• #1051 by garther789 on 09 Jul 2022
  • Hi. My name is Jimmy. I have been an fbb admirer for a while now and just recently heard of this site. I have an account on a similar site but wanted to check this out too. I'm into female demonstrations of strength and muscle worship. I look forward to seeing what this site has to offer.

    Nice to meet you Jimmy. Yes this site has a lot to offer when it comes to all things related to FFB
  • #1052 by watson2022 on 24 Sep 2022
  • Hi. New to the site. 35 and from the UK. Wondered if many others on here from the UK. Big fan of Louise Plumb.
  • #1053 by zymmak on 24 Sep 2022
  • Hi everyone! Finally I'm here after realizing Saradas as one of the best sites related to FBB. Going to check the threads and then probably post some nice pics and vids from my collection(if there are no such ones here). Hope you like them. Cheers!
  • #1054 by higty456 on 10 Oct 2022
  • Hi all.

    Just joined recently. Been a fan of female muscle of all kinds, and find it is great that this forum exists for all of us.

  • #1055 by Kalka270 on 30 Nov 2022
  • I'm 21, have been a fan of female muscles since I saw the-muscle-girl-fan comics on déviantart, I'd like to become as good as him to draw but it's complicated...
  • #1056 by PAN78 on 11 Dec 2022
  • Hello everyone, greetings! I registered some time ago, but it is my first time ever posting anything.

    I'm a fan of female muscle art since 2010. As I was looking for some anime arts with badonkas (we all did this once when we were young lol), I randomly found some art by RenTB (aka Studio Ren), who still is one of my favourite FMG artists of all time. I then have been loving female bodybuilding since

    If I ever find any art that are not posted yet, or arts that have gone missing, I'll be sharing them if I ever find them.

    Nice to meet you
  • #1057 by blackbelted on 17 Dec 2022
  • Hi - i'm a huge fan of female bodybuilders and have been since i was a teen. i'm an amateur bodybuilder and love being with a woman who is as muscular as me. almost like a salt and pepper shaker match if you will. i particularly love training with a skilled female partner and always enjoy sharing tips and tricks in the gym. I live in NYC. I am 5'11", 64 and weigh 215 and very solid in appearance. always interested to connect with fellow bodybuilders. My name is Jim.
  • #1058 by sullyvansilva on 18 Dec 2022
  • i dont speak english very well, then i used the google translate to write it
    I'm glad to be back on the forum. I'm Brazilian from Ibaiti Paraná and I've been a crossfit female bodybuilder for over 20 years, and because of the depressions I've had and the events I've had in my life, I ended up distancing myself a little from the sport itself. but in these last few years the growth of the sport in Brazil made me come back to follow bodybuilding things a little more closely. and at 36 years old I feel that I am mature enough to be a person who praises athletes more. and that I can contribute to the sport by at least valuing their work in this way. yet one thing that has never changed is my love for a woman's muscular physique and my desire to be married to a woman with such a physique. so, I know that this kind of thing is difficult, because after all I am also married at the moment and I try to convince my wife to at least start training even though it is difficult to do that. but of course I would love to be able to talk or maybe even have a relationship with such a woman after all. muscular woman is the most beautiful thing there is!
  • #1059 by blackdash00 on 28 Dec 2022
  • Hi, I just joined Saradas. My name is Lieke, I am 18 years old and I do gymnastics. I think I am pretty strong, not insane but definetely above average. I am 174cm, 55kg. I bench 145kg and I’ve beat multiple grown men in armwrestling already! (Including my math teacher hihi)

    Hi Lieke! How are you doing? I'm axel
  • #1060 by Realguy65 on 05 Jan 2023
  • Hello everyone my name is Chris I just joined today January 5, 2023. I’ve always found female bodybuilders to be beautiful women when I graduated from high school my dream girl was Cory Everson.  That was back in 1984.  I joined here, because I wanted to see if I could find a FBB for a session here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania although to be honest, a true goal of mine would be to actually meet a female bodybuilder and even date one if possible, but that I think it’s more of a fantasy then anything else at this point in my life.  So like I said, if there are any female bodybuilders who read this, if you have a travel schedule and you are in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area, I would like to discuss getting together for a session and go from there. Thank you for reading.
  • #1061 by Matth98 on 14 Jan 2023
  • I am the son of a personal trainer and a woman who has competed for years! Perhaps precisely because I have lived this world from the inside since I was little, it has never prompted me to do research about it. that's why I'm only now discovering this site and it seems to me very interesting
  • #1062 by Female Bodybuilding on 14 Jan 2023
  • I am the son of a personal trainer and a woman who has competed for years! Perhaps precisely because I have lived this world from the inside since I was little, it has never prompted me to do research about it. that's why I'm only now discovering this site and it seems to me very interesting

    Welcome Matth98. Nice to see you on Saradas. All the legends in FBB world are members here. Who is your mother?
  • #1063 by Matth98 on 15 Jan 2023
  • She has never competed in professional circuits, even if in my opinion she deserved it! Unfortunately, being Italians, bodybuilding is not highly regarded here, especially 30 years ago!
  • #1064 by whitenakar on 13 May 2023
  • Hello!! We are White Nakar.

    A new Art and Photography digital studio.

    We will be looking for Female Bodybuilder Models for our new artistic creations.

    For now, we invite you to review our art on Devianart through the following link:


    If any bodybuilder girl wants to model for our cameras, please contact us through Forum Saradas.

    Thank you

    White Nakar
  • #1065 by Mickster69 on 29 May 2023
  • My name is Mick, aged 53. Always been a fan and supporter of women's bodybuilding and strong women since the late 1980s. Very occasionally when i can afford it, I'll book an appointment with a Fbb for a 'session' and it's not cheap, but worth it to see your idol. I went to see Claudia Patenza in London last fortnight and she was sensational. Very open and friendly. I wish Forum Saradas could do a dating site link as Im sure there are many fans out there that would jump at a chance to date a fbb.  :heart: