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Author Topic: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs  (Read 19402 times)

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #90 on: December 06, 2018, 01:07:02 pm »
A little late with this one.

Freshman year: Part Fifteen – November.

   “So, where do you want to start?” Lindsay asked.

   Ryan fished for words but they wouldn’t come. Firstly there was Lindsay, standing with her hands on her hips in an Under Armour tank-top that might as well have been spray paint. Not only could he see her clearly defined abs, he could see the larger striations on the outer edges of her remarkable pecs and all four of her lats. He was pretty sure he could see some veins on her abs, the shirt was that tight. Her incredible arms and shoulders were bare as was a significant portion of her upper chest due to the top’s large scoop neckline.The second factor getting in the way of his forming coherent thoughts, let alone speech, was where they were and why they were where they were.

   “Hey, Earth to Rye,” Lindsay waved a hand in front of his face. “Do you want to get this on or what?”

   The high school weight room swam into focus. As did his memory of the moment yesterday at lunch when Lindsay suggested they hit the weight room to see what she was capable of. Ryan was only able to nod his agreement. His mouth was too dry and his brain was suddenly short on blood. He had to wait almost two minutes after Lindsay left to get up from the table. ‘Damn, I’m turning into Billy,’ he thought to himself.

   It had not helped in the least that Lindsay had prefaced the suggestion with a display of her horseshoe shaped triceps. “I think they’re getting bigger,” she mused as she turned her arms back and forth. Lindsay was holding her arms straight out flexing them so both triceps were exploding from the back of her arms about two feet from Ryan’s face. He followed the emerging veins up her chorded forearms to the backwards ‘r’ on her left arm. It looked like it was two of three inches thick. The right was just as impressive and by the time Ryan’s eyes got there was pushing veins to the surface of her tanned skin as well.

   The front of her shirt did nothing to disguise the massive muscular cleavage now spitting her chest. The inner striations of her pecs were clearly visible as were her quarter size nipples. Lindsay noticed where Ryan was staring.

   “Not much there, Big Guy.” She smiled.

   Ryan snapped back to consciousness; “I wouldn’t say that, your chest is amazing.”

   “Oh, I thought you were looking at my total lack of boobage. Compared to Sim, this is a rash.”

   “I’m not sure you want to use Sim as your frame of reference when it comes to that,” Ryan said. “Everyone in the building, including the teachers is a distant second there.”

   “That’s true,” Lindsay allowed. “Her nipple is bigger than my both my boobs put together.”

   Ryan felt a hot wave wash over him as his mouth instantly dried up. “agghh….really?” he managed to croak.

   “Oh totally,” Lindsay said looking down at the muscular canyon her pecs had formed. “I really don’t have boobs yet, this is all muscle, I have moobs I guess.”

   “Your chest is really impressive Linz,” Ryan said. “How much tissue there is on top of it doesn’t change that.”

   “Thanks,” Lindsay said. “It’s kinda fun too, wanna see?”

   Ryan’s mouth went dry again. He managed to drag the word “sure” out of his parched mouth.

   “Here, look,” Lindsay said as she looked down herself. Arms at her sides, she flexed both pecs, which jumped up and out towards Ryan. She then flexed the left, then the right. Lindsay kept alternating and the effect was hypnotic. It was like a wave of muscle was travelling across her upper-body from left to right. Ryan’s head was swimming and the instant swelling Lindsay had caused was getting painful. Just when Ryan thought it couldn’t get more intense, Lindsay raised her arms and put her hands behind her head. Baseball-sized biceps bulged, even though Lindsay wasn’t flexing them. The mere act of bending her arm caused her arm muscles to bunch up. There was just so much of it and it had nowhere else to go Ryan thought.

   Lindsay continued the show. Left, then right pecs literally jumped out at Ryan. They seemed to move three or four inches up and down. She brought her arms down again and grabbed her left wrist with her right hand. She held her arms in front of her abs and flexed. Her chest moved like a tide of muscle was coming in. It literally flowed up and down and in and out at the same time.

   “Cool, right? Feel them,” Lindsay invited.

   “Ahhhh, not sure I should Linz,” Ryan was already struggling with what Lindsay’s epic chest looked like. Touching it invited a whole other level of danger.

   “C’mon, it’s just muscle. It’s just me.” Lindsay’s smile was wide and totally without subtext.

   ‘She has no idea how hot she looks and what this is doing to me,’ Ryan thought. ‘Ah shit, here goes.’

   Ryan put his huge right hand in the center of Lindsay’s chest. His middle finger lined up with the gap running down from where her collar bones met.

   “See, it’s not like they have teeth,” Lindsay said. ‘No but this can still bite me in several ways,’ Ryan thought. ‘Not the least of which is in the ass.’

   Lindsay let go of her wrist and spread her arms. She then brought them back together and repeated the flex. Hot, hard muscle flowed under Ryan’s hand. The force of the expansion pushed his hand back two inches and his middle finger dropped into a crevice of striated muscle fiber. A star of striations spread out from beneath his hand. He pressed down and tried to squeeze but there was no give at all. Lindsay’s pecs were like warm marble.

   Lindsay noticed the movement in Ryan’s forearm. The veins popping up on the back of his hand and wrist. She also noticed his very large and defined bicep. “Go ahead,” she smiled. “Squeeze as hard as you can, I can barely feel this.”

   Ryan shook his head in aroused wonder. “OKaaay.” And bore down.

   To absolutely no effect. The only change was that his fingers were going white with effort and his arm was starting to shake a little.

   “Huh,” Lindsay grunted. “Not feeling much Big Guy.”

   With that she repeated the flex, drawing her arms closer and raising them. Ryan could feel a vice of warm marble tighten on his middle finger as his hand was spread wider by the expanding twin masses of muscle underneath it. It was getting too hot and heavy for his self-control. He went to remove his hand but couldn’t.

   Lindsay’s smile was as electric as it was mischievous. “Problem?”

   “Damn Linz, that’s impressive as hell,” Ryan figured the best way out was just to be honest.

   “I know, right? I have my own little vice.” She realized the fact she had Ryan’s hand trapped and that essentially she was in control was making her feel really warm and fuzzy. She liked it…a lot.

   “Very cool…ahh Linz?”


   “If you let me go we can do what we came here to do.”

   “Right. Let’s get this on.” Lindsay came down a bit, feeling a lot like an over-inflated balloon bleeding excess air.

   Even though Lindsay had done weight training at gymnastics camp she hadn’t gone through an actual routine. The camp used weights for specific muscle groups to help gymnasts get better at certain skills. Ryan was on the football team’s routine, which was much more comprehensive. They were currently in the “competitive phase” of the routine as football season was on. This meant a lighter routine aimed at maintenance and injury prevention. Ryan figured a one-off session with Lindsay as a training partner could fit within the guidelines. Besides he had to see just how strong she really was.

   This urge had taken on enough momentum that it was now basically a biological imperative. He was aware enough to realize that there was no way he was going to get through watching Lindsay lift up close without getting hard as a rock, and possibly, make that probably, going Billygasmic. With this in mind, he took Def-Con Bill level precautions. He strapped himself down with K-Tape. Ryan wasn’t as well-endowed as Billy, hell, who was? But, he was a 6’3” male and was proportionally large. He had measured and discovered he was 8 inches when hard. It would be very obvious if he got aroused, when he got aroused. So steps had to be taken. Rather than spandex he went with Neoprene training shorts and baggy basketball shorts over those. A “Property of J-Mac Football” sleeveless Under Armour shirt rounded out his workout wear.

   “We work from the larger muscle groups to the smaller ones,” Ryan explained. “We split the routine into two different days, which we do twice each week.” Lindsay nodded her understanding.

   “Today, as it turns out, is chest, shoulders, tris and thighs. Tomorrow would be back, shoulders, bis and calves.”

   “What about abs?” Lindsay asked.

   “We do abs and core every day,” Ryan said.

   “Cool,” Lindsay smiled and lifted the hem of her shirt. She crunched down and six abs the shape, size and hardness of cobblestones erupted from her stomach. “Me too.”

   Ryan’s head was getting lighter with the sudden disruption in his blood flow but he managed to get his head, the one on his neck, straight.

   “Clearly, now put the six pack away and let’s get to work.”  Focus, focus, focus. Ryan was determined to keep his head straight through this and reasoned as long as he concentrated on lifting and treating Lindsay like a training partner and not an incredibly hot muscle goddess flexing her rock hard body inches away from his throbbing….focus, focus, focus.

   Ryan dropped to the floor and started grinding out push-ups. He focused intently on the floor and did twice as many as he normally did. “You go big guy!” Lindsay’s voice came from next to him. He turned his head. Lindsay was on the floor on her hands and toes in the ‘up’ position. From the side Ryan was struck by the thickness of Lindsay’s upper torso. Even though she was essentially breast-less, the muscle on her chest and back tapered down to the scoop of her lower back and her flat stomach that actually swept inward to the tops of her bulging thighs. On top the perfect curve of her glutes rose from her lower back and reconnected with her flexing hamstrings. It suddenly hit Ryan that Lindsay had an ‘hourglass’ figure…from the side.

   “You, done?” Ryan asked. Stay focused, stay focused, stay focused.

   “Not really,” Lindsay replied. “Push-ups don’t really work for me.”


   “Well, it’s different for you and me.” Ryan realized Lindsay was being purely clinical in her explanation.

   “How so?”

   “Well, look at you,” Lindsay smiled. “Look at how much weight you’re moving when you do a push-up. Also you have long arms so it’s actually work for you. ‘And man do they ever work for you,’ Lindsay thought. She was thinking about his massive arms and tight little butt. ‘He is so fine,’ she thought before snapping back into her explanation: “My problem is, I have short arms and I’m so strong that the weight of my upper body is nothing to me.”

   “So? What do you do?”

   “This.” With that Lindsay, still in the push up position, let her arms go and basically dropped her upper body. Before her face could hit the floor her triceps exploded from the back of her arms and her lats shot out from the sides of her body. Lindsay flexed her lower back and drove back up with her arms. Ryan stared as her whole body left the ground. Lindsay had put more power into the thrust of her right arm so her body was rotating as it rose. She did a complete 180 in mid-air and landed in a push up facing the opposite direction. She paused for a second and repeated the feat, this time driving off her left arm so she rotated the opposite way.

   She stopped and sat up. “That’s what I do.”

   “K.” Ryan said, “That it?”

   Lindsay laughed. “No, silly that was just a demo. I do 50 of them. Gimmie a minute.”

   Ryan shook his head and watched Lindsay’s relentless series of explosive rotations. She was different when she bore down. Ryan has always known there was happy, social Lindsay and competitive Lindsay. Competitive Lindsay had a laser intensity that could be almost scary at times. After about 20 reps he had to look away, the combination of Lindsay’s exploding arms and shoulders and the rotation of her body was making him hard while giving him motion sickness at the same time.

   Finally finished, Lindsay kicked off her toes into a hand-stand. She walked on her hands over to her gym bag and grabbed a towel with her right   hand. She dropped down in a vertical push-up. She drove upward with her arms and shoulders. Piking at the top of her arch, she landed perfectly on her feet. Ryan marveled at the combination of balance and power the move required. It was the equivalent of throwing 100 pounds straight up hard enough to hit an eight-foot ceiling while controlling yourself like an Olympic diver. Yet Lindsay made it look as easy and natural as getting out of a chair.

   Ryan was grinning ear to ear and shaking his head as Lindsay toweled off her face, neck, arms and upper chest.

   “What?” Lindsay asked.

   “You’re just a never ending show,” Ryan chuckled. 

   “I can’t help it,” Lindsay said. “I have all this energy and I have to use it or I’ll go crazy. I keep getting stronger, so I have to keep upping the challenge. It’s not a problem, is it?”

   “No,” Ryan was quick to answer. “I think it’s awesome. It’s just part of who you are. I love watching you show off.”

   “I’m a show-off?” Lindsay frowned. “That’s not good.”

   “Hey,” Ryan was quick to interject. “My Dad always quoted this old Baseball manager who said ‘it’s not bragging if you ca back it up.’ That’s you all over. Just because you can do stuff other people can’t doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.”

   “You’re the best Rye,” Lindsay smiled her 1,000 watt smile. Ryan was feeling a little week at the knees. Focus, focus, focus!

   “K,” Ryan was trying to get business-like. “You first, what do you warm up with?’

   Lindsay frowned and looked at the ceiling for a second. “I like to start light, one big plate each side.” Ryan laughed.

   “What?” Lindsay was perplexed at his reaction.

   “Well 135 is light for me, it’s 100 lbs less than I weigh. But you don’t weigh 135 do you?”

   “No, I’m up to 128.” Lindsay admitted.

   “Do you know how many people warm up with more than their body-weight and call it ‘light’?”

   “Well I do,” Lindsay said. “I know I’m not normal, I’m one of the best gymnasts in the State, probably the country. That’s not bragging, that’s just a fact and I’ve backed it up for the last five years. I’m not worried about normal, I’m worried about being the best. That’s a very small group.”

   Again, Ryan was struck by Lindsay’s focus and intensity. “Ok, let’s see who’s best here,” the challenge in Ryan’s tone was good-natured but there, nonetheless.

   “K, Big Guy, buckle up.” Lindsay grinned. Ryan racked two 45 lb plates on the bar, threw on the clip collars and stood at the head of the bench.  It was unlikely that Lindsay really needed a spot, but the school weight room rules were no one lifts without a partner and all free weight exercises had to be done with a spotter. Lindsay and Ryan, as varsity athletes had to qualify in the weight room during the first week of school. They did and that earned them the right to work out without direct staff supervision. These were Ms. M’s rules and as such, they were law.

   Lindsay slid under the bar and reached up to grab it. Ryan was struck by the definition in her forearms and the deep ridge of muscle formed by her two pecs. Her pink Under Armour tank-top was stretched across her prone chest like shrink-wrap. He could see her abs as clearly as he could see the three heads of her uncovered delts.

   Ryan lifted the bar out, just because it was good manners, and when he was sure Lindsay had control of the weight took his hands away. Lindsay was staring through the ceiling as she lowered the weight to her chest, gave it a little pop and smoothly drove it back up. The whole process took about three seconds. Lindsay’s form was perfect as she blew out in time with the rising weight. Satisfied she’d hit the right groove, Lindsay performed 11 more reps, identical to the first. She nodded at Ryan who steadied the bar as she racked it.

   “K,” she smiled. “You’re up Big Guy.”

   Ryan smiled as they swapped places. He slid his large frame down under the bar as Lindsay assumed the spotting position. Looking up into her face, he was struck by the degree her pecs stuck out from her chest. He was looking up at a ridge of about two inches of thrusting muscle just above his eyes. He reached up and grabbed the bar right by the supports of the bench.

   “Wide grip’s harder, no”? Lindsay noted.

   “Don’t have a choice,” Ryan said. “Long arms.” ‘Long, fine arms,’ Lindsay thought. It was her turn to study Ryan’s upper body while it lay on full display right in front of her. She really liked what she was looking at and was getting that fuzzy feeling again. Ryan’s arms were basically huge and very well defined, as were his shoulders. All of which was on full display thanks to the skin-tight tank-top he was wearing.

   Lindsay popped the weight off the rack and Ryan pumped out 12 reps with equal ease and control.

   “K,” he said as they racked the bar. “Add two 10’s – 155?”

   “Let’s go two 25’s,” Lindsay said.

   “So 185?” Ryan knew better than to doubt she could do it. He’d seen her curl his best friend. “K, works for me.”

   ‘It will really work for me if it makes you work a little. I want to see that body in action,’ Lindsay found herself thinking.  She pulled up mentally for a second. ‘Whoa! Down girl. Focus.’

   Ryan had added the two plates and reattached the collars. Lindsay slid back under the bar.

   “Ready?” Ryan asked. Lindsay nodded just before her 1,000 yard stare kicked in. Again, her motion was precise and mechanical. Ryan was scope-locked on her chest which was swelling as more blood rushed to aid in the work it was being asked to do. Lindsay was in a zone of concentration, oblivious to Ryan’s attention. Lindsay did 10 reps and on each her pecs bunched together in a deep V of striated muscle. Ryan could not take his eyes off the ravine of bulging bronze flesh that opened and closed beneath his eyes.

   “Nine….ten!” Lindsay was counting under her breath just loud enough for Ryan to re-focus and rack the weight.

   On Ryan’s set the roles were literally reversed. Ryan ground out 10 reps, his arms and shoulders swelling, flexing, as his already wide chest got wider and deeper. Lindsay had to force herself back from and increasingly pleasant and fuzzy daydream just in time to help Ryan finish the set. She was almost as flushed as he was when the weight hit the supports.

   “K…205?” Ryan asked. “Two 10’s”

   “K,” Lindsay agreed.

   ‘Damn,’ Ryan was thinking to himself. ‘She didn’t hesitate a second on that. This should be interesting.’

   Lindsay slid under the bar with a look of absolute focus on her face. She grabbed the bar like she was going to try to pull it down through the supports. She didn’t talk, she just nodded.

   Ryan gave the bar a short lift and then let go. He looked down and almost lost his balance as a wave of desire shot through him.

   As Lindsay powered the weight back up her upper body exploded. Her lats, which apparently hadn’t really been in play up until now, were erupting from her sides. Her body suddenly looked twice as wide as it had before. Her shirt was stretched to the point it was rolling up and exposing her brick-like abs. Stress lines appeared across the fabric on her chest. Her quarter-sized nipples were making two small, but obvious tents in her shirt. Veins were running up from her pumpkin shaped delts, combining into one along the center of her massive bicep before forking and then spidering up her forearms.

   Lindsay’s knuckles were white with effort as she relentlessly ground out six reps. Things got a little slower on rep seven and on rep eight, it suddenly looked like she wasn’t going to get it more than just off her chest. Ryan reached to help but was stopped by an almost inhuman hiss.

   “SSSSSSStopp! I got thisssss,” Lindsay was wide-eyed with concentration and intensity. Veins boiled to the surface of her neck and chest. The neckline of her shirt was a straight line as the canyon underneath it deepened. Her back widened even more as the weight slowly began to rise. Once she got through the sticking point the weight picked up a little momentum as Lindsay was literally shaking with effort.

   Ryan waited until her arms locked and racked the bar.

   Lindsay was lying on the bench, still shaking, almost vibrating.

   “That….was….awesome!” she all but yelled. Lindsay brought her feet up over her head and then drove them down onto the bench. She used the forward momentum to pop up into a crouch but then continued by jumping up into a tuck and summersault in mid-air. She landed perfectly with barely a sound until: “Yah! Damn, I feel so pumped! My chest is on fire, Rye look!”

   Lindsay brought both her hands together in front of her waist and flexed her engorged pectorals. The effect was staggering. Her chest erupted up from her rib-cage and threatened to explode through her shirt. As it was, Lindsay’s upper pecs were on full display above the tortured neck-line of her more than skin-tight shirt.

   “It’s cool the way the veins come up when I get really pumped, ya?”

   “Very cool, Linz. That was awesome the way you gutted out that last rep.” Ryan was trying to focus on the conversation, not the insane display of muscular femininity in front of him or the growing pressure in his pants.

   “Hey, this doesn’t work until it gets hard. My coach aways says ‘it’s supposed to be hard, it’s the hard that makes it good’.”

   “He stole that from ‘A League of Their Own,” Ryan noted.

   “Okay, Big Guy,” let’s make it hard for you.”

   ‘She did not just say that!?’ Ryan was tempted to look around for a camera while a hundred responses, each more suggestive than the last shot through his mind. He studied Lindsay’s totally innocent face. The only thing he could read in it was patient expectation. ‘She has no clue,’ he concluded.

   Ryan sought release from the tension, on all levels, by changing the subject and getting technical. “Hey Linz, can I offer a little advice?”


   “You’re gripping the bar way too tight. When you do that, everything tightens up and it’s harder to lift effectively. Keep your grip loose, but firm with your thumb pointing up and it will work a lot better.”

   “K, thanks,” Once again her smile lit up the room and ignited a fire in his lower abdomen. 

   Eager to head off the swelling before it became obvious Ryan slid back under the weight. Lindsay set up shop at the head of the bench and Ryan grabbed the bar. Lindsay was focusing on his chest and arms as he powered through the first six reps. ‘Damn he’s built. He looks like a statue,’ Lindsay started to imagine those massive arms wrapped around her, her face buried in in that sculpted chest.

   “Linz? Hey Linz?” Her attention snapped back into this plane of reality to discover Ryan had finished the set and racked the weight on his own.

   “Whoa! Way to go Big Guy.” She was impressed that Ryan had ground through the set, apparently with less strain than she did. “Somebody’s been training hard.”

   “Hey, I’m a freshman starter on Varsity. I took a spot away from a Senior who really wants it back. It’s train hard or die,” Ryan’s tone was light, but Lindsay caught an undercurrent of real concern. She got a sense of the ‘law of the jungle’ dynamic in the football team.

   “So, it’s really competitive for spots?”

   “It is when you’re good. And we are good. There are three guys behind me who all want my spot, they are all pushing themselves to get it and that pushes me to keep it.”

   “I get that,” Lindsay smiled. “It’s the same on the gym team. We’re all working to be better than each other and we're a better team as a result.”

   “For sure,” Ryan said. “The difference is you win your spot by ‘beating someone else out.’ On the football team guys can ‘beat someone out’ by literally beating them up in practice. Only the strong survive. Speaking of strong…what now?”

   “Two plates, 225,” Lindsay said with a certainty that left no doubt she intended to complete the set.

   “Two plates it is,” Ryan said as he set about taking off the 35 lbs plates and replacing them with 45’s. ‘This is insane,’ he thought. This is 100 lbs more than she weighs. The plates are almost bigger than she is.’ “Gotta say Linz not many guys on the team can put this up, nobody who is as light as you, that’s for sure.”

   “Well, Big Guy, that’s because if football was actually hard, they’d call it gymnastics.”

   Ryan snorted at the shot. “OK Wonder Girl. Let’s see what you’ve got.

   Lindsay slid back under the bar and once again started to zone out.

   “How many?” Ryan asked.

   “Huh?” Lindsay frowned at the break in her concentration.

   “How many reps?” Ryan asked. “Helps if I know.”

   “Right. Four.”

   She blew her breath out three times in quick succession and refocused on the ceiling. With a nod she indicated she was ready. Ryan knew her look. She was deeply into her competitive groove and totally focused on the weight. He noted that she had taken his advice to heart and had adjusted her grip.

   She nodded and, with a modified upright row and some effort, he popped up the 225.

   Whether it was the adjusted form or Lindsay’s laser focus and iron will this was a whole different set: Her muscles exploded the same way, the veins bloomed on the surface of her tanned skin the same way, her shirt stretched and flattened against her bulging pecs and erect nipples the same way; but her pace was mechanical, like a precision machine the weight went down and up without any trace of wavering. She did four reps in eight seconds and then did two more.

   They racked the weight and Lindsay dropped her arms. She was breathing deeply which only served to emphasize the swollen masses of striated muscle threatening to burst through her shirt. Ryan had never seen anything as hot as this combination of incredible power, overwhelming muscle and almost mythical beauty. The combination was threatening to defeat his safety measures. Things were starting to hurt.

   Ryan tore his eyes from Lindsay’s mesmerizing chest and looked at her face. He watched as her eyes slowly regained focus. When she spoke, it was barely above a whisper.



   “Move, you’re in the way.”

   “In the way? Of what?”

   “This,” Lindsay brought her feet up on the bench again and repeated the roll forward. This time instead of launching herself forward, she exploded up and back towards Ryan. “Shit,” he exclaimed as he jumped to the right and out of the way. Lindsay was arching backwards and looked like she was going to land on her hands. It also looked like she’d miscalculated and she wasn’t going to clear the bench. ‘Oh fuck, this is going to be messy,’ Ryan thought in alarm.

   But Lindsay had plans other than smashing her face into the bar or the bench. Extending her hands down, she caught the bar as if it was part of a gymnastics routine on the unevens. She slowed her downward momentum in an inverted military press and came to rest with her face just above the bar. Ryan could only gawk as she held herself steady, for two seconds. ‘How the hell did that bar not just fly out of there?’ he wondered. The strength and co-ordination to control her landing and keep the bar steady was off the charts. Ryan would not have thought it possible if it hadn’t happened right in front of him.

   Lindsay then drove up with her arms and piked into the inevitable perfect landing.

   She looked at Ryan with an almost feverish intensity radiating from her. “Hell…Yaaaa!” Lindsay yelled in triumph. She once again hit the classic ‘crab’ pose and her body literally swelled with power. Ryan’s was undergoing his own swelling issue which was causing his mouth to go dry and his head to swim. Even in his semi-delirious state he thought he heard a subtle ripping sound.

   Ryan knew he needed a path back to rationality and figured anger was the quickest route. Well, not real anger but he could whip up a reasonable facsimile with the very real torrent of surprise and concern flowing through him.

   “You’re crazy, you know that, right?” Ryan said looking around in alarm. That kind of stunt would get them both banned from the weight room for at least a week, probably more. He could not afford that with football in season. Fortunately the room was void of students and whichever teacher was supposed to be supervising wasn’t visible through the gym office window.

   Lindsay looked sheepish for about two seconds.

“ I can’t help it Rye,” She was practically vibrating as she spoke. “I have all this energy, all this strength, I have to turn it loose and let it out or I do go crazy. I can’t tell you how good it feels.” Ryan couldn’t help but notice Lindsay’s nipples, which were on full alert.

   Lindsay caught the direction of his gaze and laughed.

   “Nothing to see there - just my rash acting up,” she smiled. “Lucky for you, if I had Sim’s nipples I’d have taken your eye out.”

   “Errrr, ahhh, ya,” Ryan managed, momentarily distracted by the image of Simone with her high-beams on. It was a very distracting thought.

   “K, Big Guy, you’re up.” And he damn near was.

   Ryan snapped back into focus. Trying to lift 225 with less than your full focus would not end well.

   “K,” he said. “Six reps.” And he did them. Just like that.

   Lindsay was starting to appreciate that Ryan’s gorgeous and chiseled bod was not just for show. There was some serious strength in those long, sculpted limbs and finely crafted torso. The thought made her week at the knees. She felt a glow coming from her very core and could not stop herself from squeezing her legs together as hard as she could. Doing that caused her to almost double over. She bit her lip and straightened up again. She felt as if she had just done a particularly hard floor routine; drained and satisfied.

   “Ok,” Ryan said looking at his watch. “We need to wrap this up so we can move on. One rep max…what do you think?”

   “K….” Lindsay hesitated. “I’m feeling good today so we’ll go for a personal best. 250 is double my body-weight, basically, let’s go for that.”

   Ryan whistled. “I’m glad I have a front row seat to this,” he smiled. “Anyone who knows you won’t be shocked, but still, Linz, that’ll be amazing if you can do it.”

   Lindsay was the picture of mock indignance, maybe not all that mock. “IF? I’m sorry, did you just say if?”

   “No brownies at lunch for you Big Guy.”

   Ryan immediately back-peddled as Lindsay’s Mom’s brownies were to die for and once a week she gave Lindsay a dozen to share with the gang at lunch.

   “When!” Ryan said. “I meant when, it came out wrong! Fake news!”

   Lindsay laughed and relented. “Ok, Ok…right,” she straightened. “Let’s do this.” Ryan added two 10’s and two 2.5’s to the bar. He double checked the collars.

   Lindsay slid under the bar and entered her zone. A quick nod and Ryan grunted as he lifted the weight into position. ‘250 fucking pounds,’ he thought to himself. ‘Unreal.’

   Lindsay literally grew as she lowered the weight. Her entire, incredible musculature was being called into play and bulges were appearing everywhere. Her lats were spreading out on the bench like the hood of a cobra. Her forearms were corded with ropes of muscle covered with ever-growing veins. Her chest and arms were swelling as if they knew the challenge that was about to face them. Her grip was loose but her focus tight and absolute.

   As the weight neared Lindsay’s straining and swollen chest she let it go, just a bit. She bounced the weight off her rock-hard pecs and drove up with everything she had. The first thing Ryan noticed was Lindsay’s back exploding outwards like she’d grown wings. The eruption of muscle across her body eclipsed all Lindsay’s previous efforts. She was like an inflated anatomy chart with veins emerging on almost every surface.

   The second thing Ryan noticed was a ripping sound.

   “Shit,” Linsday said under her breath.

   Ryan watched in awe as the muscular dynamo drove the weight up off her chest. The front of her shirt was suddenly loose and Ryan got an even better look at the canyon of muscular cleavage between her surging pecs. The striations running from the center of her upper chest formed a star-shaped pattern.

   Her shoulder, triceps and bis were all swollen with power as they drove the weight slowly upward. Lindsay’s neck was a series of cables running from the top of her chest to under her chin. She glared at the bar as she pushed it up, daring it to defy her.

   Ryan held his hands just off the bar where Lindsay could see he wasn’t touching it. He kept them there until with a grunt she locked out the weight. Ryan grabbed it and quickly helped her rack it. Ryan was waiting for a circus level celebration but Lindsay stayed on the bench staring at the ceiling.

   “What?” he asked.

   “Iripdmmshirt.” Lindsay mumbled.


   “Ahhhh nuts, I ripped my shirt. Damnit I liked that one.”

   “I don’t see any rips,” Ryan offered.

   “Down the back,” Lindsay explained.


   “So if I get up right now it will fall off me. I don’t mind giving a little peek at my pecs, but I draw the line at full frontal.”

   “Hey, no-one’s asking for that,” Ryan threw up his hands. ‘Not that I wouldn’t want to see that,’ he thought.

Lindsay started at the ceiling some more. She exhaled and frowned briefly. Clearly she’d reached a decision.

   “Rye, can you do me a favour?”

   “Sure Linz.”

   “I need you to grab two things out of my gym bag. There’s my hoodie and my phone. The phone’s in the side pocket.”

   “Gimmie a sec,” Ryan replied.

   He disappeared and returned 30 seconds later with both. “Here”

   Lindsay sat up holding the sundered shirt tight to her chest. “K, this is gonna sound a little weird and I can’t believe I’m asking this.”

   Ryan’s antenna was fully tuned to Lindsay now.


   “No, it’ll be fine, as long as nobody shows up. And we hurry.”

   “Where are you going with this?” Ryan was pretty sure it wasn’t going the way he hoped it was going, but there was always a chance.

   Lindsay was still holding the shirt to her torso while see walked over to the corner behind the Universal, which Ryan noted, was out of sight of the office.

   “I want you to take a couple of pics of my back,” Lindsay said. “I’ve done the over the shoulder in the mirror selfie thing, but that ties up one arm. I want a couple of good shots of what it actually looks like.”

   “It looks awesome,” Linz.

   “Thanks Rye, but I don’t know that. You get to see it and I don’t.”

   “K, how do you want to do this?”

   “I stand, you shoot.”

   Ryan couldn’t believe this was happening, but he was more than happy to roll with it.

   Lindsay stood in the corner and to Ryan’s surprise dropped the shirt. He was staring at her naked back. Even relaxed it looked like an anatomy chart. Mound after mound of muscle stood ready in a V-shaped display of potential power. Her spine caused a gap that ran from the base of her neck to the top of her lower back. Between the shoulder blades it looked like it was 2 inches deep.

   She was standing with her arms out slightly. They were straight “Well?”

   Ryan snapped to and focused Lindsay’s phone on her back. He was seriously thinking about forwarding the shots to his own phone. But that felt like a betrayal, so he shelved the impulse. He took two shots. “K. That it?”

   “No silly,” Lindsay said. He could tell she was smiling.

   “The idea is to get pics of my muscles. So here.”

   Lindsay didn’t move as much as just harden up and grow. Her arms were still straight and held out a little from her sides, but her forearms were now swollen and covered in veins. Her triceps had transformed into two massive, detailed horseshoes of muscle. Her delts and upper back literally bulged back towards Ryan. Her latissimus dorsi formed a ‘Christmas tree’ of striations that fanned out from under her bulging traps and rhomboids. With the overhead lighting in the weight-room her lower back was literally in the shade caused by the thickness of her upper back.

   ‘Jesus H Christ’ Ryan thought to himself as he took three pictures. ‘That’s just unreal.’

   “K,” he said.

   Lindsay threw her arms in the air and then brought them down in a double biceps pose. The result was as startling as it was arousing and Ryan was instantly hard. Somehow his ‘unit’ as he called it, had managed to escape the K-Tape and was working its way up across his lower body like the second hand on a clock going from 6 through 9 to 12. He was praying Lindsay didn’t turn around at that moment as the horizontal bulge in his shorts was clearly visible. He was hoping when he got to point everything was heading north that the bulge would be less obvious.

   The combination of arousal and near panic was making it hard (so to speak) to concentrate.

   “You get that?” Lindsay asked. “I didn’t hear a click.”

   “No, something came up in my head. I lost focus for a sec, do that again.”

   “K,” Lindsay smiled to herself. She was happy to keep flexing because it felt good. The fire that surged through her body when she ignited her muscles felt good…on several levels. She felt strong, which was satisfying in and of itself. She felt powerful and confident, knowing she was unusual and on a physical level ‘better’ than almost everyone else around her. And she felt…warm and fuzzy. In her core. Lindsay really wasn’t sure what to make of the last one, but it sure felt good and she wanted it more every time she felt it.

   She was not totally unaware that Ryan… ‘appreciated’ her strength and her muscles. He was pretty open about the fact he thought it was cool, but Lindsay, who found herself getting hot looking at Ryan’s very fine form, was starting to think Ryan might feel that way a little too. That made her feel warm and fuzzy as well and she figured giving him a really good look might clear a few things up. ‘What could it hurt?’ she reasoned.

   So she threw herself into another flex. Willing her arms, shoulders and back to erupt. She wasn’t sure, but she thought she heard a little grunt coming from behind her. She heard the camera that time for sure.

   “How we doing?” she asked.

   “Good, all good,” Ryan said. ‘His voice sounds a little strained,’ Lindsay thought to herself. ‘I wonder what will happen if I do this.’

   Lindsay dropped her arms down and put her hands on her hips. She threw her elbows back and then slowly brought them forward as she threw everything into her chest and lats. She had seen herself do this in the mirror and knew she could make her lats wide enough there was almost no gap between them and her flexing arms. She looked like a solid V of muscle.

   Ryan took one look at the massive topographical map of muscle that covered Lindsay’s impossibly wide back and knew he was going to lose it.

   She heard Ryan say “fuck me” under his breath. Then three quick clicks from her phone then a deep groan. It reminded her of the noise Billy made at the table when she arm-wrestled Ryan. It was like a release of pressure, pleasure and pain all wrapped in one. ‘Huh,’ she thought to herself as she clearly heard Ryan say ‘ahhhh shit.”

   “Rye? You OK?” Lindsay asked. ‘I wonder what that was all about?’ she asked herself as she carefully squatted down to grab her hoodie. She threw it on and turned around. Her phone was on the bench next to where he had been standing, but Ryan was nowhere to be seen. The only movement in the room was the door of the Boy’s Washroom slowing closing on its Pneumatic arm.


   Later that night Ryan was studying in his room when the text alarm on his phone went off.

   He opened the text and was shocked to see Lindsay's flexing, muscular back. The alarm went eight more times and he let the files load before he checked again. All the shots were there and a note from Lindsay.

   "Thanks for the pics BG :-*...Hey, Why haven't you texted me. I was worried about you. Come on, it's so not you to stiff me like that :'(! You took off like a shot. I hope everything came out OK and you're feeling better now."

   Ryan stared at his phone wondering.


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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #91 on: December 06, 2018, 06:34:51 pm »
Very nice chapter, that was a pure pleasure to read, I like it that Lindsay isn't superhumanly strong, but very, very strong for her age and size, and can do such amazing things with her body due to that strength, but she is definitely not powerful enough to lift a car with her bare hands (unlike her hulking Russian friend.) Still, I enjoyed a lot of the action and dialogue in this chapter because it was so simple, yet a lot more about underlying feelings that Ryan and Lindsay have for each other. I look forward to more, hopefully soon! k+!
Don't forget to K+ if you enjoy my writing.

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Great stories about strong and muscular women and girls, hope you enjoy!

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #92 on: December 07, 2018, 06:30:49 am »
its starting to heat up now! not long before Ryan may get a shot at seeing that full frontal....

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #93 on: December 08, 2018, 12:04:21 am »
Another amazing chapter, descriptions are off the chart.............I am especially appreciative of the innuendo play between your characters, can't wait for the day when the innocence is replaced by the hormones!!!

Karma as always! Keep going, can't wait to see what they grow to during each class year!!

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #94 on: Today at 12:14:08 pm »
 Nice to see I wasn't wrong about the story or the writer! Keep up the good work.

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Re: Lindsay and Nadia. BFFs
« Reply #95 on: Today at 01:12:24 pm »
Very nice chapter, that was a pure pleasure to read, I like it that Lindsay isn't superhumanly strong, but very, very strong for her age and size, and can do such amazing things with her body due to that strength, but she is definitely not powerful enough to lift a car with her bare hands (unlike her hulking Russian friend.) Still, I enjoyed a lot of the action and dialogue in this chapter because it was so simple, yet a lot more about underlying feelings that Ryan and Lindsay have for each other. I look forward to more, hopefully soon! k+!

You nailed it. The idea is to put Lindsay at the upper limit of human strength and see how she, and everyone around her deals with that. Ryan and Lindsay are definitely attracted to each other and each other's bodies. More tension on the horizon, for sure.

its starting to heat up now! not long before Ryan may get a shot at seeing that full frontal....

He will, one of these days and it will be long. Oh, you meant in terms of time.

Another amazing chapter, descriptions are off the chart.............I am especially appreciative of the innuendo play between your characters, can't wait for the day when the innocence is replaced by the hormones!!!

Karma as always! Keep going, can't wait to see what they grow to during each class year!!

Thanks for the kind words. My appreciation for word play goes way back. I remember the early James Bond movies always had a classic innuendo or two which added a little something extra, in my mind.

You have my timeline sorted. There are definitely things that will happen when they are all seniors that can't happen when they are 14/15. For example, Lindsay still has to go through physical puberty. For that to happen, she has to stop pushing herself to the point she doesn't have enough body-fat for it to kick in. That's not going to happen in freshman year.

Nice to see I wasn't wrong about the story or the writer! Keep up the good work.

Thanks, I'm glad you weren't wrong either. As I said before; just trying to write something I'd want to read. Cheers!

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