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Author Topic: Author: [poddy] Natalie and the PumpSuit | #FMG  (Read 74708 times)

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Re: Natalie and the PumpSuit (FMG)
« Reply #60 on: July 13, 2016, 02:53:13 am »
'Preciate the positive feedback!

This scene went through about a billion different re-writes and scenarios. Ultimately I always wanted this story to boil down to jealousy and rivalry, I just wasn't sure how to make it happen.

I'd be curious to know who's side people are on at this moment - or who you think made the strongest case during the dispute - Rachel or Natalie? I'd like to keep a healthy balance, but I've lost sight of the big picture and it's quite lop-sided I'd love to know so I can fix it for the future chapters.

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Re: Natalie and the PumpSuit (FMG)
« Reply #61 on: July 13, 2016, 12:03:12 pm »
Unequivocally, Natalie. I feel more for her and want good things for her. Whatever Rachel's motives are, they seem selfish and it's hard for her to come across as sympathetic, especially when she so easily casts Natalie off as she did. Whatever friendship or love/lust she felt was probably just a means to an end, using Natalie to get her hands on a Pumpsuit. She seems sociopathic, able to fill a number of roles and personas to suit her needs in order to get what she wants. Natalie on the other hand didn't fully know what she was getting into and bought into the euphoria of the pump and became an addict. She realizes she screwed up and is trying to make the best of a bad situation, which seems to get worse by the minute for her especially with her mother involved.

Obviously muscle growth is the prime concern here, so one mustn't skimp on it, but the characterization is just too damn good and so rare to have an author who actually puts forth effort here on Saradas that I want that to continue. Whatever you have planned, I'm sure it'll be outstanding. And don't forget, I'm here to spitball with should the need arise. God knows I bent your ear enough these last few months.
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Re: Natalie and the PumpSuit (FMG)
« Reply #62 on: July 13, 2016, 01:01:50 pm »
Honestly, I don't side with either. Why should I? The conflict drives the story, so I enjoy the ride as it goes along. They both have reasons for what they do, that's good enough for me.
I want to know the continuation, of course.
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Re: Natalie and the PumpSuit (FMG)
« Reply #63 on: July 15, 2016, 04:16:11 am »
I absolutely side with Rachel. I'll take intelligence and drive over weepy melodrama any day. Rachel knows exactly what she wants, and knows how to get it. She's even managed to modify the suit, I'm hoping she was right in thinking it will be an improvement over the original design. I also believe Rachel absolutely won their argument in the last chapter, especially after forcing Natalie to admit she knew the chemicals in the suit weren't natural from the get go.

As much as I prefer Rachel by miles over Natalie (to the point I tend to skim through the Natalie only bits to get to the good Rachel stuff), I'm loving this new conflict between two very different characters and wouldn't change Natalie in any way. Light vs dark, innocence vs intelligence, unwitting vs intention. I've always enjoyed the darker, power mad characters but I seem to be in the minority there as the vast majority of the well written stories end very poorly for those characters.

Anyway, that's my $.02. Excellent story and thank you very much for sharing it with us!

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Re: Natalie and the PumpSuit (FMG)
« Reply #64 on: July 15, 2016, 06:00:28 am »
I absolutely side with Rachel. Rachel knows exactly what she wants, and knows how to get it. She's even managed to modify the suit

Honestly, I don't side with either. They both have reasons for what they do, that's good enough for me.
I want to know the continuation, of course.

Unequivocally, Natalie. Whatever Rachel's motives are, they seem selfish and it's hard for her to come across as sympathetic, especially when she so easily casts Natalie off as she did.

As a writer I have to tell you, these responses are incredible rewarding. I've spent a lot of time working on Natalie and Rachel's character, asking myself 'how would they react in this situation?' - why?", and I really wanted this last chapter to illuminate their differing convictions about the suit, pumplabs, using steroids, their perception by the general public, what they believe they deserve.

To see that work pay off and receive 3 completely different opinions after this scene is honestly the best response I could have gotten. Writing growth actually comes rather easily, but none of the muscles matter if you're not interested in who it's happening to, and that's what takes up 90% of my time when it comes to writing this. I'm so glad it's appreciated.

Sorry for the gushing, thanks again for being awesome readers and genuinely investing your time into my stories. I'm more motivated than ever. :) 

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Re: Natalie and the PumpSuit (FMG)
« Reply #65 on: July 29, 2016, 06:43:27 pm »
Thanks for the new chapter.  You continue to deliver compelling characterization.  They might not have much in common with me, maybe I don't even like them, but I care about what happens to them next in the story.  Even in ninety-five percent of contemporary/classic literature that I've paid to read, I wouldn't care whether the characters in them lived or died.  And like others have mentioned, I really appreciate the conflict between the characters, so many stories lack it and end up feeling flat.  Honestly, most dialogues between characters in a bookstore book sound like slight variations of author talking to author and you never seem to fall into that trap.

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Re: Natalie and the PumpSuit (FMG)
« Reply #66 on: August 25, 2016, 08:50:12 am »
(A/n) Thanks JerusalemTulip, sorry I didn't get around to replying. Another giant chapter here, but another important one. So you all read good, ya hear?

Chapter 14

"You - you are going straight to your room!" Natalie's mother stammered at the muscles pouring from her daughter's dress.

"I was handling it!" Natalie yanked open the backdoor. "Then you burst in yelling and tried calling the police - you completely fucked that up!" Her head pounded suddenly. She rubbed her temple and felt a lumpy vein under her finger. She cursed herself for trying to bluff Rachel, and where were PumpLabs now when she needed them?

Her body coiled up anxiously, as though she stood before a barbell loaded with weights she hadn't dared to lift before. The tightness climbed up her limbs, stiffening her steps as she paced around the kitchen gathering her thoughts and her things from the table.

"The police'll call back you know. That's what they do when you hang up on them." Her mother slammed the door shut. Natalie winced as the crash echoed in her ears. "I'm going to tell them there was a drug-dealer trespassing on my property."

"No! No - we can't - " Natalie struggled to find the words. She felt like she was burning up.

"Why on Earth not?"

"Just - just don't call the police here, please." Her limbs started to feel numb. Only flexing brought any sensation back into her body. She wanted to flex and flex until her dress ripped off of her body and fell to the floor. Instead, her mother's words blared like a klaxon.

"Then what the hell have you gotten into, Nat? Look, your secret's out - this little 'PumpLabs' story you've both cooked up is completely ludicrous! You need to start telling me the truth." She gently put her hands on Natalie's shoulders. "Natalie, love, I don't know what she's got you hooked on, but I can get you some help. I know people who can help you beat this." Natalie wriggled free and slipped her feet into her high-heels.

"I'm going out. I need some head-space." Natalie declared, though when she spoke she could barely hear herself. She felt her pulse stamping inside her throat, like an apple lodged inside her neck. "And I'm still telling you the truth!"

Her mother sighed furiously. "What are you hiding from me? Your stash? Where is it - in your room?" Every word from her mother was like an extra nail in her head. Natalie was content to leave her rummaging through her room in vain, looking for little vials of clear sci-fi goo. She still had no idea. Natalie had never felt her patience dissolving so rapidly. A cold sweat began to glisten on her forehead.

Her body coiled tighter. And as it did, her mind became more crowded with anger. She just wanted it to stop. Her resolve gave way.

"Go ahead. Have a look. You won't find a needle. I know you've got an eye for them..." Natalie snapped, shouting over the invisible roaring in her head.

Her mum slapped her hard across the cheek.

"That is not my daughter talking." her mother hissed. "Listen to yourself, Natalie." The hit blinded her momentarily. Natalie felt an indescribable rage swelling inside her. "And to think, I was going to sit here and go through the whole bloody phone book just to try and help you!" she grabbed the the fat book from the table and shook it in her face.

Natalie glared at her mother with white hot eyes. Her mother's fury wilted as she watched every muscle in her daughter's body contract. Rachel - the suit - PumpLabs, now her mother. They all shrank into an enticingly crushable little figurines she wanted to stomp under her 4-inch heels.

As though a pair of glasses had been knocked off her face, Natalie blinked repeatedly, but her eyes couldn't seem to focus. With every second her mother dissolved into an amorphous blob, flailing and shouting, but Natalie couldn't hear a word she was saying. Natalie's palms were drenched. Her nostrils flared as they desperately tried to handle her heavy breaths.
The blurry anger bubbled up in her eyes. Her muscles jerked and twitched all over her, like she was watching from within herself, a passenger. She snatched the phone book from her mother's hands.

She gripped the thick phone book and watched her knuckles glow white. The pages creaked. She wanted to tense her arms until they burst, such an uncontrollable tide of energy crackled inside her. She crumbled to the desire to jerk violently with all her strength, to exhaust herself and satiate her pounding body. Before she finished sucking down another incensed breath, her elbows pressed into her sides, her thumbs pushed inwards, and she punched a shallow V into the top of the phone book.

She growled as the top of the book split open. Her delts ballooned. Natalie's pecs pressed together and rose. Her fuzzy skin bulged and rolled, her muscles vigorously thumping under her dress. Her thick chest dented, forming an inverted V, with ridges of dense striations fanning across both pecs with each tug. Buoyed by the ripping paper in her hands, she pulled, and her shoulders creaked bigger. The power raging inside her body was tangible, visibly pulsing within her body. Her obliques rippled under the elastic around her waist as she tugged. The book split open another inch. Natalie's forearms thickened with plump sinews, two meaty strips arced over her elbows before plunging into a taut knots beneath her triceps.

Her muscles jerked, contorting the shape of her physique with each flex. Her strength seemed bottomless. The way her muscles pounced electrically around her limbs, rising and supporting her. Natalie growled as she felt the power that her muscles commanded - the power that she had absorbed into herself.

Natalie's mother watched speechless as her daughter's muscles bristled with size, enveloping the slim daughter she had always seen until tonight. Her muscles strained and sculpted new shapes she'd never seen in a human before, let alone a teenage girl. Natalie had pumped herself so far beyond 'fit'. The sight made her head light.

The suit, the steroids, whatever it was, her mother thought. What had they done to her? She'd pushed so far beyond her natural limits. Had she really wanted all of it - had she let it happen to herself? How had she not been afraid? As ripe veins grew up Natalie's arms like ivy, her mother watched dense, animated muscles wrap around her, as though they were slowly consuming her.

With a deep grunt, Natalie finally sheared phone book completely in two. She held her arms out triumphantly, clutching a half in each hand. Thick biceps stretched along her open arms, wired with jagged veins. Her dense shoulders rose up almost to her ears.

Her mother staggered into the corner, clutching herself, terrified at the feral power with which she had torn through the blocky pages.

Natalie stammered, looking down at her trembling mother. She dropped the two chunks of the directory with a gasp. Natalie didn't even notice the teardrops that had leaked from her eyes until they dripped from her chin. Nor could she feel the thick vein forking in her forehead. The tension fizzled through her shoulders and across her chest.

On the table, her mother's phone rang at last. The police call-back. Her mother was frozen stiff.   

"I - I - have to - I'm going - " Natalie snatched her clutch bag from the table. Her ears still rang and her legs felt like jelly. She wondered if it was blood she could taste in her mouth, or if she was about to throw up, or both. She kept her eyes on the ground and walked towards where she knew the front door was.

Trance-like, a cab rolled past within a minute of her setting foot on to the lit streets. Natalie didn't remember what she said to the taxi driver.

A minute into the ride, Natalie's pounding body began to calm and slowly her eyesight re-focused. She re-entered herself, noticing that her tanned skin was glossy with sweat.

She felt like she'd just woken up drunk. There was a blissful weightlessness and a surprising ease to everything.

Her sensitive cheek felt like a hungover mystery waiting to be solved. Her fingers felt sore and hot. Natalie tried desperately to rewind the last 30 minutes and stitch the blurry half-memories back together. Had they even happened?

Short moments eventually rolled back into focus. She checked her inbox to see if her direct replies to PumpLab's texts had worked. They had all failed. "How the hell are they so hard to find?" she muttered. A second later, she wished she hadn't sent them at all. The thought of them agreeing to take back the suits twisted her stomach. There had to be a way out of it. There had to be a way to keep the suits and everyone else happy. She just had to tell them about Rachel, how she was manipulated by her, prove the suits are real to her mother, then let her get on with winning the contest and someday getting out of that little corner shop.

She felt her pulse still thumping. Her shoulders ached as she gripped her phone in her hands. She couldn't seem to relax her delts, they clenched high and tight as her mind swam, distracted.

The saturating street lights rolled across her thighs, falling into the complex valleys in her quads and making ridges out of her crackling veins. She suddenly remembered the hurtful messages from earlier. She flicked on the roof light and began taking selfies.The green outfit clung around her waist. Tapered and tight in the center, wide from the front but incredibly taut and narrow from the side, only making her upper body spill more sumptuously from the top. The busy muscles in her legs were proudly exposed, with only a few inches of hem keeping her panties covered, even less when she sat down. As her thick thighs spread across the seats, she placed her knees together, wary of the cab driver's curious glances in the mirror.

"Freak in the gym. Beauty in the streets." she tacked. She scrolled angrily through her profile to find the trolls again, as if she was marching up to them in person. She looked for their usernames, to respond directly.

Her eyes darted around the screen, hunting for the offending trolls. A good minute passed by but the comments were nowhere to be found.

On the same pictures, the ones flaunting her most muscular poses, there was nothing but hearts and high fives. Natalie's brow scrunched. She scoured through every picture, seeking out the insults. Another minute yielded nothing. Eventually, she looked out at the growing lights as the taxi entered the town centre, and wondered if they had been reported by somebody else. At least something had gone right for a change, she thought.

She posted the picture as she paid the taxi driver and clambered out.

The night air swept over her as the cab pulled away. Goosebumps bristled over her skin. She looked down at herself, through the steep crevice between her pecs and over her cobbled six-pack. She rubbed the soft hairs on her arms and felt incredibly exposed. The wind threaded through her open front, cooling the sweat on the underside of her pecs and back. There was more of her on display than even in the gym. As the taxi disappeared from view, the night felt even more lonely than she'd expected. She instinctively reached for the pockets her tracksuit bottoms. Her hands slipped down her thighs.

She immediately missed the silky skin of the suit. She wished she could wrap it around her in its reassuring grip, that impenetrable armour, warm and safe. Half of her wanted to go home already. The other half couldn't bare the idea of spending another second with her mother. She needed to be somewhere else - so here she was: somewhere else.

She heard music thumping in the distance and saw the back of the queue up ahead at the corner. She looked up and saw the bright neon sign sticking out of the wall, 'The Cat House'.

'Christ, what the hell am I doing here?' she thought. It seemed muscle memory had brought her back. She couldn't remember what she'd said to the taxi. Her headache still lingered, but her vision was seemingly back to normal.

Then it clicked. The girls. The girls would understand. They always did. They were always there together on weekends picking up the pieces and bitching about returning to real life. If anyone would get it - this madness, this insanity with the suit, Rachel, her mother, PumpLabs - it had to be them. It was a Friday night, 9:30. The nights always started at the Cat House.

They knew how to make her forget - the right drink, the right high. How long had it been, 6 months? she thought to herself. Sure, she'd have to apologise for being a ghost on their group chats, constantly turning down holidays and nights out since the Pumpsuits arrived. But she was still around, she consoled herself. Besides they were surely following her on social media. What a story - what a comeback this would be!

A jittery energy raced through her, as if she was going to meet an old friend. When she looked up at the growing line, her heart panged nervously.

She took a breath and began walking towards the queue. She felt her footsteps echo like gunshots into the street, convinced that someone would hear, turn around and gasp. She joined the back of the queue as quietly as she could. Nobody noticed her. She checked her phone.

More than 1,000 likes had already flooded in. The queue shuffled forward. A new group joined the line behind her, their tipsy chatter soon fell into hushed whispers. Natalie resisted the urge to move her shoulders and send thick ripples through the landscape of her bare back.

The bouncer and her locked eyes for a long second. Natalie remembered the squat, barrel-chested man from nights passed. He seemed to remember her elegant features too, but he visibly couldn't digest the bodybuilder muscles filling out her feminine frame. Usually he ID'ed her, but this time he fumbled the dividing rope loose and looked at his shoes as Natalie swept past.

Natalie felt the thumps of bass in her feet, she sank deeper into the carpet than she recalled. Striding towards the muffled 'oomphs' beyond the cloakroom, her heart fluttered as she remembered the glances from the crowd inevitably waiting behind the doors. The flirting, the envy, the instant-hate. It was all coming back to her. She began rolling her hips with each step. Held her clutch bag nonchalantly by her side. She drew another breath. No turning back now. "Ok, here we go." she uttered to herself.

Like a gust of wind, she shoved the heavy wooden doors open with surprising ease.

The tidal wave of sound crashed into her, while the burst of outdoor light grabbed everyone's attention. Groups of well-groomed clubbers turned to face the banging of heavy doors, many thinking that someone was being thrown out. Natalie body cut an incredible silhouette. Her X-shaped physique with rolling, sultry hips strode confidently inwards. She parted the crowds as she strutted inwards, further towards the bar.

Natalie kept her eyes down. She spied mouths agape, cupped hands around ears, and people's lips flapping but with their chins plunged into their necks. She felt like the whole club was looking at her. 'Keep walking - just get to the bar - just get to the bar' she told herself. She did a double-take at a shimmer of raven-black hair that flashed under the club lights. It wasn't.

Natalie looked at the wall of backs lined along the bar. Not that long ago, Natalie would lithely thread her slender figure through the most unlikely gap. She remembered brushing her breasts against arms and backs to slice some attention, to shift a man's balance just enough to pry open half a foot and in she would squeeze, right to the front of the marble counter. Sometimes the bloke would even buy her drink for the pleasure.

Tonight though, she felt like a tank in a multistory car park. Looking at the backs, men and women, she was wider than everyone else in front of her. She caught one gap and took a few steps forward but two tight-shirted dudes slid their elbows outwards, sliding closer to the ears of the girls at their sides. Another opening appeared and Natalie lunged forward with her arm outstretched and slid one arm onto the cold counter.

A girl next to her spotted the thick muscles packed inside the newly presented limb at her side. Natalie watched her eyes trace along it desirously, until she reached her dress and arrived at Natalie's face, she gasped and twirled back to her friends. Natalie rolled her eyes.

"I love a lad with a sense of humour." she heard a giggle and felt a finger between the crevice running down her back.

Natalie turned slowly. A short woman seductively sipping on a neon-cocktail stood, her legs cocked in anticipation. The smile dropped from her candied lips.

"Me too." Natalie replied flatly.

"Holy shit, Natalie?" she scanned Natalie's beautiful face, her eyes incredulously darting from her hunky shoulders and pinched waist to her brawny thighs blossoming.

"Oh god! Claire!" Natalie burst with surprise.

"Oh my god!" her old friend swooned. She threw her arms around Natalie's shoulders, although her wrists were the only things that could turn towards each other behind Natalie's back. Natalie felt her perky breasts smooshing against her broad chest. Her pecs were still wider than Claire's squashed tits.

"You look - you look - holy shit!" she gushed. Claire ogled her body blatantly. She grabbed Natalie's big arms and squeezed them sensually. Natalie chuckled in surprise. Claire suddenly blinked and let go.

"Sorry!" she burst into giggles. Claire grabbed a stick of gum from her purse and added it to the dense ball already in her mouth. "I'm totally rolling right now." a dumb grin spread across her face.


"Yeah. MDMA." She dipped a finger inside her drink and drew it across her forehead. "You've been away too long, Nat!" she jibed.

"Come on, not that long." She watched awkwardly as Claire jigged from side to side, immediately distracted by the thumping beat in the club. "What's the occasion?"

"Dunno. Nothing really. Not tonight. I mean tomorrow could be, but no-one's really got any plans. Probably just back here y'know?" Claire smacked noisily. "But fucking hell Natalie look at you! It's like you're not even you! Well, you're still you, y'know, but like, it's not you, y'know? Do you feel like you? Can I feel? No, sorry, that's weird. But I still want to." 

"Um...well, I"

She grabbed Natalie's bicep and squeezed. Natalie flexed reactively. Her baseball-sized muscles spread Claire's fingers apart effortlessly, Claire swore and then burst into laughter. "Oh my god that's insane. You are so jacked, Nat! You must be so fucking strong. I bet you could out-bench all of the guys in here. Do you even lift bros?" she spluttered at her own joke. Her high smile spread so wide across her face her gums glistened under the lights. "That's so crazy - you're like bigger than all of the guys in here! You think anyone's gonna hit on you like they used to?" she looked around the club, as if looking for a suitable candidate. "Anyway, you'd be an expensive date! Aren't you eating like 4 cows a day?" Claire cackled at herself, again revealing the pink gum ball in her cheek.

Natalie giggled uncomfortably, trying to interject. Claire was machine-gunning through sentences, and when she stopped talking her cheeks kept rising into a wild grin.

"So this is where you've been all this time, pumping iron?" she continued. "Actually yeah, once we heard about your new lifestyle we didn't think you'd want to be interrupted. We didn't want to mess up your training or anything." 

"Speaking of, where are the rest of the girls? Who else is out?" Natalie interrupted at last, catching a group of girls gawping and pointing at her in the long mirror behind the bar. 

"Just me and Molly tonight." Claire said. Natalie was about to ask before she realised the nickname and faked another laugh. 

"But it's Friday night!" Natalie forced.

"I dunno, once you left all the girls kind of broke up. I'm the only one here carrying on the legacy. Like I'm not blaming you or anything. But you did totally disappear. It would have nice of you to stay in touch but I understand you were busy and that's cool, really. They'd love it if they saw you here now."

Claire had never been so tactless before. Before she was characteristically coy and deliberate, now she was jabbering and drinking more than Natalie had ever seen. "Ashley's pregnant." she added.

"With David?"

"Kevin." Ashley replied nonchalantly. ""Kira's an air stewardess now. Megan got a modelling contract in the States, the bitch." she laughed again, slapping Natalie on the arm and taking a long drink. "Jen, too." she added. "Remember, her dad said he'd get her lipo if she was still overweight by her 20th birthday?" Claire laughed into her drink again.

"It's fine though - it's totally fine y'know. I'm still having a laugh. It's all good - it's all good 'yknow?" She bobbed up and down for a few more seconds, raising her drink and lowering her head, getting lost in the music. Suddenly, she looked at Natalie as though she had just seen her for the first time again. "It's so cool you're back! Do you want some Molly? I've got some more in my purse. You'll love it, babe, trust me." 

Natalie shook her head. "No thanks. Just vodka tonight. My mum needs me to open up tomorrow, I swear she does it on purpose." Natalie tried her best to chide her family like she used to. Instead, Natalie's stomach twisted as she thought of her mother stuffing her belongings into a bag and placing them beside the front door.

"You're still in that pokey little corner shop?! I'm amazed you can even afford the taxi here!" Claire could have seen Natalie's abs biting the inside of her dress if she wasn't distracted by the lights reflecting off the marble counter. "Let me go tell the girls you're here." she tickled Natalie's forearm weirdly.

"The girls? Didn't you say they were gone?"

"The new girls, silly! Go get yourself a drink." Claire trotted away before Natalie could reply. 

'Jesus, this is what I've been missing?' Natalie though to herself. She thought about Megan and Jen. The three of them had all planned to go into modelling together. That's how Natalie got started in the gym in the first place, before she realised she enjoyed the weights and having strong round shoulders and a bubble butt. She never thought she'd actually envy their pencil-thin, P-shaped bodies, that she'd feel jealous of their rewards for their bulimic, binging-starving carousel.

Her mind wandered back to the vision of her mother rummaging through her room, throwing her pumpsuit away. Her heart began stamping. She should have taken it with her. Natalie looked towards the exit. She began contemplating a taxi home, putting the suit on and never taking it off again. She remembered locking her door behind her, the relief was enough consolation to make her turn around an order a drink. Maybe Claire's new girls were alright.

There was nudge at her shoulder.

"Hey." a deep voice said.

Natalie ignored it. She swirled the acrid vodka shot under her nose. She didn't want to entertain anyone else in this neon sweatbox.

"Hey, Natalie?" She looked but didn't turn her neck. There were enough of her skeletons walking around to start a ghost house. Suddenly a hand rested gently on her shoulder. "Natalie, right? Natalie Marsh, from Rogue Fitness gym? It's me." A handsome man tilted his head and raised his eyebrows expectantly as Natalie turned to face him. "Kyle, the instructor from the bodypump class." Natalie sighed with relief and grinned. "I thought I saw you come in." he said, smiling warmly.

"Oh right. Hi - yeah, hi. Sorry, I was just leaving actually." He was brawny, as big as her at least. It caught Natalie almost by surprise. His arms generously filled his sleeves, and his chest was wide and gently strained the buttons running down his front. The blonde tuft on his head was stylish but not over-groomed.

"Oh, alright. Well I just wanted to wish you good luck in the contest in a few weeks." he explained. "I know prep is tough." he look at the shot in Natalie fingers. He sounded disappointed, disapproving even, but caring. Natalie put the vodka back down on the counter. "Sorry - I didn't mean - "

"No, no, you're right. I shouldn't." she imagined Rachel standing next to her on stage. The PumpLabs reps ogling her stolen body. "Thank you." her mind seemed clearer, then she kicked herself for being here in the first place. She knew Rachel certainly wasn't in a nightclub.

"I won't tell if you won't." Kyle soothed. Natalie smiled gratefully. Finally a sense of clarity, focus, liberated her mind.

Natalie glanced around for Claire. She spotted her jabbering to a group of young girls in the distance, pointing at her. When weighing up her options, Natalie quickly decided she wanted to be occupied. "How did you know I was competing?" she asked, leaning closer to Kyle.

"Well your name is always top of the monthly gym-attendance list. I follow the local contest news too, so when I saw your name on the entry-list I couldn't say I was too surprised. I was actually pretty excited." Kyle turned and leaned over the bar.

Natalie smiled. "Excited?" she propped herself next to him. "You think I have a shot?"

Kyle took a swig of his drink and nodded enthusiastically. "Absolutely. Barring anything, drastic" he nodded towards the abandoned vodka shot. He then raised his finger at the barman. In a few seconds a clear drink on the rocks slid towards Natalie. She glanced curiously at Kyle. He smiled and lifted his glass. Natalie hovered hers under her nose. It was odourless. Natalie rolled her eyes. Water. They clinked glasses and drank.

"So you're entering too?" Natalie noted his impressive tricep as he placed his hand in his back pocket and crossed his legs.

"That's right. Down to middle-weight this year."

"Down?" Natalie asked, crossing her own legs.

"Yeah. Without a sponsor it was getting hard to stay on top of it all. Plus I couldn't afford a new wardrobe three times a year." he chuckled. Natalie sighed knowingly and nodded, looking down at her own physique stuffed inside her cocktail dress. For the first time since she entered, she didn't feel quite so ridiculous.

"To those we lost." Natalie toasted. She kept her eyes on Kyle as he drank. He was perhaps the only man in the bar who could match her physique. He was few inches taller. He could have only been a couple of years older than her, she surmised. His body was dense all over. His back was thick and his lats visibly pressed outwards, forming ripples across the back of his shirt. His thick neck looked slightly at odds with his gentle features and the childishly fashionable blonde tuft on his head. She caught herself imagining him on stage, bronzed and under the lights.

"You're going for heavyweight, right?" Kyle looked her body up and down. She was surely bigger than when she had worked out in his class just a few days ago. Her legs were so defined, and the way her quads and hamstrings hung off of her legs, like they had nowhere left to go but outwards. The dress was so taut around her backside too, he could easily see each melon-sized glute straining against the silky fabric.

Natalie gave sultry shrug, entertaining his assumptions. Finally she started to enjoy how she spilled out of her dress, how he admired rather than feared her developed musculature. "I dunno." she wondered aloud. "I've been toying it."

"Well if you're middleweight then I don't know what that makes me, physique - fitness?!" he grimaced comically in exaggerated disgust.

Natalie giggled, it was old joke but she liked it. She liked him. She twisted her glass to her lips so her bicep flexed to it's split peak. "I'm still deciding on where to put the last few kilos." she purred. Kyle licked his lips, conceding the conversation to her and drawing a quiet, carnal breath. The crevice running between her pecs was surely as deep and as sculpted as his. He spied the highest ridges of her top abdominals in the valley of her dress. They were dense blocks, pushing outwards rather than melting in and out of existence with her breaths. Her shoulders boasted striations he couldn't match. His were rounded cannonballs, while hers offered the same thickness only with incredible detail. The striations rustled as she stirred her drink with her finger. Behind her meaty torso he spied some commotion.

"Your friends are leaving." Kyle commented. Through the crowd, Natalie spotted Claire being bundled out of the door by a group of girls she didn't recognise. Claire made one last glance at Natalie as she was shepherded out. They locked eyes. Claire shrugged helplessly, cackled loudly, and then disappeared through the double doors. Natalie shook her head.

"That's ok." Natalie shrugged. She smirked as she noticed the clearing that had formed around them. "I wouldn't really call them friends anyway."

"It is lonely sometimes." Kyle peered pensively into the bottom of his glass. "That's why I workout with those meatheads at the gym most of the time, for the company. They're not all bad. But sometimes it feels like months go by without any else giving a shit that you're up punishing your body every day before they even have breakfast. I get a lot of stick from my mates."

Natalie listened and nodded. She'd never had someone confide in her like that before. Everyone else saw the highlight reel, Rachel included. She never even stuck around for more than week before she left, with the goddamn suit, her mind wandered. Natalie pulled herself back to the conversation as the silence marched past.

"All they see is the results." Natalie said. Kyle looked up at her and his eyes smiled with appreciation. They held each other's gaze for an extra second. A glass smashed somewhere, Kyle chuckled.   

"It's my mate's stag-do tonight, so I wouldn't miss it." he looked over his shoulder at a group of burly lads jumping around the dance floor. "But if he knew I was drinking water..." he shook his head. "I was thinking of ducking out early too, blaming it on the job." Natalie slid towards him, their brawny arms pressed against each other.

"I quite fancied dancing." Natalie whispered cooly in his ear. Kyle looked pleasantly surprised. "You've gotta let yourself have some fun." she held out her delicate hand. Kyle gently wrapped it in his big paw and they trotted to the dance floor.

Natalie carved a wide corridor in the crowd with Kyle in tow, the pair of them blind to the incredulous and jealous looks from the passing clubbers. She dragged him straight to the centre of the floor.

Natalie tossed her head to and fro to the stamping music. Kyle was entranced by her energy, and quickly followed suit. Despite her brawny physique, Natalie's body twisted with intoxicating elegance. She had total control over her body. Kyle spied her shapely biceps rising as she ran her fingers through her hair. Her muscles shifted lithely from one pose to the next. Her dress clinging on for dear life. The ways her body stretched and expanded, her muscles flexed delicately, almost in time with the music.

Kyle was entranced. The beautiful face atop such a dynamic, gorgeously sculpted body blew him away. Her energy was bottomless. Several songs later she threw herself around with the same vigour, frequently firing flirtatious glances at Kyle with her dazzling blue eyes. This was the release Natalie needed. She actually allowed herself to enjoy her physique, her muscles. All the months of pumping and getting jacked-up by the suit, she discovered a newfound sensual connection with her body. Her muscles squeezed and rolled perfectly at her command. They gripped and supported her exactly as she wished. As beads of sweat dripped down her peach fuzz skin, she could single out every sinew thrumming inside her.

Kyle moved closer and closer, but whenever his crotch drew within an inch of her, Natalie would thrust her hips so hard and precisely that she'd shove his heavy frame back by a metre. She was teasing him. He played along gladly, beginning his approach towards her again. The club lights began strobing, disguising his movements, at last, he wrapped an arm around her waist and pushed his crotch up against her backside.

Natalie smiled with a sultry glance over her shoulder. She reciprocated, rubbing her thick glutes up and down, feeling his growing bulge sliding between her buttocks. His hand was big around her waist, and he squeezed her with a gentle but firm embrace. Natalie liked his strength, she felt smaller, tender in his hands.

Her back was now shiny with sweat. She sank down to her knees and slid her irresistible glutes up and over the hard lump in his crotch. Natalie's cobbled back flickered before his eyes. Her muscles bustled against his chest with little thumps that were strong but loving. In the pounding lights, Kyle stroked Natalie's midriff. She locked them tight in formation as she let him explore her. He ran his fingers over each individual ab. Each one was a thick distinguishable block. Natalie felt him bulging even harder in his pants. 

She grabbed his hand and she dragged him off before the next chorus. The hole they left in the dance floor quickly sealed over with a few laughs and shaking heads.

They burst out the front door giggling. The long club queue stared as they hurried towards an empty cab. The back-end sank down a few inches they bundled inside.

Their tongues were in each others' mouths before the door closed. Kyle nibbled her lips while groping Natalie's brawny legs. Natalie likewise confidently moved her hand higher and closer towards his crotch. "My legs could use a massage" she thought aloud, flexing them beneath his big hands. "They got a real workout." she wiped the film of sweat off of her forehead. She only just realised how stuffy the club had been.

"You haven't done any work yet." Kyle growled in her ear. The taxi pulled up to Kyle's front door.

Kyle listened to Natalie's heavy breaths as he planted his hands over her pumpkin shoulders. Goddamn he'd never felt a body so hard before.

Sinking into the couch lifted the hem of her dress. Natalie held his gaze, letting her panties slide into view. Kyle spied the deep Y-shape climbing steeply towards her hips, and the front disappearing between her muscular thighs. He quickly recognised the delicate little bump in the front of her thong. He slid his middle finger down along the silk fabric, tracing her clit under his fingertip.

Natalie quivered against his body. Her incredible musculature twitched vulnerably, and then her iron-muscle casing relaxed, softening all over with a little whimper. It was the first softness he'd seen or felt in her entire frame. The hard, veiny exterior melted away. Her hips rolled and rose and the way she nibbled the end of her fingers with her thick, tinted lips. And as her smoky eyes closed with long lines running towards her ears, Natalie became irresistibly feminine. Kyle was straining against his underwear.

As her defence lowered, his confidence grew. He flitted his fingers to and fro across her warming clit. Her breathing quickened, her head rolling back and around. With his hand around her lower back, he ran his finger between the deep valley in her back and felt it relax. Then with a stifled gasp, it tightened back into long, hard cords.

Kyle's gently pushed his fingers inside her. "Mmmm - yess" Natalie sighed. His fingers were quickly coated in her wetness. He twisted his fingers upwards and began stroking. Natalie purred with approval. Kyle quickened his pace, watching the pleasure swell up and burst through Natalie's submissive gasps. He was aroused by the control he had over such a powerful girl. Watching her writhe and pant and lose control of her powerful body under his gentle strokes made her somehow exotic and misunderstood, as though he were drawing out the girl underneath the muscles. It was sexier than any brittle, predictable party girl he'd ever taken home. He was getting harder than he could remember.

He growled and sank lower. He kinked his thumb at 90 degrees and gently nuzzled his broad knuckle against her clit. The volume went up another notch, Natalie's back arched.

She felt a roaring fire running down thighs. It trickled, hot and warm and familiar. With every stroke her breath shallowed, teasing her closer and closer. Her mind crackled, 'Nngg - god. What is he doing down there?' She raised her head to look. She'd never been touched like this before.

The awesome sensation grew warmer, then gradually tightened. Slowly and meaningfully it coiled around her thighs. Suddenly, her legs flexed, her eyes popped open and something snatched her breath from her lungs. Her heart felt like it doubled in size.

It was such a incredible rush, not that she doubted Kyle's skill, but the ballooning pleasure could only be one thing. Natalie gasped loudly, completely helpless to the dual sensations.

With a long moan, her legs flexed out straight. Trembling, spasming and flexing in place. She tried to open her eyelids, swimming against the awesome tides of sexual pleasure.

The delicate the venom slithered around her legs and towards up upper thighs. "Oh god - oh god - oh fuck" she panted desperately. She knew it was too late to resist, was she imagining it? The unmistakable grip and squeeze in her legs, like the fangs of a snake sinking into the deepest muscle fibres of her body, before they would jerk and explode outwards with re-doubled size and strength. That was something inimitable. Her mind raced frantically, 'Oh god - Am I pumping-up? Kyle is going to see me - oh god don't stop - maybe - he won't notice? What if I can - '

She was interrupted by a supernova burst of pleasure, when at last, it finally plunged deep into the tissue around her crotch. A guttural moan burst from Natalie's lips. She clenched the cushions in her fists. Her body jolted as the residual venom invited itself into the mayhem.

Unaware and goaded on by her pants and moans, Kyle maintained his forcible rhythm with honed precision. With a vigorous squeeze, the gorgeously woven assembly of her legs rippled into full view. Her smooth, golden legs expanded in all directions, her dense quads and hamstrings contracted into their impenetrable formation above her tiny-looking kneecaps. Kyle felt her previously soft, brawny physique re-hardening under his strokes.

Her quads spasmed to their full ripeness. Then sinew by sinew they pulsed outwards. The torque of the sensual growth twisted her deeper into the leather cushions. The hyper-venom plucked each muscle fibre like piano-strings. Two thick chunks of muscle bulged either side of her kneecaps. In upside down hearts, they trembled higher than her kneecaps. Her quads ripened forcefully, climbing and merging with the huge slabs and then expanding outwards. Kyle soon noticed his pussy-deep fingers being squeezed tighter and tighter between her thighs. He resisted, fingering harder.

Her glutes pumped outwards by another inch. Natalie wailed with ecstasy. The tight hem of her dress slipped away to completely reveal her sweating, pulsing glutes. Her thong was swallowed by the two jerking hunks of muscle pressing against one another. The leather creaked under the increasing size of the brawny shelf bursting out of her lower back.

Sweat dripped from both their noses. Natalie's veiny inner thighs matched the throbbing network in Kyle's forearm. With another blinding spasm, Natalie's calves squeezed outwards against the plastic coils from her heels. Beating against the material wrapping her shin, thump by thump it began to unwind around her swelling legs.

Her hamstrings pulled her heels back towards her. Her hamstrings creaked thicker in the backs of her thighs, pushing downwards into the slippery sofa. Kyle ignored the unbreakable vice of Natalie's thighs and the cramping in his arm. He'd never had such a reaction before, and he wasn't going to stop now. Natalie's legs were so pumped. Every muscle in her lower body stood at attention. Still, the sensation thumped at the limits of her body. Demanding more from her.

Her muscles, the venom, her clit. All of them met in a blinding crescendo. Natalie didn't care about the venom, she didn't care about hulking-out in front of Kyle. She wanted to rip her dress off and let the pleasure cascade through her. A final tidal wave of power surged from nowhere.

The incessant pounding of Kyle's fingers finally loosening a thread inside her, and she quickly unraveled. Natalie squealed, orgasm wracked her entire body. Through the indescribable pleasure, her legs crept outwards another few millimetres. Helpless to the sensations shattering inside her, she blacked out, could barely breath.

Kyle withdrew his fingers, shaking the growing pain out of his hand. He inspected it carefully with a grimace. His attention quickly returned back to Natalie. She was still twisting and writhing on the sweat-soaked leather, grabbing handfuls of her own hair. She moaned and whimpered as though he was inside her. Natalie ran a hand down her quaking thighs. Her muscles rippled and flexed under her touch, as if she commanded and controlled her entire physique. 

Kyle squinted in the dim light. He could have sworn her legs weren't that big at the club. Her upper thighs especially, easily twice the width of her calves. Her quads swept from her legs with size and condition. Each thick strip of muscle jostling to bulge out the furthest. Her swollen muscles rubbed and nuzzled against each other as Natalie continued to squirm with pleasure. The final bursts of pleasure ricocheted through her. Volleying off her sensitive muscles, quivering and huge. Just as one started to relax, it contracted with the another awesome squeeze. Kyle stood over by her splayed quivering feet, confounded.

At last, when Natalie blinked herself back into the room, Kyle was standing, his hands on his hips and an awe-filled expression on his face.

It took a few seconds for the situation to break through her whirlwind orgasmic giddiness. At last, Natalie gasped and closed her legs, her cheeks burning bright red.

That last scene might be my favourite so far. Thanks for the continued support.

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Re: Natalie and the PumpSuit (FMG)
« Reply #67 on: August 25, 2016, 12:19:54 pm »
I'm wishing that I hadn't quit smoking because I think I need a cigarette after that hot fingerbang-growth scene. Is there anything better than orgasm-fueled muscle growth? I submit that there is not. She's going to have some 'splainin' to do after she collects her thoughts, but if I were Kyle I probably wouldn't be able to contain myself seeing a hot muscle girl like Natalie get BIGGER from a single fingerpop. I had lots of fun imagining that sexy dress getting smaller and smaller and smaller with each breath, pant, and moan, imagining the space between her thighs getting tighter and tighter and even the muscles inside growing thicker and stronger with each push. Hot stuff. 

But how is she going to deal with her poor mother? After her little roid-rage Power Team impression it might be a little hard to show her face around home and the shop again. Interesting to see how that develops. Great job, Sir Poddington. You make me feel inadequate.
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Re: Natalie and the PumpSuit (FMG)
« Reply #68 on: August 25, 2016, 02:22:35 pm »
This keeps getting better and better.  Every line is throbbing with tension, and you switched between three different points of view very smoothly.  The way that emotion and sensation are blended so well with anatomy make this story so much hotter than most.

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Re: Natalie and the PumpSuit (FMG)
« Reply #69 on: August 25, 2016, 05:28:29 pm »
Amazing; glad to see this still going!

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Re: Natalie and the PumpSuit (FMG)
« Reply #70 on: August 25, 2016, 05:54:11 pm »
I was late to the game on really picking up and e njoying the drug-fueled growth in the story from Sir Poddy, but damn am I glad I finally did.  Well done.  Would be nice if Natalie's voice dropped a bit coming out of this orgasmic rush and some other secondary effects form the venom, etc., but if not, hell, I'm not complianing after that last scene!

 :clap: :bravo: :rock:

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Re: Natalie and the PumpSuit (FMG)
« Reply #71 on: August 26, 2016, 06:25:16 am »
Thank you for all the kind comments! I was hesitant to put out another chapter ladened with story and emotion again, but fortunately the strength and FMG scenes kind of wrote themselves and covered a few key points about the pumpsuit that I'd been wanting to show.

I'm travelling a lot during the remaining months of this year, so as per usual, no ETA on a new chapter. I hope that last scene makes up for it! :)

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Re: Natalie and the PumpSuit (FMG)
« Reply #72 on: August 26, 2016, 08:27:56 am »
I'm all for it and want to thank you for your writing!
It's awesome.
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Re: Natalie and the PumpSuit (FMG)
« Reply #73 on: October 17, 2016, 03:06:45 am »
Can't wait for the next one!  This is one of my favorites!    :thanks:

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Re: Natalie and the PumpSuit (FMG)
« Reply #74 on: November 27, 2016, 09:33:15 am »
Natalie and the Pumpsuit - Chapter 15

"Hah - hah - holy shit." Natalie panted desperately. "What did you - how did you do that?" Natalie slid up right on the sweat-slicked leather. Kyle stammered, still clutching his hand. For a few moments they both ogled the ripe quads trembling giddily under her glossy skin.

"I've gotta go - I've gotta go." Natalie padded over to her high heels by the door. "Oh Christ, this is out of control! What's going on?!" Natalie gushed, looking frantically around the room. "Where's my purse?"

"Natalie, wait." Kyle scrambled after her. He wedged himself between her and the doorway. "There'll be no cabs about and it's freezing outside."

"Kyle, let me out." Natalie sniveled.

"But, Natalie - that was - that was incredible."

Natalie scoured his face for any trace of sarcasm, but his husky eyes were as wide and as doughy as her after her post-workout enhancements. "Please. You can leave whenever you want, but just don't leave like this. Let's talk about it." They paused, chest-to-heaving-chest, swapping each other's heavy breaths, a million silent questions volleying between them. She took a breath as hot pleasure still ebbed inside her thighs. She felt the cold air through the letterbox pricking her skin.

He softly wrapped a warm paw around Natalie's forearm. "Tea?" Kyle asked.


With a steaming mug in her hand and her dress looking splayed with relief on the bed, Kyle emerged with holding a large baggy t-shirt. "Here, this used to fit me. Probably more comfy for you now." A XL fell over Natalie like a parachute, but the gaping neck teased glimpses of her feathered upper pecs and the insides of her pumpkin shoulders. The rest pooled loosely on the sheets around her.

She took a tentative sip as Kyle joined her on the bed. He'd swapped into a figure-hugging singlet. Nose in her mug, Natalie peeked at the sloping contours of his narrow hips, and the oaken posture in his tapered back. His wide pecs drew her eye to the supplement company logo stamped in the centre of his chest.

"Jaeger's was my first ever pre-workout." Natalie commented. "I felt so hardcore, I even hid it from mum." she scoffed.

"Oh it's my favourite. I actually take some before I run the bodypump classes at the gym, it's the only way I can stay ahead of some of the hardcore regulars." He took a gulp from his own cup. "I'm glad I took it when you came along." he smiled.

"Hah, I was putting a brave face on it." for a second she wanted to comment on Rachel's disheveled appearance after the 45 minutes were over, but she quickly dismissed the idea of bringing her into the conversation. She rummaged for a substitute answer. "You should have seen me after we got out of the studio." she gushed. She ducked back into her tea cup the second she heard herself, knowing she had careered back into the elephant in the room. Kyle cleared his throat, Natalie saw Kyle's imagination whirring.

"So after my class, did you - did that - I mean, has that happened to you before?"

Natalie nodded sheepishly, feeling her biceps stress the shirt seams as she lifted her mug for another sip.

"You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to. I just didn't like seeing you scared." Natalie felt a sweet warm glow in her tummy and her body relaxed slightly. 

"Well, earlier." Natalie nodded at the shiny leather cushions. "That has never happened before. But, my body." she swallowed, nervously. "My muscles." she pushed the words out. "That's been happening for a while."

"You mean filling out like that?" Natalie nodded gingerly. "So what are you - I mean, have you been using, y'know?"

"Well, yeah, sort of."

"Sort of?"

"I mean not normal steroids." Kyle's brow bunched. Natalie turned to face him and cleared her throat. "I should have - I should have told you about me. I don't know if you've seen me at the gym or whatever, but I've changed like, a lot recently."

"I know..." Kyle conceded with an embarrassed smile. She glanced up at Kyle, he ducked back into his tea cup. Natalie scored his ultra-cool composure cracking. She asked for her phone and he handed it over. She thumbed open her Inst@gram account and scrolled down. "Can you believe this was me?" she turned the screen to Kyle. In the shock of harsh light he squinted, then raised an eyebrow, then the other, impressed. "3 months ago." Kyle's lips lowered like a draw-bridge. His eyes darted back and forth between the cardio bunny on the screen and the bulging blonde on his bed, whose ripe muscles stretched the logo adorned across her chest.

"Bloody hell, when you see it like that." His heart pounded so hard he worried Natalie would see it through his skin. He tried to keep it cool. Here he was going backwards, down a weight class to stay competitive, while this girl was blowing up, almost uncontrollably. At least his memory hadn't been playing a fetishistic joke on him. He'd never seen such a transformation in his life. The sheer volume she'd packed on to a her muscles. How they stretched her into an X-shaped silhouette, her bold posture, it was something from a comic book or a cartoon. Her muscles were large yet still so perfectly proportioned, and so exquisitely interwoven, a living model of perfect biological engineering. Yet, in the skinny girl on the phone screen, he still spotted the tell-tale signs of the same girl. The piercing blue eyes, her glistening lips, her luscious bob of blonde hair, that traffic-stopping smile - all those intensely gorgeous features remained on top of a young body swallowed by layers and layers of thick, fleshy muscle.

"Wow." he whispered at last as he poured through her profile, ogling her mandatory poses, and a few times zooming in on the most precise details of her musculature. "Your taper. Your conditioning. Your proportions." she heard him swoon blatantly. A part of her liked watching him jam-up with confusion. She knew her explanation would baffle him even more, and she chose her next words selectively. The idea of getting loaded up with potent muscle-growing chemicals wasn't quite as spell-binding as the fantastical growth-show on her Inst@gram account.

"A supplement company, PumpLabs, picked me to be one of their sponsors about 3 months ago. And they sent me these bodysuits - they call them Pumpsuits." Natalie took a breath. It all sounded so ridiculous out loud. "And it has these patches inside, with a kind of steroid formula they call 'Hyper-venom'. So I put it on, work out, and a few minutes after I've finished - well" she blushed, looking down. "You saw what happens. But, like, way more intensely." She heard Kyle take an audible gulp.

"Wait, so that was less than normal?" he asked with his mouth still half-full.

"Oh yeah." Natalie sighed with more than hint of yearning. She roamed through memories of the commanding bear-hugs under her own skin. That orgasmic embrace of her bursting muscles elbowing each other aside to pump up to their maximum size.

Kyle shuffled closer, he could see Natalie's cheeks flushing even in the soft bedroom lighting. Natalie wanted to fill the silence, nervous that he was silently building up to the biggest, most humiliating belly-laugh she'd ever heard. She hastily foraged for the words to somehow describe, even remotely, the awesome sensation the suit provided. Kyle waited patiently.

"Well, first, it gets me ready. All the muscles I've just worked fill out, it's like an instant whole-body pump. By now I can see my veins pumping through the suit. Then my heart starts pounding like crazy, like it knows what's coming next." Natalie visualised the changing room stall - the full-body mirror on the wall, the slatted bench and her throbbing body wrapped in blue. "I can feel it - the venom - trickling into me, drip by drip. It's slow, it feels thick, warm. I can even follow it inside me, pumping in to the tips of my fingers and toes. And in about a minute my body is filled with the pump and this venom - I'm just locked there, shaking, waiting for it.

"And then it just bursts inside me all at once. And when it starts..." Natalie licked her lips. "I can't stop it. I'm totally out of control. My muscles flex all by themselves. I can't choose which one comes next, or how big it gets. I just feel them stretching. I feel it all over me. I feel the spandex slipping across my skin, and my sleeves sliding up my arms when my chest and back start growing. I feel my muscles pushing against each other. They grow in these waves, these pulses of power. It's like something's pressing out against my skin from inside me. I can't speak, I can't see, I can't even think. I can barely stay on my feet. I'm just bulging. It feels like it lasts an hour, but I know it's only about 2 minutes. It totally rocks me. I just have to stand there and take it."

She glanced cautiously over at Kyle. He kept his eyes on an empty patch of the mattress, listening intently with pensive nods.

"So yeah, my gains have been crazy." she continued. She inspected the winding veins in her brawny arms. "The new muscles pour out so quickly I can feel the extra weight. It usually gives me about half a kilo of muscle per workout - and they aren't just for show. I'm hard, and tight, and strong. My clothes always tighter too. It takes me the rest of the day to get used to my new size. I mean, I wanted to be a figure model." Natalie scoffed. Kyle's exhaled. That explained her masterfully sculpted lines. How she flowered so magnificently from her tiny waist, up along flaring lats and to her cannonball shoulders. He caught himself staring.

"Doesn't it hurt? I would have stopped if I - "

Natalie shook her head and smiled. "It definitely doesn't hurt." she brushed her hair away from her face. Natalie remembered watching her thighs ripen further beyond the width of her waist. Feeling the warm skin of her inner thighs press together. For a few lustful seconds, the awe of her new musculature smothered any fears as to how they had grown so big, as it always did. Natalie sighed longingly.

"It feels good - really good. It's such a full-on experience, and it just keeps coming. And I'm so scared, and every single millimetre of muscle is terrifying, but, it's good I wouldn't stop it if I could. To be honest, I kind of like the fact that I can't stop it. I like giving in to it - letting it just pound me like it does - jacking me up. I'm so helpless. My body can't resist it. My muscles are so greedy, they don't care about me, they only stop when they're done." She took another sip, remembering the first time she lost sight of her toes as her pecs groaned outwards.

"I can't wait to finish my workouts and to feel myself grow. It's like a fetish I didn't know I had. You feel like there's a balloon inflating inside you and a pin-prick will make you pop - or like the biggest, hardest, longest full-body pump you've ever had in your life. Then, once I'm jacked up as big as I'm can get, I usually - " she blushed. "I come. Like, hard."

"It feels - " She flexed her pecs and watched the logo across her chest stretch and ripple. "I mean - it's really fucking good."

Kyle took another quiet swig from his mug and nodded calmly.

"I know that's a lot to take in all at once. But, god, that feels so good to get off my chest." Natalie couldn't stop the relieved grin spreading across her quivering lips. "You know how hard it is to admit to being a girl who loves juicing herself up the eyeballs and having huge muscles? I mean, God, I want to live in that thing forever." Natalie spilled. Her chest heaved, her fingernails were white around her cup. "But..."


"But - what the fuck, right?" Natalie sighed, looking herself up and down. "What's the catch? How is it this good? I've put on 80 pounds of muscles in 3 and a half months, and I just grew even more after a little dance and some foreplay. Is this my body facing the music? How on earth does this story end?" she wanted to go on, but noticed the retort already pooling in Kyle's face. He took another sip from his cup. Natalie bit her tongue in anticipation. 
"If that is true - all of it, I mean." he started, with the confident realism of a trainer. "Drink every last drop." He tipped empty tea cup towards her with a knowing smirk. Natalie rolled her eyes. "Look at you, Nat. Look what you've done with it." he cooed. "You fill that shirt out better than I ever did."

"Anyone with a pumpsuit could." Natalie mumbled.

"You need to give yourself some more credit, Nat." Kyle pressed. "I've seen people do a lot less with more. Even with the drugs, it's nothing without the effort. I bet a lot of people wouldn't have pushed as hard as you have. You kept pumping." 

Natalie's eyes lowered to her lap. "I'm just in it for the rush."

"Yeah? Me too."

Natalie shot him a skeptical glance. "You don't remember it before you got your suit? The shock and awe of the tiniest new detail in the mirror. The thrill of adding a new supplement to your shaker and practically sprinting up the weights to test yourself. Those eye-popping pumps where you feel like you're arms are going to explode. That moment you peel off your shirt and you're all fuzzy around the eye balls and you see the most awesomely ripped, jacked-up version of yourself? You mean that rush? That rush doesn't change, not matter what you're on. Wouldn't you have been in the gym these last three months, with or without the suit?"

Natalie conceded with a nod.

"How often do you use your suit?"

"Just on my workout days." Natalie answered.

Kyle looked surprised. "That's...disciplined. Can you imagine if one of those chumps who live in the weights area had one?" he smirked. "Every day would be chest and bi's. They'd look like a half-empty tube of toothpaste." Natalie snorted. "Did you ever try working out more than once in a day?"

Natalie shook her head. "Not properly." Her mind wandered to Rachel and their evening in her bedroom. "I have a very strict workout programme - a really good 5-day split I found online."

Kyle snorted in disbelief. How on earth did this girl so obliviously stumble into this madness? Could she really not see the corrupting, consuming potential she had in her hands? He wanted to ask her why she hadn't been ripping through her entire week's programme every day, piling on muscle like she so obviously could have. He wasn't sure whether to be impressed or dismayed. Had he over or underestimated her? "Well" he cleared his throat. "That routine of yours might well have saved your career. Inst@gram can do wonders for a person's complexion, but I can't see any of the usual side-effects - and I've seen more of you than most."

Natalie brushed the back of her hand over her bare thighs. He was right. The peach-fuzz on her tummy had always been there. Her skin was silky smooth, not the pocketed, rough chicken-skin she's seen on so many other female bodybuilders. "Which means the steroids doses you're on are mild, and your genetics are unreal. Or, what looks more likely, is that whatever's in that pumpsuit, is some thoroughly good shit, and your remarkable devotion to discipline has gotten you this far without burning out."

Natalie nodded and her chest swelled a little. She looked proud of herself. "But all this, for free?" Natalie leaned towards him, his lucid rationing was working, though it only made her other questions seem more urgent without his answers.

"You mean if they're using you? If this all turns out to be some freaky experiment? Then you might as well make yourself the best damn subject they've ever had. Or better yet," he sat further upright against the headboard. "Why not make yourself so good they can't give you up? Make yourself your own best bargaining chip."

That was encouraging, and she needed all the leverage she could get. She could tell them about Rachel's changes, Natalie thought. The patches, the sauna, and apparently now the sex. All the tips and tricks that had helped her pack on even more muscles than they expected her to, they'd surely be impressed. The chance of salvation buoyed her immediately. She shuffled closer to Kyle for more.

"They got you into this mess, they can damn well get you out of it." his tone was assertive, almost paternal. "Sponsors are fairweather friends, asshole businesses dressed up as your team-mates - take it from me. But at least, when it's gone, let yourself say you drank every single drop of venom. That you packed on every single millimetre of muscle it had to offer. If I were you I would lick that suit clean." Kyle heard a gentle sigh slip from Natalie's lips.

The idea jacking up for yet another month excited her instantly. She could do it all the way up the contest, she thought. Be in perfect condition. She exhaled with excitement and envisaged her next two weeks at the gym. Focusing on mass for the first few days, heavy weights - low reps, packing on the mass and pounds for heavyweight class. Then, in the days running up, she would chisel out the details, high-intensity, total shred, veins on abs, striation city.

Kyle watched her eyes darting side to side as Natalie chewed her lips quietly.

Natalie's mind turned to the contest. A perfectly muscled version of herself, bronzed and glistening. Flexing and flaunting every detail of her muscles while she drew perfect lines with her 17, maybe 18-inch biceps raised beside her head. How alien her 180lbs muscle-bod would look stuffed under the skin of such a young, pretty chick. A sparkling slingshot bikini hooked around the incredible contours of her hips and struggling to contain her chunky diamond glutes. And best of all; out-muscling Rachel's short, blocky frame, her muscles swollen and distended. Catching Rachel glancing enviously - worriedly as they posed down side-by-side, only to skulk off stage, into second place and the furious clutches of PumpLabs.

Natalie's brow scrunched, and her shoulders sank timidly. Kyle awaited her next doubt.

"What do I say when I do compete? It's all happened so fast. The moment I walk on stage, people will start asking questions, they'll learn about the suit. Won't they think I didn't you know, earn it, like those girls did?" Kyle sighed with a chortle.

"You know they've got their own backers too, don't you? Sheila Lynch, the national heavyweight champ, spends fifteen grand on her steroid competition cycle. You think that's how you're supposed to 'earn it'? Like I said, the drugs mean nothing without the work. You've worked, you've sculpted, you've chiseled, you've perfected your body. PumpLabs wouldn't give this to just anybody, Natalie. But you have to show them. Show them that you know how great you can get. Show them that they've made the right choice in you."

Natalie nodded energetically. They had her chosen for a reason. No matter what Rachel said earlier. Of course they picked her. She was perfect for it. What other girl on the planet could pump themselves into this perfection? She pictured PumpLabs trusting her with all their latest products. PumpLabs waiting on her word, her seal of approval on all things perfect. Their PumpLabs reps waiting giddily behind their clipboards as they gawked at her turning their weird science into physical perfection. Being the benchmark against which all other bodies would be compared. It all started falling into place. Instead of fearing PumpLabs, she couldn't wait to see them again. What a god send, this man. Where had he been all her life?

She beamed at Kyle and rubbed his forearm. "Thank you." her eyes quivered with delirious excitement.

"I do have one question though." Natalie's mug was slippery in her hands. Kyle looked suddenly serious again. She fretted that he'd found a flaw in this perfect plan. Stone-faced, he leaned close to her and whispered, "How the hell have you been getting yourself off in my gym for the last 3 months without someone reporting you?"

Natalie's face burned beet red, but soon his eyes were smiling again. "By doing it very quietly." she giggled guiltily. "Your bodypump class really did a number on me." Natalie slowly ran a finger around the rim of her teacup and peeked up at him through her fringe.

"Well, if I'd have known I think I'd have pushed you a little bit harder." he purred.

Natalie was already warm simply from describing the suit. A moment later her t-shirt was a pile on the floor and she was coiling herself around Kyle's body. His brawny chest pressed against and she sighed at their smooth, hard pecs rubbing each other. He reached one arm around her lithe waist and pulled her against his body.

Natalie adored his strong, loving squeeze. With Kyle's hot breaths warming her body, she felt like she sliding back into her pumpsuit. Kyle sucked hungrily on Natalie's neck. Natalie's mind flashed to her suit's venom-soaked teeth biting in to her body. She moaned passionately and closed her eyes.

He then clamped his mouth around her nipple. Natalie gasped with delight, sending a rolling flex along her pecs. Her muscles lifted his head a few centimetres, Kyle growled approvingly, hanging on with his teeth. He was already pulling off her panties with his spare hand. Kyle planted strong, wet kisses on every one of her abdominals until he'd slid between her thighs. Seconds later his thick tongue was gently lapping at her clit and Natalie swooned at the hot breaths in her crotch. Natalie placed her hands behind her head and let the pleasure roll over her. Her heart was already stamping over the idea of another growth spurt. She clutched the blonde tuft on his head and closed her thighs, gently, around his head.

Kyle looked up over her clenching abs and thick pecs. He was struck but the surreal sight of Natalie's beautiful face gasping and whimpering at the top of her bodybuilder physique. He didn't know where to look on her awesome torso. Her muscles contracted and relaxed at his tongue's command, and he saw how they controlled and contorted Natalie's impossibly perfect physique. Natalie nibbled her thumb, and he watched her bicep twist and bulge into a tight, peaked ball of muscle. All of her trembling muscles flexed and stretched so effortlessly from under her glossy skin. As she placed her hand behind her head, Kyle spied her lats spreading outwards and her cater-like armpit deepening under her shoulder. Natalie's panting quickened as Kyle teased her with feather-light strokes, waiting. The second her gasps seemed to even out, Kyle buried his face deeper between her thighs and sucked on her clit.

Natalie shrieked with delight. Her moans became muffled as her thick thighs pressed over his ears. She bucked with an orgasmic jolt. It was like a punch in the nose, but Kyle didn't stop. Natalie's body trembled around his hands. He felt his fingertips fall into little valleys and dips of her musculature as the thick sinews in her quads flexed giddily.

My god he was good. The way he commanded the next wave of orgasmic sparks inside her, just as she got comfortable. It reminded her of the suit, the way it ignored her, savaged her. Natalie wanted him inside of her. She needed that hot, filling sensation to plunge into her like the venom did. She crunched forward towards the furiously lapping man between her legs, hooked her arms under his shoulders and hauled him towards her.

Kyle had never felt anything like it. It was almost effortless how Natalie pulled him up and shoved her tongue deep into his throat. "I want you inside me" she begged, licking his soaked chin. She looked down at his chiseled abdomen, and pictured that strong, tight core fucking her hard. She ran her fingers down his wide chest. Kyle put his hands on his hips and Natalie watched his torso stretch as wide as her own. She purred with delight at his burly features. Perhaps it was the only thing missing with Rachel. "Take me. Pin me down and fuck me." she whispered hungrily into his ear. Kyle slipped his underwear over his wide thighs. Natalie grinned. Her hand looked so tiny around his cock as she guided it towards her pussy.

Kyle growled as he slid inside her. He pulled back and thrusted into her hard. Her body barely budged. His strongest thrust would send any ordinary girl through the headboard, as evidenced by the crack in it. Natalie kept her passionate gaze locked in his, watching him look over her incredible body. She ogled his just as much. His wide back and rounded shoulders made her feel small. Natalie tried to sit up, but Kyle grabbed her wrists and slammed them back down onto the mattress. Natalie froze for a second, then quickly melted with desire. She shoved against his grip. Kyle saw her abs clench into their impenetrable formation and her pecs ripple. Kyle grunted in reply, pushing her down and pounding her faster, harder. A carnal smile stretched across Natalie's face.

The mattress was getting damp quickly. The bed complained as their muscle-bound bodies thumped down on its wooden frame. While Natalie adored the hard thumps in her cunt, her mind wandered to the suit, the venom, and if it was going to kick in again. Her concern were elbowed aside by the awesome sensation rising from her clit. Kyle's cock began stroking against her cervix over and over.

Kyle's abs were burning. Natalie's body softened in his grip with every orgasmic pulse. Kyle eased off. Natalie moaned and let her arms fall to her sides. Growling, Kyle clinched them again, stretching his body out long, and letting all his weight fall against her. He grabbed her arms and pinned them to her sides in a enveloping bear-hug. Natalie squealed as she felt trapped, helpless in the familiar clinch. Again her mind wandered to the suit, how it locked her down and refused to let go. She slipped further towards incredible climax. As Kyle's thick cock pumped relentlessly inside her, she could virtually start the countdown in her head, but still there was no twinge of venom, no electric twitches in her legs or chest.

"Nggg - come on. Where is it?" she begged. She felt no embarrassment, no shame this time. She wanted to grow for him. She wanted to bulge helplessly for him. "Come on - come get me." she moaned. Locked by Kyle's powerful arms, she tried clenching her abs to tempt any residual venom into action. Then her triceps. She wriggled and flexed her thighs and slipped across Kyle's sweaty chest, but he kept her pinned down with his burly arms. He didn't listen. He kept pounding. Just like the suit. That was the last thread. The shockwave of pleasure swelled up and burst inside her.

"Oh shit - oh shit - oh - yes - yes - yes!" Natalie gasped helplessly. Kyle felt her body and jolt and writhe in his arms. Her mouth was wide open, silently squealing. Kyle imagined the incredible pleasure she'd described roaring in her muscles, and it was all at his command. As Natalie quaked with a lust-soaked moan, he was convinced he was literally pumping her up with his own cock. He was giving her that impossible feeling of instant muscle growth. The idea snatched his breath away, and he fired his hot load with a shuddering growl.

At last, he released his clinch. Natalie felt him deflating, both inside and on top of her. He lifted himself up and blinked Natalie's sweat-glazed pecs into focus.

Natalie immediately looked past him and checked over her body. She foraged mentally for tell-tale signs of growth. No tension, no involuntary flexing. Just a weightless feeling in her chest and a warm glow between her legs and numb fingers. She tentatively straightened her legs, her quads blossomed happily around her thighs. Likewise, she squeezed her biceps hard, but didn't feel the addictive ache of freshly ripened muscle.

Kyle rolled off of her and on the damp sheets. "So did you - did you?" he panted.

"I don't - I don't think so..." she panted back.   

"Oh..." Kyle panted, he almost sounded disappointed.

Natalie ran her hands over her numb body. She hadn't felt this sleepy after an orgasm for a while. Usually the venom cranked her back up to 100%. Perhaps there was none left in her system, she thought. As soon as she had done surmising, she passed out into a deep sleep.


One by one fingers of light reached through the window blinds. As Kyle blinked groggily, he saw Natalie's superheroine silhouette dressing in front of the window.

She'd squeezed herself back into her dress. Her newly thickened legs pulled the fabric tighter across her midriff, printing her baking tray abs even more defiantly out of her torso. Kyle savoured the sight before she pulled his big t-shirt over herself.

"Mind if I take this? I've gotta go." she whispered and crawled back to his side.


"Thank you. For the advice. I'm glad I stayed."

"You're welcome." he smiled, sincerely and sat up. He eventually became more alert. 

"And for treating me like, y'know, a girl. It was nice to feel normal for a bit, in spite of everything."

"You are anything but, Natalie." he lifted her chin and gave her a long, meaningful kiss. "Will I see you at the gym later today?"

Natalie nodded girlishly, her hands clasped together in front of her. Her thick delts rose in line with her traps. Her beaming smile shone through and Kyle crumbled into an awkward chuckle.

"I can't wait to see what you look like by the end of the day." he winked. Natalie blushed. A taxi arrived outside and honked as they kissed hungrily again. With a final peck, Natalie clambered off the bed and Kyle followed her to the front door. Natalie waved quickly as she trotted on to the pavement. Kyle watched the rear suspension dip as she climbed inside, and watched it pull away and swerve around the corner.

Kyle headed back inside. He picked up the pillows from the floor and gazed at the huge, somehow still sculpted imprint of Natalie's body in the mattress. Her sweet perfume and sweat still lingered on the pillows. He dodged away from the scene and reached into his Rogue Fitness jacket pocket. He pulled out his smartphone and placed it on the table.

He reached in again and pulled out a small, featureless Nokia. He sighed, and paced up and down the room twice with the phone in his hand, his thumb feigning over the keypad.

At last, he pressed the first number, then his fingers hammered is rapid succession. He grimaced, and shook his head, before placing the phone to his ear.

"It's me. She stayed with me last night. No suit. She's heading home now, alone."


"She's still on task. In fact now I think she's even more keen. But she was having a lot of second thoughts. A lot. I gave her all the lines and it helped, but she's on edge." he chewed on his lip as he paced. 

"Copy." came the unmoved reply.

"For fuck sake" he snapped, thrusting the phone away from his mouth. He drew a long breath and pressed the phone back against his face. "You lot owe me for this one. Seriously. You need to start taking better care of this girl. She has no idea what she's in to. I mean, I know that's how you pick them, but..." He'd had all night to help her. He wanted to shout and scream at her to leave town, to disappear into the night and escape. But he knew what had stopped him. The phone stayed silent in his ear. "Just, be gentle. That's all. Sorry."

"Copy. Report here. Today." the phone clicked silent.

The thick plottens....

I know I said there probably wouldn't be a new chapter until 2017, but here you are, you lucky dawgs. Hope you all don't mind another Natalie chapter. Let me know what you think. Rachel will have her turn, I promise. Thanks for the continued support and kind comments!

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