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Author Topic: ★Memorable Author: [Jeremy Wilson] Mature Femuscle Stories~collected 2007-10  (Read 35485 times)

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Stories in this collection:

The Amazonian Grandmother

The Matronly Marauder

The Elderly Amazon Next Door

The Amazing Growing Grandma

Grandma Kicks Ass!

The Amazonian Grandmother
By Jeremy Wilson
An older woman shows she’s not too old to have muscles

**Authors note: This is about an older female with a lot of muscle and
strength, if this subject does not appeal to you, I suggest you read something
else. This is also an homage of sorts to some of my favorite female muscle
authors, people like Supreme, Rampant Tiger, and Dreamspinner, who made female
muscle on older, more mature women, not only readable, but very sexy. But I
have always felt one thing was missing from their respective stories, and
that's super strength and massive muscle size, well beyond that of a normal
male, so I decided to put my skills to what I do best, write about those
subjects. And being the extremist I am, I decided to take it a step further,
no one has written about a woman as old as I'm going to write about, so if a
woman in her 70's-100's with massive muscle and a sex drive doesn't interest
you, please turn around right away, because this story has plenty of this. If
this subject does interest you, I hope you like my story. This subject matter
may not be appropriate for everyone, but it does not involve any crimes of any
kind, no incest, no pedophilia, no murders, no stealing, so it will be pretty
uninteresting, oh wait did I mention the character has muscle!! Anyway,

Sheila Steward moved in next door to me a couple of weeks ago, and I really
never paid any attention to her, I knew for a fact that she was in her 70's
and had a couple of grandchildren that visit every now and then, and her
daughter and son-in-law lived across the state. She looked small, only like
5'1 and couldn't have weighed more than a 110 pounds at the least, but there
was something about her that showed vitality, that she may not have been as
weak as her age made it look. She carried herself with a confidence that I had
very rarely seen out of someone her age, was always friendly, and helpful when
the opportunity came around, but I never really got to know her well enough to
call her a friend. That all changed one day, though, when she asked me for
assistance carrying her groceries in from her car. I got the biggest surprise
I have ever received when I saw her carrying a semi-heavy paper bag of
groceries, her biceps really showed, and they were extremely big and full of
veins. My eyes just about popped out of my skull when I saw that, she was
extremely muscular, and well into her retirement years. I commented to her
"Looks to me like you don't need much help, looking at your arms you could
probably carry twice as much as me, and I weigh three times your size!" She
blushed and pulled her sleeves down over her arms, but it was too late, she
just smiled and said "So you like muscles on older women?" It was my turn to
be embarrassed, but I nodded shyly and said, "Well, yes, its been one of my
fantasies since I first discovered that I like muscle and strength in women,
to meet someone my Grandmother's age who has more muscle and strength than
women half her age. Then she dropped a bomb on me, "Come on in son, since my
husband died 3 years ago, I haven't really had a man over, but I think you
might be the right one for me." I said "I'm sorry to hear about your husband,
what did he die of?" She nodded her head soberly, "Well, he died of a heart
attack while we were making love, he died with a smile on his face, though."

So she led me into her house, and took off her shirt and shorts to reveal a
body that wouldn't be so out of place on a Miss Olympia stage. I was
completely turned on as I saw this woman well into her 70's with a body like
that, she was ripped to shreds and bigger than I first imagined when I saw her
bicep for the first time. She was wearing a black bra and panties, she let her
hair down from the bun she had it in and revealed shoulder length salt and
pepper hair. She looked like a goddess of muscle, I have loved Female
Bodybuilders for 20 years now, and what I saw before me was the most
incredible example of female muscle that I've ever seen, imagine what Colette
Guimond might look like in 30 years if she kept the same amount of muscle size
and definition, this muscle grandma didn't have to take a back seat to any
woman, and most men, when it came to muscle development. Not only were her
muscles very large(I estimated her biceps to be at least 18" around and her
pecs about 48" around, with some well developed shoulder, back and leg
muscles), veins and striations could be seen everywhere on her body, and she
had 8 pack abs, I could actually see all 8, as the separations were very deep
and defined. My tongue was dragging on the floor, I stared unabashedly and my
dick was harder than its ever been, she noticed this, giggled to herself, and
said "Not bad for a 78 year old, huh?" Oh my god, 78 years old! She's got a
body that could win the Ms. Olympia if she stepped on stage tomorrow and she's

I was dumbfounded, I couldn't think of anything else to say, so I stuttered
out "H-H-How?" She giggled again and explained, "Well, I grew up on a farm,
and worked there until I was 49, when my husband got this house, I worked in a
factory up until I retired at the age of 65, since then I've been keeping
healthy by lifting weights, doing aerobics, and walking every day." I came out
of my stupor and said, "It's been working very, very well, I have to admit,
I've never seen a woman up close with the kind of muscle development, with
your level of fitness, you're not just muscular for your age, you're muscular
for any woman of any age, I hope you don't mind my asking, but how strong are
you?" She said, "I knew you would ask that, my husband loved me showing my
strength in front of him, there's nothing that turned him on more than to see
me twist a steel bar into a pretzel with ease, or lift up the back end of the
car while he changed a tire, as far as my strength goes, there's never been
anything that I couldn't lift since I was 65, I tried testing it with various
things around the house, but nothing really ever made me try too hard." I was
shaking at this point, as I found out she was my perfect woman, she was more
muscular than 98 percent of the population of the world, and stronger than
anyone in the world as well. "Please, show me something, Miss Steward!?!" I
said excitedly wanting nothing more than to be carried around by her awesome
arms, or to see her curl an impossibly huge barbell. She thought for a while
on how to demonstrate her might, she gave me a quarter to inspect, and took it
back, saying "Watch this, sweetums and please call me Sheila." She bent the
quarter in on itself using nothing but her thumb and index finger, then did it
once again, that's the first time I've ever heard of someone folding a quarter
twice, but she wasn't done! She held the former quarter still between her
thumb and index finger and just pushed her fingers together, it was
effortless, but left me devastated, as I saw the quarter being crushed until
it ran like rain from her fingers, she actually liquefied a quarter with just
2 fingers! I quickly passed out after cumming harder than I had in my life,
without even touching myself!

I awoke 3 hours later in what appeared to be a big bedroom, but it wasn't an
ordinary bedroom, it had to be 50 feet from one end of the room to the other
and was filled with various weightlifting equipment, there was no sight of
Sheila around, but I heard the sounds of a shower being run, so I guessed that
must have been her. I couldn't resist, so I opened the bathroom door and
peeked in, I wanted to surprise my new lover, my septuagenarian muscle fox. I
got undressed and pulled the curtain of the shower stall, to find her
completely naked and still ripped to absolute shreds, maybe even more so, she
turned around with a look of surprise, but that soon turned to recognition,
she reached over to me, took me under my armpits and lifted me effortlessly
into the shower, immediately taking me in the most sensual french kiss I've
ever experienced, there wasn't any doubt, this mature woman was extremely
horny and I was just the guy to help her satisfy her needs. We stayed like
that for a while, clutched in a tight embrace, her rock hard muscles against
my much softer ones, until she felt my big cock brush against her intensely
striated and vascular 8 pack abs. She took me by my hips and pressed me up
against the wall of the shower, than pressed me above her head until my dick
was level with her beautiful lips, then she deepthroated my 8 inches with
ease, doing it with such expertise that I had no choice but to cum even harder
than I did before. She cleaned us up and carried me back to the bed, where she
put on a nude posing display that blew me away again, I didn't think it was
possible, but I got hard once again, this 78 year old was the hottest thing
I've ever seen, no woman could ever compare after this, no woman had this
level of strength and muscularity at her age, or so I thought. We made love
and it was the most incredible experience of my life, she was so experienced,
she knew just what to do to give me the best time of my life in the bedroom,
taking me close to cumming, then changing her rhythm, taking me close again,
and again doing something different to prolong it, when I finally did achieve
orgasm, it was the best orgasm ever, I must have cum bucketloads, we finally
came down after 5 hours of continuous fucking, and decided to go to sleep.

The phone rang, waking us both up about 9 hours later, Sheila picked it up,
shouted with surprise "Mom! I didn't know you were going to be in town, you
want to stay here, I don't know if that's the best idea, wait, okay, sure that
would be fine, ma, you know I'd love for you to stay a couple days here, okay
I'll see you in a little bit." I was listening in rapt attention, I mean here
was this 78 year old woman and her own mother was still alive? I wondered how
old she must be, 97? Older? Sheila looked back at me, knowing what I was
thinking and said "Yeah, that was my mother, she has been living in California
the last 20 years, coming back every now and then to visit, and I know what's
on your mind, she just turned 100 years old last year." Man I thought to
myself, I wonder what kind of shape her mother is in, to live to that ripe old
age, I guess I was going to find out in a couple hours. Then the thought
occurred to me, Sheila was working on her mother's farm for 40+ years, and she
turned out to be the most muscular septuagenarian in the history of the world,
could her 100 year old mother be this muscular? Nah, I thought to myself, its
impossible for a 100 year old to have muscle like this, but then again, I
thought, it should be impossible for a 78 year old to be this muscular, and
here's a clear example that it wasn't sitting right next to me. I waited
impatiently for Sheila's mom to arrive, to see if my suspicions rang true.

The car came in at about 4:30 pm, Sheila ran out to meet her mother, while I
stayed by the door to scope things out, I noticed that her mother was a bit
shorter than Sheila, but her shoulders seemed to be even wider, her mother was
wearing some baggy clothes, but the width of her shoulders told me immediately
something wasn't normal here. Her face was beautiful, there were no signs of
her age, other than her curly white hair, she had no visible wrinkles or
crow's feet at all. I came out at Sheila's behest, she introduced me, "Jeremy,
meet my mother Gloria, Gloria, this is my neighbor and new boyfriend, Jeremy."
I shook her hand, and it felt like my hand went through the wringer, I mean
her grip was more powerful than any man's I have ever shook hands or
armwrestled against. Then Gloria did something unreal, she pulled me to her,
put her arms around me and lifted me off the ground with ease, she must have
been a foot shorter than me, I was about 5'10, so her arms couldn't lift me
too high, but I felt my feet leave the ground. Here I was a 29 year old, 300
pound man, being held in the arms of a 100 year old woman, who was 4'10, but
she must have weighed at least as much as Sheila, if not more. As she held me
close, my hands wandered on their own, I marveled at the fact that her
shoulders and arms were even harder than Sheila's, if Sheila's were as hard as
steel, Gloria's were hard as diamond, could she be more muscular? Could she
possibly be even stronger? I pondered these thoughts as I passed out from the
experience of being lifted by someone 71 years older than I was. The last
thing I noticed before I left consciousness was her firm old hands squeezing
my butt cheeks. To be continued?

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Don't forget to K+ if you enjoy my writing.

Great stories about strong and muscular women and girls, hope you enjoy!

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Amazon Grandmother Part 2
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2007, 03:59:58 am »
Amazonian Grandmother Part 2- Gloria
By Jeremy Wilson
Sheila and Gloria show me their strength and muscles

*Author's note: Yup, I know that many of you weren't too interested in this
subject, but I believe it's a story worth continuing, as it deals with one of
my favorite fantasies, and it's inspired by some of my favorite writers
throughout my history of reading these stories, Supreme, Dreamspinner, and
Rampant Tiger. I borrowed from their general ideals, but of course I put my
own personal spin on it, which means that their muscles and strength are as
extreme as the character's advanced ages. And advanced their ages are, as
Sheila and Gloria are two of the oldest females ever to be used in stories
that I've read, I hope that doesn't scare many of you away, as you can expect
my normal blend of muscle description and strength feats. I know some of you
haven't liked my material, for whatever reason, but I'm putting my best foot
forward here, trying my best to describe muscle and strength feats, so at
least respect my writing ability, and my choice to use that writing ability to
try and entertain the masses.*

Sheila's Mother

Gloria Perkins was born November 3rd, 1906, in the town of Campbellsport,
Wisconsin, she was one of 5 children, her parents Agnes and Joseph Perkins
owned a farm in the rural part of that town and had passed it down from
generation to generation. It seemed every single generation of females turned
out to be physically strong and intimidating specimens, but to this point,
none had turned out quite like Gloria, by the time she was 36 years old, she
moved to the city where she worked in a factory because of the outbreak of
World War II, her husband and brothers went off to fight in Europe and Africa,
so she had to earn a living in their stead. She was used to manual labor from
being a farm worker for the first 35 years of her life, and she was tougher
than most, already possessing a bulky and powerful body. The factory work only
served to define that physique even more, soon she grew to 170 pounds of
muscle at a height of 5'1, which wasn't normal by any means. Her husband came
home in 1946 to find his wife's body was bigger than ever, and he found it
incredibly erotic, he knew he liked strong women, but here was the definition
of strength in front of him and it was his 40 year old wife. Unfortunately for
Gloria, she squeezed him in a bear hug too hard and broke a rib that collapsed
into his lungs and he bled to death internally. Gloria had found many suitors
over the years, but never stayed in one place for too long in order to marry,
she had given her only daughter, Sheila away when Sheila was 31 years old and
she was 53, after that she moved to Florida with her current boyfriend. She
still worked out in the beach side gyms down there, keeping her figure very
fit and strong, she moved to California to work out at Venice beach when she
was 79 (Although facially she looked about 45 at the most). Even then she had
a physique that could place high in various bodybuilding events across the
World and would only get bigger and stronger. She stayed there for the past 21
years, until she decided to move in with her 78 year old daughter Sheila after
hearing Sheila's 53 year old husband had died of a massive heart attack. She
found her daughter was in love with a young 29 year old teacher and writer and
this is where we are now.

At Sheila's House- Modern Day

"Jeremy, wake up, Gloria has a surprise for you, and I think you're gonna like
it." Sheila spoke breathily into my ear. "I'm sorry I keep doing that Sheila,
there's just so many shocks I can stand in a day, now what's Gloria gonna show
me?" A new voice entered the conversation, a throaty, though incredibly sexy
alto that had to come from Sheila's mother, "See for yourself stud, come into
the living room, and I'll give you an experience you'll never forget." So I
got up with Sheila's help, her one arm almost lifting me completely off my
feet, and walked into the living room. Gloria spoke again, "Just sit on the
couch sweetie, and close your eyes, I gotta get your present ready." I did as
she said, rubbing my hands a little anxiously, in anticipation to see what
exactly this 100 year old has for me. "Okay Jeremy, you can open your eyes
now." I did and was amazed at what stood before me, Gloria was standing in
nothing but a blue bikini, and she was ripped beyond shreds, her muscle was so
big that words can't even do them justice, let's just say that if you lined
her up against the biggest Mr. Olympia of all time, he would be crushed beyond
recognition. The sweater she hid her muscles in earlier gave me no indication
that she was even close to this size, she then went into a posing routine to
end all posing routines. Her biceps flared so hugely, they seemed bigger than
her head, her shoulders were like veiny, striated basketballs of muscle, her
chest was so enormous, it made her look like she possessed E cup breasts, but
her chest was non-existent save for 14 inch deep pectoral muscles. She spread
her lats and it looked as she suddenly doubled in width, her back was almost
as wide as she was tall! If Sheila had an 8 pack, I could only describe
Gloria's abs as a 12 pack, her intercostals were sharper than I've seen on any
male or female bodybuilder ever, veins were running across each individual
abdominal muscle, which were clearly separated by a valley that was at least
an inch and a half deep. "Shelia told me you like huge muscle on older women,
well what do you think of this body, is it big enough for you?" I tried to
work my mouth, but my mind was so blown away by what I was seeing, I could
form no words, my mind was screaming in submission as I sat there open mouthed
looking at a woman 71 years my senior with muscles three the size of Ms.
Olympia. My head lolled to the side as my eyes rolled back into my head,
luckily I wasn't wearing any pants at the time, or I would have messed them up
with more spunk than I've managed to shoot the day before combined. The rush
of blood from one head to the other caused me to blackout, but I was smiling
so big it almost had to be surgically removed.

Gloria laughed out loud, "You're right Sheila, he's easy, I hope he's got more
stamina in the bedroom, though, my last three boyfriends just couldn't get me
off right." Sheila laughed back, "Oh yeah mom, he was great last night, I had
him going for hours and hours, he was the best lay I've had for at least 35
years." I awoke later in the master bedroom, Gloria was standing right in
front of me, now naked showing off her incredibly pumped, awesomely veined and
striated body, her every muscle showing to the utmost, she was standing with
her back to me and holding a huge barbell, curling it up and down like it was
nothing, I looked at the ends and counted 14 big plates on each side of it,
the bar was bending more than any bar I've ever seen in any weight room. I
quickly calculated that there was 1305 pounds on that bar, making it a total
of 1350 pounds total, but this 100 year old was not straining in the least,
she had done 25 reps with it since I woke up and god knows how long she was
doing it before I woke. I must have made a noise, because she stopped and
turned around, saying "Well, that took long enough, if we're ever gonna get it
on, you're gonna have to stay awake longer than 5 minutes, darling." She put
down the barbell and did a massive double biceps flex, I estimated her arms as
being 26 inches around, huge when you consider her height of 4'10. My erection
was back bigger than ever and she noticed, "Are you ready for me, baby, don't
worry, I'll be gentle." She crawled sexually on the bed, looking all of 50
year olds, half her real age, and laid down next to me, where she grabbed my
chin and lead my mouth to a passionate kiss unlike any I've had in my life,
Gloria was dynamic in bed. I mean the session I had last night with Sheila was
complete ecstasy, but Gloria was even better and more experienced in bed than
Sheila!!! We made love for a total of 10 long hours, only resting twice to
change positions, she was so full of energy, so full of power, I made it my
mission to keep up with her in bed, even though I knew she had 100's of times
of strength, I knew I had to do my best to satisfy her. When the session
ended, Gloria was completely spent, and I could hardly move, but she had a
smile of contentment on her face that I'm sure meant she had found someone
that could satisfy her in every way possible.

When I awoke the next day I rose to the site of my girlfriend and her mother
passionately kissing and feeling each other's body, I rolled over and smiled
at the fact that both of my mature muscle lovers were so freaky. I mean I am a
big fan of stories of incest and muscle, I have read stories like Karen by
Rampant Tiger and thought it was one of the greatest story series I've ever
seen, but I never had the chance to experience it myself, and here are two
incredibly muscled women, a mother and a daughter and they're making out in
front of me like nothing I've ever seen, read, or heard in my life! Of course
I had a raging hard erection at the sight of it, but I didn't want to disturb
them, this was the hottest thing I've ever seen and I wanted it to continue
uninterrupted. But they saw me staring and wanking my 9 incher and stopped,
smiling at each other in a silent signal, saying they would continue later. I
had to say I was quite disappointed, until I heard what they wanted to do
next, Sheila started "You know what's good to ease your erotic tension, a long
workout session!" Gloria agreed with Sheila and said, "Yeah, some really heavy
lifting and I'll be ready for more getting it on with your little Romeo,
Sheila." Sheila laughed "Oh mom, you're gonna steal my boyfriend again, just
like you did 40 years ago." Gloria answered back, "Yeah, but this one is a
keeper, he's the first man that's been able to keep up with me since George in
1973, he's such an attentive lover, you're so lucky to have found him." I
blushed a little and Sheila looked at me lovingly, "Yeah, he might just be the
one for me, mom, I wonder what Grandma would think of him if she were here?"
That part confused me, but I went along with it, I mean I'm sure if Gloria's
mom was anything like Gloria and Sheila, she would be a handful in the sack,
but surely, she would have been dead by now. Then they started getting dressed
and moved out of the room, I thought, what the heck, all the weights are in
here, I shouted "Hey, where you guys going?" Sheila laughed, "What, you think
these are the only weights in the house, these are my warm-up before sex
weights, they're nothing compared to what we can really lift, those weights
are down in the basement, because that's the only place in the house that can
hold their weight without breaking, believe me, I've tried working out with
those weights up here, they smashed right through the floor when I put them
down, that's about the biggest weight we can have up here safely." She pointed
to the 1350 pound barbell Gloria had curled this morning.

We went down to the basement, where I was amazed again to find weights so
large, it looked like the plates were as big as a car tire each, but they were
all lead and steel, even the bars were bigger, thicker, and longer so they
could hold such heavy weights. I had seen various videos and pictures from
around the web detailing such huge weights before, but those paled in
comparison to what was sitting in front of me right now, I mean these things
were absolutely huge, they had a universal machine in the corner and it had to
be 3 times the size of any that I had seen in a gym because of the incredibly
large weights it had on it. Sheila broke my revelry with a question "What do
you want to work out first, Mom?" Gloria just shrugged and said, "Let the boy
decide, he seems to be just as eager to see us lift as we are eager to do the
lifting." I looked around, and nodded toward a weight bench with three truck
tire sized weights on each side, "How about bench press first, that's always
been one of my favorites, by the way how much weight is on there now?" Sheila
looked over and said "Those plates are 450 pounds a piece, and the bar weighs
200 pounds itself, so it's 2900 pounds total." I said, "Well why not just move
it up to 3000 pounds, just for kicks?" Gloria grinned at Sheila and nodded,
they added a 50 pound plate, which looked puny next to the 450 pound plate,
and brought it up to 3000 pounds, way over three times the max bench for any
male in the World. Sheila got down first and Gloria got behind to spot, Sheila
raised the bar off its perch and brought it slowly down to her chest, then
slowly up again, she did it 10 times, but looked worn out when she finally sat
up again. Gloria got down next and took it easily, she brought it down even
slower, but pressed up in a much steadier fashion than Sheila had, and she
didn't stop at 10 reps, she just kept going until she was too bored and
stopped at 56 reps. I say bored because she looked as fresh as a daisy when
she sat up from the bench. "That was a decent warm-up Sheila, but let's put
some real weight on that sucker!" Wow, I thought to myself, Gloria is miles
ahead of Sheila, then I said "So Gloria's the stronger of you two, huh, that
was incredible, how strong are you Gloria, if you don't mind me asking?"
Gloria shook her head and smiled "Oh you're gonna find out, boy, I hope you
like really, really strong women, because all these muscles aren't just for
show." She did another flex, this time a crab pose that threatened to shred
her sports top, her pecs jabbing out well over a foot and a half in front of
her 12 pack abs. The pecs were striated beyond belief, and large veins the
size of cocktail weinies were running back and forth over them like flowing
rivers. Sheila had taken a back seat, although she didn't mind, she loved
watching her mother work, it filled her with so much pride, to know that she
had the strongest mother in the world.

I drooled at the sight of such a huge chest, then I noticed that Sheila was
taking the 50 pound plates off and put 2 450 pound plates more on either side,
then 1 one hundred pound plate on each side, if my calculations were correct,
this weight was now 5000 pounds, that's heavier than most cars! Gloria got
back down and took it off the rests again, the bar was visibly bending from
the massive lead plates piled on each side, but Gloria was fully concentrating
on the job at hand, she slowly lowered the bar down to her chest, and very
slowly, she pressed it back to the top, she looked worn out, but decided to
see if she could do it again, using my presence as motivation, she brought it
down again and when it hit her chest she pushed it up, but it only went up a
couple of inches, Sheila was standing right over her shouting her
encouragement, "Come on Mom, you can do it! You're the strongest, you're the
biggest, you can do it, that weight is nothing, you can't let it beat you!"
This seemed to motivate Gloria and she kept inching it up, until finally her
arms were locked out completely. This woman was incredible! 100 years old, and
capable of bench pressing 2 and a half tons twice, I was just as worn out from
watching this display as Sheila and Gloria. I never even noticed the fact that
my shorts were completely soaked from all the coming I had done, I mean I must
have shot 3 or 4 times in the 15 minutes we were down there and I didn't even
notice, that's how much these women turned me on! Gloria finally regained her
breath and sat up, her chest was even more intensely pumped then before, and
she wasn't even flexing, but it was apparent that her muscle was about 20
inches deep, and possibly over 100 inches around! I ran up to her and kissed
her lovely lips, then felt her pecs, they were so hot, I mean I had to remove
my hands immediately it felt like I was touching an oven range. She said
"Let's go upstairs and continue this workout in the bedroom, okay sweetie?"

When we finally came up from the intense workout, we heard a beeping, it was
the answering machine and it had a new message on it. Sheila ran over and
pressed the play button, "Sheila, this is your grandmother, Agnes, I heard
from your cousin Rick that your mother was visiting you and your new boyfriend
and I thought I'd come up tomorrow to make it a nice family get-together, I'll
see you and Gloria tomorrow dears." I couldn't believe my ears, could it
actually be, was Gloria's mother, Sheila's grandmother still alive!?! I looked
straight into Sheila's eyes and she said "Well, the women on our side of the
family are usually, very long-lived, they have always kept in shape, ate the
right things and have never been seriously ill, my Grandmother has been living
in Milwaukee for the past 45 years, she moved down there when she was 76." I
did some quick calculations in my head,, Gloria's mom was 121
years old! She was one of the oldest living women in the entire World, I
looked at Gloria and she shrugged, "Where do you think we get our genes from,
the water?" My mind was reeling, but my thoughts kept going back to the same
thing, what if she's strong, what if she's muscular? For the 4th time in 2
days, I passed out from a combination of lust, awe, and disbelief going around
my brain, luckily Gloria caught me in her massive, strong arms before my head
hit the ground. To be continued?

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Amazonian Grandmother part 3
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*Author's note: Hey all, its me again, back to titillate, excite, shock, surprise and turn you on all at the same time. Now, I admit, I know this particular story series may not be for everyone, but I just want to emulate some of my favorite authors of all time, people like Dreamspinner, Rampant Tiger, and Surpreme, who showed that not only women who are 60 and over could have muscle, but they could be incredibly sexy with that muscle, able to seduce men young enough to be their grandchildren through that muscle and strength. Of course, I, being one to go to the extreme, have decided to take some of their general ideas and take them to a new level of muscle size, strength and sexual advancements, the women will be older, their muscles will be bigger and stronger than any mature women stories have ever seen, this is not me trying to compete with these luminaries in our business, but to try and pay my homage to them, to show them that their stories have really started to resonate with the members of this site. So, I must warn you, this story will include the use of a 78 year old woman, a 100 year old woman, and a 121 year old woman, all of whom are more muscular and stronger than any real FBB. Not only that, but there will be sexual storylines as well, so if you think that is disgusting, you shouldn't continue. Anyway, here we go with the third part of this story.*

Agnes Portman's story

Agnes Jane Portman was born June 13, 1885 near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, her family was a farming family who had moved from Milwaukee to Campbellsport in 1898, where the women of the family grew their bodies firm through hours of hard work, which made the women as tough and strong as the men, in Agnes' case, much stronger than any of the men in her family. By the time she was 21, she married and moved in with her husband, but kept her physique hard and strong by working out. She gave birth to the first of her 5 children, and the only girl, Gloria later that year. She decided that she wanted Gloria to grow up big and strong as well, so she and her husband moved back in with her parents, and went back to work on the farm. While Gloria was very strong from a young age, Agnes had gained muscle on top of muscle, and was always tougher and stronger than her daughter. When Gloria finally moved away when she was in her 30's, she challenged her 50+ old mother to an arm wrestling contest, and finally won, Agnes was devastated and made it her goal to never be weaker than Gloria again, at about this time, gyms popped up around the state, and Agnes joined right up to increase her strength and muscle size. She moved back down to Milwaukee because they had the gyms with the best equipment and most weight, and she grew stronger than she ever thought possible, her muscles growing to sizes that were thought impossible for any woman, especially one her height, as at 76 years old, she had shrunk to 4'10. As she stayed in Milwaukee, she grew bigger and stronger, soon having to build her own gym because none of the others had enough weight for her to lift, she had to make special weights that could test her. Those special weights helped her attain even more strength and muscle than before, which I was about to find out.

At Sheila's house again

   I suddenly awoke in Sheila's bedroom, thinking that the last 24 hours were nothing but incredibly vivid dreams, I mean a 100 year old woman stronger than 10 of the strongest men in the World combined, with muscles that would put a Mr. Olympia to shame and who had a sex drive that would kill most porn stars, that has to be a fantasy, right? And certainly, her own mother's mother, who is 121 years old, couldn't still be alive, could she? And even if she was, she would have to be a frail, shrunken old lady right, she wouldn't have the kind of muscle mass you couldn't find anywhere, even on the biggest of male bodybuilders, right? "Jeremy, honey, are you awake yet, Grandma Agnes just phoned, she just got in town and should be here in about 10 minutes, we gotta make you presentable for her!" Oh God! Everything was real, Sheila, Gloria, and Agnes all existed, I was happier than a pig in slop, I got right up, not even attempting to conceal how happy my little buddy downstairs was as I got out of bed. I rushed into the bathroom, took a quick shower, got on my best shirt on that I had at Sheila's house, combed my hair and brushed my teeth. I got downstairs just in time to be treated with the sight of Agnes hugging Gloria much the same way that Gloria had hugged me yesterday, I noticed that Agnes had gray hair laced with white strands, she was slightly taller than Gloria, but at the most only 4'11, she was wearing a flowery dress with a knit, button up sweater over it. I couldn't see much noticeable muscle, just like Gloria, but as I saw Gloria and her mother standing side by side, Agnes' shoulder were a little bit wider and were noticeably rounder. I stood in the doorway, and when Sheila signaled me, I approached Agnes with a smile on my face, and my hand out. Agnes smiled at me and for the first time I saw her face in full, it was awesome, I mean multiply the beauty of the most beautiful supermodel you could ever think of by a factor of 5 and you still wouldn't come close to the beauty that Agnes possessed. I mean if you lined Agnes up against Angelina Jolie and asked who was more beautiful, the whole world would immediately vote for Agnes, and it would be like 6 billion to 200,000 votes, that's how beautiful her face was, I was completely mystified. Her eyes were the most spectacular shade of blue that I've ever seen, her teeth were exquisite, white and really strong looking, there wasn't any wrinkles or crows feet that I could see, and her hair was done up in a very tight bun, but even that looked extremely sexy, like a naughty librarian. Agnes saw that I was instantly mesmerized by her and she took that opportunity to surprise me, she knocked my hand out of the way in a blur and took me in her arms, like a groom would carry her bride over the threshold, except I was a 300 pound man while she was a 121 year old woman who probably weighs at the most 180 pounds. I was completely overcome with passion, I didn't care who was watching, I just dove in and received the most passionate french kiss I have ever had. I frenched with both Sheila and Gloria over the last two days, but Agnes could teach those two something about kissing, I mean she was active, loving, and her tongue was seemingly as strong as the rest of her.
   Agnes proceeded to carry me into Sheila's house, holding my 300 plus pounds with incredible ease, even though I knew that Gloria and Sheila were superhumanly strong by any standards, I never thought that a 121 year old woman could come close to that, but if anything, it seems she handled my weight far more easily than her 100 year old daughter and 78 year old granddaughter. I had noticed too, that her muscles were very hard to may touch, even though currently relaxed, I couldn't dent any muscle the slightest. Let me tell you, I've been hard a lot these last three days, but I can't remember ever being harder than I was in this great great great grandmother's arms, as I knew without a shadow of a doubt, I had met my dream girl, muscles bigger than any male bodybuilders with strength to match, while Gloria and Sheila had already fulfilled those requirements, I had no doubts that Agnes could blow them away. She carried me up to Sheila's main bedroom and placed me down on the bed, she then went into bathroom and said "Take your clothes off, I want to give you a show before we get down to business, if you know what I'm saying." It was the first time I heard her speak and even that was perfect, a throaty bass whisper that made Jessica Rabbit sound like Betty Boop! She came out of the bathroom with a pink robe on, her hair was stuck up in the same bun she had warn when she arrived, but it now had some chopsticks in it, instead of the scrunchie that held it before. She pressed a button on the stereo and it started playing a slow R&B song, she had her back towards me as she started dancing like a stripper, she undid her robe and started taking it off, slowly and sexually. The first thing I noticed was her neck, it was very thick and surrounded by trapezius muscles that bulged up to the bottom of her earlobes, even that was striated more than any trap muscle I've ever seen, then her shoulders were revealed, looking like two fairly large pumpkins, containing striations so big and deep you could lose your index fingers in them. These lead to triceps that were stacked at least 4 inches deep, they were the stereotypical horseshoe shape, but they were so cut up that you could see each and every muscle, it was like watching a living, breathing anatomy chart right in front of me and she wasn't even finished! Next I saw her back full of mountainous bulges, I mean there looked to be mini mountain ranges roaming up and down her thick back, her lats spread out incredibly, like an eagle's wings, they looked almost as wide as her shoulders, which I would have guessed at 5 feet across, incredible, she's wider than she was tall! She lowered the robe more and I saw a Christmas tree with all the trimmings in the middle of her lower back. Finally she slipped the robe totally off, showing her dimpled ass cheeks, which, when she flexed them, were as striated as any male bodybuilder I've ever seen. Her hamstrings were very visible as she flexed her leg up, a muscle the size of any bicep I've ever seen was bouncing up and down as her leg moved. I finally saw her calves and they were the biggest, hardest, most diamond shaped calf muscles that I can ever remember seeing, they weren't calves, they were cows!
   Now it was time for my favorite part, while I love every muscle a woman has, I love to see the front of a woman more than the back, which is all I've seen of Agnes so far. Agnes definitely didn't disappoint either, first she did a front biceps, which produced biceps that I can't ever remember seeing, they actually had 3 heads, there was a very big first peak, a split on that one, and one little bitty peak on top of that. Not only was her sharpness the best I've ever seen, but the size was unreal, I mean I thought Gloria was huge, with her 26 inchers, but damned if Agnes didn't have 30 plus inches on each of her arms. Her shoulders looked really good, as they were slightly above her huge biceps, and were about the size of basketballs, round, but incredibly veiny and striated. Her forearms made Popeye's look like Olive Oyl's, I guessed they had to be at least 23 inches in their own right. Her traps looked even more huge from this angle as they towered over her neck right up to the middle of her ears. Then she suddenly switched to a most muscular pose, which was never more appropriate because what I saw in front of me was definitely the most muscular person I had ever seen, thought, or dreamed about. She had no breasts, but her pectoral muscles were about 20 inches deep, which made her even bigger than her massive daughter in that department, but she was so amazingly cut up, that there was no comparison, Gloria's pecs looked like soft breasts compared to Agnes' vein riddled, striation covered treasure chest. This was the first chance I had to look at her abdominal muscles and I was dumbfounded, my mind whirled as I tried to count up the many separated squares of muscle that I saw before me and I counted no less than 18 distinct squares, not only that, her intercostals and obliques were very, very visible, I had seen Sheila's and Gloria's, but once again, Agnes' conditioning was a lot more noticeable and better. Well, I have to say, I had been so tied up in Agnes posing that I failed to notice the mess I was making in Sheila's bed, I looked down and saw that the top sheet was soaked with a mix of sweat and my cum, which I must have spurted at least 3 times from the volume of it. And yet, I was still hard, Agnes' body was so huge, so muscular, so sexy, that I hadn't gotten soft even after cumming 3 times in a row! "Not bad for a 121 year old, huh, big boy? I hope you got some left for me, sweetums." She then tore off the sheet and licked her lips at my erection, which at 9 and 3/4 inches was the biggest I've ever been, she scooped up some of the pooled cum and licked it off her palm, then made a loud growling noise, "Yeah, kiddo, you're ready, come over here you big stud!"
   So here I was, in bed with my 78 year old lover's 121 year old grandmother, and I was getting the screwing of a lifetime, I mean I know both Gloria and Sheila had a lot of experience, but they paled in comparison to Agnes again, she took me to such heights that I've never experienced, I must have come at least 15 times throughout the 12 hours we went at it. I mean her pussy was the most muscular, flexible pussy that I've ever had the pleasure to be in, I wouldn't be surprised if she found a way to exercise that as well when she was building up the rest of her body in Milwaukee for all those years. She had even more orgasms then I did, as I found her clit very early and worked as hard as I could to make her have multiple orgasms, sometimes she thrashed around so hard that I was bounced off the top of her body 3 feet in the air, it was like I was an inflatable toy to her! After we finally tired, I asked her "Agnes, you're completely incredible, I mean the things you did with your vagina were out of this world! You gotta tell me, have you found a way to lift weights with your pussy?" Agnes giggled a little and said "You'll see later, when you've been lifting as long as I have, you discover some exercises that will make every part of your body strong and muscular, even my own puss would make the strongest man in the World jealous and I ain't talking about my pet cat, although its quite strong in its own right." I pleaded with her to show me how strong she really was, so she went over to Sheila's bedroom weight, which weighed 1300 pounds and picked it up with one hand in the middle, she curled it for 20 reps and then switched hands, the whole time she didn't grunt, or noticeably tense her muscles, it must have been close to weightless to her. She noticed my look of awe and said "Sonny, I could have curled this weight 20 years ago, I'm much, much stronger now, but I doubt Sheila has any weights that could challenge this body." I answered "Well, she does have some impressive weights in the basement, but seeing you handle that weight like nothing makes me think you could be right, I would still love to see you lift them though."
   I lead Agnes down to the basement, where Gloria and Sheila were engaged in an intense workout, Gloria was benching 5,750 pounds for 2 reps, and Sheila was shouting her encouragement. Agnes scoffed at how hard it was for Gloria, and went over to the bar, she lifted it out of its rests and started curling it, nearly 3 full tons and this 121 year old woman was curling it, for reps! I know it was harder for her than the 1300 pound single arm curls, but she still managed 8 slow, but very steady reps before setting the bar back down. "Now that was more like it, but today's my chest day and we need a lot more weight than this to make me work up a sweat." Sheila and Gloria groaned at the fact their matriarch was once again going to show them up once again, but they put as much weight as they could managed on the bar without it breaking, coming out to 9,800 pounds, the bar was bending very low on each side. Agnes got under the bar and brought it off its rests, she brought it down slowly to her chest, which wasn't a very far journey because of how far her chest stuck out, 2 feet above her ribcage, courtesy of her incredible pec muscles. She brought it right back up with ease, and kept at it until she got to 20 repetitions, almost 5 tons was nothing but a warm-up bench for this 121 year old woman, is there nothing this woman can do? When she sat up, her chest was incredibly swollen, if she started out at two feet my guess right now of her chest's deepness was about 28 inches, it looked like she was smuggling 2 watermelons under her skin! But of course these pectorals contained veins, striations and separations that have never existed on any female body ever! It was like some strange, demented person took the head of Raquel Welch and put it on a morph of a huge female bodybuilder, but this was all real, a woman stood in front of me that had so much muscle, she could have entered the Mr. Olympia tomorrow and win with absolute ease, she would have outsized even the biggest competitor and sent them home with shame, and she was my new lover! "Like I said, you don't have the kind of weights that can challenge me, I have weights at home that makes these look like tinker toys, I doubt Gloria and Sheila couldn't deadlift together the weight I use for my benchpress back in Milwaukee." She did a double biceps pose and shamed her daughter and granddaughter again with arm muscles that would have to be twice as big as Sheila's! I ran over to Agnes without hesitation and proceeded to grab on to that monster peak and hang off of it, she giggled and started flexing me up and down, like my 300 pounds was nothing but a toy to her towering bicep. "Can Gloria or Sheila do that, my sweet? Oh, they can't! My, how wimpy can you girls be, my last two husbands spent hours doing this with me. Oh well, I guess being old has its advantages." I thought, man, can this get any better? Than I heard a knock and a call, "Sheila, its your great Aunt Charlene, is my little sister Agnes here, I want to talk to her!" Oh my god, could it be possible?!! Another incredibly old woman with muscles!!! I went up to meet Aunt Charlene and just as I opened the door I heard something strange. Beep, beep, beep, oh crap my alarm clock, I awoke in my own bed, it had all been a dream, damn! I got up, got dressed and washed my face, ready to go to work. I looked over at my 78 year old neighbor and waved hello, she waved back and I noticed that her forearms were quite muscular and veiny, her upper arm was exposed and didn't have a hint of flab that you would see on an older woman, in fact I saw a little peak. I stared a little at them, and she winked, blowing me a kiss. It was a dream, wasn't it? The End... 

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Great stories about strong and muscular women and girls, hope you enjoy!

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★Memorable Author: [J Wilson] Mature Femuscle Stories~collected 2007
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The Matronly Marauder

*Author’s note: Hey, everyone, its me again, trying my best to turn you on, make you think, make you disgusted or whatever else these stories are meant to do. I know some of my writing can be quite outlandish, some of my writing can upset people that read them, so I am going to warn you once again that these stories are fiction and shouldn't be taken seriously in the least. The character in this story has muscles well above what a woman usually should possess, if oversized muscles are a turn off to you, please do not read this story. Also, the main character in this story happens to be of a very old age, much like my characters in the Amazonian Grandmother series, so if that also turns you off, then you shouldn't be reading this story. One of my other interests in life is professional wrestling, so I decided that I would do this story as a homage to my two great loves in life, female muscle and pro wrestling. This story is also dedicated to some of my compadres at Busted, you know who you are. Suffice to say that Supreme has often done older female wrestler stories and this is no slight to him, I just wanted to do a different take on those kinds of stories. In fact, some of his ladies are an inspiration for the lady in this story, but I'll try to put my own spin on those tales, with my own unique brand of writing. Like most of my stories, this may be too extreme for some, so if you don't like stories that have a great deal of muscles, strength and sex, then you probably won't enjoy this story, if you do like those elements, then I hope you enjoy this story. *

August 23rd 2008 The Two Rivers High School gymnasium, 7 PM

   Well, here I am, being a big fan of professional wrestling for the past 20 years, I saw that an event from the local independent federation the IPWF was holding a show really close to where I live, about 4 miles away, so I decided to take a drive over there, get a ticket, and sit ringside for the action. I didn't really read anything about the card, except the main event and the debut of a wrestler known as the Masked Marauder, all I heard about that was the Marauder happened to be a fairly strong, muscular looking woman who actually wrestled men, I guess IPWF doesn't have many other women wrestlers and if she wanted to make any money, they had no choice but to put her in the ring with men and see what happens. I had always fantasized about this as a fan of very strong women, and had been a fan of Chyna when she wrestled for the WWF. But I didn't think much of this new masked marauder, thing, I thought I was going to see this Amazon going against an X Division type guy who probably weighed just as much as she did. How wrong I turned out to be!

   The announcer first brought this wrestler known as Korr the Barbarian to the ring, this guy was enormous! I am a fairly tall guy at 6'2 and I weigh 340 pounds, mostly fat, but this guy made me look like a dwarf, he was at least 7 feet tall and weighed 400 pounds of hard, ripped muscle. Boy, I thought to myself, whoever faces this guy will be killed in the ring! Then some snazzy, upbeat music started and the announcer said "From Manitowoc, Wisconsin, weighing in at 195 pounds, please welcome the debuting Masked Marauder!" My mouth dropped open, I mean this new female wrestler takes this monster as her first opponent, does she have a death wish? Then I caught first glimpse of her, she wore a yellow, green, and black mask with matching tights and top, but the most striking part of her was her muscles! She was massively muscular, I stood up, crossing my legs to try to cover my erection, and I looked down at her, she was only about 5'2, she was a foot shorter than me, and almost 2 feet shorter than Korr! As she got closer I could see the definition in her muscles, no woman wrestler was ever this ripped, Chyna and Asya were both soft, off season type muscle when they wrestled. Her shoulders were even wider than mine, and I was a huge guy, she made most men look small, but even she couldn't compare size with the enormous Korr, her muscles were much more defined though. She slapped my hand, the usual routine of the fan favorite wrestler, giggled a little as she saw the bulge in the front of my jeans. "Is that for me big boy? See you after the match!"

   With that she entered the ring and stood across from this huge guy, her head came up to the middle of his stomach, but she had no fear on her face, only confidence, and a bit of defiance. I was amazed to see her motion for him to go for a roman knuckle lock with her, he accepted, a little unsure of her intentions, they locked up and stood chest to chest, or I should say, massive pecs vs. even more massive pecs. I looked up, my eyes wide, my mouth open as I saw The Marauder take the hands of Korr above her head, she looked straight into my eyes, smiled and winked, then she powered down on his fingers with a growl. Screaming could be heard coming from Korr's mouth as his knees hit the canvas with the Marauder towering above him, well, not towering, the difference in height was so much so that kneeling, Korr was almost as tall as she was standing up. She finally let him go and he flopped down to the mat holding his hands like they were broken. She clapped her hands to get the fans behind her and picked Korr up by his wild, brown hair. In a display of power that both shocked and turned me on, she pressed Korr straight overhead in a gorilla press, over 400 pounds being hoisted like it was nothing, how did I know, because she brought him down, and pressed him up 9 more times before finally slamming him down to the mat. Damn, I said to myself, this woman is stronger than anyone I've ever seen, I mean this was the equivalent of Rey Misterio overhead pressing Mark Henry and this woman had done it with ease. Again picking him up off the mat, she put his head between her legs in a piledriver position and without a grunt of effort she picked him up in an over the shoulder backbreaker! I was standing up cheering now, I couldn't believe the power she demonstrated this whole match, she was lifting and throwing around a guy well over her weight like he was a stuffed animal. Korr couldn't take it anymore and submitted at 1:48, the guy was a monster who was up to this point, the most powerful person in the federation, but he was nothing to the power of this short, though incredibly muscular woman!

   The Marauder left the ring came right out to me and said, "Hey stud, did you enjoy that?" She looked down at my pants, which were now wet, I had ejaculated at one point in the match and didn't even notice it! She smiled wider and said, "I guess you did, don't worry about it, I'll make it up to you the next time you come to the IPWF, you will come back won't you?" I could only nod, dumbfounded, then I sat down and put my jacket over my newly grown second erection. The whole rest of the show, I seriously couldn't concentrate on the wrestling, my mind was still trying to comprehend The Marauder and her unreal shows of power, and the fact that she was coming on to me, I'm no catch, I am quite overweight, not particularly handsome, and haven't ever been very popular with the opposite sex, but this woman had spoke to me as though she wanted to be with me, I know some women do that to give their business a boost, but this seemed quite genuine to me.

   I counted the days until the IPWF came back to Two Rivers, wondering what The Marauder had planned for me and the wrestling World in the next show. I hear they were bringing in a big tag team for a special challenge match, but it couldn't be against her could it? I know she defeated the biggest, strongest man on the roster her first night in the company, but having a handicap match against two much bigger men? That sounded crazy to me, but I went anyways, to support my new Amazon goddess and to find out what she meant by paying me back. The show was a little more expensive then the first time, I guess they thought seeing that kind of special attraction would mean more people, and more people means more money for the promoter. But I paid full price, knowing the show would be well worth watching.  I took my seat, the same one I took the month before, hoping that the Marauder would remember exactly where I was sitting. About 20 minutes before the show a big guy in a security T-shirt brought me an envelope, saying "The Masked Marauder asked me to give you this." I said thanks, a strange look on my face, then when he went back to the locker room, I opened it, first I found a special backstage pass thing you put around your neck and a note, "Meet me backstage twenty minutes after I get done with my match, just tell the security guards the Marauder sent for you." Wow, I couldn't believe my luck, I mean here was a muscular woman who was incredibly strong and she wanted to meet me, one on one, it was like my most fantastic dreams coming true all at once.

   The Marauder's segment went pretty much the same way as her first match, she came out to cheers from the women, indifference from most of the men, cheered by me of course. Her mask was slightly different, I could see her eyes and mouth, and she winked at me, my heart felt like it was a butterfly! Then the Demolition Crew came out, two huge guys, a combined 650 pounds, 6 foot 7 and 6 foot 8 respectively. They had muscles on top of muscles, much like Korr did, but I knew after watching her match last week, they didn't have a chance one on one, maybe they had a chance two on one, but that's a big maybe. But it didn't go to their liking, unlike last week, she allowed the tag team to make the first move, they hit her with punches, kicks, clotheslines, top rope moves, but she just stood there smiling and laughing, her muscles more than tough enough to ward off blows that would have killed a normal man. Heck, one of the crew grabbed a steel chair and hit her across her broad back, but the effect was the same, she smiled as she turned around and took a chair shot on the top of her head. I was in shock, not only had she took a shot with a steel chair on her head, but she never flinched, the smile never left her face! She grabbed the solid steel chair out of the huge guy's hands and folded it in half, the long way, then again the short way, the steel in her hands was as soft and pliable to her as paper is to you and me.

   I looked around the arena to check the reactions of all the other fans, most of the men were completely disgusted, some of the women were too, based on the looks on their faces, out of the 400 people in attendance, I would say I'm the only one who found the Masked Marauder attractive. I was still overwhelmed by her power, though, as I saw she tossed these two huge guys around like they were nothing but dolls to her, she picked one up with one hand, then brought her other hand to the other's throat and picked him up as well, she didn't chokeslam them right away, either. She held them up in the air, making them think about their peril, about her power, then after 30 seconds of her holding at least 3 times her weight over head, she finally planted them on the mat with such power, the wooden planks holding the ring together noticeably cracked, luckily the guys were alright, but they were severely bruised and refused to wrestle her ever again. She placed one hand on each of their bodies and the referee counted, one....two....three. She had won again, this time against one of the most dominating and powerful tag teams in all of Midwestern wrestling, they were merely stuffed animals to her power.

   I went to the back like she said I should, showing my backstage pass to anyone who got in my way. I was led to her dressing room door, I guess she was the only wrestler who got her own room because of the fact that she was the only woman at the show, I knocked and she said, "Come on in honey, just let me get myself comfortable, you go sit on the love seat and I'll be right out." I sat down, the love seat was nice, soft and silky, I was completely relaxed, until she came out of her bathroom, wearing nothing but a bikini top and bottom, and surprisingly, her mask. I was taken aback, I mean why doesn't she want to show her face, was it disfigured, ugly? I was also very turned on by the size and definition of her muscles, which were ripped, striated, veined up to a degree that I thought only roided up male bodybuilders were capable of. I stood up and reached for it, but she pushed me back gently and wagged her finger no, saying "I'll unmask for you, but not now, I want to go out on a date with you, and then you'll see the real me, and you'll know why I have to hide my identity." I was confounded but I agreed to take her out, I mean she was basically my perfect woman, as I had always wanted a short, incredibly muscular woman who could carry me around with absolute ease, and looking at how she lifted Korr and the Demolition Crew, she was just that woman. We made plans to go out next Saturday night, she told me her name was Angela Jameson and I told her my name was Jeremy Wilson, she asked me my address, and I said why? She said she wanted to pick me up for the date, I said, shouldn't I do that? She said, "I may be old fashioned in some ways, but that's not one of them, I'm gonna take you around and show you the time of your life!" So I gave her my address, we decided on the time, 7pm and I told her I'd see her then, before kissing her on the cheek of her mask. 

   I went home, my mind and body feeling lighter than air, I was going on a date with my ideal woman, a woman who could do all the things physically that I have always wanted to have done with me, but because of my obese body I wasn't able to. Now with Angela I have that chance, and I can't wait to see what her body is truly capable of! She did a posing show for me in her dressing room after we made our date, and I have to say, her muscles were beyond awesome, her size was unreal for her height, her biceps looked to be about 20 inches around, her pec shelf was 3 inches deep, if I had a tape I wouldn't be surprised to see her torso being 50 plus inches around, not to mention her waist was incredibly slim for someone with her muscle size, it showed off an 8 pack stomach that looked to be about 1/2 an inch deep between each segment. Her legs were ripped to shreds, each head of the quadriceps were clearly visible, striated and veiny, while her calves were diamond hard upside down heart shaped slabs of muscle that may have been as big around as her huge biceps. No matter what her face looks like, I think I'm in love, I mean she can't be that ugly, her body is damn near perfect! Seriously though, I have never been one to judge, I have always been fat, and self conscious about it, so any woman coming on to me, well that's just the bee's knees.

   At 7pm my doorbell rang, I was just getting myself ready, combing my hair, putting my aftershave lotion on, checking if I shaved thoroughly, and when I was satisfied, I ran to the front door to answer it. What I saw surprised the crap out of me, I mean the body was undoubtedly Angela's, but this was my first look at her face, and it turned out that she was an old woman! I mean her hair was short, curly, and gray, her face was tight, but she had crows feet, and the occasional wrinkle, but she was beautiful as hell, too, she was like a matinee star's good looking mother! She caught my shocked expression and said, "Does it disappoint you, that I'm so much older than you?" I shook my head, "No, no, in fact, I happen to like older muscle women, some of my favorites in the history of Female Bodybuilding have been 45 and older. I didn't quite expect you to be so mature, but I can't say it turns me off at all, you're still enchantingly beautiful, and I would still be honored to have you on my arm." Angela smiled, her teeth very white, I noticed now she was wearing a strapless black gown with a silk scarf around her shoulders, it showed off her arms very nicely, they were huge and ripped, and I reached out and touched them, finding them rock hard. She lead me out of my house, and to her car, which was a Silver 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix SE. "Wow, nice car, Angela, my mom has one of these in Maroon, so where do you want to go?" Angela reached over and ran her hand lovingly up and down my thigh, "Well, first let's go out to eat, I've reserved us a table at Green Street in Manitowoc, then we can do whatever you would like to do my dear, its my treat."
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Re: The Matronly Marauder
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Part 2 of Matronly Marauder:

We went out and had a great supper, she had pepper steak and the house salad, I had a 12 oz filet mignon, French fries and I ordered Mozzarella sticks for her and I. We talked about certain things, especially our mutual love for professional wrestling, she got into it in the 50's when the big names were Gorgeous George and Antonio Rocca. She also talked about how she started weightlifting in the 1960's, her first husband was abusive to her, so she also learned some karate, when she finally beat up her drunken, abusive husband, she divorced him and decided to go full time into fitness and bodybuilding training. "For the last thirty years I've dedicated myself to building up my strength and muscles to the point where no man could ever take me for granted again, no matter how big and strong he might be, as you can probably see by my matches, I've accomplished that goal." I laughed and said, "Yeah, that's true, you have shown unbelievable power in your matches, first pressing 400 pounds over year head 10 times with such ease, and then keeping up at least 650 pounds over your head for 30 seconds, again, without even straining, you're most likely the strongest person on the planet!" Angela laughed herself, "Yeah, just about, but really, I don't know how strong I really am now, the last time I worked out with a real weight was 9 years ago, I bench pressed 950 pounds for 196 reps before the bar finally ripped in half with the amount of weights on it, I could have done it for much, much longer. Now I pick up just any heavy object I can find, including cars to get a good work out." I almost spit my food out at that, was she completely serious? I decided to see for myself, "Angela, I know you're a very strong woman, but you have to be kidding my, I mean cars? What do you overhead press them or just curl them? I'm sorry if I seem condescending, but that kind of power only exists in science fiction and stories you find on sites like Diana the Valkyrie!"

   Angela was laughing again, "Oh, ho Jeremy, so now I recognize where I heard that name from, you're that guy who writes all those outlandish stories all over the internet! Now I know I found the right guy for me, any guy who could think up all kinds of ways for me to use his body as a sex toy and lifting object, well, that's the guy for me!" I was taken aback, "So you read my stuff, and you like it?" She nodded, "Not only do I like your stories, I have loved just about every single one of your stories, of course the ones that hit home the most were the Amazonian Grandmother stories, they really hit home that an elderly woman could still be very strong and sexy." Wow, I thought to myself, this woman really could be the real life version of some of the favorite characters I've ever written, I mean her muscles were bigger than any woman in the World, and most men, and if her strength is even close to what she's claiming, I should be a very happy man indeed! "Well, if you allow me, I would love to explore your muscles and strength, like I did in all those fictional stories, but of course they're no where near as real or beautiful as you are, Angela." Angela giggled, "Aw, you're making me blush, Jeremy, of course I'll let you do whatever you want with me, as long as you write a story about it, I would love to see my name up in print, read by thousands and thousands of people across the World."

After supper, Angela said "Well, what do you want to do now, Jeremy?" I rubbed my chin as in thought, but it was clear what I really wanted to do, "Well, Angela, I would love to see exactly how strong you are, so, let's go to your place, so I can experience your power first hand, my dear." Angela grinned and said, "Usually I wait until the second date before I reveal my true abilities, but I know from what I have seen from you and your stories, I don't have to wait, so let's do that, I've got a specially made gym, it's got weights that you won't find anywhere else, so I know you'll be impressed, sweetie."  We took her car to her home, on the far west side of Two Rivers, it was a huge house, almost mansion-like, I suppose she made a lot of money even before becoming a professional wrestler. There were two levels above ground and a basement, it was at least 200 feet across, and was painted white, with brown around the window panes. I was impressed and I let it be known to her, she said "Thanks dear, I have become rich through various means, powerlifting, sessions, bodybuilding, construction, deconstruction, whatever businesses people needed me for, I got a little money from here and there. I retired from that and just went into wrestling, just because I loved the sport for so long and it looked like a place where my abilities could come in handy." I nodded, "So you don't really need the money, you're just doing wrestling for fun, that's cool, I actually always wanted to be a wrestler, cause I thought it was a very cool job to have. How about you train me to get into better shape, and I'll join the IPWF with you?" Angela smiled, and touched my shoulder, "I'll make sure you're the second strongest on the roster, honey, right after me, I'm so happy to be sharing my strength, my whole life with you, Jeremy."   

   We went to her house, I took off my jacket and overshirt, stripping to my white tank top undershirt and my briefs, which were basically the clothes I was gonna wear for our work out, she went upstairs to her room, telling me to wait in the living room while she prepared herself for her work out with me. She came down five minutes later in a black sports bra and rainbow spandex shorts, looking great, her six pack fully visible, veins and striations visible in her shoulders, pecs and thighs, her biceps were looking very nice as well, a sausage sized vein apparent. She saw me staring and gave me a short posing show, her muscle size and definition stood out to an even greater degree, I couldn't hardly believe my eyes, Angela looked like a Mr. Olympia competitor, other than the beautiful face and breasts of course, but her size was just unreal for her small frame. I couldn't help it, my tidy whities had pitched a tent, almost involuntarily, just at looking at my elderly girlfriend's physique, I was sprouting a boner that may have been the hardest I ever had. She giggled at my predicament, and said, "Did I do that? I just know how to get a rise out of you, don't I honey? Don't worry, though, this won't be the last time that happens tonight, if I know you like I think I know you, let's go down to the basement, I'm sure you'll find some relief down there, one way or another, sweetie."

Angela came over and lifted me in a one armed cradle, with the other arm she flexed a bicep and had me feel it with my hands. It was harder than diamonds, I have felt some mighty hard things in my day, but nothing compared to the hardness of Angela's mighty bicep! She opened her basement door with her free hand and carried me down a flight of 20 stairs, my 340 pounds insignificant to her. I looked around the basement, amazed to see huge weights all around, many of them couldn't be found in any certified gym, they were just too heavy. "I told you I didn't lift regular weights, didn't I sweets, these are the kind of weights I work out with, where gym dumbbells end, I only get started, for the lightest of my light warmups." She gestured to the smallest of the dumbbells, which had the number 350 on the side, I couldn't believe it, the smallest weight she had in this gym was 350, that's more than I weighed! She set me down on a chair in the corner of the basement and went over to the 350 pound dummies, taking one in each hand and doing alternating curls with absolute ease. She didn't even stand still or sit down, she was strolling around the gym, with absolutely no sign of strain or any evidence at all that she had a total of 700 pounds in her two hands. I counted a total of 100 reps before she set those huge weights back in their place and then took up a pair of even bigger dumbbells that had the number 500 on their side, these were definitely not any weights that you can get at a fitness store, these were specially made weights for a very special lady. She did 75 reps a piece for these, making them look just as light as she had the 350 pound dumbbells. She set those down back in their places and posed in the mirror, showing off her humungous 21 inch biceps, pumped and veiny.

   Then I noticed something in the corner, an aluminum baseball bat, it seemed strangely out of place down here, I questioned her, "Do you play on a softball team, dear?" She was taken aback, she laughed heartily, "No why, ohhhh, the baseball bat, well I like to test the hardness of my muscles, not just my strength, as you saw from the match last week, I can take a lot of punishment, I use that bat to get me prepared for that kind of stuff." I shook my head in awe and lust again, but then I thought of another question, "Who do you get to hit you with the bat?" She shrugged and said, "My younger sister Elise, she's only 57, but I trained her to be pretty strong, probably not as strong as you, though. I'll let you hit me right now, I'll give you three shots to hit me wherever you want, the only exception is the face, though I think you may have already guessed that."  I shook my head no, "Nah, I couldn't do that, Angela, I wouldn't want to hurt you, I love you!" Angela just laughed and said, "Honey, I love you too, and don't worry, nothing you could do would be able to hurt me, except hitting me across the face, I'm tough, but I'm not that tough, yet." I reluctantly picked up the bat and aimed my first shot at her 6 pack abs, the thud was resounding, like steel hitting something far harder, there was a huge clang. My hands were vibrating from the feeling of hitting her steel hard physique with an aluminum bat, using just about all the power I could muster. I looked at her face and Angela was still smiling, as though the shot I hit her with didn't affect her in the least. I swung again, this time at the supposedly much softer muscles of her pecs, but this had the same exact result, my hands hurt now from feeling all the vibrations from the metal hitting something far harder than it. 

   I shook my hands out again, and took a firm grip on the bat one more time, then I thought of where I should have hit her, I didn’t want to hit her in the head, cause she would be mad at me, I didn’t want to hit her legs because it wouldn’t be too much of a challenge, legs are usually more dense and harder anyway. Then I said, “Okay, do a single biceps flex, Angela, I want to see how hard your peak is.” She smiled, nodded and did an unbelievably sexy single biceps flex with her right arm, I took the bat and swung it down with all my might, where it clanged off her ultra-hard biceps, my hands couldn’t take any more and I finally had to drop the aluminum bat out of my hands, I held my hands, which were in extreme pain now, as her biceps were probably the hardest object out of the three I had hit that day. I stuck them under my armpits and flexed them a lot, trying to get some of the numbness and pain out of them. "My goodness, Angela, you're not kidding when you said nothing I could do could hurt you, you took the head of the bat full force on the head of your bicep, and you didn't flinch, you didn't do anything but just stand there, smile and take it, you've gotta be not only the strongest person in the World, but the toughest too!" Angela giggled when she heard that, "Oh you sweet man, I know you love how big and strong I am, can you handle my muscles being this hard?" I was in disbelief over it, just about, but it was just another aspect that I loved, not only was she stronger than me by a lot, but she was damn near bulletproof as well. "Angela, I love your muscles, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the World right now, I want to be with you as long as you'll have me." Angela came up to me and put her arms around my neck, pulling me down into a passionate kiss, "What about my age darling, doesn't it bother you that your love is so much older than you?" I shook my head, "No, because you got everything that I had ever wanted in a woman, the strength, the muscles, the toughness, the willingness to show them off without hesitation, you're everything my dream woman has ever been in my life. Plus the fact I don't even know how old you are, you said you have a sister that is younger than you, but you didn't say how much younger she was, but it wouldn't matter to me, since I've been a big fan of older muscle women for years and years, the thought that you could be older than my Grandma, well, that actually turns me on all the more."   

   Angela then picked me up in a front straddle carry and started carrying me up the stairs, then up another flight of stairs to her bedroom. "Sweetie, before I tell you how old I am, I gotta ask, how old is your grandmother, so I can compare ages with her." I thought, that's quite strange, but whatever, "She's 75 years old, she'll be 76 in April, why?" Angela smiled up into my face and said, "Well, you're right about me being older than her, then, I turn 78 in October, darling, I hope that doesn't bother you too much." I shook my head in awe and lust, my tongue driving into her mouth, meeting her much stronger and more muscular tongue, we kissed passionately for minutes before she set me down on her bed. She ripped my clothes off and then did the same to her own, showing off her flawless muscular physique, striations, veins, everything had a life of its own as she focused on my hard-on, 9 inches long, 3 inches thick. "Oh My, I've never seen one this big, my two previous husbands had some pretty small ones comparatively, get ready for the ride of your life sweetums." Without pretense she mounted my wang with her immense body, she switched us around and I was on top of her much shorter, though much wider and thicker frame, she did a bridge on the bed and held my body in her with nothing but the power of her incredibly muscled sex. "I'll be damned, you read one of my favorite stories, Mistress Mona's Stable by Uplifted, I have always wanted to do this, but no one has been able to do this to me, yes! I love you Angela, with all my heart, please marry me!" I orgasmed short after, but I stuck around long enough to see her eyes well up in tears, but they were tears of joy as she accepted. I went to sleep, with the biggest smile that I've ever had on my face, knowing my dream woman had just agreed to stay with me for the rest of my life. It couldn't have gotten any better, could it?  ....the End?
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The Elderly Amazon Next Door
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The Elderly Amazon Next Door

Dedicated to Wassup- a Guest of Saradas

   Matt James lived next to an elderly couple starting when he was 12 years old, he noticed that the man in this couple didn't do a lot of heavy lifting, but his wife, at the time was 63 years old, did do some pretty heavy lifting, Matt had seen her lift up a recliner seemingly with ease, while her husband seemed to have much more trouble with a medium sized coffee table while moving in. All he could tell of his new neighbor lady, Jodi Marshall was that she was solidly built, maybe a little overweight, but not much fat was visible, mostly because she wore a sweatshirt and sweatpants that looked much too big for her most of the time. She had bright red hair, was about 5'5 and Matt couldn't really guess her weight, anywhere from 140-170 would have been accurate, but it was hard to tell with the outfits she always wore. Then one day Matt went over to see if her or her husband could open up a jar of pickles for his mom, he was 14 years old at the time, but he wasn't strong at all, he was pretty much of a nerd, but that day his life was changed forever, he found out that his 65 year old neighbor lady was a bodybuilder!

   It happened slowly, but Matt knew something was up when he saw Jodi's forearms bulge as she easily opened the top of the pickles jar, Matt had been a fan of bodybuilding since he was 12 and hadn't ever seen forearms that big in his life, he also found her biceps to strain a little with the lid, and they bunched up almost tearing through the already tight sweatshirt sleeve. She saw him staring at her arms and she decided to give him a little show, she took off her sweatshirt and showed him her rock hard abs, he couldn't believe his eyes, the 65 year old had an 8 pack, not 6, 8! She smiled as she saw Matt's reaction, his mouth was hanging open in awe, then she flexed down on it, and his mouth widened, if that was even physically possible as he saw the individual ripples and fibers on each one of her eight slabs of muscle. He also noticed incredible veins running over each and every one of the sardine can sized blocks that were easily visible because they were separated by 1/2 inch deep lines. They were easily the most ripped and defined set of abs he had ever been witness to. She nodded and smiled as she knew he was hooked on her body, "Don't be ashamed, Matthew, my husband reacted the same way the first time he saw my body 20 years ago, he's my second husband, my first divorced me because he couldn't understand my obsession with building my body up, and couldn't take the fact that I was stronger than him, even though I weighed 50 pounds less than him. Well, John, my second husband, he's in love with my strength and muscle."

   Matt smiled and said, "Is it okay if I feel your muscles, ma'am?" Jodi smiles and says, "Of course it is Matt, let me take my sweatshirt all the way off though, so you can see and feel the whole package." Matt was even more amazed when he saw his elderly neighbor, all 65 years of her, totally undressed, she was incredible! Her shoulders were wider than his, they were ripped to shreds, you could see all the three heads in detail, and they were visibly striated, Matt then noticed some pretty big trapezius muscles on her neck, he always thought she had a hump back there, not a mountain range of muscle! But what most surprised Matt was the fact that she had a large pair of breasts, he estimated to his best that her melon size breasts themselves were DD cups, but with her powerful pecs backing them up, they could be at least F cups if not more! Matt was always under the impression that if you were a female bodybuilder, your breasts were first to go, but it seemed that Jodi's breasts were quite natural, as they looked as such to his inexperienced eyes. Matt then heard his mom calling over from the house next door, and he cursed, "Damn, I knew this was too good to be true, I guess I'll have to come back another time, Mrs. Mitchell, thanks though, I hope the offer is still there later, you have a beautiful body." Jodi Smiled, and said, "Why thank you Matthew, I really appreciate it, and of course, anytime you want to come over and see me workout or pose, the door will always be open for you." Matt smiled back and left. He didn't know it would be the last time he would walk out that door for another 5 years.

   Matt's parents had to move away for a short time, keeping that home as a sort of storage shack, not ever selling it completely but renting out space until they came back permanently. By the time they moved back, 5 years later, they were saddened to hear of Mr. Mitchell's death by heart attack. Mrs. Mitchell has been single for the last 2 years, Matt was especially excited to see her, and practically ran over to hug her, maybe spending a second longer than he was supposed to, but his hands were occupied, trying to find all of her muscles, the muscles he had missed so much for the last 5 years, muscles that he saw in very few women, that he knew was right there in his backyard metaphorically speaking. Muscles that he had spent many a night masturbating to while envisioning them in various ways, wishing he could be touching them like he was now. When he finally released her, he was embarrassed by the fact that he had the biggest erection he had ever had, it was quite noticeable by Jodi, and she just blushed and smiled, "Thank you, Matt, I'm very happy to see you too." Matt then looked at her somberly and said, "I'm very sorry to hear about your husband, I hope you're alright here, living by yourself?" She blushed and her eyes got kind of misty, but she shook it off and said, "Yes, it has been a little lonely, but I've learned to live with it, and really I'm just about the cause of it, to tell you the truth, you see, we were making love, and the poor dear just had the biggest orgasm of his life, then dropped dead on top of me, his heart burst into a thousand pieces. At least he went out with a smile on his face though." She giggled and then said, "Matt, I think you and me should have a talk later at my house, I want to catch up with you personally, maybe we can finish what we started 5 years ago." Matt nodded eagerly, "Of course, Mrs. Mitchell, how's 7pm for you?" She grabbed his hand and said, "Please, call me Jodi, being called Mrs. Mitchell makes me feel older than I already am, and 7 would be fine dear."

   Matt arrived at 7pm as specified, he had a dozen tulips behind his back, and as Jodi answered the door, he whipped them out in front and Jodi clutched her heart in surprise, but she was okay, in fact, she took Matt in her arms without hesitation, picked him up off the ground and kissed him on the cheek because of the romantic gesture that he made. She showed him inside and told him to make himself comfortable, she was going to put his flowers in a vase, then slip into something more comfortable. He expected the first part, but why would she slip into something more comfortable, she had a nice sun dress on, it was light blue with daisies and poppies on it, it didn't do anything to hide her muscle, her arms were hanging out, looking incredibly buff, defined and hard, her traps were visible and were peaking up to the bottom of her earlobes, her calves were diamond hard and ripped to shreds as wall, even having veins the size of pencils running all over them. But when she came back into the room, Matt's eyes went wide in surprise and shock, Jodi was wearing nothing but a shiny, black bikini which showed every single inch of her incredible, muscular body. Matt literally drooled at the buffet of buffness that was on display in front of him, her 8 pack abs looked even better, more defined than they did 5 years ago, clearly defined with a inch deep space in between each separation.

   "Matthew, do you know what I've been doing since George died? I've been out looking for a man who could appreciate my body and power, to recognize me for being the sexual person I am, but I haven't found anyone who loved me the way that George did, that was until I remembered your reaction to my muscles 5 years ago, I knew you would be my perfect gentleman caller. All that time I was looking for someone, and I found out, he used to live right next door, I'm so glad to see you come back, I've wanted to tell you so much, but now I have the chance, to show you just how happy I am." She stopped right in front of him, like inches away from his face and flexed a double biceps, her enormous chest, which not only contained ripped pectorals, but at least E cup sized breasts that didn't have any sag to them at all, despite her advanced age, was right in his face, so he didn't know where to look first. He stood up and kissed Jodi passionately, and she returned in kind, while he felt her muscles, then her soft, natural breasts, it was incredible to him, he always thought females lost their breasts with weight lifting, but it wasn't true with Jodi, as she had some really nice, big, real tits. Her immense pectorals made them stand straight out, and her cleavage looked incredible, it must have been 10 inches deep, and veins covered both her breasts and pecs. Matt felt the hardness of her abs, he couldn't believe that anyone could have abs so cut, so defined, even her intercostals were quite visible, Matt didn't even know a lot of male bodybuilders who had this level of size and definition. His head rushed and he had to sit down because of the feeling, Jodi immediately stopped and picked him up to carry him upstairs and put him down in the guest bedroom.

   "Matthew, dear, I'm sorry if I scared you too much, its just that I've always wanted to show you what this body was capable of, but there were factors preventing it, my husband, your moving away, our age difference, but now that you've come back, and it appears you've wanted me just as much as I wanted you, I got so excited, I couldn't hold back." Matt shook his head and said, "I wasn't scared, Mrs. Mitchell, I was excited, I had all these thoughts going through my head at once, and the overload short circuited my brain, but one thing was constantly going through my mind, your body, your unrelenting sexiness!" Jodi smiled and kissed Matt on the lips, "Oh, I'm so happy, I thought I came on too strong for you and you passed out because you didn't like it!" Matt laughed, "Of course I liked it, I love it, my main focus since I was 12 years old was to meet a female bodybuilder, and then I met you, and my dreams just about came true, but I had to move away, and it looked like my dreams were taken away from me, when I found out that we were coming home, I was beside myself with both excitement and happiness."  Jodi smiled and bent down to kiss him across the lips passionately, Matt smiled right back up at her and had a dreamy look in his eyes, he said, "Are we going to do it now, because, really, I'm not too experienced, I have only done it once, and it wasn't very satisfying to me, mostly because the girl I did it with didn't have muscle, and I only did it with her because I thought she could introduce me to her much more muscular roommate, but that never came to be, basically, this is just what I've been waiting for, a relationship with a woman just like you, Jodi."

   Jodi's eyes were twinkling as tears welled up, and she said, "Oh, Matt, you've never told me that, I'm so happy you feel that way, don't worry about it, I'll guide you through the right way to make love to a strong woman." Matt smiled up and said, "I love you, Jodi, somehow, I always have, I've just never been able to express it until now, I'm so glad we can be together now, and hopefully for a long time yet to come." Then Matt started taking his clothes off, and Jodi, taking his cue unfastened her bikini top, Matt's eyes drank in the sight of her huge breasts being released, they were almost as big as his own head and had absolutely no sag in them whatsoever. Its like the story Matt read at Diana the Valkyrie's, about the New Old Neighbor, she was well over 60 years old, had a huge muscular body, and big tits that didn't sag either, Matt was so happy that he was able to actually live out a fictional story that turned him on so much. But he thought to himself, this was better than any fictional story, because this was happening in real life to him, he was so lucky! After getting totally undressed, Jodi and Matt kissed each other again, Matt feeling Jodi's enormous muscles on her arms and back, Jodi feeling up Matt's butt with gusto, almost to the point of lifting him up off the floor with one hand. Then she actually did, his 200 pounds like nothing to her near 70 year old hand, he put his legs around her waist and continued kissing him with more passion than he's ever felt before.

   Then Jodi gently lowered Matt down unto the queen sized bed and did a double biceps flex, showing off her 19 inch biceps, which were the biggest Matt had ever seen up close, in fact, all the area's of Jodi's body were the biggest he had seen up close, except for her waist, which was exceedingly trim for someone of her mass. One of the reasons was because she had a washboard of abs, which numbered 8 in total, he could easily see all 8 sections as they were separated by some very visible trenches in between. Her breasts swelled and lifted as she puffed up her incredible pecs, by themselves bigger than the average Hollywood starlet's breasts, but they were topped with breasts the size and shape of large honeydew melons. Matt loved that fact, that not only did his perfect woman have muscles bigger than most men, she had breasts bigger than most women. He kissed her stomach, each of her  eight separate blocks of muscle got a long, loving kiss. Then he kissed up to her breasts, which got a long, thorough tongue bath of its own. For an amateur, Matt knew just what to do to turn Jodi on even more than she was to that point. She was moaning at his ministrations, she giggled as he ran his tongue over her very erect nipples, and screamed as she reached her first orgasm of the night, while not even touching herself. Matt was taken aback, he had never heard a woman scream in ecstasy, and this sort of frightened him, but he found out that she was breathing okay and her eyes were unfocused, so he figured it out eventually, and once he did, he smiled widely. He was very close to coming in his own right and decided now was as good a time as any, he plunged his 8 inch long, 3 inch around tool into her, it was slippery with female juices, so he went in quite easily.

   "Ooooo, Matt, you feel so big in me, I never thought I'd feel this good again after George died, but you make me feel so good, its even better, because I can have you for so much longer, my doctors say that I have a chance of living another 50 years if I keep doing what I'm doing, imagine that, imagine what this body would look like at 100 years old, if I keep staying in good shape." Matt did, and it filled him with such lust and pleasure that he couldn't hold back any longer, he came in Jodi's tight, experienced love channel very quickly. "Oh my God, Jodi, I hope you get even bigger, even more ripped by the time you're 100, hell, I hope you prove them wrong and live to 150 years old, and I hope I'm there the entire time, that would make me, what, 101 years old at the time, it would be awesome if you just keep getting more and more muscular, and stronger and stronger every year we're together. That would be heaven for me, Jodi, what about you?" Jodi was coming down from her own orgasm, but she looked up into Matt's eyes and said, "I want whatever you want Matt, if you want me to get so big that Mr. Olympia would look like a skinny 98 pound weakling, then that's exactly what I'll do, to make you happy, I'm willing to do anything!" Matt smiled as he thought about the future, he had found a place he belongs, a place alongside his fantasy woman, who wanted to do whatever he wanted her to do, he couldn’t help but think of himself as one hell of a lucky guy! To be continued?

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★Memorable Author: [J Wilson] Mature Femuscle Stories~collected 2010
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**Author's Note: Here I am again, this is a little attempt of mine to write another GBM type story, this time with the character being a mature female, which has been a staple of mine for a while. I hope those of you inclined enjoy this little story.**

The Amazing Growing Grandma
by Jeremy Wilson

I watched through the window as I saw my elderly widowed neighbor, Dolores Johnson do some gardening work. I shook my head, worried about her health, she is a frail, small woman, 4'11 tall and couldn't weigh more than 90 pounds, but she was doing some hard work there. I got my work clothes on and went out.

"Mrs. Johnson, can I help you with that? I mean a woman your age shouldn't be doing this manual labor. In your retirement years you should just relax."

"Listen, Jeremy, I'm glad you would like to help, but just because I happen to be 84 years old doesn't mean I'm near death. I've worked in this garden more years than you've been alive, there's no reason I shouldn't now."

"Well, if you're sure, I mean, you do look so frail, I couldn't imagine you having to lift a bag of manure, or get a lawn mower running, won't you please let me do something for you?"

"Oh, you don't do you, well, Mr. Man, why don't you show me some of your strength, why don't you bring over that bag of manure for me?"

Okay, I figured that bag was probably 40 pounds, so it shouldn't be so hard for me to lift, being that I'm 6'1 and weigh 250 pounds, mostly muscle. But I lift with my back instead of my legs, and I can hardly lift the bag off the ground. I grunt and try harder, but it hardly moves! What the heck? I'm a healthy 33 year old guy, this bag should be fairly light to me, but for some reason, it's like lifting a slab of concrete.

"Will you stop, before you hurt yourself? Jeremy, I think you overestimate your manliness, if that little 80 pound bag of manure is too heavy for you."

I moved away and held my arms out, as if to say, okay, you do it. Well, little Dolores meets my challenge, she keeps her eyes on mine the whole time as she puts a hand on each side and without even a grunt of effort, she picks it up and puts it on her shoulder! Damn, that bag weighs just about the same as she does, yet she looks to be handling it like nothing! 

" is that possible, that bag weighs as much as you do, but it looked weightless in your hands, you can't be that strong!"

She laughs, "Oh no, I'm not that strong." She then throws the 80 pound bag of manure 20 feet away with a flick of her wrists. "I'm stronger."

I have to admit, I had a boner at the time, I had always loved strong women, ever since before I went through puberty, women with muscles, women that were stronger than usual always got my attention. What Dolores demonstrated to me just now probably would take the strength of 3 of me, and I'm not that weak a man, despite what had just happened.

"It's impossible, I mean, to do what you just did, that would take the strength of 5 normal men at least! You're a tiny little woman without any muscle at all, yet you just did a feat of strength that only 10% of the men in this World could do!"

"So, you think that just because I wear long sleeved shirts and baggy pants that I might not have muscles under here? Well, let me tell you big shot, not only do I got muscle under here, those muscles can get bigger than any muscles you've ever dreamed of having. Oh, I know, I'm not blind either, I know you like strength and muscles, your boner after seeing me toss that little bag was more than apparent. So the question is, do you want to treat me as an equal, or maybe even as a superior, one who deserves worship, if the answer is yes, then perhaps I'll let you see what these muscles look like, and what they're capable of." 

"Well, yes, I would love to see your muscles, I would love to see the full extent of your strength. You're right about me loving muscular, strong women, I have since I was young, and to tell you the truth, for some reason, when women are older and they're strong and muscular, they turn me on even more!"

"That's the exact answer I was looking for, now, we can't do it here, out in the open, but I know someplace we can go, do you trust me?"

I nod, with a little uncertainty.

"I said do you trust me!"

"Yes, yes, I trust you!"

"Then close your eyes and keep them closed until I tell you, got it?"

"Yes, ma'am."

So I closed my eyes tight, then I felt a strong hand on my back and another on my knees, then my feet left the ground. I so wanted to open my eyes to see what I knew was true, but Dolores told me not to, and knowing she's much, much stronger than I was, I didn't want to suffer her wrath. Then I felt that the wind on my face, like we were going at incredible speeds, but I didn't bounce at all, she kept me held tight in her arms of steel, as we traveled at speeds unheard of by all but the fastest of cars, at least that's what I guessed, since 45 seconds later, she told me to open my eyes.

"Wh...where are we?"

"Oh, just a quarry, about 15 miles outside of Traverse City, Michigan."

"But, that's gotta be at least 200 miles away from Two Rivers! How could you move that fast?!?!"

"Kid, have you seen the Incredible Hulk, well, let's just say that a hop, skip, and a jump was all it took to get from there to here."

"Wow! That's incredible, I can't imagine how strong you have to be to cover 200 miles in 3 jumps!"

"Did I say 3 jumps? No, I didn't, it was two jumps, actually, with a couple steps to get myself ready. See, I had to, I couldn't have run across Lake Michigan, could I?"

"Actually, if you're as fast as you are strong and agile, I wouldn't doubt that you could. But, now that we're here, you were going to show me something?"

"Oh yes, why don't you get comfortable, there's a nice rock for sitting over there, now be advised, what you're going to see is going to blow your mind, so if it gets too much for you, just say so and I'll stop."

Hmmm, that's an interesting statement, I can't wait to see what she means by it.

"Tell me, why are we here Dolores?"

"Obviously, we couldn't do the things that I am planning on doing in front of a lot of people, in fact it would be better without all those gawking eyes, you're the only eyes I want on me when I do what I am going do. This quarry is 4 miles from the nearest town, and no one flies, or drives near it, we can do whatever we want here."

"Well, obviously, so what do you plan to do here?"

"Isn't it obvious, I want to explore your muscle and strength fantasies with you. Now, who would you say is your favorite muscle story writer on the web?"

"Well, there's so many out there, it would be hard to figure just one, a couple of years ago, it would have been a guy named GBM, but he doesn't write so much anymore. Nowadays, Mr. Shhh has come back and become my absolute favorite, his muscle description abilities are impeccable! But when GBM was writing and he was on, no one's stories excited me more."

"I've read them both and I have to agree, what do you like more about GBM, the insane muscle growth numbers he attained? The strength those impossible muscles could generate?"

"Well, yeah a combination of both, I mean, I loved to see the numbers going up into the millions of inches, then millions of feet, finally into the millions of miles, but then again, I have always been a fan of stories where the girls could lift anything, a mountain, a city, a whole continent! I guess what I mean is that when the muscles were at their hugest, the girls were at their strongest, so it must have been a combination of these things."

"And what about Mr. Shhh, why do you like his stories so much?"

"It's the incredible detail that he goes into, he writes about muscles going down to the tiniest fiber, he talks about veins being visible throughout the entire body, even in the face, which is not a place you usually picture veins. Everything on his women are pumped to the greatest extent, from the tips of their toes to their forehead, it seems that everything has been worked out and ripped to the nth degree! I mean even these girl's well, vaginas contain muscle whose size and definition would make the biggest male bodybuilders in the World green with envy. Another author, who is not as well known, as he has never, to my knowledge posted a story at Diana the Valkyrie's is reaper002000, who I think started that muscular, diamond hard, striated vagina thing going before I read it in a Mr. Shhh story."

"Oh, reaper, you've just hit upon another of my favorite authors, boy, you and me have a lot in common Jeremy, I can see I'm going to enjoy this as much as you are!"

"Wait, what's going on here, what's with all these questions? And what am I going to enjoy?"

"Jeremy, the reason I wanted to come out here was so no one could watch me do this."

"Do wha....?"

I left the question unanswered as the clothing that Dolores was wearing started getting tighter and tighter, her body was expanding outwards at an incredible rate! The sleeves of her once baggy sun dress split at the seems, revealing a pair of arms that were quickly getting bigger and bigger! Then the front of her dress just about blew off as her pecs appeared, looking larger than a pair of large hams, at least 4 inches deep at the separation. Then I noticed, she wasn't wearing a bra, not that she needed one, she didn't have boobs at all, her chest was completely, one hundred percent steel hard muscle. She stood topless there, doing a double biceps flex that would make most Mr. Olympia contenders cringe in fear and awe. She was quickly turning into a Mr. Shhh wet fantasy come to life!
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Except for one thing, the size was definitely there, but the definition, the veins, they were missing. But just then, a light seemed to go on in Dolores's head, she smirked at me, as though she read my thoughts and suddenly started doubling her flexing. Her muscles didn't grow any bigger, but whoa did they grow harder, more defined and more vascular! In seconds, striations came to the surface that would make most contest ready male bodybuilders look like powerlifters. You could literally lose a finger in her pectoral striations, as they were much bigger and deeper than any I have ever seen up close. The veins started coming out of twenty places at once, her neck, her arms, her forehead, from what I could see, her stomach had a couple veins the size of pencils running up from her crotch!

She followed my eyes down and smiled to herself, "Oh, I know what you are thinking, I'm thinking of keeping that as a secret for right now, you wouldn't want to open up all your presents right away, you want to keep a couple very special ones for later. Don't worry, though, you'll see it, and you'll love it, I'm sure. Now that you have seen my version of a Mr. Shhh character, it's your time to see my version of a GBM character, and then you can decide which one you like better!"

"You can't possibly, I mean, his girl's muscles have no limit, surely you must..."

"No, the only limit here is your limit for staying conscious while I prove you wrong. By the way, how big are your biceps, sweetie?"

"Umm, 20 inches around? Why?"

She giggled a little, "Oh, I thought you were a big reader of GBM's stories, if you were, you'd know why."

"No!" I thought to myself, "that kind of thing is impossible!" But before I got a word out, she immediately started flexing up her biceps to impossible size. First 50 inches, then 100 inches, then 200 inches! In seconds her bicep size had quadrupled, going from 25 inches to 100 inches, then doubled again in a couple more seconds! Her bicep was now 10 times bigger than my own arm, and it was only a slight flex for her! That kind of growth only occurred....

"In a GBM story, right? Well, you're not in one, this is real as it gets. I have had this ability since I was 19 years old, when an early nuclear reactor was overloaded in my hometown, and as a result of that radiation, I was given the ability to change my body in any way I see fit, including growing my muscles as big and strong as I want. I can control the individual muscle fibers too. Watch this!"

With that she brought one arm down and out in front of her, where she flexed her forearms, making it's striations ripple in complex order, my eyes were amazed to see veins the size of hot dogs flow from her forearm to her bicep to her shoulder.

"Now, enough playing, if you thought GBM's girls were something else, wait til you get a load of me!"   

"But...but, Dolores, GBM's characters grew into the millions and billions of inches, you can't be saying that those numbers are even possible on a real female body, are you?"

"Just wait and see, buddy boy, just wait and see." She said with a little giggle.

She puffed her chest out, and out, and out some more! Her pectorals which were already huge, just grew and grew, looking from the side you could see them now standing 10 feet in front of her nose, and they kept going, 10 feet became 15 became 20. Then with a sudden jerk 20 became 40 feet deep, then 40 became 80, she could hide a full sized bus in her unbelievably engorged pecs! But she didn't stop there, the pecs just exploded, not only in length, but in height and width as well, they were soon 30 feet high, I started running to try and get in front to see how wide they were, and she giggled as her pecs were growing so fast that at a full sprint it took me about 15 seconds to get to the front of her now 250 foot deep pecs! Not that I'm in great running shape or anything, but still, it was an impressive sight, like swimming next to a blue whale. When I finally got out in front, her forward progress stopped just an inch from my face!

"Okay, Dolores, just let me back up a little and get a full view of your beautiful muscle mountains!"

I backed up about ten feet, and stood there, then I looked to my right and left, for about 50 feet on either side, my vision was taken up by her 30 foot tall, 250 feet deep, and 100 foot wide pecs! Then, they started to recede, I was almost disappointed to see Dolores unflex her pecs, but I saw the look in her eyes that she was nowhere near through teasing me with her amazing body.

"You think those are mountains, dear? I haven't even begun to flex my guns yet, get ready to meet Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest up close!"

But didn't she flex her biceps before? Is she telling me that those two boulders could get bigger?

"What, you don't think 200 inch biceps are anywhere near my high, do you? After what I just showed you with my chest, I'm going to drive you crazy with how big I can grow, I want your pants to be soaked inside and out from the amount of spunk you blow from watching my muscles grow, and I'm not going to stop growing until that happens, even if it takes a week."

I stumbled back as I saw her biceps go from resting right up to the 200 inches she was flexing earlier and right on past that, it seems that her biceps kept gaining a foot in height every second, adding probably 100 inches every 2 seconds or so. By the time 30 seconds passed, her biceps towered over her head at least 1000 inches, if not more, I wish I had a tape measure, or a machine like in some of GBM's stories, where they just had the numbers appear on the screen. But by my estimates, she was probably adding mass so fast that the numbers would be whirring by faster than a gas pump. A minute later, I could only guess, but I would have to say her biceps were over 2000 inches around and 20 feet high, well, well above both of our heads, if she raised me to her arm's length above her head with one arm while flexing the other, I doubt that my head would reach halfway up her arm!

"Oh, honey, that's right, you don't have anyway to measure my biceps do you? Well, momma knows everything about her body, including how big my biceps are and how big I can make them, but if you need to know the exact number, I'll tell you, my biceps are now 2350 inches tall and 24 feet tall, the height of 4 average men, but I'm just starting."

Then she started to sensually moan as she continued to flex hard, her biceps sprouted at an even faster rate, and she commented on each and every milestone she hit.

"3000 inches around, Jeremy, 36 feet high, almost as long as a bus!"

She giggled at my reaction, then continued, as her bicep flew upward, moving at incredible speeds, now adding maybe 4 feet a second, 3000 soon became a memory.

"4000 inches! Are you coming yet?"

I was indeed, in fact, ever since she reached over 10 feet high, my dick was in a constant state of cumming. The front of my pants were soaked from the top of my crotch to the middle of my leg, it seems as though Dolores was going to accomplish what she set out to do, probably in a lot less time than she or I thought possible.

She was able to barely look over he still hugely muscular pecs to see the fact that my pants were thoroughly soaked by my cumjuice, this caused her to giggle, and she said, "Oh, I'm not even close to getting started showing my true size, Jeremy, honey. Perhaps you could try to keep from coming while I speed things up a little. I mean I can't dry you out before the real good stuff happens, right?"

With that she put her arm up with an even more intense flex, her bicep blasted over her head with such velocity that I could hardly make it out! It rose higher and higher upward at such a rate that even Dolores was having a hard time keeping up with telling me the numbers.

"5000 inches, no, now 5600 inches, no, 6000 inches! 500 feet around! 250 feet high!"

The numbers were reeling off her tongue so fast that I barely was able to hear them, with my own puny human ears. All I know is that they were racing skyward, and somehow, I wasn't supposed to be coming anytime soon. I did the only thing I could think of, I began to picture things that turned me off in my head, subconsciously, while of course, still viewing Dolores' ever expanding biceps.

I mumbled to myself, "Baseball, football, sports, think of boring sports, think of ugly women, hell, think of ugly men, anything."

So at the same time I was so close to coming, I managed to talk myself out of coming. It was a lot of hard work, after all, my most cherished fantasy was playing itself out in front of my eyes. And Dolores didn't help out either, with her announcing her World beating numbers to me.

"7500 inches, Jeremy! 8000 inches, 9000 inches! My biceps are going up 500 inches a second and I'm still not going as fast as I can."

I groaned in pain of having to hold in my load in after that announcement, this made Dolores sigh and say, "Oh, alright, I'll go all out for you, sweetie, so you can get your rocks off."

Her next flex came with a barely audible grunt from Dolores and my head spun in amazement as her bicep shot up to the sky so fast that the peak was out of my line of sight in about 5 seconds.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you, honey, just know that every single second that I'm holding this flex my arm is adding 1000 inches to it, it's soaring past 20,000 inches around right now, and will continue to climb to new heights never before dreamed of, in fact, now it's above 30,000 inches. Over 2,500 feet around and 1400 feet tall, and getting 100 feet taller ever 5 seconds, in other words, I'm nearly GBM caliber, aren't I?"

I nodded, my sense of speech had left me, as had most of the feeling in my outer extremities. No, I wasn't having a heart attack or a stroke, thank God, I was numb from the shear awesomeness that was occurring in front of me, then Dolores shocked me again!

"Didn't I say, though, that my muscles would make most of the girls that GBM wrote about look small? After all, most of his characters were little girls who stood all of 3-4 feet tall, I'm almost 5 feet tall, my muscles would have to be tons bigger than theirs to make my muscles look proportionally bigger, so, I guess the real question is are you ready to see the real me?"

I gulped, but nodded eagerly.

"Okay, then, well, I give you full permission to finish off your pants soaking after you see this."

Her bicep continued to shoot upward, but at mind numbingly awesome speed. The peak grew out of my sight in less than a second, it seems that she wasn't lying, her biceps were now among the clouds and didn't show any sign of stopping.

"I know you can't see it, but rest assured, my biceps have just left the upper atmosphere of the Earth and are now in outer space. They're 10,000 feet tall, and over 200,000 inches around. I gain 20,000 inches for every second I flex like this, and I'm not going to stop until each and every square inch of your jeans are soaked with your cum juice!"

And that didn't take quite long at all, seeing her bicep grow ever higher, and hearing her exclaim it's incredible size to me every few minutes worked me into a lather, I came so much when she announced that her biceps reached 1,000,000 inches around that I thought I was going to pass out.

"There you go, honey, I'm proud of you, I mean, you did a thorough job there, now let's go home so I can clean you up, get you a new pair of jeans, then tomorrow, I'll bring you out here again, so I can show you how strong I am!"

At that point, I did pass out, with a blissful smile on my face.

The End.... for now.
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Re: ★Memorable Author: [J Wilson] Mature Femuscle Stories~collected 2010
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Grandma Kicks Ass!

*This story is intended firstly as a request by someone at the same place that I wrote my last story, “What’s a Boyfriend to Do?”, for. That forum’s address is this: If you enjoyed that story, this story is much like it, though maybe even more violent and detailed. Like the last story, this is one of 3 versions I will do of the story, one for Diana the Valkyrie, and one for the various other places at which I post stories, so I hope that doesn’t confuse all of you. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story, if not, I’m sorry, I’ll go back to doing the kind of stories you expect from me soon.*

My name is Brian Benjamin, I am a martial arts instructor at the local YMCA, I specialize in mature women whose ages go from 58 to 70 years old, teaching them the basics of Tae Kwon Do, usually they’re fast learners, but I wouldn’t advise them to use their skills in the outside World, I tell them only to use it as a last defense if they’re approached aggressively, but they should not use it in any other way. I need to tell them this because some people think that knowing martial arts entitles them to pick on who they want, when they want, how they want, but on average, these girls could get hurt if they meet someone who has fighting skills and toughness that they’re not ready for. I had always thought that no girl, no matter how skilled, could defeat a person that is much, much bigger than them, and also similarly skilled…that is, until I met Jamie Keats.

Jamie is a 68 year old woman, who actually was absent the first two days that I started teaching the class, she came in the third day in her gi, looking very solid, and she also had an air of confidence, arrogance almost, like she was too good to be there. She was also quite mouthy, I couldn’t believe that she was criticizing me and the way I was teaching her classmates. Me! I’m 27 years old, I’m 11 inches taller than her, at 5’9 and I weigh 170 pounds, okay, maybe I am not a true martial artist, in fact, I’m just flying by the seat of my pants, imitating what I have seen other people do in martial arts movies. So, no, I’m not a black belt, I’m not even a green belt, I’m a fraud, but what do these kids know? Still, this little old lady was irking me big time, she was a shrimp, all of 4’10 and judging by her body in her gi, that was mostly bulky fat But she had the temerity to say I was doing this pose wrong, and that kick wrong, who was this little bitch? I had enough.

“Jamie! Will you please quiet down? I’m your instructor, I have been teaching this discipline for 6 years, I know what I’m doing?”

She obviously wanted a confrontation with me, I couldn’t understand why. “So what you gonna do about it, teach? You think you got what it takes to shut my mouth? Why don’t you show me your technique, show me the right way to fight, right now!”

I shook my head, “Absolutely not, I don’t know what your problem is, but I certainly will not ever touch a student of my class in that manner, if you want to spar with someone, spar with one of your classmates, what about Jessica, she’s bigger than you, it could be a good match for you.”

She scoffed at that suggestion. “Listen, pal, you’re new here, so I’ll fill you in, none of these dames could possibly be a match for me, hell, even two of these wimps together would get their asses kicked, you point out Jessica, sure she’s younger than me at 59, sure she’s 5 inches taller and 30 pounds heavier than me, but I could  kick her ass so bad, she’d be spending months in the hospital, hell, she already has, after I kicked her ass when I was 67. But you, you’re a grown man, you’re an expert martial artist, you know all the tricks, if I could take you down, that would be a real accomplishment. None of these broads, in fact, no woman in the World, could make me feel good as a win over an adult man, with martial arts experience ever could. So how about it?”

“Nothing doing, you obviously came in today to try and disrupt this class, so see your way out of here, you’re no longer wanted, as long as I’m the teacher here, you will not be a student of mine.”

“Bad choice, believe me, you haven’t seen the last of me, not by a long shot.”

She didn’t leave, she went over to a stand where three 1 inch thick bricks were stacked on top of each other, she never took her eyes off me, and with a smirk, she broke the bricks with one powerful punch. Oh crap, I thought to myself, that little old lady isn’t playing around, she could kill me.

“Think you could do that, teach? Come on, show me what kind of martial arts master you are.”

“Jamie, please leave, you have disrupted this class enough, if I have to make you leave, I will.” I said, bluffing the whole way.

“Okay, sure, whatever, just be sure that this isn’t the last we see of each other. Bye wimps.” She walked out with a confident smirk on her face.

I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding, then went back to the lessons, doing my best to look as professional as I could, it’s obvious Jamie has seen through my ruse, but perhaps these girls are not as knowledgeable about martial arts as Jamie seemed to be. An hour later, the lesson was over and I told the girls to go home, I was probably as exhausted as they were, I was sweating and tired. I was about to turn off the light and leave, when I saw a shadow at the door, a very big, wide shadow.

“I told you I’d be back wimp, I see you didn’t believe me. Now we’re gonna settle this.”

“Jamie, Jamie, is that you?”

“Indeed, it is. I’ve been waiting for this, I wasn’t at the first two classes, but I saw the tapes, and knew from the start you weren’t who you said you were. Now, I’m going to give you a first class beating from a real martial arts master.”

I was scared, and I shakingly said. “Now Jamie, settle down a little, you can turn me into the authorities, I’ll quit my job here, I need the money, but no so much that I would hurt a little old lady like you.”

She laughed, “Hurt me? Hurt me!!!! You couldn’t hurt a fly, you wimp. But me, I can hurt full grown men, I do all the time. I specialize in liars, cheaters, and stealers, and since you’re all three, I’m going to really enjoy this.”

It was about that time that she stepped into the light, this woman, all 4’10 of her was nothing but huge, ripped muscle, she wore nothing but a sports bra that didn’t nothing to hide her wide shoulders, her thick pecs, and of course, her 8 pack abs.

“See, there’s no way that you could hurt this body, I have built it into an indestructible, undefeatable fighting machine, ever since I was 43 years old and met my first mugger, I dedicated my whole life to nothing but getting bigger, stronger, and learning as many fighting styles as I could, so when it came time to meet a mugger or a criminal, that he would never know what hit him. You know why I knew you were teaching the girls wrong? It’s because I am one of the oldest black belts in the World at 3 different disciplines, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, and Judo. I wanted to learn Tae Kwon Do to make myself an even better fight, but it delighted me to find out that I would be using my skills and my power to teach the instructor a lesson.”

I was reduced to whimpering now. “Please, please don’t hurt me, Jamie! I promise, I’ll turn myself in, I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t beat me up, please?”

“What a wimp! If you were so manly that you could teach girls martial arts, you should expect someone to challenge you eventually, but hey, I’ll take it easy on you, I won’t kill you. But I’ll beat your face so bad that your mother won’t recognize you. I think what you have done deserves a nice 5 month layover in the critical care unit.”

I got on my knees, I begged this 68 year old to let me be. “No! Come on, whatever you want, I swear.”

She smirked down at me “You’re just in the right position, jackass.”

With that she kicked out her leg into my chest, sending me across the room to crash into a bunch of chairs, then she ran over and started punching me in the stomach, the chest and the arms, it seems she was saving my face for something special.

“Fight back! Come on, fight back you wimp, you’re getting your ass kicked by a 68 year old grandma, I weigh 105 pounds, I saw from your profile that you weigh 65 more pounds then me, you’re almost a foot taller, you know how embarrassing this is, what if your wife or girlfriend saw you like this, she’d leave your sorry ass in a second.”

“I…I don’t have a girlfriend, I just moved here, I took this job because I needed the money, I didn’t think it would be hard, I’m sorry, let me go please!”

“Oh no, I’m not letting you go yet, but I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you three shots, anywhere you want except the face, if you can make me flinch, I’ll cut down on the damage I do you, I’ll only make you spend 3 months in the hospital.”

She got off of me and stepped back, I stood unsteadily to my feet and decided what I should do. If I ran, those powerful legs probably could catch me, if I hit her in the face, it would probably just make her mad, but looking at the muscles in her torso, there was no chance of hurting her. I knew what to do, so I took a running start and did what I’ve seen all the wrestlers do, I gave that 68 year old, 105 pound mature muscle girl a dropkick right in the chest. What happened was completely unexpected to me, I was stopped in mid air as though I hit a brick wall instead of a human being, though the hardness of her body definitely made the comparison apt.

She didn’t flinch, she didn’t even blink, she just stood there with a smirk on her face. She told me to bring it on, and my mind went to reeling, she did say three hits, but she didn’t say I only had to use my body. I searched around and found an aluminum bat, I rushed over to it and picked it up, then brought it back to her with a big smile on my face. But what I saw from her was completely unexpected, she was smiling! It seems she may have planned this out, I had to make this shot good. I swung at her abs like I was Prince F’n Fielder, but all that happened was a clang, and my hands stung so much that they dropped the bat immediately.

“Nice try, I thought you would try something like that, I’m glad you saw the bat, I would have pointed it out to you, now what are you going to do for the last shot?” She asked with a super confident air to her voice.

My mind was whirling with thoughts, what could I do, what if I just tried for a shot at her head, hell, take her down with the bat to the head, even as muscular and hard her body is, her head has to be vulnerable. I reached down and got the bat, I took and good grip and with a loud hell, I struck at her head with all the power I had left.

The bat never met it’s target, it was stopped in mid air by her petite, though thoroughly strong looking hand. She ticked her tongue and looked disappointed at me.

“Didn’t I tell you about the face? You stepped over the line Mr. Benjamin, I’m sorry, but I’m really going to have to kick your ass even harder now. Let me show you how effective this bat really is compared to this body.”

She took the bat in both hands, and before my astonished eyes, this 68 year old…ass kicking machine proceeded to bend the aluminum back into a U. Her body bulged incredibly, like nothing I had ever seen before, and I have been a fan of female muscle since I was very young. I’ve only seen muscles this size up close on my computer screen, and most of those were morphs! Her pecs were straining so hard that I could see every striation, I could see veins, I could see the individual muscles much better than any anatomy chart I’d ever seen. Her shoulders were bigger, more ripped, and actually had veins running over them as well, but her biceps were the most impressive spectacle at all, they were popping up so big, they put mine to shame, they had to be at least 16 inches around, she’s bigger proportionally in the arm area than even the awesome Renee Toney!

I dropped to my knees again, I was nearly crying from what I knew she could do to me, she could probably bend me easier than the bat! I begged her, I pleaded with her, I even debased myself so much that I kissed her feet, without her even telling me to.

“You’re pathetic, but…I guess you know your place, on the floor, at my feet, willing to do whatever it takes to avoid my wrath, my daughter was right, that feels really good, to know you’re so much superior to a man. So, I’m going to be calling you boy, not your name, because that’s how someone addresses an inferior, and you will call me ma’am, got it, boy?”

“Yes, ma’am, anything you need me to do for you?”

“No, well, maybe there is something. My legs need a little pump, I was hoping to get them all worked out at the class, but I guess we know how that turned out, so do you mind if I use you as a little weight for me to workout with?”

“Absolutely not, ma’am, please, use my body in whatever ways you want.” I felt so silly saying this to a 68 year old, but obviously, she was no normal 68 year old.

So she brought me up to my feet, and stuck her head underneath my arm, lifting me on her shoulders in a fireman’s carry. When she had my weight steady she started doing squats, which seemed very, very easy for her. She finished after doing 100 reps, then switched to doing one leg squats, showing perfect balance and control, not even really struggling to do them really. She did 50 on each leg, my 170 pounds not even making her try a little. Then she did calf raises, first with both legs, then with each individual leg, not even straining with my weight.

“You’ve been a nice little weight, boy, but really, you’re so light, I’d have to do 500 reps to get a good pump with you, at least for my lower body, maybe you’ll be of some use though.”

With that she switched her grip to grabbing the waist band of my gi with one hand and the collar of my gi with her other hand, I knew what was coming, but I couldn’t have fathomed how a woman her age could be this strong! She proved me right, as she pressed my 170 pound body over her head with nary a grunt or a sign of strain. She pumped me up and down 25 times before setting me down on the ground.

“Not bad, not bad, that actually gave me a little workout, just one more lift and I’ll leave you alone, for now, at least.”

She grabbed me by the gi again, this time with her hands closer in than they were for the overhead lifts, she lifted me vertical, and stood up straight, when her arms were at full length and I was down to her mid-thigh, she amazed me once again with her seemingly superhuman strength! She curled me! The mature muscle gal only weighs 105 pounds, but she’s curling 70 pounds more than she weighs! Of course she didn’t pump me up and down like I was nothing, she managed a very respectable 8 repetitions before she finally set me down.

“Now, you’ve been a good boy, so I don’t have to discipline you any further, but if I ever hear that you’ve been duping people out of their hard earned money again, I’ll come find you and make the beating I gave you look like a powder puff football game. Got it boy?”

“Yes, ma’am, completely, but what should I do for money?”

“Haha! Why don’t you try being a professional living punching bag, looks to me that you’ve got the qualifications for it. It doesn’t matter to me what you do, as long as it’s legal. You’re smart, you’ll find something. Just nothing illegal, or I’ll find you.”

“Yes, ma’am, good bye.”

“I’ll see you, wimp, don’t forget what I said.”

I watched her walk out the door, and was slightly disappointed, if it wasn’t for the fact that the woman was 68 years old, 41 years older than me, she was perfect for me, strong, muscular, dominant. I wonder if she’s married? 

The End
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Great stories about strong and muscular women and girls, hope you enjoy!

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Re: ★Memorable Author: [J Wilson] Mature Femuscle Stories~collected 2010
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*This is a sequel to my story, Special Martial Arts Student, where the main character, Jamie Keats, is a 67 year old with an unbelievably muscular, powerful body for her age, and a blackbelt in a couple of different disciplines, in the first story, she didn’t get to use her sizable skills, I hope to use those more in this story. One version of this story is being written for PG Forums, the other for every place else, I hope those of you inclined enjoy this, but I could see why you wouldn’t. Thanks.*

It’s four in the afternoon, it’s me again, Brian Benjamin, you know, the guy who got his butt kicked by a 67 year old woman named Jamie Keats about a month back. Well, I decided not to leave well enough alone. I decided instead of being on the defensive and always watching over my shoulder, in case Jamie was standing there, I decided to get some protection. The gym is filled with these guys that will do anything if you wave a hundred dollar bill under their noses, so I got two big, bad, muscled up guys to be my bodyguards. Jim and Travis are their names, Jim’s 6’3 250 pounds of power lifter style bulky muscle, he’s strong, I seen him bench 450 pounds. Travis is even more impressive, he’s 6’2 and 275 pounds, an offseason bodybuilder, who doesn‘t look all that soft, probably carrying 10% body fat, but from the looks of him, could easily dial it down to 5% in a couple weeks. 

Now I tell you this, I wasn’t exactly planning revenge on Jamie, but I felt as if her beating of me was constantly invading my private thoughts, every decision I made was tempered with the realization that she could find out and possibly foil any plans I had. So I had to do this, there was no way I could get back to my every day life with the specter of Jamie hovering over me, spying on me, judging me. So, first of all, I started trailing Jamie, without her knowing, trying to find out her every day schedule, so one day me, Travis and Jim could approach her alone and get me some revenge, and get her out of my life. At least that’s the way I wanted to happen, but what happened was completely different, in just about every respect, I was  completely screwed.

You see, Jamie was a lot smarter than I gave her credit for, when we found her, she was walking down an alley, when we caught up to her, she turned around with a smile on her face. My stomach dropped out when I realized she wanted us to follow her down here, she wasn’t the one being trapped, she was the one doing the trapping!

“So, you’re back, are you, coach?” She said this with a very noticeable level of sarcasm. “And it looks like you brought a couple of friends to watch your back. Well, I’m sorry to tell you, you could have brought a dozen more and it wouldn’t have helped you, you’re dealing with a martial arts master, you’re dealing with someone who beat up 10 full grown, healthy adult men in a fight just to show my friends that I could. And these two guys? They’re probably as stupid as they are big, they don’t realize the danger they’re in.”

“Hey, shut up, little lady! We don’t care what you got to say, maybe you beat up this dude, but we’re fighters, we’re big and strong, and if you want a piece of him, you have to go through us.”

“Wow! Just what I expected, you two guys should know something, that guy that hired you, he’s a con-artist, I’m sure he promised you a load of money to beat me up, but he’s just about broke, and he’s gonna need whatever money he has, because I will go through you, and I will beat him so bad that he’s gonna spend a lot of time in the hospital. But I’ll give you guys a chance to retreat and surrender, I know you probably have big egos, I will not only bruise them, I’ll absolutely destroy them and leave you busted up, bleeding and begging for me to stop. So, what’ll it be, gentlemen? Will you fight, or will you fly?”

“Look at us, little old woman, do you think we’re the kind of guys that lose in any kind of fights? Just because you learned a couple years worth of basic martial arts, you think you’re an expert? We don’t buy it, we’re gonna fight, and this guy is gonna pay us extra if we hurt you so bad that you spend time in the hospital.”

“Alright, you asked for it boys. Bring it on.” She signaled for them to come over with a wave of her hand.

What happened next could be considered nothing more than a disaster the likes I thought I’d never see. The first guy that reached her was tossed her over her shoulder in a judo throw, he hit the alley wall with a smack, and while still conscious, he was definitely dizzy and took a while to get back in the fight. The second guy tried a punch to her face, but Jamie blocked it and delivered a kick to his stomach, she grabbed him by the back of his head and slammed his head into the alley wall. She kneed him in the stomach again, then while he was bent over she launched that same knee into his face. The first guy got up again and lumbered over at the best speed he could, but she was prepared, sending him over her hip to the hard cement, which knocked the wind out of him.

“Holy crap!” I heard myself say. This small, though incredibly powerful, muscled old woman was throwing these men around like they were dummies, she wasn’t even breathing hard. She put Jim in a headlock from the back, and he soon fell asleep from the lack of oxygen going to his brain.

Just then Travis came up from behind her and clubbed her on the back with a forearm. Travis pulled back when his forearm bounced off something far harder than he’s ever hit  before. Jamie smiled as she turned around.

“What’s the matter, big boy? I’m not flabby, didn’t coach tell you that I’ve got muscles that most Miss Olympia level female bodybuilders would be jealous of? Not only that, but I’ve trained up those muscles to be as hard and as tough as possible.” Travis held his arm and shook his head no. “He didn’t? Well, you’re about to meet the most muscular 67 year old woman that you’ve ever gonna meet.”

Jamie stepped back and unzipped her warm-up jacket, then she tugged it out of her warm-up pants.  First thing that Travis could see was her tremendous pectorals, the valley in between must have been even deeper than the first time I saw it, at least 3 inches deep. Then her 8 pack abs were revealed and Travis knew that any attacks on that were not going to be effective at all, they looked bulletproof! And deeply cut, at least ¾ of an inch deep between squares! As she took her arms out of the sleeves of the jacket, I marveled, even though I’ve seen them before, I couldn’t help but gasp at the size, the density, the veins, just the whole hugeness, that put most male bodybuilders to shame, much less female bodybuilders! 

Jamie saw our looks of shock, awe and surprise, and she smirked. “Well, ain’t that nice, we’ve got a couple of muscle likers here, but boys, I’m not even flexing yet.” With that she exploded up into a double bicep flex that almost literally blew me away, I lost my footing and fell on my ass looking at the incredible guns that Jamie sent skyward. Travis was no less surprised, he looked up at her guns from his own ass, he looked down at his own weight sculpted biceps, there was no comparison, Jamie’s were far superior, and she knew it as her smirk grew bigger, looking down at Travis.

“I hope you know, you never had a chance, even without my martial arts skills, I’m far stronger and far tougher than you’ll ever be. But I just love the chance to exhibit my skills, for the non-believers, like coach over there. What do you think, Coach? Did you honestly think you could hurt this body?”

I was about to speak when I saw Jim was finally awake again, and he didn’t have any qualms about Jamie’s power and muscle, he picked up a lead pipe that was lying near him and approached Jamie from behind. He wound up and hit her in the back of the head with it. I thanked the Lord as I saw that Jamie wasn’t invincible, she fell to her knees immediately, but to my surprise, she wasn’t unconscious. She reached to the back of her head, and felt the big bump forming, she looked at her hand and saw a read substance. What happened next was something I’d remember for the rest of my life.

Jamie growled deep in her throat, she stood up and turned around, but I saw the look in her eyes and it was like something had taken over, she could have frightened the devil himself with the look that she gave Jim. I knew Jim was a goner, and I started praying for my own safety, after all, it appears she was going to lay off of us, I thought she was just going to intimidate us with her body and strength, but let us go. But now, now she was more angry than I’ve ever seen anyone get, and someone with the kind of power she has shouldn’t be made that level of angry at any time.

Jim, to his credit, was probably too dumb to be scared, he raised the pipe again, but as he swung forward, Jamie’s hand rushed up to stop his hand and held his wrist in a grip so tight that his fist instantly let go of the pipe. Jamie caught the pipe and put it in her pants, then she gripped Jim by the throat with her other hand and forced him up into the alley wall. To our amazement, Jamie raised her arm upward, and Jim’s body rose off the ground, his feet were kicking as they rose. With her other hand, Jamie made a fist, and started pounding Jim in the stomach with punch after ultra-powerful punch, she was a machine, sending in punches that would knock out most heavyweight boxers in every couple of seconds. Jim was bleeding from the mouth after a minute of this, we knew that he had serious internal injuries, and it was only the blood that made Jamie stop. She backhanded him so hard that he flew off her fist and sailed 4 feet through the air, where he landed, unconscious, but alive.

“Jamie, please, what Jim did was stupid, I never should’ve hired either of these guys to attack you, I should’ve listened, I should’ve taken your advise, I was stupid, I was ignorant, but don’t you think you’ve done enough? Jim is seriously hurt, he could die if we just leave him here!”

Jamie calmed down a little, she was never so violent in her life, she never truly wanted to hurt these guys, just rough them up and scare them a little. But Jim infuriated her, and beating him got that anger out of her quickly. Jamie picked the lead pipe out of her pants and walked over to Travis and me, wielding the pipe like she was going to use it, she had a stern look on her face.

“Jamie, uhhh, what’s that lead pipe for? I mean, you certainly don’t need it to kick our asses with.”

“Hold out your hands, palm up, make your hands into fists.” She said in a commanding tone.

We did as we were told, me and Travis thought we knew what was coming, she was going to ruin our hands with the lead pipe, but we suddenly heard a strange keening noise, we opened our eyes to see Jamie bending the pipe and pulling, she was stretching it out! Then she placed it around each of our wrists and tied it into a knot. We tried hard to get out of our hand made manacles, but the lead pipe was still too tough and strong for us to break. But not too strong or tough for Jamie.

“You guys aren’t worth it, you’re too wimpy and weak to even spend my time beating on you. What happened with Jim was unfortunate, I hope the doctors will be able to save him. I’ve never beaten a man to death, but he just raised my ire to such a level that it was hard to control my strength. I’m calling the police, I’m going to press charges on you guys for assault. But I think if Jim survives, the months he spends in the hospital will be punishment enough.”

Jamie takes a cell phone out of her pants pocket and dials 911, she tells them that 3 men assaulted her, but she was able to fight them off, and that she managed to detain 2 of them with jury rigged manacles, but one guy was beaten so badly that he was unconscious and could be hurt badly. She then took a pen out of her pocket and looked around for something to write on. She found a discarded pizza box and ripped off the top of it, she wrote down this note.

“These men assaulted me and I would like to press charges on them, my telephone number is ***-****, but don’t treat them too harshly as they gave up without much of a fight, please try to treat the third man as best as you can, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and took a very bad beating because of it, please do all that you can for him. JTAK”

“JTAK, what’s that?”

“It stands for my name, Jamie Theresa Andrea Keats, but it’s also my nickname, Jamie the Ass Kicker. Ta-ta guys, and coach, when you get out of prison, and you want to try to find me again, please, bring more guys. Make it a challenge at least.”

She smirked at me as she walked away, with a little skip in her step.

I just shook my head and swore under my breath. “When I get out, I’m moving 1,000 miles away from that woman.”

Me and Travis just stood there, awaiting our fate, and I hoped that was the last I was ever going to see of Jamie “the Ass Kicker” Keats. 

The End…maybe.
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Great stories about strong and muscular women and girls, hope you enjoy!

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