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Yes, where strength is concerned, most female bodybuilders look the part but are actually not as strong as they look - the few exceptions notwithstanding

Wow yoga you've seen a lot.
I'm very jealous of Gabrielle Hames, She's the one person I wish who would come back.

Let's see with me.

Skytriss : Lifted with me ease in a variety of lifts, She's so huge, not the best session, but good just to see for an experience, a very nice Lady as well

Jana Linke-Sippl: So strong, handled me no problem, She's a great Lady and I still think She's my best session

Kasie: Could do all kinds of lifts without difficulty, She let me lift Her as well which was quite different. Very good session, always great for newcomers.

Amber DeLuca: Quite the strong Lady and can do lifts quite well, a sexy session

Tatiana Anderson: Basically identical to Amber, I think Amber is a little stronger, but overall it's the same person basically haha, which is not a bad thing.

Gabrielle Nicander: Not the strongest, but still a very formidable lady, She's pretty huge as well and fun to talk to. Good lifts as well.

Debra D Andrea - Not as big as the others but very strong

Big Tinah (tara silzer) - WOW big girl very strong!  HOT!!!

Lora Ottenad - Strong and sexy, great bod!

Collette ; Couldn't really do much lifts, not as strong as i thought she would be...

if you really look for strong woman who can lift any man easily, you have to meet Laurie Larson.

Hey guys,

I´ve had a few sessions as well, I'm a lift/carry fan.

I'm 6 f. tall and app. 175-190 pounds during my sessions throughout 5-6 years.

#1: Renne Toney. did all the lifts with ease and amazing size and strengh. couldn't balance the overhead lift.

#2: Dominique Danger. did all the lifts with ease amazing power, not ripped just big. overhead pressed me 6-8 which should put here ahead of Renne but there was just something about Renne that left me amazed beyond anything I could imagine. Dominique is however # 1 when it comes to lift/carry abilities.

#3: Jana Linke-Sipple. extremely nice and strong built. couldn't do that many lifts with her arms but her powerful legs could do plenty. amazing woman I would see any day again and again and again...

#4: Nicole Pfutzenreuter. big strong and sexy woman. can do a lot but not the extreme lifts. could do a lot of others things then :-)

#5: Amber Costello. couldn't do 5% of what she postulated. nice woman but not worth paying for if you're into lift/carry. she couldn't any lift but was sweet anyway.


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