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Asian Muscle / Jeanie Welker
« Last post by gte on Today at 04:29:13 pm »
General Chat / Re: What games are you playing
« Last post by Absfan01 on Today at 04:28:59 pm »
Red Dead Redemption II!!!
Great game and very in depth (as expected from Rockstar). Beautiful graphics, the world looks amazing. Has third person and first person view (like GTA5, which I think is cool). New features include having to maintain your stamina as well as your health. Same for your horse. So you and your horse can get too thin or become overweight depending on how much you eat and feed your horse. Different levels of bonding with your horse (and pressing the L3 button when riding can calm your horse when it gets scared). They also added maintaining your guns, so the more you use them, the less accurate they become and also firing and reloading slower. You can cook the meat you hunted and fished (with different recipes) and craft special ammunition, potions, etc. I'm a little over 20% through the story mission, so a long way to go yet!

then you will be happy when u have finished the game^^

Just started playing it tonight. Stunning. Some of scenery is so beautiful it makes you want to start crying! Not crazy about Arthur Morgan -- kind of a "Malboro Man" robot. John Marston was a lot more authentic. Other that that though, the game is ridiculously great.
Brazilian / Re: Larissa Reis
« Last post by Türk Milliyetçisi on Today at 04:15:27 pm »
Larissa Reis - Gallery

Larissa Reis - Training

Larissa Reis - Competing

Larissa Reis - First Shoot

Larissa Reis - Vitrix

Unknown to me !
Great !! Thanks a lot and Karma
Super Great, Thanks to all the posters.
Athlete Memorabilia, Treasured Items / John BALIK Negative sale on Ebay
« Last post by DrGORG on Today at 04:00:44 pm »
Hi everyone,

The great John BALIK (former IRONMAN Mag Owner) is selling parts of his negative collection.
Numerous precious original Ektachromes and BW medium format and 35mm cells are on sale, with a great collection of famous FBBs and MBBs.

You can find him under the iron_leader nickname on Ebay.

Russian Female Bodybuilding & Female Bodybuilders / Re: Yana Antonenko
« Last post by ravi777 on Today at 04:00:01 pm »
Pilon "Summer 2015"

Russian Female Bodybuilding & Female Bodybuilders / Yana Antonenko
« Last post by ravi777 on Today at 03:58:30 pm »
From Kemerovo

Fitnessbikini 2015
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