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★Memorable Author: [MrShhh] "HARDBODY"
« on: January 05, 2007, 04:24:24 pm »
Hardbody 1
by Mr.Shhh

Jenna Steel sat in her usual seat in the front row of her fourth period math class. Her

teacher was giving a lesson on polynomials, but she didn’t hear a word of it. Her thoughts

were exclusively on later that afternoon and the thousands of pounds of iron she was going

to pump.

Since the age of eight, Jenna had been completely obsessed with bodybuilding. At an age

where most girls played with dolls, Jenna had developed an unhealthy fixation on her

muscles. Nothing seemed as beautiful as veiny, tendon-shredded pecs. Bulging biceps. Meaty

lats. The very thought of sweat running down hot, bronzed skin was enough to make her weak

at the knees.

Jenna was an addict, and for the last several years, pumping iron had been her drug. She was

insatiable. There was no such thing as too much. There were no limits. Every waking hour was

spent working out, shoveling down food, running for miles and then doing it all again.

In this, Jenna had already been extraordinarily successful. Barely hidden beneath her cute,

girly clothing was the body of an Adonis. But this quiet, bookish high schooler knew she had

to keep her bronzed figure a secret. Growing up in the public school system had taught her

that few would understand her obsession. The problem was, as she had added mass upon mass,

muscle upon muscle, keeping her bulging body hidden had become near impossible.

In her current state, there was no way this girl could buy off the rack. Even with custom-

made clothing, Jenna’s hulking physique wanted to bulge through. Today she was wearing a

pink button-up sweater at least three times bigger than a typical XXXL. It would’ve been

more than enough to cover one of those strong-man competitors, yet on this cute 16 year old,

it was one deep breath away from completely tearing open.

Jenna’s tree-trunk neck stretched the limits of a collar that looked like it was made for a

medicine ball. Her insane neck lead down to a set of traps that defied description. The

spread of her back was wider than a doorway, maybe wider than a double doorway. Arms as

thick as telephone poles pushed the structural limits of her sleeves, even in a completely

relaxed state. Each breath threatened to split apart the shirt’s buttons and reveal her

sliced and striated pecs. Even her stomach, with each individual abdominal muscle so

grotesquely swollen that they stuck out in relief inches from her body, strained the wool to

its breaking point.

The lower half of her body didn’t fair much better. Though a long skirt covered most of her

meaty thighs, a set of calves resembling half-melons poked out below the hem of her skirt.

Worse still, the exposed skin gave away her extreme conditioning. If her legs were any

indication, there was not an ounce of fat on her body. Even the most miniscule muscle group

was striated beyond reason and easily visible through her nearly transparent skin. An

unheard of degree of vascularity meant veins as thick as sausages snaked and bulged across

every inch of flesh.

To top it off, all of this grade A beef came packed on the frame of a 5’3 teenage girl. Her

cute glasses, frilly clothes and pink hair clips went even further to create a disturbing

dichotomy; she was the girl next door with the body of the Incredible Hulk.

Along with her girly clothing, Jenna had an indisputably feminine face. Large green eyes and

a cute nose made her adorable, but it was her pouty, bee stung lips and richly bronzed skin

which made her drop dead gorgeous. Her short brown hair, tied in pigtails, cemented the


The end of day bell snapped Jenna out of her daze. As students got up to leave, the high

schooler prepared herself for a looming ritual. She knew it was time for the insults and

cruel comments. She wouldn’t be disappointed.

“Hey fat ass, better hurry up. The cafeteria stops selling cheeseburgers at three o’clock!”

Jenna looked up to find a group of students gathered behind her desk. They had arrived to

stare at her incredible body and made no attempt to hide it.

Though not everyone was as vocal, every single student in every single class gawked at

Jenna. She was a pariah, a loner. Her obsession had turned her into an unknowable freak.

Though most of their comments were sadistic, Jenna found them incredibly arousing. In her

mind, the more vicious the insult, the further she had strived in building her unbelievable

body. Every time someone called her grotesque, it meant she had added another inch to her

biceps. Every time someone called her abnormal, it was because her muscles had torn through

a bigger pair of jeans.

“She’s not fat you idiot, those are her muscles.”

“What a disgusting freak. She must eat steroids like pez.” One the kids remarked.

Jenna felt a tingle in her stomach.

“Look at her arms. They’re thicker than your waist.”

“Her bicep must be the size of a baseball.”

Another shot of pleasure. Jenna could feel a wetness growing in her panties. A baseball?

They wish. A football would be closer.

“Hey, how much can you bench-press?”

“Are you kidding? Sean told me she once lifted the back of a guy’s truck with like six guys

in it. Her muscles bulged out so much they ripped through her clothes.”

Juice was now running freely down the inside of Jenna’s legs.

“She was like, nude? Did she have any tits?”

“No way man. He said it was just huge fucking muscles everywhere. All veins and shit. Said

he could barely tell she was a girl.”

She was a faucet. If these idiots had looked down, they would’ve seen a puddle on the floor.

“I heard the girls won’t shower with you. They say even your ass and pussy are covered in


“Dude, I bet she has a dick.”

That was it. She couldn’t take any more. If she didn’t get out of there now, she’d


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Hardbody Part 2
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2007, 05:02:13 pm »
Chapter 2 – Get Bigger

By: Mr.Shhh

Jenna arrived home a short time later. She was panting heavily, not from the eight-mile

sprint, but from her incredible arousal. Switching on the basement light, she dead bolted

the stairwell door and headed downstairs.

The basement was Jenna’s true home. This was her personal gym. It was where she pumped

thousands of pounds of iron and sweated gallons of fluid.

The walls had been wallpapered with gym pads, egg crates - anything to muffle the screaming.

And screamed she had. At the top of her lungs. Until she was horse. Hours had been spent

sprawled out on the floor crying and sobbing, her brutalized body twitching in a pool of

sweat. The pain she was willing to endure made the room more like a torture chamber. But

pain meant gain and gain meant muscle. In this way, pain was the ultimate reward, and she

would endure any amount to build her muscles.

In the center of the room stood two enormous steel towers. These weren’t just support

columns; they were the kind of riveted I-beams you’d find in a sky scrapper. They’d been

cemented to the floor with tracks welded along their face.

Attached to these tracks were industrial strength chains. Each link was intimidating as hell

– just lifting a chain would’ve been a workout for anyone. Hooked to these chains were

weights. Dozens of them. There were so many, they’d been spread out over rows, hooked

together to travel in unison. As Jenna had started running out of weights, she’d begun

simply welding slabs of metal together.

There was no way this home made monstrosity was designed for human use, yet there it was –

sitting in the basement of a young girl’s home. What’s more, it was designed to grow.

Jenna dropped her bag on a couch against the wall. She glanced at a half-dozen stuffed

animal staring back at her.

“Hello, Mr. Penguin. How are you today?”

Jenna picked up a stuffed penguin.

“Oh me, I’m feeling really hot. I need to pump some serious iron.”

The young teen looked at a collage of photographs taped to the wall. They were pictures from

bodybuilding magazines.

Surprisingly, it was predominantly male bodybuilders – the biggest of the big. Perhaps this

was because female bodybuilders couldn’t possibly meet the goals Jenna wished to achieve. In

reality, she had already eclipsed everyone on her wall, and then some.

The teen slid her skirt down, revealing her indescribable thighs. They were monstrous. More

than monstrous. Buried somewhere beneath the endless beef was a pair of thin, cotton

panties. Feeling her mound, Jenna found that her girl juice had completely soaked through

the material. She was in the perfect state for a mega-workout.

There was only one thing Jenna found more erotic than the effect of her bulging body, and

that was making her bulging body even bigger. She glanced at the tons of weight hanging from

her machine and pictured herself sweaty and ripped.

Another wave of pleasure. A large gob of juice squirted through her panties and soaked her

knees. She didn’t have time to take off her shirt; she had to pump up now.

Jenna pulled a crude pin from the weight stack and set her load. She wanted heavy. She

needed heavy. No time for a warm up. She wanted to burn bad.

Standing between the twin beams, Jenna took a chain in each hand. The machine was so

insanely large, even Jenna’s mega-body seemed dwarfed by comparison. She knew that wouldn’t

last long.

This was a moment to cherish. The moment of anticipation. She paused; tightening her grip on

the massive hand rests. Muscles flexed up and down her body. Stitches groaned in her shirt.

Veins bulged obscenely through the material.

With one massive grunt, Jenna began. With astonishing strength, the huge weights rose. The

entire house creaked like a submarine submerging. Dust fluttered from the ceiling as the

beams groaned.

Within just a few reps, the state of Jenna’s cum-covered thighs were almost revolting. They

had doubled in size under the incredible strain and showed no sign of stopping. Every muscle

was flexed to the extreme, some continuing to expand half-dozen inches or more off the main

mass. In the center of this human topography were her dripping panties, or what left you

could see of them. The cute, girlish material was quickly being overwhelmed by a mass of

expanding muscles. On top of that, a pair of freakishly large veins had begun bulging out

from the center of her crotch. Even in spite of the unimaginable blood flow her body must

have been producing, these veins seemed astonishingly huge. It was as if two enormous

penises were sewn under her skin, desperate to break out.

Juice was still spilling down her thighs at an alarming rate and had begun to collect at her

feet. Jenna had clearly been in this position before as there was a strategically placed

drain directly below her.

The weights were moving now in a fast, machine like rhythm. Jenna let out only an occasional

grunt or groan. Any smiles were gone, replaced with an expression of rigid determination.

It only took fifteen reps to make the teen’s shirt give out. She might have been impressed

if she wasn’t swimming through a world of arousal and agony.

The first thing that went was the back. The apex of the 15th rep stretched her body in a

crab flex. The material stood no chance, tearing straight down the middle as slab upon slab

of deeply tanned teen beef exploded outward. The sheer width of her back was now so

shocking; the girth so enormous that it was comical to think that it had ever been contained

by such a comparatively tiny piece of clothing.

Rep nineteen did in the arms. They had long been soaked by the river of sweat dripping off

her body. One massive flex and the material disintegrated under the might of Jenna’s

grotesquely veiny biceps.

As the weights pulled together, buttons began popping off her chest. A second later, Jenna’s

freakishly cut, ultra-shredded pecs ripped right through the material. There was no sign of

breasts at all on these huge slabs of rippling meat, just a pair of painfully erect nipples.

Her flexing pectorals were so volumous that they actually cast their own shadow. Had she

looked down, there was little chance that the teen bodybuilder would have even been able to

see her own lower body.

In fact, by the 25th rep, wherever Jenna looked, all she could see was thick corded muscle.

Even Jenna’s head was fighting a pitched battle, crushed between a neck as wide as a

computer monitor and traps reaching selfishly for the heavens.

Jenna’s face was now deep red with effort. Her tightly shut eyes told a story of hellish

suffering. Veins were bulging out of her temples. She hadn’t screamed. Not yet. She had kept

it inside. She’d need it.

Rep 30 arrived. The fast, powerful thrusts had slowed to a crawl. Each new rep was a

desperate battle. Jenna whimpered as she struggled with all her might to complete one more

motion. Her body was exhausted. The weights had frozen about halfway through the 31st rep.

Just keeping them there was taking every ounce of strength she had left.

Clearing a space through the agony, a single thought filled the teenager’s mind. How bad do

you want it? How far are you willing to go? How much pain are you willing to take to become

bigger than anyone?

With that, Jenna made a decision. She opened her eyes and looked directly in front of her.

She found a mirror. There, staring back at her was a sight that almost made her sick to her

stomach, an image of obsessive bodybuilding taken beyond any rational limits. This was her

secret weapon. This is what she lived for. If she could’ve fucked this creature she would

have had an orgy this very second.

The mirror had been set as far away from the weights as possible. It was the only way to

accommodate even a reasonable amount of her ridiculous girth. Her panties were completely

gone, buried beneath twitching mounds of hyper-vascular musculature. Any space between her

legs had disappeared; enveloped by thighs pumped so thick they had run out of space to grow.

Her lips, eyes and her cute nose were so twisted, so covered in veins, that she scarcely

recognized them. The girl that had been Jenna Steele was gone. The only fleeting trace of

femininity left on this hulking, writhing mass of jagged muscles was her girly hair clips.

And yet she was unbridled femininity. Unbridled strength. She was the most erotic thing


At that moment, the impossible happened. Rep 31 - stalled for over a minute, began to move.

The chains creaked as the humongous weights completed their motion.

Jenna grit her teeth, spit dripping from her lips. Her eyes bugged out of her head as she

screamed in unimaginable agony. With an effort beyond comprehension, she suddenly cranked

out five reps faster than at any point in the entire exercise.

There was a long pause. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her body was flexed beyond

imagination – more shredded and pumped than even just a moment ago. She barely looked human.

Another scream. It shook the room as she somehow powered out four more reps, these ones even

faster. She was a machine. Strands of saliva were dangling from her chin as she shook her


But then the weights suddenly dropped. They nearly slammed to the floor before she stopped

them. The effort felt like a thousand knives in her chest.

The entire machine was rattling violently. Tears started rolling down her face. Every muscle

in her bloated, vascular arms was quivering. Cords of hyper-shredded beef were flexed in

shocking relief on every inch of her body. Her hands, still holding up the thick chains,

were shaking like a drug addict’s.

Jenna looked at her reflection through blurry vision. Her lips spasmed involuntarily as a

soft voice uttered a painful sentence.

“G-g-get… b-b-bigger…”

With that, Jenna threw her head back. Flexing her entire body as if it were one giant coil,

she let out a gut-wrenching scream and pumped out six more reps.

On the apex of the sixth rep, the weights smashed against the top of the machine in a

defining clang. Maybe she was in such a primal, animalistic place that she didn’t notice,

but she began to press her strength against the riveted iron and reinforced concrete of the

machine itself.

For long seconds, the sobbing, screaming muscle-teen pulled with all her might. At her feet,

the cum-soaked concrete around the girders held fast. Had she lost her mind? What was she

thinking? For all of her insane strength, for all her immeasurable determination, she was

still just a teenage girl. Even she couldn’t tear this machine down, could she?
The metal beams on either side of her groaned in pain. The weights wobbled and shook,

pushing forcefully against their restraints. Still she balled. How much longer could even

she keep this up for?

Then suddenly, there was a cracking noise from the chains. All at once, both chains

exploded. The weights came crashing down. Jenna stumbled back and dropped to her hands and


An incredible wave of pleasure racked her magnificent body and a massive torrent of girl

spunk squirted out of her crotch. The floor in front of her was instantly soaked. It

splattered onto her legs, her arms, even the walls. When it was finally finished some forty

seconds later, Jenna collapsed into the dripping puddle.

For long minutes, Jenna couldn’t move. All that could be heard was anguish-filled

whimpering. Her face, half submerged in her own juice, blew bubbles with each breath.

Fighting through the overwhelming pain, she thought to herself “What if the kids at school

cold see me this pumped. What would they say?” A fresh gurgle of cream squirted out of her

still oozing panties.

Slowly, the pain subsided enough for Jenna to get up. After wretching into a bag, she got to

her feet - her grotesquely massive legs struggling to hold her. Grotesque was the only word

that could possibly describe her now, and it fell drastically short. She was a sick,

demented vision of muscularity. He abs alone looked like eight pool balls vacuum-sealed

under a sheet of almost non-existent flesh. Her silhouette would’ve made each individual

muscle easily discernable. Veins as thick as cigars were snaking up and down each ab,

bunching up in the valleys before gliding past shredded striations lacking even an ounce of


Running her hands across this hard earned mountain range, Jenna only saw what could be. In

her eyes what she was, even now, wasn’t enough.

Putting on her glasses, she looked at the stuffed animals on the couch.

“I have to get bigger, Mr. Penguin….” She said to herself without an ounce of humor. “I WILL

get bigger...”


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Hardbody Part 3
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2007, 06:31:26 pm »
Hardbody Part 3
by Mr. Shhh

Even though every fiber of Jenna Steele’s being lived for bodybuilding, she was still a teenager.  As such, she had the same basic concerns as anyone her age.

One thing that had been totally crushed under the weight of her muscle-mania was a social life.  At best, Jenna was a repulsive curiosity to be stared at and whispered about.  At worst, she was the target of the cruelest, most sadistic pranks her classmates could dream up.  She’d had her clothes stolen while she showered.  She’d been soaked by the sprinkler system.  She’d even once been tied to a tree stump in the woods.  Rumor had it that Jenna ripped the huge stump out of the ground and, in a fit of adrenalin fueled lust, lifted it over her freakishly muscle-bound body.

All any of this did of course, was add fuel to the fire.  In the last six months, Jenna had intensified her training to an almost psychotic level.  Something was driving her harder than ever.  She was now working out with a fury and obsession that would have terrified any psychologist.

There was no satisfying her.  Every time she reached an unthinkable new weight goal or fat percentage, she immediately set out to double it.  Sessions were hours longer and there were twice as many of them.  The torture she was putting herself through was unspeakable, but she relished every second of it.

She acquired even more weight, everything for concrete slabs with exposed rebar to old engine blocks - anything to feed her insatiable appetite for pure muscle mass.

To say she had grown would’ve been an understatement.  In those six grueling months, she had added such a colossal amount of weight to her hulking physique that she was almost unrecognizable.  These days, even her most relaxed appearance looked like she had been pumping iron for hours.  She hunted through magazines searching for someone even close to her level, only to find she was an order of magnitude more extreme than anyone else out there.  Needless to say, this caused some problems.

A few weeks prior, Jenna had put in an order for new clothes in previously unheard of sizes.  But they were taking forever to arrive, and even the biggest of Jenna’s old outfits had become completely inadequate.  It was now a daily challenge to make it through her classes without have her muscles burst through her shirts.  A moderate breath would send buttons flying and leave several feet of her rippling, pulsating pectoral muscle naked for all to see.  Raising her hand for a question would cause her sleeves to split from elbow to neck, revealing swollen, pumpkin sized shoulders and sliced triceps snaking with hideous vascularity.

Jenna was used to being taken aside and counseled about her body, but it was now becoming a daily occurrence.  Her conditioning, more extreme than even she thought possible, meant that her body wasn’t just huge; it was absolutely ripped to shreds.  Veins like garden hoses covered her hands, calves and neck.  In some cases, her vascularity was so intense that it would bulge through her clothing and even pop stitches.

This complete and utter lack of fat, mixed with her unfathomable muscle mass meant that Jenna’s body couldn’t be ignored, even when buried under her thickest outfits.  She simply could not hide herself anymore regardless of what she did.

What was causing this obsession?   What was driving her to the brink of muscle madness?  One day, it all came into focus.  It was a boy.

Jenna had developed her first crush.  Ed was everything young girls dreamed about – tall, handsome and built like a truck.  Jenna would often gaze at him in class, imagining him caressing her sweaty, bronzed body as she flexed it to unspeakable proportions.  She wanted to get huge for him.  She wanted to be a freak for him, bigger than anything he could possibly imagine.

Yet, in the pit of her stomach, she knew her dream was impossible.  Like everyone else, her muscles would disgust him so she kept her crush a secret.  Little did she know that it wouldn’t be long before her secret was out.

A few weeks passed and Jenna’s new clothes still hadn’t arrived.  Things were getting desperate.  As her crush on Ed grew, Jenna poured more and more energy into her training.  Every waking hour was spent in the gym and her body had responded with endless growth.  Her food consumption was unbelievable.  She was reaching unimaginable new dimensions daily and her clothing had long since fallen behind.

Jenna attempted to try on a t-shirt that a year ago had been a tent on her.  To her surprise, she could barely squeeze her arms through it.  She was used to tight clothing, but these days she couldn’t even get most of her clothes on – and what few she could squeeze into were totally indecent.  This might’ve been embarrassing if she hadn’t found it so unbelievably arousing.  She spent the rest of the night pumping iron until she collapsed in a sweaty, sobbing mess on the floor.

The next day at school, Jenna was positively exploding out of her clothes.  The situation had reached critical mass, and she knew it.  A blue hooded sweater was stretched dangerously close to its breaking point and a cotton tank top was nearly transparent.  Even her biggest skirt looked like spandex.  Her legs were so tightly packed that she could hardly walk without tripping over her own rippling thighs.   

All day long, all she could think about was Ed.  Throughout history class, she sat watching him.  Her imagination ran wild.  She pictured him measuring her colossal pythons as she pumped a massive set of dumbbells.  She imagined his broad, powerful body dwarfed like a child’s beneath her unstoppable muscularity.  By the time the bell rang, she had soaked through her skirt and created a puddle on the floor.

Dashing to the exit, Jenna was abruptly stopped by a trio of girls.

“Hi, Jenna.”

Jenna looked at the trendy teens with suspicion.  She knew them.  Stacey, Lacey and Rhonda.  They were friends of Ed’s and part of a popular clique. She was ready for their insults.

“Listen, I know we don’t talk much, but we couldn’t help notice you looking at Edward Scott.”

Jenna’s heart almost skipped a beat.

“W-what do you mean?”

“Oh come on girl, it’s obvious you like him.”

Jenna tightened her fists.  Her sweater split in a half dozen places.

“Look, we’re not here to embarrass you.  We just thought…well, given the way you look, you might want some help with him.”

“Yeah.  I mean sure, you’ve got all these gross muscles and everything, but you’re still really pretty.”

Jenna felt her grip loosen.

“You want to help me?”

“Sure.  We feel bad for making fun of you all these years.  It’s the least we can do.”

Jenna couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  Was this a trick?  Was it a set up for some demeaning joke?  It had certainly happened to her before.  But then again, what if they were on the level?   If it meant having a chance with Ed, maybe it was worth the risk?

Jenna followed the three girls back to Stacey’s house.  As they walked, she answered their endless questions with a shy voice.

“Why do you do it?  Isn’t it like torture?”

“I don’t know.  It makes me feel good.”

While her hosts laughed and giggled, Jenna analyzed them endlessly.  They were so unlike her.   Pale.  Skinny.  Buxom.  Lacey in particular, with her long, silky legs and huge, youthful breasts, represented a totally different kind of beauty.

Walking through the front door, the girls were met by Stacey’s mother.

“Hi girls, how was – Oh my!”

Stacey’s mother stopped dead at the sight of Jenna.  Her face was a picture of repulsed surprise.

“Mom, this is Jenna.  We’re going to hang upstairs.”

“H-hello, Jenna.”

As the woman shook Jenna’s hand, the flexing, writhing muscles in the teen’s veiny forearms hypnotized her.

Locking themselves in Stacey’s bedroom, the trio went to work on Jenna right away.

“What we need here is a total makeover.”

“Frankly, you’re disgusting.  We’re going to make you into a sexy slut.”

Before Jenna could protest, they had already begun.  Though Jenna was naturally gorgeous, she didn’t wear very much makeup.  In her mind, it would’ve been swept away by the rivers of sweat generated by her savage workouts.  But the girls insisted.

Her fat, succulent lips were outlined and glossed.  Eye shadow was added, mascara.  They even styled her hair, gelling her short locks and letting a few strands hang down.

“There’s not much we can do about all these ugly veins, but otherwise you look fucking hot.”

Jenna looked in the mirror.  They were right.

“Okay, time to strip.”  One of the girls commanded.

“What?  A-are you sure?  I mean, most people…”

“We have to know what we’re working with.  It’ll be okay.”

Reluctantly, Jenna unzipped her sweater and slid it off.  Simply taking off her clothes was more difficult than it sounded.  It was akin to peeling saran wrap.  Even with slow, careful motions, clothes tended get destroyed.

The sweater dropped on the floor.  Already, Jenna could see the girls holding their mouths.  She had just begun revealing herself and they were already horrified.

“…Um, that’s good.  K-keep going…”

Jenna reached for her tank top and heard a loud tear.  Her back had split right up the middle, revealing the bronzed meat of her deeply sliced lats.

“Oops.”  Jenna squeaked.

As she reached for the edges of the shirt, there was more tearing.  Her pecs suddenly ripped through the thin material.  The girls gasped at the sight of her heaving, masculine chest.  Even her painfully cut abs wouldn’t be contained.  With one twist, the veiny mounds tore free.

After much careful maneuvering, Jenna finally managed to get the shirt off.  It dropped to the floor almost completely ruined.

The girls were speechless at this point.  Their encouraging words had long ceased.

Jenna had gone this far; she might as well go all of the way.  Taking the top of her skirt, she worked it down over her massive thighs.  There was more tearing and ripping.  By the time it was off, it was mostly ruined.

Jenna blushed as she looked at the girls.  She was now completely nude before them, save her wet panties.

“Oh god…” One of the girls whispered and rushed out of the room.   

Glancing at a mirror, Jenna saw herself beside the girls.  It was the first time she had directly compared herself to anyone in over a year and it gave her an idea of just how muscular she had become.

Though both girls were taller, each of Jenna’s arms was thicker than their waists.  The veins running across her biceps were almost as thick as their wrists.

“I can’t believe it.  All the stories.  All the rumors.  They’re… they’re not even close…!”

No one knew where to look.  Every inch of Jenna’s teenage body was a sick, twisted orgy of hyper-exaggerated anatomy.  She looked like some kind of demented cartoon made flesh.  It was a steroid abuser’s worst nightmare.

Her legs were beyond gargantuan.  Dozens of lumps of thick, hard muscle bulged off the main mass by a foot or more.

To the girl’s disgusted surprise, it seemed Jenna’s entire essence lead to her muscular crotch.  This is where all of the biggest, meatiest veins emerged.  Some were so large it looked like Boa Constrictors had been shoved under her skin.  These veins stretched her tiny panties so tight that they looked ready to split.  Dense vascularity spread out everywhere, over every inch of her tendon sliced abs right up to her massive, unstoppable pecs.  Veins ran down the insides of her legs and ended up at her ankles.  Neither girl could imagine what was under those dripping panties.  Her vagina must have been a bulging, striated monstrosity.

Staring at Jenna, the girls just couldn’t accept the sheer amount of meat she had packed on her.   She must have weighed 300 pounds, and that was a conservative estimate.  Her shoulders were several feet wider than the doorway behind her.  Her traps were so hideously swollen that they pressed against the bottom of her ears.  Even her neck was an insane pillar the width of a fire hydrant.  It would’ve taken all three of them just to wrap their hands around it.

“I appreciate what you’re trying to do,” Jenna spoke, her soft, feminine voice contrasting her intense, superhuman anatomy, “but I’m not dumb.  There’s no way anyone could possibly find me attractive.”

“Actually, Ed’s totally infatuated with you.  He loves your muscles.  It really burns him up when people make fun of you.”

Jenna looked at the girls in disbelief.

"We don’t need to hide your muscles Jenna, we need to show them off.”

“Yeah.  We’re going to make you look so fucking huge that Ed will cream his pants as soon as he sees you.”

Jenna felt a smile wrap across her lips.


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Hardbody Part 4 I
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Hardbody Part 4-I
by Mr. Shhh

Jenna walked through the busy hallways of her high school.  She was used to catching glances and hearing cruel whispers, but this morning was different.  Today she was being stared at.  Gawked at.   Jaws were dropping.

As the beautiful young bodybuilder approached her locker, she spotted her crush, Ed Scott.

“Morning, Ed” she chirped offhandedly as she passed by.

The tall, handsome teen glanced at Jenna and suddenly dropped his books.  His face went ghost white and he almost had a stroke right then and there.

The shy, understated girl that for years had desperately tried to hide her obsessively developed body was nowhere to be seen today.  Instead, what stood in front of him was a pulsing, flexing mass of ultra-cut musculature poured into what could only be described as a Catholic schoolgirl uniform as designed by a porn star.

Ed glared openly for long seconds, his mind trying to wrap itself around the incomprehensible image only a few feet away from him.  Gone were the baggy sweaters and long skirts of old.  A thin, white blouse was the only thing covering Jenna’s colossal upper body.  Biceps as thick as cantaloupes were fighting to tear though her short sleeves while inches of her rippling pecs were bulging through the buttons running down her torso.

The tiny shirt ended about halfway down her stomach, revealing her hyper-developed abs.  By the time they reached her skirt, each muscle in her six-pack was bulging two inches beyond the waistline.

Jenna’s cute, pleated skirt was a skirt in name only.  In reality, it was a pathetic strip of cloth barley long enough to cover her panties.  It left her thighs completely exposed, and for the first time, those massive hunks of veiny meat could flex as big and as wide they wanted to.  A set of black thigh high socks was pulled up as far as her calves.  It would’ve been impossible to go any higher given the gargantuan size of her legs.

Jenna pretended to ignore Ed as she busied herself at her locker.  Laying her school bag on the ground, she bent over and revealed her incredible ass.  The tiny skirt hiked up even higher, allowed an unobstructed view of absolutely everything.   

Ed gasped out loud at the sight of the cute teen’s heart stopping glutes.  They were so intensely muscular, so repulsively hardcore that they barley resembled a girl’s ass at all.  Each cheek had been reduced to a tight ball of rippling beef.  With every motion, striations as thick as fingers cut the muscles into smaller, highly feathered sub groups.  Dozens of veins appeared from her bulging mound and snaked across her bronzed flesh.  Even her microscopic g-string, easily visible running between her shredded butt cheeks, left nothing to the imagination.

Slowly, Jenna noticed Ed approaching.  Turning to greet him, he was immediately taken aback he was by her nut-bustingly sexy face.

“Hey.  It’s Jenna, right?  Listen, I couldn’t help but notice your muscles.”

“Really?  These itty-bitty things?  I don’t know, I think I could get bigger.”

Jenna casually flexed her left bicep.  A monstrous muscle the size of volleyball strained the limits of her sleeve.  Moving her wrist around, tendon-deep striations flared under her virtually non-existent skin.

Ed nearly choked at the sight of her ridiculously over-developed arm.   

“…Well I’ve been having some problems with my arm workout lately.  Maybe you could give me a hand?”

Jenna tried to keep a straight face, but underneath her cool exterior she was going crazy.

“Sure.  But you better have a lot of weight.  I lift heavy.”

“No problem.  Come by my place after school.  44 Ashcroft Drive.”

“See you then.”  Jenna chirped, closing her locker.   As she walked away, she gave her ass a hard flex.  She could feel Ed’s eyes on her as she transformed every inch of her butt into a rigid, rocky mass.

Four o’clock couldn’t have taken longer to arrive.  By the time the school bell finally rang, Jenna was so excited she could hardly stand it.  Her panties had become a sticky, soupy mess of bubbling girl juice.  Her heart was pounding like a drum in her chest.  Even her muscles seemed to be undergoing a strange, sexually charged pump.   

Stopping in the washroom, Jenna checked herself in the mirror and was alarmed at the state of her body.  Her muscles were hugely swollen.  She was so wet that her thighs were soaked all the way to her knees.  Wiping herself off, she worried that she’d tear through her clothes before she even got to Ed’s place.

As Jenna approached Ed’s front door, she could feel her hands shaking.  Ringing the doorbell, he greeted her a moment later.  Before he could say anything, the lusty teen bodybuilder lurched forward and mashed her lips against his.

Overwhelmed by her pent-up sexuality, Jenna crushed her huge, bee-stung lips against him so hard it hurt.  As her tongue probed his mouth, saliva oozed from the corners of their lips and ran down their faces.   

The kiss lasted for over a minute.  When Jenna finally released her lip lock, a half-dozen gooey strands hung between their mouths.

“I’m – I’m sorry…. “  Jenna began, her face blushing

Ed immediately stopped her.

“Come upstairs.”

Ed opened the door to his bedroom.  Jenna entered behind him to find a surprising configuration.  On one side of the room was your standard teenager fare – bed, TV, computer.  On the other side was an extremely impressive gym setup.  Ed had clearly prepared for this event as his equipment included several additional weight stacks.

“I wanna watch you pump hardcore iron.” Ed commanded, shutting the door behind him.  “I wanna see just how huge you can get.  I wanna see your limits.”

Jenna felt her knees weaken.  A fresh gob of juice filled her saturated panties.

“I don’t have limits…” Jenna answered, rubbing her thighs.

Wandering over to a set of dumbbells, the over-heated teen ran her fingers along the various weights leaving a wet trail.  She passed 40s, 60s and 80s before settling on a pair of 100-pound dumbbells.

As Jenna lifted those intimidating slabs of iron, Ed watched her entire body flex and ripple.  Stitches tore open all over her shirt.

“How bad do you want me to burn?”  Jenna asked.

“Thirty reps, fast and hard.”  He answered.

The bulging muscle-teen smiled and immediately began cranking out preacher curls.  Ed watched as the monstrous weights rose and fell with perfect, machine-like precision.   

Finishing thirty solid reps with relative ease, Jenna didn’t stop.  Instead, she held one of the weights aloft at the halfway point.  Gazing down at her shockingly pumped biceps, she watched unspeakable vascularity bulge through her skin.  Her shoulders had already split her sleeves in a number of places, giving Ed a peek-a-boo show of her individually sliced delts.

Slowly Jenna finished the motion.  Threads began to split along her triceps as they flexed to the max.

To Ed’s surprise, another rep followed.  Jenna moaned as her massive biceps began to tear the struggling material of her shirt.  The veins running across Jenna’s forearms were becoming so engorged they looked ready to explode.  Even her triceps were flaring with inhuman muscle mass.

Jenna continued pumping out additional reps until the threads in her sleeves began to split and fray.  Finally, her ultra-huge biceps erupted through the material.  The beautiful teen let out a sharp, sexual gasp.

Ed could only stare, shocked at the sight of such masculine pythons attached to an innocent girl.  She was like some perversion of nature.

“I’m going to need more weight.”  Jenna whispered, catching her breath.

Ed looked at the weight rack.  The 100s were the biggest dumbbells he had.  Hell, he’d never even used them before.

“I-I don’t have anything bigger…” he muttered.

Jenna walked back to the weights and set the dumbbells down.  Gazing at the rack, she began dismantling other dumbbells and adding their plates to her 100s.  Ed watched in disbelief as Jenna squeezed a half-dozen new plates onto each side.  By the time she was finished, there was a solid mass of plates a foot wide on each side.  In fact, she’d stacked so many, there was barely enough room for her tiny hands.

Gripping those behemoths, Jenna grunted loudly and she hoisted them up.  It looked to Ed like simply holding those monstrous dumbbells was a huge strain for the mega-teen.  He couldn’t fathom a guess how much each one weighed.

“Push me harder.”  Jenna muttered, her muscle lust boiling out of control.   “I’ll do anything you want.“



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Hardbody Part 4 II
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Hardbody Part 4-II
by Mr. Shhh

.....“Forty reps!”  Ed yelled, his heart pounding.

Jenna closed her eyes and began.  Within seconds, she was firing perfect, precise reps at an incredible rate.

It took a few moments to reach 20.  Sweat was now flowing down the peaks and valleys of her world-class body.  Her thin, tattered shirt had taken on a translucent quality, making her hard nipples clearly visible.

Gritting her teeth, the massive bodybuilder glanced at her arms again.  They had swelled to an astonishing new level, easily inches bigger than they had been just a moment ago.  The shredded material of her sleeves was tearing higher, revealing more and more of her ridiculously developed shoulders.

“You’re… you’re huge!”  Ed exclaimed.

“Unhhhh….” Jenna moaned, nearly creaming herself.  “D-do you want to f-feel me….?”

Ed approached her, his face pale and his mouth dry.   Touching his fingers to her dripping flesh, he found her hot to the touch.  As he caressed her arms, he couldn’t believe how small his hands appeared.  Both hands together were barely the size of her tricep.

“Ahhhhh!” Jenna gasped, pumping out rep 30.  “H-hold them tight….!”

Ed did as she asked and Jenna slowed her curl.   He could tell she was in agony, but she still managed a weak smile.  With each steady pump, he could feel her arms expanding further and further right beneath him.  There seemed to be no end to it.  How much mass could this girl possibly contain?

More stitches popped along her chest.  The buttons holding her shirt together strained to the max as her pecs swelled with bloated, super-veiny muscle.

“It’s impossible!”  Ed blurted as Jenna reached rep 36.  “No one’s that big!”

Looking up at Jenna’s face, he saw the cute teen fidgeting in pain.  Her smile was gone.  She had closed her eyes and was funneling every ounce of strength she had into her massive arms.

The 37th rep came slow.  Jenna screamed and her inhuman biceps flared bigger still.  By 38, tears began running down Jenna’s face.  They mixed with the river of sweat dripping off her chin.

“Uhhhhgggg!!!  Grrrrrrnnnn!!!”  Jenna growled, her face a mask of concentration.

Rep 39 took almost a full minute.  The strain on her was so intense now; it was all Jenna could do to stay on her feet.  Her entire body was shaking violently.  Her thighs were demented, pulsating masses.  Each one must have been three and a half feet wide.

“Ahhhhggg!!!”  Jenna howled, her eyes bugging out of her skull as she pumped out the final rep.  Veins were flaring out of her neck and forehead like bratwurst sausages.

To Ed’s surprise, Jenna didn’t drop the weights upon completion.  Instead, she looked directly into Ed’s eyes.  Fighting to contain her sobbing, she muttered to him.

“T-this… is f-for…y-y-you….”

Letting out an anguish-filled cry, Jenna lifted both enormous weights up over her shoulders and hit a massive double bicep pose.  What remained of her tattered sleeves exploded as arms bigger than anything imaginable flared with inhuman power.

As Ed stared at the shaking, sobbing girl before him, his mind could hardly fathom what he was seeing.  She wasn’t a girl anymore.  To think that at some point she had been a sweet, innocent teenager now seemed impossible.  She was bigger than humongous.  Beyond shredded.  She was a perverted mass of inhuman anatomy.  Her pulsing, rippling body was so hideously over-developed that he could barely tell what was what.   

As Jenna continued to flex her body to the max, stitches split all over her back and chest.  Deeply tanned muscle exploded outward in every direction.  Her abs must have been 5 inches deep now.  With one hard flex, they bulged out another inch and tore the waist of her tiny skirt and sent it fluttering to the ground.

Jenna’s legs were rippling like an ocean.  Slabs of muscle a foot thick were packed one on top on another on top of another.  The sheer volume of meat on each thigh must have been greater a normal teenager’s entire bodyweight.

After a full minute of holding those weights aloft, Jenna finally let both dumbbells crash to the floor.  The exhausted teen collapsed onto her hands and knees and gasped for air.  Sweat was no longer simply dripping off her, it was pouring in unbroken streams onto the soaked carpet.

Jenna lay unmoving for long seconds, sprawled out on all fours like an animal.  Guttural sobbing drifted from somewhere below her dripping hair.   Fighting to catch her breath, she raised her head.  She looked at Ed while wiping the tears from her face.

“W-what n-n-next?  She asked.


“I t-told you, I’ll do whatever you want.”

Ed’s heart nearly stopped.

“Are you crazy?  Have you looked at yourself?  You’re a beast!”

A grin formed on Jenna’s shaking lips.

“I c-can get b-bigger…”

Ed paused a moment.  Was she serious?  How could she possibly get any bigger, she was inhuman looking!

“Okay.  You want more?”

Ed looked over at his weights with a sadistic gleam in his eye.

“Bench press.  600 pounds.  20 reps.”

Slowly, Jenna struggled to her feet.  He could see she was still in agony.  As she stumbled over to the weights, her quivering thighs struggled to hold her.

Ed watched her pile weights on a long barbell.  Simply lifting a 50-pound plate made Jenna wince in pain.

Lying down on the bench, the beautiful teen stretched her body.  The tattered remains of her shirt groaned as her horrifically exaggerated chest bulged through her clothes.  Her sheer girth nearly filled the entire space between the bench and the legs holding the barbell aloft.  Her pecs were so thick, they were mashed against the barbell.  In fact, from his vantage point, Ed couldn’t even see her head.

As Jenna widened her legs, Ed got a view of her tiny panties.  He gasped at the bulging masses of sinewy beef that made up her inhuman crotch.  Even her feminine sex was a twisted, over-developed orgy of muscles.  They were pumped so big that they looked ready to tear through her thong.  How developed could one person get?

Lifting the large barbell off the rack, Jenna hyperventilated before punching out ten solid, robotic reps. With each motion she grunted loudly, fighting the burning pain overwhelming her body.

The next five reps came slower as Jenna’s tortured muscles exploded with aggressive detail.  Ed watched her pump even bigger with each rep.  The final five reps were an incredible struggle for the whimpering girl, but she bit her lip and powered them out.

The massive weight returned to it’s home and Jenna sat up. Panting like an animal, she looked down and flexed her massive chest.  The buttons on her shirt finally ripped open and her sweaty, naked pecs poured out.

Ed gasped.  Her chest was sickening.  She had no breasts to speak of.  Every inch of flesh was a swollen, writhing nightmare.  Each breath produced cuts several inches deep that transformed her pecs into a rocky, angular mess.  There was nothing feminine about her.  She wasn’t a woman anymore.  She wasn’t even a man.  She was a hideous freak show.

“Unnnghhhh.  H-hurts so g-good….!”  Jenna moaned, tensing her chest even harder.  More stitches tore as her girth literally doubled.  There was no way she could possibly see her own feet now.

Ed’s heart was pounding in his chest as he watched her rubbing those dripping masses.   

“Double it!  1200 pounds. 40 reps!”  He yelled, his excitement getting the better of him

Jenna bit her lip.   What she was being asked was ludicrous.  No one could press that kind of weight for reps, but that was what excited her.  As the monstrous teen got to her feet, Ed noticed a large wet mark where she had been sitting.  This was actually turning her on!

Jenna ignored her screaming muscles and began piling on 200-pound plates.  As she ran out, she started picking up 100s.  When those ran out, she piled on 50s, then 25s, then 10s.

“T-that’s more than 1200 pounds!”  Ed blurted.

“It's all the weights you've got.”   

By the time Jenna was finished, there were 30 plates on either side of the barbell.  The thick bar itself was under so much strain, its ends were touching the floor.

Jenna lay down on the bench and discovered a new problem: her pecs had become so huge that she couldn’t get under the bar anymore.

“Ed, you have to lift the bar so I can get under it.”  She said.

Ed came around to the other side of the bench and took the barbell in his hands.  1200 pounds was more than he had ever lifted in his life.  He doubted her could even press it with his legs.  Taking that massive bar in his hands, he flexed with everything he had.  To Jenna’s amusement, it didn’t budge.  It might as well have been concrete.

Sitting up, Jenna lowered the legs of the bench.  As she got back on, she was only a few inches higher than the floor.  Settling in under the bar, she was surprised to find that she still barely fit.

With an intense grunt, the massive teen lifted the enormous weight off the rack.  Instantly, her arms and chest flared to a ridiculous size.  The strain on Jenna’s face was obvious as the 60 or so iron plates shook loudly.

Closing her eyes, Jenna let her mind drift.  She imagined her body pumped bigger than ever before – bigger than any bodybuilder in any magazine.  She saw a sick, demented mass of veins and meat dripping with sweat.  She would make her dream a reality.   

As Jenna slowly began cranking out the reps, Ed noticed her lats bulging against the edges of the weight rack.  It was impossible, he thought.  The rack must have been five feet wide!

Rep after rep, Jenna continued to lift that weight.  The bar was sagging so heavily under it’s load that it looked like a “U”.   How could she possibly lift it?

At rep 10, Jenna’s chest was over 2 feet thick.  It was as high as her extended forearms.  At rep 15, her shoulders were as big as medicine balls.

“It’s s-still n-not enough…” She moaned, her body shaking as she held the weight at the peak of her motion.  “P-push down on the b-bar.”

Ed looked at her in disbelief.  To his surprise, his hands were still on the bar.  He’d never let go.

“P-push with all your weight.”

Slowly, Ed tightened his grip.  Leaning down on the bar, he suddenly pressed down with all his might.

“Grruuunnnnggg!!!”  Jenna cried, her chest flexing so hard it began pressing against her chin.  Veins exploded all over her body.  Tears instantly began pouring down her twisted face.

“H-harder..!”  She whispered, barley able to form the words.

Ed responded with sadistic vigor.  He leaned further onto the bar and pushed with everything her had.
Jenna suddenly shrieked, spit flying.  More stitches ripped along her shoulders and back, tearing apart the final tattered remains of her shredded blouse.  The super-built teen was now naked, save her tiny pink underwear.   Even those were beginning to rip under the strain of her inhuman crotch.   

“H-h-h-harder…”  Jenna pleaded.

Ed let out a ferocious yell and pushed with every ounce of strength her had.  Jenna began flinging her head from side to side.  Every muscle in her body was a white-hot ember of pain.

Slowly, the weight began to sink.  For a moment, Ed thought he’d finally beaten her, but he soon realized the unbelievable - it was simply rep 21.  The plates vibrated loudly as the mutant muscle monster lying before him pressed another rep.   At the bottom of her motion the huge barbell paused for an instant.  A guttural yell sent it flinging back upward.

During the next minute, Jenna pumped out 10 more reps. Her body was positively distorted with effort.

Ed had gotten so caught up in moment he had barely noticed Jenna’s hideous growth.  She was a muscle-bound abomination - muscular to a level that no one had a right to be.  Everything about her was pushed so far past the point of reason that she didn’t resemble anything at all.

“Gnnnnppp!   Hunnnnnngggg!”  Jenna muttered as she hit 32.  She was a shivering, sobbing beast – monstrous and inhumanly ripped.  Even her beautiful face was a nightmare of purple veins.

On the bottom of the 35th rep, the barbell stalled again.  Jenna appeared to be fighting with everything she had just to keep it there.  Ed could feel her strain and took the opportunity to finally break her.  Lifting his legs, he pressed them against the huge universal gym behind him and pushed off against the machine with his thighs.

Jenna screamed as the force of the weight literally doubled.

“Let’s see you finish now!”  Ed yelled, relieved that she had limits.

But the barbell didn’t fall.  Every tendon in her body was flexed to the max just to keep from being crushed.   She should’ve collapsed under the intense strain.  She should’ve been on the floor balling her eyes out.   Instead, Ed swore he felt the impossible.  Glancing down, his worst fear was confirmed.  The ridiculous weight had started to rise again.

“What are you doing?  Don’t be stupid!”  Ed yelled.

Jenna couldn’t hear him.  She had retreated deeper inside herself, away from the fiery pain consuming her body.  She was in the center of her most guarded fantasies.  For any girl her age this would have been sex, or boys or money.  For Jenna, there was only muscle.  She imagined her body bigger – more ripped, more massive.  There were no limits.  She would be the biggest of them all.   

With a ragged scream, Jenna howled into the air.  To Ed’s complete disbelief, she suddenly started pumping both Ed and the humongous barbell like they weren’t even there.  He couldn’t believe it.  He wouldn’t believe it.  She was not only lifting everything he could throw at her, she was doing it over and over with a speed that defied description.

Jenna flew past rep 40.  45.  50.  She wouldn’t stop.

Ed ceased pressing the bar and dropped to the floor.  He struggled to catch his breath.

Finally, at rep 56 Jenna began to slow.  With one last guttural moan, she racked the weight.

Ed got to his knees and looked up.  Jenna was hunched over on the bench, whimpering.  From his vantage point, all her could see was her endless back.  No head.  No arms.  Just back.  Her lats were definitely wider than the weight rack now.

Slowly, Jenna looked over her mammoth shoulder.  Wiping the tears from her eyes, she whispered in a soft voice.


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Hardbody Part 5
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Hardbody Part 5

by Mr. Shh

As Jenna walked through the crowded shopping mall, she could feel a thousand eyes glaring at her body.  Jaws were dropping, kids were crying.  Ice cream cones were falling on the floor.  The entire place was whispering about her - disgusted, amazed or simply unbelieving.  She was the complete center of attention, a human car wreck no one could tear their eyes from.
  Of course, there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this: Jenna had finally taken her obsession with bodybuilding beyond the point of no return.  She was now light years beyond common sense - past what even she thought was humanly possible.  Simply put, she had become a complete and total muscle monster.
  The last few months had been a rollercoaster ride for the gorgeous young high-schooler.  After 6 years of agonizing gym torture, her body had finally seemed to reach critical mass.  Her quest to woo her schoolgirl crush, Edward Scott, had seen her climax with a physical regiment that was nothing short of insanity.  Jenna worked out 7 days a week, 11 hours a day.  Her protein consumption was off the charts.  Breakfast alone consisted of 36 egg whites, five cans of tuna and 5 bananas along with a liter of orange juice and two liters of water.  Her gains were even more staggering.  In the two months leading up to her first "date" with Ed, she had put on almost 58 pounds of aggressively masculine thickness.  With a height of only 5'5, she eventually tipped the scales at a jaw-dropping 421 pounds.  Mixed with a punishing body fat level of 1.12% and you had a physique that no female was ever meant to possess.
  At the time, Jenna had grown so huge that she began to wonder how much bigger she could get.  After all, no one in any magazine or contest was even close to her level.  Even the biggest male heavyweights with their freaky, juiced-up bodies couldn’t hold a candle to her utterly inhuman physique.  Then she met Dawn.
  Jenna had never seen another man or woman as remotely muscular as Dawn.  She was an animal.  Nothing could’ve prepared her for the towering University student's indescribable body.  Though Jenna had ultimately matched Dawn inch for inch and muscle for muscle, it was clear that there were other bodybuilders out there who shared Jenna’s near limitless genetic potential.  For the first time in her young life, the beautiful teen worried that there may actually be someone even bigger than her.
  Of course, this was simply unacceptable.  In Jenna’s mind, she had to be the absolute biggest there was, period.  Starting that day, she’d transform herself into the most hideous bodybuilding abomination imaginable; a nightmarish monstrosity of veins and muscles so garishly overdeveloped that she’d be incapable of existing in normal society.
  That was six months ago.

  As Jenna stepped onto the fist floor escalator, she realized she had a problem.  The machine had clearly been designed to accommodate two or three large adults side by side.  There was no possible way she was going to fit.
  Bypassing the escalator, she walked up the stairs to the second floor where she was greeted by a new wave of gasps and insults from the mall’s shocked patrons.
  “-- Look at her arms!  They’re so big she can hardly bend them!”
  “Go back to the circus you sick freak!”
  “What is it?  A man or a woman?”
  “…She looks like she doesn’t even have skin. She’s totally covered in veins!  It’s disgusting!”
  “How does she fit in a car?”
  “Think of the ‘roids she must’ve taken!”
  “-- She looks like she could bench-press a bus.”
  “I bet her voice sounds like Barry White!”
  “Her calves are as big as watermelons!”
  Jenna tried her hardest to ignore the voices but deep down, she knew she wanted to hear it all.  For her, being labeled a sideshow-freak was the ultimate turn on.  The harsher their reaction, the hotter she got and today she was getting the most gut-wrenching insults of her life.   
  The reality was she couldn’t go anywhere anymore without creating a scene.  In the last month in particular, with her weight skyrocketing into the stratosphere, she’d become downright impossible to ignore.  It wasn’t unusual for people to faint at the mere sight of her.  She’d caused car accidents, seen grown men lose their lunch – just at a glance of her mutant muscularity.
  But Jenna knew that the crowd was only seeing a fraction of what she was capable of.  Imagine what they’d say if she could see her after a workout, all swollen and ripped?   Imagine if they knew what kind of a pumped-up mega-freak she could really become?
  The beautiful teen could feel a wetness growing in her panties.  What was wrong with her, she thought?  She was becoming some kind of perverted muscle slut.  Lately it seemed like she was horny all the time, to the point where her panties were almost perpetually soaked.  Even now she could feel the damp material sticking to her freaky crotch.  It had to be a result of her new… appendage.
  No!  She couldn’t allow herself to even think about that.  If she didn’t calm down, her muscles were going to swell.  As it were, her humongous fat-girl clothes were just barely able to contain her overwhelming girth.  Any kind of pump, no matter how minor would split them wide open.  That was why she was here in the first place.

  The hulking uber-teen walked into a trendy, 2nd floor clothing store and immediately became the subject of a dozen stares.
  “You’re back already?”  A tall sales clerk called out, his face going ghost white at the sight of her impossible bulk.  “It’s only been six weeks!”
  Jenna adjusted her glasses shyly.  “Umm, actually… it’s been four.”
  The clerk crossed the room and approached her, his 6’1 frame towering over her.  He panned his head to take in her endless body and noted how unnatural her cute face looked atop her hard, unforgiving body.
  “Good lord.  The custom clothes we made barely fit you anymore!  How much weight have you gained?”  He asked pensively.
  A blush washed over Jenna’s face.  She bit her lip.
  “…I weighted myself this morning at 731 pounds.”  She squeaked in her surprisingly soft girl-voice.
  Jenna watched the clerk’s jaw hit the floor.  She was now in a category normally reserved for the mega-obese.  She didn’t have the heart to mention that her ultimate goal was to break 1000 pounds.  As it stood, she was heavier than almost 4 heavyweight male bodybuilders combined and growing every day.   The amazing part was that she looked even huger.   Her all-encompassing muscularity was simply off the charts.
  “I’ve gained so much weight this month that I can’t even get my clothes on anymore.  I tried to squeeze into my biggest “hide me” sweat shirt yesterday and split the sleeves just brushing my hair.”
  The clerk’s face tightened.
  “That’s impossible.  I added 10 inches of breathing room to all your tops.”
  Jenna casually lifted her arm.  The stretchy material of her pink cotton shirt was already pulled taunt to a ludicrous degree.  Each bulge in her over-stuffed limb was clearly visible in relief against the shirt.  Even the thick, purple veins covering every inch of her flesh were just barely contained.  Some had even started to split the seams.
  With the slightest of efforts, Jenna bent her arm 90 degrees.  An utterly colossal bicep mushroomed instantly, stretching the material so far that the color of her skin could be seen right through it.  Stitches began to tear as the sleeve groaned in agony.
  Jenna slowly closed her fist.  Veins ran between her fingers and knuckles.  With one hard flex, the entire sleeve exploded in a cloud of material from shoulder to wrist.
  The clerk could only stare at the naked meat-mass Jenna called her arm.  He kept trying to remind himself that she was an 18 year old girl, yet what he saw in front of him looked like it belonged on some snorting, 12 foot tall ogre.  She looked like a demented anatomy chart.  The peak of her bicep was so enormous that it was actually pressing against her fist.  Her shoulders were several times thicker than her own head and divided by a thousand striations rippling with power.
  It was impossible that anyone could be that massive, the clerk thought - let alone a shy young girl.  She had destroyed her body and turned it into a sick, steroid-fueled atrocity.   
  “If you don’t mind, I’d like you to measure me.”  Jenna asked, completely embarrassed.
  “Wuh…what?”  The clerk gasped.  “B-But you always just bring me your measurements.”
  Jenna shuffled her feet, the blush on her face deepening.
  “I…. I can’t measure myself anymore because… I can’t reach most of my own body.”
  The clerk’s brain melted.  Jenna seemed ashamed - yet deep down, the cute schoolgirl could feel her loins boiling.  What a beast she had become.  What a monster.
  The clerk swallowed hard.  He’d seen fat people who couldn’t tie their shoes, but this was ridiculous.  Examining Jenna’s incomprehensible mass, he realized that she probably couldn’t see her entire lower body.  Her arms were so thick they could only reach about half-way across her equally enormous waist.
  “Lacey…!”  The clerk called, glancing across the store.
  Jenna’s brow tightened at the sound of that name.  Turning around, she was surprised to see her schoolmate, Lacey Vandorn walking towards her.
  As Lacey and the sales clerk stepped aside to speak, Jenna found her eyes drawn to the popular teen.  A year younger than Jenna, the barely 17 year old beauty had a reputation for being smokin’ hot.  Silky blonde hair fell to her shoulders framing the face of a goddess - piercing green eyes, pert nose and a set of soft, erotic lips so thick that they made Angelina Jolie look anemic.
  As a whole, young Lacey was almost a match for Jenna’s own stunning facial beauty – almost.  Even with the gauntness from her intense dieting and the uncompromising vascularity flaring across her temples and forehead, no one was as beautiful as Jenna.  Yet it was Lacey’s unbelievable body that stole the show.  In her own way, she was almost as freakish as Jenna herself.
  It had been six months since Jenna had last seen her classmate.  In that time, Lacey had developed a body that would have put even the most over the top porn star to shame.  Her already busty figure had experienced a devastating growth spurt, resulting in some utterly jaw-dropping dimensions.
  Standing only 5’1, her skinny, boy-like figure had filled out in all the right places.  She now sported a set of triple E breasts that completely overwhelmed her.  The fact that the rest of her was so petite only made her giant tits look even more ridiculous.  She was quite literally all tits and ass.  Her bulging masses, barely contained within an overburdened button-up blouse, were visible from any angle.
The clerk turned back to Jenna, still barely able to comprehend the sight of the inhuman muscle mountain before him.       
  “Okay Jenna, Lacey here is going to help you with your, um… problem in the change room.”
  Lacey gazed at Jenna’s inexplicable mass, her eyes trying to drink in the endless muscularity.
  “Um… hi, Jenna.  Follow me.”
  Lacey headed off towards the back of the store with the humongous teen bodybuilder in tow.  As Jenna followed her, she continued to be amazed by Lacey’s incredible body.  Even from behind, the swell of her jiggling chest jutted out almost a foot on either side.  Jenna also made note of Lacey’s sexy tan and impressive muscle tone.  Even through her skirt, she could see how tight Lacey’s ass was.  She definitely worked out, though her glutes weren’t even close to the viciously striated balls of girl beef that Jenna possessed.
  “God, I haven’t seen you in forever,” Lacey chirped, glancing back at Jenna.
  The massive teen was used to people freaking out about her muscles.  In fact, she expected it, yet Lacey seemed abnormally cool.
  “I thought you were huge before, but now… holy crap!  I mean, you’re totally gigantic!  You have to be juicing like crazy.  You’re TOO HUGE!”     
  As the pair passed through the aisles, Jenna caught the eyes of a half dozen shoppers staring at her.  None of them could fathom what they were seeing, or even what gender she was.  She appeared to be some kind of macho, steroid fueled beef-cake.  Only her beautiful face and shy, womanly movements gave away her femininity.
  Stopping at the change room door, Jenna was faced with a new problem.
Lacey turned and looked at her.  “What is it?”  She asked, before realizing her folly.  “Oh…”
  Jenna couldn’t fit through the door.  She was at least twice as wide as it and almost as thick.  The span of her shoulders mixed with the tremendous width of her meaty arms gave her a wingspan of 7 feet.  Sideways, her heaving man pecs alone were almost 3 feet deep.  Her bulging muscle-gut added yet another foot beyond that, and combined with her arms and back, she was thicker than a phone booth.
  “Don’t worry, girl.  We can do this out here.  Let me get my tape measure.”
  As Lacey walked away, she gazed back at the impossible mound of muscles behind her.  A lustful grin formed as she licked her lips.


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Hardbody Part 6
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Hardbody Part 6

by Mr. Shh

Lacey returned to the back of the store where she found young Jenna waiting for her.  Her heart skipped a beat at the sight of the gargantuan teen bodybuilder. Jesus she was big, Lacey thought.  The word “bodybuilder” somehow didn’t seem appropriate anymore.
“Let’s start with your waist.”  Lacey suggested, trying to keep her composure.  Kneeling down in front of Jenna, she found herself mere inches from over 700 pounds of chiseled muscle mass.  The sight of all that veiny girl beef had her practically salivating.
“Umm… I have you down as 38 inches. Is that right?”
Jenna barely heard the question.  She was too busy staring at Lacey’s unbelievable cleavage.  Her heaving tits were practically exploding through the buttons of a shirt never designed for half that much mam meat.   Her nipples were so erect that she could see their inch-long outlines bent in half against her straining material.
Looking up, Lacey caught Jenna’s eyes.  A blush shot across the teen bodybuilder’s face.
“You probably think my muscles are pretty gross…”  Jenna started.
“Are you kidding?  Your body is hot.  You’re a total beef-cake.”
Jenna smiled shyly.
“You really think so?”  She asked, her voice a cute squeak.
“Just look at you, girl.  Your shirt can barely contain those bulging biceps.  You’ve gotta be at least three times as big as those guys on muscle beach.  How the heck did you get so huge?!”     
“I’ve been eating gigantic amounts of protein for months: fish, chicken, anything that’ll add mass.  I’m up to 8 meals a day.  I go through a 4 liter jug of Creatine every week.”
Lacey bit her lip.  “Let me measure your waist,” she asked, her hands shaking with anticipation.
Slowly, Jenna lifted her shirt, revealing her heart-stopping midriff.  Lacey gasped and covered her mouth.   
Jenna’s conditioning seemed impossible.  Every single muscle was over-developed to a staggering degree.  Muscles that should have been smooth and sleek exploded outward from her body in unnatural, soccer ball-sized hunks.  Her abs were so thick that they completely devoured her tiny belly button.
Lacey felt her body go weak.  She simply couldn’t believe how ripped Jenna was.  It looked like someone had carved her out of marble.  She was so painfully lean that it her tightly stretched skin was virtually non-existent.
 “I had to extend the waist of my skirt so I’d have something to wear here today,” Jenna admitted sheepishly.   “Nothing else fits anymore.”
Lacey noticed an extra 10 inches of material hastily stitched to either side of Jenna’s hips.  Reaching out, she ran her small hand across the gorgeous teenager’s jagged stomach.  It felt like hot steel.  Each abdominal was so deeply carved that she could lose most of her hand between them.     
Picking up her tape measure, she struggled to get it around Jenna’s unyielding mass.  She couldn’t believe what she read.
“… 49 inches!”  She exclaimed.  “That can’t be right!”
Jenna tensed her abs.  They erupted with even more muscularity, pushing her shredded gut out another half foot.  The stitches on the waist of her skirt groaned painfully.
Re-measuring her, Lacey was astounded by her growth.
“55 inches!  That’s twice as big as my waist!”
Jenna knew that she could get even bigger still, but she was concerned about her outfit.   If she flexed any harder, she’d no doubt rip open the waist and leave herself half-naked.   Yet, the hulking teenage muscle-mountain had grown tired of her constant trips to the mall, endlessly re-buying her wardrobe as she packed on the meat.  She needed something that would last longer than 4 weeks.
Gritting her teeth, Jenna grunted loudly and flexed with her entire chest.  The waist of her skirt immediately ripped open in a flurry of stitches.  The long garment fell to the floor, revealing her absurdly muscular lower body.
Lacey was speechless.  If Jenna seemed muscular before, it now seemed like a warm-up.   She was a literal orgy of muscles.
Jenna closed her eyes and flexed harder.  Customers slowly stopped what they were doing and gawked at the half-naked beef-beast bulging out of control.
“60 inches…!!”  Lacey exclaimed.
By now, Jenna’s stomach was so massively thick that it looked ready to burst.  Three-dozen veins were pushing their way out of her over-burdened panties and running the length of her stomach.   Her skin was making groaning noises as it desperately tried to contain her tremendous muscularity.
The buttons on Jenna’s shirt were stretched to the max, revealing windows of bronze flesh all the way up her chest.  Stitches groaned as her pumped-up pecs filled with mass.
Lacey realized that Jenna had no shape anymore.  Her waist was so thick that she had become a solid block of muscle from head to toe.  Her hips were gone as well, replaced with huge hunks of muscle-meat.  All space between her arms and legs had long-ago filled with unyielding muscles pressing against each other.
“You’re amazing!!”  Lacey exclaimed, her words barely able to hide her wanton lust.
Lacey had always been into girls, yet Jenna’s macho muscles were turning her on in a new way.  The dichotomy was incredibly erotic: a sexy school girl with a rippling beef-cake body.  She was pure testosterone, yet hotter than any porn star.
“So muscular…!!”  She moaned, now openly rubbing her hands across Jenna’s pumped-up crotch.  The white material of Jenna’s panties was fast disappearing under the ruthless expansion of muscles and veins.
“Everywhere I look, it’s all veins and bulges!  You’re a goddess!! “
“I can get bigger…”  Jenna whispered.
Lacey felt her panties starting to drip with lust.
“Get bigger!   Get massive!”   She exclaimed, saliva literally dripping from her lips.  “Pump your freaky muscles!”           
Jenna looked at the ceiling.  With one massive flex, her stomach filled with a mind-blowing amount of thickness.
Lacey grabbed her tape measure and struggled to get it around Jenna’s waist.   
 “It can’t be!”
Lacey checked and rechecked her tape measure.   With every new flex, it was forced open by another inch or two.       
   “65 inches!!”  She yelled.
Jenna’s body was shaking with strain.   Veins had begun to appear on her forehead from the intense effort.  Though she was still drop-dead gorgeous, her intense dieting had given her face a sharp, angular look.  Her gauntness was amplified by the stain on her face.  It looked like even her face was flexing.
At this point, Jenna’s abs were indescribable.  They were so intensely massive that they were pressing against each other in a hideous jumble of mutant anatomy.   Seams split on her panties as more and more veins pushed their way out in every direction.
“GNNNNNNNNGGGGGG!!”  Jenna groaned, her fists vibrating with effort.   An alarming number of veins wrapped across her face.   Was there no end to her muscular development?
Lacey’s tape pressed open again, forced apart by an explosion of swelling.
“69 inches!”
Jenna put her hands behind her head and screamed with determination.  The entire topography of the teen’s stomach solidified into a new configuration, seemingly twice as muscular as before.  Abs feathered with a shocking amount of vascularity, shredding her muscles even harder.   
More and more veins swelled across Jenna’s jaw-dropping mid-riff.  So much vascularity was exploding out of her panties that they had stretched to the point of translucency.  Vaginal muscles thicker than a male-bodybuilder’s biceps could be seen rippling with cross-striations beneath her dental-floss g-string.   Her vagina itself was so hideously muscular that it was now completely unrecognizable.
“I’m out of measuring tape!” Lacey gasped.  “Your waist is over 70 inches!”
But Jenna didn’t stop.  The horrified audience that had gathered watched as the high-schooler muscles continued to grow.
“I need m-more muscle!”  Jenna moaned, her beautiful face twisted with effort.  Veins had started splitting the stitches of her shirt and snaking up her neck.
“UNNNNGGGGGGGRRRRR!!”  She cried, willing her muscularity to uncharted heights of definition.
Lacey’s tape pulled further and further apart.  Soon she had the length of a ruler between the two ends.
After 2 solid minutes of flexing, Jenna’s stomach was absolutely revolting.  Her muscularity had gone past the point of reason and entered a horror show of demented over-development.  Her abs barely resembled anything human as they fought with each other for space.
Jenna shook her head, tears starting to roll down her face.  She was now muttering to herself incomprehensibly.
“G-grow, you wimp!  G-get bigger…!!”
With one loud scream, Jenna threw her stomach forward and flexed with all her might.  Lacey’s tape pulled apart by at least 5 inches as her mid-section ceased looking human.
Finally relaxing her flex, Jenna brought her arms back down.   Her body had swelled so much that she could barely keep them at her sides.  Each one was forced out at a 55 degree angle by the girth of her tremendous lats.       
As she gasped for breath, her stomach flared with uncontrollable vascularity.  She was a total beast.  No man or woman in history had ever been this freakishly muscular.
 The crowd of on lookers gazed at the hulking girl-mountain like they were watching a car crash.  Though she hadn’t noticed, her shirt had split open in a dozen places.  Half of the buttons had popped off; ripped from their moorings by her swelling body.  Her panties were barely hanging on.  Most of the stitches had split under the strain of her horrifically muscular crotch allowing another two-dozen more veins to burst free.
“W-what’s next…?”  Jenna ask, a blush washing across her face.
“Let’s measure your tits,” Lacey responded, licking her lips.


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Hardbody Part 7
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Mod note - Can anyone confirm the existence of an up-dated version of this chapter? One with more paragraphs for a better ending?

by MrShhh

Part 7

Lacey couldn’t tear her eyes away from Jenna’s monstrous body.  The power that was exploding from her savage physique was utterly erotic.  She’d never been so turned on in her life.

As her hand drifted to her own over-heated pussy, she found that her juices were already leaking down her thighs.  Her panties were saturated to the point where strings of hot girl cum were oozing out of the material.

Every time Lacey scanned Jenna’s she-hulk body, she felt her nipples harden even more.  No one had a right to be that muscular – least of all a short little high school girl.  Yet Jenna was no ordinary high school student.  Hell, she wasn’t even a girl anymore.  She was pure, brutish testosterone.   She was a demented, steroid nightmare covered in endless slabs of painfully shredded grade-A beef.

“If you want to measure my chest…” Jenna panted, her face red with embarrassment, “You’ll probably need a bigger tape measure…”

She was right.  Jenna’s chest was absolutely inhuman.   How could such a shy little nerd be so massively ripped?

Even relaxed, Jenna’s chest was barely contained within her ludicrously over-burdened top.  If Lacey’s 70 inch tape measure hadn’t been enough to cover Jenna’s dense abdomen, it didn’t stand a chance against those rippling behemoths.  Her pecs made her huge waist look like a child’s.

With every breath, a dozen inches of bronzed muscularity pressed through the gaping holes between her buttons.   Her cute shirt was stretched so tight across the span of her chest that everything from nipple to nipple was on the verge of exploding free.

What shocked Lacey more than anything was how far Jenna had sacrificed her femininity.  The fact that she had no tits to speak of was only the tip of the iceberg.  Everything from her garish man-pecs down to her basket-ball sized calves was unrelentingly harsh.  Her ass was a tight ball of striations devoid of anything resembling a shape.  Her shoulders were thicker than 2 watermelons and capped with biceps that resembled swollen footballs.  Her neck was the size of a steel I-beam.   

It all added up to a physique that was so stomach turning in it’s extremity that she could have easily been mistaken for a man – only no man was even close to her size.  At only 5’5, cute little Jenna packed more uber-mass than seemed humanly possible.  She was an unbelievable muscle freak - a hulking, rippling, testosterone-fueled mega-beast easily 3 – 4 times bigger than the most insane male bodybuilder in history.

Through the cotton of Jenna’s shirt, Lacey could see muscles and veins rippling where her teenage breasts should have been.  There was so much vascularity that it was starting to rip through the stitches of her top.

“Your chest is so fucking huge!”  Lacey moaned, her lust for Jenna’s muscularity boiling over.  “You’re not even a woman anymore!!”

Jenna didn’t care what she was.  Tits would have only gotten in the way of her magnificent pecs.  Thousands of hours on the pec deck screaming until she was hoarse had obliterated any sign of her breasts.  She’d remembered the countless nights she’d spent sprawled out on the floor, balling in agony as her demented chest twitched uncontrollably.   

Pumping her fists, Jenna felt the veins in her chest bulge through her skin.    Lacey could see them multiplying and filling with blood.  With a loud tear, half-dozen stitches tore open.

Simply tensing her arms caused three more buttons to shoot off.  Her pecs doubled in size, putting even more strain on her almost see-through shirt.       

Suddenly, another two buttons tore free.  A shocking amount of muscle-packed girl-meat exploded into view.  Lacey gasped out loud at the sight of Jenna’s exposed chest.  Her conditioning was brutal.

Each chest muscle was sliced into a half-dozen segments by a series of impossibly-sharp striations.  These segments were then subdivided by dozens of cross-striations running from shoulder to sternum.  It looked like every tendon in her chest was individually flexed.  Her conditioning was so demented that even relaxed, her pecs remained severely sliced.   

In the center of her chest, a series of jagged notches created a deep groove between her two pectorals.  It was yet another sign of her inhuman conditioning.  Her body fat level was so low that even the smallest muscles could be seen coiling tightly below the surface of her skin.  Lacey couldn’t even fathom how much weight Jenna had pressed to get those beasts so excruciatingly lean.     

As Jenna continued to ball her fists, her body responded with unbridaled enthusiasm.  Her shoulders thickened, further exaggerating the individually sliced blades of her deltoids.  Veins wrapped across her monster traps as they swelled past her ears, ready to burst.  She even began to take on a slight v-shape – not because her waist was shrinking but because her monstrous lats were spreading like two meaty wings.  They pressed her huge arms further outward as they continued to swell.

Lacey nervously took her tape measure and wrapped it around Jenna’s back.  Trying to line up the two ends in front of Jenna’s pecs, she was left with a gap almost the entire length of Jenna’s heaving chest.

“I can’t believe it – you were right!  The tape measure doesn’t even begin to cover your chest!”  Lacey exclaimed.

As Lacey fumbled to tie a second tape measure to the first, Jenna glanced around the room.  The huge bodybuilder had gotten so caught up in her flexing that she only now noticed the half-dozen shoppers openly staring at her.  A red blush shot across her face as she realized that she was standing in front of them in nothing but a skin-tight shirt and panties.  The thought alone made her body swell further.

“Hurry, Lacey – I can feel my muscles pumping up like crazy.  I almost can’t control it!”

Jenna ran her hands over the grooves of her chest.  She couldn’t believe how tightly crunched her pecs were.  It felt like a thousand snakes were wriggling just below the surface.

“Okay Jenna, I’m ready to – OH MY GOD!!!”

Jenna looked up to see Lacey staring bug-eyed at her sickening development.  The simple act of feeling her own pecs had caused her shirt to splinter even more.
She was entering uncharted territory now.  Her muscularity had finally passed the point of mere human development.  She was becoming something else, something more than either man or woman – something way more muscular than God had ever intended.

Lacey wrapped the tape measure around Jenna’s now refrigerator-sized torso and read out loud.

“98 inches!”  She exclaimed, her crotch belching an endless stream of girl cum.  She barely noticed the deluge, her attention steadfastly fixed on the girl-hulk before her.

With a shocking grunt, Jenna cocked her arms and squeezed with all her might.  Veins exploded up her neck and across her temples.  Her body swelled with jaw-dropping muscularity.

“JESUS!!”  Lacey blurted, blown away by Jenna’s outrageous increase in muscle volume.

“Hhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!”’ The teen growled, flexing harder.  More and more vascularity pressed through her tight face.

A huge tear finally split the remains of her shirt into a thousand pieces.  Jenna’s naked chest erupted into view causing half the onlookers to instantly faint.  Her heaving muscle-blocks were beyond hideous – they were a mockery of the female form.

It looked like someone had injected a litter of steroids directly into her pecs.  Veins were everywhere, even wrapping around her thick nipples.  Her muscularity knew no bounds!

Jenna growled, cocking her arms a second time and pumping even more mass into her huge man-melons.  The veins bulging through her temples doubled in size and tripled in number.

With each new flex, Lacey’s tape measure was pulled further and further apart.  She watched it pass 100, then 105.  At 110 inches, she looked up at Jenna with an expression of deep concern.

“J-Jenna… this is sick!  You’re getting too big.  Y-you’re more beast than woman!”

But calling Jenna a beast only added fuel to the fire.  She wanted to be a beast more than anything in the world.  She wanted to push her body to the brink of insanity.

“GGGGRAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  The teen screamed, her roar shaking the mirrors in the change stalls behind her.

Any lingering remainders of material split apart as Jenna hit a frightening most-muscular pose.   There was almost nothing recognizable about her as she strained with all her considerable might.

Lacey’s tape measure pulled open to 120 inches in an instant.  The striations in Jenna’s chest became so deep that they looked like dark caverns.   

Her pecs must have been 2 and a half feet thick now.  They were extended outward to the point where she could no longer see her own nipples.

White knuckles shook as the muscle-obsessed school girl poured every fiber of her being into her effort.  The sheer power she was generating was almost visible in the air around her.  She looked like she could have crushed a car.

“Stop Jenna!”  Lacey screamed.  “Stop!  STOP!!”

Finally, Jenna released her flex.   Lacey was shivering.  She was completely overwhelmed.   Nothing on earth could have prepared her for the sweating mound of muscle meat that stood before her.

Glancing down at the tape measure, Lacey licked her dry lips.


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Re: ★Memorable Author: [MrShhh] "HARDBODY"
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Seems sacrilegious to have this story here on FS with chapters missing.  Time to address this situation...

by MrShhh

Beads of sweat rolled down Jenna’s flawless skin as she curled the heavy dumbbells. The intensity of her tan was incredible. She looked like a bronze statue come to life. Her rich brown flesh was completely at odds with her pouty pink lips and green eyes.

Soft, sexual grunts escaped through her gritted teeth as she worked the intimidating hunks of iron over and over. The wet layer of glistening perspiration highlighted every ripple and cut of her inhumanly shredded musculature. With each rep, veins boiled and thickened, turning her every curve into a hideous perversion of nature.
Jenna looked down at her own arms. She seemed utterly turned-on by the shockingly masculine muscles exploding off her body.

“Look at my big, thick man arms…” She moaned, lust oozing out of every pore. “They’re so ripped. Look at all the disgusting veins.”

Jenna groaned and wrenched the weights up. Her arms erupted with a hideous amount of definition. A single garden hose vein wrapped across her dripping forearms, over her distended, football-sized biceps and up to her shoulders. It eventually made it to her tightly flexed pecs where it fed those monstrosities the gallons of blood they thirsted for.

“God, every pump turns me on so much. I can feel my muscles stretching my skin. They feel like they’re going to rip right through.”  Throwing her head back, Jenna cranked out another mega-crunch. Her chest swelled to the point of bursting. Tendons flared through her giant bull neck.

“I can’t wait any longer. Fuck me, Linus. Fuck me, Linus!”

“Linus! LINUS!”  The skinny high school student snapped out his day dream to find his English teacher glaring at him.

“Welcome back. Glad you could join us. Now, do you have your presentation ready?”

Adjusting his glasses, Linus looked around the room. Most of the kids were grinning at him. He could hear laughter and whispers. He hoped they couldn’t see the raging woody in his pants.  “Um, I’m going to need an extension, Ms. Miller.”

The middle-aged teacher let out a disappointed sigh.  “Why am I not surprised? Let’s move on to the next presenter. Jenna, are you ready?”

Linus perked up at the sound of Jenna’s name. He swiveled his head fast enough to beak it off.

Jenna was sitting at the back of the room in a thick steel chair. One glance made it obvious that the shy teenager had no chance of fitting in the usual desk/chair combo deal.

Linus almost gasped aloud at the sight of her. No matter how hard he tried, his fantasies could never quite match the reality of Jenna’s indescribable body.
Sometimes, Linus felt like he had to pinch himself. After all, sitting right there was the most beautiful, most erotic, and most outrageously over-muscled human being imaginable.

Having grown up through the public school system together, Linus had been blessed with the privilege of watching Jenna “develop”. Starting as a gangly pre-teen, Linus had watched her sprout small, wiry muscles. By the time they were in junior high, Jenna was unnaturally lean. Not even a teenager, young Jenna had the muscles of a dedicated light-weight bodybuilder, only shredded to a degree that should have been impossible for a girl. Linus remembered hearing her classmates teasing her any time she wore short sleeves, though it hardly mattered – Jenna’s veiny-muscularity sneaked up her neck or across her forearms in any outfit.

Then the bomb hit. Jenna arrived back from summer break with a pair of jaw-dropping, c-cup breasts. To make matters worse, they looked even bigger on her lean frame. She was immediately the envy of every girl in the school.

Jenna should have been proud. As the weeks followed, more curves came in until she was an official, full-on sex symbol. Only Jenna hated it. She fell into a deep depression, refusing to speak to anybody. At recess, she would vanish. Linus heard stories of people finding her in the woods screaming as she did excruciating, wide-grip chin-ups from a tree branch. Sometimes she would be found pressing a massive log or struggling to rip a tree stump out of the ground. She would often return to class wet with perspiration. Linus himself would sometimes observe dried tears on her cheeks.

For months this went on. Jenna was sent to one counselor after another. It only seemed to drive her harder.

By the final year of junior high, Jenna was a changed girl. This time she arrived back from summer break wide, thick and utterly ripped. No one could believe the change in her. Her tits were almost completely gone, replaced by the kind of manly pec muscles you’d find on Rambo. She had lost the girly, playboy bunny look and replaced it with a macho, Mr. Universe shape. Her shoulders were like a liner backers, wide and thick. Her neck was like a tree trunk.

Even in baggy clothes, Jenna couldn’t hide her powerful shape. She became the target of every petty prank and mean-spirited bully in the class. Yet the bigger she got, the more she retained her shy, bookish demeanor. It seemed like for every pound of muscle she gained, she grew even more beautiful.

Observing from a distance, Linus watched Jenna’s muscularity steadily progress as they moved into high school. With each passing year, he thought that she might hit her peak, yet she just kept growing. By grade 11, there was no hiding her muscles. Linus was certain the constant barrage of ridicule would dissuade her, yet the opposite seemed true. Jenna re-doubled her efforts and added more muscle than seemed humanly possible.

At the end of that year, Jenna was officially a freak of nature. It was impossible to guess her weight. 500 pounds maybe? 600? And every inch of it sliced within an inch of her life. She was disgusting. Her face had become so gaunt that her cheek bones had begun to show. Veins snaked up her forehead and temples 24/7. Her shape could only be described as monstrous. Those breasts that she had hated so much were completely gone, as were any hint of hips or curves. She was masculine to a disturbing degree – all pecs and biceps.

Yet the beautiful, shy bookworm Linus had crushed on for years was still in full bloom. Somehow, she was even more gorgeous, more sexy. Her lips had filled out and filled out and filled out some more. Her silky skin and straight, almond hair were heavenly. A single glance from her mysterious jade eyes would melt his heart.

The idea that a quiet, delicate young woman could posses such a ferociously muscled physique made Jenna the ultimate dick-springing sex goddess. The agony she must have endured to build that brawn. The torture. She was pure strength, pure will power – a warrior.

Now, six months later, Jenna had done it again.
“Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward.”  ~Oscar Wilde


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Re: ★Memorable Author: [MrShhh] "HARDBODY"
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by MrShhh

Chapter 10 – Maxed-out

Linus couldn't get Jenna out of his head.  After witnessing the teenaged she-hulk  flex through her clothes in front the entire English class, his school boy crush had officially accelerated into rampant, rapturous lust.
In his horny, sex-crazed mind, Jenna was a goddess in human form.  It only added to her unbearable appeal that she didn't seem to realize it.  He adored her mousy personality, those cute little glasses and her simmering, steamy mix of brains and brawn.  He marveled at her name - "Jenna Steele".  It was like she was destined to become a bulging high school Hercules.
No matter how hard he tried, Linus couldn't figure out how cute little Jenna – shy, bookworm Jenna, had managed to build such a freakish physique.  Her brutal, bulldozer dimensions were so completely masculine that he was almost ashamed of his endless supply of  boners.  Almost.   
The school bell rang and Linus shuffled between classes, his head filled with erotic images of Jenna's pumped-up body.  Ignoring his English lecture, he poured his deviant mind onto paper.  He sketched with reckless abandon, tearing through gender boundaries and drawing the grossest, most demented muscle-mutants he could imagine.  They couldn't possibly be women, even with the misplaced pigtails and glasses he gave them – but that was the point.  To his frustration, he still couldn't produce anything that even came close to Jenna.
Math class was spent picturing Jenna’s beastly dimensions squeezed into the entire Victoria's Secret catalogue.  Just the thought of something so dainty forced over Jenna’s straining bulges was hugely perverse.  He imagined her walking out from the bathroom, a see-thru one-piece strangled to death by her swollen, linebacker shoulders.  Her behemoth chest would utterly destroy the small cups meant for a normal girl’s bosom.  The outfit would be forced to its breaking point across the big, boiling muscle-furnace between her legs exposing every inch of twisting vascularity needed to feed her the monster muscle pussy he'd had a glimpse of.
He went on to imagine her blushed face - equal parts aroused and humiliated, peering at him wantonly.  Her lips were wet, lustful and hungry with desire.
She'd be a super-freak in bed, the very definition of a horny bodybuilder.  He’d have her dance at a stripper pole while he watched her lean anatomy dance with sinew.  Her movements are awkward and clumsy - the cost of so much bulk, yet the mind-blowing extremity was massively enticing.
The bell suddenly snapped him out of his daze.  It was good timing – a minute more and he might have blown a load in his pants.  He looked at the clock and realized it was three o’clock.  He snatched his bags and shot out the door.


This was the day he been building towards for the last two weeks.  Linus felt a knot in his stomach - it was his old friends panic and dread.
There was three and a half months left until prom.  He knew that he had to act or risk losing her forever.   The plan was to confess his undying love for Jenna and ask her to the dance.  She'd be so taken by a guy who worshipped her rippling body that she'd drop that deadbeat Ed in a heartbeat.
 Standing at her front door, he reached for the bell.  As his finger approached, it slowed and shook.
Nope, he couldn't do it.  He was a big fat pussy who couldn't talk to girls.  He hated himself to his pale, doughy core.   
Glanced around, Linus had another idea.  Perhaps what he needed was the proper motivation.
 Hopping over the fence, the nervous high schooler snuck around to the side of the house and found the basement window.  His heart was already racing, not from his brash actions but from the mere thought of seeing Jenna’s delicious biceps flexing into soccer balls of stone.
Even before he knelt down he could hear furious noises coming through the window - grunting, screaming, crying - all of it rattling the window pane.  Every so often, a massive impact like an industrial pile-driver shook the walls to the foundation.     
The glass was fogged-up, frustrating Linus' view.  He tried to wipe away the condensation to no avail.  He could make out Jenna below, her immense back to him working two stacks of weights each as large as a dishwasher.  The foggy glass obscured the finer details, leaving him with shape and motion only.
Immediately Linus' eyes widened at the sight of Jenna's super-human wingspan.  She was an endless concrete wall of she-meat wider than the machine she was using.  Her lats looked like enormous wings reaching almost to her outstretched forearms.  The massive set of traps piled high on her shoulders covered most of her head making her seem weirdly misshapen.
Linus pressed his face against the window lusting for a better view.  It must have been a trick of the glass - even Jenna wasn't  that wide.  She was as big as a car!
As he watched her work the weights, the endless clanging metal was a seismic event to his eardrums.  Jenna herself was a growling, spitting animal forged by determination.  Every agonizing rep seemed to inject her with outrageous volumes of muscle mass.  Right before his eyes her back thickened-out alarmingly- her shoulders swelled beneath visibly over-taxed skin.
After a five-minute flurry of punishment, Jenna released the weights.  They hit the ground so hard that Linus was knocked off his feet.
He could hear the freaky muscle-teen breathing like an animal.  After a moment, she got up and started hitting poses in front of a mirror.
"Look at me, Mr. Penguin.  I'm pathetic!"  She cried to a couch full of stuffed animals. The contradiction between the cute, cuddly characters and Jenna's utterly ripped man-muscles was almost too much to take.
"I'm barely growing anymore.  I don't have enough weights to give me a proper workout.  How am I going to fill out that dress Ed gave me by prom?"
Jenna hit a side-chest pose that inflated her entire upper body like a balloon.  Her body effortlessly produced muscles beyond Linus' wildest  imagination.  He gasped out loud, almost giving himself away.  He'd never seen anything so demented in his life.  She looked like another species.  That she thought she could possibly add another millimeter of muscle anywhere on her body was totally mental!
"I'm such a loser!"  Jenna continued.  "I can't even afford to buy supplements, let alone new gym equipment.  What am I going to do?"
Linus turned away from the window for a moment, the gears of his mind starting to turn.  He hated to see Jenna so upset.  What could he do to help?
The peeping Tom's train of thought was quickly interrupted by Jenna's next words.
"I guess I'll hit the shower..."
Linus' neck turned so fast it almost snapped.
He gawked as Jenna took the bottom of her enormous muscle-shirt and lifted it over her head.  It dropped on the floor beside her in a wet pile.
The testosterone-jacked girly-freak stood topless before him, her every tanned, beefcake inch gleaming and slick.  She looked at the mirror again.
"Wow, girl.  Your pecs are starting to get big."  She noted, tensing each beefy, tit-less mass.  She bounced them alternatively in a shocking display of man-shamming muscle-control.
Linus started to drool.  He'd seen some of the bigger male bodybuilders bounce their chests like that but he never imagined a woman could do it, and do it better than any of them.  It was so twisted!
Other than her barn-door back, Jenna's chest was the most gender-bending part of her perverted body.  Her chest muscles simply erupted like a volcano from her over-sized torso and completely dominated her.  Even under the baggiest tops there was no mistaking her for a 'roid-raging muscle-man, except that she was an eighteen year old girl.         
Jenna twisted and turned in different directions, marveling at her unnerving masculinity.  She was absolutely butch to the core, even beast-like.  Tensing her stomach, she willed dozens of ugly, squirming vein-hoses all the way up her abs to her arm pits.  The jagged edges of her carved-from-steel chest crumpled under further flexation, becoming almost impossibly striated.  Claws of beef-jerky sinew dug deep into her flesh.  A blank space as wide as three fingers separated each pec-planet in a screaming monument to her gut-wrenching condition. 
"Ooooohhh....."  Jenna moaned, somehow aroused by the grotesque extremity of her own bursting muscles.  She ran her hands down her wet stomach feeling every jagged ridge and squirmy vein.  It wasn't long before those hands vanished down her baggy workout pants.   
Moving closer to the mirror, Jenna gazed into her own eyes.  She looked at her massively fat lips and licked them lewdly.  A few bites made them even thicker and juicier until they seemed ready to pop.  She started to kiss the mirror, slowly at first, then ever more forcefully until she was flat-out frenching her own reflection like a horny, bodybuilding slut.         
Linus leaned against the window to get a better look, his heart beating like a drum.  He knew from the internet how freaky female bodybuilders could get but Jenna was off the hook!  As he pressed his weight against the glass and the window snapped open.  He yelled and fell into the room.
Jenna pulled back from the mirror - strands of spit dangling from her mouth, and turned around.  She cutely covered her nipples in embarrassment - her tiny hands dwarfed by the sheer immensity of her over-muscled he-chest.
"L-Linus White?!"  She squeaked, her voice so weirdly soft and feminine.  "What are you doing here?!!"
She grabbed a blanket from the couch and threw it over herself.
Linus tried to fight through the burning in his head but he was too slow.
"Were you... spying on me?"  Jenna blurted.  "Oh gross!"
Now the panic was really hitting.  Linus got to his knees and started pleading.
"No, it isn't what it looks like!"  He rambled, his sentences delirious.  "I came to ask you to the prom and I couldn't find the nerve to ring the doorbell but I heard some noises and came to look and saw you working out and leaned too hard against the window  and -"
Jenna's surprise waned a little as she cherry-picked a single thought out of his rambling madness.
"...You came to ask ME to the prom?"
Linus nodded.  He tried to concentrate on his story but he could still see most of her ultra-cut eight-pack peeking out from the blanket.  It was so tanned and vascular that it didn’t look real.
"W-why would you want to go with me to the prom?"  Jenna asked shyly - a trait that seemed totally ridiculous from a girl that looked like she could bench-press a jumbo-jet.  "Everyone thinks I'm gross looking."
"Are you kidding?  All those other people are idiots!"  Linus blurted.  "I think you're the hottest thing ever!"
Jenna smiled cutely.  She seemed unconvinced by the notion that someone other than Ed could find her extreme muscularity attractive.
“That’s really sweet, Linus, but someone has already asked me to the --“
Before Jenna could finish, Linus butted-in.
“—I couldn’t help overhear that you need some money to buy more weight or whatever.  I- err, think I know a way to help you.”
Jenna peered at him in surprise.
“Sure!  Lots of guys on the internet pay women bodybuilders money to admire their muscles.  They do it over webcam right from their own houses.  You have no idea how many men would kill to see muscles as big as yours!  I could set the whole thing up for you – post a profile, make a PayPal account – I even have a really high-quality webcam at home.”
Jenna adjusted her glasses.  She was clearly intrigued, yet hesitant.
“That sounds really great, but why do you want to help me so badly?”  The titanic muscle-girl asked.
Linus paused.  What was he going to say – that any excuse to stare at her sexed-up mega-muscles was a gift from God?  That he whacked-off to the merest thought of her big, bursting bulges?
“I just feel bad about the way people treat you.”  He lied.  Hey, it was sort of true.
Jenna’s face wrinkled with happiness.  Linus felt his heart skip a beat as she leaned in and hugged him.  It felt like an industrial-sized car-crusher gently eclipsing his comparatively tiny frame.
“Thank-you so much, Linus!  How I can ever repay you?”
Linus tried to hide the instant hard-on that had sprung to life in his pants.
“Oh, don’t worry.  Helping a sweet girl like you is thanks enough.”  He muttered.
“What do you need to get started?”  Jenna asked excitedly.
“Well, like I said – we need to make a profile that advertises how… er, gifted you are.  Do you have any photos of yourself I can scan?”
Jenna walked over to a dresser and dug around.
“I don’t think I have anything recent.  My uncle’s away on business most of the time.  I only see him a couple of times a year.”
The red-hot hard body returned with a few dog-eared pictures.  Linus looked through them anxiously.  They were mostly shots of Jenna in long dresses and heavy wool sweaters.  Amazingly, she was still sporting some serious Olympia-level bulk in all of them – clearly evident through even the baggiest items - but nothing that was going to drive traffic.
After examining a few more shots, he finally came to a picture of Jenna on the beach that took his breath away.  The smiling teen was wearing a modest one-piece bathing suit that was obscenely deformed on her over-muscled body.  The picture was totally demented - like someone had Photo-shopped Jenna’s adorable, pig-tailed head onto the kind of grotesquely flexing heavyweight muscle-men he’d seen on magazine covers.
“That one’s pretty old.”  Jenna noted with a hint of embarrassment in her voice.  “I was only about 300 pounds back then.”
Linus’ mouth dropped open.
“Do you think it will do?”  She asked.
“Definitely…!”  Linus answered.
“Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward.”  ~Oscar Wilde


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Re: ★Memorable Author: [MrShhh] "HARDBODY"
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by MrShhh

Chapter 11 – Jenna’s cam show

Linus was in his room finishing-up the final preparations for Jenna’s internet debut when the doorbell rang.  He quickly glanced at his watch, panic shooting through his body.  She was early!
Dashing into the hall, Linus made a beeline for the stairs, desperate to reach the front door as fast as possible.  Jenna wasn’t meant to arrive until his parents had left for the day.  That had been his carefully orchestrated plan – a plan designed to save him the humiliation of introducing his freakishly hulked-out bodybuilder girl-crush to his family.
Linus knew he was on thin ice already.  It was bad enough that his mom had recently stumbled across a stack of erotic drawings in his bedroom closet.  Until now, not a word had been spoken on the subject, but Linus could imagine what his parents thought of the pornographic, girl-faced muscle-hunks he fawned over – all thick pecs and bulging biceps barely contained beneath tiny bikinis and miniskirts.  What would they think when they met the insanely hyper muscle-bound Jenna face to face?
Linus skidded to a halt at the top of the stairs.  Shit - his dad was already at the door.  Linus watched helplessly as his father opened up to greet their guest.   
Beautiful Jenna stood waiting outside holding a large, over-stuffed duffle bag – likely her “costume” for her cam show.  To her father’s surprise, the 5’4 beauty’s preposterously pumped-up shape effortlessly filled the entire doorway and beyond.
Jenna was dressed in an ankle-length skirt and her largest customer-made fat girl sweater – a well-intentioned attempt to conceal her absolutely monstrous physicality, and also a complete failure.  There was simply no hiding the kind of hyper-extreme, Frankenstein muscularity that Jenna carried.  Even her thick, XXXXL sweater was stretched like overtaxed spandex across massive mutant traps, pumpkin-sized shoulders and arms as thick as battleship cannons.  Heaps of pulsing vascularity surged and strained against the overburdened material and utterly dominated every inch of her exposed flesh.  Her hands and neck were so vascular that the veins stood an inch off her body like gnarly tree roots.  Even Jenna’s angelic face pulsated with dozens of swollen hoses.  Everything seemed so intensely flexed, pressurized and tightly clenched that Linus worried she might burst at any second.   
Linus’ dad simply stared at the ferociously mega-muscled she-Hercules, his jaw hanging open on a hinge.  Like everyone in the neighborhood, he’d heard stories about the local girl with the big muscles, but nothing could’ve prepared him for the explosively bulging steroid-behemoth that stood before him.  Then she spoke – in the cutest, freshest little girl voice he’d ever heard and what was left of his mind was officially blown.
“Oh - hello.  Is… Linus home?”
            Linus appeared in a flash.  He grabbed Jenna’s thick, tendon-packed wrist and pulled her inside.
            “Jenna, this is my Dad.  Dad, Jenna.  She’s my - um… study partner.”
            Confused Jenna glanced at Linus, who shot her a “play along” look.  She looked back at Linus’ rattled father and adjusted her glasses, a simple motion that caused two-dozen artery-sized veins to pulse through her forehead.
            “Er - that’s right.  I’m here to… study.”
The dad continued to gawk, eying Jenna’s deep, beautiful eyes and luscious lips.  Beneath her thick-rimmed nerd glasses she was a stone-cold stunner.  He would’ve been proud of his son for landing such a sexy piece of ass if not for the hideous he-body that she was attached to.  He moved his gaze down across the ruthless assault of rippling, extra-strength man-beef straining against her clothes and found himself short of breath.  With her beefcake bulk, contest-cut definition and ultra-rich spray tan, Jenna was like a gender-bending Chippendales dancer, only jacked up on truckloads of growth hormones.
“Soooo we’re just gonna’ get going now...”  Linus rushed in an attempt to hurry things along.  He snatched the straps of Jenna’s bag and tried to hoist it up only to find it seemingly magnetized to the floor.
Linus’ dad glanced at him.  With an awkward smile, Linus took hold of the bag with both hands and gave it another try.  It didn’t budge.  Determined to lift it, Linus planted his feet, bent his knees and put his back into it.  He could hardly lift it an inch.  What the hell did she have in there – a train engine?
“Heh.  You sure brought a lot of text books, Jenna.”  Linus intoned.
A blush shot across Jenna’s face.
“Oh – sorry.  A girl can never have too many text books.  I can get it…”
With a nearly effortless motion, Jenna scooped up the bag single handedly.  The sleeve of her right arm instantly groaned as her stupendously swollen upper-arm further inflated with over a dozen inches of massive, meaty, panic-inducing muscularity.  A ferocious two-inch thick super-vein snarled across her bicep and almost tore the sleeve wide open.
Both Linus and his father gawked at the preposterously pumped-up arm straining Jenna’s sweater to the max – a sight made even more unbelievable by her apparent lack of effort.  The individual fibers of the sleeve, suffocating beneath the unrelenting tension of the pretty teen’s overinflated basketball bicep, were forced nearly transparent.  Jesus, Linus thought – Jenna’s biceps were literally bigger than her head!           
            “W-what are you two studying… exactly?”  Linus’ father asked, unable to tear his eyes from Jenna’s superhuman pipes.
            Linus looked back at Jenna and cracked a knowing smile.
Back in his bedroom, Linus fiddled at the computer.  He found the cam site he'd signed up with and logged in.  Jenna and Linus had solidified their plans weeks ago but Jenna insisted on some extra time.  She’d wanted to intensify her training and more specifically her diet so she could get herself into “contest shape”.  Linus used the intervening weeks to “market” Jenna by plastering her pictures all over the internet.  He knew her pics were absolute game-changers but the question remained if anyone would come to the show.  To be honest, he wasn't even sure people would believe she was real and not some Photoshop science experiment.  He hardly believed it himself, even as she dressed for the show in his bathroom.
What really burned Linus up though was knowing that his efforts were only helping drive Jenna into the arms of the school’s premier jock douche bag, Edward Scott.  For some unfathomable reason, Jenna was smitten by the handsome, charming, socially popular quarterback and determined to win his attention at any cost.  It was even more ironic that the purpose of the cam show was to finance Jenna’s transformation into Ed’s super-freaky bodybuilding prom date.  With the money she hoped to generate, Jenna would upgrade her home gym, ramp up her supplement intake and pack on enough brand new muscle mass to fill the circus tent dress Ed had given her.  Worse still, if Linus didn’t do something soon, he’d be left out in the cold while Jenna and Ed rode off into the sunset.  He needed to make a move, and soon.
    Linus was snapped back to reality by the sound of the bathroom door.  He turned to see Jenna timidly step out.  The clicking of high heels was an alien presence in his nerdtastic bedroom – a veritable den of geekdom that repelled gorgeous girls like Kryptonite.  Yet there Jenna stood – the most gorgeous girl of all and the object of his deepest desire.  To his surprise, her fantastic physique was draped in a long black cloak and hood.  She’d also concealed her eyes, as well as a portion of her raging facial vascularity beneath a small white mask.
            “I’m ready.”  She spoke softly, her heart clearly racing at the mere thought of the event before her.
            “Y-you’re going to wear a mask?”  Linus asked.  “But you’re so pretty.”
            An embarrassed smile curled across Jenna’s lips.
            “You’re sweet to say that, Linus – but I need to protect my identity.  I’ve decided that on the internet, I’ll go by the name HARDBODY.”
            Linus felt his underwear zone tingle at the sound of that word.  Hard body.  It was the hottest thing he’d ever heard.  Still, an obvious question remained.
            “Aren’t you worried that people will think you’re a… I mean, with muscles as big as yours you kind of look like a…”
            “Boy?”  Jenna answered.
            Actually, Linus had stronger words in mind.  He-Man.  Beefcake.  Steroid muscle-freak.  He noticed Jenna bite her lip - a light, unconscious tick that suggested she was turned on by the notion of being mistaken for a vein-popping Flex Magazine muscleman.       
“Linus, I’ve never told anyone what I’m about to tell you… but I think you deserve to be warned.”
            Linus perked up.
“I know this is going to sound strange but… I like it when people are… surprised by my muscles.”
            “Surprised?”  Linus questioned.
“Well, more like frightened… or disgusted… or worse.”
Linus swallowed hard.  He watched Jenna struggle for her next words.
 “People have treated me differently ever since I began lifting weights.  In the beginning it wasn’t so bad – people thought it was cute that I had muscles.  But as I spent more and more time in the gym, the reactions changed.  When I first reached 200 pounds, people didn’t find it cute anymore.  People on the street started to look at me funny.  Kids laughed and called me names.  Women seemed repulsed by me.  I wasn’t how a girl was supposed to look.  My muscles were too big – too hard and masculine.  I remember how I’d run home every night crying, hating myself, thinking I was a freak.  I nearly gave up bodybuilding forever, but something stopped me.  Slowly I realized that deep inside - I liked it.  I wanted to be a freak – a big, strong, bulging muscle-monster.  I realized that the more I frightened people, the freakier I had become.  After that, shock and disgust were like steroids to me.  I became desperate to be humiliated.  By the time I reached 300 pounds, I was the most talked about girl in school.  Everyone thought I was disgusting – even the teachers.  The principal forced me meet with psychologists and guidance counselors because I getting so muscular.  Every night I’d lie in my room crying, yet overwhelmed by the desire to get even bigger.  I’d flex in the mirror, horrified by the swollen, unnatural body before me and desperate for more.  When I reached 400 pounds, it became impossible to hide my muscles.  No matter where I went or what I wore, I caused a scene.  I started tearing through my clothes accidentally, usually ripping my pants or sleeves or even ending up topless.”
Linus stared, slack-jawed.  Jenna’s heartfelt confession was the most erotic thing he’d ever heard - and she wasn’t done yet.
“I… I’m not going to hold anything back today.  I want everyone to see my muscles.  I know you like female bodybuilders but I… I’m afraid that I’m going to scare you.  I – I… want to scare you.”
Linus watched Jenna turn away in shame.  Holy – fucking – shit.  Was he dreaming?  Was this some kind of crazy acid-trip?  Was the hottest girl on Earth actually warning him that she was more jacked than he could possibly handle?
With that, Linus shot over to his closet and whipped open the door.  He dug out a shoe box, tossed off the lid and pulled out his collection of female muscle drawings.
“Jenna, I fantasize about huge, bulging girl muscles!” Linus confessed as he flipped through drawing after drawing of the most disgustingly over-developed girl-studs imaginable.  They were warped, hideous creations, each one a hyper-exaggerated she-hulk more impossibly muscled than the last.
“I always thought I was a weirdo for getting turned on by this stuff.  I mean – I keep making them bigger and bigger – and then I stopped drawing breasts and now they barely look like women… but no matter how hard I try I just can’t make them as ripped as y--”
Linus cut himself short.  Jenna looked up at him and suddenly realized a single common detail among all of the drawings – they were all her.
Jenna stared at most extreme drawing of the bunch - a stomach-churningly insane block of hormone-bloated muscle-meat.  There was no shape, sex or discernible gender – just a fanatical eruption of veins and striations screaming and spitting and flexing like an animal – and perched atop it like a grain of sand in a churning ocean of testosterone, a cute girl’s head in glasses and pigtails.
“Er- like I was saying...”  Linus continued; his voice suddenly dry and uncertain.  “No matter how hard I try, I just can’t imagine anything as muscular as… you are.”
As unfathomable as it seemed, Linus was correct.  It was painfully obvious that even the repulsively muscle-bound girly-thing on the page couldn’t capture a tenth of Jenna’s indescribable physicality.
Linus and Jenna stared at one another, lost in a timeless moment that seemed to exist apart from the world.  He gazed at her luscious lips and felt drawn to them.  His mouth moved towards hers, just inches apart.
The moment was quickly broken by a chime from the computer behind them.  Jenna blushed and looked away.  Linus cleared his throat.  He tossed his drawings back into the box and zipped over to the computer.
“L-looks like the first customers have logged in and – HOLY SHIT!” He shouted.
Jenna glanced over his shoulder at the computer screen.  She was as shocked as he was to find over 1000 users logged into her account.
“A thousand users!  That’s awesome, Jenna!”  Linus cheered.  “The pictures worked!  You’re going to rake in the cash!”
But as he turned back to her, Linus found Jenna scared stiff.
“No… don’t be nervous.  They’re going to love you!”
Jenna smiled weakly.  Linus took her hands in his.   
“Look – you’ve totally got this.  I even brought up my brother’s old barbells from the basement just in case you need them.”
Jenna glanced over to a hefty bar loaded with 50 pound weights.
“Just remember, once the show starts they can hear you through the microphone, so just talk to them.  Tell them about yourself.  They’ll type responses in the chat box at the bottom of the screen.  Ready?”
Jenna adjusted her mask and took a deep breath.  Linus stepped out of the way.  He adjusted the webcam and activated the feed.  She was live.
For a moment, Jenna was a deer in headlights.  Slowly, chat box lit up.
-Looks like Halloween.
-This better not be bullshit.
Jenna cleared her throat and forced a smile.
“Hello.  I’m Hardbody...”
-Hi Hardbody.
-Love the name!
-Don’t be nervous.
“S-sorry.  I’m not going to lie – I’ve never done a cam show before.”
-That’s okay.
-What’s your story, Hardbody?
Jenna glanced at Linus, a shot of apprehension behind her eyes.
“I’m a… um, 21 year old college student and amateur bodybuilder.”
Linus watched the chat box cautiously as Jenna pulled back her hood.  Her silken hair flowed out like water.
-You’re cute!
-You’ve got a sweet voice, Hardbody.
            “T-thank-you.”  Jenna answered.  “Um… is there anything you’d like to know about me?”
            -What’re your measurements?
            -When did you start working out?
-How big do you want to get?
            -Is that picture you posted for real?  It’s crazy!
Linus noticed that users were still logging on.  She was up to 1100 and showing no signs of slowing down.
            “Um – well I first began lifting weights when I was about 9 years old,” Jenna explained.  “I remember that I’d come across a bodybuilding contest on TV.  I knew by the time it was over that I would do anything to look like them.  What else?  I haven’t measured myself in a few months so I don’t know what I’m at but my goal is to reach 1000 pounds –“
            -1000 pounds?!
            -Yeah right!
-That’s like 4 times more than a male heavyweight!
-Even Rene Toney is only 200 pounds!
-This is bullshit.
Linus quickly looked to Jenna.  She was visibly shaken by audience’s suddenly shift.
“N-no, I really!”  She defended.  “If I can make enough money to buy the right equipment, I think I can do it!”
-If you’re going to lie to us, at least pick a reasonable number.
-I knew this was a scam.
-Hey guys, I believe Hardbody.  Go to  There’s a FBB called Monstra who’s like 500 pounds.
-THAT is bullshit.
-You’d have to be on steroids to get even half that big.
- ALL the steroids.
-Linus watched Jenna’s confidence crumble.  It was high school, the shopping mall, the laughing faces- her entire life all over again.   
            Then without a word, Jenna got up and walked to the back of the room.  Linus caught a look of fierce determination in her eyes.  He watched her plant her feet firmly and turn around.  In one swift motion she threw off her cloak revealing the staggering entirety of her humongous, hyper-muscled back.   
The chat box went instantly silent.  Linus gawked, his eyes widening to cartoon character dimensions.  None of them had ever seen a body so fanatically ultra-muscular.  It couldn’t have – shouldn’t have been possible.
Shy, demure little Jenna – the cute girl in glasses he’d crushed-on for years now stood before the webcam dressed in the sluttiest, most outrageous costume he’d ever seen.  It was in essence a female bodybuilder’s posing bikini, only made entirely out of thick, heavy-grade industrial chains.  No wonder her duffle bag had been so heavy – she’d been carrying around 200 pounds of forged-steel!  The chains were wrapped across her chest to strategically cover her nipples like a metal tube top.  Her bikini bottoms were an uncomfortable-looking thong of chains squeezed deep between her ass cheeks and up over her crotch and hips.  She also sported a thick chain choker necklace and two armbands of chains wrapped around her bulging upper arms.  The outfit alone would have been an eye-popping, pre-ejaculating super-fantasy had it not been for the utterly, unimaginably insane giga-physique it was adorned on.
Any question of Jenna’s unrealistic bodyweight was suddenly and unequivocally moot.  She was, unquestionably, an unstoppable female muscle-monstrosity, full-stop.
Linus couldn’t believe his eyes.  Staring at Jenna, he felt genuine terror and even repulsion.  Impossible as it seemed, Jenna’s warning had been right.  She was so fucking muscular that it made him sick.         
Even with her arms at her sides, Jenna’s back was wider than a car.  From behind, her bloated traps swallowed her entire neck and all but the very top of her head.  Only her tiny elbows and enormous triceps emerged from the smothering swell of her ridiculous elephant lats.
By Linus’ estimation, Jenna’s shoulder span was over 6 feet across.  Given her crushing, gender-destroying bulk it was even more alarming how simultaneously shredded she was.  The extra weeks of dieting Jenna had insisted upon had taken her water-retention and body fat levels to a grotesque new extreme.  The detail in her back was simply preposterous, even by her own standards.  She was disgusting to witness – a gorgeous teen beauty who had turned herself into a creature composed entirely of feathered muscle bellies and pulsating vascularity.  No part of her was spared the brutality, from her ass to her lats to her neck and ears.
This was it.  There was no more hiding.  Jenna had turned the spotlight of the entire world onto her uncompromising physique.  The ultimate humiliation for the ultimate super freak was about to begin.   
Without a word, Jenna placed her dainty hands on her hips and began to spread her wings.  What was already a fortress of heaving muscle-meat swelled alarmingly outward.  As Jenna’s elbows arced, an eruption of hulktastic she-girth consumed the space around her.  6 feet, 6 and a half feet.  With her arms at their near apex she was somehow wider than she was tall.  The chains of her heavy metal tube top groaned as they were pulled increasingly taunt.  Finally her arms locked at their furthest point producing a jaw-dropping sweep of epic lat mass the defied scientific classification.
Linus felt his brain going into meltdown.  Jenna’s arms had disappeared completely into that roiling continent of hilariously butched-out man-muscularity.  They suddenly reappeared again as she brought her fists up for a rear double bicep flex.  As she locked her elbows into place and without shrinking an inch, Jenna’s back transformed again, this time detonating with harsher-than-harsh, sicker-than-sick definition and impossible amounts of hardcore muscle.
Holding her straining, fist-shaking flex, the sheer barbaric muscularity before Jenna’s audience crossed the line.  Of the 1200 customers logged on, over 300 disconnected right then and there, probably to crawl into a corner and have a panic attack.  As if disappointed by the merely terrified reaction, Jenna releasing her fists, grunted determinedly and flexing even harder.
Avalanches of bulbous muscularity vomited out from her chiseled, cast-iron core and tested the elasticity of her thin bronze flesh.  Her shoulders and traps simultaneously tightened and expanded, instantly doubling in both sheer immensity and eye-burning muscular detail.
Throbbing, hyper-freaky veinage burst through her skin adding to a delirious network of vascularity that covered her back.  Linus quickly thought how rare it was to see a female bodybuilder with veins in her back and incredible effort it must’ve taken to get them to show.  By contrast, even the sweeping countryside that was Jenna’s never-ending lat spread could barely contain any of what seemed like ten bodybuilders worth of vascularity.     
Releasing her fingers, Jenna reformed her dainty little fists and screamed out an even harder mega-flex.  Somehow, despite the body-bursting dimensions she’d already produced, she just kept growing.  The longer she held each straining, white-knuckled pose, the more mind-boggling muscular she became, adding inches of ever-scarier triple-A girl-beef with each passing second.  Veins swelled and screamed until they were ready to pop.  Horrible hoses of vascularity tore through her pumpkin shoulder blades and jagged-cut triceps.  Striations multiplied on top of themselves until there wasn’t an inch of her that didn’t look sharp enough to slice through steel.
Overlapping chimes signaled hundreds of disconnecting users.  Tears began to roll down Jenna’s cheeks as thoughts of hundreds of disgusted faces filled her mind.  Every chime was knife in her heart - a sadistic, howling burst of laughter straight in her beet-red, vein-pulsing face.  But the humiliation wasn’t punishment – not for her.  It was nitrous oxide filling her heart super-charging her libido and turning her on like a jet engine.  She hated herself to her core for what she felt but at this moment, she didn’t care.  At this moment she wanted to blow them all away and be the biggest muscle freak ever. 
Again Jenna released her all-consuming he-flex only to ball her fists and crank out the single most monstrous, stomach-churning super-flex Linus had ever seen.
“GRNNNNNNNN!!!!”  Blasted a guttural roar as Jenna strained with steel-crushing might.   The three layers of inch-thick chains wrapped across her chest dug deeply into her alarmingly-expanding dimensions and actually began to creak.  Inches of still-swelling lat meat bulged overtop of them like an over-filled dam.  Soon much of the chains were buried beneath her unstoppable muscles.   
Linus was hit by an invisible semi-truck as Jenna’s beyond-shocking metamorphosis literally knocked the wind out of him.  The suffocating totality of Jenna’s fully-unleashed muscularity was simply too much to take – and apparently too much for the hardened steel she’d dressed herself in.
Still flexing her brains out, Jenna’s chain-link bikini began to relent against the total-body muscle onslaught.  Hairline cracks started to appear as the steel shrieked like a wounded animal.
Impossible, Linus thought.  Jenna was an idiot if she thought she could bust those chains.  Her brain must’ve been drowning in all that testosterone. 
But Jenna wasn’t about to stop.  She was a bodybuilding she-Terminator – unable to be reasoned – unfeeling and remorseless and totally unstoppable.  As she flexed with more determination that a thousand Olympic athletes, every muscle in Jenna’s back went red-line nuclear, stretching her screaming skin well past its limit.  Insane definition continued to wrench through her muscles, mercilessly shredding every bit of she-meat until she was inconceivably hyper-ripped.  Even her hips and ass flexed with striations so nasty and sick that they hurt to look at.  Veins as thick as cigars pulsed through her ass crack, across her harpsichord hamstrings and lost themselves in a thousand webs of even thicker vascularity.
“FFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!”  Jenna spat, holding her flex at maximum intensity and still cranking it higher.  Her back kept grow right in front of Linus’ eyes - the sickening sound of mercilessly over-taxed she-skin filling the entire room like a lunatic’s torture chamber.  Jenna’s veiny fists shook ruthlessly as she strained out of control and injected unimaginable mountains of the thickest, leanest and most unquestionably masculine muscle-meat into her technically feminine body.
Jenna managed to lose almost 800 users before a piercing “ping” signaled the surrender of her top.  All three chains snapped at once sending shards of metal flinging like shurikens.  It might as well have been Linus’ mind exploding as he simply could not believe what he’d just witnessed.  His bulging bodybuilder girl-crush had just pulled a “Superman” and snapped three metal chains with nothing but her own huge muscles.
Heaving and gasping – and with rivers of sweat running down her skin, Jenna slowly lowered her arms.  Linus noticed that the swell of her lats had become so stupendously enflamed that her muscle-packed limbs simply couldn’t fit.
After a few deep breaths, Jenna slowly turned around.  Linus stayed fixated with lustful terror as she presented herself face to face with her webcam audience.  The sight took their breath away.
“Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward.”  ~Oscar Wilde


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Re: ★Memorable Author: [MrShhh] "HARDBODY"
« Reply #11 on: December 27, 2016, 05:36:51 am »
by MrShhh

Chapter 12 – Jenna’s cam show – the BIG finale

Linus drifted through a serine world of wispy clouds and soft, flowing wind.  He felt sluggish and safe as if his mind were swimming in warm milk.
In the distance, a soft, sweet voice trailed through his thoughts, urging him out of his haze.
“Linus… are you okay…?  Linus….!  Linus…!!”
Linus’ eye lids batted and opened.  To his surprise, he found himself on the floor of his bedroom.  He looked up to see a heaving, hulking, horrifying mass of python veins and bull-stud muscularity looming threateningly above him.  The bulging he-beast was literally faceless – all bronzed swollen pecs deep and heavy enough to blot-out any signs of a human head.  In fact, all Linus could see no matter where he craned his neck were nightmarishly ripped beefcake muscles throbbing with terrifying sexual power.
“Whu- what happened…?” Linus moaned to the indescribable muscle-behemoth before him.
“I think you fainted!” Jenna’s voice answered from somewhere atop her revoltingly shredded chest.  “You suddenly collapsed and hit your head!”
Linus fought through his foggy mind and tried to remember what had happened.  All he could recall was flexing – lots of flexing.  It had been Jenna.  Jenna had flexed so hard that she’d busted some chains – chains she’d been wearing.  Huge, powerful chains wrapped across her chest – her ultra-muscular stud-chest!  He remembered that it had blown his mind and made his dick so hard it hurt – and apparently drained all of the blood from his brain at the same time.
“Let me help you up,” Jenna offered, holding out a dainty hand with cute painted nails that was absolutely crawling with pulsing blue veins.
 With an effortless tug, she lifted him to his feet.  Once above the foot-deep shelf of naked, heaving chest muscle, Linus was reunited with the teen’s young face – a face so hilariously out of place on the steroid barbarian he’d just been staring at that he could hardly believe it was the same person.   
“Jenna – your cam show…!”  Linus shrieked, suddenly remembering that she’d been streaming herself live over the internet just moments before.  “They can hear us!”
“I put it on mute.”  She answered, her voice growing soft.   “It doesn’t matter anyway.  I’m not going to continue.  Not now...”
“What are you talking about?”  Linus spat.   Why not?”
“Look at what I did to you.  You fainted at the sight of me!  You must think I’m a disgusting monster…”
Jenna removed her mask to wipe away a tear when Linus gasped.  He gazed at her in pale-faced shock, unwilling to believe what he saw.  It was too outrageous, too insane, even for a walking muscle-orgy like her.  Jenna’s face – her beautiful, sensual, teenaged face was absolutely, unmistakably and revoltingly – RIPPED!
Jenna’s gorgeous visage had always been a reflection her torturous contest-level conditioning and given how painfully lean she kept herself, how could it not?  Linus had recalled watching her luscious features become tighter and more gaunt over the years as she viciously cut-up and shredded her bloated muscle-man body, though none of it was enough to extinguish her incredible looks.  In recent months she’d taken it to a new extreme, with even her face becoming unmistakably vascular, but this - this was something else.
Glaring at the visible striations in her jaw-line, the snarling, inhuman veinage exploding through her demure forehead and temples, he was at a loss.  Jenna had taken her entire steroid physique to such hysterical extremes that even her face was just another muscle to shred.  He knew then that he could never understand how deeply her muscle-lust ran – and how much of a turn-on that was for him.
With a strong, sudden motion, Linus grabbed Jenna by the neck and gave her the most lustful, passion kiss he could.  He barely realized what he had done until they released their mouths and he saw Jenna’s surprised face and her fat, sensual lips wet with their saliva.   
“L-Linus….!” Jenna whispered, her voice shaking.  Her deeply-tanned skin became instantly flushed.
Linus’ wits suddenly returned and he became just as shocked as she was.
“Jenna -  I… I’m so sorry --!”
But before the wimp in Linus could backpedal further, Jenna grabbed his neck, her small grip like a steel vice and returned his affection with a kiss that was as powerful as a napalm blast.  Her swollen lust-pillow mouth crushed his, kissing and sucking and chewing so hard it hurt.  She effortlessly dominated him with nothing but her sensuous mouth while her incalculable strength washed over him like an ocean.   
After what seemed like an eternity, Jenna released her grasp and gazed at him with eyes full of aching passion.
“Holy shit.  That was awesome!”  Linus spat.
“I don’t understand…. ” Jenna questioned, panting lightly.  “I pumped-up my muscles so big that I made you pass-out.  Don’t you think I’m a freak?”
“Oh my god Jenna, you’re the ultimate freak!”  Linus answered with unbridled enthusiasm.  “You’re so fucking muscular it scares the shit out of me!  I mean, I didn’t think it was possible but you’re TOO built!  You’re retardedly huge!  You’re an entire one-girl bodybuilding contest! “
Jenna bit her lips.  To anyone else, Linus’ words would have been incredibly insulting but to her, it was everything she’d ever fantasized about hearing.
“Y-you mean you LIKE that I’m… THIS muscular…?”  Jenna asked cautiously, her unbelievable beefcake man-muscles rippling and bulging in bizarre contrast to her fragile feminine sexuality.
“I – I don’t even know.  I mean, your insane muscles almost make me sick.  You’re barely even a girl anymore you’re so huge and hard.  You don’t have any tits at - not even those shrunken little nubs that the really big steroid-freaks have.  You look like a fucking man!”
Jenna peered down at her naked chest.  Two monstrous slabs of masculine pec-meat bounced with the lightest twitch, their gargantuan expanses viciously cut to shreds and completely covered in horribly swollen veinage.
“… But something about you makes me more excited than I’ve ever felt.”  Linus continued, the words now pouring out of him.  “You’re such a babe yet you’re a disgusting testosterone man-mutant.  You’ve got huge, wide shoulders, your neck looks like a redwood tree stump - I think your arms are like 30 inches around!” 
Jenna let out a cute little giggle.  “Not even close…”
“…are you serious?  I mean, it’s scary how much huger and more crazy-ripped you are than literally any other bodybuilder on the planet.  You’re completely terrifying and – and – It’s so fucking hot!             
Jenna could hardly contain the excitement she felt welling up inside of her.  Could it be that in Linus she’d found everything she’d ever wanted – a kindred spirit who’s incalculably-depraved bodybuilder super-fetish was nearly the equal of her own?
To his own astonishment, Linus began to notice something happening to Jenna.  There was a new glow to her face, a sort of unspoken shift in her attitude that was impossible to miss.
Linus noticed Jenna opening and closing her fists, a tiny unconscious tick that was pumping buckets of blood into her balloon-thick veins and causing her poor skin to stretch loudly.  To his further disbelief he could see whole new wads of freaky arterial veins popping up through her arms and chest.  What the hell was happening?  Was she still growing?  How could Jenna still be growing after the flexing-feast she just gorged herself on?  She HAD to be maxed-out after that – didn’t she?!  I mean, LOOK AT HER!
The chains wrapped around Jenna’s arms and neck, already stretched to their structural limit saw increasing strain thrust upon them as her jagged and inhumanly hard muscles swelled with each fist-pump.  Dark copper skin as thin as tracing paper stretched to breaking over inches and inches of ballooning mass.   
“Holy shit, Jenna…”  Linus muttered, unable to comprehend what was happening to the rippling muscle-beast.  There was literally nowhere on her overwhelmed frame to pack more muscle meat, yet it just kept coming.
Jenna was reveling in the depraved muscle-lust.  She felt like she was tapping into some rich new vein of muscle-swelling power she never knew existed.  Linus’ terror and disgust mixed with his uncontrollable attraction was the ultimate turn-on and it was absolutely jacking the shit out of her.   
“Linus, I NEED to finish this cam show... right now” Jenna stated as her monstrous bodybuilding physique bugled out of control around her.
Linus could only nod, his voice lost to him as he was eclipsed by her girl-muscles.
Squeezing her mask on over her vein-stuffed face, Jenna returned to her place in front of the webcam and nodded to Linus.  Linus unmuted the live feed and the chat box sprang back to life.  The counter read 298 logins remaining.  Linus was surprised that even that many had remained and wondered how long they could possibly last.
Jenna ignored the newly appearing comments, most of them demanding to know what the hell was going on and readied her pile-driver arms.  Linus could feel Jenna’s revitalized enthusiasm from across the room as she brought her upper arms parallel to her body.   She moved her rippling and vein-covered lower arms horizontal and locked her palms together at her belly.  She was unable to suppress a smile as she began to press her hands against themselves, funneling the immeasurable pump-power of her shredded, globe-sized biceps and triceps up through her body towards her hulking, meat-slab neck.
Linus wasn’t quite sure what Jenna was attempting until he detected a light “groan” from the chain around her neck.  It then struck him as he watched the 2-foot thick Roman column Jenna called a neck flex - veins and tendons rapidly multiplying as its sheer mass grew exponentially.  It wasn’t long before her massive Neanderthal neck protruded almost a foot past her ears on either side of her, to say nothing of the extra inches added by the over-stimulated veins ripping through her skin.
Jenna’s head began to shake as she cranked-up her pseudo crab-flex.  The over-taxed metal groaned painfully louder, every forged-steel chain taught as inches and inches of testosterone-drunk neck-muscle bulged out around them.  Soon the chain was almost completely buried beneath bloated ballooning swells of veins, freaky neck-striations and rippling, roided-up girl-rock.
Jenna flashed her perfect white teeth, a gleaming grin busting loose as she imagined how completely mental she looked.  Ironically, even Jenna couldn’t know that her humongous muscle-neck alone had become nearly as thick as Linus’ whole body! 
Pop!  The chain suddenly shattered, busted wide open by nothing but the beautiful young bodybuilder’s god-damn ogre neck.  The frenzied Chippendales she-jock stood surprised, bulging and rippling hysterically in a flurry of unconscious muscular movement.
Jenna appeared somewhat disappointed that the chain had given up so soon and presented so little a challenge.  She was now totally topless save the two chains wrapped around her upper arms, both of which suddenly seemed in mortal danger.   
The beyond-hulking she-teen was absolutely bursting at this point with pure bodybuilding he-sex.  Heaving, tendon-shredded pectorals bounced and twitched as if electrified.  Her six-pack was a smashed-together mess of too-huge meat-blocks.  Her barrel-sized arms stuck outward from even huger, heavier and meatier lats without an inch to move.  Absolutely everything on Jenna’s revoltingly muscular physique way beyond severe, past audacious and STILL not at the limit of her unimaginable potential.
Another 100 viewers had left – so thoroughly disgusted by Jenna’s overwhelming man-body they were likely ruined for bodybuilders forever.  Yet the remaining 80 or so were exploding with crazed enthusiasm.  The chat box was overflowing with gushing, lusty comments – all of them pushed to the razor’s edge of their female bodybuilder muscle fetish by Jenna’s unbelievable teenaged physique.
Both Jenna and Linus watched the comments scroll up the screen faster than they could read them.  One comment that Jenna did catch called her a shredded sex nightmare.  Another begged her to dominate him.  She then caught one comment asking to put her muscles to use, which gave her a mischievous idea.
“So some of you want to see me USE these muscles, hmmm?”  Jenna teased, posing like a teen fashion model with the body of the world’s most repulsively-extreme Mr. Olympia photo-morph.  “Well as it happens I need a good challenge to get a REAL pump, so let me see…”
Glancing around, Jenna noticed the barbell Linus had brought up from his brother’s gym.  Hungry to keep feeding her voracious pump-lust, she picked it up and held it at chest height with a firm, wide-handed grip.
   Massive, swollen veins squirmed down Jenna’s sinew-packed forearms and covered her knuckles and fingers as she focused on the task at hand – a feat of strength so completely ridiculous that only a comic book superhero would even attempt it.
“No way…”  Linus muttered, quickly catching onto what Jenna was about to do.  The mere thought turned his steel-hard erection into diamond.
“Mmmmfffffff…..!”  Jenna grunted as she began applying her crushing female strength to the two ends of the bar.
The comments on the computer also couldn’t believe what Jenna was trying to do.  “She’s gonna bend that bar?  An Olympic weight-lifting bar?!  What kind of fucking maniac is she?!”
But as usual, Jenna was dead serious about the outrageous task at.  As she turned up the power-dial, event huger, more hysterical reams of nauseating vascularity violently erupted out of every inch of skin on her muscle-flexing body.  This wasn’t just another determined flex by the over-developed muscle maniac.  Against the unyielding strength of the hardened steel bar, Jenna’s Herculean physique was forced into overdrive to meet a challenge that shouldn’t have been possible.
If any of them had thought Jenna’s previous flurry of flexing had pumped her muscles to their skin-splitting maximum, they now realized how wrong they were.  As Jenna grit her teeth and squeezed, no body part was sparred a total-body vascular eruption that threatened to turn the sexy teenager into the most horrific muscle-abomination in existence.  Even her hard, painfully erect nipples, each over an inch long already were popping with veins and getting more jacked by the second.
As Jenna fought the bar with increasing effort, the thickest, most gnarly vascularity Linus had ever seen in his life pulsated up her neck by the fistful.  He could even see massively super-swollen veins pushing from beneath her mask with such brute force that they were stretching the string holding it on her head.
Some 60 seconds of awesome, sweat-producing, body-shaking strain saw Jenna’s utterly obscene muscularity mutate to another level.
“HHHHHHHHH……. g-gonna get so jacked for you…… g-g-gonna get rippppppeeeeddd…..” Jenna muttered in painful, delirious gasps between her teeth-grinding efforts.  Her own words seemed to be turning her on even more and feeding right back into her nuclear-level pump.  But these weren’t words meant for her or the web broadcast or anyone else.  As she looked up at Linus and locked frenzied, passionate eyes, he knew they were meant only for him.
Linus could feel his head getting faint again.  This was too much.  It was way beyond overkill.  It was actually making him sick to watch his beautiful high school crush literally hulking-out before his eyes.  Linus instinctively knew that no matter how much he loved the hugest, craziest muscles, that there had to be some feminine sexuality at its core.  That’s why he had lusted for Jenna for so long and why he was so god damned terrified right now.  He could literally see Jenna’s last ember of sexuality getting flexed, pumped and crushed beneath literal mountains of man-muscle.  She just kept getting more pumped and swollen, her every measurement ticking upward by inches every second.  Her striations had striations that were growing out of control.  Even her voice itself was changing, becoming deeper, raspier and more guttural – as if the mutant bull-hormones in her blood were changing her very gender.
Two full minutes into the teen bodybuilder’s attempt to bend the barbell, Jenna had officially become the most contest-cut, vascular and inhumanly ultra-massive bodybuilder in existence.  Linus was certain that there wasn’t any two men alive who combined could match Jenna’s sheer, unholy monstrousness.  From the moment she had switched on her webcam to right now, she was completely unrecognizable.  She’d gone from a cartoonish Mr. Olympia caricature with 3-foot thick arms jacked on every type of steroid to something utterly inhuman.  But what really scared Linus, and simultaneously made him cream his pants like a champ was that there was no end in sight.
            Between roaring snarls and animalistic shrieks, Jenna was continuing to spew drooling, lust-filled challenges to him.
            “GGGGGGGGG!!!!!  ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!  NNNOOOOOOTTTT ENOUUUUUGHHHHHHH!!!!!!  NNNNEEEEEED M-MMMMMOOOOORE MUUUUUSCLEEE!!!!!!!!  NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDD TOOO GGGGGEEEEETTTTT SSOOOOOOOOOOOOO JACKKKKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!”  The teen screamed, drool rolling down her chin and disappearing into the sweat slickening her gleaming, he-brute physique.
            Amazingly, after 3 full minutes of agonizing crab-squeezing, the eye-popping teen hard body actually started to bend the unbendable bar.  By the 4 minute mark she’d managed to move it into the slightest start of a U shape – a feat that would normally take a 700 pound load of iron weights.  It was too bad that only 30 viewers remained to see it.  Jenna’s awesome and painful to witness muscle-flex and the sickening growth still wracking her had sent another 70 of the internet’s most hardcore muscle-admirers running home to mommy.
But Jenna didn’t seem concerned about her viewers or even the barbell itself.  With her hungry eyes fixed on Linus, her only desire was showing him every single centimeter of hard-earned muscle.
As if willed entirely by Jenna’s absolute lava-lust, Linus was met with an impossible, extinction-level explosion of fanatical arm-thick vascularity straight through her vein-brutalized flesh.
It was now as if Jenna had no skin at all.  So much veinage protruded multiple inches off her body - individual veins piled ten on top of each other – that Linus couldn’t possibly imagine anything more extreme.  Then, as if fate itself were slapping him on the wrist for the notion, the struggling string holding Jenna’s mask in place could no longer contain her fanatical face-flexing.  It suddenly snapped and the mask flew off with enough force to hit the webcam across the room.
Its destruction revealed Jenna’s straining, grinning, purple-faced visage in the midst of its unholy flex to end all flexes, and holy fucking shit did the fright Linus felt earlier pale in comparison to what he saw now.  Half of the teen’s face was completely cut to ribbons with feathering and striations as savage as an Olympian’s fully-flexed pecs.  The rest was a devastating vein super-orgy of sausage-thick Frankenstein-arteries surging and squirming everywhere there was space.   They were in her hair, behind her ears and even coming out of her nose.  There wasn’t a spare millimeter of her formerly beautiful face that wasn’t completely ruined by the ugliest, most animated, most hormone-stuffed horse-cock veins.
The entirety of Jenna’s head was just a bulging, arterial muscle-mass getting more defined and shredded with every heartbeat.  She could hardly keep up her own smile as the muscles and veins around it pressed cruelly against her big, pouty lips.  If things didn’t stop soon, her own face muscles would bury her features entirely.
  By now Linus was paying as little attention to the barbell as Jenna was.  Yet some 5 minutes into her apocalyptic crab-flex bar bend, Jenna’s tiny white-knuckled and vein-spasming hands were coming closer and closer together as the bar yielded against her incalculable strength.  It would’ve taken industrial-strength hydraulics to achieve what this cute 18-year old girl was doing right before his eyes with her bare hands.  But even that wasn’t the real special effect.  A team of ILM effects artists with a 100 million dollar budget wouldn’t have been able to model a hyper-ripped bodybuilding muscle-titan more ferociously muscular than Jenna had made herself.
“HHHHH…..  HHHHHNNNG…….HHHHAANNNNNNGGG…….!!!” Jenna panted, her sweaty, spit-covered boulder-chest rising and falling, rippling and shredding.   Tears rolled down her cheeks despite her shaky, twitching smile.  She seemed to want to say something but was struggling to maintain her unimaginable effort and also speak at the same time.   
“H-h-had e-eennnough…..  –o-or dddddo y-you…. D-doo  you…”
Jenna broke her clumsily strung together sentence in a forced moan of agony.  More tears streamed down her veiny face mixing with all of the sweat and spit and saliva everywhere.
“What Jenna?  What?”  Linus encouraged.
“D-ddddoo….. y-y-yyou….”  She fought as more and more veins pressed through the others up and down her nose and temples.
“Do y-y-you want t-t-to…… seeeeeeeeee…… m-m-m-m-meeeeeee get……..r-reallllllyyy…….. pppppuuuummmmmmppppp…..???????”
Linus’ jaw hit the floor.  Holy shit-balls!  What the fuck?  How could there be more in her?!  Jenna was a MACHINE!!  She knew no limits at all!!!
10 more viewers dropped out and likely went straight to their psychiatrists.
Meanwhile, Linus was faced with a dilemma.  His god damn heart couldn’t take anymore sweaty girl-muscle.  Jenna had taken his hand and led him straight into the heart of his wildest female muscle fantasy.  Then she’d taken him past it to the furthest outer-limits of extreme fetishism and then smashed right through that.  He didn’t know where the hell he was now or how he was still standing.  All he knew was that the most incredible female bodybuilder on God’s green Earth was asking him if he wanted her to get REALLY pumped.
“Jenna…” Linus started, at first uncertain, but quickly finding his confidence.  “W-why don’t you show these internet pussies what REAL girl-muscles look like!”
That was it.  Linus had lit the fuse and the powder-keg that was Jenna’s will to grow went off like the fourth of July.  He knew it because he suddenly saw her squirt a 2-liter bottle worth of steaming-hot girl-jizz all over his carpet before throwing her head back into her beyond-bloated meat-traps and screaming into the sky.
The only way to explain what happened next is that a hundred invisible personal-trainers jabbed a hundred syringes of the highest-grade human growth hormone in the world into every one of Jenna’s muscles at the same time.  Everything that had come before, no matter how extreme or twisted it had seemed in the moment looked a bean-pole pre-teen compared to her muscles right now.   
First – size.  Everything doubled, tripled and quadrupled.  Biceps that had been fibrous, split-headed basketballs became distended 50-pound medicine balls made entirely out of laser-etched feathering.  We’re talking arms thicker than the diameter of bus tires.  Abs were almost volleyballs unto themselves.  Jenna’s head vanished beneath pecs, neck and traps too huge for her own oversized body, even swallowing up her hair as it fell down her back.
Next – definition.  Despite how big she was now, and to clear, she was like 5 male heavyweights – she had also become ghoulishly defined to point that it hurt.  Every fiber of muscle, every individual tendon in even the most delicate of areas were fully defined and razor sharp.  Her skin had even torn in a few places as Linus noticed blood mixing with sweat.
Finally - vascularity.  Nothing could have prepared him for it, not even the monster Jenna had been 1 minute earlier.  It was officially full-on, projectile-vomit disgusting how huge and hard her every vein popped, even for a vein-fiend like him.  Those nipples?  3 and a half inches long now, hard as steel and wrapped in more veins than bodies’ were supposed to have.  They were bigger, harder and more manly-erect than some guy’ cocks.
Overall picture – a shining, sweaty, almost shapeless meat-balloon built from a million moving muscle parts.  Sweat everywhere.  Carpet soaked.  Also spraying enough saliva and girl-cum to fill a sink.  It was amazing that what looked like 700 pounds of muscle-man meat and pulsating alien vascularity was all piled on a 5’6 frame.
Looking at the muscle-lunatic Jenna had become, Linus had to remind himself that this “thing” was his classmate - a formerly beautiful bookworm too shy to ask her crush on a date.  How he had longed to feel her silky hair, to kiss her full, succulent lips.  He’d wished to gaze into her deep green eyes and imaged the primal lust contained within.  Jenna had been a maddeningly white-hot young woman in the prime of her sexuality and even better, a gifted female bodybuilder.  She was everything he’d ever dreamed of.
An ear-shattering CRACK snapped Linus back to reality.  The 2-inch thick, hardened steel weight-lifting bar, itself probably 25 pounds unloaded, had bent as far as it could and finally exploded into two pieces.
It was done.  Jenna had achieved the impossible and also become the impossible.  Standing there, her massively super-muscular and entirely vein-mutated chest ring and falling, the room filled with as much gasping and panting as an entire marathon, one thing was abundantly clear – Jenna was the ultimate - the total package taken to its preposterous maximum.  She was pure, distilled muscle-sex – her every muscle, every fiber, every molecule.
Somewhere along the way the chains around Jenna’s arms had snapped off.   Neither Linus nor Jenna had even noticed.  Slowly, Jenna’s tiny little head emerged from between the crushing meat continents of her sickeningly ready-to-burst traps.  It was then, as the horrible purple-red drained from her features and her bronzy spray-tan color returned, that Linus was met by one final realization - this one even more painful and heart-wrenchingly shocking than all the rest combined. 
No matter how muscular Jenna had been in the past – originally as a wiry pre-teen and as she piled on more and more mega-muscle, as a jacked-up Mr. Olympia with a pussy,  there had always remained some intensely erotic muscle-babe essence at her core.  It had been her super-power that until this very moment had never failed her.  But this time it was different.  Jenna had invited him to witness her at her most extreme and with that came a cost he couldn’t have imagined.  In pumping herself so fully and furiously to her utter flesh-tearing maximum there had been no compromise, no clinging to some small part of her femininity, no super-power.
Looking at the creature Jenna had unleashed, Linus faced a true bodybuilding mega-horror.  She was absolutely all beefcake muscle-man now.  All rippling he-man meat-beast.  100% shredded, bulging vein-monster.  She was a jagged, unyielding, skin-destroying muscle-behemoth and nothing else.   
Linus stared at the once beautiful teenaged girl and saw nothing he could cling to or recognize – not gorgeous Jenna Steele, not a young 18 year old female, not even a human being.  She had undergone a complete body metamorphosis from super-massive steroid bodybuilder into some kind of freak-show hormone-abomination.
Still high on her gargantuan pump, Jenna quickly saw the repulsion in Linus’ eyes and realized she had made a terrible mistake.  She had originally aimed to get off on his horror but had soon mistaken him for something he was not.  For a few fleeting moments, she had felt like she’d finally found someone who could endure her at her fullest, someone who could withstand her most pumped-up and jacked and whom she might one day even let into her gym.  She had been a fool.
Just then, a chime from the computer broke the silence.  Both Jenna and Linus turned around to see one lone remaining client logged on.  The name was “Mr. Muscles”, and a comment had appeared.
-Congratulations.  You are something special, Hardbody.
Jenna approached the computer cautiously and the messages continued.
-I would very much like to help you develop.  Look at your account.
Linus peered over Jenna’s massive meaty shoulder and saw her revenue total jump from a few hundred dollars to over $8000.
“Oh my Gosh!”  Jenna gasped at the sudden influx of cash.
-Just a start if you’re willing to finish the show.  And your pump.
“What do you mean, finish her pump?”  Linus blurted.  “Look at her!  She’s made out of muscles!”
-I think you’re still holding back, Hardbody.
“What the hell are you talking about?”  Linus continued.
But from behind her, Linus failed to notice a knowing blush wash across Jenna’s face.
-You still have one chain left.
Linus was about to blurt out again when he realized Mr. Muscles was right.  Glancing down Jenna’s back, he saw the jagged chain G-string peeking out from between her viciously striated butt-cheeks – the only remaining part of her sexy chain posing bikini.
-I will deposit another $8000 if you go all the way.  I want to see your muscles at their biggest, even if your friend doesn’t.
Jenna took pause to consider the offer.  Slowly, she looked back at Linus with a mixture of humiliation and still-raging muscle-lust.
“Linus, I don’t think you should see this.”  She whispered quietly, her sweet, girly voice having returned.
“W-what do you mean?”  Linus questioned, almost hurt by the notion despite knowing he couldn’t possibly take any more muscle.
“I could see it in your eyes just now.  My body, my muscles – I’ve finally become too much, even for you.  I’m just too muscular now and – and I don’t think you should see me get any bigger.”
B-Bigger?  BIGGER?
“BIGGER??!!”  Linus shouted.  “Y-you think you can still get BIGGER?!  How can this not be the biggest you can get?!  Look at your arms, your chest.  Look at your FACE!  You don’t even look human anymore!”
“Please – look away now.  This is going to get… ugly”
Linus stared at her, his mind having been blown more times in one afternoon than the rest of his life combined.  He was shaking – with rage?  Terror?  Slowly, he backed up to the corner of the room.
Jenna angled herself so that her humongous Hoover dam back was to him.  She then picked up the webcam from his desk and placed it on the floor.  She spread her legs so that the camera was facing directly up into her crotch, then placed her hands behind her head.
Even before she began whatever it was she going to do, Linus couldn’t comprehend the condition that her back was in.  It was a truly ultra-gargantuan swell of meat – hundreds of pounds layered on top of itself, all roiling and alive.  The sheer meaty girth – the wing-like width and beefy density was completely unreal.  But even more than the ultra-masculine, ultra-monstrous muscle rock, it was the brutal conditioning that really fried Linus’ brain.  Every muscle was sadistically shredded down to the fiber.  The entire expanse of her back was just a humongous wall of knotted, textured feathering.
“Hnnnnnngggggg…..”  Jenna grunted suddenly, her grip on the back of her head tightening.  Linus could see the juicy vein-bulges around her wrists and knuckles surge with new life.  Seemingly hundreds of even fatter, thicker veins popped out of her already vascular back with abusive force.  That there was any more veinage in Jenna’s body that was not yet ripping her skin apart was a feat unto itself.
Jenna continued to groan, her efforts becoming louder and more intense.  At first Linus was relieved that Jenna’s overall muscularity stilled seemed to have plateaued somewhere around the level of genetic muscle-freak.  Then his feeble reality shattered.
“HGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG” Jenna fought, her volume rising along with the effect on her physique.  Linus heard a horrible, painful groaning and realized it was her back-skin reaching its official limit.  Sure enough, inches and inches of wet, brown-tanned lat-width began to grow outward.  Jenna’s massively flexing traps also began to grow again, rising up the back of her head by alarming new centimeters.  Then the veins – fatter than ever, horrible-purple in color and virtually shredding her own muscles.  They destroyed her striated shoulders, her cut-up triceps and watermelon biceps.  It all ballooned up more and more, turning a furious muscle-beast into a twisted muscle-horror.
A muffled crack grabbed Linus’ attention.  He’d been so captivated by Jenna’s upper back and beyond-titanic lat-width that he had failed to see what was happening to the rest of her.  It was then that he realized something gut-punchingly ridiculous.  Everything that was happening to her upper body, the brutal growth of her shoulders and traps, the Hindenburg-sized pumping of her man-meat lats – it was all just a side-effect of her real efforts.
Another muffled crack came from somewhere deep between Jenna’s steel-hard butt cheeks.  They were so offensively hyper-shredded that he could no longer recognize it as an ass, to say nothing of the hundreds of monster-veins pulsing everywhere and double that many more pouring out of her ass-crack.  A third snap produced a further tightening of her razor-sharp butt-striations and eye-gouging amounts of even thicker and gnarlier veins exploded out of her crack.
Again, Linus realized that even Jenna’s ultimate ass-pump was but another side effect of what was really happening.  After all, Jenna had wished to hide him from the overwhelming awesomeness of her final pump - yet here he was witness to science-experiment muscle growth even more merciless than before.
Minutes into her huffing, puffing, moaning flex-fight, Jenna’s entire body was some 50% more ultra-massive.  She just kept going and going, muscles on top of muscles – piles, slabs and mountains cut deeper and harder - more ripped, more cut and more shredded to pieces.
It was vulgar and horrible.  Linus wanted to puke.  He wanted to pass out.  He couldn’t take another ounce of muscle meat.  Yet he had a giant, raging hard-on the size of a jumbo-jet.  His heart was racing with primal excitement.  He felt like he was on speed.  The thrill of Jenna’s boundary-smashing muscularity was in itself some kind of ultimate aphrodisiac.  He soon realized that it was the total annihilation of her very gender and the all-consuming dominance of her massive muscles that was so erotic.  It didn’t matter that she’d utterly destroyed her own femininity – it was that she HAD destroyed it.  She was truly the ultimate female bodybuilder – the ultimate sex-fantasy – the ultimate fuck-machine.                 
The loudest snap yet pulled Linus back.  Christ was Jenna jacked to hell.  Her ass was shredding deeper and tighter still, those coiled meat-balls the only part of her body shrinking in the face of so much tumultuous expansion.
Even with her back to him, he could see the veins pulsing right off either side of her face.  Her vascularity itself was more muscular than a normal bodybuilder, and it seemed like even her veins were flexing.
Then finally, an ear-piercing crack signaled success - whatever that meant.  The final chain, Jenna’s uncomfortable metal G-string shattered and fell from between her bloated brown beef-thighs.  The crushed and mangled metal hit the floor revealing multiple cracked links and even a few that had been crushed like a pancake.
Linus took a moment to collate in his muscle-damaged mind what had just transpired: Jenna had smashed-open a forged-iron chain by flexing her pumped-up vagina muscles!  Weirdly, that much made sense to him.  He recalled how he’d tripped a few weeks back and ended up with his face between Jenna’s legs.  The monstrous muscle-cunt that he’d briefly been exposed to, that frenzied hormone-orgy of converging vein-arteries and shredded sex-muscles, had just barely been contained inside her ready-to-burst panties.  It wasn’t too much of a stretch to imagine a good, solid cunt-flex popping stitches and probably even ripping open her panties completely.  But to break a heavy-duty chain with her vagina muscles alone – that was pretty alarming.  And even crazier was that given everything he’d seen, all the flexing and muscles and lunatic veins – given what she looked like right now - it was her huge, ultra-developed, inhumanly over-muscled girl-crotch that was too big for him to handle.   
Jenna ceased her flex, once again panting and gasping like an exhausted athlete.  She peered over her bulging shoulder to Linus behind her and revealed a face literally 100% all veins.
“C-can you please lend me a pair of your underwear…?  The biggest ones you’ve got…?”  Jenna asked.
“MY underwear?”  Linus questioned.
“I-I don’t want you to see my… really big muscles….”  She responded politely.
Linus did as she asked, fetching and handing her a pair of big, baggy boxer-shorts.  Jenna at first struggled to get them over her engorged thighs and then fought even more with what was between them.  It looked like she was some well-hung porn star trying to squeeze a massive horse-dick into a tiny pair of panties.  The great irony was that while Jenna was definitely no hermaphrodite, she sure as hell was more infinitely crotch-endowed than any big-dicked animal stud.
When Jenna finally turned around, Linus’ eyes nearly fell out of his head.  THIS was hiding her really big muscles?
Jenna had taken a pair of boxers that were a tent on Linus and through pure steroid pussy-development, turned them into a reverse G-string.  They were stretched so ferociously thin on her that they covered-up less than a micro-bikini.
Given Jenna’s small height and frame, her hips were surprisingly diminutive compared to the monumental rest of her.  It was in part what gave her such an over-blown and humongously epic muscle-hunk V-taper.  It also meant that absolutely all of the pressure on Linus’ boxers was coming from her jacked-up fuck-crotch.  It looked like she had 3 Christmas hams stuffed in there.  Not even the biggest dick-stud on the planet packed the kind of meat she had in her too-small panties.
 Anatomically, Linus wasn’t even sure what he was looking at.  Jenna’s rippling thighs and hamstrings seemed to blur right into her muscled-up honey-pot, growing even bigger and more furiously shredded until it went nuclear at her cunt.  Everything was bulging and twitching so brutally that a few stitches blew while he was gawking at her.  She definitely couldn’t have closed her legs if she tried.
Then there was the merciless, unhinged and utterly perverted veinage.  There was so much vascularity pumping beneath her panties that it was like a creature trying to break out.  All of her craggy, shredded pussy muscle – easily 100 pounds from her belly button to ass crack - took so much blood to feed that the biggest veins in her body couldn’t keep up.  Her hips and thighs were completely covered 5or 6 veins deep with wrist-thick python vascularity exploding from her panties.  It was a veritable tsunami of pussy-veinage in every direction, the sheer repulsive ferocity way beyond belief.   
Jenna tried to hide her obscene muscle-crotch with her hands.  Even with the huge veins crawling all over them, they had never seemed tinier than at that moment.  Like the boxer shorts, her both hands combined could hardly cover up a fraction of her ridiculous underwear-muscles.
“I’m so sorry, Linus.”  Jenna started, her flushed face even more shredded and horribly vein-stuffed than before.  “I’m wanted to scare you – I wanted to feel like a monster and a freak because it turns me on.  But after everything you said, I realized I wanted to turn you on too.  Instead… I’ve disgusted you…”
Linus looked at deeply Jenna – that wet, shiny-bronze human muscle-mountain.  His heart was a machine-gun of smashing drum-beats.  His dick was a cruise missile.
“K-kiss me you giant bulging muscle-stud.”  Linus spat, no longer in control of his body or mind.
“What…?”  Came Jenna’s reply.
“Get bigger.  Get huger.  Show me your beefcake monster-muscles you demented he-man!”
Jenna’s eyes widened like saucers.  Was this really happening?  Could Linus somehow actually be… turned on right now?!
This time it was Jenna who reached out and pulled Linus in.  The two locked in a crushing, nasty sex-kiss more pornographic than most people’s full-on fucking.  Linus couldn’t breathe, her grip was cracking his skull, but he didn’t care.  He kissed the shit out of Jenna and tasted those gorgeous fat lips he’d always dreamed of like they were the sweetest candy.
When they finally broke, Linus collapsed.  He stumbled back to his bed – all of the energy sucked out of him by Jenna’s vampire muscle-lust.
Slowly she approached him and straddled the bed, her SUV body-weight flattening the mattress and destroying the box-springs.  Staring up at her, she was a planet-sized muscle maelstrom without sexuality or identity.  There was no face from his vantage point, nor anatomical differentiation.  It was all just sweaty muscle he-hulk everywhere.
Jenna climbed over him, careful not to crush him with any part of her ultra-butch body.  When her face finally reappeared, she was dripping lusty hormone drool from both her mouth and from between her legs.
Linus still couldn’t believe the face he was staring at.  It was like some twisted fever dream.  Jenna’s raging hormones were even now pumping her up further.  She truly couldn’t help herself or hope to stop all the veins continuing to bloat and pop and protrude.
Jenna arched back and lifted her beyond-colossal arms.  With a grit-teeth grunt she hit a double biceps that from Linus’ point of view filled the entire room with muscles.  Again her face vanished, as did her straining, shaking fists.  Her 4 inch nipples disappeared along with her shoulders and most of the rest of her, all of it gobbled-up by ballooning, bulging muscle-meat.
“More!  Flex more!!  Get even bigger you lunatic muscle-freak!!!”  Linus spat, crazed and delirious.
“Y-YESS!!!”  Jenna cried from somewhere miles away.  “OH YESSSS!!!  TELL ME MORE!!”
“I want more veins you beast!!  I want the biggest, juiciest veins EVER!!” Linus ordered.
Jenna flexed harder, providing exactly what Linus demanded – huger, more steroid-crazy beast veins tearing through everything.
“HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!”  The teen screamed as her mutant muscle-physique created more and more muscle and freakier veins.
Just then, a noise behind them broke the moment.  It was the bedroom door opening.
“Oh… my… GOD….!!!!”  A voice cried.
Linus’ heart sank like a cold, wet stone. Jenna rolled off him and he saw across from them his parents standing at the door.
“Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward.”  ~Oscar Wilde


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Re: ★Memorable Author: [MrShhh] "HARDBODY"
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it is a pity that there is no continuation of this great story  :'(

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Re: ★Memorable Author: [MrShhh] "HARDBODY"
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