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Author Topic: A Crushing Defeat! [A.U.]  (Read 4151 times)

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A Crushing Defeat! [A.U.]
« on: April 13, 2011, 06:44:09 am »
     A Crushing Defeat!


Angela sat in her car outside the hardware store waiting for it to close. She saw Masterson inside, tidying up, sexually harassing female workers as he did. She watched them leave, in near tears. Angela was pissed.
   "This fucker really IS scum," she growled to herself, fixing her short skirt and tying up her open-toed sandals that revealed her red-painted nails.
        "Lots of stuff in a hardware store. This should be fun."
   All had left, but Masterson who was locking the front door when Angela walked up, short skirt revealing long, strong legs, her pretty blonde hair cascading down her slender back. He was about to bark "We're closed, fuck off," but then squinted into the dark to see Angela's glowing presence. He quickly keyed the lock and opened the door. She sashayed in and he locked it behind her, looking around to make sure no one had seen her enter.
   "What, uh, can I do for you, pretty lady?" he leered.
   Angela sized him up: 50 years old, fat, bald with a stripe of black hair trying to cover up his shiny head, a lust in his eyes that no amount of testicle-shrinking medication could quell. She could also see in his eyes the dementia that made him rape women, young women, and it turned her guts to realize that through loopholes in the law, he'd gotten away with it. She was glad for this assignment.
   "Yes, I'd like to see your vises," she said. "I need to squeeze
   Masterson fairly drooled eyeballing the long blonde up and down. He
motioned for her to follow.
   "What do you need to squeeze, if I may ask?" he said, letting her walk ahead of him now so he could watch her lean legs flow.
   "You'll see," she growled back over her shoulder.
   All she wanted was a chance to get at his genitals. And she didn't think it would take much effort.
   They stood at a rack of vises, all attached to a long bench.
   "I'll be honest," she said, slipping her rear up on the bench, crossing her legs and flashing her feet his way. "I like to lock my boyfriend's balls in a vise and torture him a little bit, you know, nothing serious, just squeeze them while I suck his cock."
   Masterson broke a sweat and his already pasty skin went white.
   "You're kidding," he said. "how the fuck...?"
   "Take your nuts out and I'll show you," Angela hissed, licking her lips. "I promise, I won't hurt you."
   Masterson nervously dropped his drawers, his short, fat cock leaping to attention. Angela smiled and jumped off the counter, walking up to him to grab his little dick. She led him to a small vise that was crotch level, and fitted his balls inside the cold metal grip. Slowly she twisted the handle until they just touched his nuts. Masterson's eyes shot open and he looked frightened and excited all at once. She smiled and lifted his cock out of the way.
   "Mmmmm, you're so wet already," she growled, looking down at his cock as she slowly stroked it, turning the vise handle one more time to snugly hold his nuts and ensure he could not move. She wasn't hurting him. Yet. "Think it'll take much to get you to come in my mouth?"
   He couldn't speak. She laughed and bent over, engulfing his stiff prick in one gulp in her hot mouth. He moaned with pleasure and then stopped as he felt her twist the handle again and the steel plates of the vise crush his nuts a little harder.
   "Uh, that's starting to hurt," he groaned, looking down at the blonde head bobbing up and down on his cock.
   She stopped when she felt his hand try to twist the handle the other way. Stepping behind him, she quickly secured his hands behind his back with a quick-snap plastic strapping. Now he panicked.
   "You cunt, you let me go now, you fucking whore!" he yelled, watching helplessly as Angela slowly twisted the handle on the vise another turn, flattening his nuts that much more.
   "Like you stopped raping those young girls two summers ago, you fat fuck?" she barked. "And don't tell me you were found innocent, the whole fucking town knows you did it! I'm amazed no one's taken you out yet...that's why I'm here!"
   "NOOOOOOOO!!!" he screamed as Angela grit her teeth, stared him square in the eye and twisted the handle five times, each one crushing his balls to an agonizing degree. She bent over and started sucking his now soft cock until it got hard despite the agony his nuts were enduring.
   "Come in my mouth and I'll pop these cherries like fucking water
balloons," she growled, looking up at him, spinning her blonde hair away from her face as she jacked his meat. "Don't come."
   She laughed as she re-mouthed his cock and gave him the best blowjob he'd ever had, taking his short meat deep and milking it with her cheek walls, tongue and muscles in her throat. Slowly, she twisted the handle and felt his nuts approach the bursting point even as they swelled with jism. Her head was a blur on his cock now and she smiled as she felt the familiar salty wash explode down her throat. She swallowed it all as Masterson twitched in orgasm and pain.
   "Please....couldn't help, please..." he growled, trying
desperately to free his balls from the vise.
   He opened his eyes and she wasn't there. He tried using his fat leg to turn the vise handle and was almost successful when he heard a sound that made his blood run cold. He looked up and saw Angela walking down the aise, smiling, holding a whirring battery-operated drill.
   "I warned you," she hissed, holding it up to her face, extending her tongue as if to lick the spinning drill bit.
   Masterson screamed long and hard when he felt the thin tip of the bit enter his cockhead. Angela held his prick in one hand and slowly drilled his piss slit with the other, laughing with perverse delight as blood spurted from the hole and the twisting bit corkscrewed its way deep into his flaccid cock. The motion of the metal inside his meaty shaft pulled the skin and stretched it into a mock erection. He wasn't hard for emotional reasons, just twisted physiological ones as the metal shaft inside his dick forced his cock into something that looked like a hardon. Angela smiled as she felt and watched Masterson twitch and spasm at the end of her torture tool. She grabbed another length of plastic strapping and secured it around his cock, holding the drill inside. She pulled the bit off, leaving it up his dick, and then slipped in another, thicker bit, spinning it before Masterson's teary eyes. He wanted desperately to pass out from the pain but if he did, his nuts would tear off in the vise.
   "Awww, your balls are all swollen," she growled, pointing the spinning bit at his purple balls. "Here, let me relieve some of that pressure!"
   She turned  the vise one more time and his balls were shiny as everything inside was being squeezed to the bursting point. She punched the drill button hard and the spinning bit flashed in the light. Masterson's scream couldn't be heard above the whine of the drill as she buried it in one stroke in the shiny bulb of his left nut trapped in the vise. There was an exploding sound as the meat ripped and a spray of blood and ball juice erupted from the 3/8-inch hole. The plunging metal tore away hunks of meat as it plunged through the other ball and nailed the board on the far side. Masterson twitched horribly, his eyes rolling in his head, a plume of blood blasting from his mouth. He finally did pass out and fell backward, but was held up by the thick screw-spike through his nuts that was secured in the wood on the other side. Angela smiled. She popped the drill bit free from the drill to leave it impaled in his nuts and the bench, slipping the drill itself into her purse.
   "I love tools," she giggled as she made her way out of the store.                         
        "It brings out the animal in me."

The End

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