• #1 by petitfilou87 on 31 Jul 2021
  • who is the biggest off season bodyweight ever and what was that body weight?
    And who is the woman who competed in competition (and who won) with the biggest bodyweight? and what was his weight?
  • #2 by knufflschmoe on 08 Aug 2021
  • A good candidate for biggest offseason (quite solid muscle)could be :

                                           1.)Kachi Nwachukwu:               240lbs (some years ago, a bit leaner nowadays)
                                           2.)Denise Faith (from Sweden): 230lbs (even shredded ,not less then 219lbs
                                           3.)Amber Deluca                    : 220-225lbs
                                           4.)Dee Alexia Fierhuus(f. Finnland) : 220 +
                                           5.)Regina Albuquerque(Brasil) :220- (growing quickly last year)
                                           6.)Dominique Danger aka. Shereen Fons: 220+ (by only being 5`5``)

             and a lot ,lot more ,I don`t know exactly the weight......