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Author Topic: New Sleeve  (Read 2097 times)

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New Sleeve
« on: January 18, 2022, 10:23:40 pm »
"We're here with Dr. Julian Coxwell. Dr. Coxwell, recent allegations leveled at you and your company, Coxwell Biotechnology, include illegal genetic manipulation, underage sex, and rape. What do you have to say to these allegations?" The reporter's massive cleavage, perfect blonde hair, ice blue eyes, flawless skin, and visible musculature as was the fashion all suggested she was a resleeve herself.

"Why, Christine, I'm surprised you have to ask. They're all nonsense. As we all know, production and distribution of immature sleeves is a crime. That's not what we do here at Coxwell. We produce and exclusively distribute only the finest of mature sleeves to discerning clientele," Julian said with a smile. He was a massive man, all of six foot eight and three hundred pounds of Nazi recruiting photo. He was in his mid-to-late thirties from appearances, pale green eyes and silver-blonde hair and neat beard atop the body of an early aughts super heavyweight. Rippling pecs visibly strained against his shirt and jacket as he addressed the reporter. "We've been fortunate to sustain one of the most successful breeding programs in human history, isolating and replicating -- without editing -- highly desirable traits such as virginal breast hypertrophy, ACTN3, myostatin inhibition, early onset puberty, to name a few. We market these mutations in our premium breeding lines."

"So you're saying that all of the exceptional sleeves Coxwell BioTech produces are the result of a breeding program?" The reporter asked. Julian recognized the sleeve now. A custom job his grand-daughter had produced to order with the Valkyrie line. He bet those titties excreted mead.

"Certainly, Christine, I am. You saw the sleeves all of our domestic staff inhabit on the way in. The Rosa would cost millions on the open market, and we offer it as an employment perk. Those J-Lo asses don't come cheap," Julian said, one eye pointedly looking at the reporter's own multimillion dollar ass. "These complaints all relate to the recent unveiling of the Naomi, one of our most extreme model. My grand-daughter spent years birthing it. Would you like to see it?"

"You'd let us?" The reporter seemed surprised.

"She's just outside in the hall. My grand-daughter, I mean, in a Naomi. Aiko, come in dear." Julian responded.

The door opened as one of the Rosas, her massive tits threatening to spill out of the dress that failed to contain them, showed in the Naomi that Aiko was in. The Rosa's bulky, muscular frame was immediately mogged by the ultra-massive woman who waddled in. All of 5'2" she was easily over six feet wide from shoulder to shoulder, with jet black hair and wide, bright blue eyes partially hidden under epicanthic folds. That hair was tied back into a ponytail that climbed up her gargantuan traps before cascading down a back that defied words to settle on a table masquerading as an ass.

"Hiya!" a bubbly, almost childish voice emerged from the hyper-massive woman's mouth, which was almost completely hidden by the sixteen inches of pectoral threatening to suffocate her while supporting a pair of breasts that would have broken her back absent her almost superhuman musculature. She waved and gave an old-fashioned peace sign salute before settling into the other huge chair.

"Dr. Aiko Coxwell?" Christine asked, dumbfounded by what she was looking at.

"Yes. In a Naomi 2. The Naomi 1s had some, um, hypertrophy issues." Aiko giggled, making her super massive frame bounce and cause the chair she was in to creak ominously.

"Wow. Tell me, uh, about Naomi, then?" Christine prompted.

"Created for one of our more demanding clients, the Naomi 2 is actually a rejected product we're repurposing for commercial use now that muscle is back in style for women. Naomi's incredibly efficient to create, as early onset puberty isolation allows induction as early as three years old, and the virginal hypertrophy, ACTN3 genetics, and myostatin inhibition combine to make these bodies incredibly well-suited to accumulating mass at a rapid pace. Most Naomis are saleable at four or five years," Aiko said. "An ultra high performance sleeve for the demanding woman."

"I see," the reporter said, licking her lips. "So, the Naomi is the source of those, um, baseless allegations?"

"Precisely," Julian replied.

"But the rape and pedophilia accusations?" Christine pressed, trying to maintain control of the interview.

"Baseless. Why, I fucked Aiko herself in that video that was stolen," Julian replied.

"Yup! Savaged this Naomi's tight little pussy," Aiko said with a giggle.

"I'm willing to do it again for your audience so they can see exactly how willing Aiko is, and given my grand-daughter is almost two hundred years old and the sleeve is fully matured, I believe pedophilia is a similarly baseless accusation," Julian said, standing and beginning to remove his clothing to fully reveal the Adonis-like body. He motioned for Aiko to do the same, and she simply shredded the clothing she was in.

The Naomi's 39 inch arms curled up in a double biceps as Christine's hands went for her panties. The monstrous hunk of she-beef approached the reporter, grabbed the arms of her chair, and bent over, presenting her rippling, shredded and vascular ass to her great-grandfather. The huge throbbing veins feeding her engorged muscles wrapped tightly up against her pulsing pussy, already drooling with her arousal.

Julian unsheathed his 10 inch cum cannon from its C-string constraint, giving it a handful of strokes to ensure maximum extension before thrusting it into the Naomi. "The Naomi is also hypersensitive in the majority of female erogenous zones, and hyperfertile...a leftover from the client's request list."

The Naomi's face had smashed into Christine's tremendous tits as soon as Julian's cock impacted. Not because he'd forced it -- the Naomi was ludicrously strong and could easily have resisted -- but because Aiko wanted to motorboat the reporter and maybe get in her panties. She grunted as Julian began to work his rod in the Naomi's snatch. Every move set this sleeve on fire, as it was explicitly designed for sex and childbirth. Aiko joked it "felt amazing going both ways."

Julian reached down to grasp the trim, muscularly armored waist of the Naomi as he began to up his pace, knowing Aiko was letting the Naomi slam into Christine to get the reporter titillated. He pummeled the almost unnaturally tight cunt relentlessly and reveled in the feeling of his scrotum unfurling and filling up to deliver a massive load into the Naomi's hot, wet, grasping pussy.

As he blasted the Naomi, Aiko stood up with Christine's weight easily held by a single hand clenching a well-designed ass cheek. Aiko's own work, in fact. She ripped off the reporter's panties and began eating her out like a woman who hadn't eaten in months. Julian's balls audibly churned as they prepared another load and blasted it into the Naomi again. The Naomi would catch. They were designed to. The Julian, on the other hand, was designed to shoot guaranteed shots.

"Any more questions, Christine?"

"Just one. When can I get a Naomi?"

Julian chuckled.

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Re: New Sleeve
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2022, 02:46:35 am »
Interesting. Good flow and build up to something teasing. Good luck on more.

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