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Title: WPW 81 - Charla Sedacca & Janice Graser
Post by: autechre on June 09, 2018, 11:58:43 pm

Charla Sedacca and Janice Graser - WPW81

We met Charla and Janice in 1986 and they were most likely the best and most successful sisters ever, can't think of any better even 30 years later. They had quite the successful years of competing in 1986 and 1987, with Charla winning the overall titles for the US Championships, Nationals and Amateur Worlds while sis Janice won her heavy class at the Nationals and Worlds, so both turned pro at this time. We had two sessions with them, one when in contest shape at a contest, then up a few pounds soon after that, but they were still hard as nails. At the second taping a camcorder was used to video them solo and tandem in the New Jersey meadowlands! As you will assume, any woman who would win the overall or class winner back then or even over the decades, had to have a complete physique, and that they did- they were not bulked up, but lots of lean muscularity with impressive size both for upper and lower body, but the bicep shots really stand out, and beautiful looks topped it all off. A tandem interview is also included.

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Title: Re: WPW 81 - Charla Sedacca & Janice Graser
Post by: Female Bodybuilding on May 09, 2022, 05:48:12 pm
WPW 81 - Charla Sedacca / Janice Graser (2 hours)

This video was made in 1987, when Charla and Janice (who are sisters, as most people reading this will already know) were probably the two most promising competitors on the amateur scene. Had she been able to qualify, Charla would have been a serious threat to place in the top six at the 1987 Ms. Olympia. For some reason, neither of the two ever went far as pros - Charla competed just once as a professional, and Janice's pro career ended after several low placings. This tape has four roughly half hour sections - Charla posing, Janice posing, Charla and Janice freezing their butts off while posing together in the Meadowlands (slightly off-season), and a dual interview. The WPW catalog mentions gym work, but there is none of that on my copy of the tape. Are there multiple versions of this tape, or did WPW just screw up when they printed the catalog?
Anyway, this tape has become a true WPW classic, for one reason - Charla's absolutely incredible biceps (or is that two reasons?). She was a very attractive woman, her overall physique was excellent, and her conditioning here is superb (she was in contest shape, at 5'1" and around 114 lbs.), but her biceps are so incredible that they completely overshadow everything else on the tape. There are plenty of woman with bigger arms nowadays (though at nearly 15", hers look enormous relative to her small frame), but 12 (!) years later, I still have not seen anyone with better arms (particularly since she also had outstanding triceps). Charla poses outdoors in a yellow bikini, a red leotard with heels (Fall 1991 WPW back cover), and a black dress (the best of the outfits, in my opinion), and indoors in a sundress. Since they know a good thing when they see it, WPW put a heavy emphasis on arm shots. But the rest of her physique was not neglected, and there is some particularly nice leg and glute posing in the leotard.

Janice was also quite attractive, also with excellent biceps (it's genetic, after all) and a good overall physique, but she comes up short in the inevitable comparison with her sister. Still, several of the outfits are very good, particularly the denim mini / halter (Nov/Dec 1987 Women's Physique Publication cover) and the white tights / black halter. For the tandem posing in the Meadowlands, Charla and Janice wore matching purple leotards. They had a very windy, somewhat cold day, but they managed to stop shivering long enough to get some nice footage, with a heavy emphasis on biceps shots.

I wouldn't recommend buying the tape solely for Graser, but for biceps fans, this tape is an absolute must for the classic Sedacca footage. And the Graser segment is certainly a nice plus.