• #1 by zone3000 on 28 May 2020

  • Hi all

    I was browsing on the  go fund me page that Brandi Akers want to create an app for men to date female bodybuilders which I think it's a good idea.

    What does everyone else think of this?
  • #2 by Dope1980 on 28 May 2020
  • Its cool.bit depends how much they will charge for the date
  • #3 by zone3000 on 28 May 2020
  • Its cool.bit depends how much they will charge for the date

    That's a good point, I thought it was going to be similar to tinder but will have to wait and see
  • #4 by bruce321 on 28 May 2020

    "As a veteran Female Bodybuilder, the dating scene for Women of hypertrophy is not as simple as meeting someone in the gym or on a social media site. Men who admire Female Bodybuilders have the same complaint when looking to find their hypermuscular dream woman.

    I am looking to expand the FBB DATE project and branch into an Exclusive Dating App ( say Seeking Arrangements meets WB270)!
    This App will be a VIP dating app featuring Muscular Women from around the globe looking to find their Prince charming!"

    That's the description of the app. Seeking Arrangements is a site for sugar babies to meet sugar daddies, so there's definitely money involved.
  • #5 by m100 on 29 May 2020
  • I'm neither a hater or a naysayer. However, I doubt the success. First of all, it faces all kinds of problems with online dating. There are idiots sending dick pics, if you meet your partner in real life he/she doesn't meet your expectations, etc. But that's not the real problem. It doesn't solve the dilemma for fbb's finding suitable men. Either they're schmoes...which is a total turnoff for them. Or they're "normal men" which are not interested in dating fbb's. Or male bodybuilders, but only a few are attracted to fbb's.
    However, if this would be an app for sessions or custom vids I'd see way more potential.
  • #6 by Bernie1212 on 29 May 2020
  •  The GoFundme has been up three weeks with zero backers.  Doesn't look good.
  • #7 by Del4 on 31 May 2020
  • As much as I would like this to work, I can’t see it. Aside from the fact it has zero backers (which is slightly surprising as I thought some schmoes with a bit of cash might go for it), I can’t envisage there being enough demand. There are just not enough muscular women in the world, especially as most who are, are not single. In addition the kind of men it would attract are schmoes, who a lot of muscular women, even the single ones, would be unlikely to go for. Even the ones who do sessions, I.e. can tolerate schmoes, very rarely end up in relationships with clients.
  • #8 by bruce321 on 31 May 2020
  • If you've got the money to afford a sugar baby, you can approach any of the woman who put themselves out there yourself. I see the value added by a service like this is to ensure that both parties are serious. At the very least, you'd have to do a background check on the guys to make sure they've got the money, and charge them a significant fee for the investigation, proving they're willing to spend it. Do that, and you might get some interested women. But I agree, the numbers on either side aren't going to justify an app. But if Brandi is serious, and really can find enough women, she could advertise as a professional matchmaker. But likely it'd be more trouble than it's worth.
  • #9 by taoschild on 09 Jul 2020
  • It would be nice for the women to make some money from this sport somehow. It's an interesting concept.
  • #10 by VegasAce on 12 Jan 2021
  • I went to her YouTube channel, which is a bit...bizarre. It definitely gives an impression that it’s only there to promote the app.

    Basically, her channel has her doing a “matchmaking interview” where she talks about being single for the first time in 14 years  and what she is looking for in a partner (which she really doesn’t go into details with: not sure if it’s honest or if she’s trying to portray herself as someone who is open to more potential partners than she is actually attracted to.), a bunch of videos of her on “dates” with men (which comes across as super awkward, and are probably just staged to again promote her app,) and finally, there is a recruitment video to get models on the app.

    My impression is that this isn’t a dating app at all. Rather, it’s a sugar daddy/herbicepscam type of thing where men have to pay to chat with the women (Brandi says it herself that “VIP Chat” is money in the models’ pockets,) and view webcams. The promo video has her using the word “model” a lot, which agains furthers my pay-for-play senses, and putting the term “dating” just sounds disingenuous.

    Let’s face it, there are far more thirsty schmoes than there are muscular women, and single muscular women at that. Buff women don’t need an app to find dudes who are interested in them, and as has been said before, I doubt they’re interested in your average schmoe. Your best bet, as I made in an earlier post, is getting into bodybuilding/strength sports yourself, joining bodybuilding communities, going to contests and conventions (when COVID is over) and basically networking like you would in the professional field.
  • #11 by Camper on 03 Jun 2021
  • I’ve had a variation idea of the app. Finding fitness/bodybuilding women willing to workout with someone for an hour. They could go on the app, let people know they are available that morning/afternoon/evening for a workout and you could sign up for that time slot.  Likely their rates would be like a personal trainer. Personally I have worked out with a few bodybuilders and it’s a great way to push your self and see some female muscle up close!  I know nothing about technology so someone take this idea and run!!😜😜
  • #12 by kikichewi on 20 Aug 2021

  • hello, there are already more than twenty online dating sites around sport and bodybuilding, (I am not registered on any lol) their reputation varies according to their existence, when I started doing bodybuilding, there was bodybuilding forum meeting, which seemed above all a classic discussion and exchange site in my country, today there is another one centered on relational encounters between athletes ... but in England , usa, canada, there are a lot of them, in reality you will have more chance to meet someone at a sports meeting, while walking in the stadium or in the parks which have places provided for this purpose.
    shmoes does not mean much to a woman practicing bodybuilding at an amateur pace or a sportswoman practicing rowing or boxing, but the world is well done because, the methods to gain muscle mass are the same, so same a geek can appeal to a muscular woman, without flaunting her wealth ... for the dating site, it is possible, if you are a partner of sporting events, from bodybuilding to cross country in nature through tournaments ping pong, you can go to the meetic or mektoub field, simply because their sites are full of false profiles, and their customer satisfaction base is zero ... for a dating site for sessions, it's not worth it, too many heavyweights, too many bands, too much money that they don't drop any crumbs, you couldn't.
    in my town there are three super muscular girls, one is a boxing practitioner, the other is a powerlifter, there are at least ten thousand licensed fitness and bodybuilder, gym and ten thousand practicing sports, from tennis football, boxing ect. and it is a city of 70 thousand inhabitants (yes, I counted the children) but a child is a future adult, and in an aggressive environment, people fall back on virtual dialogue. you would have everything to gain without a monstrous investment, because you would only have one link to make with your application .