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Author Topic: Author: [poddy] Natalie and the PumpSuit | #FMG  (Read 74707 times)

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Re: Author: [poddy] Natalie and the PumpSuit | #FMG
« Reply #105 on: July 09, 2018, 12:31:25 pm »
Your story is amazing. I enjoy it a lot since you really manage to bring this obsession and total loss of control and inhibitions to light.

I love it!

Thanks for the kind words. Get ready for another dose :)

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Re: Author: [poddy] Natalie and the PumpSuit | #FMG
« Reply #106 on: July 09, 2018, 12:32:16 pm »
(a/n) 2 chapters in 5 days?! What is this, 2013?

Rachel leaned closer to the door of the lecture hall. She squinted as she listened to the voice inside. She cursed and tore away. She surprised herself as the speed her legs carried her. She was still getting used to the increased power of her physique after the nights events. Swinging her arms made her hoodie ride up her chest and feel tight. Rachel tugged it down and saw the gentle mounds of her new pecs pressed outwards. Her heart fluttered each time. A restless energy had been pulsing inside her since last night - at once terrified by her brush with the intruders yet exhilarated by the discovery of her body's tolerance and acceptance of such a savage growth-spurt.

She arrived at the next door. She glanced at the sign beside it. "Advanced Myology". She leaned closer again. She heard the wind blowing through the gap in the door frame and a young voice. She grimaced, and started to stand up right when a deeper, more authoritative voice interrupted.

Rachel's eyes widened. A second later, she shoved open the door and entered.

The bang of the door from her clumsy strength, as well as in a bright red hoodie put paid to Rachel's ambitions of a stealthy entrance. Several dozen faced craned over their shoulders to look up at her. Rachel lowered her head beneath her hood and quickly slipped into the nearest seat. At the lectern, the lecturer stood indignantly with his leg crossed and one hand on his hip.

"Glad you could join us." his youthful voice lacked much bite. Rachel raised a hand to apologise and pretended to rifle through her backpack for a pen or a book. The other hands soon turned back to the front of the class. Rachel gently nudged around a clutch of small jars, taking care not to harm any of her precious research that she had fought tooth and nail to keep. The clinking of the glass cut through the silent room again. Rachel winced as she saw the lecturer looking up at her again.

"Well - seeing as you've missed all but the final 5 minutes of the class. I suppose it could still serve you to hear some of the questions that will appear in the coming end of semester examinations - if anything but to show you the value of the information you've seemed to omit from your education here."

Rachel sank in her chair. Some reunion this was turning out to be. The lecturer theatrically whipped over a page of the chunky book in his stand. "Tell me - What effect will high levels of calcium have on the position of tropomyosin and muscle contraction?"

"The tropomyosin will be moved out of the way and muscle contraction will occur." Rachel answered. There was a ripple of murmurs throughout the room.

"Alright." he turned a page. "How does the sarcoplasmic reticulum interact with the nervous system?" the classes heads all spun towards Rachel, who crossed her arms and smirked.

"By releasing calcium ions upon detecting an action potential." Rachel replied flatly. She saw the lecturer's tongue run over his teeth. The whispering rippled louder. Rachel spotted a few students taking notes.

"Which area of the sarcomere contains both actin and myosin filaments?" he clasped his hands around his lectern.

"Obviously the A-band" she sighed and drummed her fingers on her arms. A collective huff of excitement sounded all at once. The lecturer's lips rolled under his teeth. The giggles and commotion filled the room.

Rachel shuffled in her chair and tugged up her zip as high as it could go. She was still wearing her pumpsuit under her sweatpants and hoodie. She wasn't meant to be getting this much attention. She wasn't meant to be here at all. She turned her wrists downwards, so her biceps wouldn't bulge through her tight sleeves and resisted the constant urge to twitch and clench her new pecs and make her nipples punch through her hoodie. A room full of students wasn't even half as terrifying as the goons she'd faced the night before, but she knew was far from out of the woods. The more invisible she was, the better - a task made somewhat more difficult by her shapely new body straining her old clothes.

But deep down, a part of her was relishing the rush of being wrapped in a muscle growth suit in plain sight - with no one aware of what her skimpy spandex undergarment was capable of - except maybe one person.

The young teacher closed his large book with a loud, unamused thud. The students quieted down and adjusted his glasses. "Well, I shall look forward to seeing your results from next week's mid-terms, Miss....?"

"Turner, Rachel Turner."

Rachel saw the corners of his mouth plunge with disbelief. He cleared his throat and awkwardly shifted his tie. He picked up a pencil and scribble a quick note erratically, then cleared his throat again and wrangled some composure. "Good luck to you all. You are dismissed." he nodded, snatched his book and dashed off through the side door before half the class had even closed their laptops. Rachel grinned.

She leaned across to the girl beside her. "Excuse me." the girl turned, clutching her book to her chest, her eyes seemed awe-struck and intimidated after Rachel's duel with the teacher. "Do you know where Doctor Murphy's office is?"

"Room 4A - the biology building."

They both stood up. Rachel straightened her back and hooked on her backpack. She glanced at the timid slender girl again. Face-to-face, Rachel stifled a huff of delight as she realised she was almost twice the width of her. The straps of her bulky backpack pulled her shoulders back and accentuated her sweeping pecs. Rachel heard the top link of her zip pop open. Her cheeks blushed, and her crotch warmed instantly. She basked in the tightness of her pumpsuit, her clothes and the wide eyes of the perplexed girl in front of her. At last, she tore herself away from the moment. "Thanks." Rachel left. 


Natalie twirled in the bathroom with her phone facing her. She watched the shadows ripple over the feathered edges of her pumped pecs, searching for the perfect flattering angle to showcase their size and sumptuous shape. This was made more challenging by the fact her hands would hardly stop shaking. She was back in her pumpsuits sensual embrace, primed and pumped from the pre-workout. The thought that any physical exertion could trigger her suit and bring on that incredible rush of growth left her practically drooling into the camera lens.

Natalie adored how her chest, even at arm's length, almost filled the screen from edge to edge. With her phone in both hands, her python arms covered her nipples and made her wide lats seem to pour out endlessly. The ripples of spandex streaking up from her armpits made her upper body look even more stuffed, and without her whole body in frame, anyone would think that her delts curved and bulged on and on for inches more. Her gorgeous young face between all that hunky muscle made the image even more incredible as she snapped selfie after selfie.

She was choosing one to send to Kyle - as her whole body hummed with energy, she already yearned for the double-team of venom and his fingers. After scrolling through the few dozen shots, she decided on the perfect one. Her pecs looked feathered and deep, and her eyes dazzled in the early morning light.

"Change of plan." she tapped. "I'll be at the gym in 20. Show me who does it better - you or the suit ;) x" she grinned as she sent it. Her mind roamed back to Kyle's thick fingers between her thighs. The balloon of yearning inflated inside her chest again. For a split second she sized up the floor. 'Could I do push-ups in here?' she wondered.

Her phone vibrated and snapped her away. "@MusclePanda started following you on Inst@gram." Natalie instinctively tapped the notification.

Her pink lips fell apart. Her eyes widened as they darted frantically through the Inst@gram feed an inch from her nose.

Angela Hwang - 120k followers - UK - PumpLabs Junkie. '🏋🏼‍♀️' '💉' '💦' Natalie's heart quivered nervously. "PumpLabs!" she muttered to herself. A second later, her eyes stretched even wider.

Natalie's phone screen cascaded with pictures of a cute girl, around her own age, proudly flexing her breath-taking bodybuilder physique, wrapped neck to thigh in candy pink spandex. "Oh my god." Natalie breaths trembled. Natalie zoomed in on her latest full-body shot. Below the girl's beaming grin, running down her sweeping, feathered pecs and over her cobbled abs to the tops of her bursting thighs, was a white vertical stripe. 'PL' was stamped on the left side of her pinched hips, made to look even tighter by rotated hips in her 'relaxed' bodybuilder pose. '#pumplabs #PUMPED #pumpsuit #12daysout #fbb' footed the image.

"She's jacked..." was all Natalie could manage as her mind twisted and pored over her girly dimples and youthful, glowing cheeks. She was just as buff as herself, but still so pretty, like herself. Natalie's mind looped in the same sequence with every new image, as Angela found new ways to flaunt her increasingly muscular physique, while Natalie desperately looked for ways to prove it all a hoax, to expose her as a fraud somehow. Her whole feed was interspersed with intense post-workout selfies, protein-packed dishes, workout videos and the occasional coquettish, casual poses that strained her geek-chic wardrobe of high-necked button-ups with mini-skirts or hot pants.

Natalie returned to the top of her profile. Her Inst@gram Stories sat in a row along the top, neatly organised and labelled. "Cycle 1 - Cycle 2 - Cycle 3" Natalie whispered incredulously. Her heart began thumping wildly in her chest. Natalie tapped Cycle 1.

Sweat-soaked and shaking, Angela stepped back from the camera. She seemed to be inside a changing room stall at a gym Natalie deduced from the thumping club music in the background. Angela smiled as she panted, running her hands over the bright pink pumpsuit hugging her slender curves. She had a track and field body, already with strong looking legs and thick calves. Her waist sloped upwards in a tall, corset shape that was God-given, while her shoulders were chiseled and pronounced but with flat tops. She turned around on the spot, showing the spandex hugging her tight, smooth backside.

"Ok" she sat down on the bench. "I can't keep this thing a secret any longer." her girly voice whispered nervously. "This PumpLabs one-piece bodysuit - or 'Pumpsuit' is insane." she gulped as she hurried. "I don't know if it's the supplements, or the suit - maybe both but, today was back and biceps and I need you all to watch this."

She turned her back and swept her long ponytail over her shoulder. She shuffled restlessly on the spot, shaking her hands and licking her lips. "Ok - ok - ok" she began panting more and more heavily.

Hands on her hips, the back of her head shuddered lower and her shoulder blades creaked wider apart, pulling her lats wider like a sheet. She let out an orgasmic, incredulous whimper - quivering violently on the spot as her lats stretched down her sides. A second later her body pulled her up completely rigid - locking her in place - Natalie saw her chiseled back muscles rising evenly off her body. Below her neck, two medallions of muscle started to emerge. The notches by her shoulder blades deepened. The crevice running up her spine widened slightly above her shaking glutes. She struggled to keep her composure - shooting occasional glances at the door through her fluttering eyelids. She folded her shoulders back with her elbows digging in her sides and her glowing fists shaking. The meager bump of her biceps began to tremble upwards, spreading and filling more space between her shoulder and elbows, before peeking into a little ping-pong ball of tight muscle. Finally, she burst with a lusty sigh and her arms fell limp at her sides.

She cocked her hip and put one hand on her hips. Her new lat stretched out, bulging more boldly from further down her side and across to the tops of her biceps.

'Cycle 2' Natalie's tapped with her shaking thumb. A boomerang - under a school desk - a checkered skirt did little to conceal her powerful new thighs. In a swift motion, her fingers flicked up the skirt and revealed her spandex-clad thighs, before covering them again. "When you have class at 9 but you gotta get pumped at 10." the caption read.

Just a few hours later, Angela was poised under the shoulder pads of a calf raise machine. She sported some tall, white boots that sat halfway up her shins. As she rose to her tip-toes, the entire stack of weight lifted, and her might calf muscles poured over the rim of her boots. She lifted with immaculate form - her vein-struck calves balling up and rolling up to almost behind her kneecaps. Natalie swiped to the next before she finished 3 reps, her back hunched forwards and her nose practically touching the screen. She saw Angela lift stack after stack of weight in all the leg machines in her gym before she finally found her post-workout clip.

With a wink to the camera behind her, Angela slid slowly on her heels into the splits. Her blocky glutes pressed into each other, forming a brawny shelf that burst from her lower back. "8 years of gymnastics" she huffed as she rolled her hips forward and placed her forearms on the floor. The sweaty spandex clung to every curve. Her breathing started to accelerate. Her ass cheeks clenched together. Natalie spied the lips of her pussy press out as her pumpsuit was stretched tighter.   

Angela groaned sexually into the floor as her legs bulged outwards. Rolling from her boots, along her thighs and pulsing into her glutes, the cords of her hamstrings thickened, and her quads rose higher. She arched back upwards, and she pulled herself forwards. Her hips bucked and ground against the floor as the growth spurt pounded her. Natalie saw her fingers reached up and clutch the top of her head. The lower outer edges of her glutes stretched outwards, forging the beginnings of veteran bodybuilder tie-ins. A few moments, later, Angela spluttered into drunken, girly giggles, lying flat and splayed with her cheek on the ground.

Natalie cursed in disbelief and hammered the back button to find Cycle 3. Her bottom teeth sawed at her lips as the next video loaded. '5 days ago,'.

Angela appeared in the wall-length mirror of her bedroom, barefoot and clad in her pumpsuit. Angled, early morning light from her window flattered her sculpted physique, which now boasted bodybuilder size, enhancing the deepness of her wide, plunging pecs, the trenches between her knotted abs and chiseled obliques. With her arm bent, her forearm bunched up to twice the width of her phone. Natalie realised her short stature only enhanced her muscle's sumptuous thickness.

"So - I've been telling you guys how the PumpLabs pre-workout supplement is incredible. I thought of a way to give you guys a really good demonstration of how it takes you and keeps you at your max for your whole workout."

"So, I just woke up. No breakfast. A little bit flat - feeling depleted." she looked down at her softly curved silhouette. "But watch what happens to me when I take this." she shook her shaker daintily then gulped it down through her slender neck, her pinky outstretched.

Twig-thick veins quickly started thumping up her forearms. A long, straining moan leaked from her locked jaw. As her grimace stretched, and her delts thumped outwards with pumpkin striations - her voice rose gleefully in synchrony. Her fists shook by her hips. In harmony her shoulders creaked and rolled outwards. Ridged, arcing curves pushed away from her head, surpassing her peaked biceps, confirming her ascension to bodybuilder athlete. She strained her suit with her deeply packed, rippling physique - spandex ripples stretched up every joint, her chest and crotch - her face locked in a grimace, her eyes glazed and crazed quivering at the lens, clearly lost in the ecstasy. Her chest thrust outward, extending the wide cushions of pectoral clenching and feathering across her chest. Her nipples were like bullets through her suit. The weaves of her meaty quads, fed with fat lightning veins, quivered fuller and more pronounced. Her whole body creaked with width and definition as she was injected with an eye-watering pump. From her cute face came the hungriest, shameless orgasmic growl.

"Hnnnngghhh this shit on an empty stomach." she huffed, falling back into her signature high-pitched giggles. "I don't know if they put something new in the last stuff they sent me but - whew." she swept her ponytail over her shoulder. "But it just blows me up." she pulled her elbows to her sides and flexed her upper body. "Maybe they want me to start fighting crime or something." Her entire torso burst from her sloping waist. Through the spandex Natalie saw veins in her shoulders and abs. Every muscle bugled and nuzzled into the next with incredibly curvy density and shape. Her muscles were so massive yet proportioned, like their true power had finally been unlocked. She approached the camera. Her complexion was as bright and clear and flawless as a supermodel. Her cheeks blushed with youth and sultry contours. "See you at the gym." she winked, flashed a peace sign, and ended the video.

Natalie felt a bead of sweat trickle down her forehead.

"" Natalie spat. Her mouth was agape as she began to digest what she'd just seen. Her chest began to throb. So many times she had yearned to show everyone the effects of the suit. How could this girl be so open about it - so shameless? This wasn't what athletes did - what would people say if she flaunted her blatant roid-abuse? Her temples pounded, and her palms were slick with sweat, yet her crotch still hummed yearningly, perhaps even more so. '200 thousand people watching. What must it feel like to be so fearless' her mind suddenly swooned. 

The sweat creeping down her scalp turned cold. She nibbled on her thumb.

"Is that what they've been wanting me to do?" Natalie gingerly tapped 'Follow Back', before peeling herself away from Angela's profile and back to her own. She scrolled through her own feed. Natalie had spent conscious effort on what could and couldn't be seen by her fans, deliberately omitting the 'whys' or 'how’s', adding to an allure that aroused and surprised even herself as she scrolled through her own feed. Suddenly, it all seemed so tame by comparison. There were few workout videos - certainly none of her post-workout episodes. The carefully curated mystery of her profile felt aloof and insincere.

Their bodies were an even match for each other - but the fact that Angela had more than double the number of followers riddled Natalie with doubt and envy. Evidently, in plain numbers, she was not the best PumpLabs athlete on the market. She sized up the floor again and considered launching into a home workout, then filming the results just like Angela would. She nibbled at her thumb, wondering if it was worth wasting the post-exercise pump for such tiny gains. Besides, who knew if she'd grow again with her usual intensity after her full-on gym workout with Kyle?

With a snap of her fingers, she resolved herself, she opened her camera again and texted Kyle again. "Charge your phone, cameraman x." Natalie left the bathroom, snatched her gym bag and left via the back door, not turning back to see her mother's face peeking down through her bedroom window.


Kyle's eyes burned from his lack of sleep. He had just left the PumpLabs head office when his phone dinged with Natalie's messages. He felt an unease trickling through his veins as he read Natalie's texts and saw the picture she had sent him. The memories of Sera pouring off the gurney - her naval sinking between her abs - and Angela's brawny chest pushing out as far as her pointed chin. Then he pictured the CEO, spinning lazily in her chair, pulling the strings and watching the girls juice themselves bigger and bigger for her approval. Her plan was already working, although his despair did little to dampen the aching in his crotch as he ogled Natalie's selfie for a few more moments before he started his car.

He spotted Natalie's unmistakable figure walking towards the doors as he pulled into the gym. She stopped when she saw him and gave him an excited wave. Kyle parked and approached her. Natalie's heart fluttered at the sight of him - his ruffled hair and stubble reminded her of the night they'd had last night, and how he'd come rushing to her at the drop of a hat. As her she bit her lip, Kyle wondered how she still looked so fresh and rested.

"Hey." she purred, locking her hands across her front and cocking her leg. Her brawny shoulders tested her large hoodie as she pushed them forwards. She saw Kyle's eyes followed their wide curves. "So, it's leg day." she pivoted girlishly on her toe. "And I want you to film it." she stepped close to his ear. Her flowery musk filled his senses. "All of it." she whispered. Kyle gulped as he felt her cool lips press against his cheek. He kept his composure - calming himself by recalling the CEO's sinister husky voice ringing in his ear not an hour ago.

His took his phone from his pocket and smiled. "Fully-charged."

Inside, at the crack of dawn, the gym was meat-head free save for a few twice-a-day cardio bunnies and early-bird pensioners. Natalie immediately looked over to the leg equipment, all of which was perfectly unoccupied. In fact, all the free weights and machines were unused. The drone of the treadmills and stair masters provided a welcoming and calm background din. Natalie grinned at Kyle and pointed to the free weights area. She dropped her gym bag in the corner by the squat rack.

"Aren't you gonna - ?" Kyle gestured to the changing rooms. Natalie giggled and shook her head. She stood up right and nodded to his phone. He obediently pulled it out and started filming.

Kyle's lips parted as Natalie unsheathed her pumpsuit clad physique. She pulled off her hoodie and seductively revealed her tall, tapered, sculpted waist. Kyle wished he could bathe in the moment forever. Her 6-pack abs so separate and sealed in skin-tight spandex, her tracksuit bottoms too loose for her 28-inch waist, forced to hang on her rounded backside, teasing the upper curves of her gorgeous glutes.

She kept pulling, sliding the garment along the flared edges of her tapered lats. Her armpits were wide, deep craters, while her hard nipples sat at the bottom outer corners of her pectorals as they Natalie prolonged her sultry, feline stretch.

Natalie's blonde bob popped back into view as she dropped the hoodie to her feet with a grin. She was so classically proportioned. Her physique could have matched many of the legends of 90's female heavyweight bodybuilding, with her glossy, elegant, tightly-woven muscles cutting an achingly feminine silhouette.

Kyle seen far too many 21st century athletes jack themselves up into blocky, over-stuffed beasts, but Natalie, it seemed, was a classic breed, and with a swelling sense of awe and arousal, he intended to keep her that way. 'Was it the suit? Was it her?' For a split second he was willing to forgive PumpLabs for their devious antics. Natalie shot him a sultry look. "I've never worked out in just my suit before." She bit her lip, hooked her thumbs into her sweatpants waistline, rocked her hips and slipped off her bottoms.

He watched the elastic stretch and slide around her glutes and upper thighs. Thick teardrops of muscle bulged proudly from the V-line of her tight, fatless crotch. He traced the curving, powerful quads down her glossy thighs, watching them pour out from the skimpy spandex leggings and pool into swollen teardrops bulging by her kneecaps. Natalie straightened her legs as she kicked her sweatpants from around her ankles. Her brawny quads leapt into formation and keenly bulged out as far as her shoelaces.

"Okay." She rubbed her hands together and hopped giddily on the spot. "What are you gonna do to me?" She grinned with endless, perverted smile. As Natalie ogled her own body, he couldn't tell if she was talking to him or her Pumpsuit. Kyle licked his lips.

"Let's get you warmed up." Kyle licked his lips.

30 kilo dumbbells shook above her toes. Natalie's hamstrings had always been tight. They felt like they were about to snap as she struggled to keep her legs locked straight at the bottom of the rep. "Squeeeeze." Natalie grimaced at the white-hot fire in her muscles. "Up!" Kyle barked. "Come on, the other competitors have hamstrings thick enough to hold up Humber Bridge." Kyle crouched behind her, the camera planted on the quivering cords of her hamstrings. 

Natalie was glad he was counting. She was ready to lose herself in her pumpsuit-clad reflection and let it start jacking her up already. It flattered every sinew of her beefy, tightly sculpted muscles. She couldn't believe she been denying herself such a view in the massive mirrors of the weights area. There was so much more detail in her shifting muscles under the skin-tight spandex more than she ever imagined. Her eyes could barely register all the flashes of jacked-up sinew and veins with each rep. She cooed at the taut, rippling muscles flashing across her skin. It was going to be hard to cover up after this.

"That's 12." Kyle said. Natalie dropped the dumbbells and felt the rush of blood instantly flood down the backs of her legs. The sensation reached deep into her backside and throbbed all through her crotch. She stood erect and cocked her hips for the camera.

Kyle followed her as she staggered to the leg extender. She slid back into the seat with a smear of sweat. She swung her aching legs up one by one around the pad. The seat disappeared between her brawny thighs as they spread over the shiny leather. The sight gave Natalie an extra nudge of motivation to start the next set. A deep creak of leather followed every rep. Kyle stood in front of her with his phone steady.

With a controlled motion, Natalie straightened her legs. Her quads rose like baked bread, rising all the way up to her crotch, swallowing an inch or more of spandex at the hinge of her hips and etching a deep Y-shape into her crotch. Natalie focused on the contraction at the top of each rep. By the 3rd set, a few beads of sweat dropped onto the diamond of quad muscle bulging down the centre of her thighs. "Come on - keep going!" Kyle barked, seeing Natalie pause for breath. Her abs pumped in and out of view, veins struck up her neck. She let out a long, rattling hiss and straightened her legs once more. Natalie closed her eyes and imagined Angela's explosive thighs ripening on the changing room floor. She knew the orgasmic payload that was coming her way if she just kept pumping - she lusted for it. She let out a guttural growl and kicked out 5, 6, 7 more reps, until her thighs were quivering and numb.

Kyle huffed with approval before helping her stand up. Natalie's legs quivered like jelly. Kyle slipped his fingers into one of the ridges in her back to keep his grip. She gently rested her head on his shoulder as she gasped desperately. Kyle's pulled her tighter against him, his heart swelled a little. "Ready for squats?" he swept her sweat-soaked hair from her eyes. Natalie seemed dazed for a second, then slowly, her eyes closed, nodded.

Kyle loaded up the squat rack as quickly as he could - wary for how Natalie, and her pumpsuit, were likely eager for her grueling workout to end. He remembered seeing Natalie squatting a shade under his own 1-rep max for 10 reps. He heaved 35 kilograms on each side of the bar. Natalie shuffled under obediently. Her showmanship had petered out, replaced by a blinkered intensity where she glared at her own reflection and savoured the throbbing ache in her thighs.

Angela flashed through her mind every time Natalie blinked. Her girly whimpers echoed in her head. By the 4th rep - she had become completely entranced until Kyle called "10" before she'd even realised. Kyle tapped her shoulder to stop and re-rack the squat bar, but Natalie filled her belly with another breath and sank down. Her hair jerked as she shoved back up. Slowly, with unwavering form, Natalie rose and locked her legs. She exhaled loudly, a bead of spit hit the mirror. Her glutes clenched hard - swallowing an inch of spandex and sending ripples across her rock-hard ass.

Kyle saw her teeth and her abs clench. She went down for one more rep. Kyle lowered himself with her. He felt the heat pouring off her body - the pumpsuit creak as it stretched. Her glutes coiled up, bulging wider than her hips. With a determined snarl, knees shaking, Natalie started to rise again. Her meaty trap and back muscles were bunched up under the bar, made to look even more massive by her glowing little fists.

Natalie felt her quads clenching from her knees up to her crotch. Her muscles burned hot in the deepest fibres of her glutes. With her pulse stamping in her temples she locked her legs and clenched her legs as hard as she could - trapping the tension and burn to punish her muscles for a few moments more. An exhausted, shaking groan poured out of her mouth. She leant back and let the drooping bar clatter into the notches.

She staggered forward and collapsed on to a nearby workout bench. She straightened her shuddering, pumped up quads and gulped down breath after breath. Kyle hesitated whether to keep filming, he'd never seen her so intense. A moment later, Natalie peeked up from under her fringe and stared into the lens. She straightened her back, rolled back her shoulders and let her triceps bulge out of her arms. She rubbed her knees together, letting her sweaty legs slide over each other. Veins struck from her crotch down her kneecaps. Natalie tiled and flaunted their puffed-up size to Kyle. Their definition had softened with their destruction. She kinked her lower back and drew her heels back a little - Kyle swept down side-on and ogled the way her hamstrings and quads bulged wider than her fatless, feline waist. Even her arms slightly eclipsed the width of her sultry hips.

Natalie was ready for it to end - for the aching balloon in her chest to burst in an orgasmic crescendo of sweat, tears and hyper-venom. She could hardly think. She'd never pushed herself so hard. Kyle stopped recording for a moment, then leant down to her ear.

"I'm not gonna let you come without me, Nat." he growled smoothly. "And you still gotta do your calves." Natalie could have pounced on him there on the free-weight floor. She felt his arm wrap around her waist and pull her back to her feet. The slippery body slid against his as he guided her over to the calf machine. Natalie moaned with a mix of exhaustion and affection as she watched Kyle plug the bar into the bottom hole - the full stack of weight. Her ears popped over and over, muffling her hearing and allowing her mind to swim in the exquisite pump and replay fuzzy images of Angela's body inflating over and over.

"Up." Kyle slapped her backside. Natalie settled her shoulders under the pads. "20 - let's go." Natalie rose to her toes.

Natalie squeezed her own muscles as hard as she could at the top of each rep. She tried hard to keep the tension in every movement and her calves alight after just a few reps. Kyle squatted down for a close up, watching the veins fatten as Natalie's calves clenched and flexed in and out of their meaty medallion shape. Natalie tunneled out completely - she didn't hear Kyle call twenty and kept pumping. She pictured Angela's swollen calves bursting out of her boots. Natalie's temples throbbed, one rep it was Angela, the next, it was Rachel's head atop Angela's muscular body. A straining grunt huffed from the corners of her grimace. It wasn't fair. None of it was fair. Her heels sank off the edge - cursing through her locked jaw she clenched her toes and tried to summon another rep. Her calves sang with white heat, but nothing happened. A moment later, Kyle lifted the shoulder pads up and wrapped his arm around her again.

Natalie virtually fainted against him. Her knees quivered like the ground was shaking beneath her feet. Kyle steadied himself against her weight.

Natalie could hear nothing but her blood stamping in her veins. The pressure, the squeeze was already building to level that only meant one thing. She swooned over the tightening bearhug of her muscles filling and gradually clenching all at once. It rolled up her thighs and torso, pushing a squeak from her lips. "Where - where can we?" she huffed and looked up at him with hungry, glazed eyes. Kyle saw her composure beginning to crumble.

"My office." he said. Natalie snatched his wrist before he could finish. A second wind seemed to arrest her.

Kyle thought his arm was about to pop out of its socket as Natalie pulled him towards his office. He kicked the door shut and locked it while Natalie closed the blinds, the pair of them panting shamelessly. A broken exercise bench - stuck up at 45 degrees lay in the corner. "Oh perfect." Natalie purred. She grabbed the underside with one arm and yanked it in front of and facing the wall-length mirror. Then she snatched Kyle's hips and planted him onto it. She straddled him and swept the hair from her eyes. Kyle had never seen her eyes so hungry. "Don't stop filming." she kissed him hungrily, pulling away every other second to gasp for breath. "I want to admire your handiwork." She looked over Kyle's shoulder and into the full-length mirror on the wall before her. Kyle held is arm out straight with the camera looking down on Natalie's body writhing on top of his own - covering all his torso except his head. His member soon curved up towards his bellybutton.

Natalie began to grind her heavy, wet hips against his crotch. Natalie already felt the familiar, accelerating pangs starting to quiver in her heart. She sighed passionately, knowing that once she let her pumpsuit start, there was no stopping. It had been so long. Her muscles craved a re-feed as much as she did. She yearned to see her them jacked up to a newly enhanced maximum, sculpted and boosted with even more size and definition, to shock and entrance herself next time she looked in the mirror - a new level of perfection she couldn't picture until she saw it, and then couldn't imagine herself without.

Kyle was gooey with anticipation. He clasped his hands around her rolling hips. He let out a ragged sigh as his fingers could nearly connect across her lower back. Natalie was like a lioness with her sultry waist and powerful body. She rubbed herself hard against Kyle's chest. Kyle kissed her long, smooth nape. Her pumped up traps felt even bigger between his lips. Natalie gasped suddenly. Her crotch bucked hard and pressed his thick rod against her shuddering pussy through the spandex.

It was starting, finally. Kyle heard her start to choke and gag with delight. They both felt the ripples of tension pulsing through her body, skittish and arrhythmic. The rocking of her hips lost all rhythm as she started to shake harder all over. The bench wobbled from side to side. Natalie's sensual little grunts shook with rising lust.

She begged the sensation to intensify. To reach the blinding levels she craved, that she had been denied with Kyle and by her mother. She didn't just want the bubble in her chest popped; she wanted her whole body shattered, detonated, obliterated, to get stuffed with shameless, thick, pumped up, rippling, bursting muscle. Kyle watched her husky eyes begin to glaze over. Her pants became more desperate. At last, she could feel the suit starting to knead her muscles harder, hungrier. She took one final glance at Kyle with quivering, wet eyes, before it consumed her. 

Natalie blasted a hot moan against Kyle's neck, struggling to keep her eyes open as her ass creaked outwards into its fullest heart shape, swallowing half an inch of the pumpsuit between her cheeks and tugging it tighter against her pussy. In the phone screen, Kyle watched the suit begin to wrinkle over her trembling glutes.

Their upper corners creaked outwards, wider than her kinked lower back. As more spandex sank deeper between her cheeks, their blocky outer ridges slowly curved and dented inwards around halfway down. Kyle captured her upper glutes rolling outwards and upwards, while the lower corners began to stretch nervously down towards her hamstrings. The beginnings of beefy, angled tie-ins began to emerge, as though being tugged downwards like a taut bedsheet.

The sensual aching in her glutes was insatiable, no matter how hard Natalie clenched. She felt tension rising in her newly-sculpted buttocks.

The sensation reached deep into her crotch and hips. It was like Kyle's fingers pressing inside her, the venom seemed to spread all through her, into muscles she couldn't normally control or flex by herself. Coupled with Kyle's thick cock sliding up and down her clit, she was quickly a quivering, drooling, gasping mess in Kyle's lap - her core spasming with orgasmic clenches. With each one she was convinced she was about to come, but somehow the pleasure kept rising.

Her calves clenched and seemed to roll up the backs of her legs, seemingly trying to edge closer to the sweet source of hyper-venom coursing through her veins. In a few long, toe-twisting quivers, they creaked fuller. Natalie hissed in Kyle's ear as her muscular medallions pumped with even steeper ridges above her ankles and far beyond the width of her kneecaps. 

Suddenly, one of her legs kicked back. Natalie yelped, feeling her heel jab her backside. Her other leg trembled trying to keep her balance as hot, trickling pleasure ran down the backs of her legs. Peeking in the phone screen, Kyle spied a pair of thick, taut cables of muscle creak into view through her glossy skin in her standing leg.

With another paralysing squeeze, her other hamstring clenched and dug her heels harder into her backside. Natalie flopped forwards but managed to reach under and grab the back of the bench. With her legs locked and spasming, all her weight pressed down on her crotch. Orgasmic bolts shot through her. She blasted hot breaths and saliva into his nape as her muscular chest slid up Kyle's torso.

With her feet off the floor and her knees trembling by his ribs, Kyle felt a vice-like pressure of Natalie's thighs against his sides. She thrust faster against his crotch, her orgasmic gasps pouring against him, her incredible body slippery and gleaming with sweat. The intense arousal throbbing in his crotch was enough to keep his mouth shut and keep filming. He moved the shaking camera to look side-on.

Natalie cursed breathlessly as she felt her calves and hamstrings bulge together and their orgasmic pulses thumping against each other. The pressure started building uncontrollably. The sensation plunged down towards the backs of her knees. Slowly, her inflating hamstrings forced her heels out of her backside - a rounded, bicep-like mound of muscle shoved her feet lower. Natalie's lip twisted, pressing her gasping mouth into Kyle's moist neck. 

Natalie's hadn't felt the emergence of a new muscle in weeks. Her moans we're hungrier, deeper, more straining than ever before. Each groan strained longer and longer until her voice was a barely audible gurgle. Then she sucked down another breath and it started again. To Kyle it looked like she was growing her muscles by her own sheer will. The suit 'going to town on her', as Natalie had put it last night, seemed like a massive understatement.

Natalie's mind pulsed with blinding ecstasy. Between the suit and Kyle, the incredible squeezes made her tongue fatten and her jaw tremble. As the throbbing in her expanding hamstrings subsided, she pushed herself back upright and looked at Kyle, convinced that he really had slid his fingers inside her soaking pussy. But he was pinned with his arm clamped around the bench, open-mouthed at her squirming, growing physique.

Natalie let out a ragged whimper as she straightened her legs again. Kyle sighed with relief at the release from her powerful thighs, and Natalie at the easing on her tender clit. They locked eyes, both as breathless, awe-struck and glazed with lust as each other. Natalie bit her lip. The joint sensation was everything she'd hoped it'd be - she'd never had her muscles pumped up so hard, and it wasn't even over.

Every time she rocked her pussy on Kyle's thick member, her vision blurred as shocks of immense pleasure jolted through her. The throbbing pleasure through her whole lower body made it feel like he was deep inside her. She adored how her muscular hips smothered his superhero waist. The erratic bucking of her hips surprised and aroused her with her incredible strength in her glutes. Kyle saw her eyes slam shut and her jaw stretch into a grimace. A rising pleasure in her quads quickly overwhelmed her. Both her thighs locked out straight.

The sculpted diamonds in the middle of her quads bulged up and thickened like a snake swallowing prey. It bulged and spilled out from between the two main teardrop pillars of her quads, carving a new meaty peak down the centre of her thighs. 

"Yes - yes - yes - yesss"

The teardrops by her thighs swelled up with pronounced new size. Her kneecaps were the cork in the bottle for her expanding quads that had nowhere to go but outwards. They shuddered into brawny, veiny brackets, her expanding muscles pressing and jostling against each other to find room for their enhanced new size. Spandex ripples deepened and spread as more of Natalie's hips disappeared behind her expanding thighs.

At last, Natalie felt the edge approaching. The impending, unstoppable wave about to crash inside her. Her hips jolted wildly. The aching balloon in her chest swelled to indescribable new heights. She quaked with loud, carnal moans. Her pussy ached against the sopping spandex. She had the muscles, she had Kyle, she had the video - Natalie was finally ready to let it burst.

Kyle saw the air shunt out of her midriff. Her 6-pack crunched together in their bulletproof stack. The choking bubble of lust finally burst inside her chest. Warm, oozing pleasure poured through her. She orgasmed with her legs locked straight, her feet pointed, and toes clenched inside her sneakers. With her whole-body trembling, the bench rocking, her glutes jerking up and down and her quads clenched in their perfect musculature, Natalie snorted and cursed into Kyle's chest.

Watching Natalie burst with orgasmic moans was too much for Kyle. Her hot pussy vibrated on his aching cock, and a second later he fired his load. Warm cum spread quickly over his crotch and over to his hips. They both growled hungrily as they came. Natalie's cheek sank with Kyle's softly deflating chest.

It was everything she wanted it - needed it to be. Her brain melted into blissful silence. For a minute or more, nothing else mattered. Everything was perfect again, before reality would come rushing back like a freight train.

I don't know what's come over me! This is probably the quickest subsequent chapters of this story I've ever managed to put together!

Truth be told, this chapter has been 90% for aaaages, but with the Plorn out of the way, we can just jump right into the regular FMG-goodness instead. Internet points for you if you can get through this chapter in one sitting. Angela in particular has been making my mind run wild. If Pumpsuits ever became a reality, judging by the current state of Inst@gram and some Fitspo models, I'm sure there would be plenty of girls ready to flaunt it's full effects. Until then, you'll just have to keep re-reading this story.


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Re: Author: [poddy] Natalie and the PumpSuit | #FMG
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OMG, Karma x 1000..............and we haven't even started with the back, chest, arms, abs, shoulders, this is endless.....holy mother of god!!

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Re: Author: [poddy] Natalie and the PumpSuit | #FMG
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Natalie and the Pumpsuit - Chapter 20

I know this one has been quite a long time in the making. Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy this (monster) plornographic chapter.

Also, I did see a thread asking what happened to my DA account. You can find as 'Dickarus'.

Enjoy. Let me know what you guys think!

Rachel ducked down and peered under the dividing walls of the women’s bathroom stalls. Assured she was alone; she quickly entered the cubicle furthest from the door and locked it behind her.

She closed the toilet seat lid and shrugged her heavy duffel bag off her shoulder. She unzipped one particularly stuffed compartment, and with a delicate grip, pulled out a thin, rounded plastic container with a small smudge of transparent gel inside. With a gentle twist, she unlocked it and set it carefully on the tank. Next, she grabbed a small syringe, pulled off the cap and placed the hair-thin needle in the see-through blob.

Her pumping heart made it difficult to steady her aim. Rachel needed her pitch to be as convincing as possible. And unfortunately, all that had survived of her experiments after the pair of goons had ransacked her room at the YWCA was a fraction of her first sample of reverse-engineered hypervenom. It would have to do. She just had to time everything right, she told herself.

She held her breath as she concentrated on loading the syringe. Finally, the needle was full, and the petri dish was empty. Rachel double-checked over her shoulder. The door was definitely locked.

She hooked a thumb over the hem of her sweatpants and pulled them down. Her pilled sweatpants were closer to yoga pants thanks to her intense growth spurt last night. Obvious bulges stressed the fabric above her knees and the string around the waist had been reduced into two short little tassels by the mass of her curvy new glutes. As she looked over the full curves of her muscular ass and she hovered the needle over her ripe backside, she felt spoilt for choice.

With a quiver of anticipation, Rachel bit her lip and pressed the needle in. She gently squeezed the plunger with her thumb. A knot of orgasmic anxiety tightened in her chest. Goosebumps bristled across her milky skin. Even if it was just a tiny dosage, if it still had a fraction of the potency she had experienced last night, she was in for an eye-watering ride.
The needle looked empty, but Rachel held the plunger down a few seconds more, making sure she had injected every single drop. Finally, she removed the needle and pulled up her sweatpants. Her right glute already ached softly.

She took her foot off the toilet seat and let out a trembling sigh. She prayed it was enough to work. Without some undeniable proof, she had risked returning to the university, and the last sample of her hypervenom, for nothing.

A strong, deep, warm squeeze in her glute reassured her. Her chin tilted upwards. In seconds, her glutes were beginning to thump with an aching pump; shuddering and clenching feverishly. Rachel’s eyelids fluttered as she quickly caved to the rising pleasure.
Her veins seemed to widen, as she could suddenly feel hard squirts of power pulsing down her thighs. She felt her quads tighten as they were flooded with venom-fuelled blood, then creak larger. Rachel slapped her slippery palms on the stall walls to steady herself. Her pulse began to blur her vision with every beat. Then it stamped in her temples and ears. The inside of her sweatpants brushed against her taut skin and the spandex nuzzled deeper into her crotch.

The sensation spread slower than the night before, but the depth and force of the rush was just as arresting. Rachel’s hips bucked. With every inch of her quivering body that was swallowed by the exquisite pump, her jaw rocked wider open. Stunted, submissive gasps echoed off the stall walls around her.

Then there was a squeak of door hinges.

Rachel’s eyes popped open. She heard the sounds of the busy corridor flood the room for a moment, then quiet again as the bathroom door swung shut, and two pairs of footsteps trotted in.

Rachel sucked down a breath and held it. A long, arresting shudder of pleasure rolled up her spine. Rachel clenched her jaw and gagged silently as her lats and back creaked up to full size. Then the incredible power started pounding in her midriff. She felt her core clenching. Her muscle armour thickening deep inside her. She bit her lip as one by one, each ab was stuffed with the all-consuming, unstoppable pump.

"So, who was that girl who showed up at the end?"

"I dunno. I’ve never seen her before. She fuckin’ schooled Dr. Thompson though.”

Rachel recognised the second girl's voice. She'd asked her for Miles' office number before she left the lecture hall just a few minutes ago.

A zip link on Rachel’s hoodie popped open. Her pecs creaked to their full tautness, reaching across to her armpits and thickening beside her shoulders. Now the gripping squeezes kneaded her entire torso and pushed carnal breaths from her diaphragm. It took all her strength not to let herself burst with gasping, orgasmic moans. Rachel covered her mouth with her upper arm.

"She was kinda jacked, though right? Did you see her?"

Those words alone made Rachel's crotch ache even harder. She released a muffled gasp into her sleeve. She felt the hard lump of her bicep between her lips. And suddenly it flexed and creaked larger in her mouth. Rachel let out another muffled whimper, both in desperation and delight as her lips were stretched wider.

"Maybe she's on the cheerleading squad." One girl said over the pop of a lipstick cap.
"Right, how many girls on the cheerleading squad know shit about 'Advanced Myology'?"
"I don't know shit about Advanced Myology." They both giggled. "I wonder if Dr. Thompson will give me a pass if I sit in the front row and give him the eyes again." She wondered only half-jokingly.

By now, Rachel’s whole body was fully consumed by a muscle-thumping pump. She felt tears pool in the corners of her eyes when she closed them and tried to resist the orgasm begging to burst inside her. The pumpsuit was so tight around her body. Every muscle was full and firm. Chemically primed at her most muscular size; the weight, the sheer density of new physique still startled her. The cubicle walls felt so close. She had put on so much muscle so quickly last night. The feeling of it clenching under her taut skin was absurdly arousing. Just a single finger on her clit would make her explode with a buckling orgasm.

"Yeah maybe that works for you" One girl sighed. "He asked me to come see him in his office. Probably to apologise for how lousy my last paper was.”

Those words burst Rachel’s bubble. Her eyes reopened and she cursed mentally. She needed Doctor Thompson all to herself - no interruptions. Her entire plan depended on it.

Her desperate arousal quickly withered, and her mind started whirring for a solution.

She was taking enough risks as it was being back on campus, and her attempts at keeping a low profile had gone awry the second she’d walked into the lecture halls. There wouldn't be many more strikes, she figured. But, this – this she had to fix. Now.

She unclenched her mouth from around her bicep. Little white arcs glowed in her palms as she unfurled her fingers.

“Ugh, and he's so weird – and he’s only, like, two years older than us." The girl sneered.
"Actually, he's not so bad once you get to know him." Rachel called out between stifled gasps. She heard the surprised sips of their breaths. Rachel wiped the corners of her lips with the back of her hand. Zipped her duffel bag closed, flushed the toilet for effect, and opened the stall door.

As the door swung open, Rachel’s eyes fell onto her fully pumped up reflection in the mirror. She hadn’t had time to savour her new physique thanks to her hasty escape from the YWCA last night. Her wet lips parted and let out a soft, yearning sigh.

The links in her hoodie zip looked desperate to split open. Her freshly pumped pecs bulged with shield-like shape and size; pressing her hard nipples through the thick hoodie, while the strap of her bag between her chest made them look even deeper and more separated. Rachel drank in her reflection for a few more seconds.

Finally, she stepped out of the cubicle and casually strode between the two girls and began washing her hands.

She slowly rolled up her sleeves. She heard one girl gasp quietly. Rachel kneaded her hands over each other deliberately. She silently swooned at the vein-struck fillets of muscle in her forearms as they bunched and rippled with every roll of her wrist, knowing that the girls on either side were just as entranced. Truthfully, Rachel could hardly feel the water on her fingers. Intoxicating, heady pulses still squirted through her whole body and slightly blurred the edges of her vision. The two girls pretended to busy themselves with their makeup.
"Did he ask to see you today too?" Rachel strutted over to the towel dispenser. She turned nonchalantly towards the girls and looked at them in the mirror. She locked eyes with the mousy girl she spoke to earlier. Rachel’s sultry eyes smouldered with a coolness that spoke to the shameless pride she had in her venom-pumped physique.

The girl shook her head vigorously. "Tomorrow!" she blurted. "It was tomorrow actually, I forgot." She hurriedly tightened her bottle of lip gloss and stuffed it back into her purse.
“Oh, that’s good.” Rachel sighed loudly. “I *hate* it when he double-books his hours.” Rachel tugged a paper towel from the dispenser. Her heart swelled at the tautness of her bicep and her clothes. She kept her eyes on the girl as she wiped her hands slowly, deliberately clenching her bicep and chest and making them bulge through her figure-hugging clothes.
The smaller girl’s friend reached out her hand and guided them towards the door. Their eyes stayed on the floor as they shuffled past Rachel and left without another word.

“Ok, bye!” Rachel chirped.

Rachel watched the door swing on its hinges behind them. That was *too* close, she huffed internally. She was slightly annoyed about missing out on her pre-workout orgasm. But at least she was alone again, she thought. She strutted back in front of the mirror. Her frustration melted away almost immediately.

She basked in the way her capped shoulders kissed the edges of the mirror, as well as the wrinkles that gathered at her armpits when she bent her arms. She toyed with her pumped pecs, clenching them and making the zip leap. The potent cocktail in her veins settled into pleasurable hum that simmered beneath her skin. She felt coiled up like a spring. Her thumping heart still made her breaths quiver and watching both girls melt in her presence was just as intoxicating.

She pulled her hood over her jet-black bun. With it sealed over her scalp, it made her head look even smaller, and consequently, her body even more muscular. Rachel peeked out at herself and swooned. And upstairs, she thought, in room 4A, was the possibility of *more*.
Rachel straightened the duffel bag into the centre of her back and pushed through the door. It was time for the next stage of preparations for her upcoming presentation.

Moments later, Rachel was bounding up the biology department stairs. Even with her fully loaded duffel bag strapped to her back, she sprang upwards 3 steps at a time, revelling in the strength of her thighs as she dodged past weary students.

In the past, her legs would be burning white hot and begging for rest by the second floor. But now, as she lunged upwards deeply, her pumped thighs seemed to yearn for more. She reached the top floor, wheeled around and promptly lunged back down again. She felt the strong cables of her hamstrings reach up the backs of her legs and to her glutes. She lunged deep until her kneecap was almost touching each step. By the time she reached the ground floor again, her skin was sumptuously taut.

She ignored the bemused looks from passing students. She had pulled her hoodie down as far as she could, although that felt slightly futile given she was probably the only person on campus lunging up and down the biology department stairs this early in the morning.
Her heartbeat pulsed in her neck. Her legs hummed with an elastic energy. The pneumatic control in her thighs was moreish. With a determined huff, she straightened her heaving duffel bag over her shoulder and climbed the stairs in long strides once again. One more round was probably going to be enough, she figured.

By the third floor, her balance finally started to wobble. Her back bent backwards slightly under the weight of the bag. Once or twice she had to pause and shuffle her foot to regain her balance. The humming sensation in her thighs became hotter, then finally became fully-fledged ache, just as she reached floor 4A. As she climbed the final step and straightened her legs, her quads quivered, and the burning ache melted away, leaving just a delicious pump of her blood-gorged muscles bulging at full size. Rachel knew she didn’t have long. She set off down the corridor.

Her eyes hastily scanned the sign on every door. A grin flickered at the edges of her lips as at last, she came upon the name she wanted.

"Dr. Miles Thompson." Rachel's eyes gleamed. The door was wide open. She slowed slightly, listening for any sound coming from inside, but heard no voices, only the rustling of papers, then what sounded like a briefcase clacking shut. She accelerated and swept through the open doorway.

"Bofffff!" A hard thump met her chest. A flurry of paperwork burst into the air. Rachel was rocked back on to her heels but quickly steadied herself. The same could not be said for the doctor.

Miles Thompson's spectacles slid across the floor and barely escaped being crushed under his narrow backside. Rachel grinned enthusiastically, strode into the room and swung the door shut behind her.

"Well hey, Smiles!"

Miles didn't need his glasses to know who was standing over him. He squinted and his palms slapped the floor about him as he searched frantically for his glasses. Rachel bent down with her legs straight. Miles saw her long black hair lower towards the ground, and his glasses in a delicate, small hand.

"Don't call me that." He snatched them and pushed them hurriedly up his nose. He scrambled to his feet. "Jesus, Rachel, you cannot be here! If campus security sees you, you'll be - "

"Yes, yes yes - nice to see you too." Rachel cut in. "Let's skip the pleasantries. I don’t have much time." She watched him retreat to behind his desk, leaving his splayed briefcase on the floor.

Miles snatched the phone from the receiver and held it to his ear. He looked at Rachel. His frail chest rose and fell with panicked breaths. But she stood calmly, then shrugged the strap of her duffel bag off her shoulder and carefully lowered it to the floor.

Miles paused. He wondered if his memory was failing him. Was that *really* Rachel? She looked different - a lot different. She’d gained weight, he thought. While her sunken cheeks had filled in, her jawline seemed more defined, which also accentuated the way her hoodie hugged the contours of her remarkably firm-looking upper body. She certainly filled the sleeves of her figure-hugging hoodie, and as she rolled her shoulders back, Miles couldn't help but notice the smooth, wrinkle-less mounds on her chest.

Rachel savoured watching him calculate her new physique.

"What on earth are you doing here?" he finally barked, with his paused with his finger over the keypad.

"I need your help."

"With what?"

Rachel crouched down and unzipped one compartment of her duffel bag. With two hands, she heaved out a thick folder stuffed with documents. She stood up and slapped the tome of papers onto his desk. The clutch of papers was scrawled with detailed diagrams of complex chemical bonds and arrays of hexagons all connected with interweaving lines.

Miles' throat clenched as he instantly recognised the unusually interlaced symbols, the dozens of scribbled question marks and the dog-eared corners of the pages. The university emblem even headed several of the pages. He huffed incredulously.

"Rachel, did you not learn anything before?" he shook his head. Rachel silenced him with an outstretched index finger. She reached into another compartment of her bag. Miles heard the clinking of glass. His brow scrunched as Rachel carefully revealed at least a dozen red-capped jars filled with a light-yellow liquid.

His concern turned to disgust. "Is that what I think it is?" he gestured wearily. He spotted a packet of syringes wedged among the jars. "What *the hell* have you been up to?"
Rachel grinned. He couldn’t have asked a better question. "Lemme show you.” Miles swallowed.

Rachel reached up and daintily plucked the zip between her thumb and index finger. Miles spotted another tennis ball bump rise in her sleeve. Her noticeably rounded shoulders pulled ripples in the fabric at her elbows.

A sudden ache in his crotch told him that he knew exactly what he was about to see. He stared in anticipation; his finger frozen above the pad. Miles' mind swirled. His heart was beating so hard he worried it was making his tie shake. Rachel noticed the phone quivering in his grasp.

She sighed softly as she peeled open the top to reveal her pumpsuit-clad body. Her hoodie parted with a deep blue. Miles' eyes plunged with the zip; stretching wider with every inch. She saw them trace down the narrow split between her pectorals. Then over two, four, six of the hard bumps bulging from her midriff. Her eyes glowed more confidently as she watched his defiant facade crumble, knowing how the skin-tight spandex flattered every bump and bulge of her new physique. Her crotch hummed and her cheeks warmed.

She slowly peeled the hoodie off of one smooth, capped shoulder, then the other. Next, she unsheathed her thick arms, before dropping her hoodie on the floor with a quiet, satisfied sigh.

Miles' face said it all. Rachel. Mousy, tender, bookish, lab rat Rachel with *muscles*. Fledgling physique model muscles, he guessed. He bit back an incredulous huff. Miles realised that she was wider than him across the shoulders. Then she breathed in deeply and her torso creaked fuller still. She observed his body language; watching his eyes dart nervously all over her body.

“So, you’ve been working out? That’s what you wanted to show me?” Miles finally countered. He already seemed disarmed by the full view of Rachel’s new upper body.

Almost as he said it, Rachel felt familiar rising, warming, tightening squeezes oozing down her thighs. “Mm-hmmm.” she licked her lips. She pinched the hems of her sweatpants and rolled them down to her kneecaps. “Real hard.”

She let Miles’ eyes completely fail to resist ogling her full, firm quads.

Three long, slightly separated fillets of muscle reached down both her milky thighs. Their outer edges drew an impressive straight edge from her hips to her kneecaps, while her inner thighs bulged slightly towards each other. The gropes of venom clutched at her harder.
Her quads clenched erratically, teasing feathered edges into the small teardrop bulges beside her knees. As they flexed giddily and creaked outwards to their full size, Miles’ eyes did the same.

Rachel licked her lips; she hadn't even revealed her favourite part yet. “72 steps. 3 times. That’s –"

“216.” Miles interrupted. Trying desperately to maintain his undignified façade.

“…lunges.” Rachel sighed sensually. She felt the deepening squeezes chipping away at her composure as it lapped at her crotch.

The rhythm of her erratic flexes quickened. Miles saw Rachel’s midriff pumping softly, and her eyelids starting to flicker. Rachel felt the threads of her composure snapping one by one. Each one sent an orgasmic quiver through her humming quads and crotch.

Her back, then her whole torso began to tremble. A gasp later, her posture creaked upright. Her toes clenched in her shoes. Here it came.

Suddenly, her eyes stretched. Her knees locked. Her back straightened and her quads flexed hard. Rachel kept her quivering eyes on Miles as her thighs creaked larger in a choking squeeze. She felt her knees bending backwards slightly as her muscles expanded. She rose onto her tiptoes and Miles saw her calves roll up the backs of her shaking legs, which then trembled slightly fuller into thick medallions. Her skin seemed to melt between the creases of her woven quads. The heart shaped muscles above her knee became more pronounced.
Rachel groaned submissively as her glutes clenched and jerked her hips. With every involuntary thrust, she let a carnal gasp pour from her kinked lips. She had been denied it before; she wasn’t going to let it happen again. Especially if this was going to be the last time she ever felt the pumpsuit’s incredible hands on her body.

She drew her thumb to her mouth and bit it flirtatiously as her muscles stretched, the hem of her sweatpants quivered like a guitar string. Her quads expanded a little further and the string tassels were tugged shorter. Then the wide arcs of her glutes juddered from behind her hips and pulsed upwards towards her lower back. Miles saw her bubble butt ripen into view on either side of her quaking hips.

Rachel cursed through a shaking whimper. Miles nervously looked at the door. He prayed the thick doors were stopping her orgasmic moans from spilling into the corridor.

“Mmmmm, yes!” Rachel sank her tooth into her lip, then clutched one of her pecs with one hand and grabbed her lower back with the other. Her eyes slammed shut. Her abs bit around the spandex. She grunted helplessly - like little bubbles of pleasure were popping inside her all over. Her thighs clenched tightly, bursting with surprising new detail, with veins that seemed to thicken with every grunt. Miles blinked his burning eyes.

When he opened his eyes, Rachel’s long hair was still twitching; her head lowered. Her fingertips were white as she gripped herself and soaked in the orgasmic heaven. Her thick-rimmed glasses threatened to slip off her nose. She sucked down shaking breaths with her eyes still closed.

Miles looked on silently. His gaze was fixed on her muscular thighs. They’d grown only a little in size, he observed, but they had definitely woven tighter together. The formations of muscle had become more conditioned and detailed. With the sweatpants covering her knees, her quads burst out explosively. Fully pumped, her refined musculature made her an even more convincing physique model athlete.

His cheeks burned hot. ‘Rachel, fucking, Turner.’ His mind huffed.

He glanced at the notes she’d put on the desk. Had she really done it? His mind throbbed as hard as his crotch.

Her mousy face. Her obediently straight hair. Her hair and slender neck all befitted the bookish, fragile Rachel he knew. Yet her body now bristled with *forcefully* inflated bulges and curves that completely defied her meek disposition. Something inside her had *pushed and pumped* her bigger than her genetics would ever have allowed, until she stood as the quivering, muscular embodiment of her wildest, vainest, selfish, most perverse desires.

If anyone would, Miles shook his head, it was her.

And if anyone would shamelessly orgasm while they did it – it was Rachel.

Had she subjected herself to the same arresting, sensual spurts for every time? And what was she wearing? His mind probed further. Or maybe she had come here to gloat - to brag and then leave. To show him that she was not only a superior scientist, but simply a superior specimen in every way. His lips rolled under his teeth. A familiarly intense cocktail of envy and arousal swirled in his stomach.

Rachel’s hoarse breaths slowly turned to deep, delighted sighs, then almost into an intoxicated giggle. She opened her eyes, swept her long hair over her shoulder and blew out a long sigh.

"Ngghh - that's just a taste, Smiles.” she ran her hands down her thighs and ogled herself for a moment. The phone slid in his wet palm. Rachel could see the tendons in his jaw pulsing; the sign of his inner cogs turning. “You shoulda seen me last night." she grinned.

She felt practically naked, gasping before him in the straining skin-tight pumpsuit. Her throbbing, shaking pussy still making her hum all over. She stepped up to the desk.

"Three days." she whispered.

Miles' eyebrows rose higher up his forehead.

"Three days - four workouts.” she drew her arms up and flexed her biceps. Impressive bumps bulged outwards, as wide as her neck. She felt the spandex squeeze deliciously around her arms, then saw his Adam's apple shift in his throat. She rolled back her shoulders and drew out her lats, knowing that the flaring triangle of her torso would tease the potent steroids pulsing through her. Flexing with her hands on her hips and her thumbs pointing towards her bellybutton, her sleeves slid up her forearms as her delts balled up into tightly capped cue balls. She sucked down a deep breath through her nose. Her torso inflated. All the while she kept her sultry eyes fixed on him. “Five if you include my little improv session on the way up here."

She could read him like a book. His eyelids flickered as he tried to process everything – the new her. Her new power.

She was right. Miles had never seen such predatory, primal confidence glowering inside her before. "We always said it was possible. And it looks like we were right." She stepped forward and placed her hands on the desk. “But I need more.”

She watched his eyes dart towards the bulges in the backs of her arms. “Finally - finally I have everything. Everything I need to crack the code, to finish my - our work." Miles watched her pecs tense into rippled slabs as she begged. "Don’t tell me you don’t still think about it – about us.”

“No – we can’t.” Miles stammered. “It’s too risky. My career.”

“10 days.” Rachel pleaded softly. “Give me 10 days.” gesturing with open palms, Miles watched the thick knots of her biceps bulge outwards. He swallowed. He could barely keep eye contact. Rachel began to slowly strut around the desk.

"Look what I've done in just 3, with the shoddy equipment in my YWCA room." Miles huffed incredulously. Fuck, she was good, he thought. "Imagine what we could do with all the lab tech here?"

She stopped an inch from him. Miles’ senses filled with her familiar scent. God, it really was her. This really was happening. The whole episode had already been so insanely arousing. All the fantasies he had tried to banish to the back of his mind were standing right in front of him - and she wanted more. “10 days of just you and me. Just like old times.” Rachel looked up at him with begging, hungry eyes. “Think of what you could do to me.” she whispered in his ear.

Rachel saw the goose bumps climbing his neck. What if they really did have the opportunity to actually make it happen? Miles wondered. To make their ultimate desires a reality. The perfect muscle-growth formula. Rachel bit her lip as she waited for his reply.

Miles put the phone down.


Natalie sniffed and huffed through the fading crackles of pleasure jolting through her pumped-up legs. Kyle too felt the final erratic throbs of hypervenom pulsing through the bulging pillars of her quads, as her exhausted body stayed coiled around his for a few moments longer.

At last, she lifted her head and blinked the feral glaze out of her eyes. Natalie's pulse began to fade from her ears. A blissful lightness and clarity oozed through her.

She looked around the room. She barely remembered coming in, but she was quickly relieved that the blinds were closed and prayed the door had been locked and the walls were thick. Kyle's finger brushed a sweat-matted frond of hair from her eyes. It was only then she noticed Kyle and their wide torsos heaving against each other. The moment she laid eyes on the drunken grin on his face, an equally enamoured smile spread across her own.

"Holy shit." she looked over her shoulder. Never had so much of her backside been visible in her peripheral vision before. "What did you do to me?" she clenched them. The sensual ache blossomed through her hunky glutes as they creaked with exquisite fullness. Her jaw crept open as she admired herself.

"What you asked me to." Kyle admired the bowling ball glutes spilling into view on either side of her hips.

Natalie stood up with a tender grunt and wiped her lips. Kyle stayed on the inclined bench. Her tiny-looking kneecaps were in-line with his eyes. Natalie locked her legs.

Massive, interwoven fillets of muscle punched towards him. Her thigh gap slammed shut. The highest ridges of her quads bulged in line with her pecs. Her calves had filled out laterally; hanging like ripe fruit from the backs of her smooth legs. Their new density enraptured Natalie. The shocking thump against her bones as she jerked her mighty quads into sculpted, braided formation. She felt like she could leap through the ceiling with Kyle on her back. Over and over she watched her trembling kneecaps disappear behind the brawny teardrops above them.

"Goddamn.” She ran her hand over one thigh. Even fully stretched, her little finger and thumb weren’t wide enough to cover the sweeping mass of her quads anymore. “Where's my phone?"

Natalie darted to the corner and snatched it from her gym bag.

Natalie skipped back to the bench, cocked her hips and positioned her bowling ball glutes just beside Kyle's ear. "Stay there. Look shocked." she ordered, lowering the camera to Kyle's head height.

Kyle didn't have to pretend. The farthest curves of her glutes were now almost gravity-defying. Kyle's eyes widened as Natalie's glutes creaked towards his ear. They balled up and rivalled the size of Kyle's head. On the phone screen Kyle noticed the deep crease that now ran between her quads and her hanging hamstrings. Natalie clicked photo after photo, flexing and re-angling her pose with her toes pointed and her narrow lower back kinked. She finally dropped the pose. Then she leant down.


Natalie ran her fingers through her thick bob and ruffled it into her playful, teasing, 'just shagged' trademark look, flexed her mighty quads, and lit up her beaming, supermodel smile. Her thumb hammered the photo button as Kyle summoned the strength to keep his jaw off the floor.

"Now do a boomerang." Kyle could hardly blink before Natalie's phone was in his hand and she had adopted a new pose. She stood in front of him and circled her fingers around the 'PL' logo stamped on her hips. She relaxed her quads. Kyle watched their detailing melt away. Then placed her feet together and locked her legs, hard.

Her quads exploded towards the camera. Thick veins shot like lightning down her sweat-glossed legs. The slippery spandex bunched under her yawning thighs. The ripples across her crotch were so taut Natalie thought she could pluck a note on them.

Her knees tilted gently apart as her inner thighs thumped against one another. She placed her other hand around her waist, stretching her fingers towards her bellybutton to accentuate the explosive density of her thighs.

Her hands had never looked tinier. Natalie swooned softly with incredulous delight at the skin-stretching sensation pumping in both her legs.

She repeated the trick a few times, making sure Kyle captured the perfect one. By the tenth time, her inner thighs were warm from the friction and her veins were gorged.

Natalie dropped the pose, and then after snatching the phone from Kyle's hands, the grin from her face dropped too. Instantly, her brow was furrowed in concentration as she scrolled, scanned and deleted many of Kyle’s photo attempts. Her smile only flickered back when she came upon one that satisfied her.

Natalie licked her lips. Most of the photos were already gone, but the ones that were good, were *good*. Next, she needed to supplement the image with the perfect caption. Her eyes roamed around the room for a moment; the description formulating in her mind. Eventually, they circled around to Kyle, who was now tending to his soaked crotch. She smiled. "Find someone who gets you as #pumped as your suit does." she muttered with tapping thumbs. “Grateful to have people in my life who can push me to become the best version of myself." she winked at Kyle.

Natalie's finger hovered over 'post'. She paused. Her heart quivered anxiously in her chest. It was going to be the first time she had ever mentioned that the suit was anything more than a skimpy advertisement. But clearly PumpLabs didn't mind Angela divulging such information, Natalie reasoned. The number of her Inst@gram followers certainly backed that up as well. And if that was the case, Natalie now feared appearing ungrateful more than revealing that she had been loading herself up with potent mysterious steroids. Maybe Rachel had been right the previous night, she wondered. Kyle watched her pluck at her lips in silence for a few moments.

The time for hiding it was over, she decided. She finally tapped 'post' and let out a quiet sigh. All she could do now was hope her own fans appreciated her ‘edge’ as much as Angela's did.

She pictured Angela's phone vibrating in her pocket, and her eyes popping wide just as hers had the same morning. The same pang of jealousy rippling through her chest.
The image did a little to assuage her anxiety.

"So, er, do you wanna see what I got?" Kyle offered his phone to her. Natalie's face lit up, and she plucked it from his hand.

"Oh, hell yes." she began furiously scrolling with her nose an inch from the screen.

She clicked on the most recent video.  She held her breath and started watching her post-workout growth video.

The video was amateur at best; a shaky, blurry glance at the ceiling, a flash of her blue body, blonde bob, her skin, then the floor. Only her sensual gasps came through with any clarity. Her brow crinkled. Frustration quickly boiled up in her chest.

"What the fuck, Kyle." she spat. "I can't use this shit." she began to pace around the room with the phone clutched in her hands and her own orgasmic gasps blaring from the speaker. Kyle's heart thumped in his throat. He'd already attracted the ire of one powerful woman that morning, now it looked like he was going 2 for 2. 'It wasn’t that bad, surely?' he thought.

A moment later, an especially carnal groan poured from the phone. Natalie stopped in her tracks. Her thumb dragged the time bar back again. The quivering groan played again.
"Hoh - wow." Natalie huffed. Finally, Kyle had managed to steady himself and film clearly.
Natalie watched her glutes pump on top of Kyle with her hungry, orgasmic gasps rising in time. With every thrust, Natalie watched the little blue teardrop of her pussy sink deeper between her shuddering glutes. Finally, with a back-bending orgasm, she ground her hips hard against Kyle as she came, her glutes ripened to their fullest heart-shape, and it was swallowed completely.

Her eyes gleamed in the reflection of the screen. Natalie's cheeks burned. The video continued.

Natalie watched her heels draw up with her toes pointed towards the ceiling. Her hamstrings bulged like biceps; creaking with peaks that reached up almost in line with her trembling glutes. Another straining groan followed. Her numb pussy ached as she watched. She could see how her growing muscles squeezed the helpless moans out of her. It was the most erotic thing she had ever laid eyes on. Finally, she collapsed on top of Kyle. The video ended.
"Oh my god.” she looked over at Kyle in delight. “I fucking love you." She bent down and pecked him on the cheek. "Eat your heart out, Muscle Panda." Natalie sent the video to herself, then searched for the others from her workout.

"Who?" Kyle asked. Natalie didn’t seem to hear. Her thumbs were busy swiping and tapping all over two phones screens simultaneously. Her phone dinged repeatedly with every newly received video clip.

Kyle grimaced and rolled his tongue anxiously over his teeth; relieved that Natalie was too preoccupied to have heard him. The penny dropped the moment he’d asked. He remembered seeing Angela's Inst@gram handle on the enormous PumpLabs screen that very morning.
He shook his head in disbelief. It was almost impressive how quickly PumpLabs tactics were working on Natalie. She was clearly trying hard to impress, out-angle and out-flex, in every possible way, this other girl. To the point where it seemed that out-muscling this ‘MusclePanda’ had superseded finding her other suit as her top priority.

Natalie suddenly tossed his phone back to him. "So, what are we doing tomorrow?" she chirped. Now she was positively brimming with enthusiasm. She rubbed her hands together as she strutted over to him.

"You mean this afternoon?" Kyle replied and summoned a smile.

Natalie's brow scrunched for a moment. Then just as quickly, her icy glare melted, and suddenly she was gooey with anticipation. Her tooth sank into her lip.

"Back 'n' bis, or chest and tris?" Kyle offered. Natalie slowly coiled herself around him and ran her fingers through his messy hair; the spandex creaked around her packed physique as she did.

"Lick it clean." her sweet breath poured into his ear.

"Lick it clean." Kyle could barely reply, before Natalie slid her tongue deep into his mouth. With the toes of their sneakers touching, Kyle felt her thighs rubbing against his; so stuffed they were with amazing heavyweight size. Kyle locked his fingers on the sweeping shelf of her backside. He exhaled incredulously as he had to stretch his arm completely straight to reach the middle of her hunky new glutes. Natalie pressed her hips harder into his and let him explore.

His cock started to ache. The quote repeated in his head. He remembered the CEO tilting back in her chair, just as delighted as Natalie seemed to be with that new mantra.

The vision of her wicked grin stopped his mind swirling with sexual desire; enough for him to remember what his priorities had to be.

Natalie sighed yearningly as he pulled away. "3 o'clock?" Kyle asked.

Natalie blinked the carnal glaze from her eyes. They darted around the floor for a moment. "Deal." she quickly gathered herself. "I've got some *errands* to run, and then I'll go home and slip into my other suit." she licked her lips. God how she wished that was true. After the insane orgasmic rush Kyle had squeezed out of her, 3 o'clock felt like a lifetime away. If she had another suit, she would already be in it, and pumping her upper body up and letting it erupt with the same sumptuous size and conditioning as her lower body. Shit, what about Rachel? The police officer that was in her house? Her mum using the suit?! Kyle halted her runaway train of thought.

"Oh, and is your friend supposed to be coming in today?" he asked with as much nonchalance as he could manage.

"No." Natalie drew close again; her slippery nose brushing against his and her hand sliding around the back of his neck, making her bicep swell to its baseball size. Kyle saw it bulge into his peripheral vision. "I want you all to myself." Natalie purred with smouldering eyes. She playfully bucked at his crotch with her hips. A twisting flutter rippled through both of their hearts.

She reluctantly pulled herself away. "But if you do see her." her face hardened. "Tell her to call me. ‘Kay?"

"Sure thing."

Natalie tapped his nose, then wheeled around and headed towards the door. She gave a final, sultry glance over her shoulder, deliberately rocking her hips for him. "See you soon." she blew him a kiss and strutted through the doorway.

Finally, out of sight and with a wall between them, Kyle and Natalie placed their hands on their hips. Their cheeks puffed as they both blew out long, anxious sighs.

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Re: Author: [poddy] Natalie and the PumpSuit | #FMG
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Welcome back!
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Re: Author: [poddy] Natalie and the PumpSuit | #FMG
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Best story ever!  So happy to see another chapter.   :bravo:

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Re: Author: [poddy] Natalie and the PumpSuit | #FMG
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Thanks for the chapter, so great to read this series gain...can't wait for more, thank you! K++

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Re: Author: [poddy] Natalie and the PumpSuit | #FMG
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Thanks for the chapter, so great to read this series gain...can't wait for more, thank you! K++
Best story ever!  So happy to see another chapter.   :bravo:
Welcome back!

Thank you for the kind words, and thank you for sticking around during the huge gaps between chapters!

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Re: Author: [poddy] Natalie and the PumpSuit | #FMG
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How is next chapter coming along?

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Re: Author: [poddy] Natalie and the PumpSuit | #FMG
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I hope that we can see this story continued

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