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without a doubt, the best arms in the business :D
Female Bodybuilding Contest Videos / Re: 2009 Miss Olympia... Big post!
« Last post by lasthyun on Today at 12:31:02 pm »
magnus...i love your  Kryptonian Heritage story. Looking forward for the next part ;-)

European Female Bodybuilding & Female Bodybuilders / Re: Cindy Landolt
« Last post by liam on Today at 11:35:29 am »



The final photos of Denise were just tragic. A life out of balance.

No need to keep dragging her in the mud; she got entangled in gang-infested communities trying to do good only to bite off more than she could chew and got drawn into the things I presume she was trying to protect the kids from. Over here, it would do her and the users of this forum a great deal of justice if we focused on what she was able to deliver to the sport in the 10 years she was involved in it instead of becoming obsessed with misfortunes she faced in her 50s.
Dragonball super episode 100 kale and claufila muscle growth :letsparty: :woohoo:

I seen it and I'm so very happy😂

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I don't think drive determination and tenacity can be taught.

She should start a school The Art of Female Bodybuilding

Anybody can be a bodybuilder. Just take some anabolic steroids, eat a pre-thought out diet, and hit the weights. It's all she did after her first child.

Maybe not a world-class bodybuilder like Aleesha, but sure, I guess so.

I'm sure it's all she did WAY before she had her kid as well.  She's been front and center for a decade.
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