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Author Topic: Looking for a story  (Read 1007 times)

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Looking for a story
« on: January 21, 2022, 10:22:29 am »
Hi I'm looking for stories like Wishing Rod P1 and P2, the ones where having sex or giving a bj to someone makes the woman grow. Another good example is the Librarian Parts 3 and 4. They'll all be linked, if you have similar ones thank you! (Disclaimer : I don't claim to be the writer of any of these stories)

Wishing Rod, Part One
Submitted by Kaleb on April 23, 2012 - 10:04am
Wishing Rod

Bradley was a normal boy growing up: brown haired, blue eyed, and a little on the small side.  He had a few good friends but couldn't be called popular.  He did OK in class and kept his head down. A normal kid.

That is, normal until he had his first sexual experience. Her name was Kendra, a cute girl in his tenth-grade math class. A raven-haired, petite, half-Asian girl, she had the greatest smile he had ever seen.  She was quick to laugh and playful in that flirty way, and Brady had to work up his nerve for half a semester before he could bring himself to talk to her. When he finally did, he discovered that her personality matched her appearance, and they immediately became fast friends, and soon, more than that.

One night, Brady invited Kendra over to watch a movie while his parents were out. Over pizza and soda, they bonded over the absurdly over-the-top spectacle of the Transformers movie, when Kendra got quiet.

"Do you think Megan Fox is cute?" she said.

"Uh," said Brady, "not as cute as you?"

Kendra broke into a wide, slightly snaggle-toothed smile. "Right answer!" She punched him in the arm, but then slid closer, resting her head against Brady's shoulder.

Brady's heart thumped in his chest. He was sure Kendra could hear it. He was afraid to move lest she be scared off. Then, during a lull in the explosions, Kendra looked up at him with those big brown eyes of hers, and he knew that he had to make a move. His heart racing, he tipped his head down and kissed her. After a second, he felt her lips push back at his, the tip of her tongue poking out, trying to find a way in.

After a minute, Kendra broke off the kiss and stood, and Brady's heart fell. Kendra turned off the TV and turned to him with a strange look, as if she were considering. Finally, she made up her mind and reached out with her hand.

"Can we go up to your room?" she said.

Brady nodded. His body suddenly on autopilot, he took her hand and let her lead them back to his bedroom, where he kept his mess.

Kendra was hot for him, pulling off his shirt as they entered and running her hands up and down his skinny chest. Brady tucked one hand under the back of her jeans, grabbed her little firm ass and pulled her tightly against his body. They fell back onto the bed.

Soon, Kendra was lying on top of Brady in her panties and bra, rubbing up and down his body as they kissed. She felt his manhood stiffen against her, and she sat up and reached behind her back with a smile and unhooked her bra, revealing her pert A-cup breasts to him. Brady reached up to touch, but she slapped away his hands with a giggle.

"Not yet! Let's see what's going on down here!"

She sat astride his legs and unfastened his pants, pulling them and his underwear down enough to reveal his dick, which sprang forth to a modest four inches.

A little uncertain now, she ran her hand up the sensitive underside of the prong as Brady moaned a little.

"Do you like that?" said Kendra. "Do you like it when I touch you there?"

Brady could only groan in reply. Kendra smiled at her newfound power over him and bent to tentatively kiss the pulsing head of Brady's penis. A bead of pre-cum formed at the tip, and Kendra licked it off. When the bitter salty taste hit her tongue, she made a face.

"Ugh! I wish your dick made tastier cum!" she said, sliding back up his body. Unseen to both of them, Brady's dick glowed briefly and then faded. Kendra was too busy then kissing Brady and rubbing her dripping virgin pussy, still encased in her undies, against his throbbing prong. Within seconds, Brady grunted and his dick spurted stream after stream of hot sticky cum between their bodies. The smell of vanilla permeated the air.

"Eww!" said Kendra, as she sat up. She wiped some of the sticky goo from her taut stomach and realized that the scent was coming from the cum. She brought it to her nose and sniffed and then stuck out her tongue to taste. It was wonderful! Like chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream! She greedily lapped up all the semen that had pooled on Brady's stomach. Soon, they were clean.

Kendra stood and stripped away her panties. "Fuck me, Brady. I want you to be my first!" she straddled his now limp dick and rubbed her little body against him trying to get him up again, but Brady was wiped out.

"I, Uh, I don't know if I can so soon," he said drowsily. Kendra looked up with a pout.

"I wish it would always stay hard, so you could fuck me all night."

Again Brady's dick flashed, and soon Kendra could feel him stiffen against her stomach, and Brady felt a new burst of energy.

"Oh, good! He's back!" she said.

Straddling his torso, Kendra reached down and grabbed his pole, positioning the head at the entrance to her sex.

"Oh, Bradley, I'm so happy it's you!" She sat on his prong, pushing its modest girth into her tight pussy. She pushed his dick past her hymen with a gasp, and then fully pressed his dick into her until he was fully encased.

"Oh, god!" Bradley groaned as Kendra began to ride his dick. Within seconds he came for a second time that night, filling her with his spunk, but his dick stayed hard this time, and the extra lubrication just enabled Kendra to become more vigorous in her efforts.

"Aaaaahh!" groaned Kendra. "Ooooo, fill me up Bradley. Uh! Oh, god! I fucking wish your dick would grow and grow and fill me up, and give me the best damn orgasm ever!"

His dick flashed within her and began to grow. Kendra's eyes opened wide as his penis began to lengthen until it started grazing her cervix. It's girth expanded until it stretched her pussy tight and she could feel every throb and twitch of his manhood.

Within seconds the pleasure of their sex overwhelmed her and Kendra arched her back in pure ecstasy and gave a strangled scream of pure joy. Her body jerked as orgasm after orgasm wracked her senseless. She gripped her cute little breasts tightly, squeezing her hard little nipples as if to extract more pleasure. Bradley finally came a third time, filling her sex with his love juice. Kendra collapsed against his chest, fully spent and twitching with aftershocks.

They lay there panting for a few minutes. Finally, Bradley heard his parents pull up outside, and he quickly pulled out of a still-dazed Kendra.

"We gotta get you out of here! My parents are home!"

Kendra woke fully and scrambled to get her clothes on. As she climbed out of the window, she turned back to Bradley and said, "Thank you, Bradley. This was amazing! I'll see you at school tomorrow, OK?"

Bradley could only nod dumbly. He scrambled to his bed as his parents climbed the stairs. Peeking in at their boy, they found him already asleep with a big smile on his face.


The next day Bradley awoke to the smell of vanilla. He had been dreaming that he was fucking Kendra senseless, the last of many such dreams that night. He opened his eyes and smiled at the ceiling remembering the night before. His hand wandered down to fondle his penis, when his eyes went wide. He immediately flipped up his blanket to find a fully erect eight-inch monster of a dick covered in cum.

"What the fuck!" he said as he scrambled from his bed to take stock. Apparently, he had been dreaming of his evening with Kendra all night, because his sheets were soaked in sticky discharge. His dick bobbed before him as if pointing to the evidence of his copious nocturnal emissions.

He realized that he had to get things cleaned up before his mom saw the mess, so he quickly stripped the sheets and stuffed them under the bed, arranging his blankets to simulate a made bed. When that was done, he dashed across the hall to take a badly-needed shower.

As he cleaned himself, he saw that his dick still hadn't gone down since his last ejaculation.

"I'd better do something about that!" he said with a smile. He reached out to his cock and began to stroke. He was amazed at the thickness of the thing: so much larger than the day before.  How did it get so big, he thought?

He felt the familiar buildup of pressure at the base of his prong as he jerked off in the shower.  With a grunt and an arch of his back, his dick spurted stream after stream of sweet-smelling cum to splatter against the far wall.

Bradley stood panting, slightly stunned at the power of his ejaculation. After a minute letting the hot water run down his body, he opened his eyes to see his still-erect dick pulsating before him, ready and waiting for another go.

"What the hell?" thought Bradley.  "Why won't it go down?"

He started stroking his manhood again, hoping that another ejaculation might let the monster relax. He closed his eyes and imagined a big-busted blond riding his dick and thrashing in pleasure, calling out his name. Within seconds, he was again spurting his seed into the shower, and once again, when he looked down his still-rigid prong was there to meet him.  Bradley realized that if he didn't do something he was going to have to go through the school day with a raging hard on! Fuck! And given the ease of his last two ejaculations, he doubted that he could make it through the day without a change of pants, that is, even if he had a pair that would fit now!

Bradley turned on the cold water, hoping to quell the beast. He stood there for ten minutes shivering and growing hypothermic with no discernible difference in his cock.


Bradley jumped from the icy shower and grabbed a towel and dashed across the hall to his room. If he couldn't go to school, he reasoned, he'd just have to feign sickness to stay home. Maybe he could figure something out during the day to relax his meat.

His mom, being a soft touch, was easy to fool. His dad, however, was usually a tougher cookie. Luckily his long cold shower left him shivering beneath his covers, and that was enough to convince him. His mom almost insisted on taking him to the doctor, but luckily Brad's dad decided that a day home would fix him up.

Finally, when Bradley's parents had left, he whipped the covers off to reveal his still-erect dick pointing up at the ceiling. Pre-cum had formed at the tip, and Bradley could feel the pressure building at it's base. He grabbed a sock and once again started stroking, coming within seconds.

What had happened? He sat to consider: yesterday he had a smallish four-inch erection which would, normally, behave itself. Today he was a porn star with a dick that wouldn't relax. What could have possibly happened? Well, one thing came to mind: he had lost his virginity to Kendra.

Kendra! What was it she had said while she was fucking him? Something about wishing he would always stay hard? Could the wish have done it? What about his size? He couldn't remember. Wait! Yes, she had wished that his dick would fill her up and give her incredible orgasms.  He remembered because then she just seemed to go crazy with pleasure. It was worth a try.

"I wish I could make my dick relax," he said.  Nothing happened. "Wait," he thought, "I just wished I COULD make it relax. Maybe I have to concentrate on letting it go down now."

Bradley closed his eyes and concentrated on relaxing his dick.

Nothing happened.


Bradley tried a few more wishes, which all came to no result. Exasperated, he busied himself with laundering his sheets. His dick slapped against his stomach and nicked over the detergent and basically made a nuisance of itself the entire time.  He decided to try and tie it down, grabbing a rag and tying it to his leg.  All he managed to do there was incite another round of masturbation as the rag rubbing against his member made him come in seconds.

Finally he resorted to tighty whities, arranging the head of his dick to be pinned by the waistband to his stomach, and then covering it with some loose sweatpants.  If he didn't move too much he was able to go a full half hour without ejaculating.

Bradley decided that he was just going to have to have Kendra come over after school.  Maybe the power to wish things was in her, or in some object she possessed. He called her at lunch and asked her to come over after school.

"I heard you were sick," she said.

"No, it's ... Something else. Please come!"

"Well, after last night, how can I say no to you?"

Later that afternoon, Kendra knocked on the door. Bradley threw on a robe and answered it.

"Why'd you stay home from school, lover? I wanted to show off my new boyfriend to everybody!" she said, skipping into the house excitedly.  She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply. Her eyes widened when she felt his enormous erection press against her body.

"Oooooo...someone's really happy to see me!" she said.

"Th-that's what I asked you to come over for. Something happened last night when we...uh...had sex."

"I'll say something happened," she said. "You blew my mind! I could never imagine that sex could be so awesome!"

"No, that's not what I mean. Do you remember wishing that I would stay hard forever? Because that's what's happening! I can't get it to go down!"

Kendra looked at Bradley skeptically. "Really? You've got to be kidding." She got a mischievous gleam in her eye. "Oh. I see. You want to play!"

"No, really!" pleaded Bradley, but it was too late. She pounced onto him like a cat, tipping him over onto the couch. Before he had a chance to protest, she started pulling down his sweatpants to reveal his enormous erection.

"Holy crap!" she squealed. "It's huge!"

She sat straddling his legs, and before Bradley could protest she had wrapped her lips around the head of his enormous dong, swirling her tongue around the rim.

"Nooooo...ugh," Bradley groaned. Within seconds he arched his back and spurted an enormous load of vanilla scented semen down Kendra's throat.

"God Bradley, you taste so good!" she said, licking her lips. Bradley could do nothing but lay back and groan.

"You're enormous, but I wish your cock were even bigger! I want to feel your cock along my entire body," she said, wriggling out of her sun dress. "I want to rub my pussy on one end of your cock, and suck it's head on the other end!"

Brad's still-erect cock flashed a bright blue for a moment and then pulsed larger, growing three inches in a second.  After a pause, it surged another five inches. The teens looked on in stunned silence as Bradley's cock inflated like a time-lapse movie of a tree growing. Finally, reaching nearly three feet in length and as thick as a large can of vegetables, the head of Bradley's cock hit him on the chin and bounced up slightly until it settled at a 20 degree angle to his torso.

"Fuck!" Kendra said. "what the fuck just happened?"

"That's what I was trying to tell you! I think that last night your wishes started coming true! You wished my cum tasted good and now it does. You wished that I would stay hard, and now I do. I can't remember everything you wished for, but whatever you wish for seems to becoming true! I tried to wish it down this morning, but it didn't work."

"What? Do you mean that I'm some sorta witch or something?" Kendra could hardly believe it, but the proof was there before her.

After a moment of thought, Kendra closed her eyes and said "I wish I was as beautiful and athletic as a cheerleader." She imagined herself growing from her current five feet to a statuesque five eleven. Her boobs would grow from her tiny little bumps into voluptuous big-but-pert globes. Her entire body would become more muscular and defined and she would have the balance and grace of a ballerina with the power of a pole vaulter. Her face would become more beautiful; still hers, but with clear skin and a perfect symmetry that would have men and women alike drooling over her. She shook with anticipation.

But nothing happened. No blue flash.  No rush of power and beauty. Nothing.

Kendra opened her eyes and looked at her body, disappointed.

"Well, I guess we know that I can't wish things true," she said with a pout.

Bradley was still trying to come to grips with his new appendage and didn't really notice that Kendra had failed to change. With every pump of his heart he could feel the blood surge through his dick, and Kendra's hand on the base of his cock was bringing him close to the edge.

"Ohh, Kendra, could you..."

Kendra shook off her disappointment to smile at Bradley's predicament.

"Ooo, poor baby. Do you need my help?"

With that, she leaned forward and began to rub her moistening pussy against the base of his cock, and suck as much of his cock head as she could. The thing was immense! It felt like she was humping a tree branch! The head of his penis was so big that the slit at the end could probably have fit a quarter.

She tried her best to seal her lips around his slit when she felt him stiffen in ecstasy. Spurt after spurt of warm tasty cum flowed down her throat as fast as she could swallow. It took forever for the flood to end. Finally, she looked up at Brandon with a sad look.

"I wish I could give you the titty fuck you deserve, but with my flat chest, I'm afraid I'll never be able to do the job."

As Brandon opened his eyes, he saw a strange look on Kendra's face.  "I wonder..." she said, then seemed to come to a decision.

"I wish Brandon's cock would produce cum that would make boobs bigger, and perfect, without sag but natural to the touch."

Bradley's dick flashed a bright blue once again. Kendra's eyes widened in excitement. "let's see if this thing has more cum in it!"

She returned to grinding the length of her body against his rod hoping to coax more of his magic seed out. Bradley's eyes soon rolled back as another wave of pleasure surged up his dick. Kendra excitedly sucked his cum as she also came from rubbing against his bucking meat.

As the flow stopped, Kendra released her lips from the tip of his cock with a 'pop'!

She sat up on his member caressing her tits. "I can feel it happeninnnng..." she moaned.

Bradley watched as her little titties began to expand just as his dick had earlier. Starting with her nipples, her breasts began to puff up. Then, like a water balloon filling, new breast flesh began to push out between Kendra's fingers as she moaned in pleasure.

The pressure of her pussy rubbing on the base of his cock, combined with the sight of Kendra's boobs expanding drove Bradley once again to the brink of orgasm. Kendra opened her eyes as she felt Bradley begin to buck his hips, and saw a giant bead of pre-cum form at the tip of his enormous cock. Quickly, she dropped her body agaist his rod and sealed her lips to his cock-slit. Her breasts, at least a cup size larger than before, rubbed against his length.

Soon he was spurting another load down her throat. Kendra didn't pause in her ministrations this time, though, and kept her position as she grabbed her expanding boobs and began to rub her entire body up and down the length of his gargantuan dick.

Within seconds, Bradley let loose with yet another shot of his magic cum. It felt to him like he spurted like a firehouse, the semen blasting up his monster and overloading his senses with pleasure. He fainted.

When he awoke, Bradley could hear Kendra cooing in front of his closet mirror. When he looked over, he could hardly believe what he saw! There stood Kendra with the tight little body she'd always had, but with a huge rack! Kendra stared at herself, mesmerized, as she ran her hands up and down her new assets; big as grapefrits, pert and perfect.

"Shit!" said Bradley.

Kendra turned at the sound and smiled. "You like?"

Bradley just sat there stunned and nodded his head. A bead of pre-cum formed at his dick head.

"This is awesome! But now I think I need to be filled up!" she purred as she walked back toward the bed. She bit her lip in thought before she spoke again.

"I wish your dick was the maximum size that will fit and give the most pleasure, and that you and it will never tire or run out of cum!"

Bradley's monster dick began to shrink, staying incredibly stiff as it did until it is back to the eight inches from the previous night.

"Ahh...just right," Kendra says as she licked her lips.

She straddled Brandon once again and was about to push it into her dripping snatch, when a thought struck her. She couldn't wish herself into the body of an athletic cheerleader directly, but she could apparently wish that Bradley's cum had the power to change her!

"I wish that your dick would produce cum that would make girls stronger, more sexy and more athletic every time you come in them!" she said, and Bradley's dick flashed again.

Eager to try out her new toy, Kendra began to work Bradley's dick into her pussy with a sigh. Bradley lay mesmerized by her bouncing globes as she began to move her body up and down on his tool. He reached up and began to caress and squeeze Kendra's magnificent boobs.

Kendra moaned loudly as the pleasure she had experienced the previous evening returned with a vengeance. Within seconds she began to experience the first of a series of titanic orgasms as they wracked her body with ecstasy. Brandon felt like his dick was on fire, and soon gripped Kendra's new assets with both hands and squeezed as he shot stream after stream of cum into Kendra's pussy. Kendra screamed with one last incredible orgasm and collapsed on Bradley's chest panting and on the verge of passing out.

Bradley lay back luxuriating in the pleasure, when he felt Kendra get very hot on his chest. She groaned in her half-conscious state as Bradley began to feel Kendra slide across his skin.  She was growing!

Bradley watched as her head inched toward his chin,and firm athletic little muscles began to form on her shoulders, the only part of her body he could really get a good look at. Her hair, appeared to take on a beautiful sheen and seemed to grow longer, slowly covering her growing naked form from his eyes.

Finally,after a minute,the growth slowed and stopped and Kendra began to stir from her dazed state. As she propped her arms under her, Bradley could see cords of muscle in her arms push her from his chest. As she did so, it was obvious that her tits had again expanded so they sat high on her chest, now the size of cantaloupes.

Kendra straddled Bradley, his tool still hard and embedded in her snatch, and ran her hands up and down her newly ripped physique. Her stomach showed tHe beginnings of a six pack, while her fit little arm muscles Bunched and released with her caresses. Bradley could only stare at her beauty.  Her face had become perfectly symmetrical, without a blemish. Kendra's hair cascaded down her shoulders like an ebony river.

"Wow! That was glorious! I wish I wouldn't get so wiped out after coming like that," she said. After a second, her eyes twinkled as she said, "I wish your cum increased stamina and the ability to withstand orgasms without becoming incapacitated and without diminishing the pleasure."

Once again, Bradley's dick flashed. He could see the blue light through Kendra's abdominal muscles, outlining the perfection of her new tummy.

"God, let's do that again!"

Kendra began to undulate atop Brady, driving his magic rod deep into her snatch while rubbing her now-prominent clit against his abdomen. She reached up to clench her huge boobs with her strong hands and pinch her nipples. Soon she was groaning in orgasm and thrashing yet again. Her senses overloaded with the incredible pleasure, she once again collapsed on Brady, smooshing her boobs against his chest. This, combined with her relentless driving against his dick and her pulsing vagina pushed him over the edge and he let loose with spurt after spurt of his hot ropy cum.

The effect was immediate. Kendra seemed to recover from her constant shuddering orgasms. With a smile on her face she sat back up and groaned.

"Oh, that's sooo good! Fuck, I can still feel the pleasure, but now I can fuck you hard at the same time!"

Kendra returned to driving herself up and down on Bradley's still-hard dick, smiling with intense pleasure with every thrust, but no longer completely overcome by the sensation.

Bradley was able to last much longer this time, fucking for what seemed like hours but was probably only a half hour. As Kendra rode him, her eyes closed tightly and her hands rubbing up and down her body, he could see her elongate and become more beautiful than ever. Her ebony hair flowed down to her waist now, framing a perfect version of Kendra's originally-pretty face. With each caress of her hands, Kendra's body seemed to lengthen and firm up with new muscle. As her hand passed over her stomach, Bradley watched as the ridges of her abs deepened. As she caressed her ample but pert breasts, they seemed to expand in response, the nipples becoming even more erect with pleasure, if that were possible. Her biceps and triceps bunched and flexed with every movement. He could see her eyes brighten with the intensity of the pleasure she was experiencing, every movement an orgasm.

Her pussy muscles gripped and tugged on his massive cock as she moved, pulsating with their own rhythm, until he could no longer hold back.

"," she grunted, her face in a rictus of pleasure. One final pulse of her vaginal muscles sent him over the edge, and he again filled her pussy with a gusher of cum.

"Oh...oh yes! That was amazing!" She said as Bradley pumped his last couple of spurts into her. She nearly purred as she wrapped her arms around her burgeoning chest, her new biceps rippling with power.

Just then, they heard Bradley's mom pull up in the car.

"Shit," said Bradley. "You have to get out of here!"

Snapping out of her daze, Kendra dismounted and frantically tried to dress her new body. After trying and abandoning her sundress she opted for the gym shorts she kept in her bag and one of Bradley's larger t-shirts, which barely covered her now titanic breasts.

As she was climbing out the window, Bradley yelled, "Wait! What about my dick! It still won't go down."

Kendra smiled. "That's what I like about you, silly!"

After seeing Bradley's desperate expression though, she relented with a giggle. "Oh, OK silly. I wish your penis would only become erect when you're sexually aroused, otherwise it will remain flaccid."

Bradley's dick flashed blue, but stayed erect. Kendra's mere presence in her new super sexy body kept him on the verge of ejaculation.

"See you tomorrow, lover," Kendra said, blowing him a final kiss. Bradley's dick immediately let loose with a torrent that arced over his head and splattered against the wall behind his bed. With a giggle, she dropped to the ground. Leaving Bradley to explain the condition of his room to his mother.

Realizing just how hot and barely dressed she looked right then, Kendra decided to run the two miles to her home as quickly as possible. Breaking into a sprint, she began to run, trying to ignore the stares of passersby as her enormous boobies bounced high with every stride.

As she ran, Kendra felt a familiar warmth spread across her body. That last dose of Bradley's cum must have started doing its work on Kendra's body, because it suddenly seemed that she was covering a lot more ground than should be possible! Halfway home, in the middle of a busy intersection, her burgeoning breasts finally grew so large that, during one of her long strides, they popped out from under Bradley's t-shirt. Kendra tried to pull it down again before anyone saw, but her inch-long engorged nipples wouldn't let the outclassed shirt pass.

Giving up, she heard a loud crash behind her as a couple of distracted drivers were mesmerized by her passing. Finally on the home stretch, she put on a last burst of speed to dash into her house, passing two cars going thirty on the way.

She burst into her house, shearing the lock off in her haste, and dashed up to her room and sanctuary. She slammed her room door and leant against it, as if to catch her breath, although her stamina was now such that she was barely breathing hard.

Kendra looked up to find a six-foot athletic supermodel with porn-star tits looking back at her from the mirror. Cascades of deep dark luminous black hair flowed down to the twin globes of her now-perfect ass, her thighs and glutes now filling her gym shorts, ripping them at the seams. Her hair flowed around and framed perfectly the two largest breasts she had ever seen in person, nearly the size of basketballs, firm and round with inch-log nipples begging to be caressed. Right below them were the cut abs of a pole vaulter.

Her face had become perfect as well: perfect unblemished complexion, perfect symmetrical features, perfectly big deep dark eyes with perfect long black lashes, a perfect cute button of a nose, and perfect plump ruby lips.

Kendra sighed at the vision in the mirror, incredibly sexy as it was, and slowly reached with one hand to caress her breasts. A softball-sized bicep formed as she did so. As she tentatively brushed a nipple, a shock of pleasure ripped through her body and to her pussy. Her body broke out in goosebumps at the feeling. Her other hand snaked down under her shorts of its own accord and began to massage her erect clit, now sticking out of her vaginal folds slightly.

Kendra flopped face first onto her bead as the pleasure mounted, humping her hand. Within seconds she came, hard, but she did not stop rubbing, for the vision she had seen in the mirror was the sexiest thing she could imagine.

Wishing Rod, Part Two
Submitted by Kaleb on April 23, 2012 - 10:05am
The next morning Bradley was relieved to wake up to a normal-sized dick, and, after a bout of morning wood quickly taken care of in the shower, a flaccid one. He was finally able to get dressed for the first time in two days, and caught the bus to school.

He tried to catch Kendra at homeroom, but soon learned that Kendra had not made it in. The mere thought of her made his dick stir, and he had to beat off twice during the morning to keep the thing quiescent.

Everything was fine until gym class. Bradley, you see, had gym class with a bunch of students that just happened to include most of the cheer leading squad, and while they were certainly no match for the newly improved Kendra, they were certainly very sexy, and enough to rouse Bradley's trouser monster.

Today was basketball, and the instructor got two games going; one for the girls and one for the boys, each game taking up half of the gym.

Bradley spent his time on the bench watching the cheerleaders run up and down the court, full breasts bouncing under their shirts. Soon enough, Bradley was called into the game, and he suddenly realized that his package had become stiff as a rod, ten inches long and tenting his shorts out lewdly. As he stood, his cock head popped out from under his waistband. The entire cheerleader squad stared with their mouths agape.

Bradley quickly covered himself with his hands and ran off to the locker room to recover. It wasn't until he had locked himself into a toilet stall and he saw the tampon receptacle that he was in the girls locker room.

Shit! He had to get his monster down quick and somehow make it back to the boys room! He pulled down his shorts and quickly began to stroke himself and get some relief.

"Why is it so much bigger?" he thought. Soon enough he came hard, imagining he was being stroked off by the head cheerleader, Tina. His cum splattered onto the wall behind the toilet with such force he was unable to aim. Finally,after making a spectacular mess, the thing relaxed, and Bradley, relieved, began to put it away. He heard the locker room door slam.

”Bradley?” he couldn't be sure, but It sounded like it might be Tina herself. A couple of giggles told him she wasn't alone.

”Bradley, are you in here?”

He stepped up and balanced on the toilet seat to avoid detection.

”Cum out cum out wherever you are!” He could hear the spelling in her pronunciation. Her companions giggled at the pun.

The cheerleaders slowly worked their way down the line of stalls pushing open each unlocked door in turn.

”Awwwww, come on Bradley. We just want to see what you’ve got in your pants!”

Tina pushed on the locked door of his stall.

”what are you doing in there Bradley? It smells like you’re drinking a milkshake,” Tina said. She pushed a little harder and the stall’s flimsy lock popped open. Bradley sat there squatting on his toilet.

”Awwwwww, look what we found girls! Isn't he cute?”

Crowded into the stall doorway were Tina, Linda and Traci, the three leaders of the cheerleading squad.

Tina was a pale-skinned athletic blonde with the kind of face that makes it to Hollywood and the kind of body that makes it to the Olympics in gymnastics, if it weren't for her boobs. Five foot six inches of coiled muscle and school spirit.

Linda, as if to contrast Tina, was dark-skinned African goddess. Nearly six feet tall with perfect smooth chocolate-dark skin and a smile that lit up a room.

Traci was by far the most athletic of the three. Five-nine and hundred fifty pounds of muscle, she was the strong base of any pyramid the squad made. Not as knock-down beautiful as the other two, she nevertheless had a cute tomboy thing going for her, with her short red hair and spray of freckles across her nose.

”We couldn't help seeing you smuggling in a big ol’ sausage, Bradley-boy. Mind if us girls take a look.” Tina squeezed her arms together to push up her melon-sized tits, her nipples dimpling her sports bra.

Faced with these three models of teenage perfection, Bradley couldn't help but become aroused. The girls giggled as his trouser snake so hastily put away a moment ago began to inflate before their eyes, pulsing and pushing its way down until at last the big purple cockhead popped out of the right thigh-hole of his pants.

”Mmmmm...mamma wants some of that!” Tina slipped into the stall and wrapped her hand around his shaft and pulled him into the locker room proper. She led him to a bench and pushed him gently until he lay back fully. Tina then carefully pulled Bradley’s pants down around his ankles, and with the two others watching gripped his enormous flagpole with both hands.

”I haven't seen one this big since sophomore year when Big Jim Morrison graduated!” said Tina excitedly. Truth was, she was something of a slut, and a size freak to boot. She was never really satisfied until it hurt, and no dick could match her fantasies, but Bradley’s dick came close. In fact, because of one of Kendra’s wishes, Bradley’s dick was exactly the size that would maximize her pleasure should they fuck.

Tina started off by licking the rod from the underside of the base all the way up to its head. She swirled her tongue around the rim of the glans a couple times and, seeing a bead of pre-cum forming on the tip, and feeling Bradley shudder beneath her, quickly sucked the first third of his cock into her mouth.

Bradley came hard, and Tina swallowed every drop.

”Oh god, guys, you have to try this! It’s like a vanilla milkshake!” Tina said. She began to moan as Linda moved in to wrap her plump lips around Bradley’s pole.

At first, Traci watched Linda suck Brandon off, admiring Linda’s round muscular butt wiggle as she put her whole body into pleasuring him. One hand snaked under her shirt to play with her little nipples, each toppling a breast barely evident on her muscular pecs, while the other slipped under the waistband of her shorts to play with her clit. However, she was soon distracted by Tina who was undergoing an amazing transformation.

First Tina’s already D-cup breasts began to expand like water balloons filling at the tap as she caressed them roughly through her sports bra, her nipples prominent and excited. Then, just as that growth slowed, Tina began to stretch taller, her hair began to grow, and her already athletic muscles began to become defined like those of a dedicated bodybuilder without losing any of her feminine beauty. As she grew, Tina stroked her nipples and clit until at last, at the climax of her growth, she came with a shuddering orgasm! Traci soon came with one of her own as Tina became ultra-beautiful.

Bradley, watching the entire spectacle, began to buck with release, filling Linda’s mouth with his seed. As Linda moved away, a still-dazed Traci took her place, inexpertly toying with Bradley’s still-erect cock. She couldn't help but stare at Linda though, waiting for her change while Traci pumped her fingers in and out of her own sopping snatch.

Watching Traci try to fellate Bradley was frustrating to the new-improved Tina. Tina knew that Traci was inexperienced, but really, she was on the cheerleading squad. Had Traci never given someone a blow job before?

”Traci, here, this is how you do it,” she said as she pushed Traci out of the way and began to show her. Traci, however, merely kneeled there watching Linda transform, one hand in her shorts.

Linda was bent over double, gripping at her stomach as if in pain. Her boobs hung down, without a trace of sag and without a bra, and they rapidly began to fill out her shirt. Far from being in pain, Linda began to laugh as she stood straight stretching her fingers to the ceiling, and in a burst of growth shot up to six-three. At the same time, her straightened black locks sprang back into an Afro that would have made a 70's porn star proud. Linda’s entire midriff was now exposed, washboard stomach rippling as she stretched.

Just then, Lisa’s lips popped off Bradley’s rod. ”Here, quick Traci, drink up!” she said as she pointed the enormous dick toward Traci. Surprised, Traci had only a moment to look back at Bradley before ropy steams of cum  began to erupt from the tip and plaster Traci all over her face. Traci made a face as if to say ”ewww,” when the intoxicating smell hit her and she licked up the cum  on her lips. She scraped the cum from her sticky face with her fingers and stuffed them in her mouth. Within seconds she was clean.

As if in a trance, Traci stood up and walked over to Linda, her dream girl. For Traci was a lesbian who had joined the squad a year ago only to be closer to Linda.

”M...may I,” she said timidly as she reached for Linda’s. tits. Linda’s eyes went wide at the unexpected proposal, but as if in a lust-fuelled daze, she nodded her assent. Traci began to caress Linda’s boobs through her shirt. Linda began to moan, and then as if in a burst of realization, took the now much-smaller Traci in her arms and began to kiss her deeply.

Tina and Bradley stared at the two as they began to undress each other, never releasing their kiss for more than a moment. Then Traci began to change. First, her already-erect nipples puffed out so they stood out on her flat chest like pinky fingers. The rest of her tits followed, her tiny A cups inflating to B and then to C, but looking much larger on top of her strong pecs.

Speaking of muscles, Traci had always been cut, but now her muscles bunched and grew in spurts as Linda caressed them, her back becoming massively defined with lats spreading wide. Her legs began to thicken until they were as big around as fireplugs, with her now round naked ass becoming hard as marble. As the transformation completed itself, Traci lifted Linda up by her ass, putting Linda’s legs astraddle her shoulders, her face buried in Linda’s shaven snatch. Her arms hardened with the effort, biceps becoming as large as footballs with prominent veins criss-crossing them. Linda began to groan in rapture.

”Fuck that’s hot,” said Tina as she stripped off her shorts and panties. Still staring at the two lesbian lovers, she returned to Bradley, gripped his massive cock, and ran it against her womanhood to get it all slippery with her juices. Finally, with a groan she worked the massive prong into her snatch. Quickly getting into a rhythm, she pumped like a woman possessed, her pussy stretching to accommodate his girth.

After a minute or two of passion, all four teens hit the point of no return and erupted in a series of titanic orgasms, each feeding off the other until all lay spent on the locker room benches.

Suddenly, the class bell rang, and all four students began to scramble to get their clothes on.

”How do I get out of here without being seen?” begged Bradley.

”I know a back way, said Tina, her second transformation only just beginning. Quickly, she led him to a fire exit that the squad had long ago rigged not to set off the alarm. ”Let’s go to your place, little cutie,” she said as her body began a new spurt of growth.


Kendra masturbated pretty much the entire night, her stamina now such that she barely needed sleep. Not wanting to have to answer any questions, she feigned an illness so she wouldn't have to go to school.

Once her mom had left for work, she felt safe to get up and explore her new body in a much less sexual way than the night before.

She was hot. The hottest thing outside of Hollywood, she decided. A movie star face on an athlete’s body, and with the tits of a porn star. She twirled in front of the mirror naked, looking for any signs of imperfection and finding none, just smooth tan skin and perfect features as far as she could see. She giggled a little, like a kid at Christmas.

Kendra made a little fist, pumped her biceps, and was rewarded with a firm ball of muscle the size of a softball. Wondering how strong she was now, she decided to test herself out on her older brother’s weightlifting equipment down in the basement, left there when he went away to college.

Skipping naked into the basement, Kendra found all her brother’s old equipment pretty much as he had left it: a bench with 200 pounds still loaded, dumbbells of various sizes, a pull up bar, and a disused punching bag in the corner.

She idly picked up a ten-pound dumbbell and began doing curls. They seemed to weigh nearly nothing to her now, so she moved on to a twenty pounder. Still nothing. Even at fifty she figured she could do reps all day! Finally she turned to the bar sitting on the bench and licked her lips. Positioning herself behind the loaded bar, she gripped it with both hands and pulled. With a little effort she pumped out twenty reps before switching to single-armed curls with 200 pounds. Finally she was getting a workout! After twenty more with each arm, her arms were burning, but within seconds of racking the weights the pain and fatigue just faded away, and she felt like she could do another twenty!

She then put all the weight that would fit on the bar, 600 pounds, and slid beneath it on the bench. She barely fit under the thing, with the tops of her enormous breasts pushed up against the cool steel.

Gripping the bar with both hands, she pushed with a little grunt, and the bar went right up! She doubted even her brother could bench six hundred pounds, and here she was doing it for reps! Eventually, she switched to one-handed presses which taxed her a little more, but as with the curls, when she put the bar down, any fatigue seemed to melt away.

This exploration of her abilities was turning her on! She stood up and grabbed the bar once again, and began to do 600 pound two-handed curls! Her nipples became rock-hard at the thought of how perfect she was now, and   She eventually switched to a single hand, exploring her body with the other. Her pussy was soon dripping with desire.

She turned to look at herself in the mirror and was once again overcome with lust for the image that greeted her: a six-foot pumped-up amazon with perfect features, curling six-hundred pounds with one hand and stroking her pussy with the other!

Gripping the bar with both hands, she sat back down on the bench and turned the bar around so one end was pointed to her steaming crotch and the other was held outstretched before her with her titanic pulsing arms. She pulled the exposed end of the bar into her pussy, driving all the available steel into her pussy up to the first weight. She groaned as she came to the realization that she was fucking herself with a six-hundred pound dildo!

Soon she was slamming the bar into herself like a pile driver 60 times a minute, her arm and back muscles straining to lift the bar with every repetition. Her first orgasm quickly washed over her, but she didn’t stop for even a second. She just kept driving the rod into herself with determination.

After reaching six orgasms, something broke on the weight set, and the weights slid down the bar, exposing more steel which drove deep into her pussy. With a scream, Kendra gripped the dildo with all the might of her pussy, sucking it in deeper and deeper, as she was overcome with wave after wave of incredible pleasure.

She lay back onto the bench to catch her breath, which took only a second with her increased stamina. When she sat back up, she saw that in her passion she had shorn off the stop that kept the weights from sliding down the bar. She pulled the bar from her sex and saw the number her pussy muscles had done on it and the first couple weights. Her strength had deformed the bar into the torpedo-like shape of a dildo, with the tip rounded and slightly bulbous, and the rest With a slight coke-bottle shape. Her clenching legs had deformed the outside weights into a wedge of steel.

”Oh God,” she said in wonder, ”I bust be the strongest person on earth!” Her nipples got hard Just thinking about the power she now had packed in her wet dream of a body.

Kendra spent the rest of the day testing her strength on household items and masturbating, waiting for Bradley to get home from school. When three o’clock rolled around, she remembered her nakedness and found an old football jersey of her brother’s, the only thing that could now accommodate her enormous tits. That and pair of old shorts completed her ratty ensemble but truth be told, she could have worn a burlap sack and still look like a supermodel.

She walked to Bradley’s this time, enjoying the amazed and lustful stares of the public. She could have sworn that she had even made a couple of teenagers sitting outside the Seven Eleven spontaneously ejaculate in their pants as she passed!

As she approached Bradley’s house, she heard a scream - a high pitched wailing - and she dashed the rest of the way and broke down his door in her haste, splinters flying about the entryway. Hearing that the screaming was coming from Bradley’s room, she burst in to see an eight-foot blonde goddess grinding her snatch in ecstasy against her boyfriend’s crotch.

”WHAT THE FUCK!” she screamed. See ran at the blonde interloper shoulder first and hit her high, tipping her off Bradley’s now two-foot prong. Semen spurted from his tip, hit the ceiling, and rained down on them all as the girls collapsed to the floor.

”What the hell are you doing, bitch, knocking me off my orgasm! I really wanted that cum!” shouted Tina, her voice shaking the room.

”Stay away from my boyfriend you whore!” yelled Kendra, setting herself between the still prone Tina and Bradley.

”Ooooo” moaned Tina with her eyes closed as she began to fondle her beach-ball sized tits. ”Mmmmmmm, even though I didn’t get all of that last load, I can still feel it working. She began to expand in all directions as her immense muscles writhed beneath her skin.

Quicker than Kendra could see, Tina sprang to her feet and slapped her across the room with a single plate-sized palm, fracturing her neck in the process. Kendra lay limp in the corner, barely conscious and paralyzed.

”Oh, God! This is awesome, and it keeps getting better!”  making sure Kendra still had a good view, the now nine-foot cheerleader stood over Bradley, bending slightly to fit below the ceiling. ”now you get to witness the birth of a goddess!”

With that, Tina scooped the still-erect Bradley from the floor, and still standing, rammed his enormous dick into her still-moist snatch.

Kendra had no choice but to watch Tina force herself on Bradley, ramming him mercilessly into her pussy, screaming in ultimate orgasmic pleasure. Bradley must have cum four times within the space of two minutes, based on his shuddering.

Tina closed her eyes as the first feelings of growth when she abruptly dropped Bradley to the floor.

”I’ve got to watch this,” she said with clenched teeth. Tina punched through the wall to begin a search of the house to find a mirror fit to reflect her magnificence.

When Tina was gone, Kendra looked over to Bradley to see him panting and crying.

”B - Bradley, I - I for-give you,” she croaked.

Bradley was stunned to find that Kendra was still alive. He crawled over to her, his dick getting smaller as he did so, returning to the eight-inches of the previous day.

”Kendra, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean for this! I was practically raped! You saw!”

”Brad-ley, ple-ase let me suck...”

Bradley looked confused. ”But we have to stop Tina!”


Bradley, with tears in his eyes knelt before Kendra and began to beat off. As his dick grew to erection, Kendra whispered, ”I wish Bradley’s dick produced cum that would cure all ills.”

Bradley’s dick flashed blue as it reached full erection and he realized Kendra’s plan. As he got close to coming, he pushed his cockhead into Kendra’s mouth. Most of the cum made it down her throat, although she could barely swallow.

The magic cum worked quickly. Kendra’s bruises healed first, then her arms and legs began to twitch as broken nerves were mended. Then, as before, her breasts began to grow, pushing against the numbers on her brother’s shirt, nipples erect like exclamation points ripping little holes. Her body soon followed, adding inches of height and muscle until she looked like a cross between a bodybuilder and a porn star, at least six and a half feet tall.

”Wow!” said Bradley. ”you look amazing! But you're not going to beat Tina unless we can get away an fuck at least ten more times!”

Kendra thought for a second and then smiled. Then she made her next wish.


Tina ripped another, larger hole in the wall upon her return, only to find Kendra riding Bradley’s cock.

”Shit! Get off my man you bitch!” she shouted as she shoved her titanic eleven-foot frame through the wall. Covered in plaster, which served only to complement her pearly white skin. She crawled toward Kendra’s writhing form to shove her off just as Brandon shot his wad. It splattered uselessly on the ceiling.

”Nooo!” cried Kendra as the magic juice rained down upon them all.

”Shut up, whore, he’s mine!” with that Tina began to stroke Bradley’s cock, and as she did so it grew longer and longer until it was three-feet long and thick as a number ten can.

”Ooooo, just how I like it,” she cooed as she repositioned herself so that she faced Kendra as she guided the meat torpedo into her snatch.

”Watch me ride your boyfriend to goddess hood, you bitch,” she laughed.

Kendra stood and charged Tina, hoping to knock her off her perch, but Tina casually backhanded her into a corner where she lay motionless.

”Really, did you think you could thwart me so easily. I’ve been queen of the school for years. Now I get to be queen of the planet!”

With that, Tina began to pump Bradley’s tool for all she was worth. Bradley groaned as the sexiest woman alive massaged his sex with her pussy muscles. Tina rode wave after wave of orgasm, trying to coax the magic cum from Bradley’s meat.

”Don't do it! Don't cum in her Bradley!” croaked Kendra.

Bradley squeezed his eyes shut in concentration.

”Look at me, baby,” Tina commanded seductively. Bradley opened his eyes to the eleven-foot goddess currently riding his cock. Her abs ran from a ’v’ of muscle down by her pussy and up under her breasts. Two rows of muscle, each as thick as a fist. Her arms caressed the sides of her gigantic tits, two and a half feet in diameter, with three-inch long nipples sticking out.
Her face was framed by platinum locks, shining brighter than the metal itself, cascading in ringlets down her back. Her face was perfection itself, eyes glowing in desire. Her entire body tensed with orgasm after orgasm as the climaxes washed over her. She leaned forward and placed her hands on each side of his face, quickening her pace while stroking his body with her nipples.

”,” she panted, driving each word home with a pulsing squeeze of her pussy muscles.

Bradley couldn’t hold on any longer. With a mighty grunt he arched his back, driving his immense tool into Tina’s snatch as deeply as he could, screaming as he let loose with the biggest load of cum yet. Tina howled with pleasure as the warm gusher permeated her womb.

Then Tina straightened and said ”now watch the birth of a goddess!” and gripped her breasts in anticipation of another burst of growth, when something odd occurred. She began to...shrink.

First her boobs deflated until only small bumps and nipples denoted where breasts once lived on her titanic frame. Then she became shorter, and her once mighty muscles began to evaporate. Within minutes she had shrunk to less than her original size. She looked as she did at eleven: stick thin and gawky.

”Nooooo...what did you do to me!” she wailed, her voice now prepubescent and high pitched.

Kendra stood then, fully repaired from the partial load of cum she had swallowed before Tina had hit her. Bradley stood to join her, his still-erect dick re-sizing for the ten-inch optimum for Kendra.

”Well, you see Tina, Bradley’s dick produces magic cum, and the magic it perform depends on my wishes. The last wish I gave it was for the blessings of Bradley’s cum to benefit only myself. All others who partake revert to their eleven-year-old selves. When you fucked my boyfriend, you became the first test of that wish.”

”Nooo! I want my body back! I want my power back!”

”Well, you should have thought of that before you started FUCKING MY BOYFRIEND!” roared Kendra.

She then turned to Bradley and said, ”I’m sorry I put you into this situation sweetie. I should have known that leaving you alone with that magic dick was like leaving a baby alone with a loaded gun. Let’s fix that, huh?”

Then Kendra looked at Bradley’s throbbing member and said: ”I wish that your dick produced cum that would increase my strength, intelligence, health, resistance to injury, beauty and sexiness by a factor of a thousand.”

Bradley’s dick flashed blue.

”You wanted to see a goddess rule the Earth? Well you’ve got it, Tina!”

With that she took a stunned Bradley in her arms and lay him back on the floor. Positioning herself, she rammed his prong violently into her pussy, feeling the pleasure rapidly mount.

After only a minute of sex, Bradley’s balls began to grow, first to the size of oranges, and then after a pause, to the size of beanbag chairs. When he came, you could see both of them clench, driving liter after liter of love juice into Kendra’s pussy.

The orgasm that washed over Kendra did not stop after a second or two, but continued for several minutes, her skin glowing a brighter and brighter blue as it grew. Her entire frame vibrating at an insane frequency.

Finally she arched her back and screamed as streamers of light surrounded her body, consolidating in her muscles and mind, fueling an expansion first to ten, an then as he minutes passed, to twenty and then forty feet tall, destroying Bradley’a roof and causing the floor to collapse into the basement. Mindful of Bradley’s safety, Kendra cupped him in her outstretched hands and shielded him from the debris.

Laughing, Kendra said, ”Oh my. It’s amazing! The power...limitless, just beyond my grasp.” opening glowing eyes, Kendra said:

”I wish Bradley’s cum would transfer all of its reality bending powers, and any others, to me, Kendra Yamaguchi, and that his dick would become from that point on just a normal penis.”

The magic cock flashed blue, this time brighter than the sun.

Kendra lowered her enormous perfect lips to Bradley’s crotch, extended the tip of her tongue, and lightly slurped Bradley’s cock into her mouth. His dick began to grow, first to he three-foot monster demanded by Tina earlier, then onward until it was a full nine feet long and as thick as a garbage can. His dick and balls now dominated his frame. His body was now no more to Kendra than a convenient handhold for an immense human dildo.

Kendra brought the head of the prong to the entryway of her pussy, and pushed. With a scream, Bradley came into the devine pussy of the world’s first and only true goddess.


Bradley went to school just as he did every day. Riding on the bus sitting next to his new girlfriend, Kendra. He could hardly believe that he had built up the nerve the prior week to ask her out on a date, and that date had led to some kissing and some over-the-shirt boob action. He was sure that if he didn’t screw it up somehow that he’d get to lose his virginity to her soon!

Then Frank, some asshole from the football team, stood over him and said, ”Move it squirt. Let a man show this hottie how to have a good time.”

Bradley was about to move, knowing that his recent luck had finally run out, when Kendra spoke out: ”Touch him, and you’ll be sorry!”

The football player laughed, and tried to pull Bradley from his seat. The football player had no sooner touched his shoulder when Kendra’s eyes flashed blue, and a strange shudder ran through his body. He felt a tingling on his chest, and when he looked down, he was surprised to find two soft fatty bumps developing where his pecs once were. He started to shrink, with his features becoming more feminine by the second. Even his clothes changed, his sweats becoming a fetching summer dress.

Francine shook her head and said, ”Excuse me. I must have lost my balance,” and headed to the next open seat. She sat there daydreaming, with football plays, of all things, running through her head.

Kendra smiled.

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Re: Looking for a story
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The Librarian (Part Three)
by Mac
Mary Ende, Librarian, shares her 'magical gift' with others.
Update: 15/12/1997 to misc3

 Mary opened the bottle, shook some pills out onto her
hand, and looked to Rita, "Will one be enough, do you think?"
 "We could start at one with Meaghan." Rita replied
thoughtfully, "But if it isn't enough, we won't be able to
increase her strength, remember?  How about if we give her
two, and measure her strength increase?"
 "Look how skinny I am!" Meaghan said, "How about four?" 
She grabbed four pills out of Mary's hand and quickly
swallowed them.
 "Meaghan!" Rita cried.  She began to say something when
there was a sound of a car door closing in front of the house. 
Rita and Mary walked to the front window and saw  a thin man,
carrying several books and papers walking toward the house. 
He was juggling the books unsuccessfully and managed to lose
several on his way to the door.
 "Shit!" Rita cried as she noticed the man.  "I forgot
all about Stewart!"
 "Whose Stewart?" Mary asked.
 "Stewart Thompson.  He's the school's computer genius. 
He graduated last year and is heading off to college to study
electrical engineering.  I asked him to come over yesterday
when my hard drive went down.  I was hoping he could save my
files.  But I totally forgot that he was coming tonight."
 "Rita," Mary said as the two women watched Stewart
struggle with his pile of books and at the same time try to
keep his glasses on and not trip over his shoelaces, "I think
we found our first male test subject."
 Suddenly the women heard Meaghan cried out, "Rita!!" as
she stumbled out of the back room.
 Rita spun around and almost fainted at the sight. 
"Mary, get the door!" Rita shouted as she raced toward her
niece.  She got to her just in time to catch her before she
hit the floor.  Effortlessly, the older woman held the frail
girl in her powerful arms and walked back to the weight room.
 Meanwhile, Stewart had reached the door and attempted to
knock.  This sent his books and papers flying again.  Mary
opened the door and greeted him with a warm, "Hello.  Can I
help you?"
 "Oh no, it's all right," Stewart responded as he busily
rearranged his things into a manageable pile, "this happens
all the time."  Then he reset his glasses again and looked up
to the person who had opened the door.  His mouth dropped open
as he saw the beautiful amazon before him.  The books slipped
from his hand once more, but he didn't even realize it this
time.  Finally he came back to reality, and knelt down to pick
up his things once more.  Again he stood up and readjusted his
glasses.  He tried to say something but no words could form in
his mouth.
 Mary smiled one of her most devastating smiles and took
him by the arm.  "Come in, Stewart.  Rita told me she was
expecting you.  My name is Mary Ende.  I'm the new librarian
at your old school and a friend of Rita's.  Won't you sit
down, she'll be right out."
 Stewart sat down and placed his belongings on the table
in front of him.  The new librarian? he thought to himself. 
Why did I have to graduate now?
 Finally Stewart was able to put a few words together,
"It's nice to ... meet you ... ma'am."
 Mary noticed that Stewart had not taken his eyes off her
chest and shoulders since he walked into the house.  "Do I
make you uncomfortable, Stewart?" Mary asked in her
friendliest voice.
 "Oh, golly no, ma'am," Stewart blushed, "it's just that
I've never met any librarians that, you know," Stewart laughed
and snorted as he stumbled over his words, "<snrkt> look like,
<snrkt> well ... as big as ... you."
 "Just call me Mary."
 "Thanks, Mary <snrkt>."
 "Do you think women shouldn't be strong, Stewart?"
 "Oh, sure ... I think that's okay!"
 "Do you think I'm still ... attractive?"  Mary knew
exactly where she was leading him.
 Stewart's heart started beating a little faster.  He
began to fidget with a pen in his shirt pocket.  "Oh, yeah ...
I mean, <snrkt> I think you're quite attractive, ma'am ... uh,
 "Would you like to .. feel .. my muscles, Stewart?" 
Mary moved slightly closer to him.
 Stewart's heart started racing.  He was close to passing
out, but he managed to shake his head and say, "Sh ... sh ...
 Stewart's hands were shaking as he slowly reached
towards Mary's arm.  Mary helped by taking one hand and gently
placing it on top of her relaxed bicep.  Then she placed his
other hand under her arm.  "Now see if you can reach all the
way around my arm with your two hands."
 Stewart had large hands to go with his 6 foot frame, and
he was able to reach around and touch fingertips, even
overlapping them slightly.  He estimated the size of her arm
to be about 16 inches.  He was already getting excited by the
size of her relaxed arm
 "Now hang on tight."  Mary began slowly raising her arm
and flexing the prodigious muscles.  Stewart felt something
like steel cables shifting under Mary's sleeve, and then
pushing against his hands.  To his utter amazement, and
thrill, Stewart's hands began separating.  Father and farther
apart they were forced by Mary's expanding bicep and tricep. 
His 'manhood' was responding in time with Mary's flexing,
bulging in his pants noticeably.  Finally she finished her
contraction with Stewart's hands resting around 25 inches of
womanly power.
 "Know how I got this big?" Mary cooed as she held the
pose for Stewart's obvious enjoyment.  He merely shook his
head, unable to think about anything but this incredible
fantasy woman in his hands.  "Well, I didn't get these muscles
from lifting books."
 Stewart finally pried his eyes away from Mary's bulging
arm muscles, "No?"
 "No."  Mary gently removed Stewart's hands and relaxed
her arm.  She set him back in his chair and continued in a
whisper, like she was sharing a secret, "I used a magic
 "Really?"  Stewart whispered back.
 "Mmm hmmm," Mary shook her head, "and now I need your
 "You need my help?<snrkt>"  asked a wide-eyed Stewart.
 "That's right.  You see, I've shared my power with
several women, including Rita ..."
 "Ms. Wilkes?" Stewart interrupted.  He could hardly
believe all this was happening.
 "Yes.  And it's worked great on all of them.  But I was
wondering ..." Mary paused for dramatic effect, "how well it
would work on a ... man."
 Stewart stared into Mary's eyes, "You mean, you want to
try your potion on ... me?"
 "It could be a lot of fun ..."
 "Oh, oh, golly, I don't know <snrkt>..." Stewart
stammered.  His heart picked up its rapid pace again and beads
of sweat appeared on his forehead.
 Just then, Rita poked her head around a corner, "Uh,
Mary could you come here, please?  Oh, hi Stewart." Stewart
turned to see Rita and his eyes nearly popped out of his head
again as he saw her big arms.  Even unflexed, they were a lot
bigger than he had ever seen them, and he had spent a great
deal of time watching her around the school for the last four
 Stewart had become aware of his attraction to muscular
women in the ninth grade when the girls in his class started
becoming more developed.  He found that a pair of well muscled
legs would turn him on more than a pair of skinny, 'model'
legs.  And in San Diego [that's where this story takes place,
if you haven't read the first two parts yet.  And what are you
doing reading part three if you haven't read parts one and
two.  I wouldn't have to put in so many of these explanations
if you would just read the story in the proper order. - Mac]
[sorry for such a long interruption, as I was saying, in San
Diego ...] the girls seem to wear very little clothing,
especially in the spring and fall.  Stewart had also found
himself drawn to girls with defined arm muscles, thus his
fascination with Mary's huge guns.
 "Mary, I think you need to see this." Rita said as she
disappeared into the back of the house.
 Mary got up and followed Rita quickly.  Stewart's
curiosity finally got he better of him and he also followed,
but at a distance.  As he entered the back room of the house
he couldn't believe his eyes.  Rita and Mary were standing
next to a thin girl wearing shorts and a tank top.  She had a
pretty face, which was currently scrunched up in what looked
like pain.  She stood with her hands on her hips and shuffled
her feet rather nervously, as if waiting for something.
 Looking again, Stewart saw that her arms and legs were
too thin, like the girl was anorexic or something.  Her
shoulders and knees stood out too much and she had little or
no breast development.  She was fanning herself, complaining
about it being really warm.  And then it started.
 Stewart noticed it first in her legs.  Her thighs and
calves began to swell slowly.  Layer upon layer of new muscle
formed where previously it was almost non-existent.  He looked
at her shoulders and saw muscle forming there, as well.  The
girl had lowered her head as if in concentration, and clenched
her fists.  Looking up her arms from her fists, Stewart saw
muscles writhing and growing in her forearms, getting bigger
with every second.  She threw her head back, like she was
enjoying the sensations washing through her body, and curled
her arms several times.  With each curl, her biceps seemed to
grow larger and larger, until they looked like they might
burst through her skin.
 When her biceps and legs had taken on the toned look and
size of a fitness competitor, she slowly turned around and
gripped the bar that Rita had been using.  Then she spread her
lats out, stretching the fabric of her tank top.  Only her
lats didn't stop spreading like Stewart thought they would. 
They kept fanning out, getting thicker and wider.  Soon, her
top was stretched tight and small tears began appearing in the
 Then Stewart noticed that her shorts were raising
slightly.  Her legs were taking on new size and definition and
her butt was filling out her previously loose shorts.  She
stood on her toes and her calves exploded into thick, hard
diamonds of muscle.  At the same time, big gaping rips tore
across the back of her tank top, exposing huge mounds of
rippling muscles and a sports bra that was struggling to
stretch around her newly grown torso.  She ripped the useless
top off easily and turned to face the others.
 Staring at her big arms and thick pecs, she opened her
mouth to say something, but was overcome with a new sensation. 
Her bra that had been stretched tight across her chest began
to sag slightly and then push out away from her.  Soon,
Stewart could see the tops of her breasts pushing out of the
bra and heard the seams beginning to pop.  The girl reached up
to contain her expanding boobs with her hands, but the touch
on her already super sensitive nipples sent her into near
convulsions and increased the growth rate.  In an effort to
free her lungs to breathe again, she grabbed the material
intending to take the bra off over her head.
 Instead, her forearms swelled, and without realizing
what she was doing, her supercharged muscles ripped the bra
apart.  The girls breasts burst forth and Stewart almost did
the same.  His rod was rock hard and threatening to explode in
his pants.  Finally, the girl's growth stopped.  She stood
between the two women, pumped up and sweating from her ordeal. 
Her voluptuous breasts were heaving with every breath, but
showed no sign of sagging as they were held firm and high on
slabs of chest muscle.  Even relaxed, her arms looked bigger
than Rita's, and when she flexed one to check it out, she left
no doubt.  Her arm was at least twenty inches around with
other-worldly definition and density.  She reached down and
ran her hands over her wide thighs and up to her perfect butt.
 All in all, she was the most perfect woman that Stewart
had ever dreamed of seeing.  He had recently discovered
several sites on the internet that had pictures and stories of
women like this, but he thought it was all fictional and the
pictures merely enhancements.  Now he was staring at proof
that these wonder women really did exist.  And he was
unbelievably turned on by the sight.
 Maeghan finally came to her senses after the sensations
subsided.  She gasped as she realized that she was mostly
naked and that a man was staring at her.  She spun around and
tried futilely to cover up her rather large endowments.  Rita
reacted just as swiftly and handed Maeghan a oversized t-shirt
that she had laying in a corner.
 "Put your eyes back in their sockets, Stewart." Mary
said with a smile, "Don't you know it ain't polite to stare? 
Besides, haven't you ever seen a girl before?"
 "No ma'am, at least not one like that!  Except on the
internet," Stewart pulled his eyes off Meaghan gorgeous body,
only to look at the equally stunning figure and face of Mary,
"but I thought it was all make believe!"
 "It's real, all right," Mary said, "It's weird, but it's
real.  So, are you ready to try a little magic?"
 Before he could answer, they were interrupted by a
squeal of glee coming from the weight bench.  "Cool beans!"
shouted an exuberant Maeghan.  Mary and Stewart turned to see
Maeghan lifting the same bar that Rita had previously curled. 
It still had 1000 pounds on it, but Maeghan was curling it
 "I wanted to see if I was a strong as Aunt Rita,"
Maeghan announced, "and look!  This is easier than I thought. 
I wonder ..."  With that she grasped the bar with just her
right hand.  Slowly, and with a tremendous effort, she raised
the bar near her shoulder, but not all the way.  Quickly she
grabbed the bar with both hands and lowered it to its resting
 "Geez, Mary!  Did you see that?" a shocked Rita shouted. 
"She's almost twice as strong as I am!  I don't think we want
the girls to be that strong!""
 "It seems that four pills were a bit more than what we
were looking for." Mary agreed. "Perhaps one pill per girl
would be sufficient."
 "So what happens now?" asked Maeghan, "How long till the
stuff wears off?"
 "Don't you like being this powerful?" asked Rita.
 "Oh yeah, it's the coolest!  I can't believe how good it
feels," Maeghan continued as she ran her hands over her
massive upper body, stopping only when she saw that Stewart
was staring again, "But how long will it last?"
 "As far as we know, Maeghan," Mary explained, "this is a
permanent change."
 "Cool beans!  This is great!" enthused Maeghan.  "I love
how I feel, how I look."  Then noticing Stewart smiling at her
again, "What's he doing here?"
 "Glad you asked," Mary walked over to Stewart with the
bottle of vitamins in hand, "Stewart here just volunteered to
be our first male test subject.  We now know what these babies
will do for a woman.  It's time to find out what effect they
will have on a man.  Not that I'm planning to give them to
many men, but in case they should get their hands on some, we
need to know what to expect.  Stewart, strip down."
 "What?" Stewart looked at her hoping she wasn't serious. 
"Why do I have to be naked?"
 "In case you end up growing bigger, I don't want you to
rip up your clothes.  Besides, I want to be able to monitor
everything that ... you know ... happens." Mary said with a
smirk.  "Now strip."
 A minute later, Stewart was standing in the midst of the
three gorgeous, flesh and blood representation of his deepest
fantasies wearing only his briefs.  Mary handed him two pills
and instructed him to bite them in order to release the magic
liquid.  She reasoned that it took the pills longer to affect
Maeghan because she had swallowed them and it took some time
for the liquid to get into her system.
 Stewart did as directed and then stood there, trying his
best to cover his underwear with his hands.  Suddenly he felt
a rush of warmth flow over  his body.  He looked down and saw
his arms lifting slowly off his chest.  The women surrounding
him smiled in approval of the changes happening.  Stewart's
pecs ballooned outward, while his arms swelled larger and
larger.  His shoulders widened and slowly became capped with
huge, round muscle.  His legs and calves joined in the muscle
growth, taking on the look and hardness of chiseled marble. 
Finally, his abs flattened and then became a pronounced 'six-
pack' of bumpy, rippling muscle.  Even his face took on a more
rugged, muscular look, and his chest and back hair grew
thicker and darker.
 Stewart glowed as he flexed his new muscle, checking his
look in the mirror.  "I think I died and went to muscle
heaven." whispered Mary breathlessly.
 "God, what a hunk!"  agreed Maeghan.
 Rita eyed the noticeable bulge in Stewart's briefs, then
said, "Let's see what the kid's got.  Get on the bench,
Stewart."  Stewart willingly obeyed.  "How much could you
bench before?"
 "I ... I don't know," Stewart said as he lay beneath the
bar, "I never lifted weights before.  I always thought they
were too heavy."
 Rita shook her head in disbelief.  "Well, give this much
a try.  Just push up on the bar and lock out your arms.  Then
slowly lower the bar to your chest and raise it up again."
 Stewart tried with all his strength to lift the weight,
but he couldn't budge it.  Rita and Maeghan stripped some
plates off bringing it down to 800 pounds, but still Stewart
couldn't make the lift.  Then they tried 600, then 500 pounds. 
Finally, at 400 pounds, Stewart lifted the bar and was able to
slowly push out one rep.
 "All those great muscles are just for show!" a surprised
and disappointed Mary said.
 "Actually, he is probably four times as strong as he was
before, if not a little bit more." Rita reminded her friend. 
"At least we know now that these pills don't affect men quite
as much as they affect women."
 Stewart was still lying on the bench while Maeghan took
the bar from his hands and easily placed it back on the rack. 
Stewart got a great view of the bottom of Maeghan's big boobs
under her shirt from that vantage point and was obviously
enjoying the show.  The affect of extreme muscularity on a
woman along with really big tits hit Stewart with an immediate
reaction in his groin.  Slowly, majestically, the biggest cock
that Rita had ever seen tore its way through his briefs.
 "Oh my god!"
 "Cool beans!"
 "Holy shit!"
 All three women stood transfixed as 12 inches of rigid
manhood displayed itself and the remains of Stewart's briefs
fell away.  Stewart sat bolt upright, trying to cover himself
with his hands.  This proved as futile as Maeghan's attempt to
cover herself before.  Quickly, he gathered the remains of his
briefs around him and ran for the bathroom leaving the three
women smiling and giggling.
 "Wow, Mary," Maeghan finally managed to say, "Did you
know that would happen?"
 "No, but it is an interesting side effect."
 "Or 'front' effect." Maeghan corrected and both burst
out laughing.
 "I can tell, this warrants some in-depth study," Mary
said, "but right now, I want to go back to that magic shop and
see if I can get some answers from the woman there."
 "And I better get on home," Maeghan said, "before Mom
misses me ... MOM!  Oh boy, how am I going to explain this to
Mom?" Maeghan said holding her arms out to reveal her newly
muscular body.
 "I've got an idea," Rita said as she walked to the
kitchen.  She came back with a pill, "Give this to your mom
and tell her to call me in the morning.  Your mom has always
been jealous of my athleticism, ever since we were kids.  Tell
her this might even things up a little.  And don't worry about
your dad.  He'll love what this will do for your mom, and
they'll probably have a great time tonight."
 "Oh, that's gross, Aunt Rita!" said Maeghan as she
wrinkled up her nose at the thought of her parents making
 "Would you like me to give you a lift home?" Mary asked
Maeghan as the teenager packed the pill into a jogging
bracelet that had a pouch for small items.
 "No, thanks, Mary." said Maeghan as she opened the door. 
"I feel so alive, so powerful, like I could fly home.  Thanks
again for the gift, Aunt Rita.  You're the best."
 With that, Maeghan jumped down the few steps in front of
Rita's house and headed off in the direction of her home. 
Mary turned to Rita, "Well, my friend, I'm going to get going
now, too.  Do you need any help with Stewart?"
 "No, I think Stewart will be fine, in a little while."
Rita said with a smile, "I've got some old clothes that will
probably fit him, once he 'composes' himself."
 Mary went back into the kitchen and poured out half of
the remaining pills into another bottle then walked to the
front door.  "I'm going to take half and leave you half.  If
we find someone who needs one, I guess we should help them
out.  It was a gift to me, and I suppose this is one gift that
is meant to be shared."
 The two friends hugged each other.  The hug turned into
a snuggle with Rita reveling in the powerful muscles all over
her friend and Mary enjoying Rita's new strength, strength
that paled in comparison to hers, but at least could respond
like no ordinary human could.  Finally they separated and Mary
left with a quick but firm kiss on Rita's lips.
 "I'll call you tomorrow," Mary called back a she walked
toward her car, "Let me know how Stewart's doing."
 Mary hopped in her car and headed for downtown.  It was
after nine o'clock but she felt sure that the store would
still be open.  After all, wasn't it just yesterday that she
had visited it late at night? Her thoughts went immediately to
Jacquie and Bill and wondered how Bill would look with a
couple of her magic pills.
 She wound through the still unfamiliar streets for at
least an hour, trying to remember where she had been only 24
hours before.  So much had happened in those 24 hours.  She
thought about Jacquie and Bill again and how she had been
given this marvellous gift of strength right in front of them
and then shared it with Jaquie in such an unexpected way.
 She thought about Rita and how joyous it was to share
her gift with her friend.  And then there was Penny and John,
and how their lives will surely be different from now on.  And
now Stewart and Maeghan were enjoying the benefits of her
magical gift.  As all these thoughts danced in her head, Mary
continued driving.

 Meanwhile, Maeghan was still jogging home.  Although she
had run two miles so far, she was not even close to breaking a
sweat and her breathing was as slow and steady as if she were
resting.  She decided to take the long way home, down mostly
deserted side streets.  She thought that she would attract the
least attention that way.  Unfortunately, that was not to be
the case.
 As Maeghan jogged easily down a small street, two
college boys, out for a ride noticed her a she passed them. 
"Holy crap!" the passenger said to the driver, "Did you see
the tits on that girl?"
 "Tits?" responded his friend, "All I saw was the nicest
pair of legs and the sweetest ass in the world!"
 "C'mon, Mike, don't lose her."
 "I'm gone." Mike replied as he stepped on the gas, "But
I gotta tell ya, Rick, that girl's going to be mine tonight."
 "Sorry, pal, I saw her first."
 "Yeah, but I've got the hot car, loser."
 Maeghan heard the car accelerating behind her, and then,
just as it was about to pass her, it slowed down again.  She
almost started running faster, to try to get away, but then
she calmed herself down, knowing that she could probably
handle any guys in the car and ten more just like them.
 "Hey, babe," Rick shouted to her, "need a lift?'
 "No thanks." Maeghan replied, not even breathing hard.
 "Wanna party?" Mike shouted as he revved the engine. 
Rick shoved him for saying something so stupid.
 "Definitely not."
 "Uh, what's your name?" Rick was desperate for some
opening, "You live around here?"
 "Nice try, boys," Maeghan said, not even looking at
them, "why don't you go pick up some middle school girls."
 "Hey, we're just trying to be friendly." Rick said. 
Then he turned to Mike and told him to speed up.  Mike pulled
the car ahead of Maeghan and then stopped, blocking her path
across a street.  Rick got out of the car and leaned against
it.  "You know, we could be unfriendly, too, if that's how you
want it." he said in a menacing tone.
 Maeghan slowed down and then stopped several feet away
from Rick.  She put her hands on her hips and tilted her head,
"Are you threatening me?"  She covered the distance between
them and put her hand on Rick's chest, holding him against the
car, "I don't like it when people threaten me."
 Rick struggled to free himself, but found that the girl
was pushing so hard that he couldn't budge.  Then she lowered
her hand to his stomach and started pushing him through the
open window.
 "I get really mad, when people threaten me," Maeghan
said as she finished stuffing Rick back into the car, "and you
don't want to see me mad.  But, you know what guys, I'm not
mad.  Actually, I'm in a pretty good mood tonight.  And you
two guys are okay looking.  I'll tell you what.  I'm going to
give you a chance."  She leaned down and spoke softly to the
two boys, "If you can catch me, you can have me.  What do you
 The boys nodded their heads in dumbfounded agreement.
"All right," Maeghan said as she straightened up again, "see
ya!"  With that she started sprinting down the street.  In a
matter of seconds she was running at 45 mph, loving the way
that the ground sped past her and her dark hair flew in the
 Mike floored his Firebird and spun out.  Soon he was
speeding down the street as well, although his rate of
acceleration could not match Maeghan's.  He couldn't believe
how fast the girl had taken off.  Just as they were about to
catch up to her, she quickly turned a corner.  Braking hard
and nearly skidding out of control, Mike followed her.
 As Maeghan approached the next intersection, she saw a
car pulling away from the stop sign and moving into her path. 
Before she knew what was happening, she leaped toward the car
like she was leaping toward a vault horse in the gym.  Lightly
she placed her hands on top of the car, and then effortlessly
flipped over it, turning a perfect somersault and landing on
her feet on the other side.  Mike slammed on the brakes and
barely avoided a collision with the other car.
 Maeghan again took off running like a bolt of lightning
and rounded another corner.  In front of her lay a long
stretch of street with very few intersections.  She could hear
the boys turning the corner and accelerating again.  This time
she put everything into it as she raced down the street.
 Mike had the accelerator floored and was finally gaining
ground on the speedy girl.  Rick pounded the dashboard and
shouted, "C'mon dude, get this piece of shit moving!"
 "Damn! I'm doing over 80 now!  How fast is this bitch?"
 The boys slowly caught up to Maeghan.  Her legs and arms
seemed like a blur of motion to them.  Finally Rick held his
hand out of the window while Mike matched the astonishing
girl's speed.  He looked at the speedometer and couldn't
believe his eyes.  He was going 70 mph!
 Maeghan knew that all was lost unless she thought of
something fast.  Then she spotted just what she needed.  A
police cruiser was waiting at the next street.  She put on one
final burst of speed for about 50 feet and then abruptly
slowed to her original jogging speed.
 The boys, not prepared for her tactic, zoomed on by her,
and continued sailing past the police officer.  They heard a
squealing of tires and saw the lights flashing and they knew
they were done for.
 Moments later, Maeghan jogged slowly past the boys as
they frantically tried to talk their way out of a huge
speeding ticket.  She smiled and waved to Mike and Rick, then
blew them a kiss.  The boys started pointing and explaining
that she was the one they were racing, but the policewoman
just laughed and continued writing.  In a couple of minutes,
Maeghan was home.  She continued jogging up the stairs to her
bathroom and stripped for a shower.
 "Maeghan?" her mom called out to her.
 "I'm in the shower mom," Maeghan called back.
 "Where did you go?  I was so worried.  Are you okay?"
 "I'm all right mom." Maeghan opened the door a bit and
smiled at her mother, "I jogged over to Aunt Rita's.  I'll
tell you about it after I'm out."  She closed the door and
turned on the shower.  But she caught a glimpse of herself in
the mirror as she passed it.  She backed up and examined her
new super muscles one more time, as if not really believing it
was true.  She raised her arm and flexed her big bicep and
smiled again, "You bet I'm all right."
 After a quick shower, that almost got out of hand when
she went to soap up her double-D tits and spent a good five
minutes revelling in the new and nearly overpowering
sensations, Maeghan threw on her bathrobe and went downstairs
to talk to her mom.  The robe which had been plenty large
before, now only partially covered her much more dramatic
figure.  Pulling it as tight as she could, there was still
lots of cleavage showing on top and lots of hard, muscular
thigh showing below.  Her mom was reading in the kitchen while
her dad watched the TV in the den.
 As she walked into the kitchen, her mom looked up from
her magazine to greet her.  But when she saw how Maeghan was
spilling out of her robe, her eyes widened and her mouth
dropped open.  "Megs! Is that ... is that you?"
 Maeghan sat down and quietly explained the fantastic
events of the evening, leaving out the part about Stewart's
huge erection and the bet with the boys.  Her mother listened
with astonishment at all of the details, not sure whether to
believe this incredible tale or not.  But the proof was
sitting right in front of her.  Then Maeghan produced the pill
from her pocket and offered it to her mother.
 "Will I be as ... big ... as you?" her mother asked as
she held the pill in front of her, examining it.
 "I don't think so.  I took four pills, remember.  Aunt
Rita thought that only one would be okay for you.  Just to
give you a little boost, you know?"
 "Well,  I always did think that my sister was crazy,
but, here goes."  With that she popped the pill into her mouth
and bit down on it.  She felt the liquid inside gush out into
her mouth.  It tasted sweet, almost like honey.  Then she
swallowed it all and waited.

 Meanwhile, back at Rita's house, Stewart was still
locked in the bathroom.  Rita stood outside the door talking
with him, but he refused to come out.
 "Stewart, it's okay," Rita reassured him, "everyone's
gone now."
 "I can't come out ... just ... yet, ... Ms. Wilkes..."
 Rita heard Stewart breathing harder and faster for a
minute and then let out a soft moan.  She had heard this
several times before and she had a pretty good idea what
Stewart was doing.  "Are you all right?" she asked, "Can I
 "No ... I mean ... yes ... I'm fine," Stewart replied in
an exasperated voice, "I'm sorry this is taking so long ..."
 Again Rita heard Stewart's breathing increase.  She had
finally had enough of this.  She placed one hand by the handle
of the door and began to press inward.  The metal creaked as
it resisted her efforts.  But this lock was no match for her
strength.  It gave in with a loud pop.  Rita held the door to
keep it from slamming against the wall.  Then she saw Stewart.
 He was sitting on the toilet seat holding his foot long
cock in both hands.  As Rita came through the door, he froze
like a child who had just been caught doing something wrong,
his teary eyes wide, his cheeks blushing.  But the sight of
Rita overpowering the door lock was too much for him.  He was
so totally turned on by her sexy power that his cock exploded
with a stream of semen while his entire body convulsed.  The
jism arched across the room and landed in a large puddle of
the seed.  Then he collapsed against the back of the toilet,
exhausted.  Yet his hard-on remained, the massive thing
twitching, wanting more and more pleasure.
 Rita surveyed the room and then knelt next to the shaken
man, "Oh Stewart, I'm so sorry," she attempted to console him,
"we never thought this would happen."
 "Every time I come I hope that I can relax this
monster," Stewart was nearly crying, "but all I can think
about is that girl and her huge muscles and breasts, and then
I can't control myself again."
 "Big muscles turn you on?" Rita asked.
 "Yeah," Stewart replied, "as you can tell."  He motioned
to the small lake of semen on the tile floor.
 "Maybe if you come once more, you can relax." Rita
suggested as she gently took his huge member in her hands.
 "I don't know, Ms. Wilkes ..."
 "Stewart," Rita said as she began to lick upward along
his long hard shaft, "it's time for you to just call me Rita."
 "Okay ... Rita," he was having a hard time
concentrating.  "Like I said, I don't know ... if that will
work ... I've already come five times!"
 "Just ... leave it to me." Rita said between slurps. 
She covered his big cock head with her lips and went down on
him as far as she could.  She was enthralled by his size and
hardness, and he had already come five times, he said!  Rita
began to rub up and down on the shaft faster and faster all
the while sucking harder and harder.
 In a minute, her efforts paid off.  Stewart arched his
back, tightening nearly every muscle in his body, and shot a
load of cum into Rita's waiting mouth.  She had tasted many
men's cum before, but Stewart's was somehow different.  It
tasted sweet, almost familiar, but Rita couldn't place the
 Stewart's stalwart erection flagged slightly, but then
returned with a vengeance, bigger and stiffer than before. 
Rita again took the cock into her hands and mouth and began
working on it again.  Suddenly, she felt flushed, like a fire
had exploded inside her.  She paused momentarily in her work
and fanned herself.
 "Whoa, I feel really warm all of a sudden." Rita said as
she pulled at the collar of her t-shirt.  To her surprise, the
shirt gave way like wet tissue paper, disintegrating in her
hands.  Her upper body was exposed except for what her sports
bra covered, and that was being stretched to its limit by her
enormous breasts.  With no where else to go, they were
spilling over the top of her bra.
 Stewart, seeing the changes that were taking place in
Rita's already massive body, couldn't contain himself again. 
His rock hard penis shook a little and then let go another
stream of jism.  Rita, though, was ready for this one and
readily sucked down the entire load.
 Rita stood up a little shakily and looked down at
Stewart's still raging hard-on.  "C'mon," she said as she
picked him up with one hand under his tight butt and the other
still playing with his plump and hot head, "let's see if we
can do this another way."
 She carried him effortlessly into her bedroom and
plopped him on the bed just as another wave of warmth filled
her body.  She stood over Stewart's prone body and upright rod
and reveled in her growing power.  Then she tore off her bra
and shorts and jumped on top of Stewart.  She nestled his huge
cock into her hot, soaking cunt and started to gyrate and pump
 "Um Rita, I've ... I've never done this ... um ...
 "You haven't?" Rita asked without stopping, "Not even
with your girl friend?"
 "No ... she sucked me a couple of times .... like what
you did ... but not ..."
 "Don't worry, Stewart, I'll take care of everything. 
Just do what comes naturally."
 In no time at all, Stewart was getting into the rhythm
of Rita's movements.  And in a little while more he was coming
again, grabbing Rita's sexy hips and pulling himself deeply
inside her.  Rita paused for a moment and then continued
pumping when she realized that Stewart was still hard.  Both
partners started breathing heavily in time with the motions. 
Stewart reached his hands up and began exploring the wondrous
contours of Rita's body, which excited him all the more.  When
his hands reached her nipples, waves of pleasure racked her
body.  He gently rubbed them until they were fully erect, then
he grabbed her breasts and kneaded them roughly.
 Rita felt a deep warmth spread over her and suddenly
felt energized again.  She tore Stewart's hands away from her
tits and pinned them to the bed.  His giant cock felt so good
inside her, filling her like no one had ever done before.  She
slowed the rhythm and increased the pressure of her humping
until both were on the verge of coming.  Finally, Rita nearly
stopped her motion altogether as every muscle in her body
tightened and grew to a frightening size.  Both partners were
shaking with anticipation until finally they orgasmed
 Rita collapsed on Stewart's heaving chest and tried to
catch her breath.  In a few moments she felt the familiar
warmth flooding through her.  At the same time, she realized
that Stewart's penis was still rock hard inside her.  She
slowly raised herself and separated from her friend.
 "Obviously, this isn't going to work either." Rita said
as she leaned on her elbow and held Stewart's cock in her
 "Goo ... goodness, Rita," Stewart stammered, "your
muscles ... they're ... growing!"
 Rita looked at her arms and chest.  She had grown!  She
jumped from the bed and stepped quickly into the weight room. 
The sight that greeted her in the mirror was nothing short of
astonishing.  She raised her arms and hit a double-biceps
pose.  Her once large arms had grown into mountains of muscle
that rivaled Mary's.  Her lats spread out so far that she
nearly doubled her former chest size.  And her thighs looked
monstrous compared to her still small waist.
 "Shit! There goes the Ms. Olympia!" Rita murmured as she
turned slowly to view her glutes and back, "Then again, I
could probably give Dorian a run for his money in the Mr.
 Stewart had followed Rita into t he room out of
curiosity, but when he saw her posing in front of the mirror,
he couldn't believe her size.  As she placed her hands on her
waist and flared out her back, he became so turned on that he
could feel himself about to blow another wad.  Rita turned
toward him and scooped him off the floor, taking his throbbing
cock into her mouth again.  She already had one mess in the
bathroom to take care of, and she didn't want another one in
her weight room.  Stewart arched his back, knowing that Rita
would never drop him, and let go with another stream of cum
into her mouth.
 Rita set him down gently and said, "We could keep this
up all day, Stewart, or at least it seems like you could keep
that up all day.  But if you ever want to go out in public
again, we had better try something else to get your friend
there to relax.  Why don't you try working on my hard drive. 
It is what you came here for after all." 
 What Rita really wanted to do, was to continue letting
Stewart come inside her and see how strong she would become. 
But she knew that that would be using the young man when what
he really needed was some one to help him.  As she showed him
to her computer, though, she had another idea.
 "See what you can do with this piece of junk, Stewart, I
need to clean things up around here and find you some
clothes."  She winked at Stewart as he sat naked in front of
her computer and then turned to her task.  She found the
hypodermic needle that she had used before and removed the
needle part.  Then taking a large drinking glass, she went
into the bathroom.  There she meticulously sucked the cum off
the floor and deposited it into the glass.  When she was
satisfied that she had gotten all of it up, she wiped the area
clean with a cloth, then took the glass back to the kitchen.

 Meanwhile, Mary was driving around downtown San Diego. 
Suddenly, she found herself back on the same street that she
had visited before.  She drove to the shop, parked the car
outside, and walked in.
 "Hello again, Mary Ende." came a voice from behind the
counter.  "I was expecting ..."  The old woman's voice trailed
off as she looked up at the vision of muscular beauty before
her, "Oh!  I was expecting someone else.  Can I help you?"
 "You were right the first time, I am Mary Ende."
 "The potion ...?" the old woman questioned as she looked
Mary up and down.
 "Seems I mixed things up a little.  I was hoping you
might have some answers."  Mary said as she leaned her thick
forearms on the counter.  She explained the events of the
night before in as much detail as she could provide, starting
with the books.
 "Turner Hopkins?" the old woman questioned.  For the
first time, Mary noticed a name plate on the woman's counter. 
It read 'Eunice Hopkins'.
 "Are you related?"
 "I had a great-uncle named Turner, who supposedly was
very interested in the black arts.  I would love to read his
journal, if that could be arranged.  But for right now, tell
me more about the potions and the spell that you combined." 
She sat down at her desk and pulled out a laptop computer.
 "You have this sort of stuff on computers these days?"
asked an incredulous Mary.
 "Of course dear," Eunice said holding up a CD, "A whole
library of magic books on CD-ROM."
 Mary related the ingredients of the potions and the
exact phonetic pronunciation of the spell while Eunice entered
the information on her computer.  In a little while the women
had their answer.
 "Incredible!" Eunice's eyes opened wide in surprise.
"For some reason, whether the day of the month, or perhaps the
particular order in which you mixed the ingredients, the spell
worked, as you already know.  Anything different and you would
most likely be dead right now, or a blithering idiot
grovelling in a corner somewhere.  And it seems that the
change is indeed a permanent one."
 Then Mary related the amazing changes that she was able
to bring about in others through her 'milk.'  She pulled the
bottle of pills out of her windbreaker and gave one to Eunice,
explaining how Rita had put the milk into the pills.  Eunice
held the pill up to the light and then led Mary into a back
 Eunice sat down in front of a large machine and flicked
on the lights.  Mary was astonished by the modern looking
piece of equipment in what otherwise looked like an antiquated
shop.  Eunice adjusted some dials and changed what looked like
a lens.  Then she sat back and watched a monitor, nodding her
head as it displayed various images and numbers.
 "Wh ... what is this thing?" asked a puzzled Mary.
 "Hmmm?" Eunice was still busy watching the monitor, "Oh
this?  It's sort of a 'magic meter'.  It can tell the magic
content of various objects or liquids, even give me a fairly
accurate readout on possible effects." Eunice turned toward
Mary and smiled, "You see, even witches keep up on the latest
technologies."  She turned back to the monitor and then
pressed a key for a printout.  Taking the piece of paper in
hand, she led Mary back into the front room of the shop.
 "It seems that whatever is in those pills will have
quite an effect on people, as you have already noted.  And
this effect can be permanent."
 "It can be?  Does that mean it might wear off someday?"
 "No, what I mean is that it can be reversed.  I can give
you an antidote if someone takes more than you intend, or if
they don't like the changes that occur.  Let's see what else I
can determine here," Eunice said as she went back to studying
the paper.  "It seems that the potency of your magic milk
reached a high point about twelve hours after you changed and
will dissipate totally after about twenty-four hours.  If you
had milked yourself earlier in the day, each one of these
pills would be twice as powerful!  However, the magic
contained in these pills should last for quite some time. 
Here's something interesting.  You said that you gave some
pills to a young man?  It seems that men might become a
conduit of this magic.  In other words, they might be able to
pass it on to others as well, possibly through their sexual
 "Their sexual fluids?" Mary interrupted, "You mean ..."
 Eunice looked up at Mary, "Yes, through their semen.  It
would seem to be a logical path.  Anyway, the potency will
diminish as fast as yours and within twenty-four hours,
they'll be back to normal.  Of course, they'll still have
their gains in size and strength, as will the others that they
pass it on to."
 "When my friend Rita tried to take another dose, it
didn't affect her.  Why was that?"
 "I would guess," replied Eunice thoughtfully, "that once
a person's body goes through the changes initially, any more
of the 'milk' would be ineffectual."
 "One shot, that's all you get, eh?" asked Mary with a
 "I would say so. Except ..."
 "Except what?"
 Eunice looked back at her paper, "Except, I'm not sure
about what would happen if someone had a dose of your 'milk'
and another dose of some 'magic seed', as it were."

 Back at Rita's house, Stewart was finishing with his
troubleshooting and wrapping things up.  By concentrating on
the computer problem, he had been able to let his engorged
member finally relax.  Rita found a huge sweatshirt and some
spandex shorts to put on and then joined him again and handed
him some clothes that she said a friend of hers had left some
time ago, a t-shirt and some loose shorts.  They fit him well,
though a little snug around the chest and crotch.
 "Listen, Stewart," Rita cautioned, "I don't know if my
sudden muscle growth was a delayed reaction to Mary's special
'milk' or if it was caused by you.  Just to be on the safe
side, I would suggest that you head straight home and go to
bed.  I'll call you in the morning to let you know what Mary
finds out.  And what ever else you do, try to keep that
monster of yours relaxed.  Think of computer codes!"
 "Okay, Rita." Stewart reached out his hand to shake,
 Rita took his hand and then pulled him closer and gave
him a peck on the cheek.  "And no downloads from the internet
tonight!" she called after him as he walked toward his car. 
Stewart turned and waved as he climbed in.  In a moment he was
 Rita raced back to the kitchen.  She took the glass
filled with cum and added several scoops of protein powder. 
Then she sliced a banana into a blender, added the rest and
mixed the whole mess. "May as well add a little flavor." she
muttered as she poured the concoction back into the glass. 
She lifted the glass and drank all of the drink in one gulp.
 "Not bad," she commented to herself as she licked the
last drops out of the glass, "Now lets see what happens."
 By the time she had made it back to the weight room, she
was beginning to feel the familiar warmth flooding over her. 
But this time it was different, more intense, almost a
burning.  She felt so good inside, her entire body felt on
fire, like she was on the verge of the biggest orgasm of her
life.  A tingling sensation ran from her fingers up her arms
and across her chest, then it started in her toes and ran up
her legs, ending in her crotch.  She grabbed herself and began
furiously fingering her nether lips and clit.  The spandex
material gave way under the onslaught of her powerful fingers,
exposing her hot, moist sex.  Suddenly her nipples expanded,
flushed with blood, and began stretching the sweatshirt
material.  The coarse material rubbing against her engorged
nipples sent shock waves of pleasure throughout her body.  Her
free hand went up to her chest to rub her nipples harder, and
again the shirt disintegrated at her powerful touch.
 Overcome by the feelings surging through her, Rita
collapsed onto the weight bench and rode wave after wave of
pleasure as she orgasmed over and over again.  Finally she
relaxed her exhausted body and let her hands drop to her sides
as she drifted off into a blissful slumber.

 As Rita slumbered, Mary and Eunice were working on a
possible antidote to the magic.  The computer was just
beginning to print out the necessary ingredients when the door
to the tiny shop burst open.  A woman in her early fifties
stood there, panting and frantic.
 "Can I help you?" Eunice asked as the women turned to
look at the panicked woman
 "Do you have a phone?  I ... I need to call the police!"
she cried.
 Mary looked carefully at the lady.  She had short, wavy,
grey and brown hair and large eye glasses.  She was wearing
tennis shoes, shorts and a knit sweater.  From the obvious
double chin and sagging breasts, her sweater covered up an
upper body that had seen better days.  The exposed part of her
legs were dimpled with fat, and although she had probably only
run a few yards [meters, for those of you in Canada, England,
and most anywhere else], she was totally out of breath.
 "Perhaps I can be of some assistance?" Mary asked as she
rose to her full height and placed her hands on her hips,
accentuating her broad shoulders.
 The frantic woman looked up at Mary's gorgeous face,
bright smile, and impressive stance and stopped breathing for
a second.  "My ... my son," she finally got out, "down the
block ... defending some girls from a ... a whole gang of
 Mary took two pills out of the jar and handed them to
the woman, "Calm down, take these, and show me where they are. 
Pardon us, Eunice," Mary said turning to the modern-day witch,
"this shouldn't take us long."  With that Mary led the
befuddled older lady to the door.  "Bite down on the pills and
then swallow them." she instructed the woman as she closed the
door behind them.
 The woman immediately obeyed the directions of the
assertive beauty she was following, then asked, "What's in
these, some sort of calming herbs?  They taste great."
 "They're magic pills," Mary replied matter-of-factly,
"With those you will never have to worry about protecting your
boy or yourself again.  Which direction?"
 The older woman pointed toward a nearby corner, then
asked, "By the way, my son is not a boy, he's 21 years old.  I
brought him back to San Diego for his Senior year at college. 
We were just downtown having dinner and then a nice walk when
we saw those girls in trouble.  My Joe is always sticking his
neck out to help others, I hope that we get to them in time. 
By the way, my name is Mona Michaels ..."  Her voice trailed
off as she began to feel strange sensations flowing through
her body.
 Mary looked down at her and smiled, knowing what was
happening, "Nice to meet you, Mona, I'm Mary Ende.  You should
be feeling the effects of the pills right about now."
 Indeed, Mona had never felt like this before.  As she
walked, the layer of fat surrounding her began almost melting
away.  Her large breasts seemed to lift of their own volition
and her back straightened out for the first time in thirty
years.  Walking, breathing, moving, became nearly effortless
for her.  She stopped walking for a second and removed her
glasses, surprised that she could see perfectly without them. 
Even her face took on a more youthful, radiant look.  Her skin
took on the tightness and elasticity of a woman half her age. 
She felt a rush of strength flow through her arms and legs, up
her back and across her chest.  Once again, her breasts seemed
to float in front of her, as if their size and weight meant
 "What ... just happened ... to me?" she said as she
slowly turned toward Mary.
 "How do you feel?"
 "Feel?" Mona said as if in a trance, "I feel wonderful,
fully alive ... strong!"  She looked at her hands and arms
astonished by the power she felt in them.
 "About as strong as an entire football team, I would
guess."  Mary beckoned her onward, "Let's keep going, remember
your son is in trouble."
 Those words served to rouse Mona from her reverie.  With
renewed determination she ran down the street to where she had
left her son moments ago.  Her feet were barely touching the
ground as she ran with such power and speed as she had never
before experienced.  Everything seemed so effortless, like she
was floating down the street.  In a matter of seconds they
reached the confrontation.
 The boys had passed the usual stages of negotiation,
then posturing and shoving, and were heavily involved in the
next stage - pounding the shit out of Joe.  There were five
boys taking turns punching or kicking the hapless hero, three
of whom Mary recognized as her assailants from the night
 Mona approached two of them from the rear and, grabbing
their shirts, smashed their heads together.  The heads made an
interesting sound, like two hollow coconuts smacking against
each other.  The boys knees gave way under them as they
slumped to the ground unconscious.  The other three boys
suddenly turned their attention away from Joe and stared in
disbelief at this middle-aged woman who dared to interfere
with their fun.
 "What the fuck?" asked Pecs, still dressed in his tank
top.  Probably the same one that he was wearing the night
before, Mary thought to herself.  She was hiding in the
shadows, waiting to see how this scene played out.
 "Hey, she's the dumbshit's old lady!" said another one
as tall as Pecs, but heavier and dirtier.  "She ran to get
some help."
 "Man are you in trouble mama," sneered Pecs, "You
shouldn't of come back without help.  Now yer gonna end up
just like sonny boy." [I understand that colloquialisms such
as 'yer' and 'gonna' give spell checkers fits, but I'm just
trying to make it sound like a high school boy talking - one
who has obviously spent too much time in front of a TV and not
reading the classics,  such as "The Spell" by Marknew or
"Amazon Artifact" by Lingster - now those are classics!]
 Mary, still hanging back, thought to herself, "I have a
feeling, that this lady can handle anything that these boys
can dish out."
 The tall dirty boy lashed out with a kick aimed at Mona'
stomach.  Instinctively, she reached down to stop him, grabbed
his leg and then flung him to one side where he crashed into a
wall and slumped to the ground, stunned.
 The next one to attack Mona was the tallest of all of
the boys.  At 6' 4" he towered a foot above the diminutive
powerhouse.  He swung his big right fist at her head, but she
ducked back avoiding the blow.  Then he followed with a left
which Mona caught inches away from her face.  She began to
squeeze the assailant's hand with her super charged muscles. 
With horror mixed with wonder, she watched as her forearms
muscles pushed out the sleeve of her sweater and the boy's
hand grew more and more compact.  Soon she could hear bones
popping and crunching from her assault on the hand, together
with cries of pain from the shocked boy.  Then Mona reached
down with her free hand and grabbed the tall boy's genitals. 
Lifting and squeezing at the same time, Mona held the boy over
her head.  He weighed close to 200 pounds, but to Mona he felt
like she was lifting nothing heavier than a mop.  She threw
him against the windshield of one of the cars that the boys
had driven up in, where he passed out from the intense pain
she had inflicted.
 Joe managed to open one swollen eye while Mona was
dealing with the tall youth and couldn't believe what he was
seeing.  Was that actually his mother who picked up that big
kid over her head and threw him ten feet through the air?  But
suddenly he saw the muscular kid approach his mom from the
rear.  He tried to warn her, but he could barely get anything
 Pecs had taken the opportunity of Mona throwing his
friend to sneak up on her from behind.  He couldn't believe
that some old lady was single-handedly wiping out his gang. 
He sprang on her and circled her neck with his large arm. 
"That's it, bitch," he snarled through clenched teeth, "Now
yer gonna die!"  He tightened his grip and flexed his
considerable muscles.  He was pouring everything he had into
his choke hold.  He didn't want her to walk away alive.
 At first, Mona panicked and tightened her neck muscles. 
Then she remembered that she was easily many times stronger
than this boy.  She relaxed and calmly began pulling his hand
away from her throat.  Pecs resisted her with all the strength
he had, but he couldn't stop the older woman.  Then she gave
him a sharp blow to the stomach with her elbow.  Pecs released
her and doubled over in pain.  Mona turned around and picked
up Pecs by the front of his shirt.
 "You have got a filthy mouth," Mona scolded the large
boy.  With that she slapped him across the mouth.  Of course,
with her enhanced strength, her slap hit him with the force of
a Mike Tyson knockout punch.  His jaw snapped and he spun
completely around on his way to the street.
 Mary had been watching the whole fight from a distance,
not sure if she should interfere.  She was hesitant to strike
the boys in fear that she might kill one with her awesome
strength.  Now she collected the two boys with the cracked
skulls and piled them on top of the car next to the boy that
Mona had thrown up there.  As she turned around, she was
horrified to see the tall dirty boy whom Mona had flung aside
earlier had gotten up and was now threatening Mona with a
 The knife was razor sharp.  The gang member was always
proud of that.  And he knew how to use it.  He had sliced up
more than one person before in a fight.  This old bitch would
be no different, only easier.  He took a couple of jabs at her
to test her reflexes.  Then, suddenly, he slashed twice across
her chest.  The blade was indeed very sharp and it cut through
the material of Mona's thin sweater like a hot knife through
butter.  The pieces of sweater drifted to the ground.
 Mary was shocked.  She hadn't wanted any harm to come to
Mona, only to help her and her son.  Now the woman was in
danger of dying at the hands of this thug because she was too
cautious about using her power.
 Mona was shocked.  The boys hand had moved so swiftly,
so deadly, she had never seen it coming.  She looked down at
her chest, expecting to see deep gashes.  But instead, there
were only red marks where the blade had been raked across her.
 The boy was shocked.  He knew he had cut deep enough to
kill her.  But instead, he had managed to only cut away the
old bitch's sweater to reveal the largest set of tits he had
ever seen in person.  His knife had cut through the old lady's
bra, but her tits didn't seem to need it as they sat firm and
high on incredibly thick chest muscles which led down to her
small, hard abs.  "Fuckin' A!! What are you made of?" the
astonished youth shouted as he stared at the unhurt woman.  A
heartbeat later he lunged toward her, intending to skewer her
with the sharp blade.
 Mona, anticipating his move this time, grabbed his wrist
and stopped his charge.  She raised the boy's wrist and bore
down on it with all her super strength.  His bones popped and
cracked as she showed him no mercy.  "Apparently, sterner
stuff than you." Mona said in answer to his question.  But at
the moment, he could not hear her as he struggled and cried,
trying to break the older woman's grip.  When the knife fell
out of his all but lifeless hand, Mona let his wrist go. 
Stepping back slightly, she wound her right hand up and
delivered an uppercut that George Foreman would have been
proud of.  The unconscious youth sailed through the air and
into Mary's arms.
 "Nice trajectory." Mary said as she caught the boy in
her own strong arms.  She laid him out on the trunk lidb of
the car.  "You better take care of Joe now.  And here, put
this on." she said as she took off her windbreaker and handed
it to Mona.  Mary was wearing a t-shirt underneath that was
stretched to the limits by her massive musculature and
bounteous breasts.  Mona stared in awed fascination as she
pulled the large windbreaker over her own good sized arms and
zipped it up.  Then she turned to Joe who was struggling to
raise himself from the ground.  Meanwhile Mary picked up Pecs
and added him next to the kid on the trunk.
 "Mom?" asked a dazed Joe, "Is that you?"
 Mona smiled at her son and stroked his head, "Yeah, it's
me.  Are you okay?  Can you stand up?"
 "I think ..." Joe winced in pain as he tried to move, "I
think they broke some ribs."
 "Well, I paid them back for that, and more.  Your face
looks pretty bruised, how does it feel?"
 "How does a punching bag feel?"  Joe tried to laugh, but
his lips were swelling shut.  "How are the girls, are they
 "I sent them home when we got here." Mary answered and
smiled at Joe  "The boys were otherwise engaged."
 Joe looked at Mary in wonderment.  He had never seen a
woman so beautiful and so muscular before. Then his mouth
almost dropped open as he watched Mary peel back the hood of
the car like it was aluminum foil and wrap three of the boys
in it.  Mary's marvelous muscles swelled dramatically with the
effort, stretching her t-shirt to its limits.  Pops and creaks
sounded over the empty street as she easily bent the metal to
her will.  When she was done with the front, she went to the
trunk where she had laid the other two attackers and repeated
the procedure.
 "What's ... what's going on?" asked an incredulous Joe.
 "Magic, dear," responded Mona, "as near as I can tell." 
Then Mona remembered the pills that Mary had given her.  The
bottle was still in the windbreaker.  Seeking only to help her
son recover from his wounds, she poured two pills into her
hand and gave them to Joe, instructing to bite and then
swallow them.
 By the time that Mary was finished with her impromptu
prisons, Joe was beginning to feel the effects of the pills. 
He stood up as Mary approached, amazed at how good he felt. 
Then his shirt began to stretch as his chest and arms started
to grow.  His pants became tight around his swelling thighs
and a noticeable bulge appeared in his crotch.
 "Mona!" Mary exclaimed, "What did you do?"
 "I ... I only wanted to help him," stammered Mona
defensively, "I wanted to share your gift of power."
 "Oh Mona," Mary said, "I didn't mean ... if anyone
deserves this Joe certainly does.  He has such a courageous
heart.  But those pills also seem to have some side-effects
for men that even I don't know about.  Let's go back to the
shop, and I'll explain everything to you."
 With that the three companions walked back to the magic
shop.  Mary had to admit that Joe certainly was a good looking
man.  And now with the increase of muscle, he was really a
hunk!  She got excited just thinking about his transformation
and the possibilities it held.

 Meanwhile, across town, Stewart Thompson was pulling his
car to a stop, but not outside his own house.  He had made a
little detour to the house of his girlfriend, Tiffany
Chambers.  As he sat in the dark car, he nervously fingered
two small vitamin pills that he had taken from Rita's house
while she was cleaning up.
 He had always had a thing for Tiffany.  She was smart
and funny.  She was the president of the Physics club.  She
may not have had the greatest figure in the world, but she was
okay looking and besides, she loved Stewart, and that was
enough for him.  But now, he had a chance to give her the kind
of body that he had always fantasized about.  She could be as
muscular and beautiful as Rita or Mary, and still be smart and
 Stewart got out of the car and stashed the pills in a
pocket in the shorts he had on, along with the car keys.  Then
he walked over to the tree that grew by Tiffany's second floor
window.  With surprising ease, he lifted himself through the
branches until he was right outside her window.
 Stewart pulled himself up with one hand and rapped on
the window with his other.  Again, he marvelled at how easy it
was to support his weight with just one hand.  His big muscles
bulged again as he repeated the greeting.  Finally a sleepy
Tiffany walked to her window to see what was making the noise. 
The moon shone brightly overhead, giving the whole scene a
soft illumination.  She was startled to see Stewart hanging by
his hands in her tree.  She raised the window and leaned out
 "Stewart!"  she cried out in a whisper, "What are you
doing?"  Then seeing him do several one handed pull-ups, she
amended her question, "How are you doing that?"
 Stewart pulled himself up one last time and swung his
feet into Tiffany's window.  He slipped noiselessly into her
dark room.  Tiffany, still shocked to see her boyfriend
climbing in her window, clutched at her small lacy teddy,
"What are you doing here?" she demanded in a whisper.
 "I've just had the most incredible thing happen to me,"
replied Stewart as he circled Tiffany with his arms, "And I
want to share it with you!"
 Tiffany was surprised by the strength she felt in
Stewart's arms and the hardness of his chest.  She pushed back
slightly and began examining him with her hands.  She couldn't
believe the difference in her boyfriend.  The wide, round
shoulders, the deep, thick, manly chest, the flat, hard
stomach.  She played her hands down the front of him
remembering the old Stewart and marvelling at the new one. 
Then she continued her sweep to his crotch.  Immediately, his
super charged cock responded, filling her hand with a bulge
like she had never felt before.  Without looking up, she
deftly slipped the shorts that Stewart had on over the
enlarging member.  She was aghast at the size and girth of
Stewart growing cock.
 "Oh Stewart!" was all that she could say as she began to
stroke his huge cock, "Oh Stewart!"  Tiffany moaned as she
started to lick and kiss Stewart's majestic pole to its
unbelievable limit.  In another instant the hard rod was in
her mouth and Tiffany was sucking him deeper and deeper
 Stewart reached down to stop her, to tell her about the
pills, but the sensations she was sending through his body
felt so good that all he could do was rock and sway with her
motions.  Then suddenly, without much warning at all, he
exploded into her waiting, hungry mouth.

The End
(of part three - be here for part four, and the exciting
conclusion of ... The Librarian! - that is if I can wrap up
all of these loose ends and make it sound the least bit
believable.  Oh yeah, and somehow I've got to get around to
the basketball team!)

The Librarian (part four)
by Mac
Mary Ende, Librarian, and friends continue to share the power!

 Meanwhile, across town, Stewart Thompson was pulling his
car to a stop, but not outside his own house.  He had made a
little detour to the house of his girlfriend, Tiffany
Chambers.  As he sat in the dark car, he nervously fingered
two small vitamin pills that he had taken from Rita's house
while she was cleaning up.
 He had always had a thing for Tiffany.  She was smart
and funny.  She was the president of the Physics club.  She
may not have had the greatest figure in the world, but she was
okay looking and besides, she loved Stewart, and that was
enough for him.  But now, he had a chance to give her the kind
of body that he had always fantasized about.  She could be as
muscular and beautiful as Rita or Mary, and still be smart and
 Stewart got out of the car and stashed the pills in a
pocket in the shorts he had on, along with the car keys.  Then
he walked over to the tree that grew by Tiffany's second floor
window.  With surprising ease, he lifted himself through the
branches until he was right outside her window.
 Stewart pulled himself up with one hand and rapped on
the window with his other.  Again, he marvelled at how easy it
was to support his weight with just one hand.  His big muscles
bulged again as he repeated the greeting.  Finally a sleepy
Tiffany walked to her window to see what was making the noise. 
The moon shone brightly overhead, giving the whole scene a
soft illumination.  She was startled to see Stewart hanging by
his hands in her tree.  She raised the window and leaned out
 "Stewart!"  she cried out in a whisper, "What are you
doing?"  Then seeing him do several one handed pull-ups, she
amended her question, "How are you doing that?"
 Stewart pulled himself up one last time and swung his
feet into Tiffany's window.  He slipped noiselessly into her
dark room.  Tiffany, still shocked to see her boyfriend
climbing in her window, clutched at her small lacy teddy,
"What are you doing here?" she demanded in a whisper.
 "I've just had the most incredible thing happen to me,"
replied Stewart as he circled Tiffany with his arms, "And I
want to share it with you!"
 Tiffany was surprised by the strength she felt in
Stewart's arms and the hardness of his chest.  She pushed back
slightly and began examining him with her hands.  She couldn't
believe the difference in her boyfriend.  The wide, round
shoulders, the deep, thick, manly chest, the flat, hard
stomach.  She played her hands down the front of him
remembering the old Stewart and marvelling at the new one. 
Then she continued her sweep to his crotch.  Immediately, his
super charged cock responded, filling her hand with a bulge
like she had never felt before.  Without looking up, she
deftly slipped the shorts that Stewart had on over the
enlarging member.  She was aghast at the size and girth of
Stewart growing cock.
 "Oh Stewart!" was all that she could say as she began to
stroke his huge cock, "Oh Stewart!"  Tiffany moaned as she
started to lick and kiss Stewart's majestic pole to its
unbelievable limit.  In another instant the hard rod was in
her mouth and Tiffany was sucking him deeper and deeper
 Stewart reached down to stop her, to tell her about the
pills, but the sensations she was sending through his body
felt so good that all he could do was rock and sway with her
motions.  Then suddenly, without much warning at all, he
exploded into her waiting, hungry mouth.
 Tiffany was surprised at the amount and taste of her
boyfriend's cum.  She swallowed as fast as she could to keep
up with the stream filling her mouth.  But it tasted so good
that she didn't mind at all.  She savored the last drops and
licked the big throbbing head clean, just to make sure that
she got it all.  She smiled as she realized that instead of
going limp as he usually did, Stewart's big cock looked like
it was ready for more.  She wrapped both hands around it and
started stroking again and nibbling at the tip of it with her
 Stewart finally regained his senses and looked down at
Tiffany working hard on his hard on, trying to get him to come
again.  He only had a few seconds to get her to stop before
the overwhelming sensations took control of him again.  He
grabbed her shoulders and slowed her down as he slowly slid
his member out of her hands.
 "Tiff ... Tiff ..." Stewart was trying to contain
himself, "Stand ... stand up for a minute."
 The love crazed girl slowly rose, her face beaming
toward the object of her affection, while she held on to the
object of her fascination with one hand. "What is it Stewart? 
Is something wrong?  You said you wanted to share your gift
... isn't this what you meant?"
 "Ummm ... not exactly, not that I mind at all," Stewart
tried to explain as quickly as possible, "it's just ... how
... how do you feel?"  Stewart took a small step back to look
at the girl.
 "I feel fine," replied Tiffany, "I'm a bit tired, it is
the middle of the night after all, but I'm glad to see you ...
what's going .... on ...?"  her voice trailed off as she felt
a little dizzy.  She held onto Stewart for support as a wave
of warmth swept over her.  "Gosh, got a little dizzy there for
a second," she looked up at Stewart, "Do you feel warm all of
a sudden?  What are you smiling at?"
 Indeed, Stewart was smiling as he recognized the initial
signs that accompanied the growth process.  He stared at
Tiffany as she was illumined by the moonlight.  For a moment
it seemed to Stewart that she was shrinking slightly, as if
the layer of fat that surrounded Tiffany's body was melting
away.  But at the same time, it looked as though all those fat
cells were being redirected to her breasts.  Tifffany's
breasts, which previously had been average for a girl her age
and weight, started lifting the front of her teddy.  The magic
in Stewart's semen was transforming her average breasts into
mounds of soft but firm tit flesh.  Her nipples hardened at
the brush of the teddy material as it rose and stretched over
the growing boobs.  The hardened nipples tented the teddy away
from her body, hiding her stomach and thighs from Stewart's
 If he had been able to see through her nightgown,
Stewart would have been amazed at the changes taking place in
his girlfriend.  Her stomach became flat and as hard as his,
but shrinking to a dainty size befitting her gender.  Her
thighs were swelling with power as inch upon inch of rippling
muscle was added to each leg.  Tiffany stared, dumbfounded, at
her arms as they, too, were beginning to show lots of bulging
 Suddenly, the two young lovers heard a ripping sound as
Tiffany's expanding back tore through the thin material of her
teddy.  Tiffany easily removed the torn garment with one hand
as she flexed her other arm in bemused amazement.  She stood
in front of Stewart now looking like a goddess of muscle with
her big tits sitting high on a chest packed with muscular
power and her arms and legs flexed.  The strength of more than
ten men flowed through her body, and she loved the feeling!
 "I take it this is what you're talking about, Stewart?"
asked a still flexing Tiffany with a smile. "That's okay, you
don't need to answer.  I can tell by the way you're clutching
that hot rod of yours that this is exactly what you had in
mind."  She took a step back, put her hands on her hips, and
spread her legs.  Then rising up on her toes, she flexed her
legs to their utmost.  Her legs were easily the size of most
heavyweight female bodybuidlers.  Then she raised both arms in
a double biceps pose that almost rocked Stewart into another
ejaculation.  The moonlight cast wonderful shadows over her
body, accentuating her bulges and curves.
 "I've known about your fascination with muscular women
for some time, Stewart."  Tiffany relaxed and moved closer to
Stewart, reaching out for his chest.
 "H ... how?"
 "Remember that time that I came over to your house to
study, but you were still at the computer lab at school?" 
Tiffany's hand roamed across his chest as she continued, "Your
mom, I mean your step-mom, let me into your room.  While I was
there, I took the liberty to glance through some of your files
to see what you were doing on the internet.  I had a hard time
at first, wondering if you could possibly be interested in me
and those women that you had so many stories and pictures of. 
I mean they were sexy, in a way, kind of powerful and sexy, so
I wondered what you saw in me.  But then I realized that you
must have been attracted to me for some reason, and I decided
to not worry about it and let you work it out for yourself."
 "You knew?  And you didn't mind?"
 "Well, a little bit.  After all, those are pretty
impressive bodies those women have."  Then she smiled again
and raised her eyebrows, "But then again, I'm not exactly
chopped liver either, am I?"  She lifted her big boobs, arched
her back, and placed one hand behind her head, flexing the
bicep to its fullest.
 "And ... and you don't mind being this big?  This
strong?" said Stewart hopefully.
 Tiffany looked at her magnificent body, washed by the
moonlight, "Are you kidding?  I love it!  The only two
problems facing me right now are 1) how am I going to get
dressed in the morning and how much will I have to spend on
new clothes; and 2) how can I find out how strong I am?  I
mean, am I stronger than you?  Let's see that massive bicep of
yours again."
 Stewart lifted his arm and flexed his big muscle.  He
was so proud of his arms now.  They must be at least 18 inches
around.  Tiffany rested her hand over the top of the big peak
and squeezed.  Stewart's arm almost immediately deflated in
pain from his girlfiend's super grip as she pressed in on his
 Then Tiffany raised her arm and told Stewart to push in
on her bicep.  Tiffany's 16 inches fit easily into the palm of
Stewart's large hand, but when he tried to squeeze, it felt
like he was squeezing a rock.  He couldn't even make the
slightest indentation in her arm.
 "Let's wrestle," Tiffany said as she lowered her arm and
grabbed a nearby end table.  She cleared off the items on top
and the two naked opponents knelt down opposite each other. 
They locked hands and Tiffany waited until Stewart said go.
 It was no contest from the start.  Stewart gave it all
he had, but Tiffany was just too powerful.  They had the same
result with the other hand.  Finally, Stewart gave up,
admitting defeat.  He flopped back on the bed with his hands
in the air.
 "I give, I give." he cried as he lay on his back on
Tiffany's bed.  "I know when I've met my match."
 "Your match?"  Tiffany said as she stood triumphantly
over her boyfriend, "You mean your master ... or would that be
mistress?  Whatever!"  She lay next to Stewart and stroked his
shoulders and chest again.  "But I was wondering ..." her hand
was working its way further  and further south, "what if I got
another blast of your 'power juice'?"
 Stewart looked at her in alarm, "Ummm ... I don't know
if that's a good idea."  He proceeded to divulge all of the
night's activities and how it seemed that Rita kept growing
and growing and how he wasn't sure if that was a good thing.
 "I'll tell you what," Tiffany put one hand on Stewart's
chest and pinned him easily to the bed while the other hand
circled his shaft and started pumping slowly up and down,
"I'll be the judge of that."
 In no time at all, the magnificent pole had risen again
and Stewart was nearly ready to explode.  Tiffany shifted her
hold and placed his giant cock into her mouth.  Licking and
sucking him with her new found strength, Tiffany brought him
closer and closer to the edge.  Stewart tried to resist, but
the sensations washing over his body were too much.  He let
loose a torrent of cum into the super girl's mouth.
 Tiffany, again, swallowed quickly to keep up with the
flood, making sure to get every drop.  Then she licked up the
rest starting at the base of the cock and slowly working
upward toward the majestic tip.  She was rewarded with one
final spurt as she reached the crest, which she caught and
 Moments later, she began to feel the familiar warmth
flowing through her body.  All Stewart could do was stare in
amazement as his girlfriend started once more to undergo the
most wonderful transformation.  Her muscles were growing right
before his eyes, just as Maeghan's had done back at Rita's
house.  Her already large breasts slowly stretched and grew
rounder, bigger, and firmer.  Her nipples, excited by the
growth of her breasts, became engorged with blood and grew to
the size of cherries.
 Tiffany knelt above the prone figure of her boyfriend
like a dominant she-beast.  She raked her heavy breasts across
his chest and teased his lips with her hot nipples.  Then she
placed one hand on his back, between his shoulders, and lifted
him up to her lips.  Her bicep bulged as she held him firmly
against her mouth while her tongue forcefully explored his
mouth.  Even if he had wanted to, which he didn't, he couldn't
have broken free of her hold, so Stewart relaxed and enjoyed
the feeling of being 'taken' by a girl.
 Tiffany released Stewart and smiled as a new thought
crossed her mind.  "Oh, I've just got to know."  she said as
she bounded from the bed and opened her dresser.  She pulled
out a cloth sewing tape and walked back to Stewart.  She
flipped on the small light that was on a table next to her
 "Okay, kneel up on the bed, raise your right arm, and
flex."  she commanded.  Stewart hesitantly agreed.  He was
half afraid of what the results might be.  Sure, he knew that
Tiffany was now many times stronger than he was, but what if
she were actually bigger than him, too?  Still he looked at
her arms, and although they looked really strong and sexy to
him, he thought that his were bigger.  He proudly raised his
arms and flexed as hard as he could.
 "Ooooo," Tiffany cooed as she read the tape, "I'm
impressed!  18 big, powerful inches of hard, manly muscle. 
Okay, now you measure me."
 She handed him the tape and stood straight up, causing
her boobs to jiggle slightly.  Tiffany noticed that Stewart
was staring at her marvelous tits as they came to rest on her
thick chest.  "Not there, Stewart," she said jokingly and then
raised her unflexed arm and pointed to it, "Here.  Try to
 Stewart wrapped the tape around Tiffany's arm and read
off the measurement, "12 inches.  Now flex."
 Tiffany slowly started to flex her arm muscles.  She
took her time just to see the effect it would have on Stewart. 
Farther and farther she stretched the tape.  15 inches.  16
 "17 inches!" read Stewart, a bit relieved that he was
still the larger of the two.  Still, his lengthening cock gave
silent testimony to just how turned on he was by his
girlfriend's mighty muscles.
 Then, suddenly, Tiffany flexed her arm even harder.  A
mound of muscle the size of a baseball popped out of the top
of her arm forming an incredible peak of rock hard muscle. She
stretched the tape past the 18 inch mark and Stewart's cock
snapped to attention.
 "18 and one half!" Tiffany was practically bursting with
pride.  Before Stewart could say anything, she pushed him back
on the bed, "Now watch this!" she announced as she reached
down for the bottom of the bed.  "I've been doing some mental
calculations," she said as she grasped the edge of the bed and
began to lift, "and I'm wondering if I'm strong enough," 
slowly she lifted the bed in her hands, "to lift this bed with
you on it, by one end."
 Her forearms swelled to tremendous proportions as her
hands strained to hold the cumbersome weight aloft.  Her
biceps bulged as she supported the bed and her boyfriend.  As
she rattled of the complex formulas to find the weight of the
bed, figuring in vectors and gravity, the dimensions of the
bed and the increase in Stewart's weight, Stewart rolled over
on his stomach and gazed lustfully at her massive arms.  He
played his fingers over the bulges and contours.  He traced
the thick, blue veins that ran from her forearms to her
shoulders, and then ran his hands down across her rippling
pecs and settled on her nipples.  With a soft moan, she
stopped talking physics and tilted the bed until Stewart slid
down and into her arms.
 Then she set the bed down gently on the floor and flung
Stewart down on top of it.  She stepped back and hit another
double-bicep pose, "So as I was saying, before I was so rudely
interrupted, I estimate that I have the strength of at least
25 full grown men.  What do you think?"
 Stewart was captivated by the sight of his super
muscular girlfriend.  Although her muscles were not that much
larger than his, because of her 5' 6" frame, she looked
incredibly buff.
 "I think you are the most beautiful, intelligent, sexy,
wonderful woman in the entire world," Stewart stood up and
picked up Tiffany with relative ease, "I also think you should
shut up and lay down with me for a while before I have to go." 
 Stewart laid her down on the bed and turned out the
light.  He looked at her again in the moonlight, totally in
awe of her muscular beauty.  Then the two young lovers cuddled
up next to each other, knowing that they would have to part
before daylight, and that daylight would come all too soon. 
Stewart nestled his head between Tiffany's massive bicep and
huge shoulder.  He lay his arm over her stomach and gently
stroked her ponderous breast.  Stewart was in heaven.

 Sally O'Rouke had never quite felt like this before.  At
least, not that she could remember.  Her middle-aged body
suddenly felt very light, like she weighed only a fraction of
her normal 130 pounds.  She looked at her daughter, Maeghan,
seated with her at the kitchen table and opened her eyes wide
in surprise.
 "Wow." was all she was able to say.
 "So," Maeghan was smiling from ear to ear, "how do you
 "Really ..." Sally was searching for the right word.
 "Yeah ..."
 "And strong?"

 "Strong?"  She hadn't thought about it, but she was
feeling stronger.  All the usual aches and pains that hit her
at the end of the day seemed to have disappeared.  "I ...
guess so."
 Maeghan stood up and helped her mom stand as well.  Then
she jumped into her arms like she used to do when she was a
little kid.  Taken off guard by her daughter's actions, Sally
instinctively held on to the girl.  She looked down at her
muscular bundle and smiled when she realized how easy it was
to hold her.
 "Megs, you feel so light!"
 "Guess what, mom," Maeghan said as she put one arm
around her mother's shoulder, "I just weighed myself after my
shower.  I weigh 185 pounds now."
 Sally couldn't believe her ears.  If Maeghan was telling
the truth, then she must be ... really strong!  She put
Maeghan down and looked at the solid oak table.  She knew that
it took both she and her husband to move the table because of
its weight.  She calmly placed one hand under it and steadied
it with her other hand.  Then, almost effortlessly, she lifted
the entire table with just the one hand.  It rose higher and
higher until Sally was standing with it at arm's length above
her head.
 "Cool beans, Mom!"
 Sally lowered the table again and straightened out her
blouse, which seemed to be pulling a bit tighter around her
chest, "Oh, my stars." was all she said.  Then she glanced at
her husband still watching the television in the other room.
 Maeghan caught the glance and the sly smile on her
mother's face.  "Well, I better get to bed."  She gave her mom
a kiss on the cheek.
 "Oh, Megs," Sally said, holding her daughter's arms and
feeling the power that they held, a power that she now shared
a little bit of, "Thank you so much, this is such a wonderful
gift.  I feel like I'm twenty again!"
 "You're welcome, Mom.  And make sure you call Aunt Rita
in the morning and tell her thanks again from me, too."  Then
Maeghan went up to her bedroom.
 Sally turned to the family room, walked in, and stood in
front of the TV.
 "Sal, you're in the way."
 She reached back and turned the TV off.  "It's time for
bed," she said as she unbuttoned the top two buttons on her
blouse.  The opening gave her husband a glimpse of cleavage
that seemed deeper than before.
 "Sally," The man stood and walked over toward her, "I
was watching that show."  He tried to sound authoritative, but
he was too busy looking at her breasts.  Were they larger
tonight?  Was that even possible.  He stood in front of her
and examined her, "Are you okay, Sal?"
 Pat O'Rouke was a big man.  He stood 5' 11" but he
weighed 245 pounds, most of it muscle.  So when he stood in
front of his 5' 5" wife, he got a pretty decent view down her
blouse.  But the view tonight struck him as different somehow.
 "Am I okay?  Sure.  Never better.  It's just that it's
time for bed."  With that the short woman reached down,
wrapped her arms around her husbands legs, and stood up again
with him on her shoulder like a sack of potatoes.  She walked
with him into their bedroom and laid him on the bed, with him
protesting all the way.
 "Sally!  Why ... how ..."
 "Why?  Because I'm still in love with you, you lug, and
because I want to make love with you like we used to years
ago.  And how?"  At that, she reached up and ripped her blouse
apart, buttons flying all over the room, "With a bit of magic,
a bit of muscle, and a lot of love."

 Meanwhile, [Have you noticed that I probably have too
many story lines going here? It's just that I hate to leave
any of them stranded.  Don't lose faith, true believer.  I'll
try to get them all back together.  Or at least a few of them. 
It would certainly make keeping track of them easier. - Mac]
Mary, Mona, and Joe arrived back a the magic shop.  Eunice
explained to Joe and Mona the possible side effects of the
pills on young men.  Joe was adamant that he had no intention
of passing on his gift to any women within the next twenty-
four hours or even within the next twenty-four months.  Joe
was a serious student, and didn't even allow himself time for
a relationship.  Still, the three women agreed that someone
should keep an eye on Joe for the next day.  He was just too
good looking, Mary thought to herself, especially now with all
those big, burly muscles.  The girls won't be able to leave
him alone.
 Mona said she would love to stay, but she needed to get
back home to Blythe [that's a small town on the border of
California and Arizona] for work the next day.  But she
thought that Joe would be in good hands with Mary.  Secretly
she hoped that maybe something might happen between these two. 
She so wished that Joe would take more of an interest in
women, and Mary was just the kind of woman to arouse his
 Mary was too tired to put up much of a fight and she
knew that she was the logical choice to keep tabs on Joe. 
"Okay, okay, he can crash at my place for the next twenty-four
hours." Mary said, giving in.
 "One more thing," Eunice held out two bottles, "Here is
the antidote for your potion."  Mary stepped over and examined
the bottles.  "Actually, these are two counter-potions.  One
will reduce the person's size but not effect their strength. 
The other will reduce their strength but leave them the same
size.  Two drops of either one, or both, should do the trick."
 "Mary took the bottles and opened one.  She smelled it,
noticing that it smelled like honey, too.  "How much of a
reduction will happen with just two drops?"
 "Sorry Mary, this isn't an exact science.  It might
negate any growth that occurred, or it might take the person
most of the way back.  Hard to say without trying it."
 The three women looked at Joe. He smiled shyly, "I ... I
kind of like being stronger ... and bigger.  No thanks."
 "Mona?" Mary asked.
 "Nope.  I feel like a kid again.  And thanks to your
pills, I look like a million bucks, as well!  No way I want to
have my old body back."
 Mary thought about her own body.  If she took the potion
that reduced her muscle size, she wouldn't stand out like some
freak.  Then again, if she took the strength reducer, she
wouldn't be so afraid of using her tremendous strength and
hurting someone by accident.  But she had to admit that she
loved being this powerful and she also had to admit that she
really was getting used to being oggled by other people.
 "Yeah," Mary finally said, "I know what you mean Mona, I
guess we'll just have to wait for a while to see if Eunice's
potions will work."
 With that, Mary bade a fond good-night to Eunice and
accompanied Joe and Mona back to Mona's car.  After seeing her
off safely, the two young people walked back to Mary's car and
drove off for her place.  Along the way, they discovered that
they had a lot in common.  Joe was a history major at Point
Loma College and hoped to be teaching high school himself in
the near future.  Mary had a keen interest in English
Literature, especially from the Middle Ages.  As they drove on
towards Mary's apartment, the conversation was lively and
often animated as they talked about favorite subjects.
 Finally, as they were almost to their destination, the
conversation turned toward the events of the day and how Mary
had transformed herself and, eventually, all these other
people, too.  As Mary was pulling up to her parking space, Joe
asked, "So Mary, just how strong are you now?"
 Mary stopped the car and smiled at him, "Well, let me
just show you how a real woman parks a car."  She leaped out
of the convertible and walked around to the front of the car. 
Reaching down, she grabbed the front bumper and slowly began
to lift the massive Cadillac.  As the car started rising, Joe
also leapt out, wanting to get a better look at what was
 And what was happening was nothing short of astonishing. 
Joe saw Mary's arms swell to more than twice their original
size as she took the weight of the front end in her hands. 
Then the car began to rise higher and higher, until Mary was
holding it above her head.  When she had it at arm's length,
she supported the front end with one hand and reached toward
the middle of the chassis with the other hand.  She worked her
way toward the balance point of the car and then locked out
her arms like an Olympic lifter.  Only she was holding at
least 5,000 pounds of the finest American steel above her
 As if in a trance, Joe approached the gorgeous amazon,
oblivious to danger above his head.  He had always been
attracted to women with large breasts (probably got it from
being around his mom) and Mary's humungous pair were straining
the limits of her tank top, puffed out even larger than before
by her display of superhuman strength. He was also fascinated
by the size and hardness of her muscles.
 He had never been particularly attracted to muscular
women before, but Mary was certainly an exception.  Her broad
shoulders and back that bulged under the tremendous weight of
the Caddy, led to a relatively tiny waist and then into
curvaceous, womanly hips.  Her brilliant smile glowed with as
she reveled in her superhuman strength and her wavy brown hair
shone lustrously as it splayed across her thick chest.  Which
led Joe back to those awesome boobs!  And he wondered if the
tank top material would be strong enough to hold those
monsters in.
 Joe never got a chance to see the conclusion of the
struggle between cloth and flesh as Mary turned and stepped
over to her parking place in front of her door.  She gently
reversed the process of lifting the car and set the heavy car
down perfectly in place.  As she stepped away from the car she
dusted off her hands and smiled at Joe.
 "So, does that answer your question, Joe?" She smiled
again as Joe just stood there, shaking his head in disbelief. 
"C'mon inside," she said as she walked up to her door and
unlocked it, "I am totally beat.  I know I make it look easy,
lifting huge cars over my head, but it really does take a lot
out of me.  And this must have been the longest day of my
 She showed Joe into her tiny apartment and showed him
around, then headed off to bed.  Mary peeled off what few
clothes she had on and collapsed onto her bed.  She was out
like a light practically before she hit the pillow.  Joe and
Mona and Stewart and Rita and everyone else would just have to
wait for a few hours.  This super girl was out.

 About at that time, Rita was waking from her nap on top
of the weight bench, not a very comfortable place to fall
asleep, but she had just gone through the most intense
orgasmic experience of her life and her body just shut down
for a while.  As she sleepily opened her eyes, she saw the bar
above her head that still held the 400 pounds of weight on it. 
She stretched her arms lazily and then reached up to grasp the
bar and lift it.  To her surprise, it felt no heavier than a
broomstick.  She tried to lower the bar down to her chest, but
something was preventing its descent.  She thought that she
could usually lower a bar farther than that before.  What was
stopping her?
 Rita glanced down and saw that the bar was resting on
two large, bronzed mounds.  Initially, she was puzzled as to
what they were.  Then suddenly it hit her.  Those were
breasts.  Those were HER breasts!
 "Oh god, they're huge!", she yelled to no one in
particular.  Then she corrected herself, "Oh god, I'M huge!!"
 Slowly the bar began lifting out of her hands, seemingly
all by itself.  Rita couldn't figure out what was happening,
until she saw her expanding nipples appear over the crest of
her giant boobs.  The coolness of the metal bar combined with
the sexual thrill that passed through Rita's body when she
realized how big she had become and caused her nipples to
suddenly harden.  And as they got harder and harder, they
began to lift the 400 pound bar off her chest.
 "Holy Shit!  Even my tits are stronger than most men!!"
 She sat upright, massive weight held easily in one hand
and looked at herself in the mirror.  She was totally
flabbergasted by what she saw for at least the third time that
day.  Muscles were piled on top of muscles.  Her melon-sized
breasts were held high by her thick pecs and inhumanly elastic
skin tissue.  She lifted her hand that held the bar and
watched as a football-sized bicep took shape, even though the
weight was truly insignificant to her now.
 She stared down at the bar, which should be impossible
for her to lift and wondered aloud, "My god, just how strong
am I now?"  As if to answer her own question, she grasped the
steel bar with both hands and slowly began to try to bend the
ends together.  Her already thick chest ballooned outward with
the effort and her bounteous boobs nearly blocked the bar from
her sight.
 Much to Rita's shock and pleasure, the bar was gradually
starting to bend!  For five solid minutes she wrestled with
that bar trying to bend it further.  She was totally dripping
with sweat by the time she gave up.  Quickly, she slipped the
large weight plates off the ends and held up the arched bar
proudly, "Bends steel in her bare hands!" she said
 Hanging the curved bar across some clothes hooks so she
could admire it later, the super-charged PE teacher grabbed
another bar and loaded it up with as much weight as she could
fit.  When she was finished, she added it up to 2200 pounds. 
That was about what she was squatting that morning after Mary
had given Rita her special 'milk.'  She figured that her
strength had increased about ten times.  Now she held the bar
in her hands and tried to curl the massive weight.
 To her surprise, the heavy bar rose and fell quickly and
easily.  She shifted the bar to just her right hand and tried
again. This time she curled it slower, but still was able to
crank out ten good reps.  She practically tossed the bar into
her left hand and repeated the feat.  Her biceps bulged with
power, pumped beyond belief by the workout.  As she flexed
them again in the mirror she calculated that she was easily
100 times as strong as before. With each pose she said a quiet
thank you to Mary and Stewart.
 Rita spent the next hour or so posing and measuring and
marvelling at her new body.  She knew that she could never
compete in another bodybuilding contest.  Hell, she would even
be too freaky for the Mr. Olympica contest!  Huge mountain
ranges of muscle erupted from her thighs as she flexed her
super human legs.  Her calves jutted sharply out above her
smooth, tan ankles.  Every separation in her abs and obliques
were deeply etched as if carved out of marble.
 To her utter surprise, Rita found that her muscles were
almost as large as Mary's now.  They had measured each other
yesterday morning (was it just one day ago?) and the
measurements that she just took were only a couple of inches
smaller. She couldn't wait for Mary and her to hit the beach
down at Mission Bay in skimpy bikinis and sun their gorgeous
bods together.  Or maybe they could take a trip to LA and hang
out at Venice Beach with all the buff guys, and totally blow
them away with their new humungousness.
 Rita glanced at a clock and was surprised to see that it
was already 5:30 in the morning.  She felt so alive and
wonderful that she wasn't even tired.  She took a quick shower
and downed a huge breakfast (being this strong made her really
hungry) then set about cleaning house and doing laundry.  She
couldn't wait to call Mary with the news, but she thought she
should hold off until a more decent hour.

 While Rita was trying to keep herself busy, Stewart had
just woken up in his girlfriend's bed, still nestled in her
muscular arms.  He sat up quickly, remembering where he was,
and horrified that he had slept there so long.  If he didn't
get out soon, Tiffany's dad might catch him, and then all hell
would break lose.
 As Stewart quietly lifted himself out of bed, Tiffany
stirred and slowly opened her eyes.  She reached up and pulled
Stewart back down to her, laying him on top of her newly
expanded tits.  Stewart knew that it was hopeless to resist
his amazonic girlfriend now, so he gladly returned to her arms
and her bounteous bosom.
 "Stewart," she said sleepily, searching his face and
feeling the strength in her powerful limbs, "This wasn't a
dream, was it?  You really were here ... and you turned me
into some kind of supergirl..."
 "Oh Tiff," Stewart whispered back, "Is that ... okay?"
 "You silly boy," Tiffany held his head in her mighty
hands and pressed her lips against his for a super kiss, "It's
better than okay - it's great!  The only problem is ... I've
got to get some new clothes!"
 "Yeah, me too, if you haven't noticed.  My pencil necked
geek outfits just won't do now that I'm so big."
 "Oooh, I noticed," Tiffany cooed back as her hands
roamed over her boyfriend's back and butt, "Hey, how about I
pick you up around ten and we'll go shop together."
 "Cool!" Stewart pushed away from the sexy muscle girl
and once again rose off the bed. "But I gotta get out of here
before someone sees me."  He dressed quickly and started out
the window.  As he turned to blow Tiffany a kiss, she sat up
and cocked one arm behind her head then flexed her bulging
bicep til it reached its awesome peak.
 "See ya soon, lover." she whispered with a wink.
 Stewart could feel his manhood responding to this
fetching image of raw sexual power, but he knew that that
would just get him into more trouble.  Smiling wanely and
giving a quick wave, he reached out for the branches and
disappeared into the morning.
 Stewart arrived home shortly before six and quietly
slipped into the house.  Luckily, it was Saturday, and no one
would be up for a while.  Stewart lived with his step-mom,
Carol, and her brat of a daughter, Andrea.  His father was a
widower and had married Carol when Stewart was in 4th grade. 
Along with Carol came Andrea, two years younger than Stewart
and the bane of his life ever since.  Unfortunately, Stewart's
father died also last year, and Stewart did his best to get
through his last year of high school.  Actually, Carol was a
pretty good mom, quiet, hard working and self-sacrificing.  It
was Andrea that gave him the most grief.  Andrea the Pest.
 Stewart took a long hot shower, beating off a couple of
times as memories of the night's events replayed in his head. 
Would this monster ever be satisfied?  He hoped he would be
able to control himself a little better today.  Then he flexed
his big, newly buffed bod and felt all the great hard muscles
under his skin.  He felt like a superman today.
 As he stepped out of the shower he heard noises coming
from the basement.  Then he remembered that Andrea was going
to get together with some friends to start exercising today. 
There was a weight set in the basement that Stewart's dad had
set up in the hopes that Stewart might work out some day.  But
Stewart had been much more interested in computers than
weights, so the only use it got was when Andrea would lift
some light weights every now and then.
 Andrea was more athletic than Stewart. Not a jock, but
just in pretty good condition.  She ran several miles a week
and did some aerobics with friends.  Now it seemed that she
wanted to try to get some friends involved with weight
lifting, too.
 Stewart had a wild idea of strolling in to the basement
and showing off his buff new body.  So he found some biking
shorts that someone had given him for a birthday and pulled
out a tight white t-shirt.  He checked himself out in his
mirror.  The clothes fit so snug that every rippling muscle
was clearly showing.  And his overgrown cock made a nice big
bulge in his shorts, too.
 As he walked down the stairs, he got just the reaction
he had hoped for.  There was Andrea, laying on the bench
getting ready to press what looked like 50 pounds.  On one
side was her friend Terri, a round-faced girl with nice tits,
but a little too much body fat to go with them.  On the other
side was Debbie.  She had a nice build and a cute face, too. 
Of all of Andrea's friends, Stewart liked Debbie the best.  If
he and Tiffany weren't a thing, he probably would have asked
Debbie out a long time ago.  Standing at the head of the bench
was a shy looking girl that he didn't know.  She was really
skinny and the tight shorts and striped top she had on didn't
help her looks any.
 All the girls stopped simultaneously and stared at
Stewart.  "Morning girls." he tried to sound casual, as if he
did this all the time, "How would you like a real man to show
you how it's done?"  With that he loaded another 250 pounds on
the bar.  The girls were too dumbfounded to talk.  Andrea got
up from the bench and scowled at her brother.
 "You've never lifted a weight in your life, Stewart, how
are you gonna ..."
 Her question was answered soon enough as Stewart
smoothly lifted the 300 bar and started pumping out reps.  The
girls stared in amazement as Stewart's large chest and arms
swelled with power.  Finally after about ten reps, he began to
slow down as he pumped out three more.
 Seizing the opportunity, Andrea straddled Stewart's
prone body and leaned on the bar adding her 120 pounds to the
weight.  It was all Stewart could do to keep the bar from
crushing his chest.  Andrea motioned for Kelly and Debbie to
hold the bar down, too.
 "What?  What the heck are you doing?  Let go!  I can't
hold all of you!" Stewart was wild-eyed at the prospect of
being crushed.
 "We'll help you as soon as you tell us what's going on."
Andrea shot back.
 "I ... don't know ... what you mean!"
 "Just this!  You been a skinny wimp all of your life
until today when you show up like some after picture in a
bodybuilding magazine and start lifting twice your weight.  So
what gives, big brother, and how do we get some of it?"
 "Yeah!" the other girls chimed in.
 "I ... can't ... can't tell ..."
 Andrea guided the bar up to Stewart's throat, "Tell us
now, or we'll crush your throat!"
 "Okay ... okay," Stewart managed to squeak out, "Just
let me breathe!"  The girls eased up the tension on the bar
and Stewart spilled everything about the magic pills and the
effect on him.  "And now I'm the one that big and strong ...
and I can make ... others ..." his voice trailed off as he
realized that he had said too much.
 Andrea returned the pressure to his throat, "What do you
mean, you mean without the pills?  How?  Answer!!"
 "I slept ... with Tiffany ..."
 "Oh gross!"
 "Woof! what a dog!"
 "You wouldn't say that if you saw her today.  She's
huge! And strong!  Just from ..."
 "From what, Stewart?" Andrea asked, inching the bar
closer to his neck.
 "My ... you know ... my semen."
 The girls stood in stunned silence.
 "He's got magic ... cum?"
 "What if he's lying?"
 "Yeah maybe he just wants to get off..."
 "No, he's too much of a baby to try to lie just to save
his neck."
 "We gotta drink ... it?"
 Then the shy girl spoke up, "I'll give it a try."
 They all looked at her.  Andrea said, "Are you sure
 Ginny stood up and walked over to the bench.  She was
just under 6 feet tall, gangly, with pipe cleaner arms and
legs that seemed to stick out all over. "Sure, I mean my
boyfriend back at my old school was kinda into that thing, you
know?  It doesn't taste too bad..."
 After lifting the weight back up with the help of
Stewart and the other two girls, Andrea ordered the girls to
get some jump ropes and tie Stewart hands and feet so he
couldn't move.  Then she found some scissors in the next room
that was used as a sewing room and she cut away Stewart's
tight shorts, exposing his relaxed dick.  Stewart was
protesting all the while and trying to think of computer code
to keep his mind off of what They were doing.  Although he was
a lot stronger than before, he was still no match for the
 "Alright, Ginny, go for it."
 Ginny gingerly knelt in front of Stewart and started
gently rubbing this cock.  Then she proceeded to taking it her
mouth and sucking it.  Sure enough, try as he might to not
give in, Stewart's magnificent manhood began filling with
blood.  Higher and higher it rose as Ginny hastened her pace,
sucking and rubbing it.  The other girls were astounded at
it's growing size.
 "Way to go Ginny!"
 "You go girl!"
 "Holy shit!  Lookit the size of that thing!" [As
mentioned in part 3 of this epic, I have tried to affect the
distinct language of the Southern California teenager.  For
more about this, consult the definitive work on this topic,
Dialects of Teenagers - Origins and Pronunciations, by Walter
Heisenbacher- Mac] [Okay, I'm just kidding- don't go running
to your local library looking for the book, I made it up -
Mac, again]
 Ginny was shocked at the mammoth cock she was working
on.  Her boyfriend was only half this size.  But she continued
working it harder and harder.  Soon it was all she could do to
fit its hot, throbbing tip in her mouth.  She  licked the
shaft and wrapped her slender fingers around it, urging it to
come forth with its magic jism.
 Stewart was trying to fight the overwhelming feelings
that were racking his body, but all he could think about was
how good it felt, and how much he wanted to explode in the
young girl's mouth.  He tried to think of computer programs
but his mind kept designing a program to create supergirls. 
Finally, he could hold back no longer.  His entire body
quivered and strained and then finally let loose a torrent of
super cum.
 Ginny knew that he was about to blow.  She braced
herself and got ready to swallow.  One more suck on the tip
and he started to shake.  Then he started to cum.  And he came
and came.  It seemed to Ginny like he would never stop.  It
tasted so strange, but so good, that she greedily swallowed
every drop that he offered.  Finally it was over.
 Ginny stood up and wiped the remains of the sticky
liquid from the sides of her mouth.  The girls watched
intently for any changes.  A minute passed, and then two. 
Andrea was just about to start the torture again to get the
truth from Stewart when she noticed something happening to her
 Ginny felt a little dizzy as a warmth spread through her
lanky frame.  Then suddenly, her tits, which had previously
been little more than nipples pushing against her tight top,
began to push outward on the stretchy material.  Soon her thin
arms and legs began to fill in with toned muscles like a
fitness competition.
 But the growth kept up.  Her breasts now stretched the
top so tightly that they were being held flat against her
expanding chest muscles.  Her arms were swelling with hard
muscle and her legs started showing definition in her quads. 
Then her butt, which was pretty much flat before, began
growing and rounding and her calves blossomed into hard
diamonds of muscle.
 Ginny held up one arm and flexed it hard.  To her
surprise a bicep the size of a lemon popped up out of her
formerly shapeless arm.  She reached out with her other hand
to see if it was for real.  As she felt her arm, her muscle
seemed like it was made of rock, it was so hard and solid. 
The other girls gathered around her, ignoring Stewart.  They
touched her muscles and tried to squeeze them.  Terri grabbed
a hand and tried to pull it down.  Ginny just grinned and held
it motionless.  Then Terri put all her weight on the arm, even
lifting her feet off the ground.   Again, Ginny didn't move an
inch.  But a couple of seams in her sleeve popped open as her
bicep swelled even larger.
 "Geez Ginny!  How strong are you?" an incredulous Debbie
 "I don't know," Ginny shrugged her wide shoulders,
"Let's find out."  With that she walked over to where the bar
was racked. It still held 300 pounds.  Without thinking, she
grabbed the bar and lifted it easily to her bulging breasts. 
Her biceps finally pushed the fabric of her top too far and
the sleeves ripped open exposing the largest arms these girls
had ever seen on a girl.  Andrea ran back to the sewing room
to get a tape measure while Ginny transferred the bar to her
left hand.  With steady, controlled motions, she curled the
heavy bar five times then switched hands for another five
 "Wow! That was easier than I thought it would be!"Ginny
gushed as she returned the bar to its rack. "And you could
only do twelve bench presses, Stewart.  I bet I could bench
that all day!"  She held her pumped up arms and proudly
displayed her big biceps while Andrea wrapped the tape measure
around one.
 "Check it out girls, Ginny's got guns! 13 inchers!"
Andrea called out.
 Then Ginny started pulling at the neck of her t-shirt,
"But I gotta tell ya, this shirt is just too small now!"  With
that she tore open her shirt like she was ripping a piece of
paper.  Released from their bondage, her newly developed
breasts poured out, bouncing in front of her until the came to
rest on her powerful chest.
 The sight of Ginny's boobs exploding out of her shirt
was too much for Stewart. His hard on returned with a
vengeance.  Seeing the stiffened member, Terri knelt down
quickly and grabbed it with both hands.
 "My turn, now." she said as she tried to duplicate
Ginny's actions.  After a few tries, she got into the rhythm
of it and stroked Stewart closer and closer to the edge.
 "Stop!" Stewart protested, "Wait ... stop ... you ...
don't know ..."
 "Shut up Stewart," Andrea commanded, "Or I'll stuff a
gym sock in your mouth."
 "No ... help ... gotta ... stop"
 "That's it!" Andrea found an old sock and forced it into
Stewart's mouth. "Go on Terri."
 Terri resumed her stroking and licking. She sucked the
big red tip and nibbled on it, too.  Soon Stewart was ready to
climax again.  How many times is this? he asked himself before
he lost himself to the immense pleasure rocketing through his
body.  When he came, Terri made sure to swallow all of it.
 While Terri was waiting for the changes to start, Andrea
straddled Stewart's legs and gently grabbed his big cock. "My
turn." she said looking him in the eye.  He looked back with a
shocked expression and tried to scream out a protest. But the
socked was lodged too firmly in place and all it came out as
was a muffled cry.  He lay his head back in resignation.
 "You're gonna blow your own brother?" asked Debbie.
 "Sure ... why not.  Besides, he's just my step-brother."
Andrea said as she lowered herself closer to the already
hardening rod.  She sucked him like an expert.  Slow and
gentle at first, then harder and firmer.
 Even though he was repulsed by the idea of his cock
being sucked by his step-sister, she was so good at it that he
couldn't resist getting turned on.  Suddenly he was rock hard
again and felt a power surge all through his body.  He was
huge, powerful as an ox, a superman!  The pleasure raced
through him and he rocked and bucked in time with Andrea's
deft hands and mouth.  Then, explosions went off in his head
and groin as he released another torrent of jism, pumping it
out, spurt after spurt.  His whole body tensed for one final
second then went limp again on the bench.
 As Andrea stepped back, wiping her mouth, she noticed
that Terri seemed to be shrinking.  It looked like her outer
layer of fat was just melting away.  But then it seemed as if
all those fat cells suddenly concentrated in her boobs as they
stretched further and further outward. Then her muscles
started growing, and growing.  She was wearing a loose tank
top over her pink sports bra, but the bra was having trouble
containing her new size.  Her sweatpants, now four sizes too
big, slipped down her legs showing off her bulging quads.  She
stood there in just her panties flexing and re-flexing her
legs.  Although Terri's muscles were probably no larger than
Ginny's, because of her 5' 6" size, she looked huge.
 Terri went to take her turn with the bar. As she lifted
it neatly with one hand she saw that Andrea was beginning her
growth spurt, too, and Debbie was tentatively kneeling down in
front of Stewart.
 "What's wrong Deb?" asked Terri as she lazily curled the
massive weight, "Don't you want to be strong, too?  Lookit
this!" She held her rock solid arm up and flexed her thick
bicep.  "And check out these abs." she said as she lifted her
tank top.  The material of her bra had taken just about all it
could and it was starting to rip at the top.
 "Yeah, I guess" she paused for a second, playing with
Stewart's relaxed dick, "It's just ... should we be using
Stewart like this?  Just for our own growth?" Then she smiled
wickedly and winked,  "I mean hell, let's share the wealth
with more of our friends!"
 "Right on!"
 "Yeah, we could help like dozens of girls at school."
 Then Debbie wrapped her beautiful lips around Stewart's
quickly swelling monster of a cock and got down to business. 
It began responding instantly to her ministrations and soon
reached its magnificent fullness.  Debbie was impressed.  She
had seen pictures of penises this size and once saw a movie
with a guy this big, but she had never held on in her hands
and mouth before.  She decided that she wanted to enjoy this
as long as she could.
 Just when Stewart was about to cum and his body was
tensing up, Debbie slowed down and then lifted her head to
watch Terri flexing her new muscle for the other girls.  She
continued to stroke the underside of the towering cock, just
enough to keep it hard but not enough to allow release.
 Andrea and Debbie often dressed alike and today was no
different.  They were both wearing oversized sweatshirts and
tight aerobic leotards underneath with some loose shorts. 
Debbie watched as Andrea stripped off the sweatshirt.  Her
tits were filling out the leotard to the point of ripping. 
Then her muscles stated growing.  Her arms filled with balls
of powerful muscle and her legs kept getting larger and
larger.  Debbbie returned her attention to Stewart flagging
pole, just in time to keep it rock hard and throbbing in
 Again and again Debbie would bring Stewart to the edge
of release then slow him down.  This caused Stewart's erection
to grow even harder, screaming for creaming.  Stewart was
beyond comprehension.  All his mind could think of was
cumming.  His entire body was wracked with the intense
sensations and he bucked and arched his back trying to get
 Finally, Debbie was ready and pushed the monstrous organ
over the edge.  Explosions were going off everywhere in
Stewart as he let go with everything he had. Debbie did her
best to keep up with the deluge.  Just when she thought he was
done another stream of warm, sweet tasting cream would spurt
forth.  This went on for at least a minute, Stewart jetting
forth his magic cum, and Debbie greedily gulping it all down. 
In the end, Stewart was totally spent and he collapsed back on
the weight bench.
 Debbie rose from her knees in time to see Andrea lifting
the bar with her right hand.  Her muscles looked huge and
beautiful.  She had just walked over to touch the newly formed
muscle when she felt an intense wave of warmth rush over her. 
She stopped and pulled off her sweatshirt seeking some cool
air.  She stared down at her arms as she felt a tingle pass
from her fingertips to her shoulders then across her chest. 
Then it started in her toes and went up to her vagina,
thrilling her momentarily.  She closed her eyes to take in the
 When she opened her eyes again, the other girls were
staring at her, specifically her chest.  She looked down and
saw the two most perfect breasts protruding from her chest. 
But they were still growing.  Past a C-cup and well into a D-
cup, these puppies were expanding quickly.  They were
extremely heavy and started to weigh her down.  But then she
felt a tingle run across her back and her back muscles started
growing.  In seconds the stress of her tits was removed and
she stood up straight and tall.  As a matter of fact, she
thought to herself, they almost seem weightless.
 Then Debbie saw the muscles in her forearms begin to
writhe and swell.  And then her biceps and triceps. 
Everywhere she looked on her body, there seemed to be inches
and inches of muscle being added by magic.  She could feel
power coursing through every cell of her magnificent body.
 Debbie looked at herself in the mirror just in time to
see her chest and tits rip through her hopelessly outsized
leotard.  The material fell away leaving Debbie naked from the
waist up.  The image that greeted her was some kind of
combination porn star and Ms. Olymipica.  Indeed all of the
girls could easily go toe to toe with the best lightweight
female bodybuilders.  But Debbie had a lot more up front than
the others, including Terri.
 Stewart realized somewhere in his darkening mind, that
she had turned out just as he had imagined her.  He smiled as
he gazed on her reflection in the mirror, then he finally
passed out.
 The girls spent the next few minutes posing and checking
each others bodies out, then they found some extra clothes for
Ginny and Debbie.  The clamored up the stairs and out into the
light of another beautiful San Diego August day, leaving
Andrea's unconscious brother still tied to the bench.  But at
least they remembered to take the sock out of his mouth.
 "So what do you guys wanna do?" Said Ginny, unusually
cheerful, but not considering that she now had the strength of
ten men and the body of a supermodel.
 "Let's go to the high school and watch football practice
- I wonder if Coach Sprokett would let us work out with the
team?" Andrea said.
 "Let's just find some boys and work out with them!"
suggested Terri.
 "We could go to the park and challenge some guys to a
basketball game - I bet we could slam dunk easily now!" added
 "Or we could just slam dunk some boys!" reminded Terri.
 "Hey we could head down to Silver's Gym and watch all
those big buff bodybuilding dudes salivate at the sight of us
and then crush their pumped up egos by out lifting them with
just our pinkies!" suggested Ginny.
 "Or we could just pick 'em up and crush them in our arms
and then drag 'em into a back room and then ..."
 "Terri!" the other three shouted in unison.

 Joe got up quickly when the phone rang.  He had only
gotten a couple of hours of sleep when the noise from the next
apartment woke him up.  Apparently there was someone guy in
there wrestling around with someone named either 'god' or
'Jacquie' because those were the only two names he heard the
man cry out.  And it didn't help him sleep when his penis
would suddenly start stiffening.  It seemed to happen when he
would hear 'god' through he wall, cry out in pleasure or when
he would think of Mary who could lift a car over her head and
still make conversation about Chaucer.  Just when the noise
tapered off, and his persistent hard-on relaxed, the phone
rang.  Since Mary didn't pick it up on the first three rings,
Joe got it.
 After he finally straightened out who he was and who the
caller was and where Mary was, he took a message and promised
to wake up Mary right away.  He hung up the phone and peeked
into Mary's bedroom.  She was wrapped in the sheets sleeping
soundly.  Not sure of what her reaction would be to being
woken up suddenly, Joe decided to gently rub her back and wake
her up slowly.  After all, if he startled her, she was strong
enough that she could throw him across the apartment with even
realizing it.
 As Joe gingerly approached the slumbering amazon, he was
struck once again by her incredible beauty and fantastic
physique.  But even more than her awesome physical presence,
her personality was absolutely stunning.  She was confident,
self-assured, deeply insightful, incredibly intelligent and
wonderfully humorous.  In fact, she was about the only thing
he could think about all night long.
 As he stood next to her bed, marvelling at her, she
stirred slightly, exposing most of one leg.  The curves of the
muscles, how they loomed out from such small joints to such
enormous proportion only to disappear again at the next joint,
her soft, smooth, perfect skin, all began to overcome his
sense of propriety.  In other words, he was getting seriously
turned on just by looking at her leg.
 Joe decided that he better concentrate on gently waking
her before his hormones took over.  He sat down and started to
deftly knead her shoulders, wary of any sudden movements of
her powerful arms.  As he pushed the relaxed muscles about and
squeezed them in his hands, he was astounded by the sheer size
of them.  Muscles larger than any male bodybuilder could ever
hope to have covered her upper body.  Enormous shoulders led
to traps and lats that defied description.  Even relaxed as
she was, a deep crevice ran down her back separating her thick
back muscles.  And all of this mass gave way to a relatively
tiny waist that was just as packed with muscle as the rest of
 As Joe's hands explored the vast regions of Mary's back,
his eyes wandered from her lustrous hair to her arms which
only hours before he had seen her use to fold and mold a car
hood like it was aluminum foil.  The thought of her
unbelievable feats of strength again caused a sudden stirring
in his loins, so he quickly looked away and concentrated on
something else.
 Slowly, almost erotically, Mary began to stretch and
move.  She let out a low moan of pleasure in response to Joe's
hands. "Oooh Joe ... that feels soooo gooood."  She lazily
rolled over, careful to keep her gigantic breasts concealed
under the sheet.  Then she sleepily looked at Joe and smiled.
 "Mmmmm, I've been thinking about you all night long."
Mary said dreamily as she let her fingers wander over Joe's
arms and chest.  "I've been thinking about how gallant you
were to protect those girls from that gang of thugs, even
though you didn't stand a chance."  Joe looked down,
embarrassed.  Mary's powerful fingers easily lifted his face
back up so she could look him in the eye. "And I'm ever so
glad that your mom gave you some of my magic pills, because
you are such an incredible hunk of a man!"
 With that Mary sat up, letting the sheet drift away
exposing her dramatic endowments which she pressed against
Joe's chest just as she was pressing her lips against his. 
Joe's reaction to her was instant and hard.  As the kiss went
on and Mary began exploring his mouth with her irresistible
tongue, they could hear a ripping sound coming from below.

The End of Part 4.
[Alright so I thought I could wrap this up in four parts.  I
was wrong.  At least I got it to the next day!  Hopefully you
won't mind if I add another chapter in the continuing saga of:
Mary Ende, Librarian. - Mac]

The Librarian (Part Seven)
The muscle magic is spreading while Mary and her friends race to contain it.
by The Power Company

 "I don't know about you guys, but I'm stayin' away from
downtown from now on," said a boy with a bandage wrapped around his
hand as he attempted to spin a small pocket knife in his non-
dominant hand. Several others were lazily shooting baskets and
hanging around a beat-up old Chevy. "Know what I mean Lonnie, huh?"
 "Yeah, there was some kinda weird shit goin' down there,"
agreed another injured boy. "Let's just hang here for a few days."
 Debbie stumbled through the parking lot and into the shelter
of some large bushes that separated the basketball courts from some
tennis courts. She heard the boys talking but she didn't want to be
spotted by them. Suddenly she was overcome by dizziness and she
clung to the chain-link fence for support.  Things weren't going as
planned, she was frustrated and afraid. And she was having second
thoughts about taking that pill she had found.  Then one of the boys
totally missed the basket and the ball came bouncing her way.
 The boys noticed Debbie as the ball rolled to a stop by her
feet. "Hey baby, throw us the ball!" one of the boys yelled.
 Debbie had trouble focusing on the ball or the boy who had
shouted at her. He seemed strange. His head appeared to be bandaged
and there was another boy with an identical bandage on his head. As
she stepped out of the shade, the sun seemed to be twice as bright
as before. She shielded her eyes and stumbled again. It was as if
she had lost all coordination.
 "What are you stupid or deaf?" the other bandaged boy taunted.
 To Debbie, every word sounded like a freight train roaring
through her head. She finally found the ball and gently tossed it at
the nearest boy. But in actuality her throw was so hard it almost
took his head off.
 A tall, dirty boy approached her quickly and shoved her
backwards with his right hand, protecting a wrapped up left hand,
"Hey, that ain't nice! You don't mess with us, bitch!"
 Debbie fell back more from the assault on her olfactory sense
than the ineffectual shove. This boy reeked and every scent was
magnified many times over for Debbie.
 The dirty boy grabbed her shoulder and squeezed as he pulled
her toward a car where a couple of other boys were sitting, "What
d'ya think we should do to her, Lonnie? We should teach her a
lesson, huh. Teach her some manners!" He shouted at Debbie who was
nearly retching at the smell of his rancid breath. "She's not a bad
lookin' bitch, either. What'cha think Lonnie?"
 Lonnie sat on the hood of the car which looked like it had
been rolled up and unrolled, stripping Debbie with his eyes which
always seemed to come back to her tits. He was tall and muscular,
wearing tight white jeans and a dirty white tank top. He habitually
flexed his large pecs as he stared at the girl.
 "I'll take care of her," offered another tall boy as he
clumsily  tucked his small knife into his pants pocket. His other
hand was bandaged like the smelly boy's.
 "No lade ill tek er" Lonnie mumbled through swollen lips.
 "What'choo say Lonnie?" the boy with the knife asked, "I can't
understand a word you're saying since that broad bipped you last
 Lonnie grabbed the boy's shirt and pulled him nose to nose,
flexing his big bicep, and stared at him before attempting to speak
again, "I sed, no, Blade. See's mine." He thrust Blade away and
thwacked his injured hand to remind him who was in charge. Blade
winced as his cracked bones throbbed in pain. Lonnie grabbed Debbie
and shoved her into the back seat of the car, then followed her and
closed the door.
 Debbie was glad to be out of the sunlight, but the smells of
the car were no better than Stinky's breath. The stench of beer,
puke, cum, and Old Spice attacked her just as Lonnie was settling in
beside her. And then a fire started burning inside her. It spread
like the warmth that had filled her back at Andrea's house, but it
was different, really different. It burned as it coursed through her
veins, every fiber of every muscle was exploding. Every cell in her
body responding to a wake-up call that couldn't be denied.
 Lonnie had maneuvered Debbie into a laying position across the
big back seat and was busily trying to lift Debbie's t-shirt over
her mountainous breasts. As he ran his hands up her thighs and under
her shirt, he noticed the muscular definition in her legs and abs.
Momma, he thought to himself, buff and sexy and oh so luscious!
 Suddenly he stopped as he looked down at his victim. She was
writhing and panting already. Was she so turned on by him that she
was ready to come already? Wait, it seemed to him that she was
somehow ... growing. Her tits seemed even bigger than they had a
moment ago. Her head was pushing against one door and as he looked
back he saw her feet pushing against the other side. Her luscious
thighs that he had just felt up were growing thicker, muscles
bulging out of the tops forming deep valleys of separation. Her
shoulders were spreading out, muscle growing like crazy, until they
were nearly as wide as the door. Lonnie saw her abs thicken as each
individual muscle group popped out in stark relief. He looked back
over his shoulder to see her feet burst out of her tennis shoes.
 As Debbie's thighs continued to grow, her shorts began ripping
up the sides to accommodate their new bulk. She grabbed the material
of her shirt and ripped it off her expanding torso. It was right
about now that Lonnie knew he was in the wrong place at the wrong
time. Any doubt in his mind was completely erased when he saw Debbie
tense her mighty arms and oaken thighs. With one great push, she
tore both back doors off and sent them flying in opposite
 Debbie wrapped her massive legs around Lonnie's mid-section
and sat straight up, surrounding his head with what seemed to be
huge pillows of boob flesh. She placed her powerful hands on the
ceiling of the car and pushed upwards. The other boys stopped to
stare as two incredibly strong hands ripped the top of the car up
and then proceeded to roll it back.
 Finally free of her raunchy prison, Debbie stood on the back
seat holding Lonnie by the front of his shirt. She was ten feet of
perfectly proportioned, nearly naked, female muscle. Her fist was a
large as Lonnie's head, each thigh was thicker than his body. Her
bared breasts were bigger than basketballs, crowned with fat, two-
inch thick nipples. Her lustrous black mane fell in wondrous waves
to the middle of her rippling back. She flexed her arm as she raised
Lonnie up to her face. Her bicep ballooned to mammoth size as she
studied his face momentarily.
 A deep guttural sound emanated from Debbie's massive chest,
turning into a low growl as it rose, and finally came out as a full
force roar, pushing Lonnie's hair back and echoing around the
neighborhood. She ended with a snarl that reminded Lonnie of a tiger
about to devour its prey.
 "Elp mee!! Elp mee!!" Lonnie cried through his swollen jaw as
a yellow stain slowly spread down the front of his white pants.
 The two boys with head wounds collapsed to their knees as
their legs were suddenly too wobbly to keep them up. Blade was
busily trying to open his knife, frustrated by the wrappings around
his right hand. The tall smelly lad picked up the only weapon he
could find, the basketball and threw it at Debbie thinking maybe it
would do some good.
 Debbie saw and heard the ball coming almost before it left his
hand. Her senses seemed to have been heightened to a superhuman
degree. So were her reflexes. She easily caught the ball with her
free hand as it streaked toward her. She looked again at the ball,
deciding what it was and what to do with it. Although the pill had
greatly augmented her strength, size, senses, and reflexes, it had
left her mind muddled and confused.
 Finding the thing was not alive nor a threat to her, she threw
it back at the boy. But she threw it with nearly the velocity of a
rifle. It struck him square in the chest and sent him flying
backwards. He scraped to a stop along the blacktop, unconscious.
 Blade continued to wrestle with the pocket knife. His good
switchblade had been busted by some old broad last night along with
his hand. But he felt almost naked without a knife, so he had
stuffed his old pocket knife into his pants that morning, not really
expecting to have to use it. Now he was fumbling around with only
one good hand trying to pry the silly thing open.
 Debbie stepped down off the car still holding Lonnie by the
shirt. Out of desperation, the muscular boy began to pepper her mid-
section with a series of blows. He was no slouch at fighting, having
put down more opponents with his hands than the rest of the gang all
together. But even his hardest blows were having absolutely no
effect on the giantess. In fact, it felt like he was punching a
concrete wall. He began to flail wildly at her arms and shoulders,
not able to reach up to her head.
 Finally Debbie took notice of the little man pestering her
with his hands. She casually tossed him aside against the car. He
slammed into the car with so much force that he was sure that his
back was broken, but he was still conscious.
 At long last, Blade coaxed the knife open. The blade was short
but as sharp as a razor. By the time he looked up, Debbie was
standing in front of him staring at the knife in his hands.
Something in the back of her mind told her that she should be afraid
of the instrument, but she couldn't understand why. As quick as a
flash, Blade slashed at the giant teenager. The razor-edged blade
carved a path up from her left hip across her stomach and under her
right tit, ending at her nipple.
 Blade quickly stepped back expecting to see blood gushing from
the wound and preparing for his next attack. But like the night
before, there was no blood. In fact, there was not even a mark left
by the knife. Like the night before, he lunged at his target out of
fear and confusion, hoping to fend off the monster with a sharp stab
at her abdomen.
 Debbie swiftly grabbed the boy's hand and hoisted him up to
head height. She held him there with one hand and stripped him of
his weapon with her other hand. She looked at the blade, examining
it, then scraped it across her thick nipple. She gasped as
pleasurable feelings flowed through her. Back and forth the blade
went, harder and harder she scraped as her nipple grew larger and
larger in response to the stimulation. Finally metal gave way to
steel-hard flesh and the knife blade snapped off.
 The stunned gang member had been watching Debbie turning
herself on, but was beginning to fear for his life. He kicked wildly
at the massive body and succeeded in kicking the underside of her
basketball-sized boob with his steel-toed shoe. As Debbie reacted to
the unexpected pain in her chest, Blade managed to wriggle free of
her grasp.
 Lonnie had had enough time to gather his wits by now and had
climbed into the car. The big engine roared to life as Blade hit the
ground. He sprinted to the car holding his unwrapped hand which had
also probably been crushed.
 "Runer 'er down!" Blade shouted as he slumped into the safety
of the car. "Kill that fuckin' bitch before she kills all of us!"
 Lonnie need no encouragement as he had already stomped on the
gas and was aiming the car at Debbie. The beat-up Chevy's tires spun
furiously, trying to grab onto the asphalt as the car swerved toward
its target. Debbie turned to face the mechanical monster, roaring
across the playground. She sneered as it gained speed and headed
straight toward her. Another animalistic growl swelled up from her
huge chest and escaped her mouth in a snarl that would frighten a
Siberian Tiger. She lifted one massive foot as the car approached
and smashed it down on top of the hood.
 The car, which had gotten up to almost 40 mph, came to an
abrupt halt under her gigantic foot. The huge engine was crushed
beyond repair. Lonnie and Blade smashed against the front window,
shattering the glass. They both crumpled back to the seat
 Debbie raised her arms in victory, tensing her incredible
muscles. Her soft, smooth curves were replaced with ripples and
ridges of muscles as she flexed. Bulging mounds of steely muscle
bunched and swelled across her body. She was bigger than any human
could possibly be. Bigger than any superhero. And she reveled in her
unbridled power. The steam from the crushed radiator billowed up,
rising like a cloud around her feet. She looked every inch, every
foot, like a goddess come to walk among mere mortals.
 "Holy smokes!"
 Mary and her four friends had raced over to the sounds of the
fighting in time to see the destruction of the car. They saw the
bodies of the gang spread across the playground and the awesome
display of femuscle as Debbie flexed.
 "Ladies," Stewart said, his eyes wide as silver dollars, "I
think we've found Debbie."
 "Oh my god, she's huge!" Maeghan stared in awe at the giant
 "The bigger she is," said Tiffany as she started toward the
towering girl, "the harder she'll fall!"
 Before anyone could stop her, Tiffany ran up to Debbie and
grabbed one of her tree-trunk legs. Almost more out of annoyance
than anger, Debbie swatted at Tiffany with her hand. The blow sent
the girl flying backwards towards the others. Maeghan reacted
quickly and caught Tiffany before she hit the ground. She was shaken
but unharmed.
 "Hold on, everyone," Mary cautioned, "it looks like we're
going to need to use our brains on this one and work together."
 With a growl, Debbie turned toward the group. Somewhere in her
clouded mind she knew that they posed a grave threat to her. But she
was feeling so powerful that she wasn't intimidated. She roared a
challenge to the women.
 "Rita, circle behind her, Tiffany and Maeghan on each side,"
Mary commanded, "Stewart get behind me." The women did as they were
 At the mention of Stewart, Debbie swung around as if
recognizing him. She recollected that he was a source of power, and
what she wanted right now was more power, more strength. She stepped
toward him but was stopped by Mary's hand on her arm. She looked
down on the puny woman who dared to stop her and flexed her
monstrous bicep, breaking Mary's hold.
 Debbie swung her massive hand, intending on sweeping away
Mary, but Mary ducked under it, pushed at the giant's mid-section,
and knocked her back a few feet. Debbie regained her balance,
surprised that one so small should challenge her might. She stepped
forward with a growl and reached out to grab Mary. But the mighty
Librarian was quicker than the giant woman and delivered a stunning
punch to her face, rocking her back again.
 This time Debbie stopped to clear her head, shaking off the
last blow. Then she countered with her massive fists balled and
aimed at Mary's head. Mary raised her arms to protect herself,
warding off the girl's heaviest blows. Suddenly, Mary struck out
again with a thunderous punch to Debbie's mid-section. The giantess
doubled over from the unexpectedly strong punch. Mary followed with
a resounding uppercut that stood the reeling giantess straight up
 Rita took this as her cue. She dove at the stunned teenager,
wrapping her knees together and pulling her over backwards.
Immediately Maeghan and Tiffany jumped onto her arms and pinned her
down. Between the three powerful women, Debbie was held motionless.
 "Okay Stewart," Mary beckoned him forward, "let's get this
antidote down her. And hope to god that it works as well on her as
it did on the other three [She of course is referring to the other
three girls who attacked Stewart in a previous part of this story
which hopefully you will remember even though it seems like it was
years ago that you read it - you did read it didn't you? I mean this
whole thing won't make much sense if you haven't read the first six
parts - which you really should do before continuing on. Thanks.]."
 Stewart pulled out the two vials and handed one to Mary. She
carefully approached the screaming giantess and held her head down
by her hair. She held the vial over her mouth and dropped in two
drops of the strength reversal potion.  Debbie continued to struggle
as the potion took effect, but the muscles that were just bulging
with frustrated power began relaxing. Maeghan and Tiffany also began
to relax their grip, lest they accidentally hurt the girl.
 Stewart held out the other vial for Mary to administer the
size reversal potion. But suddenly, Debbie, her mind still somewhat
clouded by the whole experience, quickly pulled away from Tiffany
and swiped at Mary's hand. The bottle flew out of her hand and
across the basketball court. Everybody watched helplessly as the
glass container arched its way through the morning light to its
expected demise.
 With a flash, Maeghan reacted first, her powerful legs
propelling her up and towards the landing zone. She made a diving
catch just as the bottle was about to hit the pavement. She rolled
with her momentum, clutching the potion in her hands. Still she was
not able to stop several drops of the potent formula from spilling
out of the opened vial. Quickly she was back on her feet and
standing with her comrades handing the bottle carefully back to
 Tiffany had controlled Debbie's arm once more and Mary had
pinned her neck to the ground so that the hapless girl couldn't
escape. Now Maeghan resumed her grip on the other arm and Mary
examined the remaining contents of the bottle.
 "A lot has spilled out," she said studiously holding it to the
light, "we'll just have to hope that there's enough left." With that
she held the girl's head down and repeated the process. Barely two
drops issued forth from the dark colored vial. Mary held her hand
over Debbie's mouth to make sure that she swallowed the potion. Then
everyone stood by waiting for Debbie to return to normal size.

 Meanwhile, Jacquie and her friends were staring at Charly,
their formerly petite team member. All of the girls on the San Diego
State cheerleading squad had just powered up thanks to the magic in
Jaquie's boyfriend's semen, just as Jacquie had earlier that
morning. Each one was now easily as strong as ten men, with the
exception of Jacquie who three times as strong as they were.
Jaquie's body, when not flexed, looked no larger than any fitness
competitor. But she could make her muscles expand to unbelievable
size when she really used them.
 Now they were looking at the back of Charly as she held Bill's
large, powerful body easily in her two hands while she desperately
sucked at his even more impressive cock. She had stripped off her
sweatshirt to make room for her growing muscles. Her back,
shoulders, and arms were covered in huge, bunching, bulging muscles
which seemed to be growing in front of their eyes. It became obvious
to them that while they were showing off their new strength to each
other, Charly had slipped back into the bedroom for some more of
Bill's super-magic jism.
 "Okay, miss," Jacquie pretended to be like a cop speaking
through a megaphone, "put the boy down and step away from the bed."
 "No ... no ..." Charly growled back between slurps, "gotta
have ... more ... gotta get ... stronger ... "
 "Whoa there, girl," said Suzann as she cautiously approached
the feeding lioness, "don't you think you're big enough now. I
mean," she continued as she ran her long strong fingers across the
ripples of Charly's burgeoning back, "check out these awesome
muscles. Oooo, baby, you're hot!"
 Charly slowed down her frantic pace to think about what Suz
had said. "But ... but I want to be stronger than ... than .." The
girls could see that she was about to cry. Jacquie stepped up and
held her face while Yuki and Kayla took hold of Bill and lowered his
unconscious body back to the bed. Jacquie noticed that the bruises
on her face had disappeared since the magic had transformed her
 "Charly ... it's ... it's okay," Jacquie comforted her, "No
one's gonna hurt you ever again." She wrapped her arms partially
around the girl. She could feel Charly's already large muscles going
through another growth spurt, pushing her arms further apart. As
Jacquie held her close, Charly began to sob. She buried her face
against Jaquie's shoulder and clenched her fists as the memories of
her abusive boyfriends flooded back into her mind. "That's okay,
Charly," Jacquie consoled her, rocking her gently back and forth,
"hell you're stronger now than any man in world. And besides, we'll
never let anyone hurt you again, right girls, because we're a team,
right?" The other girls gathered around Charly and Jacquie and
joined in a group hug of strength and affirmation.

 Meanwhile, next door, Doni and Keri were emerging from the
bedroom. They had spent the last hour totally exploring each other's
new body - and there was a lot to explore. Doni had become almost as
strong as Keri and Keri had become almost as smart as Doni. It seems
that the pot that the three of them had ingested did significantly
change the magic abilities of Joe's cum. For a while at least, they
were able to fashion themselves however they wanted. And they had
done just that. The two were so alike it was hard to tell them
 They had found a few articles of clothing in the bedroom that
would cover their dramatic assets and with the knowledge that they
would repay him, they took several of Joe's credit cards and his
money from the wallet left on the table. They slipped past the still
slumbering Joe and quietly left the apartment.
 "Donelle, my sweet," Keri said as she climbed in their car,
"we really should do something about our mode of transportation."
 "You're absolutely right, Ker," Doni agreed as she started the
car. "There's a small lot on El Cajon Blvd. called Honest John's
that had some suitable cars - and I understand that he has a
weakness for foxy ladies."
 "And you certainly are that, Doni!"
 "As are you, my dear. Let us away!"


 "Wh ... where am I?"
 The stunned young woman struggled to sit up. She looked around
to find herself surrounded by unfamiliar faces, mostly female,
mostly attached to incredibly muscular physiques. The only face that
she did recognize as her eyes began to focus was a man's face. It
was her friend's brother, Stewart.
 "Stewart? Stewart?" she repeated to herself as her mind slowly
worked its way out of the fog. She looked down to see that she was
totally naked. With a gasp she attempted to cover herself, but she
was not too successful. Her hands could not begin to hold in her
voluptuous bosom.
 Suddenly, Maeghan came running up with some clothes in her
hands. "Here," she said as she pulled up to a stop by the
embarrassed girl, "I just ran over to the boys locker room and found
some stuff that might fit you."
 Debbie self-consciously clutched the clothes  and looked
nervously around. Tiffany playfully grabbed Stewart's ear and led
him away from the circle, "That's enough gawking for you, young
man!" she scolded. "Besides, lover boy, Aren't I woman enough for
you," she said as she clamped her arms around him and gave him a
powerful squeeze, mashing her own wonderfully full breasts into his
 Debbie quickly slipped the top over her head. Maeghan had
picked out the largest football jersey she could find, meant to fit
over a three hundred pound lineman with shoulder pads on. However,
the jersey fit Debbie's shoulders perfectly. Then she pulled on the
shorts she was given and slowly rose to her feet.
 Mary, Rita, and Maeghan all gasped simultaneously. Debbie
continued to rise ... and rise ... until she towered over the other
women. Although the magic potion had greatly reduced her size, she
had not returned to normal. She looked down on Mary and Rita,
surprised how short they seemed. Although Mary stood a statuesque
5'11", Debbie was clearly a head taller than her, easily six and a
half feet, maybe taller.
 The bottom of the football jersey dangled a good 8 inches away
from Debbie's steel-plated abs and high enough above the shorts to
give everyone an awe-inspiring view of her stomach muscles. She
grasped her arm and felt as her large bicep swelled in her hand.
 "Oh my god!" Debbie quietly said as she examined her muscles,
"What's happened to me? The last thing I remember was swallowing
some pills I found in that car back there and then stumbling through
the bushes."
 "You mean you don't remember these boys," Mary pointed to the
boys still strewn across the basketball court, "or how you crushed
that car?"
 Debbie looked at the still steaming car as it lay like a great
beached whale at one end of the court and at the boys, just now
beginning to stir. "N ... no ... just images ... sounds and smells
... all mixed together ... did ... did I do THAT?!?"
 As the group surveyed the damage that the rampaging hulkette
had wrought, another group of boys approached the courts, laughing
and joking, bouncing several basketballs. They suddenly fell silent
at the sight of the muscular females and the obvious fight that had
just occurred. As glad as they were that this particularly nasty
gang had come to such an end, they stopped in their tracks and
slowly began retreating. Rita turned toward the group, recognizing
some of them from school.
 "Hey, just a minute there, Ralphy," Mary called out as she
stepped toward the boys.
 "Is ... is that y... you, miz Wilkes?" a tall red head
 "It hasn't been that long since you were in my class, has it,
Ralphy?" Rita replied with a big grin. "I didn't mean to frighten
you guys, just wanted to borrow your ball for a second."
 The boys slowly returned to the court and Ralphy bounced his
ball to Rita, "Sh ... sh ... sure thing miz Wilkes."
 Rita took the ball and handed to Debbie. "Just a hunch," she
winked at Mary and smiled at the teen tower of power in front of
her, "but would you be interested in joining the girl's basketball
team this year?"


 While Rita, Mary and the others were straightening out the
problems at the school, the newest super team in San Diego were
leaving Jaquie's apartment and heading off for cheerleading practice
at SDSU. As their cars roared down the street, a chubby young girl
came walking down the sidewalk dressed in a Girl Trailguide uniform.
She had parked her bike at the corner and was working this side of
the street first. She had a bag of cookies slung over one shoulder
and grunted with the heavy load as she pulled at her uncomfortable
shorts and tight blouse. Even though her mother kept buying bigger
and bigger clothes, they still seemed too tight, especially around
her tummy. They must keep shrinking in the wash, she thought as she
adjusted her sash which proudly displayed all of her meritorious
badges that she had earned over the years. At sixteen, she was the
oldest member of her troop and had been there the longest. That's
why she need to sell these cookies, she reminded herself, so she
could get to camp for the first time in her life.
 As she watched the gorgeous women pour out of the apartment
and speed off down the street, she sighed and pushed her thick
glasses back up her nose. No customers there, she thought to
herself, and she headed for the next door. As she knocked on the
door to Mary's apartment it slowly glided open. Keri and Doni had
failed to fully close the door all the way and all it needed was a
slight nudge to open again.
 The girl fixed a smile on her face as best as she could.
"Hello?" the young scout called out tentatively, "Hello? My name's
Claudia? And I'm selling Trailguide cookies?" She peered into the
apartment to see if anyone was home. "Is anyone here?"
 Claudia waited for a minute for someone to answer. When no one
came to the door, she decided to shut it herself and try the next
building. As she stepped up to take the door handle she saw Joe
stretched out on the carpet. At first, Claudia thought that he must
be asleep, but then she didn't see his chest moving. Her heart
skipped a beat as she realized that he may need some help. Perhaps
he fell and injured himself, perhaps he choked on some food. At
last, this was the moment she had been trained for and for which she
was totally prepared. Dropping the bag of cookies by the door,
Claudia sprang into action.
 Claudia was the best Girl Trailguide in her troop when it came
to first aid. She knelt beside the muscular man and pressed her
fingers onto his wrist to check his pulse. Joe was still under the
effects of the drugs and his heartbeat had slowed significantly.
Claudia gasped as she couldn't feel a pulse. Quickly she placed her
hands on his bulging chest muscles and pressed her ear to his chest
to listen for the faintest indication of a beat. As she listened
intently, she gazed down at the man's legs. Suddenly all thought of
listening for a heartbeat left her mind as she was caught up in
amazement at what she was seeing.
 Joe happened to be having one of those, sometimes
embarrassingly, erotic dreams that men sometimes have. However, this
one was also fueled by the drug still floating around in his system.
Claudia's hands on his chest had further added to the sensations
and, as a consequence, his enormous member was responding in the
only way it knew how to.
 Claudia stared mesmerized by the cock that was rising before
her eyes, eyes that got bigger and bigger with each pulse of blood
that fed Joe's still growing rod. Her heart began pounding in her
breast as the rest of the world slipped away from her consciousness.
A loud buzzing filled her ears and her breathing became short and
ragged. All she could see was the magnificent cock that rose in
front of her. She stared intently as thick blue veins pushed to the
surface. Her mouth went dry as she saw the tip change color to a
deep reddish purple.
 Claudia had seen big cocks before, plenty of them. Of course
they had been on TV on the late nite cable movies while her mom was
sleeping. But she had always dreamed that she would one day hold a
real one in her hands. And now here she was, actually doing it.
Doing it? Were those really her fingers tracing up and down the
magnificent length. It all seemed like a dream. She shot a look back
at the man's face. He wasn't waking, just moaning softly.
 The pounding of Claudia's heart got louder, drowning out the
rest of the world. As her lips approached the throbbing tip, the
pounding increased. She didn't know what she was doing, but she
couldn't stop herself, nor did she want to. Fuck camp, and fuck the
Girl Trailguides, and fuck those fucking cookies, all there was in
the world was this huge, hard cock, fucking this huge, hard cock.
 Claudia tried to imitate the women she had watched so many
times in the movies, starting slow, licking from the base to the top
all the while her hands slowly pumping the massive organ. When she
got to the top she slid her lips around the head and sucked it into
her mouth as far as she could. Just the head alone filled her mouth
completely, but she continued pumping, and sucking, and licking, and
 Suddenly her efforts were rewarded with a spurt of pre-cum.
Claudia had never tasted anything like it. It wasn't really bad, she
decided, and so she kept going, knowing that their was a lot more to
come. And indeed there was. With little notice, Joe quickly spasmed
and shot a load of his magic cum into her waiting mouth. Claudia was
caught off guard and a good portion of the first volley escaped her
mouth, which only served to help lubricate Joe's mighty shaft.
Claudia increased her efforts and her tempo, readying herself. She
was again soon rewarded and this time Joe held nothing back. Stream
after stream of warm cum filled Claudia's mouth and she gulped it
all down like a seasoned expert.
 After the flood that seemed to Claudia to last forever, she
gently went about licking up any remnants of the man's seed. It was
only then that Joe began stirring back to consciousness. Her
mindless lust finally sated, Claudia once more became aware of her
surroundings. She froze, horrified by what she had done, by her
wanton, lustful behavior. She jumped to her feet and bolted straight
for the door before this poor man could wake up and see what she had
done. She grabbed her bag of cookies in her flight, and headed for
her bike.
 Claudia took off riding as fast as she could. She was nearly
overcome by all the conflicting emotions that ran through her:
revulsion, fear, horror, and still a trace of lust as she remembered
the hardness of the man's organ in her hand, the softness of it on
her lips, the sweet taste of his cum in her mouth. She shook her
head as she rode, faster and faster, trying to shake those memories
out of her brain. But there was something else going on inside her,
a small discomfort starting in her tummy.
 The further she rode the greater the pain grew. It was like a
big bubble forming inside her, but she was afraid that she might
throw up if she let it out. Frightened by what was happening inside
her, she rode as fast as she could. Soon she was pulling her old
bike into her driveway. She threw it against the house and rushed
 "Hey Dorko-Porko," a big teenage boy sitting on the
dilapidated sofa called out as Claudia nearly ran through the tiny,
equally run-down, house, "better not have hit my Firebird with your
stupid crap-pile of a bike!" There was another boy with him who
smiled lamely at his buddy's put-down. They were watching "Ricky
Lake" and drinking beer.
 Oh no, thought Claudia, I forgot about my stupid cousin, Rick,
and his jerk of a friend, Mike! Thoughts flashed quickly through her
mind of all of her run-ins with her older and meaner cousin. He and
his friends were always thinking up new ways to torment her. Rick
was only a couple of years older, but he was a lot bigger than she
was and never tired of embarrassing or belittling her. And now
they're drinking mom's beer, she thought, If I say anything to her,
they'll pound me for sure! But at that moment, all Claudia could
think about was getting to the bathroom. She rushed past the two
slackers without a word and headed down the hall.
 The fear of the boys just accentuated the tightness in her gut
as she burst into the small bathroom that she shared with her mother
and cousin. She slammed the door behind her and grabbed hold of her
stomach. It seemed like the gas bubble inside her was about to
explode when she let out a low belch. To Claudia's shock and horror,
a blue fog escaped from her mouth as the belch continued. Soon the
tiny room was being filled with the blue mist as one burp followed
another. At least my tummy is feeling better, she thought as she
continued to expel the mysterious gas.
 But just as Claudia began to feel relief in her abdomen, she
felt another tightness rising in her chest. It felt as if her shirt
were beginning to constrict. By this time the blue-ish fog was so
thick she couldn't see what was happening. All she knew was that it
was getting increasingly hard to breathe. Suddenly, more out of fear
than desperation, she took in a deep breath. She felt something give
way and heard a ping as some object struck the mirror and then
ricocheted into her forehead. Her hands instinctively went up to
protect herself. But they ran into something on their way up.
 Instantly, and to her great surprise, Claudia realized she was
pushing against her own boobs. She looked down through the gathering
mist and saw what seemed to be two large mounds of flesh bulging up
through the opening in her official Trailguides shirt as the
remaining buttons valiantly tried to contain the swelling. She
wasn't wearing a bra, she hardly ever did because she was so small
on top, so the shirt was all that was holding everything in. She
gasped in amazement at the sight of her ballooning breasts which
sent another official Trailguides button flying off her shirt.
 Claudia's trembling hands slowly rose, tracing the outrageous
bulges in her shirt. As her hand brushed against her still growing
boobs, a wave of pleasure like she had never felt rushed through
her. He knees nearly buckled as she gasped for air. Just then, she
became aware of still another tightness. It felt like her shirt
sleeves were constricting in on her arms. But as she looked through
the mist at her right arm, she saw that instead of the material
shrinking, her arm was growing! She tentatively flexed her arm and a
couple of stitches along the seam popped. She flexed harder and saw
her arm grow larger while popping a few more stitches. Finally she
flexed her arm as hard as she could and watched in amazement as the
rest of her sleeve up to her shoulder gave way to her newly
empowered muscle.
 Claudia reached out to feel her arm with her other hand and
smacked herself in the side of her still expanding tit. So she
carefully lifted her arms to clear her bosom and started examining
her muscle. She found that the harder she flexed, the larger it
would get and the larger it got, the harder the muscle felt.
 Claudia ran her hand up her arm and across her shoulder, then
lightly traced the line of her cleavage. The other hand joined the
first in her exploration of her burgeoning breasts, and the two
ripped open the official Trailguide shirt then carefully removed her
sash full of meritorious badges. Her bountiful mams burst forth. My
god, she thought, I'm even bigger than those porn stars on TV!
 She looked at herself through the dissipating mist. The sight
that met her eyes amazed and excited her. Her left hand began
playing with her exposed nipple, while her right hand subconsciously
found its way into her shorts. She began rubbing herself with both
hands, slowly at first and then with increasing speed and intensity.
She was nearly on the verge of cumming when she let out a soft
scream that she immediately stifled.
 Meanwhile, Ricky Lake was wrapping up another totally
forgettable show and the boys were starting to get up from the couch
to get  more beer. Rick heard the soft scream come from the bathroom
and noticed some of the blue vapors seeping out under the door.
 "Hey, you stupid bitch," Rick yelled in from outside the door,
"what's going on in there? You start a fire or sumthin'?"
 Claudia was so furious at her older cousin that she forgot all
about the orgasm that she was just about to have. She looked down at
the tiny counter, mostly filled with Rick's crap, and tried to
control her mounting anger. He's always in here, primping and
fussing, she fumed, god how I hate him! She grabbed his hair dryer
and squeezed with all of her might. The plastic and metal of the
appliance easily gave way to her new found strength as the dryer
crumbled in her powerful hand. She smiled as she mashed it, wishing
instead that it was his damn car she was crushing instead of just
this hair dryer. Unfortunately, the hair dryer was still plugged in.
 As the metal and plastic crumpled in her grip, the wires came
in contact with her. Suddenly sparks were flying up her arm as she
held on to the live ends of the wires. Claudia's entire body went
stiff from the sudden shock as pure electricity poured through her.
Suddenly, her muscles started responding. Just like before, the
harder she flexed, the bigger and stronger her muscles grew. And
every muscle was flexing to its utmost!
 Rick noticed the lights in the house flickering and heard the
crackling in the bathroom. He pounded on the door with his fist,
"What the fuck's going on in there! Open up, you little shithead, or
I'm coming in!"
 With a herculean effort, Claudia managed to rip the plug out
of the socket. She stood there panting unevenly, exhausted from her
ordeal, oblivious to the yells of her cousin. She coughed a little
cough , and a tiny puff of blue smoke come out of her mouth. Then
she looked up at the mirror again.
 She couldn't believe her eyes. The woman staring back at her
was simply monstrous. Her face looked familiar, but that was where
the similarities ended. Incredibly thick muscles covered her entire
body, everyone pumped beyond belief from the electrical stimulation.
The only fat on her body had been sucked into her giant breasts
which protruded dramatically from her massive pecs. Her lats were so
pumped and so wide that her arms were pushed up and away from her
sides. Her arms were easily the same size as her steel-plated waist.
As she looked around her heaving breasts, she saw that her tough
official Trailguide shorts were ripped open up the sides nearly to
the waist. Her legs looked like living rock columns of pure power.
 Rick banged on the door again, "Are you okay, Claud?" he
yelled, his voice betraying a slight bit of concern.
 Okay? Claudia thought to herself. Oh yeah, I'm better than
okay, she thought as she reached with one powerful hand and
effortlessly tore her denim shorts off like she was tearing off wet
tissue paper, I'm fuckin' super!
 "Yeah, I'm okay," she finally answered. Her voice was
considerably lower than before, and though it took her by surprise,
she really liked the sound of it. "As a matter of fact," she quickly
opened the door, nearly causing her cousin to fall forward, "I'm
feelin' great!" She reached out with blinding speed and grabbed Rick
by the shirt, then hauled him into the bathroom before he could
react. She held him off the floor and pinned him to the wall with
just her tits.
 Rick couldn't believe what he was seeing and feeling. Was this
monstrous woman his nerdy cousin? He tried to push away from the
wall, but he felt like he was pushing against a solid, immovable
rock. Claudia just smiled back at him, obviously enjoying watching
him struggle against her massive body. Out of desperation, he began
to rain down blows on her shoulders and chest. But they were totally
 "Is that the best you can do, Ricky?" Claudia taunted.
 Rick redoubled his efforts. He brought his knee up into her
midsection, and punched even harder than before. But he wasn't even
making a red mark on her skin where he hit her. He tried a punch to
the face that almost broke his hand and didn't budge his captor an
 Through it all, Claudia stood with her hands on her hips, and
a look of bemusement on her face. "Well if that's all you've got,
now it's my turn." Claudia didn't move, but merely flexed her mighty
pecs. Her boobs pushed into Rick's stomach making it hard for him to
breathe. "What's the matter, Rick? Do I take your breath away? I'm
only using my titties, Ricky, think what would happen if I used some
of these muscles?" She raised her arms in a double biceps pose.
 Rick's mouth dropped open at the sight of Claudia's massive,
bulging biceps that seemed to be swelling even as she held the flex.
He ran his hands over the mountainous peaks, amazed at their size
and hardness. In fact, his hands barely covered the powerful
cannonball sized biceps.
 Just then, Mike came bursting into the tiny bathroom, wielding
his friend's baseball bat. "Back off, bitch!" he screamed as he
swung the bat as hard as he could into the small of her back.
 "Hey!! Stop it!!" yelled Claudia as she spun around and ripped
the bat out of Mike's hands before he could strike again, "That
actually stung a little bit!" She faced toward Mike, which allowed
Rick to slip down the wall. She thought about bending the metal bat
into a pretzel shape, but then decided to give the boys an even more
impressive show of strength. Placing a hand on each end of the bat,
she began to squeeze. At first the aluminum bat resisted, but
Claudia's already huge muscles seemed to grow to the challenge. Her
pecs began shaking as she applied tremendous amounts of pressure.
 The terrified boys watched intently as the bat at first held
firm. But then they saw a small wrinkle appear, and then another. A
broad smile replaced the grimace on Claudia's face as she knew she
had won the battle. With one great push she drove her hands
together, flattening the metal bat between them until it was the
size of a soft drink can.
 That was all the convincing the boys needed. Mike grabbed Rick
and dragged him to the front door, "Let's get outa here dude, while
we still can!" They sprinted to the car and jumped inside.
 But a furious Cluadia was right behind them. She was just
getting all worked up when Mike attacked her. It seemed every time
she used her muscles, she started getting turned on. And crushing
the bat just about sent her over the edge. She wanted the boys, not
just to get even with them, but to strip them and fuck them and
maybe another hundred or more like them. So it was pure lust that
drove her to charge out of the house totally naked and jump in front
of the Firebird as it roared to life.
 "You can't get away from me," she growled as she stretched her
powerful arms across the hood of the car, and dug her feet in to
resist the powerful engine. Rick stomped on the gas but the car was
going nowhere. The back wheels screeched and spun, trying to catch
enough friction to dislodge the super girl. Cluadia gritted her
teeth again and tightened her grip on the car. The boys' terror
mounted as they realized that her chest was expanding yet again,
rising to the challenge. Slowly she began to lift the entire car,
boys and all, off the ground holding just the front end. The engine
started screaming as the back wheels left the ground and began
racing at full speed. The boys could see that the force of her
embrace had mangled the front end of the car. Her boobs had pushed
in twin indentations, crushing the hood into the engine compartment.
Her arms had nearly destroyed the rest of it. She was holding the
car straight up and down and the boys were doing all they could to
stay inside it, for what little protection it would afford them
against the might of this teenage titan.
 "I'm not through with yet," Cluadia purred as she smiled at
the two captive boys. She began to shake the car back and forth
trying to throw them from it.
 Rick and Mike held on for dear life screaming for help at he
top of their lungs. "Help!! NO!! - NO!! JOE!! JOE!!
 "Joe? Hello? Are you in there?"
 Joe opened his eyes with a start. He looked into the beautiful
face of Mary as she smiled back at him. He looked around quickly and
realized that he was in her bedroom again. He looked back at her and
tried to speak, but his mouth seemed strangely dry.
 "You look confused, sweety," Mary said softly as she stroked
his hair, "are you okay?"
 "Mmmm, yeah," Joe croaked as he finally found his voice, "must
have dozed off there. Was I lying on the floor?"
 "No, not when I got home, you were stretched out in here, dead
to the world."
 "Wow, I just had the strangest dream!"
 "I did see your wallet on the table in the kitchen," Mary said
as she ran her finger down his chest, "did someone find it and drop
it off?"
 "Oh wow, did that really happen?" He blinked his eyes trying
to clear his thoughts. "The two girls from last night found it, or
stole it. When I checked my answering machine they had left a
message. So I called them up and they brought it over." He closed
his eyes concentrating, "But that's when things get kind of fuzzy
and weird. I think they brought some brownies that had pot in them.
I remember eating some, but I don't remember anything that happened
after that until just now when you woke me up."
 "Well, you must have been having some dream," she smiled her
most angelic smile as her hand played down across his abs and ran
smack into his rock hard cock, "seems even your shorts couldn't
contain you!"
 Joe's face turned several colors of red as he tried to think
up some reason why he was bursting out of his shorts. Finally, like
all real men, he gave up and decided to quickly change the subject.
"How did your day go?"
 Mary smirked at his tactics, but she let him off the hook
anyway. "Everything is almost back to normal - if anything can be
normal again. Which reminds me, Rita invited everyone to a barbecue
at Fiesta Island," Mary stood up and stripped off her shirt and bra,
letting her huge boobs bounce free. "But we don't need to leave for
a couple of hours, yet," she added with a wink and one of her most
dazzling smiles.
 Joe's poor addled brain blanked out again as he surveyed the
wonder of Mary's bounty displayed before his eyes and offered to his
hands. Mary easily disposed of Joe's torn shorts with a gentle tug
at the waist as the material surrendered to her mighty hands. Her
own shorts soon joined her top on the floor as the two young lovers
fell into each other's powerful embrace. They spent the next hour or
so making love as only two superhuman beings can. After a quick
shower, they headed to the beach.


 When Mary and Joe arrived the party was in full swing. Tiffany
and Stewart were setting up a volleyball net. Rita and Carol,
Stewart's step-mom, were busy grilling the meat. Debbie and Maeghan
were stretched out in a couple of beach chairs soaking up the rays
from another perfect San Diego summer day and gabbing about boys.
Andrea, Ginny, and Terri had brought three of the boys from the
football team and were splashing around with them in the warm ocean
 Even Penny was there with her husband, Honest John the #Used
Car King.' Mary had called her before she left home and she was more
than glad to meet the other women. As for John, he spent a lot of
time catching flies with mouth hanging open as he couldn't stop
staring at these incredible babes with their enormous muscles.
 There was only one word that could adequately describe the
scene that day: mythic. It looked to the other people gathered at
the beach that day like a whole group of gods and goddesses had
descended to enjoy an afternoon on the beach.


 Bill and the San Diego State Aztecs went on to do very nicely
that year. He led the nation in just about every defensive category,
and helped his team win their division and the Holiday Bowl. Jacquie
and the rest of the team set the entire country on fire with their
outrageous cheers during the bowl game. Offers came pouring in from
all over for photo spreads and videos. Bill was taken in the first
round of the NFL draft, and signed a hefty contract with the
Chargers. Bill and Jacquie were married that next summer and she
completed her law degree. Jacquie now works as a sports lawyer for
an up-and-coming firm in La Jolla.

 Stewart had a great time at Stanford as one of the most sought
after men on campus. It's rumored he even dated a certain famous
'first daughter.' But his heart always belonged to Tiffany. She
graduated with honors and went to MIT. Stewart is still pursuing his
true love and has decided to name his new video game company after

 Andrea, Ginny, and Terri all had a great time in high school.
They all excelled in various sports and were always dating one jock
or another. Carol, who was left with a good amount of her strength,
found her confidence again and started dating again. She met a
sports supplement mogul who encouraged her to enter a fitness show.
Even though she was ten years older than the oldest competitor, she
blew them all away. The guy became her sponsor, then her agent, then
her husband, all in the space of six months.

 When Mona got back to Needles, she opened a gym and used
herself as her best advertisement. Memberships sold like hot cakes -
especially for older women. She is the most sought after trainer in
the desert and the gym is always packed and rocking. She has a whole
stable of young studs that she dates and manages to keep them all

 Keri and Doni did finally pay back Joe all the bills they ran
up on his credit cards. In fact, they paid him back ten times over
and sent him a new Nissan Z as well. You see, they invested in some
very sexy outfits and had a great photo session that was turned into
a run-away best selling calendar. Posters, ads, talk shows, movies
followed. Their fan club is so huge and maniacal, anything that
comes out with image on is immediately sold out. They're slated to
go into a recording studio next to cut their first album. It's
already pre-sold 50,000 units.

 Debbie had four great years as the leader of the most awesome
high school girls basketball team in California history. With her
size and strength in the low post, they dominated every team they
played. Of course certain 'sports supplements' provided by the coach
were very effective in 'empowering' the entire team. But that
another story best told at another time. Needless to say, a dynasty
was created at little Mission Serra High that will probably last as
long as there are magic pills to dispense. By the way, Debbie got a
full ride scholarship to USC, and is looking to be drafted by the

 Speaking of scholarships, Maeghan sailed through her senior
year of gymnastics with unbelievable scores. She was the number one
choice of all the great gymnastics programs. She chose to got to
Utah instead of UCLA or Oregon State. (and that will be another
story told - soon hopefully, if we can get our creative staff here
at the Power Company to get off their butts and start typing!)

 Rita never did compete in the Ms. Olympia, but she did pop up
in the audience at one of them, just to stir things up a bit. She
did, too! All the bodybuilding rags went on for months speculating
who the monstrous mystery woman was. They all but ignored the poor
winner. She took over the job of strength coach for the high school
football team and the girls basketball team, which eventually had
their own weight room built so that they could workout in peace
without all the guys gawking at them. And yes, she did learn to play
the cello, and remarkably well, thank you.

 Joe and Mary continued seeing each other. After graduation,
Joe was hired to teach at Mission Serra High in the English
Department. Mary loved her job and her library. It turned out that
the library was soon one of the coolest places to hang out at
school. In fact, any time of the day there would be at least a dozen
boys in there studying. The girls complained that mostly the boys
were there to study the beautiful librarian, or to watch her arms as
she reshelved books, or to get a glimpse of a massive calf as she
stretched to reach a high shelf, or if they were really lucky, to
have her brush her enormous breasts against them as she showed them
how to use the computer. But Mary always made sure that they kept on
task and kept order in her tidy library. She is Mary Ende,

The End.

(Comments? Concerns? Opinions? You can contact Rick and Mick Powers,
as well as the rest of the Power Company at

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