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Author Topic: Author: [sensitivecarpenter] My Neighbor Lady | #WIP  (Read 22317 times)


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Author: [sensitivecarpenter] My Neighbor Lady | #WIP
« on: December 17, 2010, 11:46:37 pm »
My Neighbor Lady
by sensitivecarpenter

Part 1

I really don't know why I am writing this... I just have some odd need to write this on the paper and share it with the world... Will I feel better after that??? That’s a very good question.

But let’s start. My name is Peter and I live in nice suburb of one big city. I live in cozy flat inside one small house-like building with my lovely wife… At the first glance, I am totally normal and happy guy. I could describe myself as being very successful, witty, intelligent and also many people noticed that I have a great sense for humor. Psychically I am not the biggest guy, standing at 5’10’’ and having a slim 155 pounds body (I run regularly) but girls always seemed to think I’m “cute”.

And my wife is a real flower. She is very pretty with a great body as she goes to pilates workouts regularly. She is also very intelligent and caring and is smaller than me (she is 5’8’’ and 140). We are both in our forties (me 45, wife 44), successful, happy and you could say that we are close to the ideal couple…

Last year our only son went to college and in the same time I stopped with my business travels which were regular at my previous work position. And my wife traveled just as often to other cities because of her work as before… So, everything was perfect but sometimes I felt a little bored with the routine in which my life seemed to fell.

One day our first neighbors moved away and soon we got a new neighbor in the building. She was newly divorced women in her early forties and first you could notice that this woman was BIG. She was 6’1’’ and as I later found out she weighed around 215-220 lbs. With her clothes on she looked like simple big woman so at first I assumed she carried a lot of fat on her, but boy as I was wrong about that…

Her name was Maria and soon she became good friend with my wife… As she was lonesome she started coming to our house to chat and drink coffee with my wife. She had a very hard time behind her as she had very bad marriage with her ex (and I saw her ex few times when he came to bring some things - he was very big guy, bigger even that her wife). It seemed she lost faith in man in general and that her ex broke a lot of her self esteem….

I also found out some other things about Maria… She was national level shot-putter and she still loved to work out. She even asked us if we would mind if she does some workouts in common garden (of course we didn’t).

I looked at her from behind and now in tighter clothes I could clearly see that she isn’t just some fat lady. Instead she has the constitution of female athlete, rather big one. Immense shoulders, back that has a V-shape, smaller waist, very big butt and huge thighs. You could see clearly that this big woman is very, very strong.

Even from my high school I often fantasized about being with a bigger, stronger woman… With my lovely wife and my perfect marriage I seemed to let those fantasies aside for a long time but now I have to admit this woman bugged me a little…

Soon we organized a barbecue in the garden with our friends and my wife invited Maria to join us… It was a very nice, sunny day and Maria revealed a little more of her amazing body than she usually did. At the barbecue was great atmosphere and somehow I found myself alone chatting with Maria… We were making jokes and laughing so hard. She was just so easy to talk to and was so intelligent that she could laugh so loud to my profound jokes ;). I complimented her charm and looks and she seemed very flattered about it. At the ending of the barbecue she told me - “Peter, you are such a great guy, your wife is one very lucky person”, and she smiled at me… I was also flattered with her compliments.

During next day it seemed that I couldn’t throw Maria out of my head. I caught myself several time glancing at her as she was doing her exercises in the garden. And after few days my wife flew to her business trip. I was laying on the couch after the work when I heard the bell ring…

“I baked some cookies so if you want we can eat them together with a cup of coffee” – Maria was smiling at my threshold. As I didn’t have any better idea to spend the afternoon I let her in and soon I was making two cups of coffee. We were again laughing very hard and having a great conversation. She told me a lot about her life and her sporting achievements. Also, she mentioned that she still can bench press more than 220 lbs. “Vauu” – I honestly complimented telling her that I think that’s awesome for the any woman, especially in her age. You could see she was very proud about my comment.

She left, and later (it was already evening now) I found myself once again on the couch, dully watching the TV and once again I heard the bell rings. And of course it was Maria again – “Peter, I feel a little bored. Do you maybe want that we watch film together?”. “Why not” – I responded quickly so she came back to her apartment to bring movie… Together with the movie she brought a lot of snacks and couple of bottles of fancy wine. “Film is more fun with the right props” – she said and winked at me…

So we were sitting on the couch, drinking wine and watching the film, some romantic comedy. We both made loud comments during the movie and seemed to laugh more to each others comments than to the movie. We really had so much fun together and seemed to have similar sense for humor…

And vauuu she really drank wine like hell, much faster than me… But the wine seemed to make us even more relaxed so as the film finished we started to talk more about some intimate things. She was telling me a lot about her last marriage and some of her frustrations with the different guys in the past… She also had some frustrations in the past about her looks and size… I tried to comfort her telling her that she is so fun and beautiful and that I think she has a great body. I know that maybe I was naive but really I thought that she is only a lonesome woman who needs a shoulder to cry on… I never really thought about cheating my wife with this woman…

She felt so much better after my compliments and she asked me about some of my experiences… She soon asked me pretty straight forward - “Did you ever fantasized about being with a bigger, stronger woman?”. I stopped for a second and then foolishly and honestly answered - “Yes, I did”.

She was looking at me directly without the word, with a flame in her eyes… Just like wolf looks at the little sheep. She than slowly pulled me to her and hugged me so that my head was resting on her shoulder. In that moment, my alarm turned on.

“I think it’s time to go, I am tired and will go to sleep” – She pulled her head back and grinned a little at me. Then she took the remote and turned on the TV and set the volume to the max. Again she looked at me, and hugged me with her strong hands…

“Maria, please, I don’t want…” – “Shhhhhhh” – She interrupted me and than she started really to “hug” me with her hands… I will never forget the very first moment when I discovered how really this woman is powerful. She squeezed me with just her hands and I was loosing breath and feeling that my ribs are going to explode. In no time I began letting out some strange sounds and crying out for mercy… She let me down and I just fell limply on the couch.

She gently sat on me and was just looking… Than she clamped my head with just one hand and started to kiss me with her tongue, slowly but firmly. My palm explored her right bicep which had my head in a vice… Oh my god, her bicep was soooo big and rock hard. I really didn’t expect that as her body wasn’t cut like a bodybuilder’s but I couldn’t even make some dent into her big and just solid bicep.

She started working with her tongue more and more… I felt like being ravished by this modern amazon so my male ego started to revolt. I began struggling more and more… Of course it was no use but she stopped for a moment, threw her head back and glanced at me. Then she took my arms with her arms and spread it above my head and started ramming her 220 pound body into mine. I felt like being squashed under this buxom lady and soon I started begging for mercy again…

She stopped and got off me… She was standing and looking at me intensely. Then she slowly began to strip. First her sweatshirt and bra… Oh my god, now this woman looked two times bigger than before to me… She was so just so solid and strong looking, without any loosened fat on her body as I supposed she looks. She had normal sized boobs (3 + - I suppose but on her big body they looked smaller) but they stood so proud. Even her stomach seemed to be hard. She turned away from me and showed me her naked immense back and shoulders. She looked so solid and than she did a double biceps pose like a bodybuilder. You could see muscle definition on her back and arms come to life and than I could really see why she is so rock hard… Than she proceeded to pull her trousers down and than came the largest and most solid thighs that I have seen in my life… I was just starring at them, and I felt that my manhood was rock hard from her show.

“You see my little man, I could end your life with this legs, or my hands if I would want that… No use struggling…” – Maria said. I was standing there in awe watching this strong amazon and not knowing what to do… She than took me by the legs, lifted me effortlessly from the couch and made a circle with me in the air before letting me drop on the floor. Than she started with removing my clothes and once again instinctively I began to struggle. This time she didn’t seem to care and just proceeded to strip me without commenting my feeble struggling. When I was completely naked she glanced at my manhood and let out pleased sigh - “Hihi... You really love me” – and then she winked at me. After that she turned and “hugged” my head with her hands as she put her legs around my body…

“I said to you that it is no use struggling!!!! Why are you not listening to me?” - that was rhetorical question as immediately she started squeezing my ribs with her leg and my head with her hands. And she was slowly increasing pressure while I was crying and begging for mercy…

“My little boy… Are you aware that I am not using even the half of my power??? Are you aware I could crack your ribs so you cannot struggle any more and finally be still???” I mustered all my strength just to look at her eyes and hardly whisper - “Maria…Please…Please... ”. She let me go to fall on the ground and regain a little bit of my breathing. Somehow, after all of this torture my manhood was still rock hard…

Of course, Maria noticed that and was very pleased about it… She started caressing my manhood with her hands and after with her mouth and she started telling how fantastic it is… She was horny as hell and than, while still caressing my cock, she put her legs (in reverse) on either side of my head so that her big buttocks and pussy were just in front of my head. “Lick” – ordered and as I hesitated a little she put her big, hard and heavy butt on my face so I had to lick for my life… Even if I had the trouble breathing I could hear her moans from the distance.

Suddenly she just turned towards me and quickly put my manhood into her pussy with a one swift move. She lowered herself, took my head into her hand and brought it to her tit. I had to suck on her tit, while she muscle-fucked me so, so hard… My cock constantly felt like it was in a vice, but liked it nevertheless. But my head was filed with humiliation and anger. This woman was just RAPING me and I couldn’t do a thing about it… One more glance at her hands and legs and I knew that there is no point of struggling. My eyes filled with tears… Maria didn’t seem to care and proceeded to fuck me for my life… She was fucking me so hard up and down that we every time she went down with her body my stomach hurt from the impact.

Finally she finished and with pleasurable moans collapsed on me… I still had the tears in my eyes… As her breathing become regular she was looking at me, at my crying face… She looked very serious now… Suddenly she took my head and put it in between her thighs… “Good night” – was the last thing that I remember she said…

Later I woke on the floor, totally spent and felt like I was hit by the bus. Every bone in my body ached a little. Once again, tears come into my eyes… How can I live with this what just happened??? How can I live with this humiliation? How I will tell my wife??? Will I tell my life??? What can I do???

I couldn’t sleep whole night. In the morning I found the message in front of my door…

“Peter I am so, so, so, so, sorry…

To be continued if you want :)


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Re: My neighbor lady - Part 1
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2010, 04:40:01 am »
Could be trouble brewing ;) Nice start and K for that!

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Re: My neighbor lady - Part 1
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2010, 06:06:16 am »
Why do men resist what is always best for them? If I was this guy, I'd just lay back and let Maria take control, I mean I'm not married, but if I had a lady that is my vision of perfection wanting to make love to me for free, and my wife would never have to know about it? I'd take that shot! k+!
Don't forget to K+ if you enjoy my writing.

Great stories about strong and muscular women and girls, hope you enjoy!


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Author: [sensitivecarpenter] My Neighbor Lady part 2
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2011, 12:07:40 pm »
My Neighbor Lady
by sensitivecarpenter

part 2

“Peter I am so, so, so, so, sorry… I don’t know what to say, I just feel so ashamed of me and what I did… I don’t know what to do or what to tell you to feel better… I was a little drunk, but that is no excuse, I did a horrible thing. Please, I hope that we can maybe talk sometime and that you will eventually find strength to forgive me. Maria”.

I was reading the message and was so confused about my feelings… Of course I was angry and I was somehow ashamed of myself, how I got in the situation that this big woman had her way with me. “For god sakes I was raped!!!” – echoed in my ear!

I felt awful but, on the other hand I must confess that there was something really exciting in what just happened with this woman. Something which was hard to accept in that moment... But all I knew is that I just couldn’t get out of my head the memories of her big powerful body on top of mine...

In the following days besides work I was just spending time at my home, trying to recuperate from what happened. I tried not to get out without a good reason as I just couldn’t risk to see Maria again. I just didn’t know how I would react in that situation…

After few days finally my wife came back from her trip. As you all probably suspect, I already decided that I will not tell her anything about my experience... I was just trying to be “cool” about everything…

But my coolness let me down when my wife told me how she should invite Maria for a coffee as she haven’t seen her for a while. I started to panic and immediately told her that is not a good idea, but didn’t have the right answer why I think that…

I noticed the puzzled glance of my woman looking at me… She invited Maria the following day and when she came I excused myself and went to the bedroom. There I was trying to read something to get my mind off the things, but it was no use, I was just thinking about what are these two talking about…

Later in the evening my wife asked me – “Is anything wrong with you and Maria?”. I said “No. Why???” – “You just seem so odd about her…” – she responded.

Luckily everything stopped on that and I figured out that I have to change my behavior rapidly. After 3 days Maria came to our flat again… I took a deep breath and sat with her and my wife trying to be as cool as possible…

Maria wore a sleeveless blouse which perfectly revealed her big biceps. I just couldn’t help looking at them – this woman had the biggest biceps I had ever seen on female body. Even my wife noticed and commented how strong she looks. Maria just smiled at remark. As I said her biceps weren’t cut with striations like on some professional FBB but you could notice they are hard just from the way she carried them.

She was so relaxed and nonchalant in the chit-chat with my wife and me. Like nothing ever happened… And she also subtly complimented me for my erudition about some subject…

After that visit it seems that my wife totally forgot about my weird behavior prior to that, and in some way I was also feeling a lot more comfortable about whole situation.

On the other hand again I started to think more about Maria and her strong, voluptuous body. I woke up in the morning thinking about Maria and fantasizing about the “repeat” of THE experience!

Even having sex with my wife became a little different experience as I became more passive and cold than usual… I just couldn’t get rid of my strong urge for something different, “different” which I had experienced with Maria.

And the beginning of the spring surely didn’t helped me in composing my thoughts as nowadays I could watch Maria every day as her training routine in the yard became regular. And she changed drastically her clothing habits.

Instead of her baggy clothes now she wore sports top and tight pants which revealed a lot of her body… And boy did she have “something” to reveal!!! It seemed like she lost some weight as she became even more defined, and her muscles even more visible … Immense shoulders, big biceps, enormous thighs and defined calves revealed the physique of powerful shot putter getting back to best shape. And I tell you, seeing this woman train was quite a scene! So much energy, passion, power!! Sometimes I felt she just gave me shivers in my spine… There was just something so exciting about Maria.

During spring my wife’s travels became more often and one day while picking up my mail I bumped into Maria entering the building. For the moment we were just looking at each other, without the word. That moment seemed to last forever…

And than finally Maria quietly mustered: “Peter, ah…. I am really sorry about what’s happened… Please, it is stupid we pass each other without the word!!!” I looked down and than again to Maria who innocently looked at me: “It’s ok, don’t worry” – I responded, as Maria put the happy smile on her face… “You know if you want we can maybe sit and talk about everything, or just hang around occasionally… Just knock on my door when you want”. “Ok” – I said and with that I and Maria went to different directions…

Later in the day I just couldn’t stop thinking about her… It was like my rational side was telling me don’t do this or don’t do that but something in my head was forcing me to come out and knock on Maria’s door… And as things many times happen, my non-rational side prevailed and soon I found myself knocking on Maria’s door. She opened with a big smile and than I figured out that I don’t know what to say… “Do you maybe want to watch the movie together?” – was the first thing that fell on my mind and she quickly responded positively…

And so there I was, sitting on the couch again with this striking woman, but this time without alcohol… We were chatting like two old buddies who haven’t seen each other for a while. “It is a little hot in here” – Maria mustered and took off her baggy T shirt leaving her just in her sports top revealing her biceps and back.

Uffff, watching Maria’s muscles from so close gave me a bonner in no time. I just had to get her hands on her… Instinctively I reached and started to run my hands feeling her back and biceps… Maria tensed her muscles and became hard as a rock in no time…

“I could use a good massage” – she said and laid down on the couch as I started to work on her enormous back… I never knew that simple massage can be such a hard task, as I had to use all of my power to have some impact on her and I got pretty tired quickly…

“I have to give you some credit Peter… In some sort of a way you motivated me to get back to my training even more seriously. I have almost forgot how good is to be a strong woman.” – Maria said.

I didn’t know what to respond on her remark… Finally I just commented – “Yeah, it seems you lost some weight…”

Maria chuckled - “Lost some weight… Haha… In matter of fact I gained some weight, as now I weigh 225. I gained more muscle and muscle weighs much more than fat…”

Being a 150 pound man (in fact I lost some weight in the last couple of month) the fact that this woman has 75 pounds of muscles on me was pretty terrifying.

“You know, yesterday I bench pressed 270 pounds which means that I am getting close to my records from the times when I was competing” –  Vauuu… “How much did you bench pressed back than?” – I wondered in myself…

“How much do you weigh???” – she asked and as I answered she just smiled – “You know I could probably do every imaginable lift with you…” – And with that words she raised herself and took off her top off as well as the pants… Now she had only panties and bra on her and once again she lay on her belly…

“Like this is more comfortable. Go back to work… You can start with the legs… And use all of your power this time…” – she said as I was thinking how I was really using all of my power even before.

But, the site of her mammoth legs was one “big” motivation… I started to caress them giving all of my power and energy into it…

And soon I became horny as hell, caressing those magnificent legs, those smaller (relatively speaking) but defined calves and enormous thighs… My member was rock hard and I wasn’t even trying to hide it…. It seemed I was loosing it and that my lust completely took control of my actions. I started to kiss those legs, hard and sensually, caressing them with all of my passion… My hands started to go further up the legs towards her buttocks when everything stopped!

“It has been enough” – Maria said and with a smile stood up, dressed up in several swifts moments and left my place leaving me horny and not “fulfilled”. I had to relieve my situation by myself…

I was so confused about Maria… Is she just toying with me??? Why she stopped everything so abruptly? I mean it is obvious she let me get horny as hell and than she just stopped and left???

And of course I had still some moral dilemmas about what I am doing, but they seemed to fade as soon as I move my thoughts on Maria …

There were so many questions filling my head…

The day after when I was leaving for work I found another note from Maria in my doorsteps: “Tonight we can watch another movie together if you want… I will come at 8”.

That day on work I was awful, as I couldn’t concentrate on anything… I was just thinking about the evening with Maria. After work I went to supermarket, bought nice snacks and couple of bottles of very fancy wine. I rented a several movies just to be sure…

I wanted everything to be perfect for the night.

It was 8.30 and still no sign of Maria. I was very nervous and getting a little bit sad when I heard a knock on the door…

To be continued... If you want...

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