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Lift & Carry, Tall & Big & Strong Women / Re: Brandi Mae & Sydney Siren
« Last post by vinus777 on Today at 08:12:25 pm »
Muscular Women Fiction / (Hyper)Trophy wife
« Last post by MACFATBITCH on Today at 08:11:55 pm »
I have a unique wife. I know, I know, everyone says that... but mine is truly special.

5 years ago, I was single in a bar, alone. I wasn't sad, but I'd be damned if I didn't have what was probably the most amazing, positive, and exciting turn of events in my life on that day, and now I'm the happiest man on earth. Of course I didn't know what I had stumbled into at the time. Again, I know everyone says that about their spouse, but... well... you'll see what I mean.

To get to the point of that day, I was alone at a bar enjoying a nice drink in solitude. Honestly I wasn't expecting anything from it; it was just a night of self-care after work on a Friday. But then this girl walked by my seat with some of her friends. Dressed in a slim blue dress, she caught my eye instantly, and right after she passed by me I could swear that the air smelled sweeter. Not in a perfume sort of way, but just... nicer. To be honest I'm not entirely sure why she caught my eye in particular; there were plenty of beautiful women at that bar, and she had a beautiful slim frame, but... not my ideal type to be honest. But still, here I was unable to keep my eyes from wandering every now and then to the group, and I would only notice her.

Anyway... fast forward an hour or so and I'm about done at the bar and just about to leave. In an instant (as in, I didn't really think about it, and just went for it), I walked up to her and asked her out. I won't bore you with the details, but I'm not usually one to do that; but that night it was like a magnetic attraction that forced me to ask, with an alien amount of confidence, if this girl was single, and if she wanted to go out with me sometime. I found out that her name was Rachel, and she said yes. Awesome!!

But that's probably the most boring part of our relationship.
Because  about a month or so into it, we were at the beach on a hot summer day... we went swimming, and at some point I got out of the water to dry off and relax in the sun for a but. Rach decided to stay in the water for a bit before joining me, and that's when I noticed something interesting.

As I was lying down on the beach, I couldn't stop staring at my hot-as-hell girlfriend... only she looked different right now. I'm not sure if it was the water on her body or some weird reflections or something, but she looked... less slim. I've been with her for a month and I generally think I could recognize her body, right? But right now at this moment, she looked... a bit buff.

Fucking score. I love some meat on a girl. Honestly give me peaked biceps and monster quads any day and every day.

So I snapped a photo, carefully of course.

Her biceps looked great! And that ass... daaaammnnn...
What the hell changed? She didn't look like this as we reached the beach earlier today; wtf happened!?
Fitness, Figure, Bikini & Wellness / Re: Lilla Frank-Helstab
« Last post by Paul1966 on Today at 08:11:04 pm »
Lilla Frank-Helstab

Memorable Female Muscle & Hall of Legends Videos / Re: Andrulla Blanchette
« Last post by STU on Today at 07:44:31 pm »
Thank You
Producer Announcements / Re: Killpussy in the ring, on the mats.
« Last post by Killpussy on Today at 07:44:12 pm »
Producer Announcements / Re: Killpussy in the ring, on the mats.
« Last post by Killpussy on Today at 07:42:34 pm »
Hello Wrestling Fans,

Another match with SK in fact part two, where I get meaner.

KPW282 SheelaKiller vs Assassin Killpussy Part 2

The skinny fighter with a fighter’s spirit SK takes on the undefeatable, indomitable power of nature that is Killpussy in this unforgiving Female Wrestling clip. As we continue this match in this second part, SK’s humiliation is complete as Killpussy contorts and stretches out her skinny victim right out - stretching her legs wide open till SK cries for an unforthcoming mercy, licking her face and biting her right in the pussy!
I'm the single here to have problems for add money on HBC !!!! it s always impossible for me
Muscular Women Fiction / Re: Genetic Giants
« Last post by Apley44 on Today at 07:08:35 pm »
Thanks for the feedback everyone.

NOTE: In the last chapter, i made a mistake and called Dana “The Monster” Olsen, when in fact her nickname should be “The Predator”. Anyways, small matter, off to the next chapter….


Chapter 14

We went extra early to get our tan, just so that we didn’t bump into any other competitors. Sienna, being close friends to Dana, Yasmin and Polina, decided that it would be a great idea to invite them and do it together. So there we were, one man, and four absolutely stunning ladies – the top four most muscular women in the world – and they were all stripping naked in front of me. Dana and Polina still kept their boobs fairly perky, but Yasmin’s were long gone, instead replaced by a pure, textbook-thick set of marvellous pecs. Naked, it was hard to differentiate her torso from mine, a man’s. But any regular man would dream of having a torso just like hers. Sometimes, I even wonder why Yasmin wore a bra at all. Some of Sienna’s brutal work ethic had rubbed off them as well, for they were all breaking the 400-pound bodyweight barrier: Dana weighing a whopping 410 pounds of pure muscle, Yasmin at 408 pounds, and Polina at 409 pounds. They were huge! And for the record, Dana was only 26, Polina 28 (same as my age) and Yasmin was 31. Sienna was 27. Despite me packing at least 20 pounds more muscle than Dana, Polina and Yasmin, but standing side by side, the difference was minimal. They were just as big as I was. And just as scary. I was in danger of losing the top 3 to these ladies.

Once we were done, we quickly oiled each other up, and put on our posing suits. I sported a red trunk, custom-made to contain my enormous penis, while Sienna chose her signature white microkini again, the bikini bottoms exposing her massive glutes and struggling to contain the gigantic package she was carrying, Boudicca. We wrapped ourselves with custom-tailored silk robes, which would be like XXXXXXL size in the market, and even then, our V-tapers were hard to hide, our massive arms and shoulders stretching the fabric to its limit. What can I say, when you are as huge as us, there really is no hiding it, no matter how hard you try.

Competitors were already trickling in and by the time we reached the pump up room, it was packed. I could see Andrea Shaw, now relegated to Women’s Classic Physique due to the format change, doing lateral shoulder raises with a set of resistance bands. Chris Bumstead was practising a stomach vacuum pose in the mirror. Of course, he looked great, heavy favourite for the Men’s Classic Physique. If only he knew how tiny he looked when the girls took off their robes.

And we chose to step into the centre of the room to unveil our bodies. Instead of just stripping, Sienna and I decided to do something more captivating – flexing out of our robes. And I had to say, it was liberating. We took a deep breath, raised our arms over our heads before exploding into a dynamic front double bicep. The robes provided little resistance, for they just burst into a million pieces. No doubt, our little show made every single head turn. There were gasps in the crowd, bodybuilders, even after spending years or decades in the sport, just in awe of the impossibility of our physiques. They had absolutely no idea how unbeatable we were. There were a few guys in the room, all of them top Mr Olympia contenders, my arch rivals in the men’s bodybuilding scene. Before today, they thought little of the bullshit the IFBB was going through, introducing a mixed male and female category. Deep down inside, they thought the media hyping up Sienna and Dana was just feminist propaganda. These girls, they thought, had no idea that they were up against the biggest male bodybuilders in history! These guys ate Big Ramy, Brandon Curry and Kai Greene for breakfast, driving them to retirement, every single one of them surpassing 300-pounds of bodyweight. Oh fuck, the look on their faces when they saw me and Sienna. You should have seen them, they looked like trouts! Now, only in our posing suits, we flexed for the mirrors, coldly and cockily ignoring all the eyes trained on us, all the while basking in their amazement…and fear.

Dana, Yasmin and Polina were a bit more subtle, they removed their robes like normal humans, but their bodies still struck immense fear into their competitors. They were absolutely huge! I guess some people just had to see it to believe it. As Dana strutted over to the leg press machine, arms folded to show off a rich tapestry of veins and striations in her thunderous forearms. Mike Rivaldo, two time Mr Olympia runner-up (after losing to me), trembled with fear, quickly finishing his set and making way in case he had to make this hulking giant of a girl wait, and suffer the consequences. Polina, being the innocent-looking Russian girl she was, blushed as she asked veteran bodybuilder, Trevor Messiah, three time Mr Olympia (before I debuted), if he was done with his 365-pound bench press.

“Excuse me, Mr Messiah Sir, I’m Polina. I’m a huge fan of yours, I used to grow up with posters of you in my room! Sorry to interrupt, I would just like to know how many sets do you have left on the bench press?”

“No worries, kid. I have three more sets. We can alternate actually, I do one set, then you do one set,” said Trevor.

“Alright, if you say so,” said Polina. And then to his surprise (or shock), she gradually stacked up plate after plate after plate onto the barbell, and once she was done, the barbell was holding 700 pounds of pure iron. FUCK! She almost doubled the amount of weight he was lifting. “Sorry, it’s kinda embarrassing, I usually don’t lift so lightly, especially in front of my childhood idol, but there just aren’t enough weights around here.”

She lay on the bench, and churned out 20 beautiful reps, her pecs exploding with power after every push. They were like slabs of cinderblock, only much bigger, and harder, puffing up an extra 2-3 inches with their throbbing veins after every breath she took.

“Woooo! That was fun,”she said, setting down the bar, only to be greeted by a gaping Trevor Messiah. “Do you wanna try this weight, Mr Messiah?”

He snapped out of his speechless trance. “Um…no, its ok. Um…700 pounds! I’ve never lifted that before. That’s even heavier than my 1-rep max!”

“What is your max?”

“620 pounds.”

“Ooohhh…that used to be my warm-up weight. 30 reps, 620 pounds, full blast. But then, as I’ve gotten much bigger and much stronger,” she said, showing off the hulk of her right bicep just to make her point, “it’s gotten too light, so nowadays I warm up with 700. My max is way higher…around 1200 pounds. Tee-hee.”

Sienna swaggered over to the dumbbell racks where Damien DeAngelo (see chapter 12), reigning Arnold Classic and NPC USA champion, red hot favourite to challenge me for the Olympia, was curling a pair of 60-pound dumbbells. Seeing Sienna approach, his face twitched, showing a hint of uncertainty, and he scooted over to one side. Sienna sniggered.

“Hey, handsome, I saw your interview three weeks ago. Say, why did the inclusion of women into the Open Bodybuilding category became quote-unquote, ‘a disgrace’?” Sienna challenged.

Damien was speechless. He knew what he said in that interview.

“Seeing me now, does it change your mind?” Sienna asked, emanating her young, confident, sensual energy, going into an ab flex, her beefed up right arm folded behind her head, while showing off her left single bicep. She was ripped, she was gigantic, to the point that she almost doubled his size and was a foot taller than him. She looked like she could just pick him up and mangle him in a bear hug, crushing every single bone on his body. Imagine a young, gorgeous girl, a face made for the covers of every fashion magazine in the world, brutally manhandling a champion male bodybuilder who was at least 8-10 years older than her. “Don’t worry, you don’t have to speak, handsome. We let our muscles do the talking, on stage, where EVERYONE can see how I will HUMILIATE you. Are you ready to lose to a GIRL? Now THAT’S a disgrace.”

She reached for the heaviest dumbbells available on the rack – 250 pounds – and started doing concentration curls next to Damien. By then, Damien had switched to the 80-pounders. Synchronising her reps with his, they curled but it was no doubt who was the clear winner. Sienna was lifting more than triple of what he was lifting, and by the 15th rep, he was struggling while Sienna was still going strong. Damien stopped at his 16th rep, but Sienna was powering through those humungous dumbbells, her bowling-ball sized biceps with their finger-thick veins rippling with power. By the time she was done, she was in her 34th rep, double of what Damien did with his puny 80-pounders. She dropped the weights and as part of her post-lift routine, flexed her pumped up muscles.

“OHHHHH YEAAAAHHHH. BEAUTIFUL! Look at me! Don’t you wish you had muscles like these, handsome? 80-pounds and you’re already exhausted! Pathetic! I don’t even use 80-pounders anymore! 250 is my minimum, and that’s just for warm ups!”

Sienna called out to me.

“Babe! Come over here!”

I put down the EZ-curl bar and approached her.

“This is my husband. I’m sure you’ve met,” she wrapped her arms around mine like a girlfriend feeling clingy towards her boyfriend, “As you can see, he is bigger than you, but sadly for him, I am still bigger, stronger, taller and and more RIPPED than him. But what does he do? He accepts it and loves me with his entire heart and soul. That is what I call a real man.” As she said that, she stroked my cinderblock pecs, before giving me an extremely passionate kiss, with tongue and all, her thunderous right thigh, wrapping around my waist and her bare soles rubbing over my calves.

“Mmmm…and one more thing,” she leaned over to whisper to Damien, “my dick is bigger than yours.”

For some reason, that hit a nerve. Damien dropped his dumbbell and for a brief moment, tried to square off against her, but retreated once he realised he was up against two human beings who were much bigger than him. In that moment, I let my instinctive reaction take over, and tried to square off against him too, getting my body in between him and my wife.

Then I felt Sienna give me a gentle tug of my arm before giving me a peck on the cheek, and stepping in front of me. “My, my. My hunk of a husband, he knows I’m bigger than him, and can absolutely hold my own, and yet, he doesn’t hesitate to protect his beautiful wife. Oh, babe, what did I do to deserve you?”

With that, Damien cursed and left and the onlooking crowd dispersed.

“Whoa, babe, what did you do to him?” I asked.

“Oh nothing much. A little bit of mind games just before the contest. He was spewing hate speech three weeks ago against us female bodybuilders, so I gave him a piece of my mind.”

“You looked absolutely menacing,” I commented.

“I know. I love showing off how strong I am...just to scare off men.”

After another half an hour of ruthless pumping, it was time for our show. There were sixteen contestants in the mixed gender Open Bodybuilding contest, with four girls and twelve guys. The crowd roared as the MC announced our category and we strutted onto the stage to show off our beautiful physiques. I remembered watching the encore on Youtube, and I could hear the studio commentators’ introduction.

“And now for the first time ever, we have the mixed Open Bodybuilding category. We welcome our contestants…I see Mike Rivaldo, looking absolutely phenomenal…and Trevor Messiah looking as if he really wants to bring the title back to Compton! Damien DeAngelo, look at him, in the best shape of his life. I’m telling ya, the media was saying for months that this could be the year he could beat Jon Cox, and looking at him now, I’m certainly not ruling that out. But speaking of…Jon Cox! Okay, I take that back. Seems like Damien has his work cut out for him, ‘cuz Jon is just unbelievably massive! Is that guy even human? I thought he outdid himself last year, but every time you think he has reached his limit, he comes here and just blow your minds off!

“And of course for the first time ever, we have the girls competing against the men and we have a line-up of four very young girls…HOLY COW! WHAT THE FATHER FUCKING FUCK!!! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! Look at the four ladies up there!!! Look at them!!! OH MY GOD!!! I’m just speechless. The girls! They are just MOTHERFUCKING MASSIVE! Are you seeing this? Look at them! Look! Sienna Cox, wife of Jon Cox, taking after her husband and just fucking owning it! She is just so fucking RRRRIPPED! And HUGE!!! Just Himalayan level HUGE! She will be hard to beat! And Dana Olsen, the ‘Predator’ just smashing her own records left and right. Looking absolutely formidable. Yasmin Kim, the ‘Asian Amazon’ just showing off why she is our musclebound queen! And Polina Remkova, from Russia, we saw her wrestle a fucking grizzly, and won! And now, she is destroying the fucking competition. I have to tell ya folks, seems very likely that we are not gonna have a Mr Olympia this year! We’re gonna have a MISS Olympia. These girls fucking RULE! Each one of them, I have no doubt, easily, very easily weighing over 400 pounds of pure muscle! Gone are the days where we see Marcus Ruhl, at 330-pounds and call that massive. Ladies and gentlemen, these girls, THESE GIRLS, are MASSIVE! And to think that less than one year ago, Sienna Cox was posing for the cover of Sports Illustrated as the beach body of the year! I know, I bought that issue!”

During the first call-outs for the comparisons, I remember very clearly the judges summoning Sienna, Mike, Damien, and Trevor. One girl, three guys. The other guys weren’t even considered because clearly, they had no chance. Out of the running. But I don’t know what the judges were doing. It was clearly a waste of time, and once the first pose was struck, I believed they realised that too.

Front lat spread. Front double biceps. Side chest. Side triceps. Back double bicep. Rear lat spread. Thighs and abdominals. Most muscular. Every single pose. There was only one clear winner. Sienna. All eyes were on her with every pose. It was just hard not to notice her. The rest of the guys were just relegated into insignificant background photobombs. Standing side by side with the best male bodybuilders in history, instead of being threatened, she used this as a platform to prove to the world her untouchable superiority. From the front, she was almost two times wider than these guys, from the side, she was much, much thicker. A front double bicep and hands-down, death to her opponents. While their bicep peaks were the size of softballs/shot puts, her peaks were the size of bowling balls. From the rear, her back muscles, reinforced by the pair of undiscovered muscles, the demon-face staring back at the audience, and the level of detail and definition, with the veins and striations exploding from her solid flesh, no one else had a chance. Even standing relaxed, with her arms at her side, Sienna looked inhuman, or superhuman. How her relatively thin waist suddenly bloomed upwards into a solid mountainous tapestry filled layers upon layers of rock-hard flesh, packed with maximum density all the way to the bone, built purely by iron, meat and sweat. Her tree-trunk thighs, those terrifying set of abs, shredded to the core, with a network of veins so unprecedentedly insane, there was no way to describe: therefore, the media called it Sienna-esque. Even calling her “Hulking” wouldn’t do her justice. Imagine being so amazing, an adjective had to be named after you. Sienna-esque veins. Sienna-esque definition. Sienna-esque conditioning. Sienna-esque muscularity. Don’t get me wrong, the men next to her were looking phenomenal, but it was because of how dominant she was, she just dwarfed them into insignificance. Take her out of the equation, and these men would have a competition for the ages. The best male bodybuilder line-up in history. You would get a competition. But put her in the fray, and you will get a humiliation.

When that round of comparisons were done, Sienna was summoned again for the second call-out. This time, it was with me, Dana, Yasmin and Polina. Four girls, one guy. This was much more competitive than the previous round. All of us were comparable in size, and Sienna, while still the clear favourite, was not 100% the dominant one. Each girl had her strengths that could challenge Sienna. Dana for her conditioning, Yasmin for her thighs, Polina for her width. Me for my chest. But for every advantage we had, Sienna had five more that could put the competition to bed. While Dana had conditioning, Sienna had better posing that showed off every inch of her ripped muscular perfection, so that even if Dana was more defined, Sienna still managed to show off a great amount of muscle mass, creating optical illusions that made her much more muscular by comparison. That was the epitome of flawless posing. So even when Dana managed to beat Sienna in terms of definition, what use was it when Sienna was posing in a way that revealed much more muscle than her? Yasmin, even if she had unbeatable thighs, Sienna’s abs, back, chest, shoulders and arms were unparalleled in their destructive capabilities. In the thighs and abdominals, all Sienna had to do was to take a deep breath and twist her abdomen, and the audience would be treated with an explosive display of rippling, vascular eight-packs, serratus, intercostals and obliques that took the attention away from Yasmin’s thighs to Sienna’s gorgeously shredded midsection. As for Polina’s doorframe-destroying width, Sienna had better thickness. Did I ever mention that while Sienna couldn’t walk through doorways straight on, she also couldn’t walk through them sideways? All our doorways at home had to be modified to fit the thickness from her back to her chest. And as for me? I didn’t stand a chance. While my chest was formidable, it mattered little when you took into account her stage presence, her posing routine, her conditioning, and all-around flair. I may have won the chest, but in that same pose during the side chest, she had arms that literally destroyed mine and hamstrings that made mine look pathetic. We saw it last night when we were posing in our hotel room, and we definitely saw it today.

But just when I thought my night was over, the judges made a third call-out that included only me and Sienna. The Cox Couple Posedown, as the media called it. Before we started, Sienna gave me a reassuring gaze with those ocean blue eyes of hers, not because she was assuring me that she would make it easy, but assuring me that she would always love me no matter what. Knowing that, we both gave our best.

“Front lat spread.”

“Front double bicep.”

“Side chest.”

“Side triceps.”

“Rear double bicep.”

“Rear lat spread.”

“Thighs and abdominals.”

“Most muscular.”

I could recall what the commentators said on Youtube.

“Oh man, this is embarrassing for Jon. She’s just mopping the floor with him. An utter humiliation. I don’t know why the judges even made them do this. She is just better than him in every way. I wonder how would their sex feel like…hahahaha. Anyways, not to take any credit away from Sienna, I mean what DID she do?  I saw an interview with her, and the amount that she eats and lifts, FUCKING INSANE! And this is the result. Pure dominance. Pure emasculating dominance. Even I’m afraid. Just look at that. Those abs that she’s flexing. Fuck! I would KILL to have abs like that, and I’m a man! Asking for a girl’s abs.” 

And Sienna was no longer called out that night. It was clear who the winner was. The rest of the call-outs, and there were about ten of them, featuring an array of combination between me, Trevor, Damien, Mike, Dana, Polina, and Yasmin, were all in the spirit of finding out who would win second place. That was all. Sienna needed just three call-outs (or two because I didn’t know what that Cox Posedown was all about, so I may not want to count that), to assert her dominance. And the rest of us little fish were fighting tooth and nail for second place.

Eventually, it came to the final agenda, the Final Posedown.

“Ladies and gentleman, POSEDOWN!” The MC announced.

And this was Sienna’s favourite part. She took centre stage, and she just stole the entire show. Some of the guys like Trevor and Mike wanted to displace her from her spotlight, but who were they kidding? She was a full 100-150 pounds heavier. All she had to do was flex, and she had everyone beat. She especially hated Damien, so every pose that he did, she mimicked. When he did double bicep, she did the same, elbow to elbow, showing the audience just how pathetic she made him look. When he did a thighs and abdominals, she did the same. And my, my, her calves were bigger than his thighs, which means her arms were bigger than his thighs, and comparing her abs with his was like comparing diamonds to coal. He had no chance. Eventually, the MC announced the end of the show and that concludes the Open Bodybuilding contest.

Backstage, Sienna completed her first bodybuilding contest and she just couldn’t stop kissing me.

“Love! We did it! I love you so much!”

And there wasn’t any doubt during the prize ceremony who the winner was. Sienna of course. Miss Olympia. Finally. My wife, a Miss Olympia. She didn’t even looked surprised. When her name was announced, she just coolly struck a javelin pose, as an assertive sign of dominance, emanating a Goddess-like aura with her killer biceps. With the other arm raised, pointing at the ceiling, we could see the twisting and rippling tendons in her open axilla, all the muscle heads beautifully separated at their insertion points, her thick, beefy lats flaring like wings. A perfect V-taper, one that would make any man green with jealousy, even the bodybuilders.

In contrast to her dominant celebration, she strutted with the mesmerising grace of a beauty queen when she went up to accept her prize: a trophy with a muscular golden bodybuilder, which looked nothing close to her championship physique. Don’t get me wrong, the craftsmanship of the bodybuilder statue was exquisite, but Sienna surpassed that. The organisers should take back the trophy and issue her a new one, one modelled after her Goddess-like muscular physique, with all her rippling Sienna-esque cuts and definitions.

Surprisingly, I got second-place. Well, the girls did give me a scare, but you don’t live with Sienna Cox and not development her obsession for perfection. Dana “The Predator” Olsen, our good friend and casual threesome partner, got third. Yasmin “Asian Amazon” Kim, our wedding officiant, got fourth and Polina “The Bear Crusher” Remkova, one of Sienna’s bridesmaids, rounded up the top five. Unbelievable. In the first ever mixed Open Bodybuilding contest at the Olympia, all four female contestants came in the top five, destroying the pathetic male competition beneath them. I am sure, this would set a really good framework for the future of female bodybuilding.

Once backstage again, I wrapped my arms around my Miss Olympia wife, when we were approached by a nerdy-looking man in a business suit.

“Good evening, Mr and Mrs Cox. My name is Dr David Steiner, a geneticist from GenTech Industries. I assure you, we are not part of any doping agency. Congratulations on your victory tonight. I was extremely mesmerised by your performance. Very impressive indeed. Which is why my company, would like to invite you to our research, investigating the genetics behind your muscular composition.” 
Muscle Worship / Re: Muscle hulk
« Last post by jslip24 on Today at 07:01:19 pm »
Diana Volkova

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