! Now the strongest woman in the world belongs to me! And so does her power! I absorbed it all! All her fucking Amazon strength! All her legendary might! And it was easy!"

Absorbing Woman was aware that it wasn't just her might that caused Wonder Woman to weaken and fall, but her incredible sexy body as well, which had Wonder Woman so horny she couldn't think straight.

Kicking the spent Wonder Woman over, she lowered her head until she was over Diana's engorged womanhood.

"And now I'm going to eat your clit, honey, like I ate your strength, and swallow your cum, like I swallowed your power."

Eagerly, she took Wonder Woman's clit in her mouth, and sucked hungrily, and wetly. Diana moaned in ecstasy as the other woman's hot sucking mouth feasted on her throbbing clit.

As Absorbing Woman ate Wonder Woman out, she rubbed her own hungry clitoris feverishly.

"Do you like Mommy sucking your clit, honey? I so love to suck on it."

Diana's loud moan was her only response, arching in response to Absorbing Woman's hot mouth mouthing her clit.

Absorbing Woman sucked and sucked and SUCKED Wonder Woman's aching clit until they both came! Repeatedly! Diana's cum was eagerly, hungrily, swallowed with relish.

Then Absorbing Woman got up and sat on Wonder Woman's face, smothering her. It was the end for Diana. She had no strength to resist, and Absorbing Woman's huge, shapely, gorgeous, full, ripe ass held Wonder Woman down with ease, dominating her spent, sweaty, muscle goddess body. That perfect ass almost seemed to swallow Wonder Woman's reddening face.


"Now all it takes is my clit to defeat you, honey. My ass to beat you. Do you like my ass? It likes you. I could sit on your royal face all day."

As she was smothered out by her conqueror's perfect ass, Diana started sucking on Absorbing Woman's clit, serving her mistress. Absorbing Woman groaned in surprised pleasure. She started bucking, rubbing her ass on her.

"That's it, honey. Suck Mommy's clit. Suck it so good! Suck! Keep sucking Mommy!"

And Diana did until Absorbing Woman came all over her perfect face!

Getting off the horny Amazon, she put Wonder Woman into a breast smother, with Diana still on her back. Her chocolate tits enveloped Diana's face. Absorbing Woman held her there with her hands behind her head, but Diana was too weak to escape.

"You seemed to like Mommy's soft, wonderful, boobs when you were resting your lovely face on them, now here's a closer look. They're so warm and comforting, aren't they, sweetie? Is something wrong? Would you like Mommy to nurse you?"

As her prodigious boobs conquered Wonder Woman's massive, muscled frame, their unbelievable softness defeating her hardness, she rubbed her ripped stomach against Wonder Woman's Amazonian rack, and caressed Wonder Woman's eight pack with her clit.

Diana's reddened face was lost between those massive ebony mounds, as they stole her air.

Drained of power, drained of cum, and now drained of air, Wonder Woman fell
unconscious again. Her movements slowed and ceased, overwhelmed by those
delicious orbs.

Releasing her breast smother, she put her in a rear head scissor, leg muscles bulging with stolen power, strong ass clenching. Diana groaned in agony.

Savoring the unimaginable power she had drained from Wonder Woman's gorgeous suffering body, a body which now belonged to her, she began to crush Wonder Woman's head, grinding her face and head painfully and slowly. Diana's face reddened from the pressure, as her leeched strength was used to torture her beaten frame unmercifully.

Absorbing Woman watched Wonder Woman's face over her mountainous shoulder as it ever reddened, and her hands pulled at those huge legs feebly.

"So stubborn honey. I think that's why I like you. But you're finished. I drained your power, absorbed all your strength, the same power I am using to crush your skull. How does that feel, knowing I used your own might to defeat you! Used it to hold you! And absorb even more of your might! Might I was absorbing from your draining body! You defeated yourself!"

Absorbing Woman increased the pressure of her scissors, and those awesomely muscular limbs tightened, ever tightened, until...

Diana passed out again.

Unscissoring her, she lay on top of the spread-eagled Amazon, then grapevine her tree trunk like legs, and spread them apart slowly. She seized her wrists and pinned them to the floor. Their pussies were clamped tightly, eagerly, together.

"How does it feel to lie helpless under me, honey?"

"Uhhh... uhhh...uhhh..." was her only reply as her legs were spread to their breaking point. Diana's overtaxed legs started cramping.


Absorbing Woman stared into Wonder Woman's eyes, who had no choice but to look up at her new mistress.

"Do you submit to me?"


Annoyed, she got off Wonder Woman and put her into a rear breast hug, lifting her off the floor. She squeezed those giant melons, pumping them fiendishly, as she rubbed her own melons against Diana's back, and her clit against that succulent ass, those delicious globes.

Diana screamed as her tits were crushed, milk leaking from them. The back of her head fell on her attacker's shoulder as her boobs were pummeled.


"Submit to me?"

"N-no." she gasped.

Absorbing Woman threw her against the wall, and punched her arms until they were useless, then drove her fist into her gut until her shredded abs collapsed. Wonder Woman's face turned green, and she pitched forward.

Absorbing Woman caught her, and put her in a torture rack. She jumped up and down, hurting Wonder Woman's back even more.


Sneering, Absorbing Woman dropped her to the floor, and put her foot on Diana's pussy, in a sign of ownership. She started grinding her clit.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Don't! please..."

"Don't what?"

"Please don't...mistress."

"Do you submit, honey?"

"I submit. Please, no more."

Pleased, Absorbing Woman reverse sat on Wonder Woman's face, and held her wrists.

"Now, pass out like a good little girl."

Wonder Woman's face reddened, ever reddened, as she was unmercifully smothered out. Absorbing Woman watched Diana's face, and started riding it, an erotic sight, and shoving Wonder Woman's face further into her ass.

Diana felt oblivion claim her for the last time.

Sensing she was finished at last, Absorbing Woman took her new lover away to an unknown destination...

The End

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Re: Growing Weaker and Weaker
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Morpheus has written a lot of transfer stories. You can find "The Flute" here: And here's Mistress of the House:

Mistress of the House

Submitted by Morpheus

Amy took a deep breath as she stepped out of her parents car and looked up at the house which was to be her new home. She wanted to snort in disdain, though she was more than a little impressed in spite of herself.
"It's a mansion," Lisa, Amy's 13 year old little sister exclaimed in amazement.
"Not quite," their dad responded with a chuckle. "Our new house is big, but not THAT big."
For a moment, Amy just stood where she was, staring at the large two story house. It was at least twice the size of their old house, and a lot more impressive looking. There was more to it than the size though... The house looked sort of old...old and fancy.
Then Amy glanced at the rest of her family to see their reactions to the new house. Her dad looked rather proud as he showed the house off to most of them for the first time. But that was no surprise. After some of his investments had taken off and made money, he had decided to buy his dream house, even though it meant moving his family to a whole new city.
Amy's mom stood by looking rather pleased as well, though just a little more nervous about the move. She was a very attractive woman of 39 who could still pass for some years younger.
Lisa was a slender girl though had just hit a growth spurt and showed great promise of one day become quite a beauty. At the moment, she just stood there being a bit excited as she stared at the new house, though a little nervous as well. She had been quite popular at her old school and obviously feared starting over in a new one, though relished the excitement as well.
Then there was Jeff, Amy's 17 year old big brother, who just stood there with a scowl on his face, hating the fact that they had to move. This was something that he had made quite clear as he had frequently complained about it until finally settling down into a silent sulk. Jeff had been a popular athlete in his old school, as well as quite popular among the girls thanks to his being 6 foot 2, good looking and ripping with muscle that he worked on every morning.
Amy herself was 16 and the middle child, often feeling somewhat ignored because of that. She was 5 foot 6, with brown hair which she usually kept in a pony tail, and what she had always felt was average looks, though her mom liked to tell her that she was pretty. It didn't help her confidence that both of her siblings had been in the popular crowd, while she had been just another face in it.
After a moment, Amy let out a sigh, thinking that at least she was lucky that they had moved in the middle of the summer, where at least she wouldn't have to start a new school in the middle of the school year. And this way, she would not only be able to start along with everyone else, but she would have a little time to get used to things...and perhaps even make a few friends before then.
"Oh joy," Amy sighed to herself.
"Well guys," Amy's dad exclaimed, "Let's go check it out..."
As soon as they had stepped inside, Amy took one look around and gasped, "Wow..."
The first glance inside the door made Amy feel as though maybe she had stepped into a mansion, though it was far too small for that. It was a hardwood floor with walls that had fancy carvings and decorations in them. Everything was just so fancy that Amy couldn't help thinking that it looked as though it did belong in the mansion.
"This house was built over a hundred years ago," Amy's dad proudly exclaimed. "It has two stories, not including the basement and attic, five...count them FIVE bedrooms, a den, a living room, family room, dining room..."
A minute later, Amy's dad began to lead the rest the family around the house on a tour, proudly showing them each room on the lower floor and then the small basement.
"This would be a good place to put your workout equipment," Amy's dad told Jeff, who actually looked rather pleased for the first time.
"My own gym," Jeff grinned as he looked around the basement, obviously trying to decide where to put everything.
While Jeff was distracted, the rest of the family continued with the tour of their new house, leaving him to catch up as they were just getting to the second floor.
Amy just stood there for a moment, staring down the hallway and thinking that even the second floor looked like it could have come from a mansion. Whoever had built the house might not have made the size of a mansion, but they had obviously liked that kind of fancy style.
"Shouldn't the movers be here soon?" Amy's mom asked.
After glancing at his watch, Amy's dad nodded, then announced, "Okay kids, go grab yourselves a bedroom..."
Jeff just snorted and went into the first bedroom, the one right across from the bathroom. Amy however made her way further down the hall, glancing into each room until she came to the one at the end. Her eyes went wide as she stepped inside. Like the rest of the house, the room looked old fashioned and stylish, with carved wood trimming. It was also a bit larger than the other bedrooms that she'd walked past.
"Wow," Amy exclaimed as she looked around the room.
"I see that you found one you like," her dad chuckled from the door.
"It's...interesting," Amy commented neutrally.
"This was originally the master bedroom when the house was first built," her dad told her with a smile.
"Really?" Amy asked, her curiosity piqued a little.
"When the previous owners bought the house in the early eighties, they remodeled it, putting in a new larger master bedroom with a built in bath." Then as an afterthought, her dad added, "That's when they built the garage..."
"Cool," Amy smiled as she looked around the room. It was a little strange, but she decided that she rather liked it. Besides, it was bigger than any bedroom except the one her parents had, so she knew that both Jeff and Lisa would both be jealous that she had been the one to grab it first.
As soon as Amy's dad had left the room, she went over to the window and looked out, smiling at the view. She had a clear view of the back yard and garden. It was probably the best view out of the 5 bedrooms in the house.
"Wow," Amy mused as she looked around the room...her room. "This is so cool... The master bedroom, and it's all MINE."
Just then, Amy felt a strange tingle run through her body, almost like static electricity. But it passed after only a moment, leaving Amy to wonder if the strangeness of the house and the excitement might have caused her to imagine it.
However, Amy's thoughts were cut short as she heard her mom yelling, "The movers are here," from down the hall.
"All right," Amy rolled her eyes. "I guess it's time to get moved in..."
When Amy awoke in the morning, slowly looked around her new bedroom with a mixture of nervousness, excitement and pride. It was those very emotions which had kept her from being able to fall asleep until quite late the night before and left her still feeling a bit tired.
"I wonder if I'll ever get used to this house," Amy muttered to herself.
Everything was so different than before, to which she felt a little regret. Still, she was determined to at least give it a chance, rather than complaining right off like Jeff had been doing.
After a few minutes, Amy grabbed her bath robe and crept down the hall to the bathroom. The house had three of them in it, one for her parent's room, one for the down stairs and one for the upstairs, which she would have to share with her brother and sister. Amy let out a sigh, wondering that with three bathrooms, why the three of them would have to share the one.
"Because we don't want to go downstairs," Amy reminded herself with rolled eyes. "I wish my room had a private bath like mom and dad's..."
Then again, Amy told herself silently, if that room had been built with a private bath, then they probably never would have built that replacement master bedroom. And if that one had never been built, her parents would have taken the old master bedroom...her room, and she would have been without her own bathroom anyway.
Amy was thankful that the bathroom was empty and that she wouldn't have to argue with Lisa and Jeff over who got to use it next. However, she had no doubts that this wouldn't always be the case.
Once Amy was finished with her morning bath and returned to her bedroom to get dressed, she was startled to notice that her bra was too tight. She tugged on it, but there was no doubt. Either her bra had shrunk, or her breasts had grown.
"All right," Amy whispered with a bit of a smile.
Though Amy was not flat chested with her small B cups, she had sometimes felt as though she was and feared that she would not grow any larger. Her mother was a nice DD cup, and to Amy's frustration and envy, her little sister Lisa seemed to be following their mother. At 13, she was already the same size as Amy.
Then with a smile, Amy continued to get dressed, pausing again after she put her pants on. They were tight as well. However, instead of the delight that the tighter bra brought her, this brought a feeling of revulsion instead.
"I'm getting fat," Amy whined to herself. "That's why my bra's tight..." She cringed at the thought, knowing that Lisa was going to laugh at her. "Now I'm going to have to go on a diet..."
Amy took a deep breath and decided to skip breakfast as she slipped on her shoes. But to her confusion, even her shoes were too tight.
"What's wrong with this?" Amy grumbled, feeling more confused than anything else. "Everything fit fine yesterday..." Yet somehow, everything had gotten smaller on her overnight. There was no way that all of her clothes would shrink like that, but no reason that she would grow that much overnight either.
After thinking about it for a minute, Amy just grimaced and left her room, deciding to worry about it later. After all, she was probably just having some sort of sudden growth spurt. And for the rest of the morning, Amy forgot about her tight clothes, or at least tried not to think about them as she went through the new house, exploring it and helping to put everything away.
It was early afternoon when Amy decided to take a break and go check out her new neighborhood. She was curious about where she now lived and wanted to get a better feel for the area.
"Nice place," Amy commented as she walked down the street, looking at all the nice houses. It seemed to be a fairly quiet neighborhood, with a lot of older houses, though she didn't know if any of them were as old as her new one.
Amy had gone about a block from her own house when she saw a boy about her own age sitting in a driveway and working on a motorcycle. It was one of those dirt bikes, and from the dried mud that was splattered on it, it had obviously been used for its intended purpose.
The boy himself looked to be about 16 or 17, possibly even 18 though Amy didn't think so. However, she did think that he was rather cute, even with his dark hair being a bit messy and with him having grease on his hands.
Though Amy normally would be too shy to say anything, for some reason she felt a little bit more confident than normal. "Excuse me," she called to the boy, blushing a bit, "Is there a mall or video store near here?"
Without a word, the boy looked up at her, then wiped his hands off with a rag. Then he stood up and started towards her, "Yeah," he finally said once he was just a few feet from Amy, "There's a video store down the street a couple blocks," he gestured in the direction that she had already been walking.
"Great," Amy smiled, thankful that she wouldn't have to go too far to get videos. After all, she certainly couldn't count on her parents either taking her whenever she wanted to rent something or lending her the car. They barely ever even let Jeff borrow the car.
"And there's a mall a few miles away," the boy shrugged, "But it's kind of hard to explain how to get there..."
"Oh," Amy sighed in disappointment before responding, "Thanks."
"No problem," the boy shrugged again. "I'm Chris by the way."
"Amy," she responded with a blush. She wasn't used to talking to boys like that and was a little surprised at herself. Maybe moving into a new neighborhood would be good for her. "I just moved in..."
"Yeah?" Chris asked, "Where at?"
"Well," Amy started, pointing in the direction she had just come from, "It's down there..."
After Amy had finished explaining which house she had moved into, Chris stared at her in surprise, "Shit. You're living in the old Madsen place..."
"What?" Amy blinked in confusion.
"Everyone says it's haunted or something," Chris grinned. "But no one really believes it or anything. You know how it is... Every neighborhood has to have a haunted house, and you're living in ours..."
"Oh joy," Amy muttered with a sigh, knowing that Jeff would just love that piece of information, while Sarah would probably bitch and complain about it. "At least I haven't seen any ghosts or anything..."
"There was an old couple with no kids or anything who've lived there as long as I can remember," Chris shrugged, "And they never seemed to have had any problems either."
"That's good to know," Amy grinned at him.
They talked for several more minutes before Amy excused herself to get home. She wanted to see the rest of the neighborhood before she returned home. However, she definitely hoped that she ran into Chris again. Though she had only known him for a few minutes, she kind of liked him.
When Amy arrived home a little later, she was met in the living room by Lisa, who glared at her and complained, "It's not fair that you got the biggest room..."
"The squirt's right," Jeff added as he came towards her, "I'm the oldest, so I should get the biggest."
Amy grimaced, and though she normally would have backed down from Jeff, this time she told him, "First come, first serve. Besides," she added, "You had your chance and just grabbed the first room you came across... If you'd bothered to look at the others you might have gotten it instead..."
"I'm telling mom," Lisa complained.
That was a threat that made Amy grimace even more. She knew Lisa, and knew that if her little sister kept nagging their parents, then sooner or later they would give in and probably kick Amy out of it, turning it into a storage room or guest bedroom and making her take the remaining bedroom. She didn't like that idea but wasn't sure about what to do about it just yet.
"Go ahead," Amy spat back in annoyance.
And with that, Amy quickly turned and hurried upstairs and to her room. She was feeling far too uncomfortable at the moment to waste time arguing with Lisa and Jeff. Her already tight clothes had been pinching her more and more, and her shoes were killing her. If she didn't know better, she would have sworn that they were a size too small.
"Oh, finally," Amy gasped as she tore her shoes off and dropped them onto the floor.
Almost immediately afterwards, Amy struggled to pull off her pants, rubbing at her hips once she had done so. And with a grimace, she removed her shirt and took off her bra, which seemed to be even tighter than when she'd put it on that morning.
"Let's see," she sighed, turning to her closet and the boxes of clothes which sat in the corner as yet unpacked. "I guess I'll have to find something else..."
Amy quickly went through the boxes, finding that the rest of her clothes were just as tight on her as the ones that she had just been wearing. Fortunately, she did have some clothes that had always been a bit big and loose on her, largely in thanks to her Aunt Cheryl, who liked giving clothes for Christmas but always insisted on giving them large enough to 'grow into', even if that person happened to already be fully grown.
"I've got the clothes," Amy sighed, "Now I need some shoes..." She had little doubt that if her normal shoes were too tight, nothing else she had was likely to fit either. Fortunately, she knew that her mother had larger feet than she did, and after sneaking into her mother's closet, found a pair of sneakers that fit her, and were even just a little loose.
Once Amy was satisfied that she was indeed fully dressed again, she went down to help her family finish unpacking. The movers had taken care of the furniture and most of the large stuff, but there were still a lot of things that needed to have places found for them and to be put away.
By the time that dinner came, Amy felt as though she were starving. She gulped down her normal meal, and then asked for seconds. That surprised even her as she never ate seconds.
"You're gonna get fat eating like that," Lisa teased her.
Amy glared at her little sister, feeling a bit self-conscious because of her tight clothes. But she bit her tongue, deciding not to start something at the table.
Just a minute later, their mom asked, "Can you start getting the table cleared off for the dishwasher Lisa?"
"But it's Amy's turn to clean up," Lisa protested weakly.
Amy just blinked in surprise, and annoyance. As much as she didn't like it, Lisa was right. It was her turn to clean up the kitchen, and their mom should know that. She never forgot who's turn it was.
"But I asked you to do it," their mother responded, looking at Lisa.
Then to Amy's surprise, Lisa just nodded, not putting up the argument that she would have expected. She glanced at Amy before turning to clear the table, but it wasn't a look of resentment.
"Weird," Amy muttered as she turned to go back to her room. Of course, the whole day had been weird, which was why she wanted to get back to the safety of her own room before anything else strange could happen.
It was only when Amy got back to her room and saw the clothing on the floor where she had left it that she remembered the problems she had faced that morning with them being too tight. She had meant to bring that subject up with her mom, or at least the subject of getting some new clothes. But with a shrug, Amy decided to do that later.
"Damn," Amy muttered, kicking at the clothes. "How can they be so tight?"
After a minute, Amy had a thought... It was strange... It was not at all likely, but then again neither was outgrowing her clothes like that in a single day. So with a scowl and a grown curiosity, Amy went to find a tape measure.
"Let's see," Amy mused as she carefully measured her height. Then her eyes went wide as she saw the results, "No way..." Amy shook her head in disbelief, "Impossible..."
But as impossible as it was, the tape measure said that she was 5 foot 8, two full inches taller than she should have been. Somehow, as unbelievable as it was, she had actually grown two inches.
"No way," Amy whispered.
She closed her eyes to think about it and realized that Lisa had looked just a tiny bit shorter than normal. But Amy wasn't completely sure that this wasn't just in her imagination.
Amy took a deep breath and shook her head in confusion. It didn't make sense. Not in the least. And after a few minutes, she decided to sleep on it and see if she hadn't been dreaming it in the morning.
The next morning, Amy stood in the bathroom, silently staring at herself in the mirror in stunned disbelief. Somehow, she felt almost calm as she did so, in spite of the fact that her own reflection had been changed.
"Unbelievable," Amy whispered to herself.
Though Amy had thought that the changes to herself might have worn off during the night or have been revealed as some sort of dream, that was obviously no longer the case. In fact, the changes had continued, becoming more noticeable.
Amy took a deep breath, thinking that she had already measured herself again with the measuring tape, almost immediately upon waking up. And to her near surprise, it said that she was now 5 foot 9...or at least just a hair under it. She had grown yet another inch during the night, though that was not all.
As her hands went to her breasts, Amy couldn't help noticing that they were indeed bigger...rounder and firmer. She estimated them to be a small C cup, a cup larger than what she had normally been. That would help explain her tightening bra from the day before, a fact which was quite relevant as she no longer had one that would fit her.
Then Amy's hands went to her stomach, to her abs which were now flat and firm. In fact, all of her muscles seemed to be firm and well toned, showing the beginnings of good definition. Amy was amazed by this change to her body, thinking that she may have seen hints of this the day before, though she could not be sure.
Finally, Amy turned her attention to her face. Her face seemed unchanged, except for that her skin looked smoother...clearer. It was hard for Amy to place exactly what it was, except that there was not even a trace of acne. Even her hair seemed a little more smooth and wavy, though that could very well have been her imagination.
"Incredible," Amy whispered, smiling as she did so. She had no idea what was going on with her, but she had to admit that she liked the results.
A short time later, Amy had bathed and dressed, being thankful that she still had more of the clothes that Aunt Cheryl had given her, and that her mom's sneakers still fit, though not quite as loosely as the night before.
"Good morning," Amy greeted everyone when she went down for breakfast.
Jeff just grunted, as was his normal morning greeting, but Lisa responded with, "Morning," not adding her customary insults or attempts to get a reaction. Amy blinked in surprise, but quickly shrugged it off as Lisa just being a bit shaken by the new surroundings.
Then Amy turned her attention to her dad, smiling faintly as she saw that he already had the computer desk set up in the den and was on it. Of course, that was no surprise to her, and she knew that she could expect that sight quite often. The only real surprise was that he hadn't put a lock on the den to keep anyone from interrupting her.
Up until fairly recently, Amy's dad had been a bit of a workaholic, doing a lot of work and making a rather large paycheck. And he had been smart enough to invest a good part of it, and invest it wisely as it had begun paying off quite well. Amy wouldn't say that they were rich, and they certainly couldn't afford to buy mansions or fancy sports cars, but the investments had paid off enough for them to not only buy that house, but for her dad to effectively retire as well.
"Having fun?" Amy teased her dad from the door.
"Loads of it," he sighed, "Just going over some numbers..." Then he shook his head, "But something just doesn't add up..."
Amy frowned in curiosity and moved closer for a closer look, though she didn't know what she could do. After all, her dad was the expert in numbers and stuff, and if he couldn't figure it out, there was no way she could. But as she glanced at the page, something seemed to jump out at her.
"What about that?" Amy asked, feeling quite unsure of herself, even though a part of her insisted that there was something wrong with those numbers. "I think decimal point is wrong..."
Her dad frowned and glanced at it, then stared at it with a look of thoughtful concentration. "I'll be," he muttered, "There's the problem..." He shook his head, "I don't know how I missed that..."
Amy smirked, feeling rather proud of herself as she turned away. She even made a mental note to bring this up the next time she wanted to ask for a raise in her allowance.
Then after wandering around the new house for a few minutes, still trying to familiarize herself with everything, Amy paused at the door to the basement, hearing something from within. She smiled faintly, recognizing the sounds of Jeff working out, as he always did in the morning.
"Maybe I should start exercising," Amy suddenly thought to herself. It didn't really seem like that bad an idea. But as she put her hand against her stomach, remembering her improved muscle tone from that morning, she couldn't resist adding, "Then again, not working out seems to be doing pretty good for me..."
After grinning to herself, Amy went down into the basement, then stood at the bottom of the stairs and silently watched Jeff work out. He was doing a bench press at the moment, and grimacing with intense effort as he struggled to lift the weight, finally getting it up and dropping into the rack.
"Fuck," Jeff spat out as he sat up, looking somewhat pale.
"You all right?" Amy asked. She'd never seen Jeff look quite like that while working out.
"None of your...," Jeff started, then turned to look at her. His expression softened a bit and he sighed, "Just a bad workout." He stood up, glaring at the weights on the bar as he did so. "I must be coming down with something... I don't know..." Then he took a deep breath, shaking his head in disbelief. "A couple days ago, I was doing three sets of twelve with ten pounds more than this. Now I can't even finish a single set with this..."
"Oh," Amy responded in surprise, "That's kind of..."
"I must be getting sick or something," Jeff repeated, then shrugged and added, "Oh well," as though it wasn't all that important.
Amy frowned for a moment, then nodded, "Well I hope you get better..." And as Jeff began lowering the weight for another attempt, she made her way back up the stairs and out of the basement.
After giving one more glance towards the basement, Amy returned to her bedroom where she immediately went to work putting her things away. She hadn't unpacked most of her clothes or other items, and thought that it was time that she should go ahead and do that.
About an hour after Amy had started putting her things away, she decided that she was mostly finished, or at least finished enough for the moment. Then giving her room a brief smile, thinking that it was now a little more comfortable, she decided to head back downstairs.
When Amy had made it about halfway down the stairs, she paused, hearing her parents talking. She remained silent, feeling just a little guilty for eavesdropping, though that quickly passed as she listened in.
"It's strange," Amy's mom was saying, "My bra has been loose all morning..."
"Mine too," Lisa's voice added.
"I guess it's going around," Amy's dad chuckled, "My shoes have been a little loose... " Then he laughed again, "But on the plus side, I'm losing weight. My pants are a little looser as well..."
"I guess it's nothing to worry about," Amy's mom commented, as if shrugging it all off as not important. And to Amy's surprise, her dad and sister didn't really seem bothered by it either.
"Just like Jeff," Amy muttered to herself, thinking about how easily Jeff had just shrugged off his lower bench press.
Then as Amy thought about it, she paled a little, realizing that she wasn't the only one being affected by whatever was happening to her. It was obvious that the rest of her family was being messed with as well, though in their cases it seemed to be the reverse of what was happening to her. And with a thoughtful scowl, Amy became decided pay a little more attention to her family and see if she could notice their changes.
"If they're as obvious as mine," she told herself, "they should be easy to spot..."
Amy waited a few seconds more, just to make it look as though she hadn't overheard them, before she went the rest of the way down. However, she thought that it probably wouldn't have mattered as everyone had already begun to go their own directions.
"Hey mom," Amy greeted her mom as she walked past.
Her mom paused for a moment and looked at her with an expression of vague curiosity before finally saying, "Boy you're getting tall..."
Amy froze at that, her eyes going wide as she stared at her mom. She had known that she'd grown taller, but this was the first time that it really hit her. She was looking down a little to meet her mom's eyes, when normally she had to look up a bit. Her mom, at 5 foot 8, was now shorter than she was.
"I guess I'm growing," Amy grinned, feeling strangely confident. She grinned even more as she realized that she'd normally be blushing like crazy if anyone mentioned something like that. "I guess I'm growing up..."
For a moment, her mom just looked up at her, then shrugged, as if it wasn't really all that important. That was a little surprising to Amy as her growth was definitely noticeable and she figured that her mom wouldn't have been able to miss just how much she'd grown in the last two days. But her mom was acting as though it wasn't anything really all that odd at all.
"I wonder how Lisa will react," Amy mused thoughtfully, deciding to go find her sister and find out.
When Amy found Lisa in the next room a moment later, she stopped and grinned, "Do you notice anything different about me?"
Lisa looked up at her and blinked, "Not really... Why?"
"Don't I look a little taller to you?" Amy asked her, then cupped her breasts, "And a little bigger up here?"
"I guess," Lisa shrugged, not seeming all that impressed.
"What?" Amy blinked.
Amy decided that this was definitely getting strange. Lisa was just an inch shorter than her...or at least an inch shorter than she had been. This was something that Lisa had been quite aware of as she frequently liked to tease Amy she was soon going to be even taller than her big sister. Lisa should have noticed those several extra inches in height difference almost immediately.
And then, Amy noticed the large pimple in the middle of Lisa's forehead, which was strange in itself due to the fact that Lisa had always had a great complexion. Amy didn't think that her younger sister ever got pimples, and wondered if this might be her first.
"This is getting weird," Amy muttered to herself. "Very weird..."
However, Amy knew that the word 'weird' was a serious understatement. Things were changing in ways that they shouldn't, and without any apparent reason. And just as weird was the fact that the rest of her family didn't seem very concerned about it at all.
After a moment, Amy shook her head and went to find her dad, wanting to see his reactions to her changes...and if he acted the same as Lisa and her mom. But when Amy located her dad, she could only stop and stare at him for a moment.
"Wow," Amy whispered to herself in surprise.
Amy looked her dad in the eyes, hardly able to believe that he was only a tiny bit taller than her. He was 6 feet tall, so she was used to looking up to meet his eyes. But now, now he was about an inch and a half taller than her.
But as Amy continued staring at her dad, she realized that something didn't quite add up. If she was now 5 foot 9 and he was 6 feet tall, he should still be 3 inches taller than her, but he wasn't. Then she remembered his earlier comments about his shoes and pants being loose, and gulped. While she was getting taller, he was getting shorter.
"So," Amy started carefully, "Do you notice anything different about me today?" Amy asked her dad. There was no way he should be able to miss the fact that she was so close to his own height.
"Not really," he shrugged, then looked at her again. Then there was a look of realization, "I didn't realize that you were getting so tall honey..." He chuckled, "Before long you might be just as tall as your old man..."
"Um...yeah," Amy smiled weakly. Then she let out a sigh, "Now to check on Jeff..."
Jeff was in their large new living room, watching TV. Amy stared at him for a moment, noticing that his shirt, one which was normally quite tight against his muscular body, now looked a bit loose.
"Hey Jeff," Amy started, not sure how to ask but going ahead anyway, "Can you please stand up for a moment..."
"Um...okay," Jeff responded, surprising Amy by doing as she asked. She had been more than half expecting him to give some sort of snide remark, or at the very least ask about it.
As Amy stared at Jeff, she couldn't help thinking that he looked a little bit shorter as well. It was hard for her to be certain though as her own increased height had altered her perspective. And Amy couldn't be certain if her brother was actually shrinking as well, or if it was a trick of her new height and overactive imagination.
"Are your shoes looser than normal?" Amy asked after a moment, glancing down to her brother's feet.
"Yeah," Jeff shrugged, "I guess I must have stretched them out..." Then he frowned slightly, "And my clothes too..." However, he didn't really seem all that concerned with it.
"Thanks," Amy told him as she turned around with a sigh.
There was absolutely no denying it now. Not only was something strange happening to all of their bodies, but the rest of her family just didn't seem to notice or really care. It made no sense, but then again, neither did anything else about it.
Amy let out a long sigh as she found a place to sit down so that she could think things through, or at least try to. She still had no idea as to what was actually causing all the weirdness, much less how to stop it.
Finally, Amy decided that if she couldn't do anything about stopping all the weirdness, she could at least deal with it. And with that, she turned her mind to something more practical, such as her clothes. Her mom's shoes were already beginning to get a little tight on her, and she knew that before long, they would be just as useless as her own shoes.
"Time to go shopping," Amy muttered.
Of course, she realized, that left the question of how she was going to afford a new wardrobe. She was going to need more than just a few new pieces of clothing, and she was pretty sure that her allowance wouldn't cover more than a new pair of shoes, if that.
"Time to visit the ATM," Amy announced, quoting one of Lisa's favorite sayings. She just hoped that her dad was feeling generous...
Amy took a deep breath, then went to find her dad. She stood at the door to the study for a moment, smirking slightly as she thought about how she'd helped her dad out with his numbers just a little bit earlier that morning. He owed her for that...
"Hey dad," Amy announced, "I have a problem..."
"Oh?" he turned to look at her.
Amy gave him her best smile, though she wasn't nearly as practiced at trying to charm money from her dad as Lisa was. "Can I get some money for some new clothes? I REALLY need some..."
Amy's dad blinked, then slowly responded, "Okay..." And without a word, he reached into his wallet and pulled out a credit card, handing it to her. "Don't spend too much..."
"Thanks dad," Amy grinned, feeling rather pleased with herself. Then as she turned and walked away, she couldn't help thinking muttering, "That was easy..." Almost TOO easy.
Then as Amy slipped the credit card into her pocket, the doorbell started to ring. She paused for a moment, wondering who it could possibly be. Perhaps it was one of the neighbors trying to welcome them to the neighborhood. And since Amy was already up and closest to the door, she decided to go see for herself.
"Hello?" Amy asked as she swung the door open, then paused in surprise as she saw Chris, the boy from the day before standing there. "Oh...hi Chris..."
"Um...hi," Chris responded, looking a little embarrassed. Then he stood up straight, "I figured that since you were new to the neighborhood I'd stop by and say hi... Maybe show you around a little."
"That sounds great," Amy grinned, just a little surprised at herself for agreeing so easily. Normally she was much too shy about such things. Then she chuckled as she added, "But are you sure that you just didn't want to take a peek at the haunted old Madsen house?"
"Oh, you caught me," Chris grinned back.
"Come on in," Amy gestured.
Chris hesitated for a moment, then took a step through the doorway, pausing again to take a long look around. His expression made Amy suddenly think of her first impression upon going inside. It was definitely impressive.
"It's...interesting," Chris finally said.
"Something of an understatement," Amy grinned. "It's a bit messy though since we haven't put everything away just yet. Come on, I'll give you the tour..."
Amy started by showing Chris the living room, but had to pause in order to introduce him to her family. Fortunately, she as able to do that quickly and then get on with the rest of the tour. Chris was just as impressed by the house as she had been...and still was.
Once they were through with a quick tour, Amy reminded Chris, "You said something about showing me around..."
"Yeah," he nodded.
"Good," Amy grinned at him, grabbing his arm and tugging him towards the door, "Show me that mall you mentioned yesterday... I've got some shopping to do..." Then she laughed at Chris' groan.
Fortunately, Chris had his own car, even if it was nearly twenty years old and had several dents in it. That was more than she had. In fact, as Amy rode to the mall in Chris' car, she thought that she was old enough to have one herself and decided to have a little talk with her parents about it later on. After her dad had given up the credit card that easily, she was feeling pretty confident about her chances.
Amy wasn't especially impressed by the local mall, as it was just like every other mall that she'd ever been in, with all of the same stores. However, that did make it easier on her as she knew exactly where to go to get what she wanted.
"I apologize for being so stereotypical," Amy told Chris as she looked at some shirts that she thought would fit her new size, "But I just had a major growth spurt don't really have any clothes that fit me anymore..."
"Yeah?" Chris grinned.
"Oh yeah," she nodded back, "I'm definitely a growing girl..." However, she let out a sigh, hoping that she wouldn't keep growing for much longer. It just wasn't natural.
Amy was thankful that Chris didn't make any kind of a fuss about her shopping and that he was quite willing to humor her. She even felt a little guilty for putting him through her shopping spree since he had been so nice to her, but that quickly passed. There were more important things for her to give her attention...such as new shoes.
"Am I your tour guide or your pack mule?" Chris muttered as Amy handed him a third bag to carry.
"How about both?" Amy grinned. Then on an impulse, she gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. She had never been daring enough to do that to a boy before, though found no problem doing so now. "I need just a little more..."
Then Amy paused, realizing that it might be a waste of effort to buy too many clothes at the moment. If she kept growing, which she hoped she didn't, then she might outgrow her new clothes. Most of what she'd bought already had been a little loose, with a little extra room to grow, but what if she outgrew those?
"Let's see...," she mused to herself, glancing at the bags she'd already purchased, the credit card which she had already done a lot of damage to her dad's bank account with, and then the nearest store. She was going to have to buy just a little bit more...
By the time that Amy was finished with her shopping trip, she had bought two pairs of shoes, one pair that was just a little loose and another which left a bit more growing room. She had done the same thing with her clothes and bras, buying them in several larger sizes.
"Somehow," Amy smirked to Chris, "I don't think that my dad is going to be pleased with how much I spent..." But at the same time, she wasn't really worried about it either.
"Well," Chris said as they drove back home, "I had been planning on showing you a little more..."
"And I appreciate it," Amy smiled at him, "But this gives us an excuse to do this another time... Like tomorrow."
"That sounds good to me," Chris grinned back.
Once they had reached the house and Amy had unloaded all of her bags, she decided that it was time to say good-bye to Chris. She smiled, then surprised him with a passionate kiss on the lips. Amy surprised herself a little as well as she had never kissed a boy before, nor had she ever even imagined that she was capable of doing something so daring.
"," Chris gasped once they were through.
Amy giggled a little, feeling a little embarrassed ..but only a little. Though it was her first time, Amy had rather enjoyed the experience and knew that she certainly wouldn't mind doing it with Chris again. And perhaps even going a little further with him some time.
"That was nice," Amy said with a bit of a blush, then added, "I'll see you again tomorrow..."
After Chris had left, Amy just stood there for a moment and smiled. Then shaking it off, she started inside the house, absently thinking that she might have to take two trips just to get all of her new clothes to her bedroom.
But just as Amy had gone through the door, Lisa giggled, "He's cute. Is that your new boyfriend?"
For a moment, Amy just stood there and looked down at her sister. Then she smirked, "Yeah, he is..." Of course she still had to tell Chris...
Then as Amy turned to continue upstairs, she paused, glancing at the door to the den. It wasn't until then that she remembered the credit card that she had borrowed from her dad. For a brief moment, she thought about going to return it to him, but then shrugged, deciding that she might as well hang onto it for a little longer. After all, she still might have a use for it.
Over the next several hours, Amy was quite aware that things were not quite normal with her family. Her mom had actually asked her opinion about what to cook for dinner, which was unusual enough, but afterwards, Jeff was sent to clean everything up, without even offering any complaint at all about Amy having skipped her cleanup day.
"Interesting," Amy mused to herself as she glanced at Jeff cleaning the table. But not really any more so than anything else that had been happening. In fact, it wasn't until just then that she realized that her whole family had been unusually nice towards her over the last day or so. "Very interesting indeed..."
However, Amy didn't linger on these thoughts as she soon found herself sitting around the table again, this time playing a game of Scrabble with the rest of her family. Playing Scrabble was nothing unusual as they played about once a month, but the results of the game were.
Amy's dad was a smart man and normally won the games without much trouble, though this time was different. This time he didn't do nearly as well as normal, even missing several opportunities for words and points which Amy had thought were obvious. Instead, she was the one who won, finding the game easier than normal.
"I guess I'm having a good day," Amy told herself, though she wasn't sure that she believed that explanation. Not with everything else that was going on.
Then, Amy turned to Jeff and half jokingly told him, "Hey, why don't you go and get me a soda..."
To Amy's surprise, Jeff responded with a, "Sure," as he got up and left the room. He didn't refuse with a snide remark or tell her to go get it herself as he normally would have done.
"Interesting," Amy repeated to herself yet again when Jeff returned with her soda. It hadn't even been shaken up or anything.
Amy stared at her family for a moment in thoughtful silence, smiling faintly as she did so. Then, to test a theory, she asked her mom, "Can I have that last piece of cake?"
The expected answer would be a resounding no. Not only would her mom refuse to let her eat snacks that late in the evening, but she would never let Amy have that piece of there wasn't enough to share with everyone else. Especially not right in front of them.
But the response was, "Sure...go ahead." Then her mom smiled at her and asked, "Would you like me to go get it for you?"
"Thank you," Amy told her.
And as Amy's mother got up to go get the cake, Amy stared at her parents and suddenly realized that something had just changed drastically. It was the balance of power. She wasn't sure exactly what it was, but Amy knew without a doubt that the balance of power in the household had just changed. For some reason, her well as her siblings, were all looking to her as an authority figure. They might not even have realized it yet, at least not consciously, but Amy could feel it.
Then, Amy demanded, "Dad...give me your car keys...NOW."
However, he just blinked, "What? You must be crazy..."
He was annoyed, but not outraged by Amy's rude demand. She was a little surprised that he hadn't obeyed her, as well as just a little annoyed.
"It appears that there are limits," Amy muttered to herself, then shrugged off a half hearted, "Sorry," which seemed to satisfy her dad.
When it was time for bed a short while later, Amy went to her room, lost in thought over what had been happening. The changes in her the bodies of her entire family. It was as though they were...dwindling while she was growing. As if she was gaining what they were losing. She wasn't sure if she could put it into words, even to herself.
Amy frowned, then decided to check herself out again before going to bed. She stripped off her clothes and carefully looked her body over. Though Amy could not be absolutely certain, she was pretty sure that her breasts had grown more and that her muscles had all become a little larger and more defined as well.
And then Amy reached for the tape measure. This time, it measured her as just a hair over 5 foot 10. She had grown more than another inch since she had measured herself that morning. For several seconds, Amy just stared at the results, wanting to doubt them but knowing that this wouldn't do any good. There was no doubt that she had indeed grown even more.
"Well," Amy sighed to herself, "Time for bed. I just wonder what changes tomorrow will bring..."
Amy confidently walked the short distance down the hallway to the bathroom, not even concerned with the fact that she was naked. After all, what in the world did she have to be ashamed of? Absolutely nothing.
Then she stopped at the bathroom door, pausing just long enough to take a deep breath, feeling a faint surge of nervousness which she quickly pushed away before going inside. Amy stopped in front of the mirror and took everything in at once.
"Impressive," Amy calmly stated.
There had already been no doubt in her mind that her figure had improved again, but to see it was still something else. Amy already knew that she had grown taller as she had already measured herself a few minutes earlier and found that she was now 5 foot 11. But her breasts had also grown larger, to what Amy guessed was a small D cup, and her muscles...
"I'm ripped," Amy stated in mild surprise.
Of course, Amy had already known that her muscles were getting larger and stronger along with the rest of her body, but the size and definition had increased to a point where she was visibly quite athletic. In fact, she was more muscular than any girl that she knew.
"I wonder," she mused to herself, then shook her head, deciding to return to that line of thought later on...after she had finished bathing and getting dressed.
Amy pushed back the temptation to rush through her bath, making sure to go slow and easy instead. She smiled faintly as she thought about just how hot she looked, and how great she felt. She felt stronger, healthier and more confident than she had ever felt before in her life.
Of course, Amy reminded herself, there was the rest of her family. She frowned slightly as she thought of them, and how her own improvements seemed to somehow be coming from them.
Once Amy had finished with her bath, she returned to her room and got dressed in the clothes that she had bought the day before. She smiled faintly as she wondered if her mom's shoes would even fit her anymore. As it was, she seriously doubted that even Aunt Cheryl's most oversized clothing gifts would fit her anymore.
When Amy went down to the kitchen, she noticed the cereal bowls in the sink which indicated that everyone else had already eaten. But that was just fine with her.
"Hey mom," Amy called to her, "Can you fix me an omelet for breakfast?"
Then as Amy had expected, her mom smiled and responded with, "Sure thing," already moving to do what she had been asked.
Amy smiled at that, then stared at her mom for a moment, noticing that her mom's breasts were definitely smaller than before. As were Lisa's when Amy looked over at her. She couldn't resist glancing down and then thoughtfully staring at her own breasts for a moment.
It was only then that Amy turned her attention to her dad, blinking faintly as she realized that she was now taller than him. She was taller than her own dad by about an inch.
And after staring at her dad for a moment, Amy looked at Jeff. He was still taller than she was, but not by much. There was less than an inch difference in their heights now. The very thought that she was nearly as tall as Jeff brought a faint smile to her lips. Her eyes wandered over her brother's body, taking in his loose clothes and the fact that his muscles noticeably smaller than they used to be. He still looked pretty athletic, but not nearly as much as before.
"I wonder..." Amy mused as she looked at her own arms and flexed them, then stared at the resulting muscles.
Amy wasted little time in eating her breakfast and then rushing down to the basement where Jeff's gym had been set up. At first, Amy just stood there and looked over the weights, feeling a tiny apprehensive, but then easily shrugging that away. She wanted to know just what she was now capable of.
Though Amy had no idea what weight she should start at, or even what weight she would have been lifting before her changes, she quickly went to work at the bench press, putting a little bit of weight on at first and slowly adding to it when it wasn't enough. And when Amy reached the maximum weight that she could comfortably handle with the bench, she smiled, knowing that she never would have been able to lift that much before.
"I feel so strong," she told herself, turning her attention next to the hand weights and curls.
After Amy had worked out for a little longer, discovering the limits of her new strength, she was left feeling even more impressed. She had never imagined that SHE could be that strong before, or lift that much weight. Of course, it was still nothing compared to what Jeff normally lifted...
"Incredible," Amy whispered, thinking that she could almost feel herself getting even stronger as she lifted those weights. She wasn't sure how much of that was her imagination and how much was actual fact. At the rate she had been growing though, she suspected that it was more the former than the latter, though she couldn't be certain.
With a somewhat satisfied smile, Amy took one more look around the gym, deciding that she was going to have to start coming down there more often. That brief workout had been exhilarating, and she rather enjoyed finding out just how strong she had become. Now she couldn't help wondering just how much stronger she might become before it all ended.
When Amy returned to the living room a minute later, she saw her dad sitting on the couch, scratching his chin as he worked on a crossword puzzle. There was a look of concentration on his face as he struggled through it.
"Having some trouble?" Amy asked him.
"A bit," he admitted with a shrug, "For some reason I just can't seem to concentrate on it as well as normal..."
"Let's see," Amy looked it over. "The answer for the question on 7 down is pyramid," Amy pointed it out, "And 8 down is equine..."
"Oh," her dad blinked, then quickly wrote them down. "What about 3 across?"
"Mozart," Amy answered without hesitation.
"Thanks," her dad told her, "I've been kind of stuck."
"No problem," Amy smiled gently, quite aware that this was another sign of the change...whatever that was. Normally her dad had no problems with crossword puzzles, and she had little doubt that she would normally be the one struggling over those clues.
With a sigh, Amy turned and went up to her room, deciding that at the moment, she wanted a bit of privacy. It was strange being near her family when she could almost see them changing right in front of her.
At first, Amy just sat on her bed, thinking about all that had been happening. And she couldn't help thinking about Chris' comments about the Madsen place...her new home being haunted. It appeared that there just might be something to those rumors.
But after a few minutes, Amy got bored and started to look at the intricate wood carvings on the borders of her bedroom. The carvings seemed to mostly be of leaves, acorns and the like, though she couldn't be completely certain. They were quite impressive though, especially as she was sure they had been hand carved about a hundred years earlier.
Suddenly, Amy noticed that one section of the carving moved slightly as she ran her hand over it. She paused, gently pushing on it and feeling it move inward until there was a slight clicking sound. That was followed by a section of the wall in that spot it sliding away from her.
"Wow," Amy exclaimed in surprise and curiosity. It was a secret passage...and she had just stumbled across it. "Talk about a stereotype..."
For a moment, Amy just stared at the barely opened doorway, then she carefully pushed it the rest of the way open, revealing a dark narrow hallway which cut off to the lift. On the wall immediately across from the opening was a small empty bookshelf, perfect for placing things that one would prefer to hide. However, it was not the empty bookshelf which drew Amy's attention, but the dark passage...
It took several minutes for Amy to find her flashlight, but as soon as she had it firmly in hand, she stepped into the dark narrow passage and took several steps forward. She could see several small niches in the walls, obviously meant to hold candles or lamps to see by. And after making a mental note to get some candles or other light source for those niches, she continued down the passage.
Amy had gone past the length of her own room and halfway down the length of the next one, the one that Lisa was had claimed, when she noticed something on the side facing the room. It was a small metal plate with a hole in it, and a faint bit of light coming from the hole. Amy hadn't even been certain about that light until she turned off her flashlight for just a moment.
"Interesting," she mused as looked through the hole and saw the inside of her sister's room.
It was obviously a peep hole build into some of her room's border carvings, letting anyone inside of the secret hallway spy on her. She couldn't help thinking that it was almost a pity that she couldn't spy on Jeff the same way, but Jeff's room was on the other side of the hall from her own room, along with the spare, so obviously not part of that same passage.
Amy turned and moved a little further down the passage, noticing a metal plate with a knob in the middle of the passage floor. And when she carefully lifted it up, she discovered another peep hole, this one looking down into the living room below. She could even hear her mom and dad talking...
"That might be useful," Amy commented, closing that plate and going to yet another plate in the wall, this one spying down on the stairway and would give a good view of anyone coming up them.
Finally, Amy turned her attention to the end of the passage, or at least where the passage ended in steps going down. They were so steep that Amy wasn't sure whether it was more accurate to call them stairs or a ladder. Either way, she carefully made her way down them.
When Amy came to the end of the steps, she found herself in a small room that was little bigger than a closet. However, it was obviously only as a brief stop as there was another peep hole in the wall, as well as more steps going even further down. But there was something else on the wall by that peep hole, some sort of latch. And when Amy pushed it, there was a faint click as the wall came loose.
"Interesting," Amy smiled as she opened the panel and stepped into the den. She made sure to find the hidden latch that would open the panel from within the den, then went back into the secret passage and closed it up behind her. After all, that knowledge might come in useful, or at the very least, it would satisfy her curiosity.
Amy continued down the rest of the steps until she reached the area at the bottom. She stopped for a moment, realizing that she was now at the basement level and that the brick wall on one side was probably shared with the regular basement.
"This thing runs through the whole damn house," Amy commented, feeling somewhat impressed by that fact.
As Amy looked around, she saw that the hallway was nearly three times as wide as it had been throughout the rest of the house, but that was not surprising as she realized that being under the main house, the builders wouldn't have to worry as much conserving space to keep it from being noticed. It went down a ways on one side, ending in another staircase which went a trap door on the ceiling which was barred shut. And after a moment of consideration, Amy decided that it opened up somewhere in the garden behind the house, and was likely even buried under some dirt or plants. That would make it a great escape route in an emergency.
However, Amy only gave the emergency exit a quick looking over before turning her attention to what she suspected was the real prize. Because right in front of her was a wooden door which looked every bit as old and fancy as several other ones in the house. She had no idea what could be behind it, but was dying to find out.
Amy carefully opened the door and gasped in surprise as the light suddenly came on. A half dozen oil lamps around the room had suddenly lit all on their own. At any other time, Amy would have turned and rushed away from such a strange occurrence, but now she just stood there, taking a look around and confidently daring anything to jump out at her. And when nothing did, she took a closer look around the room.
The room was just a little bit larger than Amy's bedroom, and nearly as fancy, having some of the same kinds of wooden carvings around it though they were a little more sparse. But unlike her room, there was a fireplace in one corner, with Amy guessing that the chimney connected with that of the fireplace on the main floor at some point. The room itself looked to be a cross between a den, a bedroom and a storage room. There was a small one person bed tucked into one corner, several bookshelves around the side, an antique desk and chair sitting in the middle of the room as well as assorted odds and ends scattered about.
"Someone was well prepared," Amy commented as she looked at several knives, pistols and rifles which were set on a small table beside the door.
Then she looked at the rack which held more than a dozen bottles of wine, as well as several bottles of scotch and whisky. And each of them had to have been there for decades.
It was only then that Amy realized something. She took another quick look around the room, realizing that there didn't seem to be a speck of dust anywhere. Somehow, she was sure that no one had been down into that room in decades at least, but it looked just as clean as if someone had scrubbed it from top to bottom just the day before.
"This is getting weird," Amy muttered, then chuckled faintly as she realized that it had gone way beyond weird some time back.
Amy frowned slightly as she slowly moved around the room, staring at everything. Then she settled down on the edge of the bed, continuing to scan the room with her eyes. It seemed like a rather nice room...and it would be the perfect place to hide things that you didn't want other people to find, including yourself should the need arise.
After several minutes, Amy got up and went to the desk, noticing the thin leather bound book which sat right in the middle of it. There was no title or any sort of indication as to what might be inside, so she opened it up, blinking as she saw that it seemed to be some sort of journal.
However, the book started, "My name is Vincent Madsen, and let me tell you of how I began..."
Amy carefully read through the half dozen pages which made up the book, becoming more and more enraptured with each paragraph. Vincent started off by describing himself as a shorter than average, scrawny man who stuttered and lacked any social skills, who then turned to the study of sorcery in an attempt to find something that he could excel at. And then Vincent explained how he had decided to create his ideal home, investing nearly every bit of his sorcerous power into the house itself during the design and construction...
Vincent went on to describe some of the 'special features' of the house, such as that no vermin could enter it, how no weeds would grow in the garden, how the windows would never need cleaning and or that no dust would settle inside, which explained just how clean the secret passage and hidden room had been. There were several other things as well, mostly small things which kept the house in good condition and made things just a little more convenient for those living within.
But then Amy reached the part which described the main 'special features' of the house, the ones that the whole house had been designed around. She let out a gasp as she read the line, "Whomever has claim upon the master bedroom shall be recognized by the house and all those who dwell within as the master of the house."
That simple line would have seemed harmless if Amy hadn't realized that it meant master of the house in more than just title. In fact, it even went on to explain that the master of the house would be the master in all ways. The house would ensure that transferring some of the confidence, willpower and dominance from each of those within to the master...marking them as the one true authority.
"That's why they're all acting different," Amy whispered as she thought of how nice her family had been to her, and how willing to please her they were starting to become. And of course, it would explain her newfound confidence.
Of course, to be master in all ways, the master of the house would also have to be bigger, stronger, smarter and better than anyone else under their roof. The house would even transfer these traits, which was obviously what had been causing her changes over the last few days.
"The house only recognizes the original master bedroom," Amy stated what was now obvious to her. As far as the house was concerned, her room was and would always remain the master bedroom, regardless of any additions that were built onto the house.
Amy stared down at herself, feeling just a little bit shaken by those revelations. It appeared that the house would take any good traits that people who lived in the house possessed, and transfer them to the master of the house until they possessed more of them than anyone else. And from what Amy saw in the book, it wasn't just until the master possessed just a little bit more...but a noticeable amount more.
There was also a section at the end where Vincent explained how thanks to the new live in servants that he had hired, he had become taller, stronger and much more confident, losing the stutter entirely. By this time it was obvious that the whole house had been created as a way for Vincent to deal with and overcome his inferiority complex.
"Oh shit," Amy whispered, looking down at herself again and paling just slightly.
Now she realized exactly what was happening to her... The house was giving Amy the various strengths from her family... And from what she understood of the book, she would become not only as tall and strong as Jeff...but even more so. She would become even smarter than her dad, and as she looked at her larger breasts, she realized that she was already on her way to becoming even larger than her mom.
Amy felt just a little feint as she thought about this, but also realized that she now knew exactly how to stop the changes. If she renounced her claims as master of the house and left her bedroom, moving into the spare, then the changes would all stop. Her family would not get back what they had lost, but they would stop losing more.
But then Amy quickly realized a small problem with that idea. The old master bedroom was too nice of a room to just be left vacant, and she knew that the moment she moved out, Jeff and Lisa would scramble to take it for themselves. And that would mean that one of them would become the new master of the house, and that she would begin to shrink like they were. She would start becoming subservient to one of them... There was absolutely no way that Amy was about to let something like that happen to her.
And then of course, there was also the fact that Amy liked what was happening to her. She liked being taller, stronger and smarter, as well as having her entire family be so much nicer and more accommodating. She took a deep breath, realizing just how intoxicating all of the improvements to her and her life were. And with a faint surge of guilt, she realized there was no way in the world that she was going to give that up either.
"It's not as if they'll mind anyway," Amy smirked to herself as she thought of her family. The changes to themselves and their relationships didn't seem to bother the rest of her family one little bit, which made it easier for Amy to push the guilt away.
Amy took a deep breath, then slowly looked around the room again, feeling confident and even a bit smug as she knew that it was all hers. It was her own secret place, which was hers and hers alone. Then again, so was everything else in the house.
"I am the master of the house," Amy stated proudly, then corrected herself, "Mistress of the house."
Then as Amy closed the journal and stepped back, she noticed the small wooden chest that was sitting on the floor beside the desk. It was only a little bit larger than a shoe box, but still, it immediately drew her attention.
When Amy opened the chest, her eyes immediately went wide at the sight. A faint gasp of surprise and awe even slipped from her mouth. It was filled with treasure, like the contents of an old pirates chest. For all Amy knew, it might very well have been a pirates treasure. There were gold coins, silver coins, as well as a good supply of VERY expensive looking jewelry. Jewels sparkled from where they were set into rings and necklaces, and Amy had no doubt that each and every one of them was real.
"Impressive," she whispered, unable to take her eyes from the treasure. However, she couldn't resist smiling as she realized that this would likely take care of any and all financial needs that she had for a VERY long time to come.
Amy fought back the urge to take a few pieces of jewelry with her as she closed the chest, deciding that it would be best not to do anything that could attract attention to her treasure or it's very existence just yet. She was going to have go keep it a closely guarded secret until she knew exactly what she was going to do with it, even if some of the pieces would have looked exquisite around her throat or decorating her fingers.
After looking around the room for just another few minutes in the hopes of finding something else as useful as the journal or treasure, Amy decided that it was time to leave. She calmly looked her secret place over and smiled.
As she stepped out the door and turned her flashlight back on, she calmly stated, "Lights off..." And with that command, every oil lamp in the room turned off at once, the same way that they had turned on upon her entry.
It took Amy several minutes to make her way back through the hidden passage and into her room, and then to close the entrance behind her. Then she just stared at the wall for a moment with a knowing smile, her mind racing as she considered all the possibilities of what she had discovered.
About an hour later, Amy's mom came knocking on her door, calling to her through it, "Your friend is here..."
"Friend?" Amy muttered, then smiled. There was only one person whom it could be. "Chris..."
Amy took her time as she went downstairs, smiling when she saw Chris standing in the living room, looking around nervously. She thought that was so cute...
"Hello," Amy greeted her visitor.
"Hey," he nodded, "You said we should finish the tour, so here I am..."
"Great idea," Amy told him. Then she turned to her dad, "Can I have the car keys?"
It was more of a statement than a question as she knew he would give them to her. In fact, she thought that she probably could have just told him to give them to her and he would. However, she realized that his conscious mind probably hadn't realized what his unconscious mind already knew... That she was now the one in charge.
Once Amy had the keys, she told Chris, "Let's go..."
Chris seemed just a little surprised by her, and as they stepped out the front door, he commented, "I didn't realize that you were so tall..."
Amy paused at that, then smiled, realizing that Chris was only a little taller than she was now. Quite a bit different from when she had first met him about 5 inches or so back.
"I'm not," Amy responded with a shrug, "Or at least I wasn't..." She frowned, trying to consider how best to explain her increased size without giving anything away. "It's the Madsen house," she started, deciding to play innocent, "I don't know how it's doing this to it's giving me some kind of growth spurt and making me taller... But you were right... Weird things do happen in that house..."
Chris let out a gasp at that and took a step back, staring at her with even more attention, obviously taking in the other differences as well. His eyes seemed to go to her arms, probably noticing her new athleticism and muscle definition, and then to her breasts where they remained locked for a moment.
"Oh shit," he whispered, glancing nervously at the house.
"I don't think it'll mess with you," Amy told him, fighting back the urge to laugh at his discomfort. "I'm pretty sure that it's only for those who live there..."
"Really?" Chris asked, sounding uncertain.
Amy didn't want to tell him that she was positive, so instead shrugged, "I think that there might be some kind of poltergeist or something... I don't think it's dangerous...only mischievous."
"Really?" Chris repeated, this time looking a little surprised.
With a sigh, Amy decided to change the topic as she didn't want Chris to dwell on what was causing her changes. So she grabbed his arm and told him, "Come on... I want to see this town..."
A minute later, Amy was behind the wheel of her dad's car and driving down the street while Chris gave directions. He seemed just a little annoyed that she was the one driving rather than him, but that didn't bother Amy in the least.
They drove around the town for well over an hour, with Chris pointing out the various local stores, parks and hangouts. He even pointed out the school which Amy was going to have to start in the fall, though she didn't give it much more than a cursory glance. At the moment, school was the least of her concerns.
Eventually though, they ended up stopping at a local burger place and then going to a park beside it in order to eat. Apparently, the restaurant and park were both rather popular places for kids their age to hang out.
While they sat there eating, Amy tugged on her bra just a little, smiling faintly as she noticed that it fit her rather well. It had been just a little bit loose when she had first put it on that morning, but that was obviously still changing.
"Well, you've seen my house," Amy told Chris as they were getting ready to go, "I think it's only fair that you show me yours..."
"You've seen my house," he pointed out with a bit of a grin, but only until Amy reminded him that she'd only see the front of it from the driveway.
It wasn't long before they were at Chris' house and he told her, "My folks aren't home from work yet..."
"That's not a problem," Amy told him with a smile. "How about that tour.."
"Right this way," Chris grinned as he began showing her around.
The house wasn't as large as the one that Amy now lived in, and in no way as impressive. It wasn't nearly as old or fancy, but it was quite comparable to the house that she had just moved out of a few days earlier. And in a way, it felt a little more comfortable because of that.
"And here's my room," Chris told her as he threw open the door.
Amy took a quick glance across the room and smirked faintly. It was definitely a boys room and looked quite a bit like Jeff's. There were a few posters of beautiful women on the walls beside ones of motorcycles, some dirty clothes in the corner and a bed that was only half made. She could even see the video game system sitting out, set up and ready to play.
"Um...nice," Amy told him, rolling her eyes slightly.
After Chris had offered Amy a soda, then went to retrieve it, he sat down and began playing his favorite video game in order to show off his skills. He had of course offered one game controller to Amy, but she had waved it off, telling him that she would prefer to watch. They talked while Chris played, but after awhile, Amy decided that it was time for something else.
Without any warning, Amy reached over, yanked the video game controller from Chris' hands and planted a kiss on his lips. He was surprised, but quickly responded.
"Nice," Chris said with a grin as they pulled apart, "But what was that for?"
"Because I wanted to," she responded with a satisfied smirk.
Amy stared at Chris for a moment, amused by the expression on his face. He wanted her, of that she had no doubt. But he was being a perfect 'gentleman' about it. But more than that, she realized that she was the one in control of their relationship, and that she had been for awhile. Then Amy smiled, deciding that she rather liked it that way.
"Now let's try that again," Amy suggested as she reached for Chris.
As they made out on the bed, Amy was growing more and more excited. She'd never made it that far with a boy before, and was loving every moment of it. And knowing that Chris wanted her so much made her feel incredibly sexy...
However, when the sound of a door slamming came from another room, Chris bolted up and gasped, "My folks are back..."
Amy looked at him, scowling as she adjusted her shirt and hair. "Damn." She had been thinking that she might go all the way, but it looked like it wasn't to be. At least not at that time. "Another time," she mused to herself, smiling as she realized that she could choose a much better time and place for it.
"I guess I should introduce you to my parents," Chris said, looking just a little bit embarrassed.
For a moment, Amy just looked at him and chuckled. He didn't seem nearly as confident and tough as he had when she'd first seen him working on his motorcycle. But then again, she thought that this softer side of him was certainly rather cute.
"Maybe later," Amy shrugged, "I should get going..." Then she put her hand on Chris' cheek, adding, "Just don't tell anyone about my recent growth spurt. I wouldn't want anyone thinking that I'm some sort of freak..."
"Of course not," Chris nodded his agreement, "I think you're anything but..."
Amy just smiled at that, responding, "That's so sweet," then giving Chris a kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you later," she purred as she left his room and slipped out of the house without his parents even seeing her.
When Amy returned home, feeling rather pleased at how her time with Chris had gone, at least until the interruption, she walked right past Jeff but then paused. She took another look at him and a slow smile started to form on her lips as she realized that they were now eye level. She was now the same height as the brother who used to tower over her.
Amy grunted as she lifted the weight, more weight than she had ever lifted before in her life. She could feel her new, stronger muscles struggling to hold it and delighted in that sensation as well as the strength.
Then as Amy set the weight back down, she let out a sigh, sitting up and feeling her muscles. She smiled as she felt them, thinking about how big and strong they now were. They had continued to grow, just as the rest of her body had, until now they were even a bit bigger than Jeff's currently were.
"Not bad," Amy smiled as she flexed her arm, noticing the solid bulge that was her bicep.
Her hands slipped to her waist and she felt her flat stomach, now covered with firm muscles that were clearly defined. She had already started going past the level of washboard stomach into that of a full six pack. But that was just like the rest of her body, becoming quite lean, hard and ripped.
Amy smiled again as she looked down at herself, knowing that she was now 6 foot 1, and the tallest person in the house. She was now even taller than Jeff, who was now closer to 5 foot 11. Not all of her new height had come from him though. She was sure that some of it was coming from both her mom and Lisa, though not nearly as much as from her father and brother. But that was probably because they had been the two tallest people in the house.
Then Amy carefully cupped her breasts, smirking at the sight of them. They were glorious...magnificent. She only felt sorry that she owed their size to her mother and sister. They had both continued to get flatter, though of course they didn't seem to mind at all.
And then there was her supposedly increased intelligence. That was of course not nearly as visible, but Amy had seen enough bits of evidence to know that she had become smarter. And that she seemed to be gaining some of her father's college education as well. But at the same time, she was sure that her father wasn't the only donor. She was sure that she must be taking some of that from her mother as well, and possibly even Jeff, though it might be hard to tell.
"I wonder just how much longer I'll continue to change," Amy mused thoughtfully.
She was already the tallest and strongest person in the house, so she knew that it could stop at any moment. A part of her hoped that it did, yet another part was eager for her to gain BECOME more.
Amy smiled proudly as she looked down at herself, at what she had already become. She felt so strong and powerful... She felt so confident and in control. However, she couldn't help wondering how much of her newfound confidence was due to her increased size and strength, and how much had been taken from her family. In the end, she decided that it was a mixture of the two, not that it really mattered.
Once Amy had left the basement and returned to the living room, she told her mom, "I'm feeling pretty hungry... Can you make me breakfast? Perhaps some waffles..."
"Of course honey," her mom responded with a smile, looking quite happy to do as Amy had asked. But that was no surprise as each of her family seemed to be more and more happy to do as she asked.
Then as Amy licked her lips at the thought of breakfast, she decided that it was probably a good idea to wait to eat until after working out. Now that she'd built up her appetite a bit, she would enjoy it even more.
Amy looked over at her breakfast as it slowly came together, smiling in anticipation. "Perhaps from now on, you might want to start making it before I finish working out..." She knew that she was definitely going to make working out a normal part of her schedule. After all, with just how much she loved trying out her new strength, how could she not... "That way I won't have to wait as long..."
"That sounds like a good idea," her mom agreed.
However, that also brought something else to mind. Amy glanced over at Lisa, then said, "I'd like to take a bath as soon as I'm done eating... Do you think that you could get it ready for me?"
Lisa nodded her understanding, appearing completely happy with doing as Amy had suggested. Of course, Amy smiled to herself, she knew that she didn't really have to ASK anyone to do anything. But still, it did seem more polite to do so anyway.
And while Amy was in the middle of eating her breakfast, she couldn't resist smiling at the sight of Lisa getting up and going up stairs. Lisa was quite happy to do that little 'favor' for her big sister, not even realizing just how much more it was than a mere favor. By now, Amy knew that she could get Lisa or anyone else in the house to do almost anything that she asked of them.
When Amy had finished eating, she stood up and looked at both Jeff and their dad. She smirked as she was once again reminded of the fact that she had become taller than Jeff. However, it was a little strange seeing him from that perspective, and seeing his muscles so much smaller than before. He still looked a bit athletic, but Amy suspected that he might not for much longer.
"I wonder," she mused thoughtfully, glancing between Jeff and their dad, who's muscles had also dwindled though not nearly so much.
"Is something wrong?" Jeff asked with only a hint of curiosity in his voice.
Amy frowned slightly, glancing between him and her dad before nodding. "I think it might be a good idea for you to start working out a little more." She had noticed that he hadn't been working out much over the last two days and hadn't even gone down into the basement gym that morning. And then she turned her attention to their dad, "And you should start working out too... In fact, I think everyone should start exercising a little more..."
"That's a good idea," Amy's dad nodded, "I think I'll head down to the basement in just awhile..."
"And I'll go for a walk later," Amy's mom added, "Maybe even go buy a treadmill or exercise bike..."
Then, as her family continued to talk about how they would start exercising more, Amy leaned back and smiled even more. She thought that if she was absorbing some of their strength, then it would certainly do them a lot of good to build it back up. And she suspected that their exercising would help benefit her as well.
"Your bath's ready," Lisa said as she stepped into the room.
"Thank you," Amy smiled down at her sister. Then she gave Lisa the same suggestion as she had given everyone else about exercising.
"That's a great idea," Lisa exclaimed with a grin, which seemed to be the normal response to any of Amy's 'suggestions'.
Amy shrugged, then started towards the bath which awaited her. However, she paused and thought that if a little exercise would help her as well as them, then wouldn't exercising the mind do the same?
"Hey Lisa," Amy suggested, "You might want to do a little studying... To get ready for when school starts... You too Jeff..."
Then before she could hear their responses, Amy turned and started up the stairs. She paused about halfway up to call down to them, "If Chris comes over, tell him that I'm not here right now..."
She smirked as she continued up the stairs, deciding to hold off on letting Chris see her again until after the changes had stopped. She wanted to see the look on his face when he realized just how much more she had changed.
"I can't wait," Amy laughed as she stripped off her clothes and slipped into the hot bath water, "I can't wait..."
Amy took a deep breath, holding her position for a moment before continuing through her motions. "Ninety-eight, ninety-nine," she counted aloud, "One hundred." And with that, Amy got back to her feet, having just finished her final push-up.
Shaking her head in amazement, Amy marveled at just how strong she had become. She could do a hundred push-ups without giving it much real effort, and that was AFTER she had already done a fairly strenuous morning workout some hours earlier.
With that, Amy turned to stand in front of the fairly large full length mirror which she'd had brought into her bedroom the day before. It reflected her whole body in all of its naked glory. She hadn't bothered getting dressed in anything more than a robe after her bath, and that had been hours earlier.
Amy couldn't resist smiling as she stared at the virtual goddess which was reflected back at her from the mirror. She was so powerful. Everyone in the house now seemed small and weak to her, even Jeff. She nearly towered over him, and at just barely 5 foot 10, he was the second tallest person in the house. Amy thought of this with pride as she stretched out to her full height of 6 foot 4.
And her muscles... Amy flexed her muscles, smirking as she thought that they were even a little bigger than Jeff's used to be. Of course, she had not only absorbed most of Jeff's old muscles, some of her father's...and quite possibly a tiny amount from her mother and sister as well. That made her without a doubt, not only the tallest person in the house, but the strongest as well.
"A regular amazon goddess," Amy smirked to herself, absolutely loving what she had become.
Then of course, there were her breasts. They were enormous, or at least seemed that way compared to what they had once been. They were now a large E cup, larger than her mom's had ever been, and oh so round and firm. Of course, that size didn't really seem quite so large when compared to the rest of her body, but she was still quite proud of her new breasts.
"Too bad about Lisa though," Amy shrugged, feeling a moment of pity for her younger sister.
Lisa had lost most of her developing curves, leaving her with a small A cup breast size and an appearance that was a little closer to an 11 year old than the 13 year old developing hottie that she had been. However, Amy's mother had been a little luckier, retaining some of her curves and a cup size of a small B.
Amy carefully looked herself over in the mirror, silently cataloguing all of the changes that had occurred in her body. Her hair was a little longer and softer, her complexion had improved and she was sure that her senses had become just a little sharper as well. However, those were all minor changes when compared to her new size and assets.
After another minute of silent study, Amy left the mirror and reached for the tape measure. She stared at it for a moment before taking another measurement of her height.
"The same," she said without surprise.
She had been growing at a rate of about 2 inches a day since she had first moved into the house and begun her changes. Yet that morning, she had woken up at the exact same height as she had been when going to bed. And her latest measurement showed no further increase either.
"It looks like it's finally stopped," Amy said, letting out a sigh. But whether it was a sigh of relief that her family would lose no more, or a sigh of disappointment in that she would not continue to grow, even she was not completely sure. "It looks like I've finally stopped changing..."
For a moment, Amy just remained where she was, slowly running her hands over her new and improved body with a smile. It was done... This was what she had become, and what she would remain.
"I am the mistress of the house," Amy reminded herself.
Then as Amy reached for her clothes, thinking that it was time to finally get dressed, she thought that it was about time to finally pay a visit to Chris. She had been so looking forward to seeing his reaction to her body. But on second thought, she smirked, deciding that it would be better having him come to her...
Once Amy was fully dressed, she went downstairs and smiled down at her family, or at least those who were currently present. Jeff had gone off to check out the local mall while her mom had gone out grocery shopping. Amy was confident that her mother would come back with a lot of her favorite foods...
"Dad," Amy said to get his attention, "I think it's time for me to have my own car. Something nice... And of course, something with a lot of leg room..." She smirked, "Perhaps an SUV..."
"That's a great idea," he nodded, rubbing his chin, "You're old enough to have your own car now..."
"And big enough," Amy chuckled to herself. Then she told her dad, "Why don't you go out and start looking for something... Bring me back a list of all the best choices so that I can decide."
"Sure thing," he responded, already heading towards the door.
"And why don't you take Lisa with you?" Amy added, deciding that she might as well get everyone else out of the house at once.
As soon as everyone was out of the house, Amy made a quick phone call...very quick. It consisted of her telling Chris little more than, "Come right over here..." Then she sat back to wait, knowing that it wouldn't be long.
When Chris arrived, Amy let him wait for a minute, and only then went to open the door. She pulled it wide open, then stepped into view, letting Chris get a good look at the new her.
Chris let out a gasp of surprise as he stared at her breasts, then looked up at her eyes which were now several inches higher than his. For a moment, he looked completely stunned, to stunned to do anything except gurgle...
"Surprised?" Amy asked with a grin, knowing well that he was. "Come on in..."
"Um...Chris gulped, "What happened..."
"That little growth spurt I was telling you about before," Amy shrugged, "But don't worry. It's over with now..." And remembering the lie that she had told him before to explain it, she added, "That strange poltergeist that did this to me is finished, and it's gone back to sleep..."
All that Chris could say to that was a startled, "Oh..."
Amy smirked, wondering how he could possibly buy that explanation. Then again, it wasn't really any stranger than the truth, that the house itself had done that to her.
"So...," Amy tried her best to look innocent, which wasn't easy at the moment, "How do I look?"
"You look incredible," Chris responded, staring at her body, especially her breasts.
"You don't think I'm too big?" Amy pushed, pretending that she was afraid that she might be.
"You look incredible," Chris repeated, as if unable to think of anything else to say. His eyes remained locked on her breasts.
"And you don't think my muscles are too big?" Amy grinned, flexing her arm so that he could get a good look at her powerful new muscles.
Chris stared at her bulging bicep, obviously realizing that she was even stronger than him. Then he took a step back and took in her whole body and all of her newly developed curves.
"I've never seen a girl with muscles that big," Chris admitted, looking a bit embarrassed, "But you still look hot as hell..." He blushed, obviously even more embarrassed by this admission.
Amy smiled at that, "I'm glad that you think so..."
And with that, she reached for Chris, pulling him close and giving him a passionate kiss which he returned nervously at first, but then with growing enthusiasm. They remained locked in that position for several minutes before finally pulling apart.
"Wow," Chris gasped, stepping back a little and staring at her with an expression of desire.
Amy smirked, then licked her lips as she stared back at him. She was more excited and turned on than she had ever been in her life. And with the way Chris was looking at her, not to mention the bulge in his pants, he obviously felt the same.
"Come on," Amy told him as she pulled him in the direction of the stairs. The tone of her voice gave no doubt that this was NOT a suggestion.
As soon as they were within Amy's room, she pushed Chris back onto her bed, then started to remove her clothes. For a moment, Chris just stared at her as if spellbound before he began to clumsily remove his own.
"I'm going to be getting me a larger bed soon," Amy commented, not as apology but more as a casual statement. "Until then, this will have to do..."
Then as soon as Amy had finished undressing, she made her move on Chris, not even waiting for him to finish undressing. She knew exactly what she wanted and went straight for it, nearly tearing the remaining clothes from his body as she did so.
Some time later, Amy lay back on the wreckage of her bed, her arm clutched possessively around the exhausted and unconscious body of Chris. During their intense session of lovemaking, the bed had been unable to withstand their efforts and the very frame had cracked, causing the bed to collapse, though Amy hadn't let that slight distraction get in the way.
Amy stared at her worn out lover with a feeling of intense satisfaction. They had gone for quite some time and would have gone for longer if Amy had been able to have her way, though unfortunately Chris had finally been worn into exhaustion and collapsed. As it was, Amy felt extremely good. Her whole body tingled with the afterglow, making her feel better than she had ever felt in her entire life, or even imagined that she could feel. And she knew without a doubt that she wanted more of it.
"My poor baby," Amy sighed as she ran a finger over Chris' chest. He'd brought her such pleasure before passing out. And he would again once he recovered.
And then Amy let out a deep sigh and smiled as she thought about what they had done. There was no doubt that she had been the dominant one during their lovemaking...during their raw passionate sex. It had been her hungers...her desires which had driven things. She was only several inches taller than Chris, but she was much stronger. She was just as much in control of the physical part of their relationship as she was everything else, and she would have no it other way.
"My little lover," Amy smiled as she looked at Chris, knowing that he hadn't been all that little where it counted. "My little pet..."
Chris was now completely wrapped around her finger... Amy had no doubt of this, especially as she had seen the look of absolute delight before he had finally passed out. Of course, he wasn't nearly as much under control as her least not yet.
With a smile, Amy thought about just how much life had changed for her, all because she had moved into a new house and happened to have chosen that particular bedroom. She was taller, stronger, smarter and sexier than she had ever imagined she could be. She felt so in control...of everything. But of course, that was no certainly no exaggeration within the house. Her entire family now went out of their way to please her...
"This is the life," Amy purred, rubbing at her lover's stomach. She doubted that she'd even have him if it hadn't been for the changes that the house had made in her, and certainly not like this.
Then Amy's thoughts drifted to life beyond her immediate surroundings. She could imagine the looks that she would get when she went out in public, towering over all the other women and most men with her magnificent body. From now on, she would always been the center of attention, a fact which Amy found quite agreeable.
"And school," she whispered, remembering that she was still supposed to go back in the fall.
For a moment, Amy considered just getting her GED and skipping it, sure that the increased knowledge and intelligence she had gained would help her to do this without much problem. However, that would mean she would miss the expressions on everyone's faces at school... She could just imagine the looks on the teachers faces, much less all of the students. It would be worth going back just for that alone.
Of course, if she was planning for the future, she couldn't help but consider the financial situation. The family was still well set at the moment thanks to her father's investments, and with the treasure trove in the hidden room, which could also be invested quite well, she had no doubt that money was not something that she was going to have to worry about. Not in the near future, and probably not ever.
After a few more minutes, Amy carefully climbed out of bed and went to look at herself in the mirror again, smiling broadly as she did so. She absolutely loved that reflection and was delighted by the fact that it was now hers to keep. This WAS HER.
But then Amy paused, staring at her reflection thoughtfully as an idea occurred to her. Her smile slowly broadened as she considered the possibilities... The exciting possibilities.
Amy smirked as she considered the nature of the house itself, of how it would ensure that the master...or mistress would remain the most dominant force in every way. Of course it would do this by transferring the most impressive traits to her...which she had already experienced firsthand. But what if she added a new person to the household?
It was with a bit of a chuckle that Amy thought of her cousin Laurie, her Aunt Cheryl's daughter. Laurie definitely took after that side of the family with her large breasts, which were about the same size as Amy's. In fact, Laurie was so sexy that if she hadn't been only 19 and too young, she could have worked in a strip club to earn money for college.
"I think I'll invite Laurie to move into the spare bedroom," Amy smirked to herself as she licked her lips in anticipation. After all, with Laurie trying to save up money to go to college, how could she resist moving into a place where she would have free rent while working?
Then Amy looked back to Chris, smiling as she saw that he was beginning to stir. It wouldn't be much longer until he was up and ready again. Or at least, she thought, he had better be up and ready again if he knew what was good for him.
"Yes, life good," Amy smugly announced as she looked down at her magnificent body, and then around the master bedroom... At her bedroom... The center of her domain. "And why shouldn't it be? After all...I am mistress of the house..."

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Re: Growing Weaker and Weaker
« Reply #19 on: March 01, 2022, 07:49:28 pm »
Powerfemme by Marknew and Searaven is a very cool transfer story too:
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Re: Growing Weaker and Weaker
« Reply #20 on: March 02, 2022, 02:59:24 am »
Great to see more of this genre, its kind a refreshing comparison to the steroids and workout ones. Hope to see more.

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Re: Growing Weaker and Weaker
« Reply #21 on: March 07, 2022, 01:33:53 am »
Interesting concept - could facilitate some elaborate description both ways - The Stealing Muscle anthology had a number of stories from this genre but I don't think there was one where a girl lost her strength.

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Re: Growing Weaker and Weaker
« Reply #22 on: March 08, 2022, 06:26:42 pm »
Here is a story I found years ago. I may have made a few tweaks here and there. I hope you enjoy it.

By AlexMarkov
Encounter with Shuma-Gorath
The offices of Interpol were buzzing, as usual. Dozens of people rushing through tight corridors and a seemingly endless barrage of phone calls gave the glass-fronted building a permanent sense of urgency. Inside everything was clean and professional; a neutral grey carpet and functional furniture. Normally, the only colour you could find was the occasional bright tie. Perhaps a knick-knack or piece of memorabilia in the offices of one of the higher-ups. But today another spot of brightness moved in the bland sea, drawing every eye.

Chun-Li wasn’t bothered by the staring. She was used to it. Even though she wasn’t particularly tall she towered over everyone by virtue of her presence; confident, calm and collected. She knew she cut quite a figure, even when she was in uniform, but her blue silk qipao –the splits in the sides of the skirt so large it seemed more a loincloth than a dress- exaggerated every one of her strengths. Particularly her muscular thighs, which she could crush a watermelon between. Not that she’d ever tried it, much to her fellow agents’ disappointment.

The awkward gawking continued in the elevator, and all the way to the director’s office.

The director of Interpol was a neatly kept man in his fifties, complete with salt-and-pepper beard and thinning hair. Just as neat was his office; white walls and glass furnishings arranged in symmetrical patterns, with the back wall left bare. Even the small mementos on his desk were arranged in a line, rising in size from right to left. He looked up from his computer screen and smiled.

“Welcome, Agent Xiang,” He said, standing and shaking her hand, “I hope I haven’t interrupted anything.”

“Just a bit of R&R, it was nothing important.” Well, a nice dinner and a relaxed evening a plane-trip away might be important to some people... “And it’s Chung, sir.”

“Ah, my mistake… I swear these things change all the time.” The director shook his head, gesturing toward the chair in front of his desk, “Would you prefer I use your first name instead?”

“That seems a touch informal, sir.”

“Perhaps, but I think we respect each other too much to play this game of rank. Besides; time may be of the essence.” The director stood, clicking a few buttons on a remote control. The big, blank wall behind him suddenly lit up with from the light of a projector. An old fashioned one to boot. The first slide showed numerous ID photos arranged on a city map. “In the last fortnight, at least eight women have disappeared.”

“At least?” Chun-li asked.

“These are the ones that have been reported, but given the potential nature of our criminal there could be many more. From the time frames given by their families, friends and next of kin all of the abductions have taken place at night. Walking home alone, for example.”

“A serial kidnapper, then.”

“If it were something that simple I wouldn’t have brought you on this case.”

“Shadaloo?” She scowled.

“No known involvement, but we can’t rule out the possibility. No, what makes this case interesting is the few pieces of evidence we do have.” –He pulled out a small mp3 player, setting it on the desk in front of him- “The first is the only known recording of our attacker.”

The director hit play, leaning back in his chair as ambient noise filled the room. A little dial tone, followed by the voice of a young woman. Mid-thirties, if Chun-li had to guess. Slight American accent, accompanied by the clicking of high heels.

“Oh my god, Kelly, you would not believe the day I have been having… No, no, nothing to do with him! Okay, so, you know the cute guy from work? … Yeah, the one with the big arms! Who else would I be talking about? … Huh? Sorry, I just thought I heard something, is all. No, I’m not scared! Well, maybe a little… I know these streets are fine, but that doesn’t stop me being all- shush. Sorry, that was rude, but I swear I feel like something’s watching me today. Yeah, it’s super creepy! I guess I’m just being paranoid… so, where was I? Oh, yeah! Okay, so, Darren and I were –MMPH!”

“Kehahaha… what a cute little morsel you’ll make for me!”

The new voice was strange. Like it had been put through a filter, or composited from a dozen different speakers. Distinctly masculine, though, and filled with a distinct sense of malice and superiority. The rest of the recording was a few seconds of muffled screaming, mixed with the insane cackling. And then… something else. Like a suckling and throbbing paired with an electrical hum.

“What was that last part?” Chun-li asked.

“We’re not sure. And the mystery grows with the addition of our second clue…” The director clicked forward, the new slide showing a slimy green residue stuck to the underside of a manhole cover, “This substance was found at the scenes of half the abductions.”

“Do we know what it is?”

“Our scientists have never seen anything like it.”

“… Director, do you suppose the sound we heard was a weapon? And this residue…”

“Is our missing woman? I had considered it. But the labs say the material contains no human DNA. To be quite frank, they’re not sure what it contains.”

“A biological agent, then?” She suggested.

“It is definitely biological, but we suspect it wasn’t synthesised.”

“You mean it’s natural?”

“As far as we can determine, yes. Something –some living organism- produced this slime.”

“I don’t know of any animal that produces anything that like. Especially not in such quantities.”

“You can understand our concern then.” The director flicked the projector off, “Whoever, or whatever, it is that has kidnapped those women has unknown capabilities. We know they produce this slime. We know they can move incredibly fast. What we don’t know is what they want these women for or how they operate. As far as we can tell there is no pattern in the abductions, except that they have all taken place around manhole covers.”

“The sewers?” Chun-li said, dreading where this was going.

“That would be the logical place to start,” He sighed, “Normally I wouldn’t bother you with this. Your specialty is Shadaloo, after all. But we’ve been stretched pretty thin lately, and I can’t afford to send a whole team of agents down a rabbit warren. You have a proven track record with, shall we say, peculiar situations and people, so if I can only afford to send one agent, it’d have to be you.”

“Understood, sir. You can count on me.”

The brushed-steel phone across from the computer rang. The director rolled his eyes as he picked it up.

“Director here. Uh huh. How long ago? Dammit… You’re sure it’s them? Understood. I’m sending someone now,” He turned to her with a grim look, “How soon can you mobilize?”

“Immediately, sir.”

“Good. Because our mystery kidnapper just plucked someone else off the street. Young woman, walking back from university. Her friends said they heard screaming and when they went to find her all they saw was the manhole cover dropping back into place.”

“I thought he only attacked at night?” Chun-li stood up.

“That’s what we thought. Either he’s getting over-confident or we’ve missed a lot of his victims. I’ll call up a driver to take you to the location. If you’re quick, you might be able to follow a trail.”

“Yes sir!”

“And Chun-li?”


“Be careful. For all we know you’re his exact type, so if he sees you… well, make sure he doesn’t get any wrong ideas.”

“I can handle myself, sir.” She saluted, and strode out of his office before moving up to a sprint. Nine women in two weeks? What the hell was this guy up to? And operating out of the sewers couldn’t bode well, for her or for the victims. As she impatiently waited for the elevator to arrive her mind flicked to Shadaloo’s ‘Dolls’; young girls turned into impossibly loyal killing machines. Could this be something similar? It was possible, but… most of the women had looked too old to be Dolls. Bison had kidnapped teenagers. More than likely, this was the work of some sicko on a power trip. A very prolific sicko… Nine women. At least nine women. What was he doing to them?


The great eye slid open. Something had disturbed his realm; pried open the metal hatch and slipped inside the fetid tunnels. Slowly he unfurled his many limbs, dropping from his roost. The darkness was total, but still he could sense their presence. Someone was padding along the walkways. Their footsteps were quiet, but not unnoticeable. The raw vibrations of their heartbeat and breath slow and measured. Purposeful. A hunter, perhaps?

No matter. They were prey now.

He crawled out of his lair, dragging a great hunk of stone across the entrance. It would be a shame if one of his pretty pieces were to escape. His latest catch had proven to be weak, barely able to provide for him. A pity. Still, her screams had been magnificent! If she could not serve as a source of sustenance, perhaps he could break her and make a loyal worshipper out of her instead? It would only be fitting for a god such as him! Ah, but that must come later. For now he had to deal with this pest.

He rolled and pulled his great bulk through the maze, tentacles curling around metal supports. There! A flash of light! He threw himself to the roof, squelching quietly as he stalked the figure. Alone? How foolish. The people of this realm were easy targets. He stood still, pressing into a corner in the architecture. The great eye strained, adjusting to the sudden brightness of the figure’s light. If he had a human mouth he would have smiled. A woman. A strong woman, no doubt: her muscles rippled under the thin fabrics. Her face beautiful but stoic. And her figure… he was a deviant amongst his kind for even considering such a pathetic creature’s form pleasing. But her curves were almost exaggerated. Voluptuous. He could practically hear her bust moving with every careful step, and the shape of her legs almost made him cackle with glee. Not to mention the raw energy he felt coming off of her…

Yes. She would do nicely. Another piece of livestock for his growing collection.

He hung motionless, waiting for her to pass by him. She would not be an easy catch. There was some fun in a worthy opponent, but his form in this world was nowhere near as strong as his true self. The possibility of defeat was… troubling. But he had the advantage. Surprise, of course. And maneuverability.

He slowly unfurled, taking his time in sliding and climbing along the roof of the tunnels behind her. Careful and quiet. She’d already made the mistake of not looking upward before; perhaps she expected to find another of her kind? Such stupid creatures. All he had to do was be patient. Wait for her to pause, or tire. Make a wrong turn, and then she would be his. He could almost taste her energy; sweet and delicious, just like the others. But so much of it… a feast in a single mortal body.

His moment came quickly. She stopped, fiddling with a device in her hand. He pulled himself gently above her, lowering his tentacle arms down, down… inching forward quietly.


The earpiece crackled and Chun-li sighed. She should have expected it; she was underground, after all. Radio and satellite signals were dead. She was alone down here in the dark. Which wouldn’t have been so bad, if it wasn’t the worst place in the world to get lost in. The smell was horrific, the passages winding and chaotic. It was a claustrophobic, germ-filled nightmare for anyone. Made all the worse by the fact she hadn’t had time to change; white boots were proving to be a poor choice. Still, she probably had it better than the others who might be down here…

Her flashlight only showed so much, the narrow beam of light flicking from wall to arch to empty passageway. She memorized each step, scouring the slimy walls for even the smallest landmark. Every drip echoed around her, every subtle step turning into a faint boom. Even at the best of times it would be hard to find- there! It was difficult to see amongst the muck and grime, but she could just make out a patch of the same translucent, green mucus that had been stuck under the manhole cover. She had to be on the right track. That was, of course, assuming whatever this thing was had gone straight to its lair. This thing could have been roaming about for months beforehand, leaving trails everywhere. Or worse, this one could be more recent than the kidnapping.

For all she knew, it could be right behind her.

That thought set her nerves on edge. A distinct, paranoid feeling of dread was starting to seep into her mind. Like some sort of… warning.

Chun-li leapt forward, turning on a heel just as something large and fleshy dropped into the space she had been. Fighting instincts saved her again. She brought the beam of the flashlight onto the thing and her eyes widened. Well, it was living. But it definitely wasn’t human. The ball of thick, scaly green tentacles unfurled itself until it stood, somewhat precariously, on two or three of them. An enormous eye, at least three feet in diameter, lay at the centre. The red iris turned to face her, the lids somehow curling into an expression of malevolence.

“You’re a perceptive one, aren’t you? There are few of your kind who could escape my grasp so easily.” It spoke with the same distorted voice from the recording, even though it lacked a visible mouth.

“What… are you?” Chun-li slipped into her fighting stance.

“I have been called many things by mortals. ‘Lord of Chaos’ is one of my favorites. But you… you may call me ‘master’, and nothing else!”

“Not a chance. You’re the one who’s been kidnapping women, aren’t you!”

“Ah, so you’ve come to save the others? How pitifully noble.” The thing stretched itself out until it filled the entire passageway, the gigantic eye sneering down at her, “Lone heroes are little use against a god like me. But I’m in a good mood, so I’ll offer you one chance to kneel before I rip you limb from limb!”

Chun-li didn’t even give him an answer. She leapt forward with a flurry of kicks aimed his centre, falling back a little as the enormous tentacle arms blocked her strikes. The thing lashed out, tearing chunks of the wall away as it narrowly missed her over and over. It was hard to keep following the damn thing; she could only see it when her flashlight was pointing its way. It had the advantage in the dark and she knew it. The narrow passage was little help either, as it gave her only a few places she could dodge to. She leapt over another of its strikes, running up the muscular tendril and slamming her heel into its eye. The scream of pain echoed through the narrow tunnels. An arm slammed her against a wall. She rolled, dodging the next. Splashes in the water, bricks and concrete cracking under pressure. She ducked and weaved, kicking away blind strikes.

She almost threw-up as a tentacle slammed into her chest, just below the ribs. Dropping like a stone she struggled to breathe. Her flashlight clattered to the ground, facing inwards and casting the monstrous thing in half-shadow. A strong limb curled around her waist and slammed her against a wall, letting her hang limply as the thing drew her level to its glaring eye.

“Impressive, mortal. But now you will feel my true power!” It cackled. Its limbs pulled her apart, spread-eagled, as if threatening to tear her like a paper doll.
Another two wrapped tightly around her body. Chun-li squirmed, trying her hardest to kick the slimy tentacles away. "Such firm muscles, you will make for a fine meal indeed."

And then the suckling started.

It was the only way she could describe it. Like something was being siphoned out of her body, making her muscles slowly melt into lifeless jelly. The almost-electrical throb from the recording filled her ears. She looked down, watching in horror as little bulges filled with pale cream light worked their way out from her body and down the thing’s limbs. The eye almost seemed to smile, or smirk. A vicious imagined grin as it sucked more and more from her body.

“Let me go!” Chun-li cried, squirming in the grip.

“That’s it… struggle for me! Prove your strength to me, cattle!”


“What else can mere mortals be to a god such as myself?”

“How about a… pain in the ass!” She snarled, and forced a surge of ki up and out of her palms. For a brief moment the sewers were lit up by a bright flash of white light, and filled with the distorted scream of the so called Lord of Chaos. Chun-li dropped and rolled, finding solid ground and pausing long enough for her limbs to stop shaking. She still didn’t feel right. Like she’d just gone through a two-hour work-out routine in just a few seconds. But she couldn’t let that show, so she stood up and readied herself as the thing turned back to her.

“You are going to regret that!” It spat.

“What’s the matter, not used to your women fighting back?”

“Kehaha… You are indeed stronger than anticipated. But that only serves to make your energy all the more delicious. I can taste the power in you and the quality of that power. When I defeat you and drain your body, know that you will have the honour of being my most enjoyable meal yet!”

“Enough talking!” Chun-li shouted, firing off another blast of ki. If it worked once...

The thing rolled forward, throwing up its tentacle arms to block the blast. She dove to the side, sliding past it and landing another few blasts to its back. Flashes of bright light filled the sewers, flooding Chun-li’s vision with dancing remnants. The downside was it made it harder to see her opponent when the light faded, but she was counting on the same being true for it. And so far, she was right; its swings were getting clumsy. She rolled past it again, crouching beneath a high swing.

And yelped as a tentacle whipped across her arse.

Her cheeks flushed as she threw another blast at the cackling creature. Had that been deliberate? She got her answer when another tentacle brushed along her thigh, and again when a third almost ripped her qipao apart at the chest; the thing was trying to feel her up! Her skin crawled with every slight contact. It was leaving little slimy stains across her body, mixed with the filth of the shallow water. Her sense of smell was overwhelmed, and she was getting a headache from all the sudden lighting changes. She couldn’t even tell if the perverted thing was tiring.

Chun-li leapt up and over a low, sweeping tentacle. And right into a carefully timed second aimed at her chest. She crashed head first into a nearby wall, pain lancing across her whole body. Her limbs barely responded. Her breath was slammed out of her by another blow to her back. Everything stung or shook or ached. It was all she could do to proper herself up on her hands, before another blow brought her down.

She felt a tentacle slip around both her wrists. She was yanked upright, hanging in mid-air from the tight grip like a rag doll. It was dark. Too dark. Until another tentacle shone her flashlight from the side, the thing’s big eye looming mere feet away. She weakly tried to kick forward but the thing just laughed.

“A valiant effort, worm,” It chuckled.

“This isn’t… over…” She panted.

“For you, it is! Now you will feel the full wrath of the Lord of Chaos!” A pair of tentacles slowly approached her. She squirmed and wriggled but it only made the one around her wrists tighten painfully. One tentacle slowly curled around her chest. Or more accurately, her breasts; the tip poked and prodded at one through the stained silk as the rest of its bulk squeezed and undulated. Chun-li grit her teeth as it groped her. Filthy perverted-

She gasped, clamping her thighs together as the other tentacle tried to push along her crotch. Two more limbs grabbed her ankles and yanked, threatening to tear her legs clean off. Slowly her muscular thighs separated and the thick, slimy appendage slid between them. She grimaced as it began to move. Grinding and exploring every crevice of her muscled body, the tip pressing against her arse. She bit her lip hard enough to draw blood. She wasn’t going to let this thing beat her. Even if it violated every inch of her, she wasn’t going to let it win by screaming.

And then the pulses started again.

Chun-li shuddered, barely holding back a whimper as she felt her energy slip away again. Her aching muscles felt as if they were dissolving, or being drained into the beast’s tentacles. She watched the bulges of light, her resistance fading rapidly. She could barely muster the strength to tug against her bindings, let alone summon another blast of ki. And worse, there was another feeling. All through its disgusting feast the thing kept squeezing and rubbing her chest and crotch, groping through the thin silk and pantyhose. She expected there to be stimulation, wanted or not, but as she weakened it almost felt like her body was… surrendering to it. The grinding against her nipples was unpleasant and wrong but it still made her cunt throb. She cried out as the scaly bulk pushed upward, the muscular flesh rubbing against her covered clit. Her body twitched in a combined revulsion and arousal.

She went slack in his grip, the last of her will and drive sapped away.

“Ah… such a wonderful feast for me,” It said, unfurling its tentacles from her sore, sensitive spots. “You human women are always so delectable, but you, my dear… Kehahaha! The sweetest thing I have ever tasted!”

“Finish… me… already…” Chun-li groaned.

“And deprive myself of a future meal? I think not, worm. You will continue to serve me, just like the others. What kind of god would I be without my loyal worshippers?”

She spat at his eye.

“Argh… insolent, even in defeat? I will enjoy breaking you, the great strength you wore as armor is now mine and without it I will mold you like clay” It hissed, “But first… let us put you in something a little more suitable for your servitude!”

With quick movement one of its tentacles lashed out and tore her qipao away. She didn’t have the energy to cry out, she felt so weak. Just watched the discarded silk flutter to the floor. She shuddered as the scaly limb prodded and hefted her ample chest.

“Yes… such succulence. None of the other mortals compare to you in the slightest.” Next to go was her bra, and then a hole ripped into her pantyhose as it clawed away the blue thong. “I almost suspect that you were sent as a sacrifice to me. Such beauty, sent alone to appease a god…”

“Arrogant… pervert…”

“Pervert? Kehaha! A title I embrace, foolish mortal! My deviance is legendary amongst my kind! But fear not… your pleasure will not be neglected.” The giant eye seemed to leer at her, a trio of tentacles slowly squirming through the air toward her body. They brushed up and down her taught stomach, over her muscular thighs, kneading the once firm muscles now too weak to resist. It continued to tease her skin as they neared her exposed sex and breasts. Chun-li closed her eyes, biting her lip and preparing for the worst.

A loud crack and a distorted howl of pain.

Chun-li slumped to the floor, her flashlight clattering beside her. She could make out the enormous bulk as it recoiled and turned to look further down the passage. Another bright light illuminated the concrete tunnel. A figure, mostly in silhouette, stood defiantly in front of the creature. Chun-li struggled to push herself onto all fours, but her limbs refused to move. She nudged her cracked flashlight to point at the figure and her heart leapt. She knew that green leotard and those camo-painted thighs anywhere.

“Should have known I’d find you crawling around down here.” Cammy White stepped into a strong stance, her blonde braids swinging behind her.

“What’s this? Another beauty come to offer herself to me?” The thing snarled, “Or another insolent whelp that needs to learn its place?”

“Cammy…” Chun-li groaned, “Don’t let it-”

“Grab me? I know,” Cammy said, “It’d have to catch me first.”

“Is that a challenge?” The thing cackled. It lunged forwards, tentacles outstretched.

Cammy darted to the side, her red gloves turning to blurs as she punched away those few limbs that got close. Her speed was legendary, and Chun-li had to admit just watching her lithe body move was a joy. While Chun-Li sported some larger assets, Cammy was uniformly lean but dense with muscle that seemed cut from stone. The shadows danced as Cammy ducked, weaved and spun; her only light was stuck to a headband. The crack of heavy limbs meeting concrete filled the air, mixed with Cammy’s shouts and the thing’s increasingly frustrated growls. Chun-li pulled herself upright against a wall, trying to keep a shaking hand steady enough to hold what felt like 100lb flashlight. Cammy needed all the help she could get. As fast as she was, she couldn’t run forever in these tight spaces. Especially given how much of that space was taken up by scaly limbs.

Cammy’s fist slammed into a tentacle, a follow-up punch primed and ready to hit the big red eye. But the thing was smarter than it looked; a second tentacle lashed out at her feet, sending her tumbling. In an instant three were wrapped tightly around her thighs and torso. She shouted, squirming and struggling until the scaly limbs tightened enough to make her scream in pain.

“An excellent attempt, worm.” The thing drew her close, “But you could never hope to fight a god, but with a body like that you may be able to feed one.”

Cammy’s whole body tensed as the electric throb started again. The tunnel filled with cream light as the thick bulges slipped into the thing’s massive body. It cackled and cooed, tightening its grip.

“You have such a wonderful flavour!” It said, “Almost as good as the other pretty thing that tried to defeat me.”

“Glad you haven’t forgotten about me,” Chun-li said. She stood behind him and slammed her palms together, “Kikosho!”

The thing roared as the waves of weaponized ki slammed into its back. The whole tunnel stunk of burnt flesh and something worse as the thing collapsed, Cammy slipping from its limp grip. It thudded to the ground, rolling for a few seconds before it drooped like a dead octopus. Its big eye was closed, Chun-li couldn’t tell if it was knocked out or dead. Given how tough it had proven to be so far, she wasn’t going to celebrate. Especially when her legs gave out and she slumped back against a nearby wall.

“Thanks for the assistance.” Cammy said

“What’re friends for?” Chun-li winced.

Cammy pressed a finger to her ear. “I need a containment team on me, ASAP.”

“What are you doing here?” Chun-li asked. She struggled to pick herself up, her muscled legs feeling like they were made of jelly.

“I was going to ask you the same thing. MI6 has been tracking this bastard for months now, but he kept slipping out of our fingers.”

“He appeared on Interpol’s radar just a couple of weeks ago. He’s been kidnapping women. We need to-” Chun-li stumbled, half collapsing against the wall, “What did he do to me…?”

“We’re not sure. He seems to be able to drain…something out of us. In extreme cases it leaves you completely catatonic.” –She tapped her earpiece again- “Search team, we have potential civilians in danger. Fan out and retrieve them.”

“I need to brief the director…” She stopped to catch herself on the wall. Her leg muscles bulged as they strained weakly to keep her up, knees partly bent.

“You need to rest. You got hit pretty hard by him." Cammy tried to hide it, but she could not believe what she was seeing. Here was Chun-li, who in addition to being the strongest woman she knew was famous the world over for her earthshattering leg strength, barely able to stand. "I’ll update Interpol on the situation and you can debrief after you’ve gotten your strength back up.” Cammy knelt draping Chun-li over her shoulders, "she's so frail, her muscles feel like putty" Cammy thought as she felt her own firm body digging into Chun-li's softened form. She shook it off, “It’s nice to see you again. Shame it always has to be like this.”


“MI6 and a mysterious creature?” The director’s voice crackled over the phone, “And here I was hoping it’d be something mundane like Shadaloo.”

“Do we have any information on that… thing?” Chun-li said. She brushed a lock of wet hair out of her eyes and tightened the towel around her body. Along with a meal and good night's sleep, a hot shower seemed to be a miracle cure for whatever it was that thing in the sewers had done to her. She stepped into the bland hotel room, with its neutral brown carpet and slightly darker brown furnishings.

“Nothing concrete. According to Agent White, it refers to itself as Shuma-gorath. Sounds like something out of one of Lovecraft’s stories… We haven’t gotten any hits with that name, or with the title it gave you.”

“Lord of chaos…”

“Precisely. Seems like it thinks highly of itself, whatever it is. Feeds on some sort of energy generated by living things. A lot like a vampire, or one of those Jiangshi,” The director sighed, “MI6 has it contained in a temporary facility, located a few streets south of us. I would have liked to have known the English were setting up secret compounds on foreign soil, but I don’t think they’d have told me anyway. Sounds like they wanted to keep the whole thing as under-wraps as possible. Not that I blame them.”

“Are you going to try and press for us to contain it?”

“No, I don’t think so. They have more experience with it. I’ll deal with the politics later, but for now I’m just glad we managed to capture it.” There was a short pause. “I heard it got you pretty badly. How’re you feeling?”

“Better.” She said.

“Well, that’s good to hear. I’ll keep you updated if anything changes, but otherwise I think you deserve the rest of the day off.”

“Sir… what about the women?”

“… We’ve yet to find any of them. But the sewers are pretty extensive and, according to Agent White’s intel, Shuma-gorath likes to keep a full larder. They’re down there; it’s just a matter of finding them. MI6 has agreed to pool resources for the search. Like I said, I’ll keep you updated.”

“Thank you, sir.” Chun-li disconnected the call and sighed. Getting her arse kicked in the sewers by a monster straight out of a b-movie was bad enough, but failing the mission just left a nasty taste in her mouth.

She pulled the slimy, torn remains of her qipao and pantyhose from white tiles of the bathroom floor. She’d been very fond of that outfit. A lot of tournaments, a lot of missions… Replacing it wasn’t going to be cheap either. Especially on her salary. She dumped the tattered remains in a bin close to the bed, before pulling the curtains closed. Last thing she needed was someone peeking into her hotel room while she changed.

Chun-li dropped the towel from her body, running her fingers over her toned arms and legs. A few rope-burn like marks on her ankles where Shuma-gorath had tried binding her. A bruise here or there, as to be expected. But… no marks from where he had drained her. No puncture wounds, no tears in the skin. The director had said it fed on some sort of energy. Ki, perhaps? It would explain why she had felt so weak. She grunted, stretching her arms above her head until her back clicked. She was still stiff and sore, but at least she could move again. Probably be right as ran in a day or two.

She was relieved to feel firmness and strength return to her body. She remembered being carried out of the sewer by Cammy, it was like riding atop a suit of ancient Greek, muscled armor. She could feel every ridge of Cammy's body press into hers as she rushed her out. She was relieved the trip was short, her own cobbled abdominals were unable to offer much resistance as Cammy's shoulder pressed into her solar-plexus. "What does he take?" she asked allowed as she flexed her impressive right bicep in the mirror. She saw it swell and stand firm with a slight bruise at the peak, she had performed a similar exercise as she laid in the ambulance when they returned to the service. At the time she was relieved when she saw her muscle jump to attention as she was used to... until Cammy noticed and playfully pinched her arm. Her smile instantly melted away as her fingers pushed through Chun-li's still flexed bicep as she applied force. Chun-li yelped as Cammy recoiled with a concerned look. It had felt like a steel piston suddenly pressed down on the flexed muscle and when she looked down she had seen a small bruise begin to form. "Thankfully whatever it is, it isn't permanent." She thought as she remembered the feeling of both physical and mental weakness from his touch. A chill ran through her toned body.


The director had given her the rest of the day off, but just from the blue tint of twilight outside she knew she was only getting half an evening at best. She was much too far away to make her dinner date, which didn’t leave a lot of things she needed to do. Or really felt like doing. Still… maybe she could have a night out. Enjoy herself a little. The hotel had a bar, and there were a few nice restaurants nearby. She pulled her suitcase from under the bed, flicking it open and rummaging through. She hadn’t had enough time to sort everything out when she’d first arrived, and she made a mental note to hang the rest up later. Work uniforms, travel clothes… aha!

She held the dress –using the term somewhat broadly- in front of herself in the mirror. Black silk with a gold trimming. It wasn’t something she wore causally. In fact, normally it was saved for very special occasions. Not that she was embarrassed by it, but… well, it was a lot more revealing than her qipao had been. She pulled it over her head and clasped the matching gold girdle around her waist, shaking her hair down.

‘Dress’ was definitely stretching it.

It was both backless and with a deep, plunging neckline that effectively made the top half a bikini. Beneath the metal girdle two long, loincloth like lengths of fabric dropped to her ankles and barely covered her modesty. One wrong move or high-kick would expose her panties. The spiked bracelets didn’t add much either. Still, she thought as she ran her hands down her exposed, muscular thighs, it made her look good. Very, very good. And letting her hair down –literally- was always nice.

The phone rang. She knew that number by heart, and it filled her with unease.

“Director?” She said as he held it to her ear.

“Chun-li. You know how I said I’d keep you updated?”

“Something happen, sir?”

“A big something. Communications out of MI6’s containment facility have ceased. We’re completely in the dark. As much as I trust they can handle anything, I have to assume the worst. I hate to ruin your evening again-”

“Understood, sir. I’m mobilizing.”

“Are you sure you can handle this?” The director said, “This thing took you out before, and you were in top condition.”

“He caught me off guard. It won’t happen again.”

“… Understood. I’m sending you the address.” A click, and the line went dead.

“Shit,” Chun-li said. Even without confirmation, she had a sickening feeling Shuma-gorath was at the heart of this. And given his proclivities… She looked in the mirror again. This was not the kind of outfit she wanted to be wearing against him. Who knew what kind of ideas he could get. Still, it gave her mobility. And if the facility was more open than the sewers, maybe she’d have the upper hand.

The phone rang again.

She snatched it up, “Who is this?”

“Chun-li?” came a woman’s voice.

“Cammy? What’s going on over there?”


“Containment has been breached,” Cammy said, flashing a look over her shoulder. The lab’s lights were flickering. The brief patches of darkness set her on edge. She swore she could hear the slimy bulk moving about; hear its cackling laughter and the screams of defenseless scientists. “I repeat; containment has been breached. Shuma-gorath is out.”

“How did this happen?” Chun-li’s voice crackled over the poor connection.

“I don’t know. Maybe your blast didn’t kick as much out of him as we thought. Or our cage was ineffective. It doesn’t matter; stay away from the lab.”
“Where are you? Maybe I can hel-”

“Stay. Away.” Cammy hissed. She clutched her side and winced, “I’ve been holding him off so far. But I think he gets stronger after he absorbs energy. I can barely keep up! And he’s had our whole science team as a buffet… I’m going to try and lock down the facility. Maybe we can keep him in here and starve him.”

“You’ll be trapped too.”

“After the things I’ve done, it’s what I deserve. Call your team and tell them to secure the perimeter. No one is to set foot in-”

She gasped as something large and heavy slammed her across the room, her back cracking against a concrete wall. Chun-li’s faint voice called out from the phone before an enormous, green tentacle crushed it into dust.

“Calling for help? How pathetic,” Shuma-gorath cackled.

“I don’t need help beating you…” Cammy said, shakily standing and readying her fists.

“Ahahahaha! I’m going to enjoy draining you for every last drop of your sweet energy!”

“Come and get it!” She dashed forward, swinging wildly at the giant eye. Normally she might have succeeded. But as worn out as she was, she barely landed a single blow. Her movements were too sluggish, and she knew it. Shuma-gorath’s strikes seemed lazy; easy to block or avoid. It was just playing with her. Until a long sweep connected with her solid midsection and knocked her off her feet and tumbling into his slimy grasp.

“Ugh! Let me go!” Cammy squirmed as the strong tentacles coiled around her torso and legs.

“If I wanted to, worm, I could break your body into a thousand pieces,” Shuma-gorath said. It leered at her, drawing her close to its red eye, “But I’m rather fond of your body. I think I’ll drain you slowly and let you fully experience your proud strength fade away.”

“N-no!” She cried out, her skin crawling as the tips of its tentacles wriggled their way under her leotard. They squeezed and prodded her chest, curled between her legs and ground up and down ridges of her sixpack. The grip was too tight to move, too strong to resist. “You disgusting… s-slimy pervert!”

“I’ve had enough of your insolence. I will prepare your clothing for the upcoming display” Another tentacle ripped away the bulk her leotard revealing the full musculature of her torso. It then shoved the tip of a tentacle into her mouth, almost making her gag with both the taste and the length. She kicked and writhed, biting down on the scaly skin. And then screamed around it as the white pulses worked their way down the limbs; sapping her strength away while Shuma-gorath groped and squeezed her body. "DELICIOUS!!! I had only a small sample of you before, but  you grow sweeter with each nibble I take!"

He wasn't bluffing, Cammy could feel it. As he intended she could feel herself slowly growing weaker and weaker in his grasp. She fought on as long as she could as her writhing and struggling becoming less and less forceful. She could feel her steely muscles, the suit of armor she was known for, slowly soften against his tentacles. Their ability to resist drained from them as his grip felt all the tighter. A new struggle began as it became more difficult to breathe. She feebly fought for the space to expand her lungs but the pressure kept increasing. Just as she felt herself blacking out she was granted the air she needed so badly. The pulses stopped and it removed the tentacle from her mouth.

"You are certainly fun to play with, let us see what strength remains to you" It had one tentacle wrapped around each of her shoulders but released the rest as he began lowering her to the floor. She dangled limply and her head hung low. Looking down she could see her body on full display with her muscled midsection moving in and out as she tried to regain her breath and her once mighty legs swayed above the ground. It was all she could do as she noticed the floor slowly closing in and prepared to land.

Her feet gently made contact with the floor and she braced her legs to support herself as the full weight of her body slowly followed. Her muscular legs strained and trembled with effort to hold her, and what felt like the weight of the world, upright. "Everything is so heavy, in this state I couldn't fight a four year old girl let alone this monster... I'm so weak." She shook the self pity our of her head and and pulled herself as upright as she could manage to face her tormentor. She stifled a gasp as its massive eye was barely an arm's length from her face, leering at her in a way that suggested the closest thing it had to a smile. It fully released its hold causing her to slightly stumble and sway as she adjusted to the lack of support. The bulging muscles of her legs and torso stood out in stark contrast to her own infirmity as they struggled to keep her up straight.

"Yes, stand tall 'mighty' warrior, would-be slayer of gods! Let us have our battle!" Cammy just stood their dumbfounded absently raising her fists out of habit.

"My arms feel like they are made of lead. Is he serious?" She thought as she was still frozen with shock. After a moment she gathered herself and threw a slow right hook that hit nothing but air as the Eye lazily dodged, her own momentum causing her to stumble forward almost falling. "He's still just playing with me."

"A valiant effort from a hopeless maiden! Allow me to pay you in kind." It said as one it its tentacles was brought forward giving her shoulder a slight shove knocking her off balance.

She stumbled backwards a few steps, vainly trying to steady herself, before gracelessly landing on our ample backside. It was only a light push and she was unhurt, but it may as well have been hammer-blow to her pride. Her eyes burned as she blinked back an unbidden tear. "Stop," she said with barely more than a whisper.

The creature quietly weighed her with its gaze. She steeled herself and spoke again but louder, "this is pointless... just finish me.... and be done with it." She had gotten to her knees and begun the slow process of standing back up. Her legs shook as she stood, bearing a weight only she could feel with her quadriceps flexing like she was lifting a truck. By the time she had righted herself she was gasping for air, the individual muscles of her abdomen frantically, sensually, moving in and out as they struggled to pull in more air for her efforts.

"Finish you? You still have so much fight left, look at you struggling so hard just to stand before me." It drifted closer, its great eye unblinking before her.

"I will die... on my feet like a warrior, but I can't beat you I'm... I'm too weak." Her own words stung her pride, but she would not give this monster the satisfaction of playing his game.

"Such a pity, I expected a greater struggle from one so willful... and with such a lithe and strong body." A tentacle made contact with Cammy's thigh and slowly trailed up her hip towards her navel.

At its touch Cammy reflexively tightened all the muscles of her body, especially the cobbled muscles of her abdominals and obliques. But they were too weak to resist the muscled appendage. This was made perfectly clear as the creature took its time trailing over the muscles of her core, taking extra time for each pair of her abdominal muscles, pressing them in as if to test their own hardness and admire his own handiwork. All while keeping her upright with a second tentacle along her back.

Cammy felt sick to her stomach, and not just from the muscular tentacle breaking through the meager resistance of her abs and treating her insides like a water balloon. "He's broken me, my body. All the strength I've built through years of training is gone, the muscles I've sculpted have turned to mush." The thought raced through her head as more tears began to form in her eyes. "Please stop," she pleaded half whisper, half a mewl.

"Do you think you can petition a god with your pitiful begging? Perhaps I would consider it." A pensive look came over the creatures great Eye. The tentacle on her upper torso began its journey back down the way it came, again trailing each muscle. But this time as he passed each ridge she saw a small flash of light and heard a faint buzz. He was taking the smallest sips of her dwindling strength and with each she felt her legs bend ever so slightly. When he finished she stifled a small whimper.

"I will admit, you have become adequately tender. The last vestiges of strength are the most delectable. But you will not die on your feet as a warrior, but you will serve on your knees as a slave worshipping your new Master." It removed its tentacles leaving Cammy standing alone on wobbly legs. "What are you waiting for, kneel."

Cammy just stood there for a moment. She had nothing left, not pride, not strength, not dignity. She blinked away a tear. "I will not kneel."

The eye before her did not seem amused. "You will kneel, I will teach you." A tentacle wrapped around her neck, keeping her in place as she futilely struck and pulled at it. "This will be a slow lesson, let it sink in." the creature said as the humming began.

It was even worse than last time, it was even slower. She felt the small trickle of strength leave her body and considering her condition, every little bit counted. The tentacle wrapped around her neck did not choke her nor did it pull her down... but it also offered her no support.

Her legs slowly began to bend on their own accord as her muscles were siphoned of their remaining strength. Her hands that had been struggling with the vice around her neck slowly slid down to her sides, and tears began to flow freely down her face. "Please.... no" was all she whimpered as the torture continued. All she had left was the strength in her once mighty legs which still strained to keep her up. But even that was fading. Her knees had buckled in, pressing against each other for support in a last futile attempt to stay on her feet. Her gaze met the "smiling" eye in front of her.

Shuma-gorath savored this last moment with his prey; in his grasp with each muscle and curve on display clinging to the last of its will before breaking. He had not had the excess time to savor such a succulent meal since arriving on this Plane. The flavor compounded by these last few moments was unlike anything he had ever experienced, and the view was quite breathtaking. A woman fitting a mold that human imagination would think was that of a goddess. On full display with her clothing in tatters she sported a body devoid of adipose tissue and tightly packed with dense musculature from head to toe, and each of those muscles continued to struggle and strain against the inevitable force of gravity. At last her buckled legs gave out and she slowly sunk to her knees, as he promised she would. His attention was briefly broken by a noise somewhere else in the building.

"Please... stop." begged Cammy. The last few moments have been unbearable as she fought to the last to keep herself from collapsing under her own weight. As he predicted there she was kneeling before him, but his tentacle remained still draining whatever remained of her strength. "I have... nothing left... to give." She whimpered as she slowly slumped forward, too weak to keep her back straight. "So.... heavy." was her last thought before she finally slipped into unconsciousness.

"That will do for now," thought the creature has he rolled her over. "I will have to make room for one more helping".


MI6 had chosen their facility well; from the outside it looked like an ordinary, 1960s concrete office building. The inside, however, was clean and white. Or should have been, since the further Chun-li went the more devastation she encountered. Papers, medical equipment and even bodies scattered around the corridors, with dark red splatters across the walls. None of the bodies were women, she noticed. Even without Cammy’s phone call it would be pretty obvious it was the work of Shuma-gorath. An acrid smell lingered over the place, and discarded bullet casings tinkled as her foot brushed against them; picking up a weapon wasn’t going to help either, it seemed. She checked every corner, every ceiling, and every side room. She’d been caught off guard before, and that had almost been a death sentence.

She slowly turned a corner, peering into a large room. An enormous metal and glass cage stood in the centre of a white room, surrounded by destroyed machinery and torn plastic sheets. A putrid smell hung over the place, no doubt coming from the slime pooled at the bottom of the cage. There were no signs of life anywhere, except…

“Cammy!” Chun-li rushed over to the splayed body. She didn’t look like she was in good shape; her leotard was nothing but tatters, and she felt like a lifeless lump as Chun-li pulled her into a sitting position, “What happened? Where’s Shuma-gorath?”

“No…” Cammy groaned, “Go… leave…!”

“I’m here to rescue you! Can you walk at all?”

“It’s a… trap…!”

Of course it was, she thought just before the thick tentacle wrapped around her waist. She cried out as she was pulled upwards, thrown about for a few seconds as the great bulk unfurled and dropped to the floor. The distorted cackling filled her ears as Shuma-gorath drew her up to its giant eye. She struggled, slamming her fists against the scaly limb, but to no effect.

“Kehahaha! You’ve returned to me, my pretty!” It sneered, “How loyal of you. And in such tantalising attire. I will be more than happy to accept your tribute.”
“I am no one’s tribute!” She snarled. A tight squeeze knocked the air out of her lungs, leaving her to splutter for a few seconds. Her skin crawled as the tentacle’s tip slithered down her leg and brushed along her black silk panties. Another curled around her neck, forcing her hands to futilely try to pull it away.

“You speak too much, mortal. Were you not such a delicious specimen I would rip you to shreds for your insolence!” Shuma-gorath growled.

Chun-li opened her mouth for a strangled comeback, but only a scream escaped. The pulsing had begun; illuminated bulges draining away her strength and resistance. The tentacle at her crotch was deliberately rubbing along her pussy, the same shameful sense of surrender creeping up her. Her legs kicked uselessly in the air, her grip slackened. If she could just focus for one second…

“Kikosho!” She shouted, the blast of ki hitting Shuma-gorath dead in the pupil.

“Argh!” It screamed, letting her slump to the cold, laminate floor. “Again with the blasts!”

She gulped a few breaths of air, shakily standing again. The weak, heavy feeling has returned to her. She didn’t have long before her body gave out. Summoning as much of her fighting spirit as she could she threw blast after blast at the blinded creature. Bright blue lights flooded the room, the sickening smell of charred flesh filling the air. No such thing as overkill, she reckoned, and so she piled on as much as she could; reaching for reserves she didn’t know she had. By the time her barrage had stopped, her muscles and mind felt like lead. The smoke would take time to clear, and she had to be ready for the wor-

A tentacle shot out and curled around her legs. She yelped as she was swept off her feet and slammed into the ground. She was dazed and disorientated for just a second, but it was enough for Shuma-gorath to get his slimy limb around her wrists and pull her back up in front of its very irritated looking eye.

“A valiant effort, worm,” It said venomously. Two more tentacle curled around her ankles, pulling her limp legs apart, “Your attempts at heroism will not go unrewarded. I believe run through my gift of time so I’ll be sure to make this as quick as I know how and savor you later.”

“Let me go…!” Chun-li said, weakly tugging at the blackened limbs. She hissed and bit her lip as the siphoning began again, her ears full of the electronic throbbing. She had to keep fighting. Had to keep… keep… Her arms felt like they were water, her legs like they were stuffed with cotton. She couldn’t move a muscle at all. Even her defiance was being sapped away. She could only muster a soft gaps as Shuma-gorath tore her dress away, once again exposing her body. The tips of his tentacles traced up and down her muscles, along her stomach and over her breasts. She shivered at his cold touch.

Two of the tentacles loomed in front of her, the tips wriggling. The flesh peeled back, blossoming like webbed flower petals with a hollow core. They lunged forwards, wrapping around her ample breasts. The suction-cup like structures squeezed and kneaded her soft flesh, whilst something thick and slimy suckled on her nipples. She could see the pulses of light slowly work down the limbs; like she was being milked for her energy.

It was a mockery of foreplay, all the while pulsing with and draining what it could from her. She groaned, she bucked, tried to pull her hips and torso away from Shuma-gorath’s grasp. But it was no use: she was already too weak. The suckling, stroking and squeezing were overwhelming her senses, little pulses of sensation forcing their way up her body. She could already feel it begin to pool despite her disgust. Feel the pressure begin to build inside her. Even her energy being drained made her body shiver and writhe. She was just a ragdoll, a thing to be used by him.
She bit her lip as her body shuddered, a shameful wave of unwanted pleasure washing over her. Her hips twitched, her breath turned to strangled gasps. She could barely focus on anything. Her eyes were heavy. Her limbs were numb. She just wanted to… to…



Shuma-gorath turned the fighter over in his tentacles. Still alive, but weak as an earth kitten. She was utterly delectable, worthy enough to be kept despite the damage she had caused. He curled his tentacle around her body, soiled like a snake. Her smooth skin rubbed along him just perfectly; her hard muscles and soft flesh so wonderful to touch. She and the bait would be the perfect centerpieces for his collection.

He lumbered over to his other prize, scooping her up into another tentacle. The perfect bait. She had served her purpose and earned her life. She had been equally delicious, and a decent opponent to boot. Deviant thoughts raced through his mind thinking of their time together and what he would do with the voluptuous one with that amount of time. Perhaps he would play with both at once. He cackled aloud as he squirmed through the corridors. His collection had grown so much today! He would have to deal with the fools who were no doubt invading his lair at this very moment, but compared to these two they would be child’s play.

Perhaps the stealthy option had been the wrong choice? Maybe his reputation would spread, and they’d send other worthy challengers into his domain. More foolish mortals to drain and kill. Or, if they were stupid enough to send more of their women to him… add to his collection.

Yes. This would do nicely. The harem of Shuma-gorath would grow!

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